• Samsung, Adidas Mashup On New Mobile Phone

    Just the other day I was going for a short jog and wondering whether or not someone would fill the void in the mobile phone industry for a pedometer, heart rate monitor and MP3 player all-in-one. Be still my heart. Rumors are floating about that Samsung and Adidas have teamed up to release the SGH-F110. If the rumors are true then we will soon see a mobile phone that does everything I… Read More

  • Dude Rants About AT&T's Shoddy Service: What If It Ran Our Highwayszomg?

    LOL! That’s the only thing I can type, let alone say, after reading this delightful little piece envisioning a world in which AT&T ran the highways. You know, the real highways for cars, not the information super++ one. It’s really, really funny. Gems include: • AT&T would make horn tones available for $3.99. No transfer of music from the car’s jukebox to its… Read More

  • iPhone Firmware Unleashes Widgets And FM Tuner

    Tyler from iPhoneology has uncovered a few interesting things whilst perusing through his iPhone’s firmware. He’s under the impression that an FM tuner is a strong candidate to be unleashed for the future as well as a few widgets like a world clock and translator. Want some salt with that? Keep reading to see what all the commotion is about. Read More

  • While Rome Burned, Amp'd Used Venture Capital On Porn

    You just know that this is going to end in a Hollywood movie. Matt Marshall at Venture Beat has the scoop on what the Amp’d team were spending part of their $360 million in venture capital on: porn. According to the asset list from the Apm’d fire sale, the company acquired at least 100 porn DVDs; least that’s the number listed for the auction (we’d presume… Read More

  • Delphi NAV300 GPS Keeps It Safe, Paints By Numbers

    Here’s another Tale of Interest, the Delphi Nav300, a GPS unit with a 3.5-inch display. You should know by now that nearly every GPS unit on the market is identical, though companies are trying harder to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. The Nav300 plays it safe, though, and only exactly what you would expect and need from a GPS is here: plenty of maps, points of… Read More

  • Futurama Makes Its Triumphant Return November 27

    I know this is neither gear or gadget, but it’s sweet nerd news and let’s face it, you people are nerds. Mark November 27 on your calendar and clear out your entire schedule because Futurama is making a return to the small screen. It won’t be joining Family Guy on FOX, though. Comedy Central will be its new home and the first four episodes will actually be released on DVD… Read More

  • Sony VHS-To-DVD Converter: For Those Who Still Use Candles As Their Primary Light Source

    VHS has been dead for, what, 10, nine years now? Whatever it is, I bet you still have a few VHS home movies here and there. If they’re not destroyed by now, you should consider transferring them to DVD; Sony wants your money if you choose to go that route. Its One Touch VHS-to-DVD unit will transfer unprotected VHS tapes to DVD starting in August. (Though, again, it seems expensive: $400). Read More

  • Panasonic Intros Two HD Camcorders

    Panasonic announced two HD camcorders that are on the bleeding edge *cough*Bullsh!t*cough* of imaging technology. The HDC-SD5 and HDC-SX5 record video at 1,920×1,080 resolution under the AVCHD format. Both camcorders are equipped with an Advanced Optical Image Stabilizer for, you guessed it, the shakes. Both models are also outfitted with Leica Dicomar lenses that feature 12 lens elements… Read More

  • Truffle Shuffle: Fujitsu's 10-pound, 17-inch Notebook

    The Fujitsu LifeBook N6460 has shown its gigantic 10-pound, 17-inch face stateside. You’ve got your choice of two models, one with a DVD burner for $1,799 after $50 rebate and one with a Blu-ray drive for $2,599. The Blu-ray version also has a 400GB hard drive, which is double the capacity of its less expensive cohort. Both models include an Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at 2GHz, an… Read More

  • HD DVD Camps Scoffs At Target's Backing of Sony Blu-ray Player

    If you’re playing at home, you know that Target, the world’s biggest retailer named Target, backed Sony’s Blu-ray disc format last week (well, sorta), causing wannabe pundits to proclaim for the 900th time that Blu-ray is the winner of the current format war. (The winner is whoever wins the race to be affordable to the Average Joe.) The HD DVD camp certainly doesn’t… Read More

  • Samsung Releases i85 Credit Card-sized Digital Camera

    Also released today from Samsung is a credit card-sized 8-megapixel digital camera, the i85. Despite its diminutive size the i85 features an extensive list of goodies that’s shown off by its 3-inch LCD. To keep its slender figure, the 5x optical zoom NV lens remains in the confines of the brushed-silver aluminum body while proclaiming a max shutter speed of 1/2,000 of a second and a… Read More

  • Apple's Bluetooth Headset For The iPhone Isn't So Hot

    Matt says the iPhone quote-kicks ass-unquote, but folks aren’t too hot on Apple’s iPhone Bluetooth headset. For $130, you’ll get the headset, USB charger and iPhone dock. … And that’s about it. The headset accomplishes only the most minimal of tasks: you can talk to your dopey friends on it. You cannot listen to music (no A2DP support here) on it, nor can you… Read More

  • IOGear Alleviates HD Media Center Woes

    If your A/V receiver is becoming a tad too crowded because of all the HDMI cables and you hate switching back and forth from your next-gen DVD player to your game console then check out IOGear’s 4-port HDMI Switch. As you’d expect you can connect up to four devices to the Switch, which relays everything to your 1080p TV. The Switch is HDCP compliant and uses IOGear’s… Read More

  • 50 Cent Gets Down With YouTube

    YouTube has announced a new music competition that will be judged by leading artists 50 Cent, Common and Polow da Don. YouTube OntheRise Rap Edition is a follow up to last year’s YouTube Underground contest and seeks to discover the best rap and hip-hop artists in the United States. Unsigned talent who aspire to be professional artists have until August 17 to submit their videos. The… Read More

  • "Cavemen" And Other Sure-To-Be Fall TV Hits Already Leaked Online

    “Cavemen.” It was leaked and it sucks. “Son of a submariner!” That’s an expletive certain to be heard in the greater Hollywood area when TV execs find out that many of their upcoming TV shows, scheduled to debut this fall, have already leaked online. I mean, they all probably suck to high heaven, but that’s besides the point. Such works of art as… Read More

  • Sony's XAV-W1 SACD Player: In-Car 5.1 Sound

    Outside of a niche of audiophile snobs, Super Audio CD is relatively obscure. Even though few people know about the format and even fewer actively use it, Sony will roll out the XAV-W1, its first in-car SACD player… ever! It’s fully compatible with 5.1 sound systems and has a 7.1-inch WVGA screen, further future proofed with its compatibility with satellite radio, HD Radio and… Read More

  • Action Engine Raises $20 Million

    Mobile applications developer Action Engine has raised $20 million in new round led by Baker Capital. Previous investors Northwest Venture Associates and The Spangler Group also participated in the round. The company develops mobile device software that allows media companies and mobile operators to provide music, video and other content on mobiles. Action Engine’s ODP platform… Read More

  • Slot Loading iMac Says Goodbye On September 18

    Come September 18 we’ll all be wearing black, mourning the death (or celebrating the life) of the slot loading iMac. Yes, the computer that brought USB to the masses and brought the Mac OS back into our hearts gets end of life’d on that fateful Tuesday. Once the 18th hits, Apple will no longer offer service parts or documentation to repair centers for this model iMac. Now… Read More

  • NEC, Hitachi Announce Water-cooled HDD

    NEC and Hitachi’s joint efforts are beginning to materialize some worthwhile products, IMO. What you see above is the first water cooling system for your HDD. Not only is the system ultra quiet at 25dB, but NEC plans to equip future desktops with this exciting new cooling system. Joy. In a box. NEC and Hitachi water-cool your HDD [Akihabara News] Read More

  • iHome iH82: The iHome Speaker Dock You Know And Love, Now With Two Speakers

    Companies have yet to perfect the iPod speaker dock. That, or people keep buying the damn things, year after year, minor revision after minor revision. Either way, iHome’s iH82 can be thought of as nothing more than an iH80, itself just a speaker with a hole on top to plug your iPod, with an additional speaker. Yes, iHome has lost its mind and now has its flagship iPod speaker dock… Read More

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