• Daily Crunch: Little Monsters Edition

    Daily Crunch: Little Monsters Edition

    Samsung Fridge Puts Rachael Ray On Ice
    WurlyBird – Stupid Name, Fun Times
    The All-Time Five Greatest In-Movie Video Games
    MC4 Music Cocoon: Frankenstein’s Rejected Spawn?
    Help Key: How-To Fix an iPod that Won’t Boot Read More

  • Hands-On With The Just-Announced Archos 704-WiFi PMP

    Hands-On With The Just-Announced Archos 704-WiFi PMP

    At midnight, Archos pulled the curtain back on their feature-packed, but anything-but-pocket-friendly 704-Wifi PMP (although it’s closer in form to an UMPC than an iPod.) This 80GB, 7-inch-screener packs in WiFi Web browsing and DVR functionality with the usual music/photo/video business. We got our hands on perhaps the most feature-packed of players and took it for a spin. Read More

  • reLive: Automatically Map Your Mobile Photos

    reLive: Automatically Map Your Mobile Photos

    Today mapping veteran AtlasCT (est. 1987) is launching a new mobile photo geotagging application for Java ME called reLive!. It seems similar to Yahoo!’s geotagging program for Flickr, Zonetag. However, reLive! is not meant to only geotag individual photos, but also connect them on the map in the context of a trip. When paired with a GPS system, reLive! lets you automatically map… Read More

  • $100 Million Valuation For Geni

    Seven week old Geni raised a $10 million second round of financing last week, led by Charles River Ventures (see our coverage of CRV here), with a post-money valuation of $100 million. George Zachary from CRV is joining the Geni board of directors. This was originally passed to us as a rumor, and Geni founder and CEO David Sacks has confirmed the story. This is a 10x increase in valuation… Read More

  • Yahoo Mixd Says "Peace Out" and Goes to DeadPool

    Yahoo Mixd Says "Peace Out" and Goes to DeadPool

    Yahoo Mixd, which launched in November 2006, closed down on February 25 (although nobody noticed until today). Mixd competed with several group SMS services such as Zemble, Dodgeball, and Twitter. The last, Twitter, has recently stolen the bulk of media and blogger attention. Mixd is now in the TechCrunch DeadPool. Read More

  • Nikon D40x: The X Stands for Slight Upgrade

    Nikon D40x: The X Stands for Slight Upgrade

    The Nikon D40 has only been around for maybe fifteen minutes and already there’s an upgrade. This camera has a 10.2-megapixel sensor, faster continuous shooting, and wider ISO sensitivity. It also has a “Retouch” menu that can improve red-eye, contrast, and color issues as well as trim and rotate images, all on the camera’s screen. There also three filter effects… Read More

  • Phil Harrison's GDC Keynote Leaked

    Phil Harrison’s GDC 2007 keynote is a couple days away, but DevelopersHeart from the NeoSeeker forum has been doing some snooping and giving the rest of us some insight on what to expect. These are rumors and/or speculations, so we’ll take it with a grain of salt. Read More

  • Barenaked Ladies: New Album. Free. No DRM. Now.

    Barenaked Ladies: New Album. Free. No DRM. Now.

    I’ve been writing about the Amie Street music site since their launch last July. Their model has the potential to disrupt the music industry from the bottom up: Bands and labels upload music, which is downloadable in DRM-free MP3 format. The price always starts at free, and as more people download the song, the price starts to rise, eventually hitting $.98. Higher priced songs are by… Read More

  • Latest iTunes, 7.1, Out Now with Apple TV Support

    If you’re waiting for Apple TV, it’s looking like your wait might almost (finally) be over. Apple today has released Quicktime 7.1.5 as well as iTunes 7.1, bringing Apple TV compatibility to iTunes. This is a harbinger to the release of the Apple TV, which should now stand at just days away. From the Software Update listing: You can now enjoy your favorite iTunes movies, TV… Read More

  • Larry Probst Says Sony Is Losing Its Marbles

    As if we didn’t already know, Sony’s iron clad grip on the gaming console market is showing signs of arthritis and EA’s CEO, Larry Probst, is calling them out. The PS2 once owned 60% of the gaming console market share, but delay after delay of the PS3 and the launch of the Xbox 360 a year prior has proven to be Sony’s demise. The revamped Gamecube (aka the Wii)… Read More

  • More Information On RockYou Financing

    More details on the RockYou financing are leaking, although we still can’t get confirmation from the company or previous investors. A source close to the company says they raised $11 million in this second round at a $50 million post money valuation, most or all from European investor Partech. The company had previously raised $1.5 million from Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture… Read More

  • NVIDIA GoForce 5500: The More You Know

    NVIDIA GoForce 5500: The More You Know

    Did you know that the NVIDIA GoForce 5500 mobile GPU is capable of running Quake 3 at full specs on a cell phone? I didn’t and it kind of weirds me out. I remember back when Quake 3 first came out. The system requirements were so demanding that I had to do a full overhaul of my computer. Now it can run on a cell phone with all of its features enabled. Crazy talk. Read More

  • Leopard in Print: Latest Screen Porn for Apple Fans

    We keep waiting for the special airdropped surprise announcement that Leopard is hitting the streets, but it’s not happening. It feels a lot like waiting for an episode of Lost where something happens: Each time we look, we expect to see it, only to instead get another damned flashback. While we can’t help you in figuring out why the bird said “Hurley” that one time, we… Read More

  • Amp'd Moto Q User Guide Leaked

    A recently leaked document all but confirms the imminent launch of the Moto Q under Amp’d Mobile’s moniker. The user guide is copyrighted 2007 so the launch could be very soon. Unfortunately, the guide doesn’t give us any more details than we already know, but Amp’d Live will offer up some tasty mobile entertainment. You’ll be able to watch your favorite shows… Read More

  • Help Key: How-To Fix an iPod that Won't Boot

    Help Key: How-To Fix an iPod that Won't Boot

    There’s a conspiracy theory that Steve Jobs wants you to buy a new iPod every 12 months. That may or may not be the case, but if your iPod is hosed, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to put it out to pasture. Most iPods are user-fixable and you don’t need to be a total geek to make it work. An iPod, no matter which version you have, is basically a self-contained… Read More

  • Sunsei Solar Chargers For Just About Everything

    Growing up in the Northwest I was surrounded by trees, mountains, rivers (the non-toxic kind) and a lawn to mow every week. You could call me a treehugger or just a proponent for a greener planet and I’d smile from ear to ear. It always makes me smile when I see eco-friendly products. Sunsei has an assortment of solar panels that are diminutive in size compared to most of the solar… Read More

  • Game Developers' Conference 2007

    Game Developers' Conference 2007

    I set foot in the beautiful Moscone Center here in sunny San Francisco about 20 minutes ago. After devouring a bagel, I feel my blood sugar is high enough to risk exerting the energy to update you all on the happenings here. I’ll be roving the scene evading mouth-breathers and looking for all things interesting at this year’s GDC. There are a lot of crazy gaming technologies on… Read More

  • MC4 Music Cocoon: Frankenstein's Rejected Spawn?

    The Roth Music Cocoon MC4 is the oddest looking iPod dock I’ve ever laid my eyes upon; it looks like it’s straight out of Frankenstein. What exactly are those tubes surrounding your iPod? Those are vacuum tubes that guarantee your music will be heard on levels you’ve never experienced before. If you enjoy listening to music with all the subtle nuances that seem to get left… Read More

  • Wii Mod-Chip: It Works

    Wii Mod-Chip: It Works

    I have a confirmation that the CycloWiz — a Wii mod-chip that allows for backup, import, and DVD-/+R compatibility as well as enhanced GameCube compatibility — is real and its fabulous. A close friend of the CG team installed his CycloWiz this weekend and is currently enjoying the fruits of his soldering job. He said the upgrade was quite easy and he only had an issue cracking… Read More

  • The All-Time Five Greatest In-Movie Video Games

    The All-Time Five Greatest In-Movie Video Games

    Hollywood and video games have an interesting history. Long before it became standard procedure to turn every movie into a video game and every video game into a movie, the game’s place in film was more of an object of mystery, fear, and curiosity then a mere marketing tie-in. In film, the ability to control pixels tapped into our fears of a machine-dominated future and our dreams of… Read More