• MyYearBook Gunning For Facebook Market

    MyYearBook, founded in 2005, just announced a $4.1 million round venture financing led by U.S. Venture Partners and First Round Capital. The site has a look and feel suspiciously similar to Facebook (with a little MySpace chaos thrown in). Growth has been strong, with MyYearBook claiming 1.7 million registered users (mostly in the U.S.), and over 5 million unique visitors per month. The rumor… Read More

  • Japan's Softbank Ships Toshiba Phone With Oakley Bluetooth Headset/Shades Combo

    HA! HA hahahahahaha! HahahahHAHAHA! HAhaha! heh. Ok, sorry. We couldn’t help ourselves. And now, back to the news. Toshiba 911T Multi-Media Phone with Oakley Bluetooth Sunglasses [MobileWhack] Read More

  • Live From Vegas: Lifepod Delivers Bizarre Speakers For Backs, Dogs, Phones

    Live From Vegas: Lifepod Delivers Bizarre Speakers For Backs, Dogs, Phones

    I just got back from SIA (the skiing and snowboarding trade show) in Vegas. Cool stuff was plentiful, and I ran across a tiny Brooklyn-based outfit called Lifepod that specializes in creative (and creatively bizarre) DAP speaker systems. First up, is their High Roller line of backpacks, which aim to take on the new Skullcandy-CamelBack double-team . Stow your DAP of choice in the pocket and… Read More

  • Palm OS-Based Treos Finally Get Direct Push Support for Exchange

    If any of you are business users on the fence about a Palm OS-based smartphone (read: Treo) vs. a Blackberry because of Palm’s lack of push-email support can finally make the jump. Palm today has announced an upgrade for the 700p and 680 models of the popular Treo that grant it push email syncing capabilities with Microsoft Exchange. The lack of the feature has led many away from the Palm… Read More

  • TechStars: Summer Camp (and cash) For Entrepreneurs

    TechStars: Summer Camp (and cash) For Entrepreneurs

    TechStars is a new startup fund/incubator that’s generated a good discussion in the TechCrunch Forums. Like YCombinator, TechStars is looking for flat broke entrepreneurs with just a seed of a good startup idea. They are taking applications now, out of which ten winners will be selected. The thirty of so winning entrepreneurs (TechStars anticipates an average of three founders per idea)… Read More

  • ScoopLive Turns Us All into Paparazzi

    ScoopLive Turns Us All into Paparazzi

    According to Matthieu Stefani, Co-Founder of ScoopLive, “Every event has its witnesses.” And with camera phones being so prevalent, every witness now has a chance to make some real money on what they’ve captured. The Web has exploded with amateur videos of everything from the Saddam Hussein hanging to Michael Richards hanging himself – all filmed by “citizen… Read More

  • Apple's Leopard Secrets: Sold at Auction?

    get too rich for your blood? If you are a victim of these bizarre circumstances, have I got something for you! A Portuguese eBay user going by gio_di (8) has a video of himself telling you about the new features in Leopard, ostensibly in English. Gio knows, he says, about all the stuff we don’t know about the new OS, and he’s willing to spill the beans, for a price. That price… Read More

  • Access Renames Palm OS, Fanboys Look On Accusingly

    , has made yet another move to make Palm fanboys cry: The Palm OS is now called the Garnet OS. WTF. This means that the last vestiges of the operating system that started the modern handheld and smartphone computing industries is nothing more. Gone are the masturbatory jokes and good-natured puns. While the Garnet OS is in every other way the successor to the Palm OS, losing the Palm name… Read More

  • BackupHDDVD Interview

    BackupHDDVD Interview

    As the name implies, BackupHDDVD is a program that allows users to copy HD DVD movies. The program is significant because it thwarted the impenetrable HD DVD DRM AACS (Advanced Access Content System) by simply going around it. Rather than breaking AACS’ copy protection, BackupHDDVD attacks HD DVDs from the content protection side. If you’re still scratching your head over all… Read More

  • Analysts To Media: Stop Calling The iPhone A Smartphone

    Two senior ABI Research analysts—wireless research director Stuart Carlaw, and principal mobile broadband analyst Philip Solis—would appreciate it if everyone in the media would stop incorrectly calling the iPhone a smartphone. (Because it’s stupid, stupid, stupid! Just kidding.) No, the analysts simply want people to realize that to be called a true smartphone it must use… Read More

  • Avvenu Player For iTunes Access On The Go

    Onto the long list of “things I wish I had when I worked in an office cubicle” I’m adding the Avvenu Music Player, which gives you remote access to your iTunes library through a Web browser on any other Internet-connected Windows or Mac computer or Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone. Unfortunately, your iTunes library must reside on a Windows XP PC, since that’s the only… Read More

  • Apple To Stick Optical Drive On Bottom Of Macbooks?

    Apple To Stick Optical Drive On Bottom Of Macbooks?

    Apple could very well be working on that “ultra-portable” Macbook that everyone keeps blabbing about. Well thanks to a lovely patent drawing, Jobs & Co. seem to want to throw the optical drive on the bottom to decrease the amount of space used in the design of the laptop. A pain in the butt? You betcha. Though Unwired View counters that we don’t really use our optical… Read More

  • Buy An iPhone, Get 1.5 Years Of Free Service

    Buy An iPhone, Get 1.5 Years Of Free Service

    File this one under “completely full of it,” but according to Mr. Deleon over at Gizmodo, those of you who make the iPhone plunge in June will be welcomed with 1.5 years of free AT&T wireless service. Sweet deal, but the only proof that exists of this phantom deal is Jim Cramer’s word. The Mad Money host (SELL! SELL! SELL!) claims that the plan is to persuade people to… Read More

  • You're My Fave! Contest

    from T-Mobile. Super-slim and sophisticated. Slide the Samsung t629 open to reveal an impressive array of features: 1.3 megapixel camera, high-resolution screen, MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity, and a quad-band worldphone in a stunning silver finish. Thanks to Samsung and T-Mo for hooking us up. The contest ends on Wednesday, January 31 at noon EST. Read More

  • iPhone To Drop On Rogers Wireless For Canadians

    iPhone To Drop On Rogers Wireless For Canadians

    To our dear readers north of the border: You will be getting the iPhone and it will be with Rogers. From an official Rogers rep: “Rogers is actively working with Apple to launch the iPhone in Canada as soon as possible and will be the exclusive provider of the iPhone in Canada. ” No other details are available at this time, but we’ll keep you posted as more information… Read More

  • Futiro Skype Phones

    Futiro Skype Phones

    In case you’re not aware, Futiro is an Irish-based company that’s making some really unique-looking Skype phones. Now the company is bringing its handsets to the US and at a decent price point to boot. The Luna will set you back $75 and that’s the high-end model. Then there’s Terra at only $55, and the Solo is $65. Despite looking super, they’re all corded… Read More

  • PS3's SACD Abilities Not So SACD

    Much like the current battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD, there was once a struggle for supremacy in the field of high-fidelity audio formats: Super Audio CD vs. DVD-Audio. Actually, “struggle” is overplaying things a bit since neither really took off to any great extent. And, according to a post from CNET’s David Carnoy on Crave, it looks like Sony may have accidentally… Read More

  • Get Vista, Get Free T-Mobile Hotspottage

    Get Vista, Get Free T-Mobile Hotspottage

    Microsoft and T-Mobile are teaming up to show the world the magic of hotspot-enabled Vista. For 90 days after a full Vista purchase customers will be able to use T-Mobile’s national hotspots for free, showing them that Vista and this new wireless technology called “WiFi” can work hand in hand to bring us to a better, brighter future. Free T-Mobile Hotspot for Vista Users… Read More

  • Fox Sues the Little Guy Over Simpsons and 24

    on YouTube and did what any self-respecting media company would do these days—it sued. But they’re not suing YouTube. They’re subpoenaing the company to release the name of the offending subscriber. The “24” episodes in question actually appeared on YouTube before their primetime Jan. 14 premiere on the Fox broadcast network, which spread four hour long episodes… Read More

  • The Futurist: The Beginning of Truly Seamless Live Concert Albums

    The Futurist: The Beginning of Truly Seamless Live Concert Albums

    It wasn’t too long ago that officially sanctioned concert recordings were a rarity, with most fans being forced to trade shoddily recorded bootlegs pulled from hand held recorders or sub par soundboards. Of course, both the quality and accessibility of live records has come a long way in just a few short years, and when the Palms Casino in Las Vegas opens the doors of its new concert… Read More