• UK's O2 CEO Lets It Slip That The iPhone Is On Its Way

    So, when is the UK getting the Apple iPhone? British mobile provider O2 continues to flirt with the iPhone, dropping little hints here and there that it will be the UK home for Apple’s cellphone++. Apparently, the company’s CEO mentioned, you know, just casually, that the iPhone will help the company “maintain momentum” as it heads into the remainder of the year. … Read More

  • Tomatoflash USB Rock Powerhaus

    Tomatoflash! Tomatoflash!
    It’s a USB key that kicks ass! Uses microSD!
    Can’t you see?
    It’s really easy as 1-2-3! Throw your card in the back
    Just like that
    Now you’re ready to ROCK
    Yeah you’re ready to ROCK Read More

  • China Propagates War Via Mobile Phone Content

    To celebrate the founding of the People’s Liberation Army, China Unicom is offereing its subscriber base film clips of the Korean War and pictures of weapons and/or military figures. So why is China Unicom offering such a strange variety of content to celebrate? According to company official Yu Peng, “I believe it will be popular since we have so many military fans in China.” Read More

  • Tangler's Embedded Discussions

    Australian startup Tangler has created a next generation forum product that allows real-time discussions to occur without page refreshes. Their forum product is both synchronous and asynchronous – meaning it competes as much with Meebo (web based chat) as it does with existing forum applications. Users can also easily embed rich media into the discussion. We first wrote about Tangler… Read More

  • $20 iPhone Battery Replacement Kit

    Apple doesn’t want you messing with the iPhone’s battery. Really, it doesn’t. When your iPhone’s warranty runs out, you’ll have to send it back to Apple to get the battery replaced for an exhorbitant fee ($79 + shipping). Yes it sucks, but there’s no other alternatives. Or are there? In comes Asia, full of OEM batteries and plastic. For only $20, you can get… Read More

  • Facebook Outage

    Facebook is down, and has been so since at least 10 am PST. Anyone notice it down earlier than that? We’ve emailed the company for their comment. Update: Facebook is now back up as at 11:30am PST Update: Statement from Facebook: This morning, we temporarily took down the Facebook site to fix a bug we identified earlier today. This was not the result of a security breach. Specifically… Read More

  • Eminem Sues Apple Because Universal Music Sold His Music On iTunes

    Eminem, who peaked in 2000, has filed a lawsuit against Apple, which peaked on June 29, 2007. The lawsuit centers on the whether or not Universal Music, which publishes Eminem’s hot beats, can deal directly with Apple with regard to selling music online. It seems Em wants more of a cut of that sweet, sweet iTunes money and doesn’t like how Universal can make deals with Apple… Read More

  • The Reason Robots Exist

    Go ahead and hit play on the video above. It’s OK, I’ll wait while you gasp in total amazement. You see my friends, these are Chuck E. Cheese type robots from a kids place that are modified to sing and dance to rap music. I must say, Bubba Sparxxx’s “Miss New Booty” is a fantastic song for these robots to perform. What child wouldn’t love shaking his or her… Read More

  • Apple iTunes Sales Top 3 Billion Songs

    Back in the day, Apple hit 1 billion songs sold on iTunes and the world exploded in celebration. Well not really, but the mood of the occasion was very jovial all around. Now Apple has gone the distance and has sold over 3 billion songs on iTunes. That doesn’t even include videos or games! Looks like Jobs & Co. has many more years of insane profits headed its way. Apple says iTunes… Read More

  • Samsung i550 Details Emerge, Still Not Available

    It’s been a few days since I mentioned any new Samsung phones, but that changes today. Samsung’s latest is circling the Web and its features are rather impressive. The i550 is rumored to be GPS-enabled and run Symbian S60, which is a nice change from a Windows Mobile OS. It’s being touted as a smartphone and I’m inclined to believe that label is correct. It will… Read More

  • Ownd Cafe: 'Treat' Your Dog To An Oxygen Chamber

    Yeah, he looks happy… Maybe if the Far East regulated itself a little better, dogs wouldn’t have to spend umpteen hours in this oxygen chamber, which I think is called the Ownd Cafe. It’s from AirPress, and the same premise that applies to humans—it’s healthy, you’ll feel better, etc.—applies to Fido over here. Hand over you wallet and watch your… Read More

  • AT&T Launches eMusic Mobile

    Some music fans will rejoice as they flip open their AT&T phones this morning. AT&T is now offering DRM-free tracks from eMusic in MP3 format, meaning for once, you can actually download tracks on your phone and eventually transfer them to your PC. In addition to the non-DRM goodness, you’ll also find the largest selection of music downloads offered by a mobile carrier with over… Read More

  • Pure Digital Evoke 1S DAB Radio: Where Old Meets New (Radio-Wise)

    Blogging here in the morning, I’m either listening to house and/or trance mixes or to talk radio, be it NPR or the Norton and Friends show. If I lived in a DAB-friendly area, I might be using something like the Pure Digital EVOKE-1S. Not because it’s “revolutionary” or anything, but because it looks like it’s straight out of 1954. That’s not to say that… Read More

  • Half of all Calls in Europe Will be Mobile

    Soon more people will be doing their talking on mobile handsets than landlines in Europe. According to a new report from Analysys, a European consulting telecommunication and IT firm, the migration to mobile continues to replace traditional landlines. Even in Germany, where landlines still dominate, nearly a quarter of all calls originate on a mobile handset, a rise of six percent during… Read More

  • AT&T Partners with eMusic to Allow Customers to Preview and Purchase Music

    Today AT&T announced the launch of an over-the-air music download service with eMusic, the largest retailer of independent music. This new service will AT&T subscribers the ability to preview and purchase music via their mobile handsets from a catalog of 2.7 million songs. This new service, which is par of the AT&T Mobile Music Platform, is among the nation’s largest… Read More

  • iBloglines, the Deluxe Mobile Reader

    Bloglines has created the “Ultimate Pro” edition of iBloglines for the iPhone audience. It’s got added functionality like a “pin” to save posts or feeds until you’re on the fixed Web, the ability to e-mail articles, search for content, auto-refresh, personalized preferences and it automatically hides images to compensate for EDGE’s slogginess. I swear… Read More

  • Conference Calls Via Cellular Phone

    Calling in to a conference call has been easy enough from a mobile phone – and nothing beats soaking in the rays on a roof garden while listening to a long boring call (just don’t tell my editors). But now foonzMobile from RPM Communications will let mobile users take part in a conference call that will cost nothing other than the minutes sued for a regular call. Users simply send… Read More

  • Roaming Charges Cut in EU

    Calls between EU countries may just get a little cheaper this week. Under new EU rules, telecom companies have until the end of July (as in today) to offer customers a new pricing structure that means cheaper “roaming” fees. And users have two months to say whether they want to move to the new plans or stick with their existing contracts. The European Commission calculated that… Read More

  • Mobile Campus Survey: Budget Blues on Campus

    Budgets are something that many college students have to deal with, and students will look for ways to make ends meet. This week Mobile Campus, a provider of mobile communications, information and transactional services for university students, announced the findings from their recent Vizu poll. According to the survey, students frequently look to save money by utilizing the exclusive… Read More

  • Today’s Cool Phone is Tomorrow’s Toxic Waste

    Yesterday we reported that according to a recent Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) study, very few mobile handsets are actually being recycled. So what is happening to them? Well, landfills are probably where a lot of them are ending up, making for a future environmental disaster. Even if, as the report suggests, people are actually keeping the phones as backups for now… Read More

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