• Los Disneys: A Game For People Who Hate Disney

    I’ve always been worried that the United States government would someday sell the entire state of Florida to the Walt Disney Company in order to cover the national debt. It feels good to actually be able to talk about it openly now that the game Los Disneys has been re-released after 10 years in hibernation. So to everyone who called me crazy for obsessing about this subject and scolded… Read More

  • Photos Of Sony Ericsson's New Cyber-shot Phone?

    I’m not one to speculate, but this may be a photo of a new Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot camera/phone hybrid with 3x optical zoom. It may or may not be replacing the K850i some day and, who knows, maybe it’ll have a 5-megapixel resolution, too. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the finished version will have some sort of screen, not just a metal plate as shown in… Read More

  • Paramount, Dreamworks Pick HD DVD

    Did I say something about HD DVD being dead this Fall? Bloops. Paramount and Dreamworks have announced they’ve joined the HD DVD camp and that means you’ll see Shrek 3 along with any other film from Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, Paramount Vantage, Nickelodeon Movies and MTV Films. Dude! Ali Larter in her whipped cream bikini in HD DVD! That’s awesome. Blu-ray can… Read More

  • Viacom And NBC Inject Themselves Into Online Video Litigation

    Viacom and NBC aren’t content with suing YouTube and other video sites for copyright infringement – they are also trying to inject their opinions into other lawsuits that they are not otherwise involved in. Last week Viacom and NBC petitioned to file a document known as an Amicus Brief in a little known case between Veoh and an online porn site called IO Group. Amicus briefs are a… Read More

  • New Jabra 3-in-1 Bluetooth Headset

    Laptop speakers, a speaker phone and headphones. That’s the Jabra BT8030. It works via Bluetooth, hence the “BT” part of the model number. You’ll get 32 hours of talk time, 26 hours in speaker mode, 600 hours of standby time and -$235 of readily available cash. That seems like a lot, but hey, I’ve always had trouble trying to meditate in the middle of a subway… Read More

  • Dude Gets Arrested For Pirating The Simpsons Movie On His Mobile

    What’s wrong with people these days and getting arrested for pirating movies? It’s not that hard. Anyways, a 21-year-old male was arrested in Australia under suspicion that he recorded the movie on his mobile phone, which was uploaded to the Net and downloaded more than 3,000 times. This was the first copy to hit the Web and was traced to a home in Sydney. Sucks to be that… Read More

  • IOGEAR Digital Scribe: Insert Something Funny

    IOGEAR’s Digital Scribe may look like an ordinary pen, but it isn’t. Duh. It converts all your doodles and notes into digital text via an ultrasonic transmitter plugged into a USB port, which does its thing with the OCR software on your PC. People who still take handwritten notes will want to pick one of these up. It’s available now for $99.95. Product Page Read More

  • Exclusive: CrunchGear Sneaks a Hands-On with Motorola Q9h

    Yours truly likes Seattle. There are many, many people running around our assorted bars with many, many gadgets that are rumored or upcoming or even ones we think don’t actually exist. This weekend afforded me the chance to play with one such gadget, the Motorola Q9 variant due for AT&T. Read More

  • Canon Adds Two More To A-series

    Are we done yet? No. Crap. Nothing new in the feature department for the two A-series PowerShots that we haven’t already heard about today. The A650 IS is a quirky 12.1-megapixel camera with 6x optical zoom lens, 21 shooting modes, and vari-angle 2.5-inch LCD. Huh? We’ll get to that in a second. The A720 boasts 8-megapixel resolution and shoots VGA video. Read More

  • Refurbished iPhones Hit Apple Store

    Why? Because wtf wants to see another picture of the iPhone? I don’t. Mac Chick Of The Month. It was only a matter of time before refurbished iPhones were going to hit the Apple Store and now they have. Both the 4GB and 8GB models are 100 bucks cheaper, but are they worth purchasing? I suppose they are if you’re a cheapskate bargain shopper. The 4GB is rather tempting for only… Read More

  • UK Gets Xbox 360 Price Drop, Elite This Friday

    UK fanboys on the fence about purchasing a 360 have heard the news they’ve been longing for, price cuts across the board and the debut of the Elite this Friday for our brethren across the pond. The Core system will receive a £20 discount to £179.99 and the 20GB rig gets a £30 reduction to £249.99. That’s it. BTW: If anyone in London wants to show me around while I’m there… Read More

  • When Woz Wuz Young

    Not sure what to make of this commercial featuring the Woz and his fancy new Datsun, but it sure makes me want to buy… I’m not sure what. Apples? Datsuns? via Macenstein Read More

  • "Call Center From Hell:" Disgruntled Call Center Employee Spills All

    Not sure what to make of this missive I found in our comments, but it makes for an interesting read. This guy apparently worked at Audatex Ann Arbor in Michigan and hated every minute of it. The most interesting thing? He was a French speaker and therefore couldn’t go to lunch with the other French speaker because then they would totally blow out the “bi-lingual” calling… Read More

  • InviteShare In The Press

    Associated Press writer Rachel Metz covers InviteShare, the company we acquired last month that lets users get hard-to-find invitations to private betas. I spoke to Rachel a couple of times while she researched the article. She mentions the fact that some startups might not like the fact that InviteShare allows people to bypass the normal invitation mechanisms they set up. But she also gets… Read More

  • Canon's Legion Of ELPHs Increased By Two

    870 in Black This getting to be a little tiresome, Canon. I don’t want to write about your new cameras anymore. Someone call the waaambulance. The PowerShot ELPH line is getting even better with the addition of the SD950 IS and SD870 IS digis. The 950 is a full-body titanium 12.1-megapixel stud with a 3.7x optical zoom and 2.5-inch LCD. The 870 can only muster up 8-megapixels, but it has… Read More

  • Japan Building The Next Internets

    Those crazy Japanese are at it again with talk of building some new fangled technology that will replace our beloved Internets by 2020. This is all well and good, but they better deliver on the promise of faster and more secure throughputs as well as resiliency against virus’ and breakdowns. Read More

  • Windows Live SkyDrive: Watch, Share P0rn From Anywhere

    There are a handful of online storage and sharing sites out on the Web today, but Windows Live SkyDrive aka Windows Live Folders is much different and seems to be easier to use. All you need is a Windows Live ID, e.g. a Hotmail or MSN account, and you instantly have access to 500MB of space to share with friends and family, the public or just personal use. All of it can be accessed via the Web… Read More

  • France's Jooce Enters WebOS Space

    New Paris startup Jooce says they are targeting the “cybercafe generation” with their new Flash-based web operating system and sharing platform. Jooce is most like Goowy, another Flash based web OS/desktop. But Jooce is different enough to merit a closer look. They says 500 million people a day log on to the Internet from a cybercafe, and they are the target of the Jooce product. Read More

  • N-Gage Still Exists, I-play Offering New Games

    When was the last time you saw anyone with a Nokia N-Gage? I’m pretty sure the last time I saw one was in 2003 at the Cingular AT&T store. I actually forgot they even existed until about 15 minutes ago when I saw this. The N-Gage platform will be getting a whole new set of games from I-play starting this fall with WRC (World Rally Championship) and Super Mah Jong. The games from… Read More

  • Canon PowerShot G9: DSLR Disguised As Point-And-Shoot

    Strap in because this isn’t the last digital camera Canon has announced for today. We’re about half way there. The PowerShot G9 is being targeted towards consumers who want a DSLR in a point-and-shoot form factor. That’s what all they say, right? Except for the fact that Canon is offering RAW and RAW+JPEG shooting modes on this 12.1-megapixel PowerShot. The G9 also… Read More

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