• Take Neighborhood Gossip To A Whole New Level

    Take Neighborhood Gossip To A Whole New Level

    StreetAdvisor is a new entry in the plethora of rating services popping up all over the internet. Some ask us to rate what we buy, the places we go, and even each other. This Australian startup applies ratings to your neighborhood. StreetAdvisor is a search engine for neighborhood reviews. Reviews are broken down by street and composed of narrative, video, and ratings based on 22 factors of… Read More

  • OpenFloodgate: Online Publishing with Control

    OpenFloodgate: Online Publishing with Control

    Openfloodgate, like Scribd, lets content creators publish their works to the web, but with decidedly more control. The site is the project of Tina Seelig, Executive Director of Stanford Technology Venture Partners and Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship. Recently released from beta about two weeks ago, OpenFloodgate currently features a variety of stories, poems, lyrics, photos, recipes… Read More

  • New JibJab Video – The News

    http://www.jibjab.com/watch/583911 JibJab, the creators of the famous 2004 U.S. presidential election parody cartoon “This Land” have a new original video out called “The News,” embedded above. The new video premiered tonight at the annual Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner. All of their original videos can be viewed here. JibJab is slowly expanding from… Read More

  • TripSync: Simple Business Trip Planning and Management

    TripSync: Simple Business Trip Planning and Management

    TripSync, a distributed booking system aimed at trip planning for small to medium sized businesses, quietly launched last week. We recently reported on some other distributed booking systems as well. TripSync is a web based application that lets your business book and manage the three major details of any business trip: flight, rental car, and hotel. You use a search wizards to find and… Read More

  • New Multi-Touchscreen Prototype Could be the Coolest Thing Ever

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/607757611 I had eye surgery yesterday, so I guess my attention span is a bit shot. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been engulfed in videos today. Anyway, the Pogue posted this video a bit earlier. It demonstrates a pretty incredible touchscreen that can interpolate multiple points of contact. Take a look and drool… Read More

  • Condom Dispenser for Geeks Who Get Some

    One of the things we hate about having protected sex with a consensual partner is the inevitable fumbling to find a condom. Like any party, a roll in the hay is best if the party favors are in easy reach. Enter the Canoe Condom Dispenser. A German-designed cube that rests with poise and grace upon your bedside table, the Condom Dispenser is a perfect place to stash your prophylactics until… Read More

  • Panasonic Opts for Bus Power in External DVD Burner

    One thing we’re all about is bus power, that’s why we’re stoked on this Panasonic portable DVD player/burner. Plug it into your USB port, and you’re done. No batteries, no wires. What’s more, it’s a DVD multi-burner, meaning no matter which format your DVDs are, you’re covered. And man, it’s pretty, too. No pricing yet, but we’re going to… Read More

  • Calming Lamp for the Crazy and Cantakerous

    If you’re old or crazy (or a little of both, like our editors) then you might find yourself looking at a White Noise Lamp. The post-modern stylings are about more than just artistic aesthetics, as the design is thought to induce calm and warm, fuzzy feelings in the elderly and the mentally ill. By lining the halls of your mental hospital or retirement home with these lamps, the… Read More

  • Fish-Cleaning Fish-Fryer

    Wow this one just seems so wrong to me. The video shows a man who invented a deep fryer that is cleaned by way of a fish tank underneath. The fryer gunk drains into the tank and the fishies eat it. It prevents people from having to clean the fryer frequently and from having to feed the fish. It also turns the fish into cannibals which is pretty effed up. I guess though that it’s as… Read More

  • Want To Blog For Wired?

    Wired Magazine is hiring one or two bloggers for its Epicenter business blog. You must be “fast, accurate, curious, motivated and willing to trash Digg every once in a while to be considered (I added that last qualification myself :-) ). To apply, email them a 200 word blog post on a recent Silicon Valley business topic. Details on the position and how to apply are here. Of course, if… Read More

  • Gates vs. Jobs

    I love a good deathmatch and this is maybe the biggest duel to be found amongst us nerds. The video is a few weeks old, but I haven’t seen it posted anywhere, so I imagine many of you haven’t either. Anyway, enjoy. Read More

  • Viacom Looks To Dominate Mobile Content Market

    Viacom announced today that MTV Networks, BET Networks and Paramount Pictures have made significant changes to each of their mobile portfolios and they’ll soon be taking over the world. OK, I made the latter of that up, but they are trying to gain a bigger presence in the mobile content market. MTV Networks already provides Sprint with VOD (video on demand) content that includes MTV… Read More

  • Battery Backup in a Cellphone

    Battery Backup in a Cellphone

    The Philips Xenium NRG — apparently Zorbiantium SPRFLY was already taken — is the first “commercial” mobile phone to use Techitium’s BackuPower system which allows phone users to add a little AAA battery to a phone to get a bit more juice without charging. The old fella at their booth wouldn’t let me take pictures, but it basically looks like a white… Read More

  • Sony Shows Europe Some Love, But Not The US

    It’s no surprise Sony keeps all the good stuff in Japan, but how can Sony <3 Europe more than the US? Maybe our hatred for the PS3 has upset our Japanese overlords because we won’t see the GIGA JUKE bookshelf speaker set. Bummer. The ultra sleek stereo includes an 80GB hard drive and an LCD interface for controlling and accessing ATRAC, MP3 or linear PCM audio on said hard drive. Read More

  • Video Share From AT&T

    In a conference with Cingular/AT&T about their new service, Video Share, a mobile-to-mobile video chat service reminiscient of video chat in Europe. The service is rolling out this summer. The best part? They’re partnering with WWE and Napster for some video and music hotness. Also, we’ll be seeing a new phone from Apple – something called the iPhone –… Read More

  • More HD Content Coming To Xbox Live Video Marketplace

    It’s a good day to be an Xbox 360 fanboy! Following up the announcement of the Elite this morning, Microsoft has informed us that the US Xbox Live Video Marketplace will be expanding with the addition of TV shows from A&E, ADV Films, National Geographic (boobs from around the globe and The Dog Whisperer!) and TotalVid.com. Following the success of South Park’s HD episode… Read More

  • TailRank Opens Service As A Platform

    TailRank, a popular blog news organizer that competes with TechMeme and Megite, has opened up its back end and will provide the service as a platform to application developers who would like to add a blog index and ranking service. The new service is called Spinn3r and goes live at around noon today. Rumor is it already powers Gnoos, which we covered last June. Spinn3r indexed 1 million blogs. Read More

  • Zune Software Update 1.3: Today

    Attention Zune users: If you’re one of the lucky people who own one of these players, then this may be some long awaited good news. You should expect a software update today that will fix (maybe) the following issues: We’re fixing the skipping problem that some users were experiencing – that is, content acquired from Zune Marketplace will no longer skip when played on… Read More

  • Mario vs Sonic – Finally

    Well, Sega Saturn titles hitting the Wii VC is one tiny step closer to being a reality because Sega has announced that Mario and Sonic are strappin’ on their dance-fight shoes. That’s right, the much anticipated match-up is set for November of this year, but it won’t be the blood thirsty battle we’ve been longing for. Wha?! The two video game icons will duke it out for… Read More

  • Sony Does The 720p Projector Thing, Twice: AW15 and AW10

    Sony Does The 720p Projector Thing, Twice: AW15 and AW10

    The big secret when it comes to HDTV is that a solid projector is a better bet than your typical LCD/Plasma/Whatever, namely because you can make the image as large as you want. However, they’re often a little on the expensive side, which leads us to Sony’s two new 720p projectors, the AW15 (pictured here) and AW10. Both have an HDMI input (perfect for the Xbox 360 Elite) and… Read More