• Microsoft stabs at Mandriva; Mandriva responds

    You don’t need me to tell you about how Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer hates, hates, hates Linux. His company’s actions, it could be said, speak louder than words. But that doesn’t stop François Bancilhon of Mandriva from laying it all on the table. It seems that after Mandriva completed a complex deal to deliver Linux PCs to school kids in Nigeria, MS went behind their… Read More

  • Rumor: iFones to add non-touch model

    According to David Sieger (who?) and his Apple informant, there will apparently be three versions of the iPhone. A 16GB version is imminent (like around the corner during MacWorld if not sooner) and I’m not sure anyone would want a low-end iFones sans the touch UI. I think the three versions will be named sucketh (16GB), sucks (8GB), and shittay (no touch!). There’s some stuff… Read More

  • AT&T Motorola Q 9h: Like the Motorola Q only with a 9h

    AT&T users can now enjoy the majesty of the updated Moto Q in the privacy their bathrooms or cars. The Q 9h, dubbed the “world” edition, is a quad-band 3G phone with a styling in the same vein as the Q 9m. Moto is improving over all and I’d say that this and a few HTC models is one of the better WinMo6 phones out there. Here are a few candid shots and wait for a full… Read More

  • Jango: Social radio done right

    Moving to NYC revived my faith in music as I often frequented popular venues like the Bowery Ballroom, Irving Plaza, Pianos and other hotbeds for new music. I haven’t been to a show in quite some time, which has resulted in me listening to the same albums I’ve been listening to for the last four months. It really sucks because music helps me get through an otherwise monotonous… Read More

  • Facebook: "We Have Not Been Briefed On OpenSocial"

    When Google was asked during the press conference earlier today if they had invited Facebook into OpenSocial, the answer was “yes,” and then changed to “we can’t comment, followed by “we have reached out to virtually everyone in this space” (quotes are rough, I was taking notes but not recording). Whichever one is the correct answer, the clear indication… Read More

  • Spidey-inspired anti-assault bracelet

    Tired of being assaulted only to find your pepper spray is inaccessible? We know, it happens. Domonique Torrence knows, too, but he’s come up with a solution. The “Spider-Man” bracelet is a pepper spraying bracelet inspired by Spidey’s web-slingers. (The comic book version, anyway.) You wear it on your wrist and make the “thwip” motion with your fingers, and… Read More

  • First Pics of Bug Labs Open-Source Hardware

    I keep hearing more and more buzz about open-source hardware. One of the most ambitious open-source hardware startups is Bug Labs. The company is creating a Lego-like hardware platform that tinkerers and engineers can use to create their own digital devices. I visited their offices in New York earlier this week and played around with a prototype. It starts with a BUGBase, which is a… Read More

  • WiMax news plus a ridiculous, huge advertisement

    The above image has nothing to do with the forthcoming news about Sprint’s WiMax network but I’d just like to point out the gigantic ad that made an unnecessary amount of noise and then stayed on the page I was on until I closed it manually. I wasn’t too hot on Symantec before but now it’s officially over between us. Anyhoo, more news about Sprint’s impending… Read More

  • The New York Times' Blogrunner—A Techmeme Killer?

    Last night, the New York Times quietly launched Blogrunner on the technology section of its main site. Blogrunner was one of many techmeme copycat sites, until the New York Times bought it last year. Like Techmeme, Blogrunner is a service that keeps track of the latest news and blog posts on a range of topics (Politics, Technology, Media, Business, Economy, Law, Health, Movies, Books… Read More

  • Would you run 26.2 miles without music?

    Many, many, many years ago, I made peace with the fact that I’ll never run a marathon. It was an easy decision because I find running excessive distances to be painful and boring. It’s just not for me. I admire people who can do it, though. The New York Times has an interesting article about a marathon rule that forbids the use of music players in the name of safety and fair… Read More

  • Facebook, Your Move

    Not so fast, Mike. The anti-Facebook coalition piling onto Google’s OpenSocial platform does not constitute checkmate for Google just quite yet. These are developer announcements. No actual consumers have changed their social networking habits because of OpenSocial. Facebook still has all the momentum with consumers (and, thus, with the developers who want to reach them). It can… Read More

  • Crowdstorm comes back, but can it cut it?

    Crowdstorm, the social shopping site, relaunches today with a new vigour to try and wring expert purchasing knowledge out of its social network. The question is, will the changes make a difference, and will they do better when they had a first bite at the cherry a year ago? When Crowdstorm first launched in September last year (I love the way their PR people are pitching this as a… Read More

  • Is this the Google Phone? Begin salt grain preparation

    Although it appears that there won’t be any one singular Google Phone, there have apparently been some murmurings around the interconnected network that Chinese device manufacturer “E28″ has developed a phone that “has been pegged as being the likely core of the Gphone, with Google’s suite of applications closely integrated.” The thing runs Linux. Okay great. Read More

  • Nintendo denies HDD for Wii, again

    It appears that every Wii owners wish of a HDD will not come to fruition. At least that’s what Eric Walter, PR manager for NOA, wants you to think. The way that we look at it is, we really don’t want people storing every single game they buy on their drive. When you buy a game, it’s yours forever, so you can delete it, and go back and get it at any time you want. In a way… Read More

  • More Samsung YP-P2 details

    Those of you who have fond memories of October 5th, 2007 may remember our very own Peter Ha publishing a post called Samsung MP3 player duo deets updated. Well our very own Peter Ha has just been updated with more “deets” (as he likes to say). Straight from the MPFreedom P2 event comes the following: “We’ve covered it, but there are new features. It’s called… Read More

  • Sony to go *hog wild* for 40GB PS3 launch

    Sony releases the 40GB PS3 tomorrow. Who cares, right? Well Sony is poised to spend an insane amount of money getting the word out, with a marketing vice president calling it the “largest ever” hardware branding in SCEA’s history. Unlike last year’s, shall we say, underwhelming PS3 launch, where Sony trumpeted raw power over “fun,” this time around Sony… Read More

  • Mossberg reviews Gateway One, says it's no iMac

    Since Gateway announced the One, everyone and their cousin has known it’s a blatant copy of Apple’s iMac. Even Uncle Walt over at the Wall Street Journal knows damn well what Gateway and Dell are trying to do with their all-in-one computer systems. Unfortunately for Gateway, while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the One doesn’t even come close to the iMac. In… Read More

  • Japanese Simpsons Game commercial is FUN FUN

    This official YouTube video from Electronic Arts features a commercial for the Japanese version of The Simpsons Game. It features the lovely talking head of Mr. Sparkle from the episode of The Simpsons where they go to Japan and mess everything up. The entire time during the commercial, tons of crazy stuff is going on and apparently Lisa is SUPEREME LISA in Big Super Happy Fun Fun. Just watch… Read More

  • Slingbox Solo is like witchcraft to old folks

    The Times’ David Pogue, who always comes across as an incredible nerd, is old. How old? Why, he’s so old, small things like the Slingbox Solo knock his socks off. What, it can transmit video from my home TV to my laptop halfway around the world? That’s insanity! It can, and it’s not. Pogue’s overview of the just-released Solo had to have been written with luddites… Read More

  • Told you so: CDMA version of F700 hitting Verizon

    Told you so, again. The SCH-U940 is the F700’s CDMA clone, but downgrades the 3-megapixel camera to two. Samsung U940 is the Verizon’s variant of the F700 [Phone Arena] Read More

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