• CrunchGear HiFi Reader Response Closes

    Today is the day — for selecting the winners of our CrunchGear HiFi Reader Response contest. The two lucky very lucky winners will each receive a brand new Sansa Connect courtesy of SanDisk. And so, without further delay, the winners are: Read More

  • Mighty Apple, Inc. is Most Innovative Company of the Year Says BusinessWeek

    Now that I know I can’t say anything bad about Apple, it gives me great pride to say that BusinessWeek just proclaimed Apple the most innovative company for the year 2007. All hail Steve Jobs, who makes only $1 in salary per year because he’s so generous. With the iPod now having achieved “Q-Tip”-like penetration and a streaming media solution (which have never existed… Read More

  • YouTube to Start Paying Certain Users for Their Videos

    Pass Google’s vigorous test and you might start getting paid for all of your uploaded YouTube videos. Everyday users, perhaps even including Internet super megastar lonelygirl15, stand to benefit from a program that Google hopes will encourage users to upload more and better clips to the site. For once, the creators of user-generated content will be compensated for making all these… Read More

  • FYI – We Didn't Really Aquire F***edCompany

    I just want to make it clear that we didn’t really acquire FuckedCompany last month. It was just an April Fools joke. I thought making statements like “there just isn’t anything left to invent” would be a sign that we weren’t serious, but we continue to get emails asking how the deal is coming along, and today we noticed that the merger is starting to pop up… Read More

  • Overhear.us: Corporate Gossip 2.0

    If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had your fair share of bad managers and misdirected corporate initiatives, leading to grumbling around the office. It’s hard to tell the person signing your check that they’re the problem and not all of us can garner the same press attention as Brad Garlinghouse’s Peanut Butter memo. Y Combinator startup Overhear.us wants… Read More

  • AT&T/Cingular Says No Deep Linking. Whaaa!?

    Remember the Web as it was in the 1990s? We were all getting our feet wet, figuring out how it was going to work. This is part of what makes the Web so powerful, the fact that it’s always evolving. One thing that keeps the motor running is unrestricted linking. You can link to any story on this blog, and we can link to any story on your site. We don’t have to like what you link to… Read More

  • Ole! Cinco De Mayo Dip Tray Commemorates Mexican Victory, Cheese

    Cinco de Mayo (The Fifth of May) is a Mexican celebration which commemorates the victory of Mexican forces led by General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin over the French occupational forces of Mexico. What a better way to celebrate this holiday than with a heated nacho tray? The tray is $18.74 from Target and will keep your nachos and dip warm. Nacho lovers will love the electric Chip and Dip tray… Read More

  • WSJ Says Microsoft/Yahoo Deal Not Happening

    After a frenzied morning of hype and speculation around a rumored $50 billion merger between Microsoft and Yahoo, the WSJ is now saying (its fifth article today on the topic) that the deal isn’t happening, largely because of Yahoo disinterest. The article also contains good comparison stats of the three companies: Read More

  • Top Five PSP Mods That Don't Involve Throwing It Out

    Check your calendar. Yes, it’s a Friday, also known as “we need a list of something”-day on the Web. Today’s, care of TechEBlog (they’re good at these lists), is the Top Five PSP Mods. While I say the best PSP mod is the one where you throw it in the garbage and hate yourself for paying full price, apparently there’s a few other ones as well. This one… Read More

  • Breaking: Packard Bell Still in Business, Making GPS Units

    I was supposed to write about these nifty GPS units just announced by Packard Bell, but in researching my story I came across something more noteworthy: Packard Bell is still a company. Formed in LA in the mid 1920s, PB became notorious in the late 1980s through the late 1990s as manufacturer of the crappiest PCs in the world. Indeed, Packard Bell started the trend eMachines would later take… Read More

  • Car Costumes Make This Cynic Sick

    When I first came across the “car costumes”, I was confused. Then I saw the photograph, and I was aghast. They are, sadly, exactly what they sound like: costumes for your hoopty. The first one of you pukes I see sporting one of these on your ride gets to find out what a blogger’s roadrage can be like. All that taser stuff we write about? We keep the demo units, pal. The thing… Read More

  • Moving Day for Mario?

    Employees at Nintendo of America were told on Thursday that the company would be relocating. Game Informer Online is reporting that employees were told that they would have to decide by June 1st whether or not they would be willing to relocate or accept a severance package, and that the new offices would be opened as early as this fall. Both San Francisco and New York were pointed as being… Read More

  • WHERE is What You Need

    Need to find local weather, driving directions or a ski report? Where do you look? How about on your cellphone with WHERE GPS widgets? Developed by uLocate Communications and currently available for handsets on the Sprint/Nextel network, WHERE GPS widgets can be managed from a drag-and-drop Web interface. Subscription to the widgets costs around $3 a month, and range from weather… Read More

  • Disney Creates MySpace for Kids, Invents "Network Branding"

    I’d imagine that being a sexual predator of little kids is tough. You’ve got Jonny Law always breathing down your neck, watchdog groups acting as vigilantes, and local news crews looking to make you their next top story. Disney apparently feels your pain, as its developing a social network a not-just-another-social network specifically for the under-14 crowd. While we see the logic… Read More

  • Lime.com Podcast is Up and It's Fabulous

    Our own Seth Porges saved the day last Wednesday when he chatted with Karen Salmansohn of Be Happy, Dammit. He went through some of our latest and greatest from our Fittness by Crunchgear week. Podcast Page Read More

  • Video: Intel Imagines Our Future, Will Be Run By UMPCs That Let Me Be Me

    This is Intel’s vision of the future, a future where it powers UMPCs that run our lives. In this truly Orwellian vision, meetings can be changed at a moment’s notice, we can get directions while driving to Some Place (while still listening to Beethoven, since there’s been no authentic cultural developments in the future) and check all the late breaking developments while at… Read More

  • Microsoft Buying Yahoo!

    …are what two newspapers are currently speculating. No official deal of any kind has been made yet but apparently Microsoft has started talking with Yahoo! about a possible acquisition. Wall Street seems to be pretty happy about the news, as Yahoo! shares jumped 14.6-percent and analysts say the move is crucial to beating Google. However, there’s a problem with the reporting here. Read More

  • AACS Members Looking to Track Down People Who Published Encryption Key

    Now you’ve gone and done it, Digg users. Sure, you all had fun posting the encryption key—E-I-E-I-O or whatever the hell it is—all over the place thinking, gosh darn it, I’d like to see the AACS fuzz come after me. Well here they come, you little revolutionaries. Read More

  • Spiderman 3 Available Online: The Snake Eats Itself

    Quick, bittorrenters! To your battle stations! A cam of Spiderman 3 is currently available, recorded in what can only be described as colon-o-vision. Apparently the whole movie is out there, floating on the aether, but the quality is so poor its not even worth downloading. However, if you hate going to the cinema yet still enjoy watching people get up and go to the potty during long movies… Read More

  • Joost, She Is Dying

    I know, I know: I owe you guys Joost invites. I’ll try to put something together next week, but as we’re learning today the service is massively overburdened. According to Liz over at NewTeeVee, they’ve been having all sorts of trouble on their Intel Macs and that Joost is looking into the problems as we speak. I tried Joost for a little while last week and I found fairly… Read More