• Wii Wii Sunday

    Wii Wii Sunday

    I got a Wii, I got a Wii, I got a Wii, I got a Wii, I got a Wii!!! Read More

  • Forget Second Life. Get a First Life.

    Forget Second Life. Get a First Life.

    Darren Barefoot voices his dismay over all the Second Life hype by creating a very, very funny parody site called “Get a First Life.” The site describes itself as a “3D analog world” and suggests you “access your closet to build your First Life look.” My favorite line is “Fornicate using your actual genitals.” Hilarious. No comment from Second… Read More

  • Sharp Announces 8.28-Megapixel 1/2.5-Inch CCD

    Sharp Announces 8.28-Megapixel 1/2.5-Inch CCD

    Sharp has announced that it now has an 8.28-megapixel senor measuring just 1/2.5-inches. That rings in at just 60-percent of the size of Sharp’s previous, tiny CCDs. The new sensors will likely be built into ultra-slim cameras and possibly (based completely on my irrelevant assertion) cell phones. Sharp will begin shipping samples of the CCD to manufacturers next week, but it won’t… Read More

  • Cypres Concept Phone

    Cypres Concept Phone

    Here’s a concept phone from designer Nao Tamura. It doesn’t appear to have much functionality, but it’s certainly different. The Cypres looks to me like something out of the Matrix. I kind of dig the design, but then again I’ve always had a penchant for clear cases with exposed circuitry. Design Page [via Yanko via Gizmodo] Read More

  • The Ad Generator

    The Ad Generator is a simple site that’s kind of fun to watch. It’s not a business at all – it was created by Alexis Lloyd as part of her thesis project at Parsons The New School for Design. She’s taken “words and semantic structures from real corporate slogans,” and remixed and randomized them to generate new ones. She then takes “related”… Read More

  • booBox To Help Bloggers Sell Stuff

    booBox To Help Bloggers Sell Stuff

    Brazil-based booBox is preparing to launch a set of tools for bloggers and other website owners that will help them sell items they are writing about. They’ve submitted some basic information to us, but there is clearly a language barrier and we are still digging into the details. For now, the best way to understand how it works is by walking through the working demo on the booBox site. Read More

  • Google Blacklist Contained Confidential Information

    Google Blacklist Contained Confidential Information

    Internet security firm Finjan will confirm on Monday that Google’s much-discussed anti-phishing blacklist contained confidential usernames and passwords of individuals, including credentials for accounts at banks and other financial institutions. See the screen shot below for an example – click for a larger view. Google’s current anti-phishing blacklist, which has no… Read More

  • FCC Approves Sidekick 2.5?

    FCC Approves Sidekick 2.5?

    According to Phone Scoop, the FCC has approved a new Danger Hiptop. The devicefalls somewhere between the Hiptop 2 and 3. PC-150 is the model, but all of the details are not yet clear. What is known is that the device does not have Bluetooth and that’s about all that is certain. So it could be released on some provider other than T-Mo for all we know. The confidentiality request on the… Read More

  • Windows Vista Ultimate Signature Edition

    Windows Vista Ultimate Signature Edition

    So with so many flavors of Windows Vista set to debut, one would think there couldn’t possibly be room for one more. Outlandish as always, Microsoft has dreamed up yet another version of Windows: Windows Vista Ultimate Signature Edition. Yes, for $259, you get a numbered box with a fake Bill Gates signature printed on the front. If you really want a copy, head on over to Amazon for… Read More

  • Hi5 Traffic Surges, May Be Second Largest Social Network

    Some of the best data on the growth of social networks is coming out of the widget startups. People put widgets on their various social network user pages, and traffic is referred back to the widget companies. Other than policy changes that can have a significant impact on widget usage, it is the best traffic data available outside of the social networks themselves. What I’m hearing… Read More

  • Next TechCrunch Event

    The last two TechCrunch parties were a great success, and I particularly enjoyed meeting people that I knew only through blogging at the New York event last November. We’re in the planning stages of the next TechCrunch event, to be held mid year 2007. The location will most likely be in the bay area, and we have a new format idea that I think will be really interesting to attendees… Read More

  • Review of the Scorpion Watch Company Reef Diver

    Review of the Scorpion Watch Company Reef Diver

    Some nice lazy Saturday reading. I posted a review of the SWC Reef Diver, a beefy automatic $799 diver’s watch, over at WristWatchReview. I’m a big watch-head but I really liked it and loved the homebrew feel of the entire tiny company. Give it a read. That’s why I was so excited to see Scorpion Watch Company, really a pair of guys out in Denver, were creating a watch brand. Read More

  • Circuit City Coupons Won't Work For A Wii

    Circuit City Coupons Won't Work For A Wii

    That’s basically it, Circuit City put the axe on any potential Wii shoppers from using their $40 off coupon this weekend or any other day for that matter. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Have a good weekend. :( [Digg] Read More

  • Geni Overwhelmed With Early Popularity

    Rumors of the new startup by former PayPal COO David Sacks to be called Geni started a couple of weeks ago. A few days later, on January 16, Geni launched. It allows people to create quick and beautiful family trees, got a flood of early attention and started to spread virally at a blistering pace. One commenter said “this site could be greater than facebook.” Hyperbole? Yes. But… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: OQO Mobile Touch Screen as Laptop Accessory?

    Patent Monkey: OQO Mobile Touch Screen as Laptop Accessory?

    After being crowned by Bill Gates at CES as the “category-defining UMPC,” we’ve read up on a patent OQO holds. In a way, some patents filed are like dreams… Was it real? I just can’t remember. OQO created a device that could be right in-line with where the market is going… Read More

  • Google Tags and Labels

    There’s an interesting discussion on this blog and Slashdot over Google’s inconsistent use of the terms “tag” and “label” across its various products when allowing users to add descriptive keywords to pieces of content. Google uses the term “label” for Gmail, Blogger, Bookmarks, and uses the term “tag” for Google Docs &… Read More

  • Gather Round The Campfire

    Gather Round The Campfire

    Come children, gather round the campfire so we can roast s’mores, tell scary stories and sing kumbaya. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Automaton Boy Edition

    Daily Crunch: Automaton Boy Edition

    Amazing Writing Automaton from 1772
    DIY Tin Can Mic
    In Vino Veritas
    Wristwatch Piercing: OMG OMG OMG
    Wham! Meets The iPod Case Read More

  • CES 2007: Dear Diary…Hump Day Part Two

    It’s been a long friggin’ week, but I’m in the home stretch now. Just four meetings left: Cyberlink, Toshiba, Linksys and Microsoft’s SPOT group. If you’ve bought a new Windows computer in the past few years or installed a new optical drive or graphics card in your PC, there’s a very good chance you have some bit of Cyberlink’s software on your computer. Read More

  • Sony And Universal To Restrict Zune Sharing

    Sony And Universal To Restrict Zune Sharing

    We all know by now that the Zune is certainly not the hottest DAP on the market. But after dealing with Microsoft and their “points” system and the crappy music store for Zune, we’re finding out that some of the songs you may have bought can’t be shared with other Zunes—not that you’d find another one near you anyways. The culprits? Sony and Universal. Read More