• Pearl Izumi bicycle shorts with built-in MP3 player helps fight Parkinson's

    [photopress:jbshorts.jpg,full,center] Dear John Biggs, This pair of Pearl Izumi Microsensor Bib Shorts reminds me of you. I don’t know what it is about them. Maybe it’s the form-fitting Spandex, maybe it’s the straps that remind me of that thing you wore that one time, who knows. I shouldn’t have brought that up, I know. What I do know, however, is that it has a… Read More

  • 1.1.4 firmware for iPhone, iPod Touch out now, update in iTunes

    [photopress:ipodtouch.jpg,full,center] Wow, it looks like firmware 1.1.4 for the iPhone and iPod Touch is out after all. Last week we heard it wasn’t coming anytime soon, that the “right around the corner” leak was a joke. Well the joke’s real, because it’s out today. Nothing major is updated as far as we can tell yet, but it adds “bug fixes”. What… Read More

  • Panasonic's Kozuka: HD DVD died at the hands of Toshiba itself

    [photopress:kozuka_.jpg,full,center] According to Panasonic’s Masayuki Kozuka, HD DVD’s implosion is all Toshiba’s fault. He argues that by flooding the market with cheap, unprofitable players for the holiday season last year it discouraged other vendors from producing their own players. And he doesn’t mean Panasonic, he means the Cobys, Mistushitas, and Sorny’s… Read More

  • Where is your Bucks of Woodside?

    Over many years Bucks of Woodside in Silicon Valley has become known as a place where entrepreneurs and venture capitalists meet over coffee or brunch to discuss their next project. As you can see from the video of owner Jamis Macniven below, Hotmail was started there, at table 15. Of course, other ‘normal’ people go there for breakfast, but it helps that you can ‘run… Read More

  • Samsung U940 is now the Glyde: Note the "y"

    [photopress:glydeee.jpg,full,center] That Samsung U940 that Hickey mentioned the other day has changed its name. Once known as the Q-Ball, it’s now called the Glyde. The weird thing about that name is that “glide” is usually spelled with an “i” rather than a y, so someone at Samsung must have been doing DMT. The Glyde is still on track for a late March… Read More

  • Did the Market Overreact To Google's Click-Through Woes?

    Google’s stock took a big hit today—still down 4 percent to $465—on comScore data suggesting that the click-through rate on its paid search ads is decelerating. As the chart above from Bear Stearns shows, the year-over-year growth of paid clicks on Google in the U.S. went from 37 percent in October to 0.3 percent in January. Since these are year-over-year numbers… Read More

  • WTF: New MBP, MBs not available in stores [Update]

    Available immediately, the new MacBook and MacBook Pro models start at just $1,099 and $1,999, respectively. [Feb 26, 2008] So I just called the SoHo and 5th Ave. Apple stores here in Manhattan and both stores told me the new MBPs are not in stock and they don’t know when they’ll be receiving them. That pisses me off because I’ve been waiting to upgrade from my MB. Apple… Read More

  • Sexy little Asus PCs look like video game consoles

    Straddling the line between PC and work of art, the Nova P22 is a Core 2 Duo desktop with 802.11n and Bluetooth. It comes in black or orange/white and is two inches thick. It has a 1.86GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and 160GB of hard drive space. It’s available now for $938. I’d hit it. Product Page Read More

  • Serious Drama, And Lots Of Stupidity, Behind Stage6 Shutdown

    Yesterday San Diego based DivX announced the shutdown of popular video site Stage6, to the surprise and dismay of the site’s 17.4 million happy monthly visitors (the post on the shutdown has over 5,000 comments). There’s lots of speculation around why DivX is shutting the site down, ranging from piracy issues to the spiraling CDN costs of streaming all that HD content. But what… Read More

  • Sony's scary freaking $500 headphones

    Doug will have a hands on with these very soon but feat your eyes on this diagram for the PFR-V1 headphones, a pair of $500 cans that apparently enter your brain through your ear and cause you to buy Norbit on Blu-Ray. Sony’s $500 headphones to hit U.S. [Crave] Read More

  • Lenovo X300 officially official

    The X300 is official and it’s fabulous. It starts a $2,799 and includes a 64GB of solid-state hard drive space, GPS, and a DVD burner. It’s lighter than the Air, runs Vista, and comes in rich, Corinthian rubber. Road warriors, begin salivating. Release Read More

  • Former Bolt.com Owner Launches Casual Gaming Ad Network, Gamers Media

    Jay Gould, the former owner of a social network and video site called Bolt.com that was started in the nineties but shut down this past fall following bankruptcy at the hands of a Universal Music Group lawsuit, has launched a new advertising network for casual gaming sites called Gamers Media. The new network, which as GigaOm points out joins the likes of NeoEdge, Mochi Media and even… Read More

  • Bungie not giving up on Halo 3, wants to kick COD 4's ass

    Just because Bungie is out on its own doesn’t mean they’re abandoning their baby, Halo 3, just yet. A new map pack is due in the Spring, but they’re getting their ass beat by COD 4 on the Xbox Live charts. “We have a lot of awesome new content coming up. We’re not walking away from Halo 3,” Bungie’s community lead Brian Jarrard told Eurogamer last week… Read More

  • Pop17 With Sarah Meyers Goes Live—A Daily Web Video Show Exploring Micro-Celebrities

    After a couple months in private alpha, Sarah Meyers is publicly launching her daily Web video show today, Pop17. (She renamed the show from PopSnap, after a few fits and starts). Every day she will look into the world of micro-celebrities popping up all over the Web in a typical archived format. But every Friday at 3PM ET, she will do the show live on Mogulus. What I like about this concept… Read More

  • Sony's new Walkmen have Bluetooth, noise cancelling, 16GB

    Sony’s got its new Walkman-branded mp3 players out there, in three major flavors. The model numbers are incomprehensible as usual, so we’ll simplify them: the 710 more compact, with a small 1.8″ screen, and is limited to 8GB. The 720 series is bigger, with a 2.4″ screen, and goes up to 16GB. They both share Sony’s noise cancelling technology, which I was… Read More

  • LouderVoice plans major upgrade

    Ireland-based reviews aggregator LouderVoice is prepping a new version soon and blogged about it today. Some of the things we can expect to see include a busier home page with more links to reviews, as well as: • Reviews and comments in-site so you no longer need a blog to write full reviews
    • Review images
    • Instant sign-up
    • Instant sign-up via SMS
    • Community features enabling you… Read More

  • S-AIR to potentially give Sonos, Logitech a run for their money

    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Give a man a way to transmit music wirelessly through his home and you’ve got a locked in consumer. The S-AIR system works in two ways. It allows you to add rear satellite speakers to any 7.1 system or add a receiver anywhere in the house to play back audio streamed from the main receiver. Full release after the jump. Read More

  • 'Sony Electronics 2008 Open House' preview

    Doug Aamoth here in beautiful, romantic Paris (Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas) for the Sony Electronics 2008 Open House — or as I like to call it, the SoLec08OpHo. I’ll be getting my gigantic man-hands on all these products (and then some) very soon — but for now, here’s some of what to expect out of Sony today. Read More

  • Newt Gingrich's American Solutions Opens Silicon Valley Office

    Don’t be surprised if you see former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich strolling down the streets of Palo Alto. He’s opened a Silicon Valley office for his American Solutions organization, which supports limited government, and we hear he’s been spending a lot of time in the area. David Kralik, the organization’s Director of Internet Strategy, is heading up the new… Read More

  • Sony releases BD-Live capable Blu-Ray players

    The BDP-S350 and the BDP-S550 are Sony’s latest Blu-Ray players with full BD-Live capability and picture-in-picture support for movies that support. The S550 also has 1GB of storage inside and 1080/60p HDI output. They have 7.1 channel audio and will cost $400 and $500, respectively. Read More

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