• OS X on an Asus eeeeeeeeeePC

    Here’s a project for a rainy day. If you don’t want to wait for the Mac Ultraportable that probably won’t come out this month, go ahead and pick up an eeePC and follow these easy instructions to get OS X running on that little beast. Load OSX 10.5 Leopard on the eeePC [UneasySilence] Read More

  • Brijit: A Digg For Dead-Tree Media

    Can’t keep up with all those magazines piling up in your mailbox, especially the high-brow ones you thought would make you smarter but never have time to read? Well, cancel those subscriptions and head on over to Brijit, a self-styled “Thinking Man’s Digg.” There you will find 100-word abstracts on the latest articles from magazines such as The New Yorker, The… Read More

  • The writer's strike in plain English

    Viacom sues YouTube for 1 billion, writers get 75 cents a word. Viacom estimates downloadable content is worth $500 million and writers get bad coffee. There’s the bottom line. Hopefully this strike destroys the media conglomerates and a new, communal writing system takes root and flourishes in the wasteland of dead media, but it won’t. We’ll just have to wait longer for Lost… Read More

  • Three new Sprint phones available November 23rd

    Take a dump in a bucket and call me Chad Pennington. With all the hoopla surrounding Black Friday, I lost sight of the fact that it’s a day from tomorrow. I’ll be in Florida stuffing stuffing into my ponch by this time next week. How do you like that? Anyway, next Friday there will be three new Sprint phones. First there’s the Motorola Q9C, which only looks marginally… Read More

  • Social Networking Platform CrowdVine Targets Conference Organizers

    White label social networking platform CrowdVine, which we have covered a couple of times in this past year, has released a new offering called “CrowdVine for Conferences” that further cements its focus of hosting networks meant for conference attendees. The free version of CrowdVine for Conferences provides much of the same, simple functionality of a non-conference network (now… Read More

  • Have fun with a Beninese scammer

    Hey, guys. If you’re bored at work today, I have a fun little game we can play. I posted some Ikea dressers on Craigslist in New York and sold them a few days later. However, I got an email from Mrs. Mary asking to buy the dressers for $300 or something and that she would send me $700 for me to cash and send her the “change.” Standard scam. However, I’ve got Mrs. Mary… Read More

  • LG patents, will never build in-phone wireless earbuds

    I love patents. The make a company look like they’re on the cutting edge when we all know they’re going to keep doing what they’re doing until someone — Apple, NASA, or whoever — ups the ante. That’s why these earbuds are so funny. Look at the diagram. These things are supposed to pop out of your phone like two little pills. You then stuff them into your… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Looking for a Black Friday notebook?

    If you’re in the market for a wheel of a deal on a notebook computer this upcoming Black Friday, you’d be wise to check out FatWallet.com’s "Black Friday 2007 Laptop/Notebook Thread." It’ll be constantly updated until the big day. Enjoy! Black Friday 2007 Laptop/Notebook Thread [Fat Wallet] Read More

  • Marvel goes digital

    This came from the comic books I did when I was in grade school. Hot, non? Superman, Spiderman, Satan Horse, Green Ant, and my personal favorite — the Charles In Charge Illustrated Graphic Novel: Charles Gets Drunk may have all gotten us through some tough times in grade school, but kids of the future won’t be able to feel the ink rubbing off on their fingers and the flimsy… Read More

  • Plan Your Thanksgiving Meal (and Others) with FamilyOven

    Yesterday, I had a chance to discuss DC-based FamilyOven with one of its founders, Sean Shadmand. Sean and his co-founder, Isaac Mosquera, are building a thriving community around recipes, and more generally, food. FamilyOven is by no means the first website for recipes (see iChef, Epicurious, Allrecipes, GroupRecipes, KitchenBug, RecipeZaar, Food Network, AOL Food, Cooks.com and Cooking.com… Read More

  • IBM's Blue Cloud is Web Computing By Another Name

    My blue day
    Originally uploaded by LuneValleySnapper
    IBM wants some of that Web 2.0 mojo. That is what is behind its announcement today of Blue Cloud, a set of “cloud computing” offerings that will be available to its corporate customers in the first quarter of 2008. Of course, cloud computing is just Web computing by another name. It implies massive server farms… Read More

  • Stealth-mode app turns InBox 2.0 into Life 2.0

    Yesterday Mike Arrington noted the stories that both Yahoo and Google are planning to build social networks around their email services. This is based on the premise that you already ‘socially network’ with people via email, so why not put a social graph wrapper around that? Yahoo’s plans look pretty uninspiring so far, with widgets, profile pages, yada yada. Google appears to… Read More

  • Xbox 360's 'Mass Effect' banned in Singapore

    Okay, we learned something here today. Singapore’s government isn’t down with stuff like a scene in Mass Effect "showing a human woman and an alien woman kissing and caressing each other." Good to know. Good…to…know. Apparently gamers both locally and internationally are upset by the banning and claim that the government ruling is too strict. Just last… Read More

  • Loopt May Be "Friending" More Mobile Networks

    We’ve been tracking a few emerging mobile-only social networks. All of these services are downloadable applications that run on your mobile phone. Mobile social network Loopt’s deal with Sprint, however, has given it the distinction of being one of two with automated location updates and deep integration with a U.S. carrier (Helio is the other). This opens up a lot of possibilities… Read More

  • Microsoft: "Oopsie on Xbox Originals!"

    We didn’t see this coming, but Microsoft has admitted it has some “known issues” with the new Xbox Originals. Frame rate drops, static, crashes, and things of this nature for the downloadable content. MS doesn’t admit it messes up often, but the Xbox division is a little different. They’re working on the problem, and we’re taking our hats off to them for… Read More

  • Walt Mossberg on how to buy a Mac

    We love uncle Walt, but it’s no secret that he tends to look at PCs with a Windows viewpoint. In fact, he says himself that he tends to ingore the Mac OS in his WSJ articles. But today he’s published his “Mac FAQ”, which is a very basic buying guide for those thinking of making the switch, which, of course, you should. It’s not the most thorough FAQ, but… Read More

  • Very expensive Sony OLED TV ready for pre-ordering

    Sure, it’s slim. The world’s slimmest, actually, at 3 millimeters. And the contrast ratio, wow. It’s high. A million to one. That’s 1000000:1. At $1800, though, is an 11-inch super bright, super slim TV with a 960×540 resolution and a digtial TV tuner worth it? I guess we’ll find out. It’s currently only available via Sony Japan (for 200,000 Yen) but… Read More

  • Honda's hydrogen-fueled car coming to California

    Honda will be leasing a limited number of its FCX Clarity sedans in California this upcoming summer. The cars use hydrogen fuel cells that’ll be topped off via a "home fueling station that uses a home’s existing natural gas supply to produce hydrogen." Read More

  • Yet another claim that e-mail is dead

    “E-mail is so dead,” said the Slate writer, “that I have to tell the world how old I feel.” Seemingly every other day, we read studies suggesting that e-mail is dying, not with a bang, but with a whimper. Kids have all but abandoned it, preferring IM and Facebook and txt messaging. So it goes, why wait minutes for a reply when I can send a txt to, say, John, and get a… Read More

  • Sony Price Cut Doubles PS3 Sales

    From CrunchGear: Sony’s lackluster PlayStation 3 sales more than doubled recently thanks to the introduction of the new 40GB model and a $100 price cut on the 80GB model. Well, it is only one week’s data, but sales went from about 40,000 units a week to more than 100,000. Still, it is going to have to do better than that to catch up to the Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii (which… Read More

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