• CES 2008: Seagate PipelineHD: 1TB, quiet hard drives for DVRs

    [photopress:pipelinehd_lr_.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Seagate PipelineHD Series Hard Disc Drives
    Description: A hard drive that’s specifically built for high def DVRs with (initially) up to 1TB in storage space
    Price: TBA
    In-store date: First-half of 2008
    Site: Seagate
    Why it’s cool: Because storing high def, DVR’d content takes up an obscene amount of space. PipelineHD… Read More

  • CES 2008: Kodak's next wave of point-and-shoot digital cameras

    [photopress:V1273FrontLv3.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Kodak Easyshare V1273, M1033 and Z1085 IS Zoom digital cameras
    Description: Digital cameras
    Price: V: Starts at $200; Z: Starts at $200; M: Starts at $130
    In-store date: All of ’em in the first half of 2008
    Site: Kodak
    Why it’s cool: Because photography is fun. I’m gonna say the V series is the one to watch here, what… Read More

  • Nestoria signs partner deals for property search

    Property search engine Nestoria has signed three new partner deals. Channel 4’s 4Homes has integrated Nestoria’s search engine here, as has major national UK national newspaper The Independent here. In addition, free financial news paper CityAM has also started using the service for property search. Terms of the deals were not disclosed. Nestoria has racked up some useful kudos in… Read More

  • CG's CES Highlights: Getting the Stiff Arm from LG

    This is an actual photo of the watches or, rather, some guy’s hand protecting them. I thought this sort of stuff was over thanks to the rise of immediate, online journalism/kvetching, but I stopped by the LG booth to take a look at their watch/phone prototype and was quite indelicately turned away. I won’t bother describing the product here because it’s basically the… Read More

  • Jook embiggens the common man

    A tampon or the voice of God?
    In the darkness of flight, many a thought has come to the refugees streaming across the borders of civil and worldwide strife. In the hours before morning, when the moon is covered o’er by clouds and the guard dog is alert and ready, the victims of war dream of one thing. It is not a clean bed and a bowl of good soup. It is not the sad-eyed embrace of a… Read More

  • FlyTunes to Bring Internet Radio to Your iPhone

    A new service called FlyTunes and announced today at CES in Las Vegas will make it easy to play internet radio on your iPhone or other cellular/wifi-enabled device. The free, ad-supported service won’t be released until January 21st (you’ll be able to get it here as a download…not sure how that’s supposed to work for the iPhone; looks like it will need to be hacked). Read More

  • New Blog For European Startup News, From The Guys That Broke Into My House

    If you don’t get your fill of European startup and tech news from TechCrunch France, TechCrunch UK (and many, many other excellent European blogs), you’ll want to make sure and check out a new one on the scene – The Next Web. The team behind the project also puts on a conference under the same name in Amsterdam every year. And more notably, these are the guys who broke into… Read More

  • GM says we'll have driverless cars within the decade

    [photopress:driverlesscar.jpg,full,center] We could be looking at driverless cars within the decade, says GM. Not only would these cars save you the aggravation of having to drive to work and to the store every day, but it could improve road safety. GM says the technology would have advanced to the point where cars would be able to get from Point A to Point B completely aware of their… Read More

  • Video: 'Get a Mac,' now referee-approved

    Here’s Apple’s latest “Get a Mac” ad, which comes only a few weeks after its Christmas-themed one. This one uses sports to parlay the fact that the Wall Street Journal called Leopard “better” and “faster” than Vista. I wonder if next week’s MacWorld will give unto us yet another one of these ads? Get a Mac [Apple via Mac Rumors Read More

  • The Long, Steady March of IPTV—Microsoft Set-Top Boxes Now in One Million Homes

    Microsoft has been trying to get into the set-top box software business for more than a decade. Its current efforts, known as Mediaroom, are focused on a big push behind IPTV (Internet protocol TV). Despite its name, this is not TV over the Web on your PC. Rather, Microsoft is bringing Internet technologies for delivering video to telephone companies looking to compete with cable. Today… Read More

  • Is CES becoming too big for its own good, reducing its effectiveness?

    [photopress:cesbad.jpg,full,center] For companies showing off new products, just how effective is the Consumer Electronics Show? Reading the New York Times today, you get the impression that the answer to that question lies somewhere between “not effective at all” and “barely worth the effort.” Some people feel that CES has gotten too big for its own good—more… Read More

  • Napster to Embrace Unprotected MP3 Sales

    Napster announced that it will start selling music downloads as unprotected MP3 files in the spring. This is seen as a move to stay competitive with other online music retailers. The change will only apply to single tracks and album purchases. Track’s downloaded as part of Napster’s music subscription service will continue to have copyright restrictions. MP3 files are compatible… Read More

  • Yahoo Is Clearly Up To Something Big Around Music

    There have been rumors that Yahoo Music is preparing to launch a big new product sometime soon. And when I read this overview of a presentation given by Yahoo Music’s VP of Product Development Ian Rogers last month it basically confirmed it for me: expect something new and interesting from Yahoo Music in the near future. Some background: Rogers, along with former Yahoo music GM David… Read More

  • JBL On Stage IIIP for iPod and iPhone

    Product Name: JBL On Stage IIIP
    Description: The On Stage IIIP is a ring-shaped portable speaker for the iPod and iPhone. It’s very small and cute at just only 6 inches by 1-3/4 inches, and it can run on AC power or on six AAA batteries (for up to 12 hours). The four drivers put out a combined 6 watts per channel, and JBL claims their Slipstream port design increases bass output… Read More

  • JBL iPod Alarm Clock with HD Radio Inside

    Product Name: JBL On Time 200ID, On Time 400IHD
    Description: The On Time 200ID lets you wake up to your iPod, iPhone, radio, or a buzzer. It also has a 1/8th-inch line input for connecting other audio devices. The small one-piece speaker has a backlit LCD and touch-sensitive controls, and a backup battery preserves your settings even if power is interrupted. The silver grille covers two… Read More

  • New Mini-Speakers from JBL

    Product Name: JBL On Stage 200ID/400ID, Duet 200
    Description: The JBL On Stage 200ID and 400ID are a pair of iPod speaker/docks. (Please try to stay awake for this anyway.) Both have a universal iPod/iPhone dock on top, and the 200ID has two full-range drivers while the 400ID has four plus a tweeter. The Duet 200 is identical to the On Stage 200ID but it lacks an iPod dock and instead takes… Read More

  • Motorola to buy Soundbuzz

    Motorola announced today that it will buy privately held online music store Soundbuzz. Motorola is hoping the acquisition will help it expand its mobile music offerings in Asia.
    Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. “Soundbuzz will become part of the Motorola entertainment family,” said Ian Chapman-Banks, vice president of marketing at Motorola Asia-Pacific’s mobile… Read More

  • CG Live at CES 2008: Bill Gates Keynote

    Click through to see the full liveblog replay. Read More

  • Exclusive: Mozilla Secretly Launches A Viral Campaign For Firefox

    Mozilla has quietly launched a new viral campaign in support of Firefox, complete with song (YouTube TC exclusive above) and some fighting words against Internet Explorer. The main part of the campaign is a site by the name of Fight Against Boredom which apparently means don’t use Internet Explorer, use Firefox. The site itself features a fake talk show setup, links to a Facebook… Read More

  • Gateway makes affordable gaming laptops, PCs

    These FX-edition laptops and PCs from Gateway come in black and brown. The gaming laptop, for example, features high-end Intel processors and NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTS 512MB GDDR3. It has HDMI out. The laptop is priced at about $3,000 and will be available next month. The flagship model, the Gateway P-171XL FX Edition, comes with an Intel Core 2 Extreme X7900 processor, NVIDIA® GeForce™… Read More

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