• Don't worry, There Will Be Blood still on track for April HD DVD release

    [photopress:twbb.jpg,full,right] There’s confusion surrounding the pending high-def release of There Will Be Blood. The movie, which will be released here in the U.S. by Paramount on HD DVD, was scheduled for an April 8 release. Then it disappeared from Paramount’s site. Axed? No. Hardly. Apparently Paramount was just restructuring its Web site to reflect a new March 4 release… Read More

  • EditGrid Adds Analytics, Mashup Functionality, and More

    Online spreadsheet software provider EditGrid today is rolling out a set of enhancements including analytics and mashup functionality that adds to the image retrieval capability we wrote about last month. The new analytics (shown to the left) will let spreadsheet owners track views and visits over a spreadsheet’s lifetime. The new mashup functionality will let you dynamically import… Read More

  • MyPunchbowl Has Its Own Buzz: News Feed for Parties

    Yahoo may have beat them to it with the launch of its Digg clone, but MyPunchbowl too wants to announce something called “Buzz”, this one a Facebook News Feed clone of sorts for party planning. MyPunchbowl Buzz will give hosts and guests alike a way to keep track of what’s going on with the party scene as organized through the site. Initially it will consist of the onsite… Read More

  • Adobe AIR Vs Microsoft Silverlight: It's All About Numbers

    I attended the official launch party for Adobe AIR (Pacific Region) today and as much as the tech is impressive, I walked away with one strong observation: this is a user base war. Adobe’s Pacific technical director Mark Blair gave the keynote, and I can sumarize it as such: online apps offline, platform independent, everywhere. There was a Q&A after the keynote that added to that… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Light in the Forest Edition

    Video: Wind turbine self destructs
    The Wave: 480 motion-sensing LEDs in a table, just for fun
    Hot concept: Tetris ice cubes/jell-o shots
    Sound-activated LEDs could prevent injury
    Botanicalls: Hello, I’m dying Read More

  • Sony opens up Mylo 2 developer community, widgets galore

    Sony is lifting the floodgates on the developer community site so start making all those widgets and share with others or learn how to make some. On top of the community generated widgets, Sony will release additional widgets on a regular basis for the Mylo 2. Mylo 2 Read More

  • Photobucket Exec Departs to Run New Startup, BillShrink

    Peter Pham, VP of Business Development over at Photobucket(acquired by FIM last May) has resigned to head up a new company, BillShrink, as CEO. BillShrink, which has been in development for the past seven months and largely under the radar, will launch in a couple of weeks with the aim of helping users save money. Its strategy lies in suggesting better service packages for select verticals… Read More

  • Rumor: EA eyeing Ubisoft

    EA’s attempt at assimilating Take 2 was kiboshed, for now, and rumors are stirring that Ubisoft is next on the list. If one were to extrapolate on the recently (2/22) minted EAUbisoft.com domain purchase, but EA also registered EATake2.com on the same day. Both were registered through proxy. However, with a string of hot sellers like Assassin’s Creed and its Tom Clancy titles… Read More

  • Review: The Club for Xbox 360

    I haven’t had a whole lot of time (enough to review it but haven’t finished it) to play this title from Sega, but what I can tell you is that it provides one with hours of mindless fun. It’s a much different approach to shooters then I’ve played and I’m on the fence about whether or not that’s a good thing. As I’ve said before, The Club is like… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: March issue of Wired is FREE

    In case you missed Nicholas’ post this morning about things being Free in the future then you probably missed a free copy of the March issue of Wired. We did too so don’t feel bad. Thanks to GeekSugar for giving us the heads up. There are only 10,000 copies available and we’re not sure how many are left so you better act fast. Get the March 2008 of Wired for Free! [GS] Read More

  • Yahoo Buzz Launches: Popular Stories To Go On Yahoo Homepage

    Yahoo launches the much anticipated Yahoo Buzz tonight – a Digg-like site that takes stories from pre-approved news publishers (100 to start) and let’s users vote on stories and push them up to the top of the page. To see it in action, click on the buzz button at the end of this, or any, of our posts (update: button functionality won’t be live until Tuesday). Like Digg, the… Read More

  • Yahoo Announces Open Search Platform

    Yahoo will soon be allowing third parties to enhance the Yahoo Search experience. The new platform, codenamed “SearchMonkey” and officially called Open Search Platform, will consist of a set of APIs that allow third parties to modify search results on Yahoo by adding images, structured data and additional deep links. The altered results can contain far more information than the… Read More

  • FriendFeed Raises $5 Million, Now Open to Everyone

    You can tell FriendFeed was built by ex-Googlers because it is so spare, yet brings forth an avalanche of information. The social feed aggregator lets you keep track of your friends across 28 Websites and services, including Twitter, Flickr, Digg, StumbleUpon, del.icio.us, YouTube, blog posts, shared items on Google Reader, Amazon wish lists, and what they are watching on Netflix. It launched… Read More

  • If You Want To Talk Technology With A German, Try Jaxtr Cafe

    Social calling widget Jaxtr has just released a new destination called Jaxtr Cafe. Their widget, like Jangl’s, provides users with an anonymous number to call each other with the added bonus of cheaper long distance calling. Up until now, Jaxtr users found each other more or less randomly on social networks of email signatures that listed links to the service. Jaxtr Cafe, however, is… Read More

  • EA Turns The Sims Online Into Free EA-Land, Second Life Competitor

    EA is relaunching The Sims Online as a free service with a new name and new features, including UGC, commerce and land ownership. EA-Land is the new, free Sims Online (TSO). The 12 different cities from TSO are being moved to EA-Land and the game area is being expanded to be “100 times bigger than the previous size of any city.” Existing TSO users will be able to purchase land… Read More

  • GPU programming, now on OSX

    So you’ve got this big, powerful video card stuck to your computer, just sitting there on idle unless you’re playing a game or rendering something. Why not put it to work? Nvidia has made it possible to take advantage of the carefully engineered parallel architecture of today’s graphics cards through its CUDA (Complete Unified Device Architecture). Macs have missed out… Read More

  • Video: Wind turbine self destructs

    Holy crap this is awesome. A couple wind turbines have self destructed in recent weeks and Denmark’s climate minister wants some answers. Other turbines have had the same fate abroad and chances are it’s the same in Denmark. Wind speed was around 30 m/s when the turbine killed itself. ‘The problems with the turbines abroad have had to do with poor maintenance, and if… Read More

  • Google Heads Under The Sea With Cable Investment

    Google has announced that it has joined a consortium to build a new trans-Pacific cable between Japan and California. The Unity consortium is a joint effort by Bharti Airtel, Global Transit, Google, KDDI Corporation, Pacnet and SingTel and will initially increase Trans–Pacific lit cable capacity by about 20 percent, with the potential to add up to 7.68 Terabits per… Read More

  • MacBooks with Multitouch tomorrow, sure, but what about the rest of us?

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf If you’re like me, you’re awaiting to potential sting that will come with the new MacBooks tomorrow, as they’re supposed to feature the same multitouch trackpad that the MacBook Air has. You’ll be jealous, see, because your MacBook that you just bought won’t have that neat… Read More

  • Apple WILL announce a new MBP and MB tomorrow, says source

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Our video from Macworld in case you don’t know what multi-touch is. Dig this, party people. Me and GeekSugar are like this *imagine me crossing my fingers* like people do when they utter the previous statement. She tells me her source is legit and I believe her. So Apple will announce a new MBP and MB… Read More

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