• US Troops To Be Left Without MySpace, YouTube, Fun

    In an effort to “save bandwith”, the Department of Defense is blocking access to pipe-hogs like YouTube and MySpace on official computers. Lots of employers put up such filters, but this is different: Troops and families living on U.S. bases will still be able to view the sites through private Internet networks, but the move leaves service members in Iraq and Afghanistan who use… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Timing Right for Vonage Asset Sale?

    Vonage is fighting possible bankruptcy, need for a new CEO and investor frustration. While the potential for it to escape Verizon’s litigation grip has some hope, a more radical step by an aggressive buyer could just be the trick. Vonage has appealed its loss to Verizon on patent infringement. The Supreme Court’s ruling on patent obviousness has begun to change the patent… Read More

  • iTunes Video Downloads Have No Future, Free Online Streaming FTW

    Don’t get too used to download videos from iTunes, friends, because new data suggests both content providers and consumers are poised to gravitate toward free, advertisement-based streaming video in the near future. Paid video downloads are set to peak this year, raking in an estimated $279 million, according to Forrester Research. The same report calls iTunes’ video download service… Read More

  • iPhone's On eBay = Vaporware

    I’m not quite sure what disgusts me more than the idiots bidding over $10,000 on eBay for an iPhone or the fact that people are this hyped over a phone that will fail and fall short on everything it promises to deliver. Are people so inept and uneducated that they’re willing to pay someone on the interwebs x amount of dollars for a pre-sale that is technically illegal? Pull your… Read More

  • Buffalo Pumps Out 3TB Of Storage Excitement

    Need more storage? Buy a larger hard drive. Need A LOT more storage? Pick up the new 3TB TeraStation Live (HS-DH3.0TGL/R5) or the 3TB TeraStation Pro II (TS-H3.0TGL/R5) from Buffalo Technology. The network attached storage drives were announced and released today, stamped with a company claim of being the “industry’s fastest single NAS devices in its class on the market today… Read More

  • Game Content Under the Microscope: ESRB Ratings

    This week we’re examining the issues of video game violence and content in a multi-part series of interviews with industry insiders. And this is a tricky subject, because what might offend one individual won’t cause another to even blink. Content that might be fine for one gamer may truly disturb another. This is where the ratings were suppose to clear things up. Today, all major… Read More

  • Color A4 E-Paper: Porn Just Got Even Portable-er

    LG and Philips just announced that they’ve created the first A4-sized sheet of color e-paper, a massive step forward in the future of portable reading matter and/or pornography. Trust me — the first color e-paper device will not be used to deliver an illustrated version of As I Lay Dying to the masses. The sheet is completely flexible and uses power only to redraw the screen during… Read More

  • Sony Losing the Game

    The Los Angeles Times is comparing Sony’s game division to the New York Yankees. “Both have high-paid talent and great offenses but are straining to win this year,” says today’s article by LA Times staff writers Alex Pham and Bruce Wallace. Analysts claim that while Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 were designed for immediate market impact… Read More

  • Web 2.0 = Crappy, Unsuable Web Sites

    Web 2.0 sucks at Web design. That’s what Jakob Nielsen recently said at a conference where he lambasted fancy, flashy Web 2.0 sites that sacrifice usability for pizzazz. (I hope CrunchGear isn’t considered flashy at usability’s expense.) Too many sites, often run and/or funded by people who know nothing of Web design, set aside “getting it right,” and this will… Read More

  • Don't Text And Drive In Washington

    While NJ may have been one of the first states to ban driving and talking on a cellphone, Washington is smart enough to realize that plenty of people still text while they drive. Now in an effort to curb accidents and careless driving, Washington has made it illegal to operate a cellphone while driving. However, it’s a secondary offense, meaning the po’ can only give you a ticket… Read More

  • Glofiish Gets WinMo 6.0, World Stops Spinning

    There’s some great news coming out of Taiwan this morning for Windows Mobile fans. WTF?! Yes, E-Ten has announced a free upgrade to WinMo 6.0 for Glofiish X500 and M700 owners. The free upgrade is available via the Glofiish website. The folks at E-Ten are so helpful they’ve even highlighted the benefits of upgrading to Windows latest and greatest mobile OS. And what exactly are… Read More

  • ASUS Lambo VXS2 Lappy Getting Santa Rosa Treatment

    Not that anyone was scooping up the Lamborghini-branded notebooks from ASUS, but if you did, you might want to try returning it so you can hop on the Santa Rosa bandwagon. Word is that the new version of the laptop will be out in June and features plenty of goodies. A 15.4-inch display, 2.4GHz T7700 Core 2 Duo CPU, Blu-Ray drive, 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics, integrated… Read More

  • Skype Finds Its Way Into Wal-Mart's Necrotic Heart

    It’s morning again in America. Today, more men and women will use Voice over IP services like Skype than ever before. Knowing this, Skype and Wal-Mart have teamed up, with the giant retailer set to sell Skype hardware and $20 pre-paid cards in its 17 zillion, small town way of life-destroying stores. Those who are curious about VoIP will find Skype headsets, Web cams and the like ready… Read More

  • Colored Dumbbells Said to Make Exercising More Design Friendly

    Thinking that exercise equipment is often too spartan, Alex Undall has drawn up some concept art for future gear that looks like what Luke would use to work out his new electric hand. Here he’s come up with dumbbells made of crystal and in a variety of different colors. These dumbbells, which are nowhere near being released, let alone linked with a manufacturer, are supposed to… Read More

  • Apple May Include WWAN In Future Notebooks

    Another day, another Apple rumor. This time, “credible sources” are telling AppleInsider that Jobs & Co. are looking to start including integrated WWAN cards into future notebook models. The card will be optional and will cost around $180. Rumor has it that Apple is also trying to squeeze a WWAN adapter into the notebook lid rather than placing it on/near the logic board so… Read More

  • Orgoo – The Web Email/IM Replacement

    Los Angeles-based Orgoo is a new webmail service that is going to be a popular application for some users. Not only does it emulate Outlook-style desktop mail applications extremely well, it also integrates instant messaging from all of the major IM providers directly into the interface. If you are looking for a service-independent webmail/IM service, you’ll want to check this… Read More

  • Gears of War Golf Coming Soon

    Most people with an Xbox 360 probably own a copy of Gears of War. Surely they’ve played the hell out of it by now and it’s slowly collecting dust while they wait for a sequel to emerge. No sequel is in the works, but Epic Games boss Mark Rein has confirmed a spin-off of the game entitled Gears of War Golf Read More

  • Oregon Scientific Four Piece Weather Module Station: For Those Who Just Need to Know The Dew Point Right Now

    Oregon Scientific’s BHT668A is a modular, cable-free mini weather station. It’s comprised of four different instruments: a barometer, a rain gauge, an indoor module that displays and records rainfall data and a thermo-hygrometer. That one measure humidity. Since it’s modular you can break up the four parts and have them in different rooms or whatever. You can have a… Read More

  • Cisco Planning DVR?

    A lot of rumors flying around the inbox today. The latest is that Cisco could be working on a high-end DVR that would sell in retail stores under the Linksys brand. Since Cisco owns Scientific Atlanta and Linksys, this is a totally an option for the networking company. Business Week talks about the box and notes that it would feature DVR capabilities with wireless networking so any television… Read More

  • No Land Line For One Quarter of Young Adults

    Mobile phones are the only phone option for more than one quarter of young adults reports the Associated Press. The findings were from a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which shows that the portion of adults with only cell phones grew by more than two percent in the latter half of last year, to nearly 12 percent. In fact one in four people aged 18 to 24 had… Read More

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