• Starbucks Aims At iPods

    If a cup of coffee costs $4 at a Starbucks, how much do you suppose they’re going to charge for MP3s? We’ll find out in the next 12 to 18 months if, as Howard Schultz has hinted, the pricey coffee chain does indeed start testing in-store MP3 downloads. “Within 12 months, probably, you’re going to be able to walk into a Starbucks and digitally be able to fill up your… Read More

  • Time Warner Is Fresh Outta HD DVRs

    Time Warner Is Fresh Outta HD DVRs

    As Biggs mentioned in his Wii rant/post, TiVo is sucking because there’s a high demand for DVRs that come directly from the cable provider. In fact, demand has been so high, that Time Warner Cable can’t keep up with the demand and are fresh out of HD DVR boxes. Those of you bugging out about the Super Bowl can breathe a sigh of relief though. Time Warner says it has plenty of… Read More

  • Motorola Q Poses with Q Pro

    We’re learning that the forthcoming Q Pro from Motorola is much like Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, a little thick, and a lot sexy. The standard Q, on the other hand, is like Lohan, slender and enticing at first, but then you learn it has no real substance, and find that pawn shops won’t buy her DVDs, and then you’re stuck with them. Here we see the Pro next to the Q for… Read More

  • We're All Pirates

    We're All Pirates

    A study of 2,600 Americans — not a representative sample, I suspect — discovered that a full 18 percent of them pirate movies. What does this mean? It means, by extrapolation, that there are 25 million filthy, horrible downloaders out there. Of that grouping, only a miniscule number used download services like CinemaNow or Amazon Unbox while 80 percent used peer-to-peer piracy… Read More

  • Release Your Inner Johnny Quest With The Hover Scooter

    Release Your Inner Johnny Quest With The Hover Scooter

    If your parents died and left you their business or you got set up with a fat trust fund and you’re still in your teens, take note! This is a post for something you might be able to afford! The Levitating Hover Scooter is a personal hovercraft vehicle that comes with a big metal bar to hang onto. You’ll need it too – the Hover Scooter can reach speeds up to 15mph thanks a… Read More

  • Programming Rocks!

    Feeling nostalgic for the simpler days of programming? Well apparently Kim Moser is. Moser has amassed a large collection of Commodore PET and Commodore 64 programs, which he’s dutifully transferring into video clips for YouTube-ians everywhere to take a gander. This, for example, was a program created to scare small children into thinking pumpkins can sing. No, I kid. It’s… Read More

  • Motorola And Ferrari Announce Lengthy Phone Name, Actual Phone

    Motorola And Ferrari Announce Lengthy Phone Name, Actual Phone

    Motorola, you are just on your game this week dude! You’ve been leaking stuff like wild and now you’re releasing a new phone with Ferrari? What’s the scoop, brahhhh? Turns out Motorola today unveiled its new RAZRmaxx V6 Ferrari Challenge Mobile Phone Limited Edition. Not only does it come with the longest model name for a cellphone ever, but it packs sounds from the Ferrari… Read More

  • AT&T Hooks The RAZR Up With HSDPA

    AT&T Hooks The RAZR Up With HSDPA

    Not sure why you’d buy a RAZR with HSDPA, but if you’re into gauche phones with terrible operating systems, then this must be your lucky day. After being given the FCC nod, the Motorola RAZR V3xx is now available through AT&T. Aside from HSDPA, the phone features Bluetooth with A2DP, microSD, and a 1.3MP camera for taking blurry glamor shots of you at the Jersey shore. You can… Read More

  • One Man's Wii-pinion

    , circa 1998. Read More

  • 128GB Of Raw, Uncut Solid State Memory

    128GB Of Raw, Uncut Solid State Memory

    Remember when having a 100GB hard drive meant you could install all your games and have bragging room left over? The days of 100GB hard drives could vanish soon with the release of a 2.5-inch solid state drive from A-Data. Clocking in at a 128GB capacity, this would indeed be the largest SSD ever. It also connects via SATA so you should be good as far as hooking it up and speed goes. Cost… Read More

  • Stalk Your Contact List with UpScoop

    Stalk Your Contact List with UpScoop

    Today, the reputation network Rapleaf is releasing a new service called Upscoop, which joins a number of startups (see ProfileLinker and Wink, for example) trying to add a meta layer above social networks. There are a lot of these networks, and a lot of people belong to more than one. Keeping track of your own networks, and those of your friends, is complicated. Upscoop is designed to help… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Where's the Love In Online Music Services?

    The AudioFile: Where's the Love In Online Music Services?

    As a journalist covering digital audio, I can’t help feeling like I’m not really contributing to the welfare of the world at large. Sure, music is important to our physical well-being, and hearing it with the utmost clarity and detail is an integral part of the experience for many. But there are bigger issues in the world, like hunger, disease, war, poverty, and the proliferation… Read More

  • Amie Street Begins Data Mining and Artist Promotion

    Amie Street is one of my favorite startups right now, partially because they are the embodiment of (what I consider to be) the perfect music model: DRM-free MP3s sold at pure market driven prices. The company’s business model is dead simple – Artists can upload their music for download on the site. Users download songs, with the starting price at free. When downloads pick up… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Cooking with Squid Edition

    Daily Crunch: Cooking with Squid Edition

    Live From Vegas: Lifepod Delivers Bizarre Speakers For Backs, Dogs, Phones
    Futiro Skype Phones
    Cooks Turn To The Nintendo DS For Recipes
    Transformers Take To The Shoes
    Optimus Prime Poses for Headshot! Read More

  • Zimbra: 6 million Paid Mailboxes

    Zimbra: 6 million Paid Mailboxes

    We first covered Zimbra back in September 2005. Zimbra is an Ajax Microsoft exchange competitor with a webmail service that thousands of businesses and organizations use to handle email, contacts and calendaring. They also offer a great mobile solution. The core product is open source, and Zimbra has a higher end version that sells for $25 per person per year (with various discounts). Since… Read More

  • Google Video Search Needs To Improve

    Google announced today that they are adding YouTube videos to searches on Google Video. They also said “Over time, Google Video will become even more comprehensive as it evolves into a service where you can search for the world’s online video content, irrespective of where it may be hosted.” Eventually, I imagine we will see an end to new uploads on Google video, as they turn… Read More

  • Optimus Prime Poses for Headshot!

    film by Michael Bay. He doesn’t look bad, does he? It’s not the Bumblebee we knew as kids, but it is Bumblebee. But the question you’re all wondering is: How does Optimus Prime look? We have his first close up right here. Read More

  • MyYearBook Gunning For Facebook Market

    MyYearBook, founded in 2005, just announced a $4.1 million round venture financing led by U.S. Venture Partners and First Round Capital. The site has a look and feel suspiciously similar to Facebook (with a little MySpace chaos thrown in). Growth has been strong, with MyYearBook claiming 1.7 million registered users (mostly in the U.S.), and over 5 million unique visitors per month. The rumor… Read More

  • Japan's Softbank Ships Toshiba Phone With Oakley Bluetooth Headset/Shades Combo

    HA! HA hahahahahaha! HahahahHAHAHA! HAhaha! heh. Ok, sorry. We couldn’t help ourselves. And now, back to the news. Toshiba 911T Multi-Media Phone with Oakley Bluetooth Sunglasses [MobileWhack] Read More

  • Live From Vegas: Lifepod Delivers Bizarre Speakers For Backs, Dogs, Phones

    Live From Vegas: Lifepod Delivers Bizarre Speakers For Backs, Dogs, Phones

    I just got back from SIA (the skiing and snowboarding trade show) in Vegas. Cool stuff was plentiful, and I ran across a tiny Brooklyn-based outfit called Lifepod that specializes in creative (and creatively bizarre) DAP speaker systems. First up, is their High Roller line of backpacks, which aim to take on the new Skullcandy-CamelBack double-team . Stow your DAP of choice in the pocket and… Read More