• Great News, We're Not Being Sued.

    For those of you following the absurd back and forth between us and a very confused photographer, we have an update. Mr. Figueroa emailed today to tell us we’re off the hook: he won’t be suing. In a email titled “apology” he writes: Michael, I want to apologize to you and your advertisers for accusing you of using an Image of Ashton Kutcher that I thought was to… Read More

  • Justin.TV Lifecasters Not Welcome Everywhere (like movie theaters)

    http://www.justin.tv/widgets/jtv_tip_embed.swf Justin.tv “lifecasters” are starting to get the cold shoulder when they bring their video cameras into situations that people don’t necessarily want recorded. Sarah Meyers was recently booted out of a book reading in New York. Less surprisingly, another Justin.TV lifecaster, Ronald Lewis, was told he couldn’t record a movie… Read More

  • Alibaba.com To Raise $1.3 Billion From IPO

    Chinese ecommerce company Alibaba.com is looking to raise HK$10.3 billion ($1.3 billion) from its IPO according to documents released to potential investors today. Alibaba.com Ltd. and Alibaba.com Corp. will sell a combined 858.9 million shares (17%) in Alibaba.com at HK$10 to HK$12 apiece, with Yahoo, currently a 40% share holder in the Alibaba Group buying HK$776 million of the IPO… Read More

  • Fix8 Raises $3 Million

    Sherman Oaks based online video animation company Fix8 has raised $3 million in a round lead by Vickers Financial Group. We first wrote about Fix8 in May; the company offers a service that brings computer generated animation to the webcam. Fix8’s H.E.A.R.T. (Human Expression Analysis and Rendering Technology) digitizes human expressions, gestures, and movements via webcam, enabling users… Read More

  • YouTube Tries a Little Harder to Protect Copyright Holders

    Google is finally putting some teeth behind its heretofore dubious assurance that it really does want to keep copyrighted material off YouTube. The company has announced a beta version of technology called “YouTube Video Identification” that is meant to help copyright holders control the distribution of their content. Here’s how it works: Copyright holders, such as Time… Read More

  • Introducing Handvertising: Branding the brand-aware

    This is one of those ideas that I wish I thought of. I go to a lot of club nights, rock shows, and court dates. Usually they stamp your had, proof that you’ve paid the cover and are over 21 and are allowed to come and go as you please. Sometimes door persons or promoters will get kitchy with their stamps, but usually it’s something someone found on the bric a brac shelf at Goodwill… Read More

  • Rock Band only available as a bundle at launch

    What’s up with Rock Band? We know, thanks to Peter “Surfing magazine is synonymous with surfing” Ha, that the game will “rock and roll” into our hearts on November 23 for $170. That price includes the game itself, guitar, drums and microphone. Don’t expect the game to be available sans-bundle, however, since the one bundle-only configuration helps keep… Read More

  • GAME store employee caught stealing PS3 for some reason

    If you’re a trainee manager at a video game store, and you really, really want a PS3, then you shouldn’t be working at a video game store in the first place should wait until you’re a regular staffer and use your employee discount to get one at a discounted rate. Do not be like this idiot in England and try to steal one. They’re the kind of thing that people notice… Read More

  • Your iPhone doesn't want to get wet

    I have lost more than one cellphone to water damage. I once actually sent a phone of mine through the wash on accident. That was embarrassing. Normally, though, one could take the phone into their carrier’s store and feign ignorance. “It just stopped working, I dunno?” and walk out with a replacement. Don’t try this with the iPhone. The iPhone, as well as the iPod… Read More

  • Hitachi predicts 4TB hard drives by 2011 (and an important public service announcement from me to you)

    That’s one big hard drive! Want a 4TB hard drive? Got four years to wait? Good, because that’s how long, according to Hitachi, it’ll take for us to see such drives, roughly keeping us on the double-storage-capacity-every-year track. Such a hard drive would be able to hold “more than a million” songs, says the BBC. (I have around 7,000 songs on my computer, which… Read More

  • Broadcom squishes more radios onto system-on-a-chip

    Your GSM cellphone is about to get even tinier, as Broadcom has found a way to combine for radio modulators onto a single silicon wafer. This means that one tiny, fingernail-sized chip can do what it would take four to do. While it doesn’t sound like much, it could mean a space savings of up to 20% off the top, and likely more later (I guestimated that number, please don’t… Read More

  • Halo 3 helped sell 450K Xbox 360s in September

    Confirming what everyone in the world already knew, or assumed to know, a Wedbush Morgan analyst has said that Halo 3 was at least partially responsible for moving 450,000 Xbox 360s during the month of September. In dollars-and-cents, the game generated some $200 million for Microsoft. (All of these numbers are the analyst’s predictions; verifiable NPD numbers should be released within… Read More

  • DocSyncer Bridges Your Desktop With Google Docs

    One of the biggest drawbacks to working with Webtop productivity applications such as Google Docs or Buzzword is that they force you to work simultaneously in two different worlds: the online world and the desktop world. You can upload your desktop documents one at a time to these services, and they convert them for you into a Web-based document, but there is no easy way to bulk upload your docs. Read More

  • iPhone will kill you, fawn pee pees

    Bromine! PVCs! Death-dealing substances! Yes, friends, the iPhone isn’t so green after all. According to Greenpeace, the iPhone contains a number of chemicals that most cellphone manufacturers have already gotten rid of including bromine, PVCs, and toxic phthalates. Best of all? While many geeks believed the iPhone would get them laid, some chemicals in the headphone cables may… Read More

  • Attention all Verizon Wireless customers: Read this now

    Verizon Wireless customers have 30 days to opt-out of a controversial data-sharing initiative the wireless carrier is starting. The customer’s proprietary network information (CPNI) is basically the phone records of your mobile; it’s a detailed list of who you called, who called you, and how long you talked. It’s not the kind of information most people want floating around… Read More

  • Jiglu: enterprise-level tagging starts at free

    Intelligently tagging the content on a site can be done either by hand as the content is created, or with some kind of text analysis algorithm. But the former is inefficient and time-consuming, while the latter can be expensive. Jiglu, which launches an official beta today, plans to tackle tagging in two ways. First with a free, ad-supported widget, which aims to re-point site visitors to… Read More

  • BattleSeen: Soldiers video uncensored

    BattleSeen is a new ‘soldier generated video’ site being backed by Andy McNab, the former SAS soldier turned best-selling author, and London-based webcasting firm Spoken. The site launches this week and will be mentioned on The Sun newspaper’s web site (which reminds of a story I heard during the dotcom boom, of which more later). BattleSeen will allow anyone –… Read More

  • Hatebook Embraces the "Evil" Side of Social Networking

    We all have bad days (or weeks/months) but many of us may be wary of venting our frustrations online using Facebook, especially since our parents and bosses can now see our status updates and wall posts. A well-executed Facebook parody site called Hatebook has stepped in to provide (temporary) misanthropes with a place to air grievances about everything they hate. Hatebook looks and functions… Read More

  • Tokbox live video Web chat is the latest 'next YouTube'

    Everyone wants to be “the next YouTube,” to take a simple concept—there, watching videos online—and bring it to the everyday Internet user, cashing out for $46 zillion. TokBox, whose name I still can’t figure out how to pronounce, is one of those companies, its focus being live Web chat. Think of how many times you’ve been on AIM or MSN and thought to… Read More

  • Sidekick LX quick look

    Oh boy. The LX just landed in my mailbox today. Here are some pictures to tide you over while I try to get it activated and working for my review. My initial impression is that it’s not much different than the SK3 except for the screen, which is quite glorious. It’s a bit darker but very readable and the OS is much peppier than the SK3. Best of all it includes Bob’s Journey… Read More

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