• Breaking: Verizon buys AT&T for $25 billion

    The boys are reporting from CTIA that Verizon just announced they’re purchasing AT&T for $25 billion. The news came during the joint Verizon/AT&T luncheon at Piero’s (great pesto) and it means that the flagging CDMA company will now have a GSM presence internationally. The first phone on the new VerizonGSM branded network: the iPhone. More news as we have it. Read More

  • Motorola Z9 now available at AT&T

    The 3G Moto Z9 from Motorola actually looks like a nice phone unlike the others they’ve been releasing in recent months. It features a 2-megapixel camera with 8x zoom, GPS, stereo Bluetooth, full HTML browsing, microSD slot, talk time up to 4 hours and an MP3 player. A 2-year contract and $149.99 gets you this shiny new slider. Read More

  • Snap HotShots Tries to Show the Linkgeist of the Web

    Every day, Snap collects 15 million links from bloggers and others across the Web that use Snap Shots on their sites. We use Snap Shots on TechCrunch. Hover your mouse over any link, and a preview of that Website will appear in a small new window without leaving the site you are on. If the link is to a video, photo, MP3, map, stock chart, Amazon product, Wikipedia entry, movie profile… Read More

  • Sprint Instinct: Could this thing beat the iPhone?

    When I first saw the Instinct a few weeks ago I said “Finally.” Finally, someone, somewhere, has created an interface and a device that follows the spirit and ease-of-use of the iPhone without resorting to wholesale mimicry. Samsung built the UI from the ground up with data convergence in mind and their focus and efforts paid off. Everything in this phone — all of the… Read More

  • Live from the CTIA Wireless 2008 Keynote

    Doug Aamoth and Peter Ha here at the CTIA Keynote in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ll be pounding the keys at Petey snaps photos. Hold on to your hats, it’s surely going to be a psycho-erotic thriller of magnanimous proportions. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: The Clapper for $19, shipped

    Clap on? Clap off? Yes, it’s the
    Clapper for $19 shipped or $14 if you spend more than $25 at Amazon. Seriously. It’s the clapper. (via BBG) Read More

  • Kingston launches Ricky Martin memory card

    Remember Ricky Martin? Absolutely, right? Well Kingston thinks so as well. They’re selling a microSD card containing music, wallpapers, and videos from Ricky’s upcoming Black & White tour. I know, right? Great, right? They’ll be selling it on Amazon.com. It’s a wee $10 for such a wonderful collection of music and video. Right? Right? “I am very excited by the… Read More

  • How to take over a Drive-Thru

    Phonelosers show you how to mod a CB radio with a toaster circuit board to futz with drive-thru radios. There’s a good chance that this could get you in trouble, but thankfully you can pull your prank from miles away, ensuring you can sit quietly on your porch while hacking Taco Bell. Read More

  • Sniff your friends location via Facebook

    A new service, Sniff, has developed a new cell service that gives people an electronic map showing the location of their friends, write The Times in London. The Social Network Integrated Friend Finder (Sniff) can be accessed by Facebook or cell phone and is already popular in Scandinavia. Sniff is run by Useful Networks, which is owned by Liberty Media. Sniff says only consumers who give… Read More

  • Twatr.net: Adult Twitter clone

    Twatr.net is trying to keep a low profile but according to the founders it’s basically a Twitter for adults. The site is SFW right now and they’re building out HD video and image streaming/sharing along with some impressive audio features for those who might be afraid to bare it all. The Amsterdam-based company just closed a 2 million euro funding round and could be the next… Read More

  • HandSolo

    I’m recharging right now! Read More

  • T-Mobile launches Blackberry 8120

    Hot on the heels of the 8820 T-Mobile and RIM are pleased, if not really surprisingly overjoyed, to announce the 8120 with Hotspot@Home UMA support. Obviously you’re not going to get a QWERTY keyboard on the wee pearl but you do have VoIP calling and Wi-Fi browsing. Read More

  • Guitar Hero Mobile on Blackberry

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&file=http%3A//blip.tv/rss/flash/796631&feedurl=http%3A//crunchgear.blip.tv/rss/&autostart=false&brandname=CrunchGear&brandlink=http%3A//crunchgear.blip.tv/ I wish this were an April Fool’s joke — in fact I’m praying it is — but someone out there apparently thinks it was a good idea to… Read More

  • Helio updates YouTube client, and it's good

    Helio today updated the YouTube client for its popular flagship phone, the Ocean. The update uses the same general interface, which is pretty good, and is rumored to be based on the new overall interface. The new client is faster, noticeably so, and it’s not just the interface; loading and buffering times are zippy indeed. It’s a free download for all Ocean users, and it the… Read More

  • Twinity metaverse wins new backers

    Berlin start-up Metaversum, the developer and operator of the virtual world Twinity, has won a new investor in the form of Balderton Capital. The exact amount has not been released but it’s understood to be in the ‘multi million Euro’ range. Metaversum is adding to investment from VC Grazia Equity. Balderton, better known in its previous incarnation as Benchmark Capital… Read More

  • Dolby and SIM2 announces high-dynamic-range LCD flat screen

    This is pretty darn weird. Dolby and SIM2 have created an HDR system for backlighting images using a backlight copy of the image to increase brightness where it needs it an reducing brightness in darker areas. Take a look at the image above. Rather than backlighting the entire image, SIM2 will only light some parts of it, thereby reducing washed out pictures associated with most projectors… Read More

  • Windows Live Search Mobile Adds New Mapping Features

    Microsoft will be adding new capabilities to its mobile search app, Windows Live Search Mobile, later this Spring. These will include the ability to map a contact, download custom maps from Virtual Earth onto your PC and any phone running Windows Mobile, and access integrated Web search and local weather (click on screen shots below). Blackberry users will be able to conduct searches by… Read More

  • CTIA 2008 Keynote Liveblog

    What happens when you get Richard Branson and FCC Chairman Kevin Martin into the same room? Absolute chemistry. CG is liveblogging the keynote right now without using any fancy blogging software. Drop in if you’d like to follow along. Read More

  • BenQ T60 slim cell

    And here I thought BenQ went belly-up. Apparently they’re still churning out phones, however, because here’s the slim T60 with SD card slot and 24MB of internal memory for audio and video. It also has a 3.2-megapixel camera and lasts for 3 hours of talk time. Boooring, Sidney, booring. Read More

  • Twatr.net: A social network for adults

    I saw this at MWC 2008 this year and just got around to posting it. TWATR.NET is a social network for adults. It’s very similar to Twitter but you can share photos, video streams, and audio along with the standard “What are you doing” fare. It’s based in Amsterdam and they’ve secured 2 million euro in funding so far from angel investors including some folks from… Read More

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