• Plaxo Prepares To Launch Pulse Social Network – Will Users Trust It?

    So Plaxo’s new social network, called Pulse (we wrote about it last month), is still extremely buggy. Robert Scoble and Matt Marshall say it launches properly on Monday, so hopefully they’ll have the kinks worked out by then. For now, it’s live but doesn’t really work. Plaxo has effectively turned itself into a social network. In terms of users, the biggest overlap will… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Mystery Tin Edition

    Hands On With The Slim PSP, Star Wars Fans Pay Attention
    Altoid Mod: Built-In Rogue-like Video Game
    Hooks On Light Switches!
    Wall-Mounted Music Art: ‘On’
    B&W Zeppelin iPod Speaker: Could Be The Best Looking One Yet Read More

  • Docstoc Says Big Round Of Funding Coming; Counting Unhatched Chickens

    Here’s an interesting email that was forwarded to me this morning: Docstoc, a Los Angeles based startup that we wrote about in early July, says they are close to closing a “substantial” round of funding from a number of potential investors. There’s something to that saying that you shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch, but the fear and caution genes… Read More

  • WebbAlert Day 2: This Show Rocks

    http://p.castfire.com/cHNHf/video/1822/webbalert_2007-08-03-032544.flv I stayed up until 2 AM again to watch the second WebbAlert show (embedded above). I stand by my words written twenty-four hours ago: this show is a winner. Some will comment below that I’m only giving the show a thumbs up in the hope for TechCrunch mentions (there was one today for our Amazon/Webvan story, for example). Read More

  • Vonage Beta Testing New Ambit VOIP Gateway

    Consumer VOIP service Vonage is beta testing a new, self-described “cool and sleek, yet simplistic and approachable” gateway device produced by Ambit. The device, an Ambit VDV21, includes a LCD screen that displays caller ID and voicemail notifications. The hope, Vonage says in an email, is that it will “inspire consumers to proudly display their Vonage router rather than hide… Read More

  • Find A Career Path With PayScale's GigZig

    Since 2002, PayScale has been providing compensation profiles for all sorts of jobs. Unlike Salary.com, they get their data through user submissions instead of company survey data. They encourage people to avoid specious entries by offering more targeted analysis to people providing more information, which in turn enhances the data they already have. Since launch they’ve collected over… Read More

  • Free Full Version Magazines For iPhone Users

    Texterity.com is offering over 20 free magazines to iPhone users, all wrapped up in a glorious interface programmed specifically for the device. Each magazine is shown in its entirety and the service doesn’t require any special software or plugins to view. All this goodness is free while the digital magazine interface is in beta. No word yet on pricing after the beta period… Read More

  • Listen To Your iTunes Library On The Web With Anywhere.FM

    Anywhere.fm has launched a new online music player that looks and feels a lot like a web based version of the iTunes player, sans the music marketplace. Like iTunes, you can load maintain a music library, reorganize your songs into play lists, and veg out to visualizations. Anywhere.fm’s iTunes bulk uploader makes it easy to get up and running with your existing library. The company… Read More

  • MLB Signs StubHub To Sell Secondary Tickets

    Major League Baseball and StubHub are now holding hands, according to a Reuters report. StubHub will supply ticket reselling services to 30 MLB-run team websites, taking a chunk out of the $25 million online baseball ticket marketplace. Individual franchises that operate independently of MLB.com are free to use ticket resellers of their choosing, as are fans reselling tickets. All tickets… Read More

  • Time.com Slams Spock; Launches Next Wednesday

    Anita Hamilton at Time.com does drive-by on people search engine Spock. And while there is plenty to criticize (business model?), Hamilton clearly has no clue about how Spock actually works. The article, titled “Online Snooping Gets Creepy,” suggests that Spock and a few other sites are out to disclose private information: And so, after just a few minutes of clicking around, I… Read More

  • Hands On With The Slim PSP, Star Wars Fans Pay Attention

    It’s been a couple weeks since the slimmed down PSP made its debut, but CrunchGear now has a few hands on pictures, some details about future firmware upgrades and when we might see VoIP. Oh and there’s a special edition white PSP for the Star Wars fans. The new PSP weighs about 100 grams less than its predecessor, now weighs 189g, and the D-pad and analog stick are much improved. Read More

  • Netvibes Launches Facebook Widget; It's A Little Buggy

    People are clearly getting a little fatigued with all the new Facebook applications – so it’s nice to see something that actually works in reverse by pulling Facebook data into another application. Netvibes launched a cool new widget today that pulls certain Facebook data into your Netvibes page. Once installed, the widget show messages, pokes, friend requests, and other information. Read More

  • B&W Zeppelin iPod Speaker: Could Be The Best Looking One Yet

    Another Zeppelin story today. But this one isn’t about the most overrated band in history aside from the Beatles, it’s about an iPod speaker which looks unique enough to read the following few sentences. B&W calls it the Zeppelin, presumably because of its shape and not B&W’s affinity for pompous rock bands. Somewhere in there you’ll find a 5-inch subwoofer… Read More

  • Target Going Blu-ray for the Holidays

    Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are warring factions, but despite how much I wanted things to be resolved peacefully between the two camps, it’s appearing as if Blu-ray is set to straight-up kill HD-DVD. Not only from Blockbuster’s decision to back Blu-ray as its HD format of the future, but now Target, with its 4,000,000,000 outlets, has opted to sell Blu-ray stand-alone players over HD-DVD… Read More

  • Presenting the QWERTY Bra

    I love the Japanese. I truly, truly do. Without the historical shackles of prudish American Puritanism, they’ve taken crazy perversion to godhead levels. Take for example this USB keyboard bra. Read More

  • Virtual Relay Earns Real Money For Cancer Research

    The online virtual economy is not only doing wonders for the bottom lines of some startups. Charities are winning as well. The American Cancer Society has announced it raised over $115,000 (L$32 million) this year for its third annual virtual “Relay for Life” in Second Life. The relay was originally started in 2005 when some Second Life residents approached the organization with… Read More

  • Timex Ironman iControl Watch: Wirelessly Control Your iPod

    I feel icky writing about the Timex Ironman iControl. Not because it strikes me as “lame” or “dumb”—the watch wireless controls your iPod or iPhone, letting you select, pause, rewind etc. music—but because my favorite watch review Web site hasn’t looked at it yet. Aside from looking like a Fisher Price toy, iControl does all the tricks that other… Read More

  • Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset Review

    Apple’s first foray into Bluetooth headsets has hit the market, making barely a plink in the ocean of iPhone news so far. I unboxed and tested the discreet little black stick-bud: It still makes me look like a douchebag (all Bluetooth headsets do), but it works well and comes with some pretty cool accessories. It’s a significant investment, but if you already dropped $600 plus… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Sony PS3 Down, Kicked with More Litigation

    Sony PS3 has to work through a couple litigation suits and can now add the PS3 cell processor to the list. Sony is on the receiving side of a litigation suit that claims that the PS3 infringes an almost 20 year old patent (via the magic of continuations). Parallel Processing Corporation, which claims to be International Parallel Machines exclusive licensee, claims rights to US patent 5056000. Read More

  • Altoid Mod: Built-In Rogue-like Video Game

    Every once and a while we’ll see some sort of Altoid container mod: one that has a built-in MP3 player, one that controls the weather, one that alerts you to approaching nerds, etc. This mod, created by one Greg Sanders, houses the video game Dungeons of Doom, an off-shoot of the classic Rogue. (Not that I’ve played it, but that I recognize its classicness, to invent a word.) A… Read More

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