• TiVo, Rhapsody partnership: Now your TiVo does music

    Fancy listening to music on your TiVo? The company today is expected to announce a deal with Real’s Rhapsody to allow its users to sign up (for $13 per month) and listen to the more than 3.5 million songs right from the DVR. Further details are still sketchy—I bet TiVo’s not too happy that word of this partnership leaked, considering there’s supposed to be an event… Read More

  • NEAT WIRELESS Files Antitrust Complaint against AT&T Mobility

    NEAT WIRELESS, a Wireless telecommunications company based in Northeastern Arkansas, filed a complaint against AT&T Mobility, which alleges that AT&T Mobility engaged in illegal conduct and behavior that resulted in NEAT WIRELESS failure to compete in markets it acquired from AT&T Mobility which facilitated AT&T Mobility’s merger with AWS in October 2004. NEAT… Read More

  • VIA unveils LCD-mounted PC

    Ah VIA. Thanks for shrinking computers. Your latest VESA-mounted PC makes me smile. Once used for commercial displays, VIA will be releasing a consumer version of a PC that can be attached to the back of any standard LCD monitor. So if space is at a premium or you just want to amaze your friends, this could be right up your alley. It’s available in 1.0GHZ and 1.5GHZ VIA Eden ULV chipsets… Read More

  • Nokia and Telefonica Collaborate on Mobile Internet

    Nokia and Telefonica announced today that they are working together to provide Telefonica customers with new Internet services on mobile phones by providing customers with simplified access to both Telefonica and Nokia Internet services. Telefonica, which has a strong subscription base in Spain, Europe and Latin America, will collaborate with Nokia in areas such as menu customization… Read More

  • BitTorrent DNA: Torrenting No Longer A Dirty Word

    BitTorrent has been getting somewhat of a bad rap. Although BitTorrent itself sells copyrighted content over its P2P file sharing protocol, the service has become better known for less than legal downloads from sites like “The Pirate Bay”. It has been particularly popular for pirating because it easily distributes the cost of transmitting files across the network of users… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Night Light Edition

    Wi-Fi signal-sensing T-shirt
    Glowing Mountain Dew
    The couch made from 20 old Macs
    The fall of Japan’s tech hegemony Read More

  • No More Catalogs, Please

    If you are like me, your mailbox is overflowing with unwanted catalogs,and you have no idea how to make the onslaught stop. Americans are inundated with 19 billion catalogs a year. A new not-for-profit Website called Catalog Choice just launched today that lets you opt out of getting such mailings on a catalog-by-catalog basis. (The site contacts companies sending out the catalogs for you). Read More

  • More Information On Google's Social Networking Plans

    Business Week has a long article expanding on the Google Social Nework Platform story we wrote about last month. Key facts from the article: Orkut is 1/4 the size of MySpace (Comscore shows a much closer race), but they’ve recently taken the lead in the Asia/Pacific region. Orkut is also very strong in Latin America, with double the traffic of MySpace and Facebook combined. Business… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Cannucks getting iPhone this month, eh? (Sorry.) BrokenBird Rogers has a very bad network, is that a requirement to get the iPhone? Eh? Read More

  • FotoFlexer Continues To Innovate; People Love It

    FotoFlexer, which we first covered in August, continues to be my favorite online photo editing tool out of a batch of…many. Most of the tools are for creating fun changes to photos (see my previous post on them for an overview), and users can easily pull and push photos to social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Flickr. But it’s also a serious editing tool (it supports layers… Read More

  • PayPerPost Launches Random New Service. They're Up To Something, I'm Sure.

    We heard about a new service from PayPerPost today, and while it’s a little boring, there is nothing about it that I can take particular issue with at first blush (we often find things to criticize with PayPerPost – our past posts are here). Like the popular site TinyURL, URLbrief lets people exchange a long, difficult to communicate URL for a short one. They’ve added a… Read More

  • YouTube Videos Coming To Google Adsense

    Google will start offering YouTube videos as part of the Adsense Program starting Tuesday, according to several reports. The Adsense “Video units” will display two kinds of advertising, ads contextual to the site and ads contextual to the video being played. Adsense users will not be able to pick from any YouTube video, but only videos from content providers who have signed an… Read More

  • iPolo

    Gestisci tutti i comandi senza necessità di estrarre l’iPod dalla tasca, grazie agli speciali fori che lasciano pieno accesso alla click wheel ed allo schermo.
    Nessun intralcio dai cavi, grazie ad un sistema di guide che li incanalano sotto la t-shirt. That’s what she said! Product Page Read More

  • Search Engine Marketing Firm ReachLocal Takes $55.2 Million

    Woodland Hills based search marketing firm ReachLocal has taken an additional $55.2 million in funding, brining total funding to $67.9 million on a valuation of $305 million. The round was led by Rho Ventures, with original investors Galleon Crossover Fund VantagePoint Venture Partners also participating. ReachLocal offers a local-focused search marketing product that targets SMBs. Read More

  • Cannucks getting iPhone this month, eh? (Sorry.)

    Beta’s got it that Canadia (yes, I spelled that right) is finally poised to get the iPhone. Rogers is set as the carrier, and the device will sell for $799 Canadian, which is, like, close to $799 American. The question is, why so much? Since our domestic flavor of the iPhone has dropped to a palatable level, why is Apple giving the screw to the beer-drinking, non-gun-owning neighbors to… Read More

  • Nine Inch Nails Help Seal Record Industry's Coffin

    Highly popular Industrial Rock Band Nine Inch Nails have announced that as of today they are free agents, and will not be using the services of a record company in the future. Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor wrote on the NIN site that the writing is on the wall for the traditional music distribution model, saying that the music business has radically mutated from one thing to something… Read More

  • Facebook Mass Rejects All fbFund Applicants And Starts Over

    When Facebook announced fbFund, a new program to give grants to Facebook application developers, at TechCrunch40, they clearly hadn’t thought through all the logistics of the program. Applicants were urged to simply email in their ideas for funding – see the video here. Now they’ve rethought that process. I can imagine they’ve been inundated with applications, which may… Read More

  • The iPhone's 1.1.1 firmware, now unlockable!

    Alright, iPhoneers, good news if you’re an ulocker. The Dev Team has finally put together a working version of the Jailbreak Software that unlocks iPhones that had been upgarded to version 1.1.1. Look for it to hit later on this week, and happy re-unlocking! Announcing a preliminary iPhone 1.1.1 Jailbreak [TUAW] Read More

  • Twitter Testing Text Footer Ads

    Microblogging service Twitter, long questioned over its lack of an apparent business plan, is testing text footer ads below Tweets. This Is Going To Be Big captured the following image:
    The format is a one line tip directly below the Tweet. The message might be flattering to CNet’s Caroline McCarthy, but it’s a fair guess that this is a test message and that in future it might… Read More

  • Acquisition No. 2 For Sugar Inc.: Coutorture

    Sugar Inc., hot off their first acquisition (ShopStyle) two weeks ago, is announcing their second deal tonight – the purchase of fashion blog network Coutorture. Deal size is not being announced, but it was a mix of cash and stock. Coutorture has a network of 230 blogs written by readers, who compete for headline space on the main Coutorture site. The company has raised just a single… Read More

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