• Google evil for not supporting troops, hating on fetuses

    Google changes its logo for holidays and special occasions. They added a little Sputnik, did a cute little Chinese dragon boat, and even celebrated Edvard Munch’s birthday. But one thing those lying, stinking anti-American Talibanists didn’t do was celebrate Columbus, Memorial, or Veteran’s day. That’s right, people, Google hates our troops. Some believe that Google is… Read More

  • OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown

    This time next year, you may find yourself listening to NWA or Ice Cube and hearing something about a “hot jack move”. Whatever you do, don’t pull a “hot jack move” on a GM vehicle, because the company is improving its OnStar service vastly. 2009 vehicles with OnStar will come with a new feature called Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, which will remotely slow down a… Read More

  • One day at a time, sweet iPhone firmware 1.1.1

    Another day, another step closer to jailbreak. It seems Erica and the iPhone rangers have been tearing 1.1.1 a new orifice and successfully installed third-party apps onto the new firmware. It appears they haven’t hacked the activation scheme so you should still wait patiently if you’re running it on international or national GSM carriers. But isn’t it nice to know there… Read More

  • Zune Car Pack: it's like you're a DJ…

    Main Entry: disc jockey
    Variant(s): or disk jockey
    Function: noun
    : an announcer of a radio show of popular recorded music; also : one who plays recorded music for dancing at a nightclub or party Yet… Taking a road trip? The Zune® Car Pack gives you everything you need to be your own DJ, listening to your tunes through your car stereo while keeping your Zune charged. So, with the Zune… Read More

  • Linux in your pocket?

    I suppose ultra portable devices are not a dying fad just because I don’t use one. This here is the VIA-based MTube running Linux. The tiny titan touts a 2.8-inch VGA touchscreen with a 1GHz VIA CPU with 8GB of storage and a four-hour battery life. The WiMAX enabled MTube weighs a mere 150g and measures in at 8.5×8.5x2cm. But don’t expect this to hit the production line… Read More

  • Acer offers PC with Blu-ray/HD DVD combo drive

    Australian? Not sure whether to go with Blu-ray or HD DVD? Who cares? Not exactly "new" news but Acer recently released a computer in your neck of the woods with a combo drive made by LG. Expect other computer makers to follow suit. This is why the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD thing doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s going to end up being the same situation as… Read More

  • I wanna rock (rock) your iPod

    Usually, Target is pretty lax with returning shit. You come back three days later with a slightly used toaster oven, no receipt and they’ll give you a full refund. Not the case however, for one 14-year-old girl who received an iPod as a gift. Purchased at one of the retail giant’s stores, the girl went to open her iPod, only to discover the box was filled with rocks. Yes… Read More

  • 40GB PS3 won't do backwards compatibility in hardware, Sony doesn't want to deal with software emulation

    Now we are all sad clowns Yes, we now know the 40GB is as real as Opie’s sports curse, but there’s a catch: backwards compatibility has taken a hit. Wait, that’s putting it mildly: Sony couldn’t give a damn about backwards compatibility. The system, which will retail for around $400, lacks the PS2 circuitry that made emulation on earlier PS3 models effortless. Now… Read More

  • Pioneer still knows how to kick it, makes new SACD player

    Talk about a minimalist design. The new Pioneer PD-D9 is a beautiful-looking SACD player that can play all your favorite SACDs like Frampton and The Police with ease, along with MP3 and WMA CDs, regular CDs and AM/FM radio. Though Sony offers an inexpensive SACD player, Pioneer begs to differ. This PD-D9 will set you back over $1200. Worth it? Depends on how much its sleek design makes you… Read More

  • Google buys social mobile startup Jaiku

    BREAKING NEWS: Jaiku, the Twitter (and Pownce)-like service from Finland, has been bought by Google. Jaiku Founders Jyri Engeström and Petteri Koponen today posted this on their homepage: “While it’s too soon to comment on specific plans, we look forward to working with our new friends at Google over the coming months to expand in ways we hope you’ll find interesting and useful. Read More

  • Reznor ditches Universal

    Much like Radiohead, Trent Reznor and his industrial metal sounds are leaving Universal for greener pastures. That’s right; Nine Inch Nails is no longer under the thumb of some jackass record label. Very exciting. Hello everyone. I’ve waited a LONG time to be able to make the following announcement: as of right now Nine Inch Nails is a totally free agent, free of any recording… Read More

  • Bubble Indicators

    Goofy names, retread startup ideas, inexperienced entrepreneurs, free food—the WSJ does a nice job this morning laying out the gestalt evidence that we are in the midst of a second Silicon Valley bubble. Capping off the list of exhibits is none other than last month’s TechCrunch40 conference, which drew about 1,000 people (not counting the random booth babes). There is no… Read More

  • CNET Founder Shelby Bonnie Unveils His New Startup: PoliticalBase

    Shelby Bonnie left the company he co-founded with Halsey Minor, CNET, just about one year ago. This morning he launches his next startup, PoliticalBase. The site, which focuses on local, state and national elections and other political matters, is timed perfectly to take advantage of the 2008 presidential elections and the estimated $4.5 billion that will be spent on advertising to promote… Read More

  • Mixaloo: Share Mixtapes and Make Money While Doing It

    Poughkeepsie, NY startup Mixaloo wants to make the experience of purchasing music online more social and rewarding, both emotionally and financially. The company is taking a phenomenon – the mixtape – that has spanned several decades and media formats – 8 tracks, audio cassettes, CDs, and MP3 players – and bringing it to the web. As a Mixaloo user, you can create… Read More

  • iTunes Digital Release cards at Starbucks: Eddie Veder (and theft encouragement!)

    Walk into a Starbucks lately? Walk into a Starbucks and hear a borderline emo song and think to yourself, damn, I need that song in my iPod, p-r-o-n-t-o? Who hasn’t! Now the coffee chain is hawking iTunes Digital Release cards, cards that can be redeemed for album downloads including Eddie Veder’s latest hotness. Old news? Only just, since now there’s pictures of what the… Read More

  • Oregon Scientific Weather In Motion

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wake up every morning to both the weather and the time? If you don’t want to take the extra five seconds to open up SimpleWeather each morning, then make things easier on yourself by picking up Weather In Motion from Oregon Scientific. Aside from having a clock set to Atomic Time, you’ll be able to get your indoor and outdoor temperatures… Read More

  • Intel opens software bookmarking site to the public

    Once an internal bookmarking site shared amongst Intel employees, Cool Software is now open to the public. It’d be easy to take potshots at the lame name, the photo of five people in summer clothes leaping into the air atop a frozen lake, and that it’s basically the same stuff you could find in the software section of Digg.com but the fact that it’s little more than an… Read More

  • Real's Rhapsody On TiVo: Will It Be Blue?

    RealNetworks’ Rhapsody music service will become available to TiVo’s 10-12 million United States users, under a new deal to be announced today. Real’s Rhapsody will allow TiVo users to sign up for the $13 per month service and listen to the more than 3.5 million songs from their TiVo DVR streamed on demand. TiVo has previously inked content distribution deals with… Read More

  • White 40GB PS3 hitting Japan

    As if we didn’t already know about the 40GB PS3 making its debut, we, however, were unaware that a white version would be loosed into the concrete jungles of Japan with DualShock 3 controllers. That’s right, folks, a 40GB console is set for a November 11th launch sans memory card slot and SACD reading function, which means no backwards compatibility. The four USB ports on… Read More

  • TiVo, Rhapsody partnership: Now your TiVo does music

    Fancy listening to music on your TiVo? The company today is expected to announce a deal with Real’s Rhapsody to allow its users to sign up (for $13 per month) and listen to the more than 3.5 million songs right from the DVR. Further details are still sketchy—I bet TiVo’s not too happy that word of this partnership leaked, considering there’s supposed to be an event… Read More

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