• Inexpensive biometric door lock

    [photopress:fingerprintlock.jpg,full,left]While I think biometrics are a fad, I can’t deny that it’s a handy technology. Gaining entry to a secure thing (computer, room, brothel) without having to pull out a pesky key or annoying card is the way to go. And granting that ability to your house for only $199 sounds like a killer deal to me. Biometric fingerprint door lock [Popgadget] Read More

  • MacBook, MacBookPro refresh expected in June

    It seems the Santa Rosa-based Penryn MacBook/Pros announced by Apple yesterday are already outdated. According to Daily Tech, Intel will soon abandon the Santa Rosa platform for Montevina aka Centrino 2 in June. Montevina has the pleasure of boasting a 1066MHz front-side bus and processors ranging from 2.26GHz to 2.8GHz. This does not make me very happy, but I won’t be ditching this… Read More

  • Abilene Christian University students will get iPhones, iPod touches this fall

    [photopress:acui.jpg,full,center] Incoming freshman at Texas’ Abilene Christian University this fall will each receive either an iPhone or iPod touch to help speed along their education. The school hopes students will use the devices in any number of academic pursuits, such as getting on-the-go homework updates, checking meal plan activity and answer in-class quizzes. That’s what… Read More

  • Kijiji Talks Smack About Craigslist: "We Will Be No. 1 In the U.S."

    Why can’t brothers and sisters just get along? As I noted earlier this month, eBay’s free classifieds site Kijiji is coming on strong since its launch in the U.S. last summer. Of course, eBay owns 25 percent of Craigslist, but since the other 75 percent is not for sale, eBay is putting all of its eggs into Kijiji and taking Craigslist head on. In January, Kijiji had 2.3 million U.S. Read More

  • Spy on your loved ones' cellphone messages with this SIM card reader

    Why trust your wife, husband, friends, etc. when you can spy on them? With this USB-based SIM card reader you’re able to read/write the contents of any SIM, including deleted text messages. The company behind it claims it’s a way to keep tabs on your target in case you suspect them of any wrongdoing. You know, rather than being an adult and confronting them about your… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: The Sims Online goes free

    [photopress:8_sims_online.jpg,full,center] The Sims were fun. I remember my ex-girlfriend would spend hours ignoring me and Tony Hawk while she sat hunched over her Mac’s keyboard making them go to work. There was a warning sign there I should have seen but didn’t. No matter, that was the past, and here in the present, you can play Sims Online for free. It’s not the full… Read More

  • iPhone/iPod SDK Roadmap to be revealed next week

    “Please join us to learn about the iPhone software roadmap, including the iPhone SDK and some exciting new enterprise features,” The extravaganza is set to take place on March 6th at 10AM PST on Apple’s campus in Cupertino. Also mentioned in the e-mail from Apple is some “exciting new enterprise features.” Joy. Read More

  • Unity Trans-Pacific fiber optic cable to vastly increases bandwidth capacity

    [photopress:fiberunity.jpg,full,right] I can’t stand the name—Unity—but I recognize its worth. Kinda. Six international companies have signed up to create a new Trans-Pacific Internet fiber optic cable that may (the numbers aren’t finalized yet) increase the bandwidth capacity by 7.68 Terabits/s. The companies, of which Google is most recognizable ’round these… Read More

  • Maemo brings PAN to Nokia Internet tablets

    [photopress:nokia_n800_hands_on_1.jpg,full,center] Current owners of Nokia N-series Internet tablets can use their integrated Bluetooth connections to start dial-up networking with tetherable handsets for Internet access on the go. But DUN is awkward and clunky, the new hotness, especially for smartphone owners who like Windows Mobile, is Bluetooth PAN. PAN offers a simpler way to connect. Read More

  • Pownce to Release More Complete API this Friday

    Leah Culver, the lead programmer of Pownce, has informed us that the messaging/social networking service will release a more complete API this Friday, one with substantial improvements over the first version released late last October. This second version will include the ability to post notes and replies, fetch private and friends-only notes (in addition to public messages and user… Read More

  • Mario Kart Wii will NOT feature voice chat – and that's fine with me

    Well, it looks like it’s strictly text for players of the future modern classic, Mario Kart Wii. Voice chat will not be an option. You can use your keyboard or the wiimote to type stuff in, which has been sufficient for years now. I’ve had some good times talking trash in Half-Life 1 DM, Starcraft, and Counterstrike (beta 5.2 forever), and it was all in text. To this day I refuse… Read More

  • Cool concept: ZEN computing, truly multitouch

    Here’s an idea I know I’ve been kicking around in my head for years. Tactile feedback from the trackpad. It seems so obvious, I’m not sure why I can’t already feel the icons and windows on my MBP. Well, this ZEN (Z-axis ENabled) Computing concept allows just that, and more. It’s designed for blind users, basically a gigantic 3-D touchpad that can rise and… Read More

  • March 6th Date Set for Apple's "iPhone Software Roadmap" Event

    Apple has sent out an email to the media announcing a March 6th event for laying out an “iPhone Software Roadmap” that will focus on the SDK as well as “new enterprise features”. It’s not clear whether the SDK will actually be released on that date, or whether it will just be detailed. In either case, Apple has failed to fulfill its promise to release the SDK… Read More

  • 320GB HDD for use during faster-than-light travel

    Well, maybe not quite that fast, but if you’re bringing your laptop on that Joint Strike Fighter your dad just got, you might want to stuff it with this hard drive. It’ll keep working under stresses of up to 400 Gs, so when you’re pulling out of that nose dive, it won’t have trouble spooling up that next mp3. Hitachi’s New 400G Resistant HDD [Akihabara News] Read More

  • Why Apple's battery life has gone down: Testing methods

    I used to test laptops en masse at Laptop Magazine and I’m well aware of the various problems with the testing methods available. Your battery test — playing a DVD over and over to recreate the experience on a plane, for example — might be different from mine — watching furry porn in a constant loop while Twittering college students. That said, there has been some… Read More

  • 3Bill acquires Profile Heaven, plans MoSo relaunch

    In a small acquisition UK mobile services provider 3Bill has acquired UK social network Profile Heaven for an undisclosed sum. The youth-focused network will be integrated with 3Bll’s mobile software and content platform, presumably as yet another of the many attempts to crack the mobile social (MoSo) networking nut. A relaunch of the site is planned for early summer of 2008 focusing… Read More

  • Google Lands Default Search Position In Opera Mobile

    The mobile phone versions of the Opera browser will now come with Google as the default search engine. The new deal applies to Opera Mini and Opera Mobile; the desktop version of Opera already offers Google as the default search engine. Opera’s mobile versions currently have an install base of 35million users. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but it would be fair… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Slim silver PS2 for $99

    The slimmed down PS2 is up for sale at Target for a paltry $99. Go to Target, Click on Weekly Ad, punch in your zip and do a quick search. Offer ends March 1, so you better act now. Thanks for sending this in, Sam Read More

  • Upgrading your eee PC processor: Complicated but interesting

    The page doesn’t offer much in the way of “instruction” or “advice” but the writer does propose that the eee PC’s measly processor can be replaced with a faster, $30 processor with a little soldering and an iron will. the cpu run at 840Mhz default using bios 0801,then i need the full power ,just use some CPU freq tuning software ,like eeeclock^^,thx… Read More

  • LG unveils 10,000:1 monitor

    [photopress:LG_monitor_w606.jpg,full,pp_image] I’m not a big fan of watching movies on my computer regardless of the size of my monitor, which is 22-inches. But it seems that’s the direction things are moving in. More and more people are ditching their TVs for higher-res monitors to watch video content on the computer. LG has taken notice and announced a 10,000:1 contrast ratio… Read More

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