• First Full Length Film on YouTube

    Four Eyed Monsters, a movie developed out of a video blog, has debuted on YouTube in what is believed to be the first full length feature film on the Google owned mega-site. According to Marshall Kirkpatrick at Splashcast, the film is a “model of new media in action” and will be available on YouTube for one week. I haven’t had the chance to sit through all 71:54 minutes of… Read More

  • Record Skype Calls With CallBurner

    CallBurner is a new standalone Skype recording add-on from the Australian team behind Skylook. CallBurner uses the technology behind Skylook to deliver the same functionality as Skylook without the need to have Microsoft Outlook installed. The CallBurner client delivers professional recording in a simple interface, recording Skype calls direct to MP3 or to the WAV format for higher quality… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Microsoft to Take on Joost?

    Two things show a company is getting ramped up to enter a business – filing for patents and lining up a trademark. Microsoft has done both in the online video arena and could be in a position to take on Joost. A recently filed trademark image and a look at Joost matched up to Microsoft’s video + chat patent after the jump. Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    For today’s best commenter we chose three reader responses from all the iPhone hoopla, which were the most insightful and best written. One of which was Sung whose grammatically correct and relevant comment landed him the first spot. Thanks for participating and keep ‘em coming! Click on to read the other two and check out a special mention. With any initial mass production… Read More

  • GotVoice Adds to Uber Voicemail

    GotVoice has added two new features to their web based voice mail product: group voice messages from your mobile, and visual voice mail. See our coverage for details on the previous version. The new group messaging feature lets you recorded a message from your phone and play it back over a call to multiple contacts or dump it directly in their email. Previously users could only use the website… Read More

  • CrunchGear at Apple's WWDC Keynote

    Just a note to you, sports fans. Yours truly will be live blogging the Steve Jobs keynote on Monday morning at 10:00 a.m. PST right here on this nice blog of ours. We’ve got some pretty dope tools to make it a fun day, so we hope you’ll join us. His Steveness will most likely be talking about secrets. For weeks we’ve been speculating and guessing about what secrets lay behind… Read More

  • Turtle Beach Launches Revolutionary Surround-sound Headphones

    Are you ready for a revolution? Well, are you? Turtle Beach is bringing it full force with the Ear Force AK-R8 and its goal is to be at the top of the PC gaming headphone heap. The headset features a total of eight speakers and dual sub-woofers, all professional grade and perfectly tuned for serious gamers. The USB-powered juggernaut offers true surround sound and that ain’t no joke… Read More

  • Roll Your Own Social Network With Crowdvine

    Crowdvine is a hosted free white label social network application created by Tony Stubblebine. Setting your own network is dead simple. You just need to pick a name, pick some profile questions, and then send out invites with a personalized message. You network is hosted at name.crowdvine.com Profiles consist of a photo, location, personal link, description, blog posts, and the questions… Read More

  • Sampa Brings Personalized Pages to Facebook

    Sampa is a personal website creation tool that lets you customize your own freely hosted website. Unlike Weebly and Synthasite, Sampa is not as much focused on layout as it is on content. Site creation is focused instead around adding content to your site through modules. They’ve recently crossed 1,000,000 page views to their site last month on a $4,000 per month burn rate and have… Read More

  • Fujifilm Z5fd Review

    I’ve been watching former film camera manufacturers struggle to grab a piece of the digital camera market for a few years now and, at this stage in the game, I’ve been fairly impressed. Take Fujifilm, for example. Long known for their great film and prints, the former giant has had to contend with digital ninjas like Canon and Nikon while still remaining solvent. I’ve tried… Read More

  • Slide 2 Unlock: Slide To Unlock Any Pocket PC

    One of the many revolutionary features of the iPhone, oh, excuse me, the Jesus Phone, is “slide to unlock,” whereby the user slides his or her digit across the screen to unlock the phone. Now, thanks to the freeware app called Slide 2 Unlock. It works on an Pocket PC phone and gives it the same “slide to unlock” capability. It’s essentially a glorified… Read More

  • Nokia Media Transfer Suite for Macs

    Fina-freaking-ly. Nokia has finally released a transfer suite for Macs, something that has been sorely lacking for about five thousand years now. All you have to do is download the app and you can start dragging files and music over from iPhoto and iTunes as well as iPhoto import from Symbian phones and application installation. It’s still in beta, but it’s nice to know someone… Read More

  • More PSP Slim Information Revealed

    It’s no surprise that Sony has considered and was probably working on a new version of the PSP. Whether a complete overhaul or just a re-design, one thing is for sure: Sony is up to something. Kotaku reports that the new PSP will feature a slimmer design, a bright new LED screen, and a faster UMD drive. There will also be 8GB of internal flash memory to make downloading content, new… Read More

  • TechCrunch's Take on the iPhone

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=6542481355742550486&hl=en-AU The Crunch Network — dashing itself against the rocks in order to spread FUD and sacreligious frivolity over a device that will probably make a 1 percent dent in the cellphone market. via MikeGoesGaGa Read More

  • TerraTec Electronic Noxon 2: An iPod Dock+Radio With Built-in Wi-Fi

    It’s been a while since I’ve written about any sort of iPod speaker, but TerraTec Electronic’s Noxon 2’s attempt to be all things to all people is worth a mention. This little guy has a built-in iPod dock (duh!), Wi-Fi and FM radio. It’s also got USB ports so you can connect external hard drives and the like. The Wi-Fi is used to connect to Internet radio… Read More

  • Babelgum Basically Just Launched

    Babelgum, the Joost-like TVIP startup, effectively just launched to the public. Click on this link, which takes you to a press download page, and request an invite. The company has played second fiddle to Joost since it was announced second and it doesn’t have the benefit of being started by Skype’s famous co-founders. The link above takes you to a press invitation page, but it… Read More

  • Sub-$100 Nvidia GeForce 8400 to Launch June 19

    When it comes to discrete graphics cards it’s either feast or famine. You either spend five million on a super-duper card or your poke along in Civ IV with whatever Dell sent you when you bought your PC, knowing that you’ll never see the Legion’s armor in its full DX10 graphical glory. NVidia is introducting a sub-$100 GeForce 8400 next week that should change all that. The… Read More

  • Drobo Review: Frickin' Awesome

    Drobo: Small device, big storage
    I personally use a lot of storage. Every year, I find myself buying yet another 200GB external hard drive because my iTunes library is swelling or I’ve pirated enough movies to make Paramount go bankrupt. Either way, buying multiple external drives is both expensive and annoying. For every drive I use, I’m forced to give up another USB port… Read More

  • Rumor: 3G iPhone at End of Year

    An excited tipster dropped us a line today about AT&T’s network roll-out and, interestingly enough, a 3G iPhone rumor. Clearly this is grain of salt territory, but he’s saying that AT&T employees are being told that a 3G version of the iPhone is coming out soon — perhaps even as soon as Q4 2007 aka the Holidays. Popular opinion slated a 3G version for Q1 2008 or… Read More

  • Video: How To Build a Water Balloon Catapult

    By following this how-to video to the letter, you’ll be able to make a water balloon-flinging catapult this weekend. All you need are some sections of PVC pipe, a couple of general purpose tools and the wherewithal to put it all together. (Which, frankly, leaves most of us here out.) This video does a fine job of showing the play-by-play, culminating in the launch of a toy cow on top of… Read More

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