• Insider Pages Acquisition May Be Announced Next Week

    Update: See Troubled Insider Pages Acquired By CitySearch
    Insider Pages, a user generated review site for local businesses, has been acquired by a public company, according to sources close to the deal. I also spoke with Insider Pages’ VP Marketing Anne Raimondi, who declined to comment. The company, originally founded by idealab, has faced heavy competition from Yelp and others. Read More

  • Fox Interactive Acquires Ad Optimization Company

    Fox Interactive Acquires Ad Optimization Company

    Fox Interactive Media announced this morning that it has acquired the thrillingly named Strategic Data Corporation (Google cache of site). SDC offers ad optimization technology that it claims helps clients “typically see network-wide revenue increases of 50-150%.” Fox Interactive spans a large number of sites from AmericanIdol.com to AskMen.com but is dominated by MySpace. … Read More

  • R2-D2 Trashcan

    R2-D2 Trashcan

    Since its release a bunch of decades ago, “Star Wars” has been the ultimate fare of geekdom. Anyone who can legitimately call oneself a nerd has seen the films, probably more than once, and holds at least some of it dear to the heart. Given its status as “The Godfather” of nerd films, it’s no surprise that “Star Wars” based products continue to… Read More

  • Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge Update [NOW WITH PICTURES]

    Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge Update [NOW WITH PICTURES]

    We’ve entered day four of the Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge. Lots of entries so far and we’ve seen some total disaster areas. You all continue to impress with your complete disregard for cleanliness. For those of you just tuning in, I’m sure you’d like to know what the hell I’m talking about: Read More

  • Pentax Optio A30 Is Smokin'

    The Optio A30 from Pentax is a titillating piece of digital camera righteousness. Successor to the A20 (one of our favorite products from last year), the 10-megapixel digi features a 2.5-inch LCD and an intelligent zoom function that rivals the image clarity of an optical zoom. Shake Reduction is also implemented to steady that nervous twitch you have. If you’ve been looking for a… Read More

  • DIY Steampunk Keyboard: Brazil++

    DIY Steampunk Keyboard: Brazil++

    Here’s a great keyboard mod involving glass and nickel keys on a polished brass frame. The build images are incredible and when he ran out of keys — old typewriters didn’t have a “help” key — he simply bought a few brass trimmed buttons and made his own. Project Page via Make Read More

  • Stop Working, Start Playing

    Bored out of your skull by your job? Cubicle life got you down? Just don’t feel like working today? Check out this list of free games available online from cable TV stations. There is a wide variety to choose from including simple puzzle games based around “South Park” characters, “Daily Show” trivia battles and something called Trick My Truck that lets you… Read More

  • SpiderSapien Available: Spins No Webs, Way Up High

    Gadget Shop is selling the odd version of the RoboSapien dressed in full Spidey regalia. The robot has some Spidey web-slinging moves — but no webs — and says quotes from the movie. We see above young Susi Weaver of Shiny Shiny getting an earful about Spidey and the robot costs $135. Product Page Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Amazing Nokia Cell Phone Screen and Game Time

    Patent Monkey: Amazing Nokia Cell Phone Screen and Game Time

    Thanks to some newly minted cell phone patents, Nokia is getting the attention as a top player in locking up their technologies in the past couple weeks. Notably, Nokia has recently got a patent on a in-any-direction cell phone display and gaming cellphone adapter. Read More

  • Skype Begs FCC To Open Cell Networks

    Skype Begs FCC To Open Cell Networks

    Skype must be wanting to cash in on the fact that America is hooked on cellphones. Yesterday, they sent a letter to the FCC asking for cellular carriers to allow customers to run any communication application they so choose. In a nutshell, Skype basically wants companies like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint to allow customers to install a cellular version of Skype for making inexpensive… Read More

  • Wii Uses Less Power Than Anything Else

    Wii Uses Less Power Than Anything Else

    Well, here’s a bit of news you can use while you spend 70 hours trying to finish Zelda. The Wii uses considerably less electricity than the PS3 or Xbox 360 and makes the PC look as wasteful as a Hummer with a hole in its gas tank. At its peak, the Wii sucked down 18.4 Watts during gameplay as compared to 209.7 Watts in the PC and 199.7 Watts in the PS3. The total power consumption is… Read More

  • Samsung Aura To Rival Black Macbook?

    Samsung isn’t a big dog in the notebook PC market in the U.S., but the Aura series sure does a great job of making its presence known. First in the line is the Aura R20 packing a one-two punch of AMD and Intel chips. The 14.1-inch glossy LCD is juiced by the AMD ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 HyperMemory chipset, in case you enjoy the occasional WoW session. You have the option to pick from… Read More

  • Fujifilm's $249 10x Optical Zoom S700

    Fujifilm announced three cameras today, the entry-level Fujifilm FinePix A820 (8MP) and Fujifilm FinePix A900 (9MP) shooters and the FinePix S700, which is a budget-minded compact SLR-style digital camera with a 10x optical zoom. Crucial specs include a 7MP CCD sensor, a 2.5-inch LCD and electronic viewfinder, and ISO up to 1600. It also uses the company’s i-Flash that adjusts the… Read More

  • IFC Comes To iTMS

    IFC Comes To iTMS

    The Independent Film Channel is bringing some of its content to the iTunes Music Store, IFC Entertainment announced today. The deal will bring 13 films to iTunes, six of which are nominated for an Independent Spirit Award, which I hear is about as cool as winning a medium fries from the McDonald’s Monopoly game. Each movie will cost $9.99 and titles include Land of Plenty and Sorry… Read More

  • Canon's Hybrid PowerShot TX1

    Canon's Hybrid PowerShot TX1

    Here’s a beautiful little package that packs a ton of power. For $500, you can score a Canon PowerShot TX1, a sort-of hybrid device that’s compact and records HD video and takes 7.1MP photos. Aside from a spectacular price tag, this baby can do 720p video, 10x optical zoom, multiple shooting modes, image stabilization, 115,000-pixel LCD, ISO settings from 80 to 1600 and – bet… Read More

  • Joost for Mac Reviewed: Huh, Looks Cool

    Joost for Mac Reviewed: Huh, Looks Cool

    I wasn’t really following the Joost train but now my interest is piqued. Ars Technica got their hands on the OS X client and was duly impressed. Except for a few odd problems, it looks like it’s running quite well and is an exact replica of the Windows client. As much as I like Media Center and hopefully will like Apple TV, this looks like the future. Just as Skype has replaced… Read More

  • Google Running "Office Killer" Trials

    Google Running "Office Killer" Trials

    Buddy Om Malik has an interesting piece on Google’s “Office Killer” hopes and dreams. In the past, Google hasn’t tried to compete directly with Microsoft’s Office suite of apps. Now Fortune magazine says Google is running trials with Proctor & Gamble and GE, letting them test out “Google Office” in preparation for a full scale release. Om says that… Read More

  • Canon's Beastly DSLR – The EOS-1D Mark III

    Canon's Beastly DSLR – The EOS-1D Mark III

    In addition to those two digital ELPH cameras that were announced earlier, Canon has also announced the EOS-1D Mark III, a professional DSLR that uses Canon’s new DIGIC III image processing. Since you already heard about DIGIC III and all that jazz, I’ll break this one down to the meat and bones for you. The EOS Mark III has a 3-inch LCD with LiveView technology, a possible ISO… Read More

  • FeedBurner Releases Major User Engagement Report

    FeedBurner Releases Major User Engagement Report

    RSS management megavendor FeedBurner released an interesting report this morning about the relative market shares of the various leading RSS reader vendors.  The statistics go beyond mere subscription numbers and focus on what FeedBurner says is more important – reader engagement. That engagement is measured in two ways, the number of times the feed’s items are loaded and… Read More

  • Canon's Two Merry ELPHs: SD750 And SD1000

    Canon's Two Merry ELPHs: SD750 And SD1000

    Canon has announced two new digital cameras in its digital ELPH line: the SD750 and SD1000. Set to be released in March, the SD750 and SD1000 are decent looking cameras that come in stainless steel or dual-tone matte black and cost $300 and $350 (respectively). Both use the new Canon DIGIC III image processor, which is said to increase performance and improve image quality. Other included… Read More