• Drop that horrendous data plan for your iFones, but…

    Well, lookie lookie at what AT&T did for all you crazed iFones owners. They’ve given you the option to drop your data plan down to $0, which is nice, though, you lose Visual Voicemail, SMS text messaging and unlimited data (re: no more e-mail and Web). Now, I don’t own an iPhone nor do I really know what the data plans are so this could all be old news, so I implore the CG… Read More

  • Look, ma, no hands (Ok, not really no hands, but whatevs)

    <div class="center"http://embed.break.com/NDAwODI0
    http://view.break.com/400824 – Watch more free videos String+Acetone = Perfectly sliced beer bottle. Read More

  • Startup Weekend San Francisco In Full Swing

    We covered Startup Weekend Atlanta a week ago. Now the team has rolled in to San Francisco for a multi-day event with the single goal of building a new startup, from idea to launch. The new company will be called helphookup, a site to connect people who want to volunteer their time to good causes with the people who need help. Follow their progress here. The group says 132 people showed up… Read More

  • I hate PowerPoint presentations, don't you?

    http://static.slideshare.net/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=death-by-powerpoint4344 | View | Upload your own This is how not to suck the life out of your colleagues with PowerPoint, which is ironically presented in the form of a slide show. Stop boring us with your crappy slideshows and watch Death By PowerPoint [Core 77] Read More

  • Korean Web junkies get sent to boot camp

    South Korea can boast that it’s the most wired nation in the world, but that sort of accolade comes at an expense. You now have a country full of Net junkies who have lost all sense of reality. Whoa. That might not be entirely true, but I think you know where I’m going with this. An Internet addiction can you lead you down many paths: p0rn, MMOs, gambling, etc. It’s pretty… Read More

  • CrunchGear posts at an elementary school reading level

    Using the Blog Readability Test tool shows that the articles contained herein are accessible to people with at least an elementary school reading level. Go ahead and plug in your own blog and some of the sites you read on a regular basis. It’s strangely addictive. I was hard-pressed to find another site that was written at the same level as ours. Most of the ones I plugged in were at… Read More

  • PollDaddy Expands Widget Suite, Upgrades System

    The hype around widgetizing the web may have died down a bit, but PollDaddy – a company obviously focused on polls – will be pushing that widgetizing process further along with its version 2.0 release today. PollDaddy 2.0 will mark the company’s foray into providing a fuller suite of data-collecting widgets. Starting today, PollDaddy will distribute a new online survey tool… Read More

  • Could A Nigersaurus Get Digg Into Trouble?

    A thread on Digg relating to a new dinosaur discovery in Africa is raising eyebrows and not for the right reason. The thread on the “Nigersaurus” (here) contains comments such as “I wonder what made this thing extinct? AIDS?.” Digg’s comment system has buried some of the comments from immediate view, but reading them simply requires one click. Ethan Kaplan… Read More

  • Just nut up and do it, you mangina

    I’m of the mindset that you shouldn’t think about getting a tattoo and that you should just do it. If you begin to second guess yourself, well, then, it just won’t happen. Know what you want before hand and then just do it. Of course, you should find a good artist to begin with instead of some hack in St. Mark’s Place. It’s better to pay a bit more when… Read More

  • Banana Zune coming [Updated]

    Holy bonkers! The flash Zune will soon add a 16GB model that’s yellow! Yes, you read that correctly. It’s going to be 16GB of banana-colored goodness. Ok, not really, we’ll see 16GB, but not yellow. I thought the Social was over? You make it you, right? Updated: One of CG’s faithful, Brian R., just sent this in saying he’s seen a yellow Zune in a tv spot: I… Read More

  • The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

    A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week. Read More

  • Cellphones can kill you

    Part of being a gadget owner is being responsible. You should know your cellphone etiquette, like not talking while driving wihtout a handsfree kit, remembering to mute the ringer in a theater, and keeping your voice low when in public. These Dear, Abby hints can keep you from personal injury at the hands of the pissed off rest of the planet. Another to add to you personal collection would… Read More

  • Zune 2 sells out across the Web. Wait, what?

    What’s the hardest to find and most sought-after portable MP3 player on the market? Is it the fantastic iPod Touch? The new fat Nano? Nope. It’s the Zune. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Quake 4 for $9.99 shipped

    If you’re looking for another FPS to round out your software collection, you can drop everything and head over to Newegg to pick up Quake 4 for under $10, which includes free 3-day shipping. It’s unfortunately back-ordered at the moment but you can still purchase it and wait patiently. Quake 4 PC Game Activision [Newegg.com] via FatWallet Read More

  • NBC to broadcast Internet-based ‘Quarterlife’ on TV

    In the face of the ongoing writers’ strike, NBC has struck a deal with online show Quarterlife and will likely start airing episodes in February. The show’s creator, Marshall Herskovitz, wouldn’t reveal the exact details of the deal except to say that NBC is paying a licensing fee and it’s not nearly as much as what’s normally paid out for regular TV… Read More

  • Singapore lifts 'Mass Effect' ban

    Reuters is reporting that the Singaporean government lifted its recent ban on the Xbox 360 game Mass Effect that we told you about this week (twice). The game will now carry an "M18" label so that only people of legal age can bear witness to a scene containing an alien female and a human female expressing their strong feelings for one another by doing grown-up things like… Read More

  • Wirelessinfo.com picks best cell phones of 2007

    Ah, all the "Best of 2007" articles should be coming out left and right in the very near future. Wirelessinfo.com has gotten their list of the best cell phones of the year all wrapped up. Something called the iPhone took a couple of awards along with efforts from Palm, LG, BlackBerry, and Nokia. Awards have been broken down by carrier as well as other categories like Best Media… Read More

  • Update On AdultFriendFinder Acquisition – Penthouse May Be The Buyer

    More on the acquisition rumor from yesterday – another source now says they were acquired by Penthouse Media Group, and the price was closer to $500 million. Whether or not a transaction has occured is still somewhat vague, but it seems clear from multiple sources now that Various, Inc., the parent company to Adult FriendFinder and other sites, has at least been trying to sell itself… Read More

  • $5 Million For Synthasite

    Well I guess Synthasite wasn’t all that desperate after all. The South African company has raised a $5 million round of financing to support their easy-to-use web page builder from Compagnie FinancieĢ€re Richemont’s subsidiary, Swiss-based Columbus Venture Capital. We first covered the company in late 2006. CrunchBase Information Synthasite Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • Nokia's Viral Web 2.0 Video

    Well, the song is catchy, I’ll give them that. Thanks for the tip Orli. Read More

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