• deviantART launches iPhone/iPod Touch Web App

    Launched in 2000, deviantART is an online artist community with over 7 million members. Anyone can sign up and upload (and potentially sell) whatever they deem as “Art”. Some of it is awesome. Some of it, er, isn’t. If you don’t mind filtering out a bit of poorly drawn anime and a few suggestively posed video game characters, it’s not hard to find some really… Read More

  • Geeky Star Wars wedding looks like it was a lot of fun

    I’m likely never going to get married. Not that I couldn’t, indeed I do OK for myself, but because I’m not an idiot. Sure, for some of you it works out, but I’m not the type. If I were, I’d do like this couple from the UK: They did it all Star Wars style. Themselves and the rest of the wedding party dressed up as characters from the film, and it looks like it… Read More

  • Poor Children Of The World No Longer Will Have To Struggle With Linux

    One Laptop Per Child will ship a special version of Windows on their low cost laptops for poor children, the two companies announced this afternoon. Previously the laptops, which to date have been tested in a number of countries, ran only Linux. Trials of the Windows version of the machines will begin in June in “key emerging markets.” OLPC is also working with third parties to… Read More

  • He Said, She Said In Google v. Facebook

    More details on Facebook’s banning of Google Friend Connect from the Facebook API earlier today. I spoke with Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly and Google’s Director of Engineering David Glazer about the banning to get a fuller picture of the conflict. Here’s an example of how Friend Connect (more details) works in practice. A third party site may want to add… Read More

  • Line for Boston Apple Store stretches four city blocks

    Oh, hello there. I’m patiently waiting for the new Boylston Street Apple Store to open here in Boston. Did I need to show up four hours early? Probably not, but I just can’t resist sitting in an outdoor food court while pigeons buzz within inches of my fragile body. Seems nobody told them about the food chain and how humans are atop said food chain. Anyhoo, you might be interested… Read More

  • Spellr.us Launches: Check Your Site For Spelling Erors

    Last month we ran a brief post introducing Spellr.us, a service that monitors websites for spelling errors. Little was known about the site at the time – all we had to go by was a teaser splash page. The site has finally entered a private beta, and it shows a lot of potential. For those looking to try it out for themselves, you can grab one of 150 invites here. Spellr.us monitors… Read More

  • OWC launches new portable hard drives that appear to rule

    I love bus-powered devices, especially external hard drives, but they tend to have fairly small capacities. I do like, those, these new Other World Computing Mercury On-The-Go portable drives. They’re compact, bus-powered, work with Firewire 400 or USB 2, and even look cool. What’s really great is they’re high-capacity and fairly affordable, topping out with a 200GB drive… Read More

  • Mystery solved: AT&T's iPhone Wi-Fi is coming, but not ready yet

    We received this internal memo to AT&T employees describing a failed launch today of AT&T’s WiFi service. From the memo: “The iPhone Wi-Fi offer that was scheduled to launch today has been canceled. Nothing has been announced by the company to our customers and will not impact existing customers. Additional communication will be provided if the status the project… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Speculation suggests Sony may be losing $260 per PS3: No price cut for you then

    Flickr’d The Guardian speculates that Sony could be losing as much as $260 per PS3 sold, significantly higher than the $130 per PS3 to which Sony recently admitted. Care? Maybe you should. If Sony continues to lose that much per system sold—either $130 or $260 or some other out-of-thin-air estimate—what are the odds that it’ll lower the price? Right now, the cheapest… Read More

  • Hands on shots of the Samsung F400

    With Samsung’s recent announcement about F400 availability, I’m guessing you guys might want some more F400 visual goodness. There aren’t many photos of the device floating around besides the standard promo images, but as I take way, way too many photos every time I go to a show, I happened to have a few. Click the shots below for bigger versions. Read More

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