• The Hype Machine Releases 2007 Music Blog Zeitgeist

    The Hype Machine is a great music blog aggregator that we’ve somehow failed to write about until now. The site continuously collects material, including reviews and songs, from the best music blogs on the net. Comparisons can be drawn to Techmeme, which curates a selection of the best tech news articles from the multitude published each day. The Hype Machine does the same for music… Read More

  • 7digital wins £4.5m funding round

    UK digital media and music retailer 7digital has taken £4.25 million in a round led by Sutton Place Managers that included original investor Balderton Capital (formerly Benchmark Europe). 7digitial currently has 1.1 million customers with access to a library of over 3.5 million music and video downloads available from 99p each. The company starting offering DRM free downloads in December and… Read More

  • Sacrebleu! AmazonMP3 to expand internationally this year

    AP image: The magic of Amazon AmazonMP3, the best way to get DRM-free MP3s onto your iPod—iTunes sells AACs, some with DRM—,will be available in other, non-U.S. countries beginning this year… and that’s all the info we have. No specific dates, no pricing information, no region-specific peculiarities. Just the warm feeling that… Read More

  • Qtrax Really Blows Its Launch

    This is being covered to death elsewhere, so I won’t spend too much time on it. But if a startup is going to spend nearly $1 million announcing a new digital music service claiming more than 25 million free legal song downloads, it might want to coordinate its announcement with the music labels it is supposedly partnering with. In what may be the dumbest business move of the year so… Read More

  • HD DVD is dead, says Gartner

    Toshi might think that spending $3 million on a Super Bowl ad will help boost profits and possibly salvage what’s left to prolong the war, but that’s exactly what Gartner means when they refer to recent actions by Toshiba as “useless resistance.” It’s things like this and the recent price cuts that are prolonging the inevitable. The death of HD DVD. Gartner… Read More

  • Sony A300 and A350 pics leaked

    Some enterprising site-digger has gotten the above pictures of the Sony Alphas. The A300, you’ll notice, has a swivel LCD and 10.2 megapixels. The A350 has 14.2 megapixels and, I’m going to guess, the swivel screen as well. Looks like there’s a button for Live-View as well. Cheers to the site-troller who found these. The front view shots look nearly identical however, I… Read More

  • Asus Eee lookalike: Priced $50 more, big hand added

    Here’s an idea. Take a 2GB Asus Eee PC, change almost nothing, and add $50 to the price tag. That’s what Cybertron’s done with its “new” line of Mini-PC computers. For $349, you’ll get a 900Mhz Celeron M processor, 512MB or RAM, 7-inch 800×400 screen, 2GB flash drive, and everything else the Eee PC has. The operating system even looks the same, if not… Read More

  • HubDub's fantasy league for news

    Hubdub, which launches formally at the DEMO conference today, is a news forecaster that allows users to track news stories, predict their outcomes and compete with other news junkies. The Edinburgh (Scotland) startup has as it’s CEO Nigel Eccles, the guy who was previously behind the Flutter betting exchange acquired by Betfair. Once you know that, you realise where this startup might… Read More

  • The Pirate Bay to face charges this week

    [photopress:pirate_bay_logo.jpg,full,right]The captains of the Pirate Bay BitTorrent site will be formally charged with conspiracy to break copyright law. Pirate Bay was raided in 2006, though it wasn’t long before the site was back on its feet. Those being charged are maintaining that there’s no legal grounds for the charges against them and plan to fight the case in open court. Read More

  • Cartridge prices on the rise as ink breaks the $1000 a barrel mark for the first time

    [photopress:T054020.jpg,full,center] I’ve never much cared for the modern computer printer’s business model. In short, the idea is to push cheap, craptacular printers on the masses, then use them as a loss leader to make money on the ink. This works because printer ink, much like oil, is a commodity that has a per-barrel price. This price fluctuates, and that makes traders… Read More

  • TIVX media hub has talent and good looks, just like your CrunchGear staff

    [photopress:tvix_m_5100sh_front.jpg,full,left] Meet the TVIX media hub. It’s one part PVR, one part HD tuner, and one part media center, all in a package that brings to mind Mr. Coffee. It can record and playback most video formats at 1080p. No DivX, but XviD is represented, which is good for many of you Torrent nerds. It’s Wi-Fi ready, and has all the standard HD inputs and… Read More

  • Toshiba drops $3,000,000 on HD DVD Superbowl spot

    The bad craziness of desperation spending has begun. I guess Toshiba had a little left over in their war chest and have decided that a final blitz is in order. The obvious place to launch it is the Super Bowl, where the ads are not only seen by millions, but also pored over and repeated for weeks afterwards. Sounds like the HD DVD group is going to down like the Spartans at Thermopylae —… Read More

  • Easy iJailbreak realeased for OS X

    Attention, iPhone and iPod Touch owners: iJailbreak for 1.1.3 is out today. It’s a fairly simple and straightforward way to upgrade to the 1.1.3 firmware while keeping your handheld open. It works on any Jailbroken iPod Touch or iPhone running 1.1.1 or 1.1.2. If you’ve upgraded to 1.1.3, you’ll need to downgrade and Jailbreak first. The installation is automated and takes… Read More

  • DS Lite now available in cornflower – I mean cobalt blue

    If you’ve been holding off on getting a DS lite because none match your new blue kicks, it’s time to pull out that bankroll. The handheld world’s undisputed champion is now available in sweet, sweet cobalt blue. In addition to being a cool color, cobalt has one of the coolest names of all the elements — just say it to yourself right now, “cobalt,” it… Read More

  • CrunchTip: Make your Time Machine back-up drive bootable!

    [photopress:time.gif,full,center]Time Machine is, of course, the automated back-up feature of Leopard, the latest version of OS X. Mac OS X Hints has a pretty good tip on how to make your back-up drive bootable, and it’s something I thought I should share. Just use Disk Utility to do a restore on a blank drive, one you plan to use for Time Machine. When done, you can boot off of it… Read More

  • Sky Dayton Steps Down As CEO of Helio

    After a tough year in which partner Earthlink pulled back from its commitment to Helio, the virtual mobile carrier is now losing its CEO, Sky Dayton. (Dayton was also the founder of Earthlink). Although Dayton will become chairman, Helio’s remaining corporate partner, Korea’s SK Telecom, appears to be consolidating its control over the company (perhaps in an attempt to stem… Read More

  • Huddle ramps up against Basecamp with new apps

    UK-based Huddle, an Enterprise 2.0 startup which is now clearly positioning itself square-on against Basecamp, launches a well-featured Facebook application at the DEMO 08 conference today [Update: The Facebook app was built by Techlightenment and is here]. The Facebook integration will make your boss think you are working even when on Facebook – it allows full access to all… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson adds 5 million songs to its PlayNow service

    AP image. If you squint you can see an older SE cellphone. More music news for your Monday afternoon, this time coming to us from Sony Ericsson, maker of cellphones found in recent James Bond movies. The mobile maker has added some 5 million songs to its PlayNow music service. These new songs come from several record labels including Warner, EMI and… Read More

  • Microsoft held talks with Blu-ray about possible Xbox 360 use

    AP image Intrigue! It looks like Microsoft was hedging its high-def disc bets with the revelation that it was in talks with the Blu-ray folks “all along.” Even though it currently backs HD DVD, the truth of the matter is that the Xbox 360’s high-def disc playback is largely a matter of built-in software. The implication is that with… Read More

  • Nikon debuts inexpensive, basic L18

    [photopress:l18.jpg,full,center] Available in blue and red, the new Nikon COOLPIX L18 is the latest in the parade of low-coast, high-performance point-n-shoots to hit PMA next week. The basic 8-Megapixel camera has all the modern features, like a 3x optical zoom, face-detecting auto-focus, a 3-inch LCD, image enhancement in low-light conditions, and ISO of up to 1600. For most people, this… Read More

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