• Don’t Text And Drive, Let Your Virtual Assistant Answer For You

    Well it seems obvious enough that texting while driving is a bad thing, it takes tragic events like the one last week to really bring the point home. The best rule of thumb should be to keep the thumbs on the steering wheel at all times, and avoid even touching the mobile handset. But since a lot of people aren’t going to listen to this advice, we figured we try and recommend an… Read More

  • Woohoo! Simpsons Mobile Game on the Way

    With just over a week until The Simpsons Movie arrives in theaters few details of the script have yet leaked. But what has finally been confirmed is that a game from EA Mobile is on the way. The Simpsons: Minutes to Meltdown is actually now available on Jamster and T-Mobile in the U.K., but rumors are circulating that an American version is on the way. In the game you play as Homer and can… Read More

  • Speech-to-Text App for Mobile

    As someone who learned to type in elementary school the idea of “texting” is just foreign to me. I prefer to use all my fingers to compose a message and devices that have keys share letters can be downright frustrating. But if I could speak a message and then send it as text I’d be very happy indeed. Well, VoiceSignal has heard me loud and clear it seems. The company has… Read More

  • O2 To Ditch i-mode

    Forbes is reporting that U.K. carrier O2 will abandon its i-mode service after only being able to sign up 260,000 users to the Internet phone service in the past two years. Additionally, the mobile carrier will not sell any new i-mode-enabled handsets from the end of July, but despite this would continue to support those quarter of million users for the next two years. This technology… Read More

  • Ubisoft Unloads GameLoft

    Ubisoft has left the loft. That’s the word from GameDaily, which is reporting that the French publisher has sold off its 13 million+ shares of mobile company Gameloft. Despite this the two will continue to collaborate on future titles. Last week Ubisoft sold 13,367,923 shares in the company to Calvon Crédit Agricole Group’s Corporate and Investment Bank. Under the terms of the… Read More

  • NBC Inks Deal with Alltel

    You’ll be able to watch your favorite content from NBC Universal on mobile handsets from Alltel Wireless. mocoNews is reporting that NBC Unversal (NBCU) has inked a deal with Alltel, and this will allow the carrier to distribute content from NBCU’s 11 video on-demand channels, along with ringtones, ringbacks and wallpapers via Alltel’s Access data service. Various… Read More

  • Make Your Best Move

    Chess is a game that is fairly easy to learn, can take a lifetime to truly master and really requires a lot of concentration during heated matches. But if you’re more about speed chess and quick games than the upcoming Advanced Karpov 3D Chess for mobile from Hudson Entertainment might be more your speed. This game will feature 3D graphics with multiple camera angles, along with a… Read More

  • StupidVideos.com Mobilizes Content

    YouTube recently began a beta of its mobile site. StupidVideos.com is now making its more than 25K user-generated videos available to a mobile audience. StupidVideos.com, a division of PureVideo Networks, hopes to attract existing users of the site, as well as new consumers who discover the mobile Web site. The mobile site is built by Quattro Wireless, a company that creates adaptive mobile… Read More

  • The iPhone is Like a Big Chocolate Milkshake and a Hug From Mom

    http://www.podtech.net/player/podtech-player.swf?bc=6fb4d4539470456aaf18e7169f6098c1 [rant]I think this video from Senor Scoble explains essentially what Apple products are about: emotion. As you watch this nice lady from XEODesign talk about emotion in iPhone gaming, you kind of understand why PCs don’t have the same rabid fan base as Macs. As I said back during the Vista launch… Read More

  • Cowon iAudio 7: Audiophile's Mini-Dream?

    Gadgetaholic likes them some Cowon iAudio devices and this latest version, the iAudio 7, is making them very, very happy. It is a mini player that improves and enhances audio with on-board audio improvement technologies along with a 60 hour battery life. It has a 160×128 TFT screen for video playback and line-in for recording. It can also display images and supports just about every… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Greetings and whatnot from the land of milk and komments. Here are some funny sounding-offs from recent posts. John offers his take on the idea of hand gestures replacing your remote control… Great. I pump my fist because my team scores a TD and it shuts off. Joy. John, you’re crazy man. Keep on keeping on. Become a Vikings fan and your TV will stay on all season. Hay-oh! Johnal… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bowling Bots Edition

    Sims Bowling Released For iPod
    Soundwave: Behind the Music
    Vending Machine Red Is Jawsome
    Uvex Uses Magic To Keep You Safe On The Slopes
    Nintendo’s Harrison Says Game Boy On Its Way Out Read More

  • Data Stolen in 2005 Affects 27,000 Kingston Customers

    Some 27,000 Kingston Technology customers have just found out that their personal data may have been compromised back in September of 2005. This data includes names, addresses, and credit card numbers but it is not believed to have been misused in any way yet. Kingston has apparently contacted the aforementioned customers and is offering them credit monitoring and identity theft assistance… Read More

  • Jupiter Media Acquires Mediabistro.com For $23million

    Jupiter Media has acquired Mediabistro.com for $23million, consisting of $20million in cash upfront and an additional $3million over 2 years. New York based Mediabistro.com was started in 1996 by Laurel Touby as a media industry focused jobs website. In recent years Mediabistro.com has grown into a network of sites that includes well known titles such as the Fishbowl (NY,LA & DC) blogs… Read More

  • Eventful On CNN

    Good exposure for startup Eventful on CNN tonight: Read More

  • Will The FTC Block Google's Acquisition Of DoubleClick?

    Scott Cleland, an analyst at the Washington, D.C. based telecom research group Prescursor has published a 35 page paper “Googleopoly: the Google-DoubleClick Anti-Competitive Case”. The paper argues that the US Federal Trade Commission will block Google’s $3.5 billion acquisition of DoubleClick on the basis that it will allow “Google to dominate online advertising… Read More

  • Redfin Takes $12 Million Series C Financing Amid Realtor War

    Seattle-based Redfin, a real estate website that allows users to bypass most of the fees associated with using real estate brokers, has closed a $12 million Series C round of financing. This is on top of the approximately $8 million they raised in their previous two rounds. The round was led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Previous investors Madrona Venture Group, Vulcan Capital, BEV Capital and… Read More

  • coComment Version 2: Free Invites For TechCrunch Readers

    A new version of coComment, the online conversation tracking platform is being prepared for launch. The new version includes a stronger emphasis on community and groups, moving away from strictly being a blog conversation tracking tool to one that in centered on topics, in a not dissimilar way to Tangler. coComment 2.0 expands its sharing capabilities, by providing the ability to join other… Read More

  • SunRocket Customers Fret Not, Vonage To The Rescue

    Vonage has come to the rescue to ensure those VoIP customers burned by SunRocket’s closure can retain their number by switching to Vonage and they’re doing it for free. If you choose to switch, which is probably a good idea because informing all your friends of your new number is a royal pain in the butt, then you get two months of free service. There’s a catch, right? You… Read More

  • ScreamingSports: All Your Fantasy Sports, One Place

    There’s only one other group online as obsessive about constant feeds of information aside from Silicon Valley’s power geeks, and that’s sports fans. Geeks have RSS, sports fans have SMS. Tech heads have podcasts to their highlight reels. Fans have even spurred the development of their own kind of virtual world, the $2 billion cottage fantasy sports industry. There are a host… Read More

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