• D-Link's wireless USB hub would be handy for your mom

    Tired of your mom calling you and saying “Honey, do I plug in the blue cable to the printer? Or the modem? Or the wall?” Well, you can set her up right now and the only thing she’ll have to plug in and out is a little USB receiver. All the other junk plugs into the cute little hub and the data is served from there. This D-Link thing isn’t too impressive, but… Read More

  • THX Media Director makes AV simple

    Even your parents can make it all work. Well, that’s if your mom and dad have an AV system going and you’re not around to set it up for them. What THX’s Media Director aka Blackbird does is basically turn all your content (games, movies, or music) into ‘smart content’ that sends out its AV settings, which is then dynamically configured for the best playback… Read More

  • Duracell now makes SD cards and flash drives, apparently

    Passing by a Duracell booth, I had almost skipped it completely but noticed that some of the batteries were small and thin, and said “SD” on them. It turns out that Duracell is lending its brand name to a new set of other small, ubiquitous things. Not sure if you’ll be seeing these in retail any time soon but they looked perfectly sellable. Jump drives after the, er, jump. Read More

  • Free Concert On Us

    Okay, it is only an online concert. But the first 200 TechCrunch readers to send an email to techcrunch at deeprockdrive dot com will get admission to one of two live concerts to be Webcast tomorrow night from Las Vegas. That is online admission, which normally costs $6.99. These concerts will be for the public launch of DeepRockDrive, a live music site which I wrote about earlier. The… Read More

  • CES 2008: Westinghouse enters the 2k Ultra-HD market

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=2kwestinghouse.mov.ff.flv Product Name: Westinghouse’s 64″ 2K ultra-HDTV
    Description: 1080p is SO 2007, Westinghouse is going ultra-high-def
    Price: Not announced yet
    In-store date: Depends, but soon.
    Site: None yet, likely Westinghouse.com
    Why it’s cool: With the RedOne rolling out now, ultra-high-definition is the new buzzword… Read More

  • Guitar Hero guitar decals

    Product Name: Guitar Hero Guitar Skins
    Description: You can customize your fake axe with these decals.
    Price: Probably around $20
    Site: RedBeard
    Why it’s cool: All the coolest rockers have custom guitars, why shouldn’t you? You’ll probably be able to print your own ones soon. Read More

  • CES 2008: ChangHong's cheap but good HDTVs

    Product Name: ChangHong TVs
    Description: Low-cost HDTVs that could rival Olevia and Visio when they enter the US retail market for real later this year.
    Price: Varies
    In-store date: Our man on the floor wouldn’t say a date, but he said it wouldn’t be until after NAB, which is usually in April.
    Site: Changhong.com
    Why it’s cool: Sometimes sold as an OEM, China’s ChangHong… Read More

  • Olevia's signal-enhancing TV can't be captured in pictures

    At the Olevia booth, they had this TV with a big line down the middle. On the right was a regular HD feed, and once it crossed the line it entered the enhancement zone. The normal signal actually looked fine, but the image processor really made it pop, as they say. Motion blur was reduced, sharpness of edges was increased, and the contrast seemed better because of the enhanced… Read More

  • FlyTunes brings Internet radio to your iPhone

    [photopress:ft11.jpg,full,center] FlyTunes sounds good. It’s a new service for cellphone and other Wi-Fi devices that tunes into Internet radio stations, turning your staid iPhone into a wherever-you-go-radio. In that sense it’s sorta like satellite radio, though I’d be wary of calling it a “satellite radio killer.” In any event, the company insists that caching… Read More

  • The first thing I see on entering CES' main hall?

    Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, naturally. It was there to show off TI’s DLP projector technology, but durn it if I wasn’t tickled pink. Read More

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