• Siemens Says Wi-Fi-only Phones Have No Future

    Siemens, which is no longer the shirt sponsor of Real Madrid C.F., did a mea culpa yesterday and ate crow over the fact that Wi-Fi-only phones have been a complete and utter failure. The company has been a big supporter of the phones, which are meant to connect to Skype and other VoIP providers, but is now prepared to scuttle the ship. The key phrase in those previous two sentences was… Read More

  • Contest: "Share Your Location" With TeleNav GPS Navigator

    Last week we mentioned the latest version of TeleNav GPS Navigator, with new features including finding, sharing and rating the locations of businesses, restaurants or even where you found cheap gas. To celebrate the release, the company is donating a Bluetooth GPS receiver and 3 months of TeleNav service for two lucky readers. Here’s how to win:Tell us your most creative idea for using… Read More

  • Samsung Announces New Mobile TV Chipset

    Samsung just released details of a high-performance, multi-standard mobile TV chip, which would allow cellphone manufacturers to enable TV on their devices regardless of country or standard. With this new technology, Samsung aims to fulfill the needs of the mobile TV industry. Yay. The new chip lets consumers choose which broadcasting service they want without having to change their device… Read More

  • Vodafone, Apple Might Do Weird European Cheek Smooch Thing

    ZDNET Asia is running an article on the possibility that Vodafone might maybe be the potential carrier to perhaps provide iPhone service in Europe. Maybe. According to the article “Credit Suisse believes Vodafone would represent a good bet for Apple as it’s able to offer a presence in most European markets.” What’s interesting about this possible partnership is that… Read More

  • Google Picasa Goes Mobile and Goes Local (What?)

    Google rolled out two new features for its Picasa (think Flickr, only by Google) online photo sharing site yesterday, both of which are useful for showing your friends just how crazy and unpredictable your life is. The first allows you to tag your photos with the location of where they were taken. Then, when sharing the photo album online with your friends, they’ll see all the photos on… Read More

  • JVC TH-L1 Plays Nice With All Your Doodads

    The JVC TH-L1 home theater speaker system contains five satellite speakers, a subwoofer and a control unit. If you have $299, you can trade it for the privilege of keeping the aforementioned items in your home until it or you die. Here’s what else you get: 360 watts
    Two 1080p-capable HDMI ports
    Two component inputs
    Two digital audio inputs
    Two composite inputs
    Two S-video ports
    Pro Logic… Read More

  • Guess Which Cellphone Might Not Revolutionize Mobile Music

    Despite the fact that the iPhone has just brokered a Middle East peace accord bringing peace to our time, several music execs don’t expect it to light the world of cellphone-based music playing on fire. Never mind that downloading anything over EDGE is quite slow, but the iPhone doesn’t support over-the-air downloads, so even if it were 3G it wouldn’t matter. Apparently Apple… Read More

  • MySpace Launching YouTube Competitor

    According to the “New York Times,” MySpace is set to rename and relaunch its Flash-based video-sharing service as a stand-alone Web site, MySpaceTV.com. This will be accessible to everyone including people who do not have MySpace accounts. MySpace TV will be less centered on user-generated content — unlike YouTube — and will focus more on the material it has acquired… Read More

  • HD DVD Dead By Fall 2007

    I had an interesting and very informative conversation with Ken Lowe of Sigma Designs and what he had to say about the next-gen DVD format war blew me away. But first, a little bit about Sigma Designs and why this man’s opinion should matter to those of you on the fence. Sigma Designs’ media processors work with both standards and currently power six of the nine Blu-ray players… Read More

  • Movavi Launches Online Video Converter

    Russian-born Movavi today released an online video converter, joining the ranks of Media-Convert, Zamzar, Hey!Watch and who-knows-how-many other free, online video-converting sites. The kicker is that Movavi supports Apple’s advanced H.264 format, the same format used on the iPhone. So converting videos to take with you on the go “should” be relatively painless. For now, this… Read More

  • Interview: David Clayman, Third In line

    Here is a brief interview CG got with with David Clayman, 21, who has jumped in front of the public eye along with the three other people on the iPhone line at the 5th Avenue Apple store. Surprisingly, these people aren’t the crazed Apple fanboys everyone made them out to be. In fact, for David here, the event was more about the experience. Read More

  • SanDisk Fills MicroSDHC to the Brim

    We’re not entirely sure any current phones can actually use them, but SanDisk has gone ahead and upped the capacity of its MicroSDHC cards to 8-frickin’-GB. That’s huge news for musicphone fans. 8GB holds about 2,000 MP3s. That’s good enough for me. Who needs an 8GB iPhone when you can have an 8GB, I dunno, Blackberry Pearl? That’s right, I can hear you thinking… Read More

  • Vista-Only Game Gets XP-ified

    FASA Studio’s Shadowrun has been hacked to run on XP, despite being a Vista-only title. Microsoft has been pushing its new DirectX 10 gaming architecture to get people to upgrade to Vista in order to play the newest games. Problem is, most of the new games are still running on DirectX 9 – Shadowrun and Halo 2 included. Microsoft has pigeonholed these games into the… Read More

  • EDGE Network Could Cost Apple Tens of Customers

    A couple of things that make people nervous about the iPhone: no mechanical keyboard and AT&T/Cingular’s EDGE network. If anybody’s poised to perfect the whole touchscreen keyboard thing, it’s probably Apple. Nokia almost got it with the 770/N800 but for people with gargantuan thumbs, “tapping” ASDF in one fell swoop is about as fun as riding a bike with no seat. Read More

  • Kevin Rose's New Startup: Pownce

    There have been rumors that Digg’s Kevin Rose has been working on a new startup for some time, but he wasn’t talking. I spent a good amount of time this last weekend at FOO Camp trying to get some of the details out of him, but all he would say is that he’d be contacting us soon. Today he’s made a bit of a public announcement about the project. It’s called Pownce… Read More

  • Cellfish Locker: For Multimedia, Not Tacos

    Those clever marketing wizards at cellfish.com may rue the day when they decided to have a pretty young girl pitch the site’s locker feature. Somewhere in this video clip, the young lady explains that the locker is where you store all your cellphone-based (or computer-based) multimedia for later retrieval. The site itself is still in beta, but there’s a bunch more videos starring… Read More

  • Latest iPhone Video Shows Us How Easy The Keyboard Really Is

    In typical Apple fashion, a new iPhone tutorial video has been released, iPhone keyboard. I don’t think they appreciated Walt’s hatred of the keyboard. That magnification feature is pretty cool, but you won’t be catching me in line for one any time soon. Pudgy fingered people rejoice, you too, can have your very own iPhone without fear of pulling a Homer. iPhone Keyboard Read More

  • Disaster On the Homefront: Macbook Pro Battery Explosion

    So sitting in the offices today at Next New Networks, we were alerted to a tragedy of epic proportion. As he was charging his battery earlier company founder and creative director, Fred Seibert experienced the unthinkable! The battery for his 17-inch Macbook Pro suffered a rupture due, I think, to previously addressed battery defects. No but seriously, if you haven’t sent in your… Read More

  • Bye-Bye Nextel

    Sprint is striking out on its own and is wiping the Nextel brand from its slate. Seems the problem lies within botched advertising and a faulty network, which caused many customers to drop Sprint as a carrier. So what happens when you’re trying to invent a new image for yourself? You use a new tagline, that’s what. Sprint is now adopting the slogan, “Sprint ahead” in… Read More

  • MizPee: Mobile 2.0 for Toilets

    MizPee, just reviewed on TechCrunch, is a web site devoted to help you find a toilet when you need to go. To find a toilet that fits your needs, just turn your mobile browser to Mizpee.com or SMS 415-350-2290 and enter a location. Mizpee will spit out the toilets in your area along with details like disabled access or a diaper-changing station. It may sound a little absurd, until nature… Read More

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