• Videogame fitness from A to Zebra Striped Unitards

    Joel Johnson, blogger extraordinaire, has created on omnibus of videogame exercise gear, starting with a Wii-Fit-like JoyBoard to the Wii-Fit-like Wii Fit. Along the way he looks at exercise bikes that hooked up to your PC with software from Autodesk (!!) and the Atari “Puffer,” which sounds like something I saw on RedTube. Best of all, Joel is funny so his little trip down… Read More

  • John Mayer loves the Blackberry Bold, to be sure

    John Mayer got the BlackBerry Bold.
    His post looks like this post.
    Very short sentences.
    Funny how he got it early.
    He says its blazing fast and looks like the New York Times.
    Has he ever seen the New York Times?
    It’s made of paper, not plastic.
    And it doesn’t have a very high resolution.
    Maybe she should compare it to a Curve.
    Or a TV.
    Why is John Mayer blogging about technology?
    Read More

  • Treo 800 aka Palm Zeppelin spotted

    This CDMA WinMo Treo is called the 800w and should appear in the next few months as a potential follow-up to the Palm Centro. Can you feel the excitement in the air? Giz reports that the phone will have Wi-Fi, GPS, and EVDO and will use a mini-USB plug instead of a standard micro-USB. Read More

  • Take the iPhone quiz! Why? Because!

    Reader Will sent us this iPhone Knowledge quiz he put together in a matter of minutes using something called SomeTests.com. I figure it’s a Friday, you guys might be bored, and you might enjoy doing a test, so here you go. Read More

  • One iPhone per customer rule lifted: Three iPhones for you at AT&T

    AT&T has lifted the ban on purchasing more than one iPhone at a time, although they are requiring you to use a credit card when paying in the “West Region,” wherever that is. But there’s a catch. We quote: “Directors or VPGMs must approve customers who would like to purchase more than 3 iPhones via the exception process as defined by the market where the purchase… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Line Wrecker Edition

    Geeky Star Wars wedding looks like it was a lot of fun
    Army suit increases human strength by 20 times
    Meet the TIV2: Built to drive right into a tornado
    New Jawbone more shinier, better than the old Jawbone
    ShaveWorld: Like a razor of the month club, without the club part Read More

  • Danish Mobile Social Network ZYB Acquired By Vodafone For €31.5 million

    ZYB, a mobile social network that we gave high marks to in August 2007, has been acquired by Vodafone for €31.5 million, or about $50 million. The company had raised just €3 million in venture capital. ZYB was smart in how they built their service. At first they were a simple address book backup-to-web service. But they realized they had a very complete social graph from the data… Read More

  • Data Portability: It's The New Walled Garden

    The scuffle today between Facebook and Google has very little to do with user privacy and everything to do with user control. A huge battle is underway between Google, MySpace and Facebook around control of user profiles and, therefore, users themselves. And their three new products, Data Availability, Facebook Connect, and Friend Connect, are all designed to further that goal. Internet… Read More

  • Android vs. LiMo: What's the difference?

    With LiMo’s recent announcement that Verizon had hopped onto their Board of Directors, things are starting to heat up between the LiMo platform and Google’s competing product, Android. Both are open-source Linux-based platforms, and both are aiming to rock the handset market sometime in the next year or so. LiMo is Linux-based. Android is Linux-based. But they’re far from… Read More

  • Blaine Cook Joins Today's Gillmor Gang, Talks Twitter

    He was pretty careful about what he would and wouldn’t talk about, but former Twitter Chief Architect Blaine Cook bravely faced the Gillmor Gang today to talk about the challenges facing Twitter, the feasibility of a decentralized Twitter competitor, and other Twitter related issues. The timing is perfect, as big media is starting to take notice of Twitter and its passionate users. Read More

  • Fifty photos from the new Apple Store in Boston

    From the hordes of rabid Mac fans to the cheering employees to the famous musicians and professional athletes, here are fifty photos from today’s Apple Store opening.                                            … Read More

  • Interview with Mike Oh, the guy who buried his company's shirt under the Boston Apple Store

    Mike Oh owns a store called Tech Superpowers. Guess where it happens to be located? Right across the alley from the new Apple Store. You may or may not have heard about the New York Yankees organization digging up a Boston Red Sox jersey that a construction worker buried under Yankee Stadium, but while that was making headlines, Oh slipped over to where construction workers were about to… Read More

  • Jennifer Aniston brandishes a Kindle in US Weekly

    Who knew Jennifer had such an advanced gadget sense? Or, and I think this the more likely situation, she’s secretly dating a blogger and he turned her on to Amazon’s angular e-book reader. Here’s another shot in case you’re a doubter (she’s even accessorized with a case). You may have read that the Kindle is expected to generate more than half a billion in… Read More

  • Exclusive Look at Plazes for iPhone

    Today Plazes CEO Felix Petersen gave us a peek at iPlazer, the upcoming iPhone client for the geo-tagging social networking site. The app will be available when Apple’s official App Store launches in mid June. Plazes has been around for a while – it was one of the first companies to be covered on TechCrunch. Since then it has switched gears a couple of times, but it’s… Read More

  • Most popular stories for Thursday, May 15, 2008

    Today’s Top Posts: Android vs. LiMo: What’s the difference? From all of us at CG… Samsung F400 music phone: It’s good because it’s Bang & Olufsen T-Mobile officially adds text message blocking Daily Crunch: Flight of the Touchwall Edition Atari to sell Wii Fit clone Hackers will track conference attendees’ movements using RFID CrunchGear’s… Read More

  • Rumor: Google To Launch Hosted Site Search, Ditch Mini

    A source has informed us that Google plans to announce the replacement of its Mini Search Appliance with a new enterprise search solution called Hosted Site Search in the next few days. We hear it will be a for-pay product that, as the name suggests, will allow businesses to search their websites and other data stores in the cloud. In addition to moving this type of search off-premise (the… Read More

  • More proof: Bluetooth headsets make you a douche

    This is pretty funny. If you Google the term “Bluetooth” with “douche” using CrunchGear as the main site, you get a lot of hits. Why? Because we’ve been leading the charge against this stupid fad. Because if you wander around wearing a Bluetooth headset, you are a douche, it’s that simple. You might think you’re being futuristic, but you’re not. Read More

  • Comcast vans cause crash while street racing, 3-year-old in hospital

    There have been lots of stories of Comcast technicians screwing off, falling asleep, helping themselves to food, and other odd behavior, but this is just horrible. Two Comcast vans were street racing in Huntsvill, AL, when one lost control and wrecked, hitting a car. Inside the car was three-year-old girl who’s now in a coma, and may never come out. Comcast as thus far been mum on the… Read More

  • Jennifer Aniston Geeks Out, Let's Revise Those Kindle Estimates Upward

    One thing Citi analyst Kevin Mahaney didn’t know about earlier this week in his very optimistic sales estimates for the Kindle: Jennifer Aniston is apparently a fan. At least, that’s what it looks like in the picture above published by US Weekly (that is the first time and also the last time that publication will be mentioned here on TechCrunch, promise). Read More

  • Meet the TIV2: Built to drive right into a tornado

    What do you get when you take one guy with more balls than brains, an area known for crazy tornadoes, and a budget you wouldn’t believe? You’d get this insane armored vehicle made to be driven into a tornado. It’s called the TIV2 — Tornado Intercept Vehicle, second generation — and it weights 16,500 pounds, has bulletproof glass for the windows, and extra… Read More

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