• Duke Nukem Forever "sometime this year," plus original on XBLA

    We have a date! Well, not a date, but at least a release year. 3D Realms President Scott Miller said they were “talking to Microsoft about getting a release slot sometime this year.” Let’s hope DNF doesn’t pull a Daikatana. If you can’t wait for the next generation, maybe you’ll settle for the last. It’s popping onto XBLA with a co-op mode (score). I… Read More

  • The Hip Office: Hip isn't an adjective here, people

    [photopress:stretch.jpg,full,center] Monotonous sitting in front of computer provokes serious health damages! Yes it does! Or so says, er, somebody at HK-Ergonomics, the pastel-colored manufacturer of this innovative belt-like laptop stand thing. It doesn’t look very stable, but we like the overall idea. I’m going to try to get one of these for NAB, so I can walk and blog at the… Read More

  • T-Mobile Shadow gets updated today

    Today, the T-mo Shadow is getting an update that unlocks a couple new features that include an audio postcard function, free music/ringtones from various movies and wallpaper downloads. The myFaves menu is also said to be enhanced with improved text entry. Said ringtones are from Top Gun, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and School of Rock. You can get two full length tracks, ringtones and… Read More

  • Want to see the new Lego Star Wars kits? Sure you do!

    [photopress:swlegos.jpg,full,left]If you’re a regular reader of this site, chances are good that you like Star Wars. And like Legos. And like Star Wars legos. So why not head over to T3 and take a look at the forthcoming Lego Star Wars kits coming out this year? You can thank us later. New Star Wars Lego: Video and exclusive pics [T3] Read More

  • Rumor: Is Google About to Buy Bebo For $1 Billion To $1.5 Billion? Or Will it Be MySpace?

    An unconfirmed rumor has surfaced that either Google or MySpace is about to announce a big $1 billion to $1.5 billion acquisition in the social space. After checking around with multiple industry sources, we’ve concluded that if the rumor is true the most likely candidate is Bebo, which we are told is raising capital and simultaneously shopping itself around again. We put the chances… Read More

  • Bungie sorta hints at its next non-Halo game: 'totally different,' 'pretty cool'

    [photopress:bungiewhat_1.jpg,full,right] Microsoft and Bungie separated last October, but there had been no indication what kind of non-Halo game (or games) Bungie planned to develop. Today that’s still sorta the case, but we do know that the game will be “pretty cool.” In the latest Bungie podcast, company staff said that the new game will be something “totaly… Read More

  • Helio drops price of unlimited plan, again

    Helio has once again dropped the price of their unlimited plan down to $99 from $145. You know the drill. Now drop on by your nearest store and take advantage while you can. The Ocean and Mysto are great choices in case you needed some advice on a handset. Helio Read More

  • Two Sony Ericsson handsets leaked

    Days ahead of MWC come more leaks and this time from the Sony Ericsson camp. Codenamed Alona and Bei Bei, the former looks to stir things up with a radical design. Ok, maybe not so radical, but it’s pretty cool looking for a clamshell from SE. The outer cover features touch sensitive controls music controls and display that give you all the normal vitals you’d find on any other device. Read More

  • The random endorsement: The New York Football Giants

    [photopress:endorse020608.jpg,full,right] Watch this video first. Listen to the words, man. /me Clears throat.
    /sings 18 and 0 (18 and 0) one more to go (one more to go), SuperBoooooooooowl. Patriots fans no doubt heard that song a few times between when they beat the Chargers to clinch the AFC and Sunday night. Too bad they’ll now have sing, 18 and one (18 and one) what have we done… Read More

  • Mario Kart Wii features update

    Awesome. Mario Kart on the SNES is, as far as I am concerned, one of the best games ever made. I still play it regularly even though the computer players cheat flagrantly. Since then it has appeared in various forms, though perhaps none as hotly anticipated as the Wii version. It’s just hitting on the other side of the water (the Japanese side) so we’ll be hearing more about it soon. Read More

  • Claim: Percolators make better coffee than drip machines, should be celebrated

    [photopress:percolater.jpg,full,center] When one of my older relatives gave me a percolator as a gift last summer, I literally had to Google what the hell the thing was. You put the water where? Does the coffee go in out or, do you have to shake it all about? If so, for how long? I eventually got the hang of it, but then instantly switched over to a regular, drip machine a few weeks later. Read More

  • WAYN pimps credit card to users

    Social travel network WAYN is to offer a branded pre-pay credit card financed by Tuxedo Money Solutions. The card will be available to its 10.8m users who often start out as backpackers. VIP members will get the WAYN Lifestyle Card for free as part of their membership package, others will have to pay £9.95. Clearly WAYN will get a cut every time someone signs up to the card. This… Read More

  • Stealth mode Smarta aims at entrepreneurs

    Smarta, a site aimed at entrepreneurs, has launched a ‘taster’ version and plans a full launch some time later this year. It is backed by BrightStation Foundation, the “social” arm of the BrightStation Ventures investment vehicle set up by Dan Wagner and Shaa Wamund. So far it consists mainly of supportive sounding promotional videos by entrepreneurs, some of whom… Read More

  • Sneak a download of the NGage platform for S60, guv'nuh?

    [photopress:nokia_n95_8gb.JPG,full,center] Remember the NGage? For those who don’t, it was Nokia’s (yes, we know it’s Nokia day today) idea to combine a Gameboy-like device and a cellphone. While the concept was sound, the final product sucked. Badly. It was expensive, underpowered, hard to use, and ugly as sin. But NGage is back, this time as a game platform for… Read More

  • Wi-Fi sharing app for S60 surfaces

    [photopress:TMobile_HotSpot.jpg,full,center] We’ve heard of tools like this for Windows Mobile, in fact we used one to liveblog the Bill Gates keynote at CES, but this is the first time a Wi-Fi sharing app for smartphones has hit a Symbian phone. If your S60-powered phone has Wi-Fi, you can now use it as an access point for all of your Wi-Fi-epuipped devices. Install the app and run it… Read More

  • Russian search ad market booms

    Europe: The contextual advertising market in Russia is worth $225 million. According to iConText the market has grown over two and a half times since 2006. Yandex, the Russian search engine and one of the biggest Russian Web portals online since 1997, could account for 64% of the market , accounting for $145 million. If you’re in the search ads market then it might be interesting to… Read More

  • Asus saving the world again with energy-efficient mobo

    Asus has some green ambitions. Last time it was bamboo laptops, now it’s power-saving mobos. Their P5E3 Premium mobo has all the features you’d want in a good motherboard (I can’t see how many SATA slots though) in addition to a new hardware power monitor that is said to increase energy efficiency by up to 50% and reduce consumption by up to 80%. Big claims for an as-yet… Read More

  • Nokia's N82 is real, and ready for pre-order

    [photopress:n82_tar.jpg,full,center] For those who like their phones black and sexy and powerful, there’s the Nokia N82. It’s been rumored for awhile, but the latest addition to the N-series is real, it’s shipping soon, and is badass. The Wi-Fi, GPS, and 3G GSM phone is running S60 over Symbian, has a 5-Megapixel camera with Xenon flash, and looks amazing. $630, but good to go… Read More

  • Something about discounts on MacBook Airs, we think

    I am a writer. I write in the English language, one that I can also speak quite well. In summarizing this post on the UK’s T3, which I believe is about a way to get a discount MacBook Air if you sign up for a year’s worth of broadband, I’m lost. A tasty quote: The discount is £250, so 100 nicker less than it could be, but it does bring Apple’s size zero newbie down… Read More

  • Review: Razer/THX Mako 2.1

    If there’s one single gadget out there that I’ve been longing to review this year it’s the 2.1 speaker system from Razer. We caught a glimpse of them at last year’s CES and then there were teases that it would be out towards the end of last year, which never came about, but we’re getting much closer. You can pre-order now on Amazon and I’ve heard whispers… Read More

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