• Visible Measures Raises $13.5 Million B Round; Releases Software To Track Video Engagement

    Video is one of the biggest opportunities on the Web, but it is also one of the biggest black holes. Just because someone hits play on a Web video doesn’t mean they watch it all the way to the end. Boston-based startup Visible Measures is going to try to rectify that with new audience behavior measurement software it will be launching at this week’s DEMO conference. The… Read More

  • 7digital Takes £4.25 million

    UK digital media seller 7digital has taken £4.25 million ($8.5 million) in a round led by Sutton Place Managers that included original investor Balderton Capital (formerly Benchmark Europe). 7digital offers downloadable music, video and movies to customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. The company also provides branded digital solutions for clients such as ITV & Channel… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Mario Rave Edition

    Yet another gorgeous lens I can’t possibly afford
    Lego wants your input for 10th anniversary Star Wars set
    Video: Control 100 Marios with hand gestures
    English lady columnist calls video games ‘crack cocaine’
    A democratic solution to the neverending party DJ problem Read More

  • Nokia Acquires Trolltech For $153 Million

    Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia has acquired Norwegian platform application development provider Trolltech for $153 million. Trolltech is the developer of Qt, the cross-platform application development framework used for the development of GUI programs and for developing non-GUI programs such as console tools and servers. Qt is used in by Opera, Google Earth and Skype among others. The… Read More

  • TechLudd – not so luddite after all

    From being branded an event which could “do more harm than good” and was poised to “damage the Ireland Inc brand“, TechLudd, a first-time event in Dublin last week for the tech startup community, is now being described as “a huge success”. As Eirepreneur points out, blogger Jessica Roy says “It was the most successful most attended event, barring a… Read More

  • Whither Webjam?

    What is Webjam? Last time I looked is was a highly customisable home page creator. Founded in 2006 in London by a talented team led by former Yahoo! exec Yann Motte, it bundles community features with a drag-and-drop interface in a modular format. But it has been hard to really put a finger on where it’s big USP is, despite it being called (somewhat inaccurately) an “alternative… Read More

  • Need some digital skills? Go East my son

    The UK seems to have a skills problem, especially in the online sector. Chinwag Jobs, a recruitment website for digital media in the UK, has found 97% of the 200 employers it surveyed are finding it difficult or impossible to attract suitably qualified digital staff for their businesses. And over three quarters are reporting problems persuading staff to stick around longer than it takes to… Read More

  • The Rubicon Project Gets $15 Million in a Series B

    The Rubicon Project, a meta ad network that helps Websites place and optimize ads from the hundreds of other ad networks out there, closed a $15 million B round just three months after raising a $6 million A round. Hopefully, they didn’t spend it all already. The B round was led by Mayfield. IDG Ventures Asia, Stanford University, the University of California Berkeley, and… Read More

  • Pinger launches 'voice messaging' in UK. Will we call?

    Let me start out by saying that I absolutely loathe and despise voicemail. It is the bane of my life. Which is why I was rather bemused to learn I was to be pitched by Pinger, a US-based service which launches in the UK today with a method for sending people voice messages. However, here’s the general thrust…
    Already live for a year in the US, Pinger now lets you send voice… Read More

  • Blogger Discovers The Middle East

    Google has announced that Blogger will now be officially available in Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew, bringing the number of languages supported by Blogger to 40. More significantly, Blogger now supports right to left writing as well for Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew. Blogs in Arabic and Persian have been hosted by Blogger from its pre-Google days, so it’s surprising that the service is only… Read More

  • Sifry Launches "Web Hot Or Not?"

    Former Technorati CEO David Sifry has launched Web Hot or Not?, a Hot or Not site for websites. Sifry left Technorati in August 2007. For the one person reading this who doesn’t know how Hot or Not style sites work, the site presents a website which must be scored between 1 or 10, 1 being not, 10 being hot. MG Seigler writes that “Quite frankly I’m shocked it has taken this… Read More

  • MocoSpace Raises $4 Million B Round

    Mobile social networking startup MocoSpace raised a $4 million B round from existing investors General Catalyst, Bob Pittman’s Pilot Group and former eBay exec Michael Dearing. The previous A round was $3 million in January 2007. MocoSpace is a mobile-only social network with two million members and serving one billion pageviews a month (from mobile phones). When we last wrote… Read More

  • Claim: 'Drama' building around XM-Sirius merger tonight

    [photopress:xmsiren.gif,full,right] Something’s afoot regarding the XM-Sirius merger tonight. Drudge has a sly little note on the left-hand column that reads: “Approved or Denied? Drama Builds Around Sirius-XM Merger… Developing…” The proposed merger was announced nearly one year ago on February 17, 2007 and has developed into one of the most annoying stories… Read More

  • Free (legal) P2P Music Downloads? Told You So.

    I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but in case you haven’t heard: The era of paid music downloads is coming to an end (despite the fact that online sales are growing). Qtrax, which has signed all four major labels (EMI, SonyBMG, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group), launched yesterday with 25 million songs (compared to around 3 m for Amazon and 6 m for iTunes). Read More

  • The biggest problem with the Kindle

    I was on a flight yesterday with Kindle in hand, hoping to read a little of Dan Brown’s Dress Up an Urban Legend in Faux Scholarship and Sell it to Deracinated People and found the biggest problem with the Kindle: you can’t read it on take-off and landing, at least according to the nice elderly steward on Jetblue. Since your book looks like a computer, you’d best but that… Read More

  • Amazon Says International MP3 Downloads Coming in 2008

    Amazon has made the important, if vague, announcement that its DRM-free MP3 downloads will be made available internationally starting in 2008. Taking its content from all four major record labels internationally will strengthen its position as a superior DRM-free music provider to Apple’s iTunes Store, which doesn’t even offer content from all the major labels yet. Amazon… Read More

  • Facebook Apps On Any Website: Clever Move

    Facebook announced Friday a new JavaScript client library that will allow Facebook apps to be displayed on any website. The client library allows users to make Facebook API calls from any web site and create Ajax Facebook applications on that website. Wei Zhu from Facebook explains the benefits: Since the library does not require any server-side code on your server, you can now create a… Read More

  • Rogue satellite to crash somewhere sometime

    [photopress:subsat.jpg,full,left]The NSC has lost control of a satellite. It’s lost propulsion, and will crash into the Earth at some point, but nobody can say where or even when it will do so. It’s large, and will likely cause much damage, and there’s no way to stop it. Carry on, citizen! Dead spy satellite could hit Earth [MSNBC] Read More

  • We're iPhone clippable

    Just a quick note: I just upgraded to a jailbroken 1.1.3 and I went over to clip CrunchGear.com and place it onto my desktop. Much to my pleasure and surprise, it turns out old man Hickey made us a fancy icon for the iPhone home screen, making genuinely happy for the first time in weeks. I may be a sad, bitter man but at least CG has an icon! Read More

  • Palm shutting down many airport Palm stores in light of settlement on Treos

    [photopress:i_killed_my_treo.jpg,full,center] In the last three weeks, I’ve been to seven airports. CES, Macworld, and other travels have sent me all over the place. One thing I always check out when I run across them are airport Palm stores. See, I’m a Palm believer. They started the handheld and smartphone revolutions, we owe them a lot. And I think they have a few bright products… Read More

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