• Tribler P2P Uses 'Currency," Rewards Uploaders

    Hate it when leechers ruin your BitTorrent experience? A Harvard team has developed a client called Tribler that rewards uploaders with faster download speed and punishers leechers with death. Wait, hold on… No, not death, but with slower downloads. My mistake. The system introduces a sort of currency concept to downloading. Called “TV watching minutes” (damn that needs a… Read More

  • Sharp Announces Next Gen Touch Screen LCD, iPhone Fans Perk Up

    The iPhone’s touch screen is old news by now, so it’s time to move on to the next big thing, right? Of course it is. Sharp’s announcement of its latest LCD touch screen is making a few ripples and for good reason. This here touch screen is a mere 1mm thick, has optical sensors built into each pixel of the LCD and it has a scanner function. All of this on top of the… Read More

  • Sleek Audio's SA6 Headphones Have Interchangeable Parts

    Eli Whitney brought interchangeable parts to the U.S. a few years ago, condemning the South to an agriculture-based economy for much of its history. I doubt Whitney had spiffy-looking headphones in mind back then, though. From Sleek Audio comes the SA6 In-Ear Monitors, a pair of $250 headphones that use interchangeable parts. As the easy-to-follow diagram shows, you’re able to replace… Read More

  • Shure SE110 In-Ear Headphones Review

    Shure’s headphones have been a popular upgrade for those crappy earbuds that came with your music player. But now that the E series has become the company’s professional line, the consumer-focused SE line has been lacking a counterpart to the $99 E2c — until now. The SE110 rounds out the bottom end of the price spectrum, and it holds up pretty well against the competition in… Read More

  • RAZR 2 Induces Fighting In Subway

    I thought the ad I saw in London for the RAZR 2 was a bit much, but this is over the edge. The RAZR 2 will not get you laid nor will it incite a Bruce Lee inspired fight scene with a really hot chick. ‘Sharper Than Ever’, huh? How about lamer than ever. The music is good, Shiny Toy Guns, and the girl is hot, so I guess it’s par for the course. Read More

  • Make Your Own Banana Logo Laptop

    You know how when you watch TV and the characters are clearly using an Apple laptop, but the distinctive piece of fruit is taped over or turned into a different fruit? (Drake and Josh uses a pear, for example.) Now, with a little elbow grease and the patience of a saint you’ll be able to carve your own fruit logo (or whatever else you want). Here, you’ll find the step-by-step… Read More

  • Opera Mini 4 Beta v2 Struts Its Stuff

    Opera sure knows how to make a snazzy web browser. I know I love using it on my Helio devices and apparently even Sidekick users can get a taste if they’re in the developer community. So it’s nice to know that v2 of the 4.0 aka Dimension is now readily available. So what’s the fuss? Well, there’s now a landscape mode that rivals that of the Safari browser on the iPhone. Read More

  • Amazon To Launch Music Store Next Month: 99/89 Cent, DRM-Free MP3s

    Amazon looks to be getting into the digital music game, with the New York Post of all organizations claiming that the Web retailer will launch an online music store the week of September 17. That specific date is tentative, by the way. The store will have support from two of the Big Four record labels—Universal and EMI. (There will also be plenty of independent labels.) You’ll notice… Read More

  • DivX Connects With D-Link For HD Streaming

    DivX and D-Link have mashed up to produce the D-Link DSM-330 DivX Connected HD Media Player. WTF is that? It’s quite simple really, DivX Connected is being touted as a powerful, easy-to-use open platform that will allow you to stream your HD content from your PC to your TV thus making your already couch potato lifestyle complete. DivX Connected includes built-in support for Stage6 in… Read More

  • Brush and Rinse ToothBrush

    When humankind first climbed out of the primordial sludge, they had a lot to do. They had to make the wheel, the breathstrip, and the airplane almost immediately, not to mention the codification of thoughts and actions through the written word and the codification of hotness through porn and Grey’s Anatomy. In all honesty, we haven’t had much time between now and then to make a… Read More

  • Amazon Leaks New iPod Prices?

    Hmmm. Not sure what to think about this one. Amazon has been known to leak many a thing, but they’ve also been known to make a snafu here and there. Apple seriously doesn’t think people will be paying $600+ for a new iPod, right? Why the difference in price between white and black? What say ye? Amazon Gives Away New iPod Pricing? [9to5Mac] Read More

  • NBC Will Stop Selling Its Stuff On iTunes

    Grab ‘em while you can Great, another edition of “My member is bigger than your member.” NBC and Apple agreed to part ways last night, with NBC refusing to cede to Apple’s demands as it relates to publishing its high art on iTunes. In other words, you’ll no longer be able to download NBC shows off iTunes once December rolls around. (The previous contract runs… Read More

  • The AudioFile: My Violated Ears

    I recently had the opportunity to try out a prototype of the upcoming flagship earphones from Ultimate Ears, the outrageously pricey UE-11 Pro‘s. For $1150, you get four drivers — including a subwoofer — in each custom-molded plastic earpiece, complete with custom artwork (see mine above). What you also get is a trip to the audiologist to get molds made of the insides of… Read More

  • Mobilised Re-launchised

    We’re getting word that social bookmarking site Moblised has re-launched, or should we say re-launchised. The site will allow users to submit and tag links in various ways, while others can vote, comment and save to their favorites. In the future tag links can even be shared with friends, and of course the emphasis of all this is on the mobile Web, so users are “encouraged”… Read More

  • Discuss What You See With Phoja

    This Labor Day weekend marks the 15th anniversary since I moved to New York City from the Midwest. In that time I’ve seen stuff that you’d only see in New York (or maybe Las Vegas or Venice Beach). In that time I’ve seen the rolling blading nuns, the jogging Elvis and a sad homeless woman whose only attire were garbage bags (the final one I’ve heard is a hoax… Read More

  • Casio Digital Camera Could Take 60 FPS Images, 300 FPS Video

    Casio is using this year’s IFA trade show to almost unveil an experimental new digital camera. Preliminarily part of the Exilim line, Casio claims the camera will be able to shoot six-megapixel images at 60 frames per second. Not only that, but that it’ll be able to record VGA-quality video at 300 frames per second. And here I thought the human eye was unable to distinguish the… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Cozy Automagic Diner Edition

    iPod Speaker Goes Retro
    German Restaurant Boots Waitstaff, Goes Completely Automated
    Dorktastic Wedding Cakes
    Pictavision Teleprint Review
    Wii-like Skateboard: Is The Term ‘Sidewalk Surfer’ Still Used? Read More

  • Don't Be A Sucker: Avoiding Retail Trickery

    Seems there’s a new epidemic going around at big box retailers that involves bilking people out of $30. Sales reps at Best Buy and Circuit City have been telling digitally impotent customers that they’d be wise to pony up some extra dough for recovery CDs — CDs that would cost twice as much from the manufacturer and can’t be made by the customers themselves. Birdshit. Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Yahoo To KickStart Social Networking Efforts

    Yahoo is reported to be working on a new social networking service that matches college students to employers. Yahoo Kickstart give users profile pages which are focused on the user’s resume, LinkedIn style, as opposed to a Facebook or MySpace profile. Corporations and wannabe employers are then provided with groups that users can join, but with a catch: to join a group you need an… Read More

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