• Box.net Releases OpenBox Platform for Integration of Web Applications

    Online storage provider Box.net is announcing today the launch of OpenBox, a platform for developers to integrate their web applications into Box.net. The platform, once rolled out in full by December 5th, will enable web developers to create “service actions” on Box.net that allow users to easily load their files into 3rd-party web applications. These service actions will also… Read More

  • E*Trade Heading To The Deadpool?

    Shares in online broking firm E*Trade fell by over 50% Monday on speculation that the company may file for bankruptcy protection due to exposure to bad debt as part of the wider sub-prime mortgage crisis. E*Trade is a granddaddy amongst online service providers, having been found in 1991 by TradePlus as a e-stock broking service for users of America Online and Compuserve. The company boomed… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bathroom Rock Edition

    Customizable Zunes are wicked cool
    Spaloo installation video: The good, the bad, and me on the toilet
    “Tommy Lee stabbed my Powerbook:” Real-life rock star tales
    Pink bathtub flower plug turns purple when water is nice and warm
    Tested by Guinean schoolchildren, XO laptop makes a difference Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Android Demo: Wowzers pji Sergey sounds like a Russian Chris Walken… Android needs more cowbell!
    Read More

  • More Misplaced Glam Exhuberance

    Ad network Glam got a glowing review from Jeff Jarvis today. And he’s not the only person out there that likes them – word is they closed the big round of financing they’ve been trying to raise, at a $450 million valuation. I mentioned that they were raising money in an August post. In that post I heavily criticized the company for trying to claim it was the largest womens… Read More

  • I, For One, Welcome Our Android Overlords

    As we reported yesterday, Google has released the software development kit for its Android operating system for mobile phones.The above video accompanies the launch and the $10 million apps contest. Admittedly Sergey Brin is soo wooden he might be trying to impersonate an android, but ignore the intro and look at the demonstrations of what Android can already do. Now pretend the iPhone… Read More

  • Kongregate Wants You To Quit Your Day Job (And Make Games)

    Paul Preece was a British game developer. That was, until he created Desktop Tower Defense. In two months, he developed a game that’s been played over 15 million times and brought in thousands in advertising. Paul Preece has since quit his day job and teamed up with David Litsky of FlashElementTD to run his own gaming startup. Flash gaming site Kongregate is encouraging more people to do… Read More

  • An Ad Network Powered By Martha Stewart

    America’s favorite white collar criminal homemaker Martha Stewart has launched her own online advertising network. Martha’s Circle is “a collection of exceptional lifestyle sites and blogs handpicked by Martha’s editors” with the obvious focus on lifestyle and cooking sites. The network covers 20 million ad views a month and features sites such as Hostess with… Read More

  • gOS PC Sells Out: People Like A Google Focused PC

    The gPC, the computer system with the Google focused gOS operating system that went on sale November 1 at Walmart for $200, has sold out in less than 2 weeks*. The minimum spec PC has received positive reviews from Walmart customers (here) with plenty of 5 star ratings. As we noted in our review of gOS November 4, the system may well be a sign of things to come. Rather than offer a desktop… Read More

  • Long-Form Video Gaining Viewers on the Web

    When it comes to Web video, short clips under three minutes still make up the vast majority of what people watch. But as the quality of video improves, more people will be willing to sit and watch streams of half-hour sitcoms, hour-long dramas, and maybe even entire movies. Already, there is some anecdotal evidence of this shift. Move Networks—which powers the media players and… Read More

  • New Shaft joystick for Wii invites penis jokes

    Back in the day, the NES Advantage was the arcade stick for the Nintendo. It mimicked the arcade-style controls almost perfectly, anyone who’s played the “arcade version” of TMNT knows that it was a lifesaver. Overline Gaming is bringing the idea back with the appropriately titled Shaft game controller, calling it the only arcade-type joystick for the Wii. We’re inclined… Read More

  • Blogfriends launches next week

    Blogfriends, the Facebook application for adding blogs to your Facebook feed, plans to come out of beta next Monday with a full launch, promising to do something to monetise blogs in a way they haven’t been before [Update: they now say they won’t ‘monetise’ for a while yet and the app will be available from here]. It’s a tall order, but there’s something… Read More

  • Quick, Plug The Internet Back In: Major Rackspace Outage

    Apparently a traffic accident is to blame for a major datacenter outage this evening. Rackspace’s Dallas datacenter lost electricity shortly after a traffic accident caused damage to a power transformer. Rackspace’s generators kicked in but, as we’ve seen before, lots of other things can then go wrong. In this case, two chillers within the data center failed to start back up… Read More

  • Google really starts motoring on mobile

    Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement about the Open Handset Alliance and Android, the OHA has released the software development kit for Android and Google announced the Android Developer Challenge, which will reward the development of applications for Android with $10 million in prizes. Helpfully, Android has released a Youtube video showing what they have so far: Read More

  • Meet Sucklord 600's Mini-Me

    Suckadelic is getting into the action figure business. Ok, action doll business, whatever. Behold the majesty of the Sucklord 600 vinyl figure. Fett helmet? Check. Lightsaber? Check. Turntable backpack? Check and check. $50? Yup. Sucklord 600 Vinyl Figure by Suckadelic [Highsnobiety] Read More

  • Help-Key: Recovering from a tragic hard drive crash

    Computers are evil, vile machines. They’re smarter than they let on, and they like to mess with us lesser humans. That’s why they pick the absolute worst times to crash, and the hard drive is where they like to do it, making you panic. But don’t be fooled: you own the computer, not the other way around. It’s a machine, a servant to humans, and though they throw… Read More

  • Doof aims to socialise casual gaming

    Doof, a new UK startup about playing games and meeting people (sometimes described as social gaming), launched its open beta a short while ago and – I hear – is poised to start beating the marketing drums. Casual games are little time-wasting games (at least in my dystopian world) which appeal to the masses, so mash those up with a social aspect and you should, at least in theory… Read More

  • Upgrading a T-Mobile phone now carries an $18 fee?

    According to Consumerist.com, T-Mobile "will now charge existing customers $18 when they buy a new phone" which is apparently supposed to help the wireless carrier "underwrite the cost of selling subsidized phones to new customers." I’m no psychologist but this seems like a bad idea, especially given the competition between mobile phone companies. Sure, for most… Read More

  • IAB: Internet Advertising Continues To Head North

    New figures released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers show that internet advertising continues to grow to record levels, with the 3rd quarter internet ad spend in the United States hitting $5.2 billion, a $1.1 billion/ 25.3% increase over the same quarter in 2006. Whilst the $5.2 billion figure is a record month, the growth rate quarter on quarter are… Read More

  • Acquisitions: IBM Buys Cognos, Microsoft Buys Musiwave

    IBM has agreed to buy business intelligence and performance management software maker Cognos for $5 billion. Ottawa based Cognos has 3,500 employees and serves more than 23,000 customers in over 135 countries. The acquisition follows SAP’s acquisition of Cognos competitor Business Objects for €4.8 billion October 7. FT.com has more. Microsoft has announced that it has entered into… Read More

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