• Black Friday shopping guide

    Check out CrunchGear’s Black Friday listing here. We’ll have more for you tomorrow. Gobble gobble. Read More

  • Social Actions Aggregates P2P Fundraising Efforts

    Online P2P fundraising services have continued to grow in popularity this year as giving has gone Web 2.0. A sure sign of maturity in any market is an aggregation site that pulls data from many of these sites: Social Actions does just that. Powered by Drupal, Social Actions indexes the following sites: BringLight, Change.org, ChangingthePresent, DemocracyInAction, Firstgiving, Fundable… Read More

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    From all of us at CrunchGear, we’d like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Feel free to click through and check out a few other Thanksgiving themed cartoons I found. Gobble Gobble! Read More

  • EB Games, GameStop reveal slightly enticing deals

    Well, shoppers won’t be knocking down the doors at GameStop come Friday over any bank-breaking mega-deals, but at least you can get bit of cash off almost anything. Some standouts include World of Warcraft for 10 bucks, some good DS deals, and of course the ever-popular UMD Movies for your PSP, which are $4, about as much as it would cost to rent ’em. My advice? Buy a Super Nintendo. Read More

  • The Secret Strategies Behind Many "Viral" Videos

    Update: Dan has a follow up to this post, here. This guest post was written by Dan Ackerman Greenberg, co-founder of viral video marketing company The Comotion Group and lead TA for the Stanford Facebook Class. Dan will graduate from the Stanford Management Science & Engineering Masters program in June. Have you ever watched a video with 100,000 views on YouTube and thought to… Read More

  • Rumour: News Corp to buy LinkedIn

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    [Update:  Hoffman has responded] An unconfirmed rumour has reached me via a reliable source that LinkedIn is in talks with media giant News Corporation over a possible buyout in January 2008. The reason I am running with this, is that the source is very well-placed. Furthermore, the rumour has… Read More

  • Happy Thanksgiving, And The Gillmor Gang Is Back

    Happy Thanksgiving! It was almost a year ago exactly that Steve Gillmor left Podshow and the technology focused Gillmor Gang podcast shut down (the last show was recorded the day before Thanksgiving). Steve recently brought the group back together, and we’ve recorded four or five shows so far. He’s created a Facebook group to host the podcast files, and the RSS feed is here. There… Read More

  • News Corp May Be Looking To Buy LinkedIn

    News Corp. is said to be talks to buy business social networking service LinkedIn, according to TechCrunch UK. If the deal were to happen, it would bring MySpace and LinkedIn under the same corporate roof. Full story here. Mountain View based LinkedIn has approx. 12 million users and has taken $27.5 million over 3 rounds from investors including Sequoia, Greylock and Bessemer Venture Partners. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Turkey Day Edition

    Ladybug bots clean Japanese toilets, induce stage fright
    The Unreasonable Stance: Nostalgia aside, Pac-Man still beats Halo in every category
    The random endorsement: e-books (and anyone who disagrees is an imbecile)
    LG Voyager review
    ThirstyLight! Tells you when to wet your wysteria’s whistle
    Contest: Win a Neuros OSD video box! Read More

  • Facebook Is Almost 2/3 Women (and other stats)

    A blogger named Paul Francis went to the trouble of gathering Facebook user data via an advertiser tool that facilitates audience targeting. He pulled user numbers for the top countries, broken down by male/female. The data set is here. The tool shows a total of 42,966,780 members in the top 31 countries. The U.S. leads with just over 18 million users, followed by the UK (6.8m), Canada… Read More

  • Flashphone: Free Browser Based Calls From Russia With Love

    New SIP-based VOIP calling service Flashphone from Russian company “Innovation Systems of Communication” offers browser based free calling. Flashphone is currently in beta and has some limitations (3 calls up to 3 minutes each per day), but upon launch is promising unlimited free calls to a range of countries and services. Where Flashphone is interesting is in its interface… Read More

  • Blast from the past: Ding-A-Lings

    I am The King Ding! Read More

  • HP's "Dragon" laptop is too big for its britches

    When is big too big? When does a laptop cease becoming a laptop and becomes a portable desktop? When does the word “portable” start to mean “maybe with three guys and a crane?” Apparently now, thanks to HP and the new 20.1-inch laptop its calling “The Dragon.” Read More

  • PhoneScoop's cellphone giving guide is gold

    While we’re still a couple weeks away from our annual Smartphones Now state-of-the-smartphone package, those who are looking for a regular phone for the holidays should check out the buying guide put together by the alien hybrids at PhoneScoop. It’s deatailed and, while we don’t agree with all their ideas, the advice is reasonable. On a related, self-plugging note, watch for… Read More

  • RIM working the mobile touchscreen OS for Blackberry

    Research In Motion has been reported as working on a next-generation OS for Blackberry’s mythical 9000 series. They’ve got a pretty fat list of improvements going on for the 9000s, in addition to the usual updates for the standard feature list. For example, they’re abandoning the half-and-half form factor and going with a single big touchscreen to compete directly with the… Read More

  • Kindle: Web Browsing Experience Is Horrible

    I met up with Robert Scoble last night at an Orange party in San Francisco (my photos from the party are here). He brought along his Amazon Kindle and let me and others test it out. It was the first time I’d held one – the Kindle I bought hasn’t arrived yet and my co-editor Erick covered the New York launch. Anyway, he took video of me giving my opinion of the Kindle… Read More

  • Chris Collins From Linden Lab: Stability Is The Key

    I had the opportunity today to catch up with Chris Collins, the “Technical Assistant to the CEO” at Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. A Commerce graduate from the University of Western Australia he started in tech, then like many locals (Vibe Capital, Mig33) headed off overseas. After working on his own startup 3 years ago in the Valley he fell in love with Second Life and… Read More

  • More free HD DVDs, Toshiba gives them out like jellybeans

    So if you’re not down to get your HD DVDs from Amazon like we mentioned earlier, you can go straight to the source. Toshiba is giving people five free HD DVDs to go along with a purchase of any of their new HD DVD-capable laptops. They look like pretty solid little machines, so if you’re in the market for, say, an SLI-equipped gamer laptop, but also want to get a little hi-def… Read More

  • Circuit City's Friday is the Blackest

    There’s some pretty sweet stuff going on Friday at Circuit City. You can get a 42-inch Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV for $800, a Roadmate GPS System for your car for $125, or maybe you just would like a fully-loaded laptop for $300? Sure, it’s an HP Compaq, but at three bills you can hardly complain. There’s more deals than that, including some stocking stuffers for pocket… Read More

  • Ebeam creates an interactive surface anywhere you want

    Huh? Killer soundtrack, though. Heh. Read More

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