• The Real Video Twitter: 12seconds.tv (500 Alpha Invites)

    Some people think that Seesmic is the video Twitter. They are wrong (even if they are investors in the company—Mike). The real video Twitter is 12seconds.tv. On Twitter, you have 140 characters to make your point. On 12seconds.tv, you have, well, 12 seconds. (On Seesmic, you can drone on forever or for 10 minutes, whichever comes first). We have 500 invites for the alpha… Read More

  • Publishing arrangements over the summer

    Today, tomorrow and over the second and third weeks of August, TCUK will be on a summer break. Posts will be light to non-existent during those periods. Normal service will resume from September. Have a good summer everyone! Read More

  • Mike Baker to leave Nokia

    Clickz is reporting today that Mike Baker is scheduled to leave Nokia on August 8. Baker became head of Nokia Interactive Advertising after the company bought Enpocket last year. His expertise is sure to be missed. Baker joined mobile advertising firm Enpocket in 2004 and help build the company after its formation in 2001. Enpocket was acquired by Nokia last year. Since then, he has been… Read More

  • The Sigma DP1 is a technical marvel, but that's about it

    One month and change after DP Review gave the Sigma DP1 a so-so review, David Pogue now offers his two cents. Like DP Review, Pogue likes the SLR-in-a-point-and-shoot’s body, but says it’s not the end-all, be-all for the concept. The Sigma DP1, in case you don’t remember, essentially puts an SLR sensor inside a point-and-shoot’s body, to mixed results. While Pogue… Read More

  • Hitachi rolls out new hybrid Full HD camcorder

    Today Hitachi unveiled [JP] its newest Full HD camcorder, the Woo DZ-BD10H, which will be available in Japan from August 9th. The company plans to produce 6,000 units per month. Here are the main specs:
    – recording on 8cm Blu-ray discs (BD-R/RE) and DVD (DVD-R/RW/RAM)
    – integrated HDD (30 GB) that can hold 4.5 hours of video in Full HD
    – support of recording in AVCHD
    Read More

  • Sanyo offers clever Eneloop solution for Wii wireless controllers

    Wii users may never have to take the batteries out of their wireless controllers again. Today Sanyo announced [JP] it has teamed up with Nintendo to develop a Wii battery and charger set that is based on the Eneloop concept. These low self-discharge NiMH batteries feature longer shelf life. The Eneloop battery pack is placed on the back of the Wii controller. All you have to do after playing is… Read More

  • Facebook Connect on the iPhone this fall

    There’s some big Facebook developers meeting going on right now (TechCrunch is all over it, by the way), but while most of it doesn’t really concern CrunchGear per se, the company did announce that Facebook Connect will be coming to the iPhone this fall. Facebook Connect lets developers tap into Facebook from within their own applications. For example, a Twitter program that, when… Read More

  • AdMob Makes Mobile Ads Suck Less. Will Give Away One Million Dollars Worth of Ads To iPhone App Developers.

    On the iPhone, even the ads are cool. Mobile advertising network AdMob is launching a whole new set of customized ads for iPhone apps. As CEO Omar Hamoui explains in the video above, the ads are specifically designed for iPhone apps. Rather than the static text or image ads that make up most of its mobile ad inventory today, these take advantage of specific features of the iPhone. For… Read More

  • Nokia and Qualcomm Settle Worldwide Legal Battle

    A legal battle that spanned three continents and involved two of the biggest names in the mobile realm came to an end yesterday with both sides dropping all complaints and cross-complaints. Nokia, the world’s largest handset maker, and Qualcomm, the world’s largest maker of cell phone chips, reached an agreement that should quiet the upheaval that threatened to ripple throughout… Read More

  • AddictingGames To Hold Awards Show For Casual Gaming

    AddictingGames, a popular Flash game portal, has announced plans to hold a large-scale awards show pertaining to casual games. The show will take place in 2009, with a series of voting rounds conducted on the site that will allow AddictingGames’ users to decide the final outcome (though judges will have some say). The show will be open to any casual game on the web, but the results… Read More

  • Glu Brings HipSoft’s Build-a-lot to Mobile Phones

    Mobile game company Glu announced today that it has partnered with HipSoft to bring Build-a-lot to the small screen. If you have ever dreamed of buying old houses and renovating them for resale but can’t hit a nail with a hammer, this is the game for you. Put all those hours of watching This Old House and get rich quick real estate infomercials to good use with Build-a-lot. In the game… Read More

  • FCC to approve XM-Sirius merger

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the XM-Sirius merger has been given the tentative OK by the FCC. Deborah Taylor Tate, the final FCC commissioner to cast a vote, is expected to vote in favor of the merger, thus clearing the way for the merger. There are, of course, a few restrictions to be placed on the newly combined company. • Price freeze. They have agreed not to raise prices… Read More

  • Facebook Takes The Fast Lane To Boring

    I agree with Sam Gustin when he says that yesterday’s Facebook Developer Conference in San Francisco was in the end a snoozer, but not because CEO Mark Zuckerberg failed on stage. First of all, saying the event itself was sleep-inducing is just factually incorrect. Before and after the keynote they played music so loud that a deaf person would complain. I was alarmed and somewhat panicked… Read More

  • Microsoft Rumbles, Rearms For Online War It Can't Win Without Yahoo

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dropped the ax today, and it landed on Kevin Johnson’s neck. Johnson, Microsoft’s soon-to-be ex-President of Platforms & Services, has been with Microsoft since 1992. He was in the unfortunate position of leading the recent Vista effort through its very troubled launch, and running Microsoft’s online efforts while watching their lunch be eaten… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Hikikomori Edition

    With the number of landline telephones decreasing, telecos scramble to replace lost revenue
    Really, really flat-packed furniture
    Homemade total isolation gaming pod, not nerdy at all
    Cyber Clean keyboard cleaning spooge Read More

  • Running, Jumping, Standing Still

    It hasn’t been a month yet and the parachutes are floating at Microsoft. Kevin Johnson’s sudden move to Juniper Networks comes less than 24 hours before the Microsoft analysts meeting. This is the new Microsoft, where Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie start running the company. It’s also the beginning of the end for the classic power centers at Microsoft – and not a moment… Read More

  • Opposing Views Launches As A Debate Site Where Experts Go Head-To-Head

    Getting average know-nothings to create content for your site is easy enough and well understood by now. But how do you get experts to create in-depth topic pages about the hot-button issues of the day, complete with videos, links, and healthy commenting? Russell Fine is trying to do that with Opposing Views, a site that launched a few hours ago. It pits experts against each other on topics… Read More

  • Zimbra Releases Version 3 Of Open Source Email Client, And It's Awesome

    Yahoo’s Zimbra launches version 3 of its open source desktop email client this morning that is designed to compete with Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc. This is a new iteration of their browser-based offline product announced in March 2007. Zimbra Desktop, which is built on Mozilla Prism, is available for Windows, Mac and linux machines. It weighs in at 40 MB, about double… Read More

  • Playfish: Using Facebook As Its Gaming Console

    If you glance at the top lineup of gaming applications on the Facebook or MySpace platform, you’ll notice an interesting fact. Not one is the product of a major gaming publisher. Instead a group of independent gaming startups have been the leaders in publishing games within social networks. Co-founders of the gaming publisher Playfish, Kristian Segerstråle and Sebastien de Halleux, chalk… Read More

  • AT&T uses software trickery to get voice recognition on the iPhone

    AT&T has been working on a research project based on the WATSON speech recognition engine. The project, named Speech Mashups, is a web service that is only activated when the iPhone (or any other modern phone) connects to it. So that means that the actual voice recognition is happening on a remote server and not the phone itself; there is no need to install a plug-in or any other software… Read More

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