• Jobs Kicking-Off WWDC 2007

    Everyone loves the WWDC. Know why? Because it’s the time of the year when Steve Jobs announces some awesome new product and everyone gets out their rumor machines in the big run up, hoping that this year it’s an iWoman, a lady-sized iMac with muliple ports. This year will be no exception. Jobs is set to start WWDC 2007 with a keynote that will address Mac OS X Leopard. Read More

  • Roxio Crunch Exports Video Better Than Us

    Roxio’s new product called “Crunch” is designed to convert and export video to Apple TV, iPod, and iPhone resolutions and filetypes. Support includes native QuickTime file formats such as DV, AVI, and MOV, in addition to non-QuickTime file formats like DivX, MPEG-2 and DVD-Video. Essentially, you’ll be set between Crunch and Quicktime Pro. Just don’t forget who… Read More

  • Call of Duty Goes Mobile

    One of the biggest World War II shooter franchises will soon be reporting for duty on your handset, as Activision and Glu Mobile has announced a partnership to develop an upcoming Call of Duty title for mobile phones. The series, which is known for it cinematic styled take on the Second World War, has been popular on the PC and console systems including the Xbox 360 and PS3, and will be… Read More

  • Oh Snap! Biz 2.0 Doesn't Do Backups!

    The worst possible scenario for a print magazine is for your entire future issue to be completely wiped out in a hard drive failure. Now that you’ve read that sentence and most likely this article’s title, I’m sure you can put two and two together to find out which magazine lost its entire June issue thanks to data failure. Funny how a magazine that’s always ranting on… Read More

  • Clearwire Gets FCC OK For WiMax Card

    If draft-N wireless still isn’t good enough for ya, then keep your eye out later this year for a Motorola manufactured card for Clearwire’s WiMax service. Clearwire Mobile just got the OK from the FCC to sell their new WiMax laptop card. You’ll get high speeds with Peyton Manning-esque ranges (as in long, long long distances) all on the 801.16e spectrum. No word yet on… Read More

  • Tiny Stats on your Tiny Screen

    Do you need to check your Google Analytics on the go? While not everyone does, it is nice to know that you can thanks to Mostat.us. This new app was developed by the makers of Junkdepot.com, and it allows users to track hits and traffic data collected by Google on your mobile phone. Users login with their Google account and the stats are generated in a compact format designed for mobile devices. Read More

  • Hot Fuzz: The Sleep Squad Alarm Clock

    Nothing scares the living crap out of you more than the po’ kicking down your door and telling you to freeze. So if you woke up to the sound of a police officer screaming “This is the police, you have until the count of three to get out of bed or we are coming in, 1…..,2…..,3” with a hail of siren sounds and flashing lights going off soon after, I’d bet 10 bucks… Read More

  • Altec Lansing iMV712: Best iPod Dock This Week

    The Altec Lansing iMV712 made an appearance back in January at CES, and if you’re loving your 5G iPod, it’s certainly not a bad way to spend $350. And, it’s finally hit the streets, so you can actually buy one now. Today. In consumer electronic stores or online at Altec Lansing. The company claims it can “deliver powerful, concert-like sound and a true cinematic… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel At A Loss For Q1

    What a shock. I am stunned. The carrier with the coolest phones, most awesome rate plans, and best service ever, Sprint Nextel, posted a loss for Q1 of 2007. Well a company as awesome and rad as Sprint Nextel couldn’t have lost that much cash, right? Try $211 million. Sprint Nextel blames lackluster sales and the loss of high-quality subscribers for the loss. Word is that a lot of… Read More

  • The Great Digg Riots of 2007: Digg Caves In, Link to Encryption Keys All You Want, Kiddos

    The nerds cried foul and Digg acquiesced. Digg’s founder—and deity to many—Kevin Rose just posted an explanation for all the shenanigans that happened yesterday regarding HD DVD encryption key stories being pulled. The short of it, Digg has a policy of removing stories from the front page that it deems could get it into legal trouble—porno, piracy, and here… Read More

  • Looks Like The iPhone Needs Some Pizzazz

    I’m sure plenty of you are still excited about the iPhone, but when the end of June rolls around, will you buy one? It’s not looking likely according to a recent Markitecture poll. Out of 1300 people surveyed, only 6% said they were “likely to purchase the iPhone” when it comes out. The reason? Mostly the price and having to deal with a contract/specific carrier. Ouch! Read More

  • Wall-Climbing Robot Is Speedy

    A robot at Carnagie Mellon University is turning heads and giving reason to go “Oooh!” and “Ahhh!” The robot climbs walls at the rate of six-centimeters a second, which is pretty fast if you click the link and watch the video. That little bugger flies! It’s able to stick to the wall by using gecko-like suction pads that stick to the surface it’s climbing. Read More

  • Blackberry Curve = 8300

    Browsing through the dark webs of the internet this morning, I stumbled upon a BGR article that explains how RIM is now directing traffic from http://www.blackberry8300.com to http://www.blackberrycurve.com. I suppose this means that RIM is going to do a huge campaign for pushing the 8300 onto consumers as the Curve. Look how well the Blackberry Pearl did without having a bunch of wacky numbers… Read More

  • New MP3 Players On The Way From Creative

    If you’re one of the three people out there who own a Creative MP3 player, then you’re about to get some incredibly awesome news. Craig McHugh, President of Creative Labs Inc., today said that Creative is working on some “exciting stuff” with its MP3 players, but couldn’t reveal details. McHugh went on to say that Creative is positioning itself for the holiday… Read More

  • Embed This Video Player From mywaves….NOW!

    Sorry to get so shouty first thing in the morning, but the coffee’s kicking in. So awhile back we mentioned a video service called mywaves that’s basically a large library of video clips scaled down to view on mobile devices. Today, it’s added the availability of an embedded video player you can drop into your MySpace, Xanga, Friendster, blog or Web site to show your… Read More

  • Trim and Sexy 2nd-gen Iriver Clix Hands On

    When the original iriver Clix came out, it made waves with its clickable faceplate navigation, but it was chunky and expensive. The second-generation model completely eliminates those issues with a slimmer design and pricing that’s competitive with that of the iPod nano. It’s got all the features you’d need in an MP3 player, as well as sound quality that even picky… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Coffee with Your Mom Edition

    Highway Wind Turbines
    Give Your Momma a Zune Contest: Vote Off
    eBuddy Lets You Access Your IM from Anything
    Iran to Filter “Immoral” Messages Sent on Phones
    But I Never Have a Second Cup at Home Read More

  • Hackers to Hack Vista at Black Hat Conference

    I feel like I’ve been writing about hacks and flaws all day…oh wait, that’s because I have been. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched Hackers last night, but Angelina Jolie is so hot. Dino might be claiming that Vista is more secure than Mac OS, but I think a Polish pair of security researchers have something to say about that. Black Hat will be running a two day course… Read More

  • Digg Surrenders to Mob

    To say what happened today on Digg was a “user revolt” is an understatement. The Digg team deleted a story that linked to the decryption key for HD DVDs after receiving a take down demand and all hell broke loose. More stories appeared and were deleted, and users posting the stories were suspended. That just got the Digg community fired up, and soon the entire Digg home page was… Read More

  • The HD DVD Decode Keys, In Song

    Welcome to DeCSS 2007! What have we learned? Nothin’! What are the big companies going to do about this? Whine! Sing, Interwebs, sing! Read More