• Firefox for Mobiles gets official; still no official timeframe, though

    Stuck with Windows Mobile? Opera Mini not cutting it for you? You’re in luck, friend, as development of Mozilla for mobile devices is now official. According to Arne Hess at the Unwired, there’s already a version ready for those nifty Nokia Internet tablets we keep writing about. I haven’t seen it in action, but I’m sure it’s sweet. They’re Linux-based, but… Read More

  • iHound: Lojack For Your USB Devices

    Okay, we’re taking credit for this one. A year ago, Mat Mullen’s iPod was stolen from his car while he was attending a TechCrunch MeetUp in Silicon Valley. (Sorry, Mat). He was so upset that he came up with a way to get them back. Yesterday, he launched the beta of iHound Software, which makes tracking software for USB devices like iPods, digital cameras, and USB… Read More

  • "Lunar Resonant" LED streetlamps to reduce energy cost by 90 percent

    Raise your hand if you knew that streetlamps accounted for 38 percent of all energy used on lighting in the USA. Very good, children! It’s true. And now, the Civil Twilight Design Collective has designed an award-winning light-aware streetlamp that would adjust its intensity based on the brightness of the moon. By using this technology and LEDs instead of the steam-age sodium bulbs we… Read More

  • Staggering Genius: The Beer Pager

    Where was this gadget when I was in the blur I sometimes confusingly refer to as my 20s? This thing is amazing, and I need to get one. It’s a beer cozy with a built-in beeper. Can’t remember where your beer is? Use the included remote to page it, it responds with a burping noise, so you can locate your can like a bat locates prey, only maybe you’ll have a shirt on. Read More

  • LG Shine arrives on Black Friday, PR issued on Cyber Monday

    It’s nice that AT&T made the Shine from LG available for purchase on Black Friday, but shouldn’t they have pushed out the press release on Friday and not today? The shiny slider with its 2.2-inch LCD screen, 2-megapixel camera and stereo Bluetooth capabilities is now available for $149.99. Product Page [via Press Release] Read More

  • Linus Torvalds on upcoming Linux improvements

    InformationWeek has a pretty interesting interview with Linux founder Linus Torvalds. The requisite Microsoft vs. Linux comparisons make up much of the article but he also weighs in on which improvements he feels will come to the open source operating system in 2008. He thinks graphics and wireless networking have been "somewhat weak spots" and will garner more attention this… Read More

  • Help-Key: How to parent-proof your parent's PC

    This last holiday weekend, I was at my mother’s house and, just as I do every Thanksgiving, I spent about an hour un-doing the damage they’d done on their PC. I can’t convince them to buy a Mac or to browse safely, so this is my fate. Sure, I could leave it, and wait till the thing started running slug-slow and then act all high-and-mighty, but I’m not like that. I must… Read More

  • TechCrunch40 Presenters' Traffic Two Months In

    The team over at Docstoc has compiled a document (embedded below) with traffic charts from Alexa and Compete for all forty of the companies that presented at TechCrunch40. As could have been expected, many of these presenters’ websites experienced traffic surges around the time of the conference, only to see their traffic drop back off to pre-conference levels. Wixi, Flock, Docstoc… Read More

  • Can't bring yourself to switch? Make your PC a Mac hybrid

    I use both OSX (Tiger, thank you) and Windows (XP, thank you) but that doesn’t mean I’m simply indecisive. There are some things each OS does better, and one of the things OSX has going for it is its for the most part excellent UI. If you don’t have the motivation or, more likely, the scrilla to switch over to a Mac, maybe these programs will help put a shine on… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: iPod Touch for $344 shipped

    A brand spankin new 16GB Touch for $344 shipped or the 8GB model for $244. Just be sure to pay via paypal. 16GB
    8GB Read More

  • iYule.tv: A Yule Log for your iPhone

    http://www.virb.com/external/video/31736/eAZn5K02o6f7NC1v83qYibi1kTh8E0FC Cali Lewis and her team of videobloggers have created something that I’ve been looking for for years: a video Yule Log. Five dollars gets you a small, iPod-ready version while $10 gets you a compedium of Yule Log videos including versions for the Apple TV and other hi-res devices. Some proceeds go to multiple… Read More

  • Familator lets you play Famicom games on your DS Lite

    If the Game Boy Advance slot on your DS Lite isn’t getting much use, this adapter might be just the thing to bring it out of its funk. It’s called the CYBER Familator Lite and it allows you to play Famicom games and, with yet another adapter and a lot of extra work, NES games from the US and A. It’ll be a Japan-only device at first, due out next month. No word on pricing but… Read More

  • Property search startups grow up

    Dothomes, the renamed property search engines formerly known as Extate, has launched a property price tracker to measure prices. Plug in a postcode, the year and month you purchased your house and it will map that data against a number of other data points including including average national property prices, average London property prices, FTSE100 indices and the Bank of England base… Read More

  • Canon takes the hassle out of burning Blu-ray discs

    Not that a lot of people even get the chance to have that hassle, but Canon’s always been a forward-looking company. These camera-to-disc recorders are nothing new; it’s been a way for mom and pop to put their DV footage onto DVDs for years, but this sucker is next generation. It takes regular MPEG-2 SD footage like the rest of ’em, but now it also takes HD in the form of… Read More

  • hField Wi-Fire review

    It’s been a few years since Wi-Fi became essentially ubiquitous but there are still a few areas where the average consumer isn’t served. Sure, there are lots of great routers and Wi-Fi cards of all stripes, including beasts that run at 802.11n speeds and have ranges of five billion miles, give or take a few billion. But there are are a few places — high-quality USB adapters… Read More

  • Classmates IPO Tries to Cash In On Social Networking Craze

    Everyone is trying to cash in on social networking these days. The latest attempt comes from Classmates Media, which just filed to go public at a valuation of $600 to $700 million. That is a smidgeon of Facebook’s still-private $15 billion valuation, but Classmates is no Facebook.
    Its site, Classmates.com, is more a competitor of Reunion.com (which raised $25 million last April). … Read More

  • LCD HDTV for the colorblind among us

    The holidays can be difficult times for the five to 10 percent of men with Red-Green colorblindness. Always being pricked by holly bushes because you can’t tell the berries from the leaves is both embarrassing and painful. Japanese company Eizo sympathizes with this market segment, and has created an LCD HDTV that uses special technology to make sure the image on the screen is fully… Read More

  • Asus Eee PC Linux source code discrepancies

    A coffee-loving technoweenie named Cliff Biffle has unearthed some interesting information while playing around with his new Asus Eee PC. Apparently, there are GPL violations left and right. The GPL, as you’ll recall, is the license under which the Linux kernel is made available and basically says that you’re free to modify Linux provided you make your source code available to… Read More

  • UT3 for PS3 shipment date confirmed

    I haven’t played Unreal Tournament since 2001, but I recall having a bloody good time playing it in the dorms. Ultra-fast network and heaps of gamers who were up at all times and down to frag. Good times. I miss college. :( Midway has announced that UT3 will begin shipping on December 10 for $59.95. What makes UT3 stand out is the ability for users to upload their own content. Read More

  • Giant NES controller houses normal, working NES

    Here’s a giant NES controller for your amusement. It has a working Nintendo Entertainment System inside of it. The buttons on the big controller are functional but due to its size, you need a friend to help you navigate around the Mushroom Kingdom. Sounds sort of fun, no? Maybe it’d be a hit at some sort of party. I seem to remember finding something a few years ago that was… Read More

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