• Netflix Roku: Free Is Such A Beautiful Word

    Netflix made a big splash today with their announcement of a $100 set top box, built by a California startup called Roku, that streams free movies (for Netflix subscribers) to the living room. Good for them. Instead of wading into a losing battle over cheap downloads and rentals (see Vudu, BlockBuster, AppleTV, Google, etc., which charge for each movie), they jump right to free. They know what… Read More

  • MTMini: Even Cheaper Multi-Touch

    Now that everyone is on the multi-touch bandwagon new systems are popping up all over. Seth Sandler’s solution is fairly ingenious. It uses a piece of paper and a camera to create a camera-based multi-touch interface. All you need is a box, a webcam, and some graph paper and he even includes the demo and application source code. Read more here… Read More

  • Twitter: Now As Powerful as "The Clapper"

    Control Lights with Twitter from Justin on Vimeo. If you can’t get enough of Twitter why not try Twitter-enabling your home? By connecting his cellphone with his Twitter account, Justin Wickett has created what amounts to a remote switch triggered by Twitter messages. Read… Read More

  • Who's The Hottest Band On The Internet? Coldplay, Says BBC SoundIndex

    The BBC has been testing a new service called SoundIndex, which lists the top 1,000 artists based on discussions crawled from Bebo, Last.fm, Google Groups, iTunes, MySpace and YouTube. The top five bands according to SoundIndex right now are Coldplay, Rihanna, The Ting Tings, Duffy and Mariah Carey , but the index is refreshed every six hours. This is somewhat similar to Songkick’s… Read More

  • MinuteBox does not box clever

    MinuteBox is a new site which bills itself as a market place for people to buy and sell short snippets of advice. It’s a full-on social network with all the usual features as well as in-built video chat. You put up your problem, “experts” bid on your request, users choose their advisor and buy their advice for as little at 50 pence per hour minute. It even has a billing… Read More

  • Rearden Commerce Goes Mobile

    What good is a travel assistant that doesn’t go with you on the road? One of the gaping holes in Rearden Commerce’s enterprise travel application was the lack of a mobile version. Now it has one, starting with the Blackberry. (Rearden is a service aimed at corporate road warriors, after all). Apps for the iPhone and general Web browsers are on their way later this year. Once… Read More

  • Review: Netflix Player by Roku

    What can’t Netflix do? First, they destroyed weekend trips to Blockbuster with their ubiquitous red envelopes and now they promise to destroy the postal service by totally cutting out the middle man. The Netflix Player by Roku is the first in what portends to be a long line of devices designed to download and stream movies from Netflix. While in its current incarnation the device is… Read More

  • Netflix Player by Roku Review

    The Netflix Player by Roku is the first in what portends to be a long line of devices designed to download and stream movies from Netflix. While in its current incarnation the device is fairly limited, I can firmly recommend it with the expectation that the movie selection will improve. How does it work? You buy the box for $99 and connect it to your TV via HDMI, composite, or component. Read More

  • Netflix Player by Roku screenshot walk-through

    Here are some actual screenshots of the Netflix Player by Roku. As you see, the set-up is quite simple and icon oriented and the whole box is elegant and suffers no extraneous eye-candy.
    Read More

  • Don't Look For BFFs When Pitching For VC Dollars

    TheFunded started publishing a list of top rated venture capitalists today. The ratings are based on reviews (either anonymous or not) written by entrepreneurs who’ve pitched those VCs. Should you pitch VCs that have higher ratings? No. Their rating is irrelevant, and some of the VCs that have the best track record at picking, building and selling companies also have the worst reputations… Read More

  • Google Backers Back Aster Data Systems. It's All About The Clusters.

    Clusters are the way to go. Google and Yahoo run their Websites on distributed databases spread across vast clusters of servers. Now Aster Data Systems, a startup that is coming out of stealth mode today, is offering a clustered database for Web analytics to any large website. One of its first big customers is MySpace, which is running the database on a cluster of 100 server nodes to… Read More

  • A $3 Million Round And A New CEO For Outside.in

    Local news and blog site Outside.in has raised $3 million in a series A financing. Investors include Union Square Ventures, Milestone Venture Partners, the New York City Investment Fund. That brings the total raised so far to $5.4 million, including two angel rounds. (Marc Andreesen, Esther Dyson, John Seeley Brown, and George Crowley were some of the angel investors). The company also gains… Read More

  • ImageShack Rumored To Raise Money From Sequoia

    Update: See follow-up post here with comments from ImageShack CEo Jack Levin. If you had to name the top five image-hosting services on the Web, would ImageShack be one of them? It turns out that it is No. 5 in worldwide visitors, with nearly 28 million last March, according to comScore. (Ranked above it are Facebook Photos, Flickr, Picasa, and PhotoBucket). You might be more familiar… Read More

  • CushyCMS Goes Professional

    Stateless Systems has launched a professional, subscription based version of its hosted content management system CushyCMS. I interviewed Guy King from Stateless for the CushyCMS launch in April (the post includes a demo video) and he mentioned then that the long-term plan for CushyCMS was to offer a professional subscription version. King tells me that the demand for a professional version… Read More

  • Gilded Age: $7,000 Italian leather chair. That must be one hell of an AV room!

    Maybe you’re dumb and wealthy enough to spend nearly $7,000 on a chair. (I’m not; I’d rather spend the money on condor-egg omelets.) The Antidiva Micama chair is made from genuine Italian leather, black, and you’re able to chose the material for the interior. Considering the last time I went furniture shopping was when I was a young boy at the local Macys, I have no… Read More

  • Sigma's DP1 hits: hybrid point-and-shoot/DSLR ruled interesting but lacking

    DPReview has one of their signature extremely long and in-depth reviews that I love up for the Sigma DP1. I remember hearing about this thing some time ago, but apparently technical issues kept it from release until just recently. Well, now it’s been thoroughly evaluated, and the verdict is: great idea, but lacking polish and adequate image quality in many circumstances. The thing about… Read More

  • Samsung S5 just may support FLAC: Can the iPod do that?

    Rumors from la France point to a Samsung S5 firmware update that will enable FLAC playback. I know that a grand total of seven of you have so much as seen an S5, but I bring it up merely to point out that, you know, there are other portable players out there beyond the iPod family. And for some people, the lack of FLAC support—no, Apple lossless doesn’t cut it—makes the iPod… Read More

  • Turn your PS3 into a Linux PC, the Popular Mechanics way

    If you read the paper version of Popular Mechanics, you may have already seen this. But on the internet, if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you — as we are constantly reminded by recycled pictures of women in tubs. And this is more worth a look than that. Pop Mech has published a pretty straightforward how-to on getting Ubuntu to run on your big scary PS3. I don’t… Read More

  • Competing sub-notebook vendors love the same boy

    You could hire a studio and models to do a photo shoot to promote your product, or you could save some money by grabbing a licensed image from a stock photography website, like Getty. If you do, just make sure you largest competitor hasn’t also used the exact same image in the exact same way. Awkward. [Google Translated] Read More

  • Chinese citizens turn to mobile blogging following Monday's earthquake, go uncensored

    With what is quite likely the largest Internet censoring setup in the word, China isn’t exactly known for letting their citizens roam free online. It is by no means uncommon to hear reports of statements critiquing the Chinese government being pulled from forums and blogs. After facing global criticism following the intense online censorship of the Tibetan protests, it seems Chinese… Read More

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