• Samsung wants you to use your hands

    Samsung has filed a patent for a phone that is operated with only your hands, but not on the phone. The idea is that you move you hand around and form gestures in the air to control the phone. The patent states that the hand movements would be captured in the phones camera and then translated into instructions for the phone. As interesting as this technology is, it is only a patent, so who… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang Now Part Of TechCrunch Network

    Journalist Steve Gillmor was a podcasting pioneer – In 2004 he began recording conversations with leading tech pundits about the issues of the day and posting them on IT Conversations. The show, which he called the Gillmor Gang, was picked up by Podshow in 2005, but a legal dispute led to a breakup in 2006 and the shutting down of the show, despite its huge popularity. Last year… Read More

  • Mandatory, yet contentless Xbox Live update imminent

    Other than some under-the-hood code to prepare for the big spring update, there are “no other changes or enhancements in this update…in other words no new features.” And what of the vaunted spring update? “At this point we have nothing to announce.” Why would they even release this update now, when they have nothing to say? Why not release the update and the… Read More

  • Atom-sized transistor is world's smallest

    Made from graphene, scientists in the UK have created the world’s smallest transistor. Size? Oh, say, about the size of an atom. The transistor, which could totally change the way electronics are made, is just one atom thick and 10 atoms wide. Again, it’s made from graphene, which, apparently, is a significantly better conductor of electricity than silicon. “We believe we… Read More

  • Do you speak Nerdic? Probably, yes!

    If you read CrunchGear regularly, you know what a dongle is, what a mobile is, and what a torrent is. Congratulations, you speak Nerdic. According to the Telegraph, anyway, that’s the name of the language of modern technology. Modems, WiFi, and other words make up this secondary language. We personally think it’s a stupid name, we like “Virginglish”… Read More

  • Reebok + Allen Iverson + Zune = Answer XI Zune, Special Edition

    If you like the Zune, sneakers, and Allen Iverson, then we’ve got something for you! Reebok is releasing a special edition Allen Iverson pair of sneakers called the Answer XI Zune. The freaky sneaks come with a special 8GB Zune with custom artwork to match the shoes, and it’s loaded with special Allen Iverson content, whatever that is. Only 60 will be produced, and we’re not… Read More

  • The 3G iPhone may look 'radically different'

    Most of you are probably sick of all this “3G iPhone is coming, no wait it’s not… no wait it is!” but the (UK) Times has some new info the whet your appetite. In reporting on the difficulty Apple is having selling the iPhone in Europe, which jibes with reports from earlier today, the Times reports that many Europeans are waiting for the 3G version of the phone. In… Read More

  • Maybe a little raw meat to protect your iPod?

    Ewww! Or yum?? This raw meat iPod protector comes from Japan and carries the Kobe Beef-like price tag of $68. That’s a hell of a lot of money unless you really, really, really like steak. Or raw meat. I really, really like steak, but that’s only two “reallys” so I’ve been priced right out of contention by that $68 figure. Too rich for my blood, although that… Read More

  • German Startup Community Makes Us Proud Once Again: Freundefeed

    You haven’t arrived until your web application has a German clone, it seems. Web innovation in that country too often distills down to “copy/paste innovation.” And now, Freundfeed, which doesn’t appear to be a joke. Not only is it a ripoff of the FriendFeed name, they also use the same logo. The service hasn’t launched yet, but I’m willing to make an… Read More

  • Events News 180408

    Here’s a rag-tag rundown of UK/Irish/Europe events related to startups and Web 2 that might be worth checking out. Feel free to pimp more in the comments. For a previous list which has even more upcoming events in April/May/June etc see here. The picture was taken at the recent DrinkTank event in London, which put a lot of startups and potential investors in one room. Over drinks… Read More

  • Live podcast at 1:00 PM EST today

    Join us in a bit for the CrunchGear and Friends live podcast on BlogTalkRadio.com — we’ll be talking about a whole bunch of stuff from the past week, like the $399 Leopard computer, Virgin Mobile, Red’s new super high-res camera, and a whole lot more. It’s gonna be a real hoot. You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or… Read More

  • Hulu coming to a mobile phone/internet device near you?

    Jason Kilar, the CEO of NBC’s web-TV site Hulu, has suggested at NAB that Hulu may be on its way to other net-enabled gadgets. He says they’re “ripe for the Hulu experience,” whatever that is. Sounds like a psychedelic rock band from Japan: The Hulu Experience presents OTOFOKASURENZU. Moving on: Kilar also talked about picking up cult hits like Felicity and… Read More

  • TechCrunch UK is coming to San Francisco, and bringing startups!

    From Saturday through to Friday next week I’ll be accompanying 20 UK startups on a trade mission to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, dubbed Web Mission 08. We’ll also be taking in a bit of Web 2 Expo. Here’s a list of the 20 startups going (add WebJam, a last minute entrant) and here’s the schedule. In particular we’ll be having drinks (you’ll have to buy… Read More

  • Full album downloads for Rock Band start next week

    We’d heard rumors, but today it’s official: starting next week, players of Rock Band will be able to download full albums of additional songs for $15. The first out of the gate would be Judas Priest’s Screaming for Vengeance, followed the week after by The Cars, and then the Pixies’ Doolittle, and then Nevermind by Nirvana, one the fans have wanted for… Read More

  • Officer who investigated Pirate Bay took job with Warner Brothers, will still testify against Pirate Bay

    Whoops. Seems that one of the officers in charge of investigating the Pirate Bay has taken a job with Warner Brothers, one of the plaintiffs in the case. According to Sweden’s “The Local,” The officer began working for Warner Brothers several months after the preliminary investigation was completed. The same police officer is scheduled to appear as a witness in the… Read More

  • ChunkIt—Yet Another Search Plug-In. Yawn.

    I am sorry, but making search better does not entail making me do more work. That seems to be the philosophy behind ChunkIt, a browser-plug-in that enhances your searches on Google, Yahoo, and other engines. It opens up a new pane that takes up half your screen and gives you a preview of the page behind each link, with a text summary (AKA “chunk”) and your keyword and similar… Read More

  • mm Wave technology at JFK

    http://publish.vx.roo.com/nypost/viral/flashembed/ Listen: I’m all for safety and security, but I’d rather have some burly man touch my junk than have some burly man in another room look at my junk using X-Ray vision. Millimeter wave technology can “see” through clothing at the skin and danglies underneath and, presumably at the knives I’m hiding on my leg. At… Read More

  • Apple, Orange looking to lower iPhone price to spur sales in France

    Word on the street is that Apple and Orange (oh dear!) are negotiating an iPhone price cut. The French wireless provider wants to rework its contract with Apple so that it gets a bigger cut of iPhone sales. Simultaneously, Apple wants Orange to subsidize the phone more in order to boost sales. A machine translation of the original report (from Les Echos) shows that the iPhone hasn’t done… Read More

  • A really long discussion about the unreleased Hitchhiker's Infocom sequel, Milliways

    I’ll admit it: the only Infocom game I finished was Planetfall but if you need to read about the making of an unreleased Infocom game in the Douglas Adams Universe, has Andy Baio got a story for you. He apparently found a shared network drive from 1989 that was once part of the Infocom network. In it, he found email archives as well as the unreleased game, which is far from… Read More

  • Ballmer calls Vista a 'work in progress' during speech

    Okay then. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently told a group of Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) that Vista is “a work in progress” and then asked, “Can we just sort of kiss that stone and move on? Because it turns out many things become problematic when you have those long release cycles.” Read More

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