• Fug City: Toshiba Enters Gaming Keyboard Market

    Anyone want to take a stab at what kind of drugs Toshiba was doing at the R&D lab when they thought up this product? Anyone? This “gaming keyboard” from Toshiba is the company’s first and hopefully its last. Sporting 55-keys and a circular design, the keyboard is supposedly called “Wolverine” even though it doesn’t look a thing like the X-Man. Designed… Read More

  • EU Trains to Get Broadband

    Lucky dirty hippies! Now all those with a EURail pass, courtesy of mom and dad in Connecticut, and raging herpes, courtesy of Paulo in Madrid, can hop on the train in Paris and surf, surf, surf all the way to Amsterdam on Thalys rail. The system uses GPRS and UMTS along with Wi-Fi to offer standard Internet connectivity, even at 300km/h (5,000,000 mph, in U.S. units.) Read More

  • The AudioFile: iPod Touch-Up

    Now you can surf the Web, watch YouTube videos, and get over-the-air downloads on your iPod. Other portable media players out there do similar things, but are they catching on? Not even close, at least in the US. But a few from the likes of Microsoft, Archos, and SanDisk offer up some interesting tricks that are just screaming for inclusion in the iPod touch. Read More

  • Sony Gives 9-year-old Hero A PS3

    Matty Lovo is the coolest kid out there. When his father passed out behind the wheel of his big rig (gotta use that NO-DOZE!) and death was rapidly approaching, Matty took both their lives into his hands, single-handedly calling for help over a C.B. radio and driving at the same time. The boy was all over news channels and he told his father publicly that he wanted a PS3. Not too much to ask… Read More

  • Berg Insight Sees Future of Mobile Maps

    Berg Insight, a company that provides analytical services and business intelligence to the telecom industry, predicts growth in mobile navigation services. These services are to be driven by GPS-technology in smartphone handsets and the bundling of navigation and map content with mobile devices and service plans. Revenue from subscriptions and advertisement is expected to grow at nearly 40%… Read More

  • Photoshop Express Screenshot Surfaces

    Photoshop World attendees were treated with a short demo of Adobe’s Photoshop Express the other day and the limited feedback going around seems to be very positive. As you’d expect from the name it wouldn’t be replacing any of the Adobe imaging products you’ve grown to love over the years, rather, it’s meant to appeal to the masses. John Nack had this to say about… Read More

  • The USB Penguin Mouse Makes You Hollaback

    ::sung to the tune of Fabolous – Holla Back Youngin':: Yo check it
    I’m back with the dope flow
    and I’ll give you some info, if ya really wanna know Penguin
    Focused and clear
    Scrollwheel for a nose and a look that’s fierce Rollin
    Over to the iceberg
    Slip my man a fish and I’m in through the back door No worries
    Optical USB
    Wanna see a polar bear swimmin in tha… Read More

  • Pioneer BDP-95FD Blu-ray Player Does All Next-Gen Audio Formats

    Pioneer used the CEDIA trade show to show off for the first time its latest high-end Blu-ray player, the BDP-95FD. This one’s for the audio aficionados as it’s the first Blu-ray player that works with all four next-gen audio formats (Dolby TruHD, Dolby Digital+, DTS-HD High Resolution and DTS-HD Master Audio). Four next-gen sound formats, yours for $1,000 when the player hits… Read More

  • Bang & Olufsen Beo5 Remote Control: Far More Than Volume, Channel +-

    Bang & Olufsen, one of the more oddly named CE companies out there, has a pretty nifty looking remote control ready for you to think about buying. It’s called the Beo5 and it ships from the factory with no features. Yup, it’s a blank slate. It’s up to you, consumer, to decide what features you want in the remote. In practice I have no idea what that means. I do, however… Read More

  • ShrinkMyTunes Squeezes Your MP3s, Doubles iPod Storage

    One of the many concerns I have with the iPod touch is its paltry 16GB of storage space. A British company has addressed this concern: all I have to do ignore a drastic loss in sound quality. Z Group’s ShrinkMyTunes is a Windows-only (for now) application that claims to half the size of MP3s by stripping away parts of the song you’re unlikely to notice. It’s like… Read More

  • Europe's Seedcamp winners announced

    The winners of Seedcamp, the new incubator-style event for European startups, have been announced. In an extraordinary decision the 36 judges (made up of Seedcamp investors including nine of Europe’s top VCs, mentors and Seedcamp board) have decided to fund not five but six of the companies out of the original 20. They are (in no particular order): “Project… Read More

  • ArtFlock aims to disrupt gallery monopoly

    SEEDCAMP COVERAGE: The global art market is worth around $1 trillion a year, but just like the global music market it is ripe for disruption. Just as in music, there are many artists struggling both for recognition and to make a living from their vocation. But art galleries traditionally charge a whopping 40% commission on sales, and with fierce competition for physical space, it’s not… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Meta Edition

    Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Review
    Samsung Sentry Robot: Come and Get Me, Bastards!
    Wacom Introduces New Intuos3 Tablets
    Microsoft: Everybody On The Bus? Good, Great, Grand!
    NoPoPo Batteries Run Off Liquids Read More

  • TagMore monetises mobile 'barcodes'

    SEEDCAMP COVERAGE: In Japan and South Korea it is so common now for people to whip out their cell phones and use the camera to connect to online content from a newspaper or magazine that it is no longer commented on. This wave of adoption has yet to go mainstream in Europe or the US, but plenty of companies are trying to get in early before consumers arrive. The technology – not… Read More

  • Welcome back to TechCrunch UK & Ireland

    Well, we’re cranking up the blogging engine here again. My name is Mike Butcher and some readers may know me from a while back when I helped launch this site for the first time late last year. I’m delighted to say that – following a hiatus – TechCrunch has decided to show its firm commitment to this market by re-launching here and, for my part, it’s great to… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Thank You For Coming To Our London Party

    The party is over, and TechCrunch UK & Ireland has officially relaunched with Mike Butcher as our editor-in-chief. Thank you to everyone who attended, the sponsors, and Robert Loch, who donated his penthouse flat for the event. Now, let’s get on with some tech and startup news, shall we? Read More

  • Breast Isn't Best On Facebook

    A dispute is erupting between breast feeding activists (known as “lactivists”) and Facebook over pictures of breast feeding on Facebook. Facebook has taken down pictures of users breast feeding, and has even gone as far as banning users completely on the basis that the pictures constitute “obscene content.” Suffice to say the lactivists aren’t the least bit… Read More

  • Adobe's Online Image Editor Previewed

    Right on schedule, Adobe previews an online version of its ubiquitous Photoshop tool, to be called Photoshop Express. Adobe isn’t saying much, other than to point out that it is not a Photoshop replacement but rather “a new member of the Photoshop family that’s meant to make Adobe imaging technology immediately accessible way to large numbers of people.” Either way… Read More

  • Netscape Digg Clone Is Kaput

    We’ve known about it for weeks (despite Netscape’s claims that our post was innacurate), but now it’s confirmed: AOL has announced the end of Netscape as a social news portal. In a statement, Tom Drapeau spun the decision as being AOL listening to its customers and as part of their “desire to better serve our community.” On the decision itself, Drapeau stated: … Read More

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