• Want Free iPod Games?

    Truth be told, I don’t like paying for things when I know I can get them for free, but who does? I’ve been apprehensive about buying games for my iPod because…oh who am I kidding? I live in NYC so being cheap and poor tends to leave me malnourished and sewing potato bags together for clothing. Thanks to slus at the zomgstuff forum I can now play LOST, Tetris and Ms. Pac Man while… Read More

  • PayPlay.fm: DRM-Free 4 Life

    The folks at PayPlay.fm dropped me a line discussing their huge indie catalog of DRM-free music. While you won’t find any Sting or Beatles hidden in their back pages, you can enjoy 32 Below and Elika. Clearly these boys aren’t going to take down the ITMS, eMusic, or even the selection at Goodwill (there’s always a something by the Stones or Devo in the record bin for the… Read More

  • Store Music Online In Japan, Get Arrested

    Companies offering online file-storage may want to pull out of the Japanese market real soon. A recent court ruling in Tokyo deemed a company called Image City guilty of copyright infringement. Why? JASRAC, an organization that collects the bucks for public music performances, sued Image City because their online file-storage service MYUTA lets you listen to your music files over your cellphone. Read More

  • It Hurts So Good: Homemade Microwave Guns

    http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/587507/microwave_technology_homemade.swf Clearly someone didn’t get enough love as a child because this is crazy. These guys took apart an old microwave, took out the magnetron, and turned it into a weapon. The resulting hilarity and hijinks remind us how microwave ovens were actually invented when someone at a radar installation found a burnt bird… Read More

  • "Unlimited" iPhone Plan Coming Soon To AT&T?

    Glenn Laurie, president of national distribution for AT&T, is saying that an unlimited package is in the works for AT&T customers who want to purchase the iPhone. Makes sense due to all the rich features that use the Internet on the iPhone, right? On the issue of web browsing, Laurie says: “I think it will be great for us, and here’s why. One of the things with this… Read More

  • Gemini Mobile Gets Funding

    Gemini Mobile has announced that it has raised an additional round of financing of $5 million from Japan’s ACCESS Co. Ltd., Aplix Corporation and Normura Securities. This round of financing follows the recent $20 million from Goldman Sachs, which was to underscore the continued support for Gemini’s wireless software. In addition to the new financing, ACCESS and Aplix are working… Read More

  • Bioshock Gameplay Footage Is Hot

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=68963 I’m not going to lie here. I know little to nothing about Bioshock except that it’s a badass-looking game coming out for the 360 and Windows. But after checking out this gameplay footage, I now have a newfound interest in the game. Talk about amazing visual effects. Watch the montage of clips played in the video you see above you. Read More

  • LG Simpure L2: Oh, I get It, It's Simple

    Say hello to another LG cellphone with a funny name, the Simpure L2. No, not Simple, silly, the Simpure. It’s currently only scheduled to make an appearance on Japan’s NTT Docomo carrier, but that doesn’t mean we can’t at least get it to show off a little skin. It is, as the name kinda implies, a striped down cellphone with only the basics onboard, like a… Read More

  • "My Router Got Hacked!" Excuse Wearing Thin

    Up until about a month ago, if you got caught pirating some software, music, or video, you could just claim that your router was left unsecured and that anyone could have accessed it. This claim would cause the party trying to sue you to drop their case against you and you’d walk off a free man or woman. But now times have changed and these big-shot lawyers accusing you of piracy now… Read More

  • Malaysian Theaters Go Stealth

    Fighting movie pirates can be hard, especially in Asia, where 7-megapixel cameraphones run rampant. So in an effort to crack down on piracy, Malaysian movie theaters have started using night-vision goggles to track down pirates. The method has been useful so far, as 17 people have been caught trying to record films in the past two months. Maybe “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead… Read More

  • Google Being Investigated By FTC Over Its DoubleClick Purchase

    Google just can’t catch a break. The Old Gray Lady reports that federal investigators are looking into the search company’s proposed acquisition of DoubleClick. The Federal Trade Commission is responding to complaints from several privacy advocacy groups that claim Google would have access to too much information if it bought DoubleClick. Intrigue! Read More

  • Longhorn Lives!

    Windows Vista has been more of a problem than a useful operating system since its release. If you’re looking for something not as flawed and with a little extra spice, why not give Longhorn a try? The original project team has revived it and has finished the code so that what was supposed to be Vista now is available for all to download. Longhorn Reloaded is full of great features… Read More

  • Third Screen Media Gets in the Game With Hovr

    Third Screen Media has added Hovr to its mobile advertising network reports ClickZ News. The free mobile game publisher, which launched in February as a free ad-enabled mobile gaming network, should enhance the ad network’s efforts to attract the youth market. Until recently Hovr had been selling its own ad inventory, but under the partnership Third Screen Media will sell and manage the ads. Read More

  • The Smart Money Is in Accessories, Not Smartphones

    Mobile accessories is where the money will come from, says a new report from ABI Research. This study reports that the market for mobile accessories will generate more than $32 billion in revenue in 2007, which is actually far greater than the $28 billion expected from the sale of smartphones! Around 77% of the revenues of accessories will come from the sale of “after-market”… Read More

  • The Algorithm Is Offensive

    Since we first covered the Ask Algorithm campaign May 4, IAC has committed $100 million to expanding the Crispin, Porter + Bogusky designed “viral” campaign nation wide. The original stand alone obscure references to the algorithm have been complimented with an Ask logo on billboard advertisements, a positive step forward. However one billboard is sure to turn heads and it’s… Read More

  • South African Start-Up Launches Mobile VoIP Service

    Version 2.0 of Yeigo has just launched according to the South African developer. Yeigo is a new mobile app that uses a handset’s Internet connection to make calls and send SMS or other instant messages. Best of all many of these options are free, such as calls to other people using Yeigo. Calls to non-Yeigo users can be as much as 80% less as well. Yeigo will also lets users send free IM… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: A Million Flying Zunes Edition

    One Million Zunes (Somehow) Sold
    Spy Drone Takes Off In The UK
    Roll Shades: You Know You Want Them (If You’re 10)
    GPS + GSM = TXT MSG Fear
    Gadget Holster: Bring Out Your Inner “Nerdy Harry” Read More

  • Google Bringing Anti-Virus Tools to Google Desktop?

    Google has continued on its acquisition blitzkrieg with news that Google has acquired Mountain View neighbor GreenBorder for an undisclosed sum. GreenBorder launched in 2001 with “Desktop DMZ” software for Windows that prevents any viruses, trojans or spyware from being installed during any browser session. GreenBorder keeps all browsing activity system independent from Windows… Read More

  • Free, Legal, On Demand Streaming Music? LaLa is Going to Give it a Shot

    LaLa is making a very big bet on its business – it will offer users something they’ve never had (legally) before: free, legal, on demand streaming music. LaLa already runs a cd swapping service and recently started to let users listen to live concerts on the site. Now they are going to let users listen to on demand music on the site in addition to its other services. There are a… Read More

  • Sony Enters HD Radio Market With XDR-S3HD, Some Other Thing

    If you were holding out on HD Radio until Sony got in the game (those of you that didn’t run out and buy Cambridge’s radio), your wait is officially over. Sony announced that it’s totally down with HD Radio for the long haul (on a holiday mind you), and will be developing and distributing HD Radio-enabled products in the coming years. And it all starts with the XDR-S3HD… Read More

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