• Arrested At Circuit City

    We’ve all heard tales of retail douchebaggery but this one takes the cake. Michael Righi was stopped by Circuit City employees on his way out of the store who immediately demanded that he show them his receipt and the contents of his bag. Knowing his rights as a citizen, and not being guilty of anything (or so he says) Michael refused to comply and was physically stopped from leaving… Read More

  • Ironkey: Military Grade Data Security

    If you’re the kind of person who is prone to working with documents which are vital to national security, you might want to check out this cool flash drive. Not only is the metal-encased USB stick built to withstand both hardware and software attacks on its contents, it will also self destruct after 10 incorrect passwords have been used. It starts at $79 for the 1GB model, and goes up… Read More

  • Apple In Cahoots With Car Makers

    Recent rumors of Apple joining forces with major car manufacturers such as Mercedese and Volkswagen are beginning to show some substance in the shape of the upcoming Jaguar XF. Ian Callum, Jaguars head design honcho, confirmed Apples work on the project but only mentioned a few glowy lights and some pop up air vents as the fruit of their efforts. No one knows exactly where this is going, but as… Read More

  • Jumbo Remote Control

    Umm…yeah. Have you seen a remote this big? The Jumbo Remote Control can be yours for about $10 at your local Walgreens. In case you can’t find one then I’ll gladly take your order now. :) Read More

  • $500,000 Profit On eBay Because Of A Spelling Error

    This is a faint glimmer of hope for those aspiring to become internet brazillionaires. Some guy decides to sell a 200 year old bottle of ale but accidentally leaves out one “P” in the brand name. A lucky bargain hunter just happens to see the auction and –realizing the value of the bottle– spends a healthy $300 only to resell it for half a million a little later. Read More

  • Multi-Day Paypal Subscription Outage

    PayPal users are reporting the widespread failure of the PayPal subscription service. According to user reports, the subscription service stopped working August 30 and remains down. PayPal subscription payments are used widely by service providers that require monthly payments, such as web hosts, membership based services, and others. In a post to the PayPal Development blog September 1… Read More

  • Short Changed by Shortcodes No More

    Earlier tonight I re-stumbled across Great Leader’s warning about fortune telling via text message, and it reminded me of a handy site that can help you figure out who won’t stop texting you even after you’ve told them to. Those four- or five-digit codes that late-night phone sex providers peddle when you’re trying to just watch an episode of M*A*S*H are called… Read More

  • Google Earth Easter Egg: Flight Sim

    Google Earth just got a little more fun with the help of a hidden flight simulator. To get to the sim on a Windows PC just hit Ctrl+Alt+A, with Command+Option+A over on the Mac side of things. We haven’t played around with it yet but it looks pretty basic, you have a selection of two planes, some control options, and some airports to take off from. Apparently this is just as good as… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Biometric Cell Phone Developments

    If Motorola or AT&T’s recent patents show, biometric controls are coming for cell phones. AT&T envisions a means to unlock your phone with your voice while Moto has begun developing a means to use a cell phone to deliver a shocking messages to your body on command. Details on each after the jump… Read More

  • CommonRoom: The Wow Isn't Now

    Buried in the news yesterday that former Harvard student Aaron Greenspan is claiming to be the founder of Facebook was mention of Greenspan’s own startup: CommonRoom. Perhaps I’m being a little cynical, as I’m sure in truth that it’s a complete coincidence that Greenspan is publicly claiming founder status for Facebook in the NY Times whilst promoting a Facebook competitor. Read More

  • Genwi: Browse and Share Syndicated Content

    As if to demonstrate how powerful internet syndication technologies like RSS can be for the discovery of new media, Phoenix startup Genwi has been quietly developing an entire social network centered on RSS-syndicated content. The site, which looks very similar to Facebook, provides all the basic social networking features: profiles, friending, messaging, etc. However, it also incorporates… Read More

  • Helio Drops 100 Jobs, But That's OK

    It’s no secret that anybody who knows what they’re doing cellphone-wise knows about Helio. If you’re not one of those, I shall explain: Helio is an MVNO that’s a partnership between Earthlink and SK Telecom. They buy bandwidth from Sprint at wholesale rates, basically renting sprints cell towers for their customers. Those customers aren’t customers, though… Read More

  • One Million Legos -> 30-Foot Dragon

    I have met the girl I’m going to marry. Her name is Katie (of course), and she has constructed this beautiful dragon out of one million Legos in England. Katie, love, don’t listen to anybody, the weather in Seattle is fantastic. I’ll see you at the airport. It’s dragon-art at Legoland [Sun UK] Read More

  • Starts-Ups Change How Students Study for Tests

    Anyone who’s applied to college has dealt with the frustration of standardize testing. With the cost of failure so high, parents and grads continue to spend a lot of cash on test preparation to ensure the best results. However, there’s a crop of web startups popping up to ease the pain and we’re all benefiting from the competition. Prepme is one online test prep company… Read More

  • Where Did the Zodiac Killer Get His Name?

    The movie Zodiac glossed over this point — here is a scene that shows the police examining his watch. However, I think it’s an interesting enough story to bore you with here. A site called Watchismo did an excellent write up which I’ll paraphrase here, but I suggest you drop by and read it. The Zodiac killer was originally known as the “killer,” he later… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: What Is It? Edition

    Which Lume is Right For You
    Make Your Own Banana Logo Laptop
    Brush and Rinse ToothBrush
    Sleek Audio’s SA6 Headphones Have Interchangeable Parts
    Using Dead Celebrities To Sell Products They Probably Never Would Have Endorsed While They Were Alive Read More

  • While Apple And NBC Squabble Like Girls In A Schoolyard, BitTorrent Keeps On Rolling

    NBC Dumps iTunes! Apple Dumps NBC! What ever the headline, one thing is sure: by making it even more difficult to obtain affordable, legal downloads of TV shows, more and more people will be turning to Bit Torrent. In Apple’s case, it’s not really their problem, but with NBC you really have to question the business sense of a company that states it is concerned about piracy, then… Read More

  • TechCrunch/Seedcamp Party Next Week In London

    We are hosting a party next Thursday, September 6 to support the Seedcamp event in central London and to announce some TechCrunch UK news. Michael Arrington will be flying out to host the event. Most of the spots are reserved for Seedcamp attendees, but we are opening up 100 tickets to the public as well. To discourage no shows, we are charging a £10 fee per ticket, which will be donated… Read More

  • Like Sands Through The Hour Glass, Another Person Is Claiming To Have Founded Facebook

    The New York Times has discovered a new claimant for the title of founder of Facebook. Aaron Greenspan, a Harvard classmate of Mark Zuckerberg claims that he created the original college social networking system, before either Facebook or ConnectU were founded. Mr. Greenspan is said to have established a web service that he called houseSYSTEM in 2003, 6 months prior to Facebook launching. Read More

  • Using Dead Celebrities To Sell Products They Probably Never Would Have Endorsed While They Were Alive

    Bob Marley’s family is NOT happy about Verizon going over their heads to ink a deal with Universal Music Group to sell exclusive Marley ring tones. Verizon will also be able to use Marley’s image exclusively. According to the family, such use would constitute an endorsement which would and should allow them to set parameters on how Bob’s music and images could be… Read More

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