• Apple sues Psystar

    Apple has filed suit against Psystar in the northern district of California. Apple, Inc., manufacturer of the well known line of computers and software, filed suit on July 3 in the federal district court for the northern district of California against Florida company Psystar, Inc. The suit alleges counts for violation of its shrink wrap license, trademark and copyright infringement. While… Read More

  • First to Unlock new iPhone?

    Last summer the news was full of stories about people who unlocked their iPhones. So with the new iPhone not out even a week yet, the news cycle is repeating itself. The Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo is reporting that the firm DesbloqueioBR has won the race to be the first to unlock Apple’s latest version of the iPhone. By altering the handset’s firmware and installing… Read More

  • Opera Mobile 9.5 delayed for a few more days

    A few weeks ago, I said that Opera Mobile 9.5 would roll out on July 15th. Well, Opera’s gone and made a liar out of me, but not by all that much – the release date has been pushed back 2 days to July 17th. As anyone who has rotted away the last night before a release date knows well, setting concrete release dates on beta software tends to mean face palms and angry yelling once… Read More

  • Final Fantasy XIII nerd reaction

    As Joel notes, this is either a parody or, more disturbingly, some sort of insane FFXIII fan video created by a young man who perhaps could use a little time alone with a young lady and a little fresh air. There is some NSFW language in there near the end but you could feasibly turn down the audio and just watch this guy go nuts. Read More

  • CrunchBase Now Has An API, So Grab Our Data

    Today we’re excited to announce a free, open, and easily-accessible API for all data included in CrunchBase, our tech company database. It is available immediately to all developers. Since we relaunched the property five months ago, we’ve focused on accumulating and structuring the world’s most useful data about technology. And we’ve worked to make this data available in… Read More

  • Mobissimo Launches Travel Social Network MobiFriends

    When traveling to a new city, what do you usually do first to find cool places to go to? Usually, you ask your friends. Mobissimo, a travel search engine, launches their social network MobiFriends today as an on-site widget. Mobissimo searches 180 travel sites in over 30 countries, to offer users the lowest fare possible. Through MobiFriends, Mobissimo hopes to offer users a… Read More

  • Live: Nintendo press conference [Update]

    Update: Full press release for GTA: Chinatown Wars after the jump. Reggie says the Wii was never a fad. Imitation is just around the corner, he says.
    10:07AM I think we’re wrapping up.

    Miyamoto is going to play the cowbell in the 4-player demo. They’re playing the Mario theme. Awesome. Will have video shortly. Read More

  • Mini Exit: BallHype and ShowHype Acquired for $3 Million

    The husband and wife behind BallHype and ShowHype, two Digg clones that focus on baseball and entertainment news, have earned a modest pay day: $3 million from media group Future US. That’s not bad given the two never raised institutional funding since launching the first site (BallHype) in April 2007. Users of BallHype and ShowHype (which launched in October 2007) vote up their… Read More

  • App Store apps cannot tell you "WHA HAPPEN!?"

    Listen, App Store lovers, when your apps fail, don’t blame the developers. They’re suffering too. See, the iPhone SDK has a few issues, especially in error collection. While developers can see quite a bit of debug information in XCode, once an application crashes, the report is written to the iPhone and is completely inaccessible. Another problem? The crash report offers no context… Read More

  • European Union considers lowering the price of text messages

    The European Union could do away with the high cost of text messages, something that’s near and dear to our hearts. The telecommunications commissioner there, Viviane Reding, wants to lower the rate that EU citizens pay for texts while roaming in different countries. She’s said that they should only have to pay between €0.11 and €0.15 per text while roaming, and only €0.034… Read More

  • Adam Sexton Hired as Skyfire Lab’s CMO

    Skyfire Labs, the developers of the mobile Web browser Skyfire, has hired Adam Sexton to be the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer. Skyfire Labs has been recruiting some solid players lately as it prepares to make Skyfire generally available later this year. (See: Mike Rowehl Joins the Ranks of Skyfire Labs). Adam Sexton has over 16 years of experience marketing and managing in… Read More

  • Four new laptop lines from Sony

    Sony has announced four new laptop lines, each taking advantage of Intel’s new Centrino 2 (Montevina) platform: The FW Series of multimedia notebooks, the SR Series of ultraportables and the Z Series of ultraportables, along with the BZ Series of business notebooks. Let’s take a closer look, shall we? Read More

  • Lenovo releases new consumer lappies

    The hot on the heels of the U110, Lenovo’s new U330 (above) is a 13-inch laptop that weighs about four pounds. It includes HDMI and a DVD burner and comes in black and blue. Read More

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X200: Like the MacBook Air, but drab and business-y

    Apparently it’s Tuesday Laptop Madness, for Lenovo has announced a new laptop, the ThinkPad X200. It also released the IdeaPad U330, but that’s hardly as interesting. The Intel Core 2 Duo (2.26-2.40 GHz)-powered ThinkPad X220 is supposed to compete with the useless MacBook Air, and has similar specs. It weighs 2.95 pounds and has a 12.2-inch LCD. As far as storage goes, you can… Read More

  • Muzu TV launches artist-controlled video site

    Dublin-based Muzu TV was one of the companies that demo’d at our recent TechCrunch Meetup in Dublin and, to be honest, I hadn’t expected such a a full-blown, well funded startup to emerge until I bumped into the smiling face of co-founder Mark French. Heading down to their office the next day, I realised that Muzu TV is attempting to pull off quite a big play. I understand Muzu… Read More

  • Digg Is Pushing More Traffic To Traditional News Sites

    As Digg becomes more mainstream, so are the headlines linked to on its homepage. The once tech-heavy site long ago expanded into other categories such as entertainment, world, and business news. But that change is finally hitting its home page, either because Digg is attracting more mainstream users who are Digging more mainstream stories or it is using other (algorithmic) methods to point… Read More

  • Delver's Social Graph Search Engine Now Open to All

    Delver, which came out of stealth back in January is announcing today that its social graph search engine is open to the public. While the product certainly is intriguing, curb your expectations as Delver has slapped an “Alpha” status on it. The objective behind Delver is to uncover and make accessible knowledge and information that is hidden in users’ social graphs—an… Read More

  • Dell low cost notebook set for August, $299

    It looks like August is the chosen month for the release of Dell’s long-rumored low cost notebook, upsetting the likes of Asus and Acer in the process. DigiTimes cites “market sources” in coming up with the timeline. It’s still Taiwan-based Compal doing the manufacturing, with Samsung said to be supplying the LCD panel. Just in time for back-to-school, then. Unless… Read More

  • Confirmed: Twitter Acquires Summize Search Engine

    Update: Full transcript of video interview is here. It turns out those rumors last week were accurate. Microblogging site Twitter has acquired the Summize search engine, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams confirmed to me. The size of the transaction is not being disclosed, although the transaction price was paid “mostly in stock.” Twitter has also hired 5 of the 6 Summize employees. Read More

  • Google's Talking Points For Today's Antitrust Hearings: The Only One Who Won't Like Our Yahoo Deal Is Microsoft

    Both the Senate and House Judiciary Committees are holding separate hearings today on the antitrust issues raised by the proposed Google-Yahoo search advertising deal. (More details on the deal here). Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith, whose fought his own share of antitrust battles on behalf of Bill Gates, will be wagging the antitrust finger at Google. In his prepared testimony… Read More

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