• Major Relaunch For Ask: Ask3D

    Forget the advertising campaign debacle: There is some real news about Ask.com tonight. The search engine, which is currently the fourth most used search service, is publicly re-launching tonight around 9 PM PST. You won’t see this when visiting the site: The home page and all results pages have been significantly overhauled and a ton of new features and resources have been added. Read More

  • Lost In Translation: Europe Could Still Get Zune's This Year

    This should be a lesson to you all. Find someone that actually reads and speaks the language before you go spouting off that Microsoft will not ship Zune’s to Europe in 2007. It’s not to say that it will actually happen, but do you see how quickly the Interwebs light up at such news? This is what Ballmer really said when he was asked about Zune’s being launched in… Read More

  • Hey! It's A Zune! And It's Red! But Why?

    Not just red, but watermelon red. (But not (PRODUCT)RED, so you’ll have to take your charity business elsewhere.) All the insides are the same, which has already been well established. It’ll be exclusively available on Amazon.com and at Target stores round about June 10. So, why pink and red this spring/summer? Well, according to the Microsoft spokesperson I spoke to, “the… Read More

  • PNY, SanDisk Solid State Drives In Sizes Worth Buying

    At Computex Taipei 2007, SanDisk showed off its two new additions to its line of solid state drives (SSD): SanDisk 1.8-inch 64GB UATA 5000 and 2.5-inch 64GB SATA 5000 SSD products. This was trumped by PNY’s announcement of a 2.5-inch 128GB SSD. SanDisk and PNY are stating read speeds of 67MBps and 66MBps, respectively. How’s that for fast boot times and file access… Read More

  • Lala Launches On-demand Free Streaming Music Service

    Just launched: LaLa is offering users the ability to listen to an unlimited amount of on-demand streaming music, for free, marking the first time this has been available legally. Their new tag line is “Play albums on demand, buy the ones you love.” We wrote about this product a week ago, although the final launch product has additional features we did not cover in that post. Read More

  • Yes, But What Does That Have to Do With The iPhone?

    I had lunch with journalist Steve Gillmor yesterday. I wanted his input on the Google/Salesforce story I was working on and so we met at our favorite hangout near San Francisco airport. But he jokingly answered all of my questions with “Yes, but what does that have to do with the iPhone?” His point was that the iPhone will change everything this year, and it was all he wanted to… Read More

  • Badonkadonk Tank: Yours for Only $20K

    Thank God for Digg. Sure, some of its users are noisy, know-nothing nerds, but without it, how would we ever discover gems like this? It’s a land cruiser tank of some sort under the name JL421 Badonkadonk. Yes, Badonkadonk. Its top speed is 40 mph and appears to actually be available for purchase for the reasonable price of $20,000. You’d have to be making Jobs-level money to… Read More

  • Legitimately Awesome Item of the Day: A Pop-Up Book of Phobias

    This right here = awesome. It’s a pop-up book of phobias, including spiders, fear of death, snakes and clowns. (Hey, books were gadgets in the old days.) I have to say this book, even though I’m like seven years behind the curve, is something that I need in my collection immediately. The next edition, the Gadget Blogger Edition, will have: WordPress is ganked; Internet connection… Read More

  • iPhone Rumor #4,629,000

    This is the last iPhone rumor for today. I promise. It’s quite obvious that people have way too much time on their hands, but that works in my favor because I don’t have enough time on my hands. If you’re the type to watch ads over and over again then you’ll appreciate the effort put forth on this one. The ‘calamari’ ad shows a glimpse of the phrase… Read More

  • Rumor: Nintendo Launching HDD For Wii at E3

    Today is just chalk full of rumors isn’t it? Everyone is milling around the water cooler talking about the iPhone, so it’s time to look elsewhere for some juicy news/rumors. This one should make Wii owners happy, but not John, he hates the Wii. Nintendo is rumored to be showing off some new hardware at E3 and all signs point to an HDD. The fanboys are screaming for more storage… Read More

  • Dell m1330 Laptop Has LED Display, Beats Apple and Others to That Milestone

    Looks like Dell is “stunting” on its competition in the laptop market. Leaked photos and info of the XPS m1330 are starting to trickle out, the biggest news here being the inclusion of an LED backlit 13.3-inch display. This beats the likes of Apple and HP to the LED punch. The m1330 is also said to be based on the Santa Rosa chipset (no surprise there), has up to 4GB of RAM and up to… Read More

  • Nokia 7500 Approved By FCC

    Nokia’s hottest new handset, the 8600 aka Luna, was recently released and now the rumored 7500 is inching its way towards an official release. The FCC documents showed up yesterday and specs are limited at the moment, but we do know the 7500 will sport Bluetooth, GPRS, and EDGE. A confidentiality agreement is in place until July 18th, so we’ll have wait and see when the Finnish… Read More

  • Scribd Banks $3.5 Million from Redpoint

    Scribd, dubbed the “YouTube for Documents,” was the dark horse of their Y Combinator class, but the social document site now gives its critics pause to think. Since launching, traffic to the site scaled quickly to 75-100,000 uniques per day with a little help from popular link aggregation sites like Digg. This past month they logged 1.73 million unique visitors. The site gets… Read More

  • Rumor: Apple to Announce Way to Convert Mac OS X Apps for Use on iPhone at WWDC

    Can you feel the electricity? We’re just one week away from Apple’s WWDC and last-minute rumors are coming a mile a minute. But seriously, the latest “well, it might be true” rumor is that Apple will announce a way for third-party developers to easily convert their Mac OS X apps for use directly on the iPhone. Does this mean X-Chat Aqua, Adium and VLC will work on… Read More

  • How To Pull Off Mortal Kombat Fatalities With the Wii Controller: Funsies

    There’s a veritable dearth of gaming news here today—let’s fix that. Mortal Kombat Armageddon just came out for the Nintendo Wii. The Wii controller (are we no longer allowed to say “Wiimote”?) is used to pull off all the special moves, fatalities included. Midway just published the full list of all the jukes and jives you need to do to lop off your… Read More

  • LG Tacks On Free Insurance For Prada Owners

    Someone at LG must be on the sauce because this makes no sense at all. The SK mobile phone giant will be giving 60,000 Prada owners free insurance totaling up to $215 and what’s even crazier is the fact that it covers the phone even if you break it. If you decide to run over it with a car or throw it out a 20 story building you’re still covered and this is outside of the… Read More

  • Microsoft Adds Country Music Television, Logo and More Hi-Def Movies to XBL Marketplace This Month

    With its Xbox Live Marketplace, Microsoft is fighting to make sure Apple’s iTunes doesn’t become the de-facto service for downloadable movies and TV shows. To ensure this, the bad boys from Redmond will add TV shows from MTV’s Logo network (on June 11) and Country Music Television (on June 6). (Logo airs programming for the LGBT crowd, while CMT airs programming for… Read More

  • Pirate Episodes of 24 and Jack Bauer Gets to Torture You

    Since we promote piracy and all, here’s a story of an Internet Copyright Infringer getting the business. It seems the Feds have charged a man with a felony count of uploading copyrighted material, specifically, episodes of 24. What’s even more 1337 about this guy is that he was uploading the episodes (to LiveDigital.com—OK, so that’s not 1337) well in advance of… Read More

  • New Capabilities For Thinkfree Spreadsheets

    Online office suite ThinkFree will announce a new partnership with Team and Concepts Limited (TnC) Tuesday that integrates TnC’s EditGrid spreadsheet application with ThinkFree. The agreement allows ThinkFree to replace its current Quick Edit Calc with the more advanced EditGrid. The deal includes a revenue-sharing agreement between the two companies. The deal is said to deliver… Read More

  • iMac Gets Dolled Up For WWDC

    Well, now that the iPhone release date hoopla is sort of over, let’s fire up the rumor mill about what’s coming our way at WWDC. Could it be a brushed metal iMac, ala Mac Pro, perhaps, with a Santa Rosa chipset? Doesn’t look like it’s the black iMac that was rumored last month. It’s buzzing around that the newest iMac will also be super sized to proportions… Read More