• PDA devices temporarily banned from UK theme park, public displays of affection are still legal

    I’m not familiar with the Alton Towers Resort theme park, but if this little kid dressed as a cop says that PDAs aren’t allowed for the next week, then I’ll be damned if I’m going to argue. The park is enforcing the no PDA rule from today, the 25th, until next Sunday, June 1st, in order to “encourage parents to disconnect from the office and reconnect fully with… Read More

  • Vudu being tested in 24 California Best Buy stores

    In what appears to be a test to see how well the set-top movie rental box can sell in a mainstream retail store, Best Buy is now selling Vudu in 24 of its California locations, according to Video Business. The goal is to raise mainstream interest for Vudu, say sources, which is currently at a disadvantage to bigger-branded rival Apple TV… …At some of the Best Buy locations, the… Read More

  • Live coverage of Phoenix Mars Lander at 6:00 PM EST

    NASA’s latest Mars explorer, Phoenix, is set to land on the Red Planet tonight at just before 8:00 PM Eastern. There will be live coverage on the NASA TV web site starting at 6:00 PM Eastern. Phoenix is being sent to Mars’ north pole to search for what appears to be subsurface liquid water. According to the mission overview, the four main goals are; — Determine whether Life… Read More

  • Slow News Day: Here are some babies puking

    While I look for some provocative technology news items on this holiday Sunday, please enjoy a series of babies throwing up. The one at 34 seconds is mesmerizing. Read More

  • Sprint responds to 5GB Bandwidth cap woes

    Following our story on Sprint’s decision to cap their mobile broadband packages at 5GB of bandwidth per month, Sprint sent over an email in hopes of clarifying things a bit. Straight from the email: The vast majority of current users (about 99.5%) shouldn’t be affected. Whether it’s the 300 MB roaming limit or the 5GB limit on total data usage, that’s enough data to… Read More

  • PR Secrets for Startups

    Editor’s Note: At a time when anyone can broadcast their opinions about your startup to the world, public relations requires a new level of engagement on the part of companies and entrepreneurs. But what are the new rules of PR? Guest author Brian Solis, who earlier this month wrote a post for us on the evolution of the press release, explains how public relations has changed and… Read More

  • The Importance Of A Competitive Search Market

    Is Microsoft’s vision to compete in search and reinvent itself as an advertising company nothing more than an attempt to get back into its familiar position as Top Gun? Should Microsoft, Google and everyone else just give up on search and outsource to Google? That’s what Tim O’Reilly argues in a blog post today, and I don’t think he could be more wrong. O’Reilly… Read More

  • Free Live Online TV Streams

    Most television studios have caught up with the web and made their shows available online, either with their own websites or with an aggregate effort such as Hulu. However most studios are still far away from offering live television online, leaving web users having to revert to an alternative means to source live TV web feeds. TVChannelsFree is a website that has aggregated live streaming… Read More

  • HTC TyTN II gets Windows Mobile 6.1 and performance update

    HTC rolled out an update this morning for European TyTN II devices, bumping them up to WinMo 6.1 and making some tweaks for the sake of display performance. No word yet when the update will come stateside for AT&T Tilt owners, but European TyTN owners can grab the update over at HTC’s download site. It’s not the supposed hardware acceleration enabling driver many users are… Read More

  • Given Internet alternatives, why do people still pay for cable TV?

    Flickr’d Why do you still pay for cable TV? That’s what today’s New York Times asks, while noting that as the price of damn near everything increases—food and fuel most notably—so, too, does the price of sitting at home and watching TV. Since 1996, price of a cable TV subscription has risen about 77 percent, to an average of $60 per month. (I pay right around… Read More

  • Akimbo calls it quits

    Remember Akimbo? It’s gone now. The company launched an internet-connected hardware box for your TV a few years ago and charged about $10 a month for a handful of channels, some mainstream. After a while, Akimbo abandoned the hardware aspect and made itself into a software service that you could use with, say, Windows Media Center. I tried it for a very brief period of time and found… Read More

  • Mysterious boatload of something declared by Apple

    We received a mysterious tip in our e-mail inbox from Ryan Peterson at ImportGenius.com that stated the following; Hi, I conducted a comprehensive analysis of Apple’s U.S. customs declarations over the past few months, and detected a massive surge–188 containers–of a new product never before imported by the company.  Given the dwindling stocks of the current generation, and… Read More

  • Blame FriendFeed

    Robert Scoble. Blame FriendFeed. Steve Rubel. Blame FriendFeed. The Shel puppet. Blame FriendFeed. Dave Winer. Blame FriendFeed. Etc. FriendFeed is a parasite service built on the back of Twitter. Let’s get this straight. No Twitter, no FriendFeed. Want to kill FriendFeed, as I certainly do? Cut off its oxygen. Take a page from Facebook’s incompetent UnFriend Connect gambit and… Read More

  • 'Guitar Hero: World Tour' gets priced at GameStop

    We’ve finally got some pricing details for the full band kit — guitar, drums, microphone — of the Guitar Hero: World Tour release on October 27th. The Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii versions will cost $189.99 for the full kit, while the PS2 version will cost $179.99. The guitar-only kit will cost $99 across the board. The $189 full-kit price is about $10 more expensive than Rock… Read More

  • 'Hop-On' with a $10 pre-paid cell phone

    I’ll let you in on a boring little secret: I don’t own my own cell phone. Due to my job as reviews editor, I rely on using demo phone after demo phone and have a Grand Central number that I forward to whatever device I happen to be using at the time. The system’s worked out well so far, but I know there will come a point in time — a perfect storm, if you will —… Read More

  • FriendFeed Still Has a Lot of Killing to Do

    With Twitter down all the time, the super-early adopters are getting frustrated and looking to FriendFeed as their salvation. Duncan (over at Inquisitr now) argues that it is time for FriendFeed to kill Twitter. And Jason Kaneshiro at Webomatica already has FriendFeed Fever. He thinks it can not only replace Twitter, but also Facebook, Google Reader, and Digg! FriendFeed certainly has a lot… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: International Locust Pong Edition

    Video: Jumping locust robot
    Telectroscope ‘telescope’: From London, look at New York
    Infectious: Custom stickers for your car
    Video: Beer Pong for the Wii
    Hunt ghosts with the Baketan 2 cell phone fob Read More

  • Facebook Platform, One Year Later

    Today marks the one-year anniversary of the release of Facebook Platform. We figured it would be a fitting time to take a look at what the platform promised, what it’s delivered, and where it’s going in the future. The summary: Facebook Platform has been a victim of its own success, offering an unparalleled distribution platform that has appealed to both tens of thousands of… Read More

  • App-specific, Apple-specific, colorful keyboard skins

    These rubber skins fit snugly on your keyboard and have all the app-specific stuff printed right on. It’s questionable whether the things are that useful, although they most certainly are cool. After all, if you have already learned the shortcuts in Aperture or Photoshop that you use the most, you don’t need the skin. And if you haven’t learned them, then once you do… Read More

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