• Microsoft Confirms Xbox 360 Price Cut: Premium Now $50 Cheaper

    Microsoft has cut the price of the Xbox 360, ending months of idle speculation. The Premium SKU’s price drops by $50 to $350, the Core by $20 to $280 and the Elite by $30 to $450. All price cuts go into effect tomorrow, August 8. Read More

  • Will Vodafone Keep Verizon Wireless?

    The will it or won’t it question of the week is whether mobile phone giant Vodafone Group will sell off its stake in Verizon Wireless. Reuters is reporting that it seems unlikely that Vodafone will part with it stake, quoting a source as saying that “Vodafone has decided to hang onto Verizon Wireless for now.” The key words are “for now,” and it is possible that… Read More

  • Bush Administration Upholds 3G Ban, Qualcomm to Appeal

    The Bush administration had declined to overrule the ITC decision to ban imports of new phones containing QUALCOMM chips following the commission’s decision in favor of Broadcomm in its patent infringement case. In response QUALCOMM today announced that it will appeal and renew its request for a stay of the International Trade Commission ban, maintaining that none of Broadcom’s… Read More

  • One-Click Photo Upload From PeerMe

    Today we’re hearing about PeerMe’s One-Click Photo Upload tool. This is a newly launched Java app allows users to transfer pictures taken on their handsets directly to their Facebook pages, or for one-click blogging integrated with Twitter. Any other photo or blog site can also integrate PeerMe’s APIs and offer users the same type of ease of use functionality too. “We… Read More

  • Juniper Forecasts Mobile Broadband Users to Pass One Billion by 2012

    Within just five years there could be a full one billion people using mobile broadband worldwide according to a new study by Juniper Research. This new report adds that HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access) will dominate mobile broadband deployments over the next five years, and globally nearly one in three mobile users will be using a mobile broadband headset, with most of the demand from North… Read More

  • Let’s Play Global Thermonuclear War… or What Happens After

    This end of the world is here! At least in the new mobile handset game Shadow Zone, which chronicles life the day after the big one falls. In this new mobile game from Ojom GmbH players have to collect rare artifacts, battle mutated creatures and traverse the ominous forbidden zone to reach the epicenter. Only here in the Shelter players can stop a fate worse than the… Read More

  • Digital Chocolate Rolls out D Choc Café Series

    This week Digital Chocolate announced the launch of their D Choc Café Series of casual games, and are currently available for AT&T, T-Mobile and 3, and in the coming weeks will be released for Alltel, Nokia (including the N-Game platform), O2, Orange, Telefonica, SFR, Sony Ericsson, Sprint, Telecom New Zealand, Telstra, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone. The first five games available in the D… Read More

  • March of the Penguins: First Linux Handsets Coming in 2008

    The penguin is on the march to mobile. Specifically the Linux penguin. The LiMo Foundation this week announced that the first handsets using the Linux-based platform will likely appear during the first half of next year. This collaborative project announced on Monday five new core members and seven associate members to the organization. The new core members include Aplix, Celunite, LG… Read More

  • Disney Mobile Gets Two New Handsets

    Mouse House mobile users have two new handsets. Samsung has just unveiled two new mobile phones for use with the Disney Mobile MVNO series. As with other Disney Mobile handsets the DM-S105 and DM-S110 are geared at the tween and teen markets, and include a built-in VGA camera and 128×160 LCD screen. The new phones are compatible with Disney’s Family Center services including… Read More

  • Leveraging Facebook To Compete With eBay Won't Work

    Buy.com made a splash tonight with their announcement of a new Facebook application called Garage Sale. Facebook users can use the application to sell thing directly to others via their Facebook profile. Buy.com charges a flat 5% commission on completed sales (the seller will also have to pay Paypal or other payment fees. The application says “thanks to Garage Sale, Facebook users… Read More

  • Low-End Handsets Drive Down Chinese Mobile Revenue

    Here is something unexpected. Lower-end foreign handsets are on the rise in China, and are actually driving prices down! According to a new report from CCID Consulting some 71.478 million domestic-made handsets were sold in China in the first half of 2007. Due to continuous price drops and the introduction of low-end products revenues have actually fallen year to year, while over all profits… Read More

  • Visto Pushes Chinese Mobile E-mail

    Tianjin MIE Productivity Center (MPIC) and Ke An Vehicle Satellite Location Network Technology Corporation (Ke An) announced that they have selected Visto to bring push e-mail to China’s mobile workforce. The Visto Mobile will bring push e-mail to more than 30,000 mobile professionals in China, where MIPC will now offer real-time access from the GPS application implemented by Ken… Read More

  • Democracy Wireless MVNO Launches

    Left-wingers People for the American Way and Working Assets Wireless have launched the right-bashing MVNO Democracy Wireless this week. This new MVNO runs through Sprint, and lets subscribers make “free speech” calls of up to 30 minutes a month to the White House at no additional charge. Additionally, we’re hearing that a portion of all monthly charges are donated to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Every Planet We Reach Is Dead Edition

    NASA’s New Mars Lander Powered By IBM Architecture
    Nostalgia Overload: Singing, Talking Robotic Elvis
    Brando Chromatic USB Hub
    ATC2K: Oregon Scientific Action Video Camera
    Hands-On With The Wowwee Roboquad: It Crawls, Dances Read More

  • Nirvanix To Challenge Amazon S3

    Look for new San Diego-based Nirvanix to launch in the next few weeks. It aims to compete with Amazon’s popular S3 storage web service and provide web developers another choice for online storage. The company, which is affiliated with online storage startup MediaMax (aka Streamload), should also be announcing a $12 million round of financing in the near future. It’s not clear… Read More

  • More Lawsuit Fun For Facebook

    Facebook is going to have to defend itself against at least one more lawsuit in the coming months. They’re not just dealing with the ConnectU lawsuit – another one was filed against them last month, in Pennsylvania. The lawsuit hinges on U.S. Patent 6,519,629 (“System for creating a community for users with common interests to interact in”), which was issued in 2003 and… Read More

  • Boring Edition: Canon Announces imageCLASS MF4270 Laser Multifunction Printer

    Going after small businesses and home offices who desire an affordable network-ready tool, Canon has announced the imageCLASS MF4270 laser multifunction printer. The MF4270 is lightning quick and will spew out 21 pages-per-minute. Like whoa! Try to contain your excitement because I’m trying very hard to contain mine. It also prints duplex output directly from your PC, incoming faxes… Read More

  • Spreadsheets Coming to iWork, (i)Life Is Now Complete

    Well, well, well. As with any Mac-related event the rumor mill is buzzing, but it seems 9to5Mac has it from a reliable source that iWork will be updated with…wait for it…wait…for…it….Spreadsheets! iWork and .Mac is also said to be joining forces and this evident from the temporary closure the site will experience during the event. There could be a possible tie-in… Read More

  • Ready To Kill Some Time (And Some Enemies)? Try Duels.com

    Duels is a new online role playing game that I’ve wasted most of the evening on. It’s both a social network and role playing game – create a World of Warcraft type character, buy him or her armor, weapons, etc., and then challenge other players to duels. Win and you get experience, gold and other stuff. Lose and you get nothing. Founder Andrew Busey (previously the co-founder… Read More

  • NASA's New Mars Lander Powered By IBM Architecture

    NASA’s new Phoenix Lander launched last Friday, destined for the red planet. The first in NASA’s Scout Program, Phoenix will look for habitable zones and evidence of water in Mars’ artic region. The lander itself is powered by a processor based on IBM’s Power Architecture, similar to the one used in Sony’s PlayStation 3. I don’t mean to speak for Josh… Read More

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