• Daily Crunch: Train Time Edition

    Man follows GPS directions onto train tracks, car destroyed
    Hot new tube amp for iPod looks great, but how does it sound?
    Papercraft Bumblebee made of KFC buckets: I want one!
    Breaking: Warner Bros. jumps ship, Blu-ray all the way
    Sennheiser releases first untethered Kleer wireless earbuds Read More

  • Is Twitter really costing $14 billion in lost productivity?

    In a brilliant piece of deduction, Pat Phelan and Florian Seroussi of telco startup Maxroam estimate on their blog that time spent on Twitter will cost $13.5bn in lost productivity 2008. How did they reach this eye-watering figure? Reversing the normal question ‘what are Twitter’s costs’ to ‘what’s the cost of Twitter’ Phelan and Seroussi got out the calculator. Read More

  • Crumpler's Regifting Day

    Even though “Seinfeld” has been off the air for over nine years, I still reference it quite a bit. Who doesn’t celebrate Festivus or quietly chant “serenity now”? I find myself telling friends and family, ‘no soup for you’, all the time. Did you know that of the 60 million Seinfeld earned this year most of it came from royalties? “Seinfeld”… Read More

  • TI DLP's DualView. What IS it?

    We have received word of a new display technology to be demonstrated at CES. It’s called DualView, and it apparently “it allows two opponents to view their action in full screen rather than a split playing screen.” Well, if you are playing online that is not usually a problem, but same-TV deathmatch has had this problem for years in games like Goldeneye and Mario Kart, not… Read More

  • D-Link intros wireless set-top box for PC-to-TV video streaming

    [photopress:dpg_1200_highres_5_.jpg,full,center]We’re not sure yet exactly how this works, but D-Link is really getting into the PC-to-TV game with its new MediaLounge DPG-1200 system. It’s a wireless-enabled set-top box that streams your iTunes, YouTube, DVD, and other video content to your TV using a colorful included remote control. As far as we can tell it basically acts as… Read More

  • HD DVD responds, oh snap!

    The companies of the HD DVD Promotional Group today issued a statement in response to the decision by Warner Home Video to exclusively back the Blu-ray format: While Warner’s decision is a setback for HD DVD, the consumer has benefited from HD DVD’s commitment to quality and affordability – a bar that is critical for the mainstream success of any format. We believe… Read More

  • CES 2008 preview: iLuv breaks out two new iPod combo dock things

    One booth we’re going to be sure to stop by next week at CES is that of iPod accessory makers iLuv, who today, to beat the CES rush, launched a pair of new iPod combo docks that will be available in March. The i1255 is a combo iPod dock/DVD player. While it’s not for everyone, it’s a good solution for those wanting to keep their video connections in their home theater to… Read More

  • CrunchGear's getting ready for CES; You should be, as well

    You’ll have to forgive our lax feature posting this week, gentle readers. We’re gearing up for CES 2008 next week in lovely Las Vegas, and we’re set to really give you the best possible coverage. We’re going to be using high-tech gadgetry to report on high-tech gadgetry, and we even have a fancy secret Liveblogging tool we’ll be breaking out during Mr. Bill… Read More

  • New Year's Tech Resolutions

    Okay, I know, I’m late with these, but coming up with New Year’s resolutions is tough. And isn’t there a one-week grace period anyway? Rather than do predictions, I thought I’d offer up some resolutions—things I’d like to see happen this year. These aren’t my resolutions. These are resolutions that tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and… Read More

  • BiTMICRO's giant 832GB SSD drive to debut at CES 2008

    We’ve been hearing about these 32GB and even 64GB solid state drives set to make computers faster, less power-hungry, lighter, queiter, less evil, cleaner, and sexier. BiTMICRO is going a step further — no, make that about 20 steps further — by launching this new 832GB solid state drive (SSD) at CES next week. No word on pricing yet, but it promises to be cheaper that… Read More

  • Google Presentations Introduces Embedded Slide Shows

    Google Docs just added some cool new features to its Web-based Presentation software: slide shows that you can embed anywhere on the Web. Check it out below: Read More

  • Another Take on Getting Videos to Go Viral

    Over Thanksgiving this past year we published a controversial guest post by Dan Ackerman Greenberg called “The Secret Strategies Behind Many ‘Viral’ Videos” that explained how certain steps can be taken to make amateur videos hosted on YouTube achieve massive amounts of page views. YouTube comedian Kevin Nalty (you may know him from Farting in Public) has just posted a… Read More

  • Best Buy guys caught switching up merchandise in theft ring

    We’ve heard tales of people buying electronics, getting them home, and opening them just to find, well, not what they’d purchased. It’s been suggested that store employees had been swinging the ol’ switcharoo, and now a trio of thieving associates at a Best Buy in New Jersey (natch) have been caught red-handed doing just such unlawful misdeedery. Michael Lombardozzi… Read More

  • Technorati Makes Changes To Blog Rankings. Big Hit For No. 1 Engadget

    Technorati made changes this week to the way it counts inbound links for purposes of determining its blog rankings. This had some effect on the Technorati 100 list. Technorati was previously counting all links made to blogs on a given domain. So links to, for example, chinese.engadget.com were also counting towards engadet.com, even though they are separate blogs. They are no longer counting… Read More

  • First Release Of Crunchies Tickets Sold Out. More Next Week

    The first set of tickets for the Crunchies, which went on sale last night, sold out this morning. We will put another batch up for sale on Tuesday next week at around 10 AM PST. I apologize in advance for having to turn away email requests for tickets. Given space limitations at the Herbst Theatre, and the fact that there needs to actually be a seat for every attendee, space is going to be… Read More

  • Hot new tube amp for iPod looks great, but how does it sound?

    We’ve seen these tube-based iPod amps before, and they’re sexy, and there’s also no doubt that in general tube amplification sounds far, far better than transitorized audio. But here’s the thing: the music on you iPod is digitized anyway, will playing it back through an analog, tubed amp make it sound any better, really? I shouldn’t think so. MP3 compression at… Read More

  • Is this the biggest UK social network you've never heard of?

    It’s a little harsh on the eye and could do with an interface makeover but Don’t Stay In could well be the biggest UK-based social network you’ve never heard of. That said, you have probably heard of it if you like going clubbing and having your photo taken by DSI “spotters”, because as its publicly available traffic page shows, it’s clocking up some… Read More

  • Concert Socialcaster DeepRockDrive to Publicly Launch at CES

    Update: Free tickets for Tuesday’s shows featuring The Maine and Big B are available to the first 200 TechCrunch readers to send an e-mail to techcrunch at deeprockdrive dot com. While the future of the music industry may not be in selling albums, there is still hope for the concert side of the business. Danny Socolof and Jeff Henshaw think they can bring concerts onto the Web with… Read More

  • Breaking: Warner Bros. jumps ship, Blu-ray all the way

    I am in utter shock right now. Warner Bros. just dropped a bomb. And that bomb is that they’ve given up on HD DVD. Is the format war over? This won’t go into effect until later this year, but this has to be the end, right? Anyone want to buy an HD DVD player and a boat load of movies? Heh. Seriously. Not really. Well, maybe. Read More

  • Papercraft Bumblebee made of KFC buckets: I want one!

    If you’re in a repressive Communist country and have a little time to kill, what are you going to do? I mean, the Internet’s all censored, TV as well. You need a hobby, and this young man’s is papercraft, the art of sculpting complex and/or beautiful items out of paper and glue. But this guy’s gone to the next level, and we love it. Using nothing but cardboard from… Read More

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