• Next Target for Subvert and Profit: StumbleUpon

    Controversy surrounds social media rigger Subvert and Profit. The service, which helps advertisers get on the front page of Digg, has been a thorn in the side of the service and the bane of many of Digg’s users. Subvert and Profit, like User/Submitter and Spike the Vote, pays users for digging stories in the hope that they’ll make the front page. For the service, they charge… Read More

  • Microsoft Reclusa Quick Look

    Just got the Microsoft/Razer Reclusa in to play with and I’m happy to report it looks pretty cool. It has backlit keys and a full set of programmable keys up and down the sides for macros and other functions. There are two dials, one for volume and one programmable one and the key size and response time isn’t killer but it feels much quicker than my Apple keyboard, so… Read More

  • Tivoli Audio NetWorks Go Prototype

    A l33t tipster just sent us a note about the Tivoli Audio NetWorks Go, some sort of portable Internet radio that seems to support FM and streaming WiFi. It looks pretty slick, especially knowing it comes from Tivoli, the folks who make radios look like art. She reports: the little black one I sent you is a prototype of the Tivoli Audio NetWorks Go
    portable, rechargeable radio–gets about… Read More

  • The iPhone Tour: I Give Up

    Please don’t hate us, Mike. See, reader Mike emailed me asking us to stop talking about the iPhone. But we can’t. We really can’t. It’s taken over the entire news cycle. Everyone is afraid of the iPhone and they won’t launch anything to compete for it. Imagine releasing, I don’t know, a fairly cool sci-fi movie the same week Star Wars 7: Attack of George… Read More

  • HD DVD Backers Says "So What" To Blockbuster's Support of Blu-ray

    Universal Studios, which exclusively supports HD DVD, basically thumbed its nose at Blockbuster in its response to the rental chain’s decision to favor Blu-ray. A marketing manager for Universal said that rental income from places like Blockbuster only brings in less than one percent of its revenue. No big loss, in other words. So much for the predictions of it being the end of the world… Read More

  • Digg PC: The Ultimate Fanboy Case Mod

    We know you love finding great tech news and reading insightful comments on the web, so we can venture a guess you’re already familiar with Digg. If you wanted to show your appreciation for Kevin Rose and his posse, you’d build a huge Digg-logo case mod like this fanboy did. Very cool? Absolutely. Waste of time? Quite possibly. The Digg PC [Red Ferret] Read More

  • Digital Cowboy MP3-Playing Sunglasses: Yup, You'll Look Like a Jerk

    Who wants to look like a complete creep this summer? If you wear these Digital Cowboy MP3-playing HX-01 sunglasses not only should you be punched in the face for being a tool, but you should be forced to forfeit your right to vote and pursue happiness. OK, it has 1GB of built-in memory, great. So does an iPod shuffle or any number of other, normal DAPs. The lack of AAC support is also a… Read More

  • The Carpet Alarm Clock: Go Ahead, Step On It

    For those dreaded weekday mornings is this mat alarm clock. It employs a similar tactic as Clocky: in order to shut it off, you need to get out of bed. Once you step on it, the alarm shuts off and you’re ready to seize the day. It seems easy enough to produce, so hopefully it’ll actually will. Stand Up To Wake Up, Simple As That [Yanko Design] Read More

  • Brothers In Arms DS Gameplay Video

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=20836 I don’t know much about this video other than it’s part of the Brothers in Arms series of video games. Those graphics look absolutely sick though for the Nintendo DS. Gameplay doesn’t look half bad either. Makes me want to buy a DS again! Brothers In Arms DS: Whoah [Kotaku] Read More

  • AT&T To Impose Early Cancellation Charge On iPhone

    Thinking about getting an iPhone, unlocking it, then jetting across the street to T-Mobile? Better think twice before doing that friend, ’cause AT&T is out to nail you with a hefty fine for backing out of your agreement with them. Despite the iPhone not being a subsidized item for AT&T, the company still will charge you $175 for terminating your contract early. Sucky, I… Read More

  • Electronics Retailers Owned By Burglars

    Seems over in Tulsa, OK, burglaries are all the rage. Local electronics retailers like Best Buy and Office Depot have been hit by precision robbers who leave no evidence or fingerprints behind whatsoever. According to the report, the thieves hit up a local Best Buy by cutting holes in the roof, entering the store on rope lines, and disabling the security system. They then ransacked the place… Read More

  • La Fontenna Extends Range Of FON Wireless Goodness

    This is simple really: FON lets you share your wireless Internet connection with FON community members (called Foneros) and in return you get to hop on any other member’s wireless connection free of charge, anywhere in the world. The La Fonera is the specially designed $39.95 Wi-Fi access point that lets you securely share your wireless connection. The $19.95 Lafontenna is a… Read More

  • Manhunt 2 'Temporarily Suspended' in Response to Ban, AO Rating

    Take Two has “temporarily suspended” Manhunt 2 in response to the game’s ban in the UK and AO rating here in the U.S. The game was supposed to come out on July 10, but its publisher had to shelve it in order to “review its options.” While I’m personally opposed to games that feature such wanton violence—oh, excuse me, art—I definitely feel for… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Fave Sub-$1K Audio Gear

    Yeah, the holidays are nowhere in sight and neither is my Capricornian birthday, but I’ve got the summer shopping bug — y’know, Christmas in July and all that. I don’t pull down six figures or anything (hey, I live in Brooklyn, not the O.C.), but I’ve got a decent budget to work with. So here are ten audio-tastic items that get my salivary glands lubed up in a… Read More

  • Impressive Inventions from High Schoolers

    Ever wish you could invent something that could change the world? Twenty teams of high schoolers from around the country are living that dream. Each team has received a grant (up to $10,000) from the Lemelson-MIT Program to take their inventions from concept to finished product. One of the ideas I really like is the fire-fighting grenade by Acton-Boxborough Regional High School (Acton, MA). Read More

  • iPhone Will Have Advanced Security Features

    After the iPod gained popularity a few years back, thieves started taking advantage of the white earbuds to target iPod users for a robbery. It still remains a problem in most major cities and now with the iPhone almost out, we may have another problem with theft on our hands. Thankfully, Apple kept this in mind and a recent patent filing reveals more information related to the… Read More

  • Cablevision to Add 500 High-Def Channels By End of Year

    Being a Cablevision subscriber, the news that the company will be able to offer more than 500 high-definition channels by the end of the year should make me happy. At least that’s what the company said yesterday, and that it will add 15 new high-def channels by next week, bringing its total to 40. Is this announcement in response to pressure from rival telecos like Verizon and Comcast? Read More

  • Yahoo is a Go

    Yahoo! Go 2.0 today launched in the United States and has gone beta in 13 countries. The 2.0 technology is designed to enhance the mobile Internet. “People want easy access to the Internet on their mobile phones (and) we believe that Yahoo! Go will be a catalyst for broader adoption of the mobile Internet,” said Marco Boerries, executive vice president of Yahoo’s Connected… Read More

  • Q&A: Novarra Responds to Mobile Web Issues

    After we posted about Novarra’s partnership with Vodafone to power their mobile Internet services, critics of Novarra’s transcoding application – including Kevin McCloskey of MobileAware – charge that the technology is a common denominator solution that “often destroys the look and feel of a company’s website, thereby diminishing their corporate brand… Read More

  • mPoria Integrates PayPal

    mPoria, a provider of mobile commerce solutions for retailers and service providers, has teamed with PayPal in order to integrate the latter’s automated mobile payment system with their GoMobile m-commerce platform. Dan Wright, mPoria’s CEO and co-founder, believes the integration will “offer easy and secure checkout capabilities to one of the largest and most active… Read More

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