• Starbucks To Give Away 1.5M Songs Per Day Next Week For Wi-Fi iTunes Launch

    You didn’t think Starbucks would quietly launch the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store (which launches October 2), did you? The coffee giant will dole out, for free, 1.5 million songs per day (or 50 million in total… my bad), but only from select artists. Think Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and the other “safe” artists the store promotes. There’s a noticeable lack of 2Pac… Read More

  • ThePudding: Targeted Advertising Comes to Phone Calls

    ThePudding provides free, PC-based phone calls to anywhere in the US or Canada. The big catch: computers in Fremont, CA will eavesdrop on and analyze every word of your conversation so they can serve up advertisements tailored to the topic at hand. Users initiate a phone call simply by visiting ThePudding’s website (currently in private beta) and entering a phone number into the browser. Read More

  • Good Morning, Starshine: The Best Spam Comment Today

    Our site gets a few hundred comments per day and the overwhelming majority are spam. Well, I just spotted a charming “recommendation” from a spammer inducing us to share our hot business ideas. Go ahead through the list and see which one doesn’t quite fit. Hey, I was wondering if anyone here has a habit of coming up with cool business ideas out of nowhere, but never got around… Read More

  • Online Streaming Of TV Shows: Get Used To It

    The TV networks have found their newest cash cow: online streaming of their TV shows. Hope you didn’t get too comfortable downloading shows from iTunes and the like because, as FT finds out, the networks will be throwing all their weight behind streaming, where they can embed ads, to the detriment of downloads. The networks’ biggest concern vis-a-vis streaming was that… Read More

  • Fox Interactive Media Launches Free Mobile MySpace

    Need to check your MySpace page while on the go? Need to check someone else’s MySpace page while on the go? Doing a big of MySpace surfing has gotten a tad bit easier. Fox Interactive Media has announced that MySpace Mobile is now in beta and will be available to consumers this week with a wider FIM rollout planned in the coming months. And it will be free to use. Of course you’ll… Read More

  • Sketchcasting – Another Weapon In The Blogging Arsenal

    A new site called Sketchcast launched moments ago – it’s a tool for bloggers and others to create a presentation to express an idea using a sketchpad and (optionally) a †sound recording, and then embed it into a website. Sketchcasts can also be subscribed in iTunes and RSS readers via a feed. The video below shows an overview of what it is, using the tool itself. The idea for… Read More

  • pa.gd (Paged Mobile) shortens Web for Mobile

    When recently asked, “have you ever tired to enter a long Web address without using a standard QWERTY keyboard” I was reminded of my visit this summer to the City of Light. Paris is many things, but a high-tech metropolis it is not. The cybercafés were crowded and very few had “western” QWERTY keyboards. So I was reduced to trying to use my Blackberry and… Read More

  • Pownce vs Digg: Who Will Kevin Rose Back?

    I’ve speculated previously on the growing conflict Kevin Rose has between his roles at Digg and Pownce, and now it would appear that we may finally be on the eve of Rose being forced to decide between the two. Leah Culver, a co-founder of Pownce with Rose has made a bizarre post to Digg suggesting that Digg’s new features were a direct copy of those from Pownce: Since I… Read More

  • MyQuire Wants Your Collaborative Workplace Business

    MyQuire will officially launch their online tool for doing projects at DEMO today. MyQuiore allows users work with “tools they already know,” keep their projects on track, meet with other project members in real time conferences, and connect their projects with their networks. MyQuires pitch is that instead of forcing people to change their behavior, “MyQuire’s… Read More

  • Logitech Audio Solutions

    Logitech recently unleashed a torrent of speakers and iPod docks that have furthered strengthened it’s already excellent array of devices. I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with a couple of the systems, and I definitely like what I’ve heard. Read More

  • Yuuguu Takes Desktop Sharing Mobile

    UK based Yuuguu will officially launch at DEMO today with a cross platform desktop sharing platform that also works on mobile phones. Yuuguu, a name apparently derived from the Japanese word for fusion, enables users to see, share, and control other computer screens and applications. Yuuguu supports web browsers on any device, notably on mobile phones providing anywhere access and… Read More

  • Here Come the Ad-Powered Mobiles

    Happy to get some free calls and texts on your mobile by clicking some ads? A new mobile network launches today offering free phone call minutes and messaging in return for sending customers advertising – except it’s in the UK. Blyk will target the mobile-obsessed 16-to 24-year-old crowd with ads, based on a profile customers will fill out on their website, writes TechCrunch… Read More

  • Your Truman Show Takes Lifecasting To Widgets

    Lifecasting startup Your Truman Show will present a Video Map Widget at DEMO today, bringing their life story focused video product to social networking sites. VideoMap can be placed and accessed by anyone using Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, YourTrumanShow or other sites. Its selling point is a graphical video relationship map, which, according to YourTrumanShow’s Founder & Chairman… Read More

  • Rocketboom Moves to Blip.tv

    The popular daily videoblog Rocketboom is joining online video network blip.tv, which will now host all of Rocketboom‘s videos and sell ads for the show. Rocketboom joins a growing crowd of other top videoblogs that can be found on Blip.tv, including Wallstrip, TreeHugger TV, Alive in Baghdad, and Goodnight Burbank. As with most of those shows, the relationship between Rocketboom… Read More

  • MuseStorm Debuts Widget Engagement Platform

    Silicon Valley/Israel based MuseStorm will launch a new end-to-end widget syndication platform today at the DEMO conference. The new offering which MuseStorm is officially dubbing a “content engagement platform” provides four widget syndication aspects: Authoring, Distribution, Analytics & Monetization. The highlight of the platform is the authoring functionality. First, it… Read More

  • Attendi Wants to Search Inside Your Head

    As if the more than 20 billion Web pages out there aren’t enough, a new startup coming out of stealth mode today called Attendi has come up with a new twist on “people search.” This is not to be confused with the type of people search that Facebook is getting into (actually searching for people—see also Spock, Wink, Zoominfo, WikiYou and PeekYou), or the type of… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Empty Bar Edition

    Super Mario Mushrooms Contain Candy, Not Roids
    Sound Burger: Portable Record Player
    Coca-Cola Develops Self-Cooling Soda Bottle
    Triops Digital Camera: Go Ahead, Throw It Into The Air For Unique Photos
    Liquor.com: Five Dollars, Why I Oughta! Read More

  • Mig33 Moves To The U.S.

    We’ve been keeping an eye on the mobile social networking world covering companies such as Zyb, Mocospace, Aka-aki, imity, meetmoi, mobiluck. See our roundup post here. Most of the innovation is occurring outside of the U.S., particularly in Europe. That’s why it’s no surprise to see yet another success story, Mig33, originate outside of the U.S. (the company was founded… Read More

  • Google Prepping A Second Life Competitor?

    Rumors of a Google powered virtual world based on Google Earth surfaced in January; today there is word that Google may be testing their virtual world at Arizona State University (ASU). According to Google Operating System, ASU students have the opportunity to test a new product “that will be publicly launched later this year” by “a major Internet company” that is… Read More

  • Blyk launches ad-based mobile network

    Blyk, the mobile virtual network operator offering free phone call minutes and messaging in return for sending customers advertising, launches in the UK today. Renting airtime from France Télécom’s Orange network and targeting only 16-to 24-year-olds, the network will target the ads based on a detailed profile customers will fill out on their website. It’s ironic timing. MySpace… Read More

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