• CrunchGear Week in Review: Dream Thrum Edition

    New high-tech anti-snoring pillow from Japan
    Video: Jumping locust robot
    Light-emitting glass? Sure, why not?
    Munny Figures: Because speakers are people, too
    Rejoice! Rolly now available at U.S. Sony stores Read More

  • It's Time To Rethink Copyright Law

    There was more posturing today in the big YouTube-Viacom copyright showdown that began around the time that Google acquired YouTube and started talking to big copyright holders about paying them to get their content legally onto the popular video site. It spun out of control from there until it became a billion dollar lawsuit. Normally I’m on the side of whoever’s against the… Read More

  • Monsoon Multimedia to announce HAVA player for S60 tomorrow

    Tomorrow at the S60 Summit in Barcelona, Monsoon Multimedia will be announcing and demonstrating an application that will allow S60 users to connect to HAVA units back home to view and control their home TVs from their mobile handsets. Wondering what the heck a HAVA is, or how to get access to the S60 beta client?
    Read the rest of this entry at MobileCrunch >> Read More

  • As iPhone Second Coming Approaches, Pelago Adds To Its War Chest

    Last November, we reviewed the first product from Seattle-based startup Pelago – a mobile mapping service called Whrrl meant for sharing reviews of places and events with friends. Whrrl feels very much like a dormant technology that, like other mobile apps, has the potential to explode after the new iPhone – both in terms of software and hardware – gets unleashed next… Read More

  • iPowerJacket protects and charges your iPhone

    This interesting accessory appears to be a case with a built-in secondary battery/dock combo that recharges your iPhone. The product’s web site is scant on details and the contact page says “We are looking for distributors for the United States and Europe,” so it’s tough to tell if and when you’d be able to buy one of these iPowerJackets. UPDATE: Apparently you… Read More

  • Facebook To Open Source Facebook Platform

    Sometime soon, perhaps this week, Facebook will turn the year-old Facebook Platform into an open source project, multiple sources have told us. The immediate effect will be to allow any social network to become Facebook Platform compatible – meaning application developers can easily take their Facebook applications and have them run on those social networks, too. Bebo already licenses… Read More

  • The Seeds Of a Good Idée: TinEye Image Search (500 Invites)

    Image search is a hard problem. That is especially true when you are searching with no information other than the image itself (no tags, titles, or descriptions, just the photo). I’ve seen my fair share of image search demos, and they usually promise far more than they deliver. But last week, I finally saw one that deserves the name. It is called TinEye. The first 500 readers to send… Read More

  • Monsoon Multimedia to announce HAVA player for S60 tomorrow

    Tomorrow at the S60 Summit in Barcelona, Monsoon Multimedia will be announcing and demonstrating an application that will allow S60 users to connect to HAVA units back home to view and control their home TVs from their mobile handsets. Like the perhaps more commonly known Slingbox, a HAVA allows you to “place-shift” your TV. By connecting to your unit back home, you can watch all… Read More

  • Video: Awesome Super Mario World level set to music!

    Yesterday, Doug posted a video set to music of babies puking on themselves, each other, and other people. Fantastic stuff, right? Here’s another video set to music, though this one’s a little weirder. Someone with far, far too much time on their hands created a gianormous level of Super Mario World where the game objects, when encountered, go along almost perfectly with the song… Read More

  • Samsung announces ultra speedy 256 GB SSD

    Oh, solid state drives — How fast they grow. Just four months ago, Samsung took pride in announcing a 128 GB SSD. Before that one has even hit the shelves, they’ve gone and one-upped themselves by announcing a 256 GB SSD, with breakneck sequential read/write speeds of 200 MB/s and 160 MB/s respectively. The drives should start trickling off the line sometime around September, but… Read More

  • MediaScrape Wants A Word With Our Readers

    We wrote about Montreal, Canada based MediaScrape last month when they announced a $3.2 million round of financing. In the post, Duncan noted some inconsistencies in their funding announcements and questioned their claim to be a “leading online broadcast news network.” Some of the comments to the post were also a bit harsh on the company and founder. Founder Tyler Cavell… Read More

  • McDonalds Japan to offer RFID payment and coupon system

    After almost a year in development, McDonalds Japan and this country’s No. 1 mobile telecommunications company, NTT DoCoMo, presented their new electronic payment and coupon system based on RFID. In order to join the so-called Kazasu Kuupon (“no contact coupon”) program, DoCoMo subscribers are supposed to download an application and register on McDonalds Japan’s mobile… Read More

  • Panasonic robot climbs Grand Canyon cliff

    In order to showcase the power of their recently introduced Evolta batteries, Panasonic let a small robot climb up a 500 meter-cliff at Grand Canyon on Saturday. The Atomboy look-a-like weighs 134 grams and is 17 cm tall. It took the robot precisely 6 hours and 46 minutes to pull off the PR stunt. The little guy was powered by just 2 Panasonic Evolta AA cells while hoisting himself up a rope. Read More

  • Drivemocion

    Yeah, I’m confused too. Read More

  • Old Media Still Needs to Get Over its Control Issues

    The wonderful thing about the Internet is that nobody controls it. And if you can’t control the medium, you can’t control the message. That seems obvious enough in this age 100 million blogs, YouTube, Digg, and Twitter mania. In fact, just this morning I was invited to a Facebook group called End of Control to discuss the issues that arise as control shifts from media companies… Read More

  • Can FON create a worldwide, wireless Internet?

    Ready for worldwide, wireless Internet access? Keep dreaming! You remember FON, right? There’s a small piece in the International Herald Tribune that tries to explain why the hippie-sounding service hasn’t taken off yet. Whereas, to be successful, FON needs millions of users spread around the world, each sharing their Internet connection wirelessly, so far only 830,000 people… Read More

  • New high-tech anti-snoring pillow from Japan

    In case you have a serious problem with snoring during sleep, Tokyo-based furniture maker France Bed now comes to the rescue. The company developed an anti-snoring head pillow which is able to detect and reduce unwanted sounds by vibrating to change the position of the sleeping person’s head. Users can adjust the sensitivity of the Ibiki Makura (snore pillow) to three different… Read More

  • Demo of iPhone Earth

    Want to see what the earth would look like in your iPhone? Watch the video below, which was shot by Frank Taylor of the Google Earth Blog. It shows a demo of the “coolest thing” he saw at the recent Where 2.0 conference from a Boulder-Colorado startup called Earthscape.. The demo is of a mobile application (Earthscape Mobile) in development that puts virtual earth software on… Read More

  • UnLtdWorld has some new features, and I have a suggestion

    UnLtdWorld, the niche social network aimed at social entrepreneurs, is adding a few new features. Among them, the Research Lab feature (which maps social entrepreneurship) now enables members to visualise a breakdown of all statistical data around a specific location and relevant to their personal network. The site will also be releasing a series of APIs to generate mashups with the… Read More

  • PayPal: Ten Days And Counting To Fix Drop Down Menu Bug

    Sometime around May 16 a bug appeared in PayPal’s subscription payments page that stops people from paying if they live in a different country than the site collecting the money. The original complaint and discussion about it are here. More discussion here. We’ve been hearing about it for a few days now, but bugs generally aren’t big news and we don’t cover them except… Read More

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