• TechCrunch Talk and Seedcamp party – a great combination

    This September TechCrunch UK will be hosting TechCrunchTalk, an afternoon of discussion and debate about the trends in European start-ups, involving investors and key players, which will explore several themes, including: • What’s the experience of raising venture capital for startups in Europe?
    • What are the major trends in European tech startups?
    • If Mobile 2.0 is the next… Read More

  • Samsung i7110 phone surfaces

    Photos for Samsung’s new i-series phone surface along with some details. Rumored details, that is; Samsung has not confirmed. For a rumor though, that’s a pretty nice photo. All this time I thought it was required for them to be blurry. The business class, Symbian-powered i7110 will incorporate multimedia functions on its QVGA display. An expansion slot for a microSD card will… Read More

  • Review: Soundcast OutCast Wireless Speaker

    Everyone wants to have parties outside, music thumping under the sun. It just feels classy. Plus you get to show your neighbors how many friends you have. Thing is, most boom boxes turn to breathless junk as soon as they’re outside and, between wiring and weather proofing, rigging up a high-quality speaker solution outdoors is a bit past the average consumer. The $699 OutCast speaker… Read More

  • The new Sonos controller… under water!

    I think what they’re trying to say in this video is that the new Sonos CR100 remote is completely water proof which means you can can leave it by the pool next to that bottle of Jack Daniels without worrying that your “house guests” might drop it into the deep end. Note: you can probably stop watching this at about the 2 minute mark. Read More

  • Images of Nokia Tube keep on comin'

    I’m not really sure what to make of these images. They’re clearly showcasing the Tube‘s Web browser, but images clearly don’t do anything to get us excited about this device. How about some video, dailymobile.se? Read More

  • Netflix charges more for Blu-ray discs; loves streaming

    Confirmation came Monday from Netflix that the movie rental giant is charging more for Blu-ray discs in a test program. No hard and fast pricing is available yet as the company is determining a pricing model. One thing for sure though, is that Blu-ray discs cost more, and Netflix is looking to pass along the extra charge. While Netflix is charging more for some DVD’s, they are charging… Read More

  • The (Highly Controversial) YouNoodle Startup Valuation Predictor Is Coming

    In February a well backed startup called YouNoodle said that they were developing a product that would accurately predict the future success of startups based on an analysis of the business and the founding team. Much like a credit rating tells creditors how likely an entity is to pay off debt, YouNoodle aimed to tell investors how likely they would be to see a return on their investment… Read More

  • Moto keeps ROKing

    Motorola has expanded its ROKR line, introducing three new music-centric handsets: the candybar EM30, the EM28 clamshell and the EM25 slider with FM radio sharing capabilities. Steve Lalla, corporate vice president of Mass Market Products, said: “Following the path of our award-winning ROKR E8, the newest additions to our ROKR family make listening to and discovering new music… Read More

  • Welcome to Macintosh: Fanbois on film

    If you really want to watch a movie about Apple and you happen to be near or around where these guys are showing their film, today is your lucky day. Welcome to Macintosh is a documentary produced by Rob Baca and Josh Rizzo and is about Mac-heads and the objects they love. It’s an independent film so they’re doing most of the work themselves, including trucking the movie to places… Read More

  • Doof re-launches – but that name…

    Casual social games startup doof has re-laiunched and now offers over 100 games, more social networking features, more competitions and a members club. We wrote about London-based Doof, which is backed by the The Money Gaming Corporation Ltd, last November. However, I see one problem for this startup’s international expansion. Exhorting people to “Become a Doofstar!”… Read More

  • Olympus and Panasonic shrink their SLR lenses

    The march of the DSLR is in full swing, but one thing I know has prevented some of my friends from buying one is the size and weight — especially of the decent lenses. Panasonic and Olympus hear their cries, and with the unveiling of the “Micro Four Thirds System” standard, they expect to be able to lighten and shrink their lenses, hopefully without compromising them optically. Read More

  • Xbox 360 avatars limited to E10+ rated games

    Xbox Live GM Eric Kilgore revealed at Gamefest that those fun little avatars we can expect from the new dashboard update will be limited when they first roll out. “We are still developing the final policies,” he said, adding that “The final guide we have this year is to think of them in an ‘E10’ context. That doesn’t mean it won’t change – but… Read More

  • AT&T to try cloud computing

    AT&T is offering AT&T Synaptic Hosting, a cloud-computing service involving networking, storage, and utility computing for large contracts. They will offer multiple data centers around the world and, like Amazon’s S3, you can offload processing and data onto the cloud for improved performance. The service is aimed at businesses who may see spikes in their traffic and must… Read More

  • Moto announces more reasons to ROK

    Motorola has expanded its ROKR line, introducing three new music-centric handsets including the candybar EM30, the EM28 clamshell and the EM25 slider with FM radio sharing capabilities. Steve Lalla, corporate vice president of Mass Market Products, said: “Following the path of our award-winning ROKR E8, the newest additions to our ROKR family make listening to and discovering new… Read More

  • Live NASCAR on MediaFLO

    ESPN and Qualcomm’s mobile TV unit MediaFLO USA have agreed to bring a series of live NASCAR events to a mobile phone near you. From August 5th to the 31th, subscribers to AT&T’s Mobile TV with FLO service and Verizon Wireless’s V CAST Mobile TV service will be able to catch live NASCAR coverage on ESPN’s mobile channel. Live races include the NASCAR Nationwide… Read More

  • HTC about to sell its millionth Touch Diamond

    HTC says it’ll sell over a million Touch Diamonds by the middle of this month…iPhone, who? Even though Apple sold a million iPhone 3Gs in just 3 days, HTC says its still gonna celebrate. Launched in June, the Touch Diamond is HTC’s latest touch-based smartphone, and an HTC representative told PC World that the Touch Diamond is HTC’s fastest selling handset ever. So far… Read More

  • Epson announces something other than printers (and they're really cool)

    Oh, Epson, it’s been a long time since I’ve paid any attention to you since I no longer own a printer anymore. But you certainly surprised me today with the announcement of the P-6000 and P-7000 multimedia photo viewer. A four-inch VGA LCD with a four-color filter system gives you the best damn viewable image possible with over 16.7 million colors and runs the Adobe RGB color gamut… Read More

  • More handsets to match your handbag

    More from ABI Research, following Dior’s recently launched line of mobile phones, the firm predicts more high-end fashion houses are looking to mobile phones as the latest design frontier. ABI says mobile phones “take on a powerful symbolism” for brands as “personal items used frequently in public,” and representations of a user’s “social status… Read More

  • Leaked photos of the Moto VE240, eh

    Photos have appeared of Motorola’s latest entry-level handset the VE240, rumors are its slated for release from no contract carriers MetroPCS and Cricket. Based on the photos (thanks Phonearena), we’re guessing the VE240 is a low-end, music-centered, candybar style handset. No news on the release date yet. But we’re guessing this isn’t part of the company’s… Read More

  • Motorola "Alexander" revealed, runs WinMo, so long Moto

    Motorola’s last gasp to stay afloat might as well have been a twinkie or something. An image of the “Alexander” has been leaked to BGR and it’s not looking good. Sure, the slider looks decent, but it’s said to be running Windows Mobile 6.1 and that’s just not acceptable. Previous rumors on specs haven’t changed much with the camera in the… Read More

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