• New Xbox 360 interface leaked, can be installed on modded systems

    The new Xbox 360 interface has been leaked, and those of you with a modded 360 (including our very own John Biggs) will be able to install it soon enough. This Zapruder film shows the new interface in action on some dude’s 360. Ah, to be young again, and do nothing all day long but hack around with my Xbox. Emulators, XBMP, Avalaunch, the works. via Xbox-Scene Read More

  • MPAA to launch Web site that tells folks where to get movies legally

    This may come as a bit of a shock to y’all, but the MPAA actually has a idea to “save” the movie industry that doesn’t involve sending out John Doe letters to dumb teens. The association is launching a Web site (no release date yet, ‘fraid) that will help folks find legitimate sources of movies. You know, iTunes, Xbox Marketplace, Netflix, etc. It’s 2008. Read More

  • Verizon escapes economic hard times, thanks again to wireless

    Verizon reported another strong quarter, with little thanks to the few remaining landline customers. Verizon Communications, the 51% parent to Verizon Wireless, says its second quarter earnings were up 12%, reaching $1.88 billion, or 66 cents per share, from $1.68 billion, or 58 cents per share a year ago, even as more landline customers disconnected service. The company reported an 11.4%… Read More

  • No one cares? Edgar Mitchell, astronaut, says aliens exist

    Why is no on paying attention to Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, when he says there’s a government cover-up as it relates to aliens? It’s not like he’s a crackpot, or that guy who claimed to have footage of a real life alien? Hopefully that link at the top of Drudge right now gets people talking. Well, hopefully, whatever, it just strikes me as funny that… Read More

  • MGS 4 in bargain bins already?

    We’ll start the day off with a video game story, since summers in the tech industry are slower than Biggs’ metabolism. Metal Gear Solid 4, in Japanese bargain bins already? Copies of Hideo Kojima’s opus have been found in such bins at Sofmap, a Japanese retailer. There, the game is going for the equivalent of $37; it was originally priced at $82, which is madness. Don’t… Read More

  • Predict The Future On WashingtonPost.com

    Think you’ve got the gift of foresight? The Washington Post has partnered with Predictify, an online polling service, to create a “Prediction Center” that allows readers to vote on possible outcomes for selected stories. Users will be able to leave their predictions and discuss their beliefs on an integrated comment thread, with the most accurate participants appearing on… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Revenge of the 80s Edition

    Notes for nerds: meet CrunchGirl
    Marty McFly’s actual hoverboard being eBayed, $30K reserve
    3-D TV task force looks for a set of standards
    NXT robot solves Rubik’s Cube without a PC
    Video: TRON 2 trailer in all its shot-from-the-hip glory Read More

  • Big Media Gets Serious About LiveStreaming: Gannett Invests $10 Million In Mogulus

    LiveStreaming video service Mogulus will announce a new round of financing later today. The size of the investment won’t be disclosed, although we’ve heard from a source that it is in the $10 million range. But far more important than the amount of capital raised is the investor. Gannett, a $4 billion company which owns USA Today and other news and media properties, funded the… Read More

  • DataCase iPhone App Video: Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Drive

    After two weeks of all the iPhone apps I care to download, I can say this: most of them are useless. I use a few of them daily (Facebook, MySpace, Loopt, Phonesaber) and a few others occasionally (BoxOffice, Pandora, Twitterific). Most, though, sit unused after testing and are far from being “must-have applications.” DataCase, though, looks to be different. It will turn your… Read More

  • And….Cuil Goes Offline

    The new Cuil search engine apparently got a bit more traffic than the team anticipated immediately after launch a couple of hours ago. Everyone is trying it out to decide for themselves how disruptive it may be to the old guard search guys. For now, you’ll have to wait, a message on the site says “We’ll be back soon…Due to overwhelming interest, our Cuil servers are… Read More

  • Google Beats Cuil Hands Down In Size And Relevance, But That Isn't The Whole Story

    Search engine Cuil launched earlier this evening, claiming a bigger index size (120 billion web pages) than Google or any other search engine. The pedigree of the founders and execs, which includes three ex senior Googlers, means the service will be compared to Google from day one. And the way they will be compared is index size and, more importantly, relevance/ranking of results. We’ve… Read More

  • Cuil Exits Stealth Mode With A Massive Search Engine

    Menlo Park based Cuil will launch later this evening with an index of 120 billion web pages, making them arguably the most comprehensive search engine on the web (Google doesn’t disclose the size of their index, although they claim to know about a trillion unique web pages) (Update: see our very early testing here). They’ve also dropped one of the “l’s” from… Read More

  • Accel Looks To India For Venture Returns

    Is India finally ready to produce some world-shaking Web companies? It certainly has the raw talent. And increasingly it has the capital. Accel is the latest VC fund to focus on the sub-continent. It absorbed Indian VC firm Erasmic, and is relaunching it as the Accel India Venture Fund. One of Erasmic’s investors is Google. The fund does seed-stage investing inside India, and… Read More

  • New Widgets At Hulu; We Talk To CTO Eric Feng

    Hulu, the online video joint venture between NBC and News Corp., launched last October. Today the site has 140 free on-demand movies available to anyone (as long as they are in the U.S.) and 700 total titles (including TV). As of March 2008 they were serving 83 million monthly video streams. Tonight the site is launching a number of new embeddable widgets that allow third party sites to add… Read More

  • Moondo Fuses Casual Gaming With Massively Multiplayer Games

    One of the biggest draws for massively multiplayer online games (MMO’s) is the satisfaction that comes from earning in-game items and abilities. Unlike simple Flash games where your accomplishments vanish the moment you step away from your computer, MMO’s allow you to acquire virtual goods and work your way up a skill ladder, in the hopes of eventually becoming powerful enough… Read More

  • Gears of War 2 to get linked achievements

    SETTING: A ravaged Earth-like planet populated by brawny space soldiers and vermin-like aliens. Dramatis personæ:
    Marcus Fenix
    Dominic Santiago
    The Chorus The characters approach a large hole in the earth. Marcus: Let’s hit that Locust hole with some grenades.
    Dominic: Got it.
    Dominic: What was that?
    Marcus: Some kid in Scranton. He’s a douche.
    Read More

  • Martin Jetpack: It lives!

    Sure, it’s no flying car, but I’d fly this thing silly. The Martin Jetpack will appear on the 29th at the Oshkosh Air Show in Wisconsin. No further information is available now but if I were Martin I’d have launched this thing at Burning Man or something and really blown everyone’s minds. Oh well. At least Wisconsin won’t be a flyover state anymore. via BB Read More

  • Time lapse Comic-con

    The San Diego Comic-con in time-lapse. In which grown men can dream like little boys, purchase paper “comical books” from boxes, dress up like Batman, maybe meet a nice girl. Auto-playing video after the jump… Read More

  • Great Apps Using The CrunchBase API

    Since launching the CrunchBase API less than two weeks ago we’ve seen a great response from developers, who have already developed a number of impressive plugins and applications. The CrunchBase API offers access to information from thousands of tech companies, VCs and startup entrepreneurs. It’s free to use, there are no accounts to sign up for and no request throttling. The… Read More

  • ZuneTattooGuy's video rant: Let's not encourage these people

    Not only is homeboy getting his tats removed he went ahead and bought an iPod. And low and behold its a black iPod Classic 80gb. When I was in Best Buy I looked around at the other players, the sold no creatives in the store, the only choices with iPods, Zunes, Insignas, Samsung and Sony. So when looking at which had everything available in store (I despise UPS) I went with the iPod. I… Read More

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