• Quintura Visual Search Engine Relaunches

    Quintura Visual Search Engine Relaunches

    At around 8 AM PST this morning, Moscow-based search engine Quintura will relaunch its visual search engine with a new user interface (if it looks like the screen shot below, it’s launched). The company, which is backed by Mangrove Capital Partners (Skype, AllPeers, Piczo, Nimbuzz) and OpenView Venture Partners, has developed technology that clusters related search terms to the initial… Read More

  • Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge Update

    Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge Update

    Yes! Scorcese won. Justice is served! Ahem. Sorry about that. I just wanted to give you all one final update about The Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge. We’re closing the contest at 12 noon, which gives you all six more hours to make your submissions. For those of you just tuning in, I’m sure you’d like to know what the hell I’m talking about: Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Game Day Edition

    CrunchGear Week in Review: Game Day Edition

    LCD Board Game Wows Mr. Monopoly
    Table Offers Glimpse of Future Social Interaction
    Dodecahedra Speakers Ruin Marco Polo
    Lamp Doubles as Thermal Detonator Prop
    Egg Chair Unscrambles Spine Read More

  • New "Social" Dictionary

    A new online dictionary and thesaurus launches today called WordSource. It’s main benefit over sites like Dictionary.com is the fact that the site is very cleanly designed and contains no advertisements. You can also look up a word by simply adding it to the URL (so word.sc/example will pull up the definition of “example”). The site also has a number of social features… Read More

  • Oscar iPhone Ad

    http://s86.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid86.photobucket.com/albums/k90/crunchgear/February%202007/iphone_oscars_02252007.flv Vincent at MyiPhone went above and beyond the call of duty and grabbed the iPhone Oscar commercial before anyone else. The commercial was kind of dopey. You could just see the marketing folks sitting down saying “OK, we have $40 million and not much time. Read More

  • The Best Anti-PS3 Song of the Weekend

    Watch it. You’ll either laugh, cry, or want to start a flame war, but this is a perfect example of an audience talking back to a massive corporation that has lost its way. Sony — watch this multiple times and send a translated version to Tokyo, just so they get all the nuance. Read More

  • But Will These Gadgets Pass Airport Screening?

    But Will These Gadgets Pass Airport Screening?

    Dethroner has posted a Top 10 list of essential gadgets for traveling. Some of them, like the Voltaic Solar Backpack, are familiar goodies that have been seen around the blogosphere. Others, like the SteriPen and Nera WorldPro 100M are actually pretty innovative. But a list of travel gadgets should not be complete without some airline-related fun. The Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter springs to… Read More

  • ImageKind Raises $2.6 Million

    We reported last month that Seattle-based ImageKind, where artists can upload their work and sell custom framed prints to others, was in acquisition discussions with Amazon. ImageKind competes with Art.com’s new Sistino project – rumor had it that Art.com was also looking at the company late last year for a possible acquisition. At the time of our post, ImageKind President Kevin… Read More

  • iPhone Goes to the Oscars

    If the rumor is to believed, which is entirely up to you, then you’ll see Apple’s first ad for the iPhone during tonight’s Oscar telecast. Don’t expect anything fancy or telling, just a little teaser that says, “Hey, look, the iPhone is still coming. see you in June!” What’s unknown is what form the commercial will take. We’re expecting… Read More

  • Mario Trades in 'Shrooms for Smarts

    Mario Trades in 'Shrooms for Smarts

    At $17, the Super Mario Bros. Rubik’s cube is a good companion to those Mario-themed stress relievers I posted about last week. After all, if you ever become frustrated with a puzzle cube, you can just go over and squeeze on some soft foam! The six sides of the cube feature Mario, Luigi, Goomba, Bowser, Koopa Troopa, and the Question Mark block. Why Princess Toadstool, Yoshi and Toad… Read More

  • To Catch an iPod Thief

    To Catch an iPod Thief

    Although the Web site has been Dugg to the ground, a free online service called Gadget Theft recently launched to help users recover their stolen gadgets. The site provides users with a small “spyware” application that can be loaded onto the memory of a USB thumb drive, MP3 player or digital camera. The software records and sends IP data to the user if it detects that the device… Read More

  • Toshiba Satellite P100-ST9742 Gaming Notebook Hands-On

    Toshiba Satellite P100-ST9742 Gaming Notebook Hands-On

    The last time I paid a Toshiba notebook a visit, I checked out the P105-S9722. It had some great features, but also some really annoying flaws that got in the way of daily use. This time around, I was hoping that things would be fixed with the Satellite P100-ST9242 (P100). Are they? Is performance improved? How’s that Core 2 Duo CPU? Hold your horses there champ. You’ll have to… Read More

  • Gadget Spotter: Bloody iPod Edition

    Gadget Spotter: Bloody iPod Edition

    Ooo! So gruesome. How could they do that?! I’m starting a new feature on weekends called Gadget Spotter. Basically, I’m going to put my obsessive TV watching to good use. Every weekend, I’ll post some screen caps of gadgets used in action on various TV shows the previous week. It’s up to you to give me the name of the show, who is using it and the make/model of the device. Read More

  • LCD Board Game Wows Mr. Monopoly

    LCD Board Game Wows Mr. Monopoly

    Speaking of social gatherings of the future, Phillips has developed the Entertaible, a concept board game made from a 32-inch horizontal LCD, a touch screen and sensors with multiple-object detection. The board game allows players to have “dynamic playing fields and gaming levels with the social interaction and tangible playing pieces, such as pawns and dies, of traditional board… Read More

  • The iPod Made Me Do It

    The iPod Made Me Do It

    A 60-year-old teacher from Germantown, Penn., is in intensive care right now after two students broke his neck in retaliation for confiscating an iPod in class. Fortunately, the teacher wasn’t paralyzed and the two students, 14 and 17, were caught on film during the assault and quickly apprehended. IPod-related violence isn’t that uncommon, considering how expensive the devices are. Read More

  • Table Offers Glimpse of Future Social Interaction

    Table Offers Glimpse of Future Social Interaction

    This table has been all over the blogosphere recently, but I just can’t resist talking about it. Still in the idea phase, designer Ross McBride’s Time Table uses electro-luminescent film to display a digital clock on the entire surface of the table, which is only 6cm thick. The table includes an alarm and a timer switch so it can turn off at night. The lights also can be shut off… Read More

  • Yahoo Publisher Network's Trojan Horse

    Google has a hefty lead in getting small publishers to put Google-powered ads on their websites. There is no negotiated deal – advertisers agree to take whatever Google decides to give them. Revenue share terms are not disclosed to these small publishers. The publisher simply places a piece of JavaScript code in the code of their website, the ads appear, and a check comes in the mail. Read More

  • The Last Temptation of the iPhone

    Want some Zapruder-esque footage of the iPhone? Want someone to obsessively pore over the entire thing? Can’t get enough scrolling by Steve? Click away! via MyiPhone Read More

  • Imeem Blocked From MySpace. Who's Next?

    Imeem Blocked From MySpace. Who's Next?

    MySpace has been acting a bit odd all year. Last month all Flash embeds on the site were turned off for a few hours. Some people speculated that they were testing the waters, seeing what kind of backlash they would see from user complaints. MySpace PR flatly denied these speculations, however, saying it was nothing more than a bug. Still, some sites are seeing what look to be permanent bans… Read More

  • Amazon Invests in Shelfari

    We’re hearing that Amazon has invested $1 million or so in Seattle based Shelfari, beating out at least one venture firm that competed for the deal. Shelfari is a website where users input all of the books they own, and have an online visual representation of their library to share with others. Users can share their library through the Shelfari website or via a widget, and make money… Read More