• Samsung readies the first 240Hz LCDs

    Samsung’s readying a display that will show video at 240Hz, twice as fast as the best displays we saw at CES this year. It’s called “Blue Phase” technology, and if it goes mainstream, your next HDTV will look just amazing. The Hertz rating is like the refresh rate of CRTs, but isn’t quite the same. An LCD has an active, progressive image. The hertz is a measure of… Read More

  • AT&T plans to quintuple 3G speeds in 2009

    Apparently, AT&T has some advancements planned for its networks that will raise the top speed of their 3G network to 20 megabits/second. Right now it’s at about 3.6Mbit, so that’s quite a jump. They’re being coy about the actual changes, which makes me suspicious. They’re already doubling the speed with a software update, they say, and the big jump to 20Mbit… Read More

  • Canon's yet to be released DSLR leaked in latest firmware?

    Seems like firmware updates are leaking quite a bit of info camera companies are trying to keep tight lids on lately. It’s still unconfirmed but Nikon could have a 24.4-megapixel DSLR on the way if the strings found in the D3 firmware update are to be believed. And it appears that the same thing has happened with the latest round of updates from Canon. This, too, is based on conjecture… Read More

  • Mozilla CEO John Lilly Reveals More Details On Stealth Data Project

    Mozilla CEO John Lilly revealed more details of their stealth Data project today, which we first reported here. In a blog post, he says “data is one of the most important pieces to faciliate understanding (and innovation), and is also one of the most under-explored areas of the modern web.” He also says that Mozilla has two early projects that touch on the idea – Spectator… Read More

  • Will It Blend: Another series that's jumped the shark

    http://flash.revver.com/player/1.0/player.swf?mediaId=884400&affiliate=46872 We get the point, Blendtec. You have a kickass blender that blends just about everything we fawn over these days. Of course your blender is going to obliterate a copy of GTA IV. Get over it and think of something new. Read More

  • Rumor of Duh: Next-gen Xbox will let you keep your gamertag, achievements, etc.

    Sometimes we come across rumors that are kind of no-brainers, things you know are pretty damned likely, such as this one from Joystiq claiming that the next version of the Xbox, due a few years out, will allow you to keep your XBL gamer tag, achievements, and other personalized content when you upgrade. Microsoft would be foolish not to do this, as the stuff is all XML based and it would be… Read More

  • SK Telecom speaks out on Helio, Virgin Mobile merger rumors [Update]

    There isn’t a whole lot to this one other than a quote from an SK Telecom official regarding the Helio and Virgin Mobile merger rumors. But it leads one to believe that the rumors are true. Make the decision for yourself, though. An SK Telecom official said nothing has been decided yet, but the two companies are “seeking various ways that would be mutually beneficial.”… Read More

  • Stealth Search Engine Blekko Gets Money From Marc Andreessen, SoftTech

    2008 is the year of the search engine startup. Hot on the heels of Powerset’s partial launch earlier this week, stealth search engine Blekko (no logo, no website, just this and, apparently, some technology) raised a second round of financing. The company raised $3 million in equity at a $23 million post-money valuation. All previous investors participated, and new investors Marc… Read More

  • Arrington Gets His Hands On Microsoft TouchWall

    Mike had a chance yesterday to try out the new Microsoft TouchWall, which debuts at the CEO Summit today (more video at that second link). Watch the vid above to see how it responds to the touch of a new user. Not bad, I’d say, although it does get a bit jittery at times. It’s impressive that all of this is possible with just a few hundred dollars worth of off-the-shelf equipment… Read More

  • TechCrunch events in Europe and the UK

    As I wrote over on TechCrunch.com, I’ll be heading out to the rest of Europe over the next few weeks, looking for and writing about the startups I meet along the way. Not quite Down and Out in Paris and London, but it should certainly be interesting. But I don’t want to forget my home turf! So if you are interested in helping me co-organise a TechCrunch meetup event in the UK… Read More

  • Oh no he didn't: Zero Punctuation on GTAIV

    http://update.videoegg.com/flash/proxy.swf?jsver=1.4 Am I playing Grand Theft Auto or playing Grand Theft Normal Boring Life? Read More

  • Keep seldom-used membership cards in your iPhone

    Behold! The future! I suppose this might work with any relatively large-screened phone, but let’s use the iPhone as an example. A guy in the Netherlands has scanned all of his membership cards into his iPhone — any membership cards that require a simple scanning of the barcode, that is. Smart, smart, smart. “The cards are stored as images in an iPhoto album that is synced with… Read More

  • Craigslist countersues eBay, things are getting heated

    It was bound to happen, and today it’s official: Craigslist is countersuing eBay, claiming unfair competitive practices, fraudulent business claims, copyright infringement and more. The auction site has a roughly 25% stake in Craigslist, and Craigslist wants it back, and the filing says that Craigslist wants eBay to divest its shares. We’ll have to see how this pans out when it goes… Read More

  • Philips X800 all-touchscreen WinMo phone confirmed

    The Philips X800 that Peter told us about last week has been confirmed according to GSM Arena. It’s a tri-band GSM/GPRS device running Windows Mobile with a 2.9-inch display that covers most of the face. It’ll also have a 2-megapixel autofocus camera, Bluetooth, and memory will be expandable via microSD. Battery life looks okay, too, at 850 hours of standby time and 8 hours of… Read More

  • NY's "Amazon Tax" Takes First Casualty: Overstock Affiliates

    Overstock.com has terminated its contracts with affiliates based in New York in response to the state’s recently enacted “Amazon Tax”. The drastic move is likely the first of many, as online retailers display their objection to the new law. The backlash comes in response to New York’s misguided attempt to collect taxes from online shoppers. Up until now, online… Read More

  • New fanless Pico-ITX board from VIA, plus a contest

    VIA has a new motherboard with an embedded 500MHz VIA Eden ultra low voltage processor (it runs at one watt). The board is called the VIA EPIA PX500EG and, in order to show off its cooling abilities — even sans fan — VIA Arena is hosting the Naked Pico Challenge, where it’ll run a system loaded with Ubuntu and playing an MPEG-4 video continuously until it dies. Oh, and… Read More

  • Latest "Get a Mac" video gives me the sense they've jumped the shark

    Apple needs to revamp their ad campaign. I’m perfectly content with their iPod/iTunes commercials, but these “Get a Mac” ads are getting old and not as funny as they used to be. What do you guys think? Read More

  • Xbox 360 spring update will bring…

    This is a very long and interesting list of possible updates that may or may not show up with the spring update for the Xbox 360. Most of them are pretty meh, but a few are quite intriguing. One particular option lends support to the rumor that Microsoft is working on a Wii-like controller, but who really knows what “Calibration options for motion sensor devices” means. Read More

  • Dash releases public API: Connect GPS data to other, cooler data

    Dash, everyone’s favorite navigation company, has just released its open API for developers. Using some basic tools, you can highlight any geographical information you want — propertly listings, speed traps, and weather reports. Because the device has two-way communication with the cloud, data providers can send almost anything to the device. While some of the apps are map-based… Read More

  • Atair's EXO-Wing and AeroSuit on display at The Met

    Brooklyn defense contractor Atair Aerospace has two of its futuristic (and working) designs on display at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of a superhero exhibit that’ll be running until September 1st of this year. “The Met exhibit includes Atair’s EXO-Wing™, the world’s smallest human-piloted jet airplane. Exoskeletons for increasing human… Read More

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