• Who Wants to Buy a Virtual World?

    If you felt a little green with envy when Disney bought juvenile virtual world Club Penguin for $700 million in cash and earn out, this could be your chance to grab a piece of the virtual pie. WhuddleWorld, Inc., creator of eponymous online hangout for kids WhuddleWorld, was forced to shut down in April after running out of money. The team of five that built WhuddleWorld over the last year and… Read More

  • Dalek Invasion of Earth

    If you remember the original Doctor Who, or have been catching the new series on the Sci-Fi Channel in America then you probably know that a group of Daleks together is never a good thing. Unless of course it is part of exhibition honoring the long-running British sci-fi series, in which case the more Daleks the better. Yesterday the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester brought… Read More

  • Service That Offered To Unlock iPhone Told To Knock It Off

    This video is tangentially related to this post It broke over the weekend (well, Japan time at least) that Craig from Degrassi hacked and unlocked the iPhone to make it work with cellphone providers other than AT&T. The holy grail of iPhone hacking/unlocking is a software-only solution, which the Web site iPhone Unlocking—”Set Your iPhone Free From… Read More

  • Rant: Why Are Japanese Trains So Much Better Than American Ones?

    I just got back from Japan and I’m only now getting to sort through all my pictures and process all my experiences and how I can relate them to our little space here on the Web. One thing I noticed: Japanese trains run wild all over ours here in New York, not unlike Hulk Hogan running wild over Macho Man Randy Savage at WrestleMania V. Read More

  • Manhunt 2 Gets Mature ESRB Rating, Approved For Sale

    Take Two Interactive is probably throwing an office party this week with the recent success of BioShock, but now the company has another reason to celebrate. Manhunt 2 has lost its “Adults Only” rating and has since garnered a “Mature” rating after some of the game’s contest was trimmed down to become less-violent. The hack-n-slash game is due out on Halloween… Read More

  • Native AIM and IRC Apps Available for iPhone

    No more futzing with Safari IM solutions, kids. The iPhone has it’s own native messaging apps. First, there’s Apolloim, a super beta AIM client for the iPhone. It seems to work, but it’s completely untested. Next, you have ircm, an IRC client so you can tell n00bs to GTFO. Both have full source code available and it will be interesting to see how long before they escape… Read More

  • TrekStor's i.Beat blaxx Renamed, Now TrekStor blaxx

    TrekStor, makers of MP3 players that are cool but rarely seen on our shores, has renamed their i.Beat blaxx to just the blaxx, which is, umm, I guess better? TrekStor Renames iBeat Blaxx After a Bit of Self-Flagellation [Gizmodo] Read More

  • Mac OS/OS X Welcome Movies Through the Ages

    There you are, folks. That’s the OS X Leopard welcome movie that you’ll be watching in the next few weeks once Leopard is launched. The new OS is sure to cure cancer, AIDS, and IBS, so you might as well go buy an iMac right now. Click through to see previous versions of the video — just to see how things have improved in the CG department in Cupertino. Read More

  • Will It Still Suck? Nokia N-Gage Returns This Week: Reborn As a Software-Only Gaming Service

    Boy oh boy did the N-Gage suck. (Sidetalking, anyone?) But Nokia is bringing it back this week, much to the excitement of… um, anyone? Yeah, is anyone excited that N-Gage is coming back? It’s different this time, though. Read More

  • Dell Responds to Complaints About Color Inspiron Line

    Lionel Menchaca over at Dell is a great guy. He represents Dell to the blog-world and takes the heat, makes the meetings, and spreads the love the best he can. I’ve been working with him for years. However, he’s been given the unenviable task of cleaning up after a major gaffe at the company involving missing Inspiron M1330s, the color laptops that have apparently had paint… Read More

  • How NYU Handles Piracy: Don't Get Caught Or Else…

    Piracy kills kittens, you know Don’t ask, don’t tell. Oh, but if the RIAA catches you, your ass is grass. That’s essentially how New York University, known as NYU to the Haley Joel Osments and Spike Lees and John Biggses of the world, treats piracy on campus. (I’ll be a senior there this fall.) I logged into the school’s main portal today to determine whether or… Read More

  • Wolverine ESP 5250 PMP Packs Big Storage

    Wolverine, some company no one has heard of, will be shipping its new ESP 5250 portable media jukebox this week. Designed for the consumer who likes watching movies while on the move, the 5250 packs 250GB of storage and has a multi-format card reader for additional storage. You can throw either 80,000 songs or 500 hours of video (depending on your codecs, etc.) on this bad boy to ensure that… Read More

  • NYC Getting Sprint's WiMax Service

    Thought Sprint’s WiMax service was only going to be limited to small, rural towns? Nah, didn’t think so. You knew it was going to hit the big cities like NYC and San Francisco first, didn’t you? Well now Sprint has confirmed that New York will be getting WiMax service when it’s rolled out in 2008. Samsung will be building the infrastructure Sprint needs to operate the… Read More

  • Step Aside 700 MHz 60 GigaHz Approaching Fast

    Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology are working with extremely high radio frequencies that have already achieved broad bandwidth and high data transmission rates over short distances. The hope is that within three years 60 gigahertz (60 GHz) can be broadcast over vast networks like lower frequencies that are now being utilized. This could create a revolution in new mobile… Read More

  • Blizzcon Dance Contest Gallery

    Y-M-C-A! So your Monday isn’t going exactly as you planned. Sometimes starting off a new week can be hard, especially after a fun weekend. Lucky for you, Blizzard just put up some pictures from the dance contest that was held at Blizzcon 2007. Contestants did their best to imitate dance moves seen in World of Warcraft. Not sure who came out the winner, but just remember one thing: the… Read More

  • Iomega Launches Two New Home Network Drives

    Iomega today announced two new networked hard drives that come with an Ethernet-jack in the back of each device. The drives come with either 320GB or 500GB of storage and feature a brushed aluminum casing that will compliment that new iMac you just picked up. As you’d expect with a networked drive, performance is a key factor, so Iomega has gone ahead and used a 7200RPM SATA-II drives… Read More

  • FotoFlexer Raises The Bar On Online Photo Editing

    Online photo editors keep getting better and better. For hardcore image manipulation, desktop software like Photoshop or Gimp will always have its place, but online editors are free, easy to use and a lot of fun. We covered most of the online editors back in February (Fauxto, Picnik, Picture2Life, Preloadr, PXN8 and Snipshot). But a relative newcomer on the scene, Berkeley-based FotoFlexer… Read More

  • Acer to Eat Gateway, Bag of Twizzlers

    Well this is a fine kettle of fish. Gateway, one of last independent PC brands standing, is merging with Asia’s darling, Acer, to form a Voltron-esque conglomeration, albeit without the red, yellow, and blue lions. Acer would be the black lion, in this metaphor, and Gateway would be the green one. Anyway, they’ll definitely have a sword. Read More

  • Creative TravelSound Speakers Review

    Creative’s TravelSound speakers should have been a great product. The speaker dock baggage buddy to the Zen Stone DAP sounds good enough, is incredibly light and portable, and looks pretty decent to boot. Unfortunately, it was as if Creative’s designers were asleep at the assembly line. This is a product with so many glaring mistakes that it really feels like a study in bad design. Read More

  • What Happens When You Plug An iPod Into A Creative TravelSound For The Zen Stone?

    It works! But let’s put it this way: Maybe that “Made For iPod” label is worth something after all. And just because there’s a headphone jack there waiting for you to plug your iPod into it doesn’t mean you should. But hey, it works, even if it’s the clumsiest speaker setup since the telegraph. Read More

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