• AOL Acquires ADTECH

    AOL have announced the purchase of a controlling interest in ADTECH AG, a German based online ad-serving company. The acquisition gives AOL an ad-serving platform that features a variety of ad management and delivery applications that allow publishers to manage their online campaigns. ADTECH will operate as an independent subsidiary of AOL’s Advertising.com. AOL CEO Randy Falco said in… Read More

  • T-Mobile and Google Web’n’Walk

    T-Mobile, the largest mobile operator in Hungary, will now rely on Google’s search engine technology to power their web’n’walk portal. Previously the domestic Hungarian OK.hu search engine was used for mobile search, but now both T-Online and T-Mobile have made the switch to Google. T-Online and T-Mobile are also using Google as search engine (05/15/07) [Verizon Press Release] Read More

  • Verizon Picks up the ball for ESPN Mobile

    As our sister site is already reporting, Verizon Wireless will now offer ESPN Mobile application. This wireless venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone will be the first to sell the service since the Walt Disney Company shut down the ESPN-branded mobile phone service in September. That service had only launched in February of last year, using network space rented from Sprint Nextel. Read More

  • Spam Hunters Become a Digg Spammers Best Friend

    New service Collactive comes to the world courtesy of the team behind the failed Israeli outfit Blue Security, best known for running the anti-spam service Blue Frog. Wildly popular at first, the denial of service attacks from BlueFrog (be it a DOS from a moral high ground) rubbed spammers the wrong way and in May last year all hell broke lose, taking down SixApart amongst others. They… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile Launches Headliner

    Music fans who use the Virgin Mobile USA service will now have a chance to subscribe to Headliner, a new application that is designed to be an interactive mobile music magazine, reports mocoNews. The service is $2.49 a month, and it offers a database of artists and bands from various genres, as well as tour dates, festival coverage and information on albums and show reviews. Breaking news… Read More

  • Daily Crunch is offline

    I’ll be offline for a week and traveling to a secure(?) undisclosed location, which means Daily Crunch will also be going away for a little while. I’d have loved to make a “Scratch and Stitch”-themed image that somehow involved a pink seal tazer and pastel Blackberries, but you’ll just have to imagine it. Happy reading! Read More

  • PS3 Leads To 68 Percent Profit Drop For Sony

    Far be it from me to tell a company how to conduct itself or its business, but Sony’s had one of the worst years I can remember. It just posted a 68 percent drop in profits compared to last year, and we all know what the culprit is. Yup, the PS3’s underperformance and botched launch really screwed Sony this year. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to take a loss on… Read More

  • Yahoo Experiments With "For Cash" Online Poker

    Yahoo’s has launched a new “for cash” poker website on their UK & Ireland property. Users can play against others via a Flash interface, and are offered $1,000 in credit when they make their first deposit into the account. Registration is allowed from most countries, although the U.S. and Gibraltar, where online gambling are prohibited, are blocked (I tried). The service… Read More

  • Imeem Is One Tough Startup. But Maybe Not Tough Enough.

    Imeem is a tough startup. They languished in obscurity in 2005 and much of 2006 by pushing an instant-messaging centric model that required a download to access a full feature set. Late in 2006 they de-emphasized their client download and started focusing on a widget strategy, letting users upload any music and stream it to others via a widget. They adapted to the marketplace, and users… Read More

  • Samsung SyncMaster 225UW Monitor

    Samsung has answered all your monitor needs with the launch of the SyncMaster 225UW LCD monitor. The 22-inch widescreen monitor has a built-in 2-megapixel webcam, stereo speakers and microphone. Pretty good so far, right? How about a 1650×1050 resolution, 700:1 contrast ratio and 5ms response time? Sounds a little better. The latest SyncMaster will be the first official product on the… Read More

  • Angling Masters: Social Networking Comes to Fishing

    Just when you’d thought you’d seen everything, along comes Angling Masters, a social networking site for recreational fisherman that also supports the creation of user generated online fishing tournaments. Angling Masters has the standard features you would expect from a MySpace style social networking platform. Users are given their own page (called a cabin) and can add photos… Read More

  • WordPress.com To Celebrate 1 millionth Blog

    WordPress says that the one millionth blog will be created on the wordpress.com platform sometime next week, which also happens to be their 4 year launch anniversary. Last August the site had just 300,000 blogs, 1.6 million daily page views and 14.2 million unique monthly visitors. CEO Toni Schneider says they now have 7.5 million daily page views and 45 million unique monthly visitors. Read More

  • eBay To Increase Affiliate Payouts On June 1

    eBay is increasing affiliate payouts substantially on June 1, 2007. For smaller affiliates, the gains will be over 2x on new customer signups and a 25% increase in revenue share. Both the current and new affiliate fees are listed here, and I’ve pasted them below. This is good news for startups that directly or indirectly earn revenue from eBay affiliate fees, and it may encourage… Read More

  • Sony Rin Speakers are…Cool?

    Something about these Italian designed speakers remind of Austin Powers’ Swedish Penis Pump. The design aspect is interesting, but the mix of Italian design and Japanese circuitry certainly doesn’t bode well for consumers who like stylish items on a budget. The base of the speakers is set in Lombardy marble and the transparent pole emits sound throughout an area in the same way… Read More

  • Apple Japan Offers Be@rbricks With Every Mac

    I guess Apple doesn’t love its own country because Apple Japan is giving customers a free Apple branded Be@rbrick with every purchase. Seriously, throw us a bone. The ‘free’ printers we get here are great, but a tiny Be@rbrick toy would bring so much joy to a geek’s heart. Plastic Bamboo Read More

  • VTech Wants You To Go DECT Yourself

    If you still rock the POTS and are hunting for a new cordless phone that’s not heinous looking (seriously, why are most cordless phones so ugly?) and won’t pick up interference from the other wireless signals around you (my 802.11g client picks up no fewer than 22 networks, to say nothing of the signals from other cordless products), check out these five newly available VTech… Read More

  • Spice Up That iPod With New Font Colors

    Owners of video iPods are blessed and there is no doubt about that. They get video while the rest of us mope around the streets just listening to music. Today is no different because those owners that I despise so much now have the ability to change the font color of the title bar, main menu and secondary font color. Oh great! Even Nano owners can do this. I give up. Maybe I’ll buy a Zune. Read More

  • Swivel Search For TiVo Goes Live

    TiVo’s trying to make searching for different video content easier with its new Swivel Search feature that rolls out today. Developed for broadband-connected TiVos, Swivel Search is sort of a meta search that spiders the many different sources of TiVo content, like TiVoCast and Amazon Unbox, to find content that interests you. For example, saying you’re watching an episode of… Read More

  • The New Loudness for Attention Whores

    Attention ladies: If you have the innate need to draw more attention to yourself as you go about your business, there are better ways to do it than this dress with built-in speakers. Yes, it’s a concept, but one we hope doesn’t take off. Turning your clothes into a Teddy Ruxpin will only serve to piss the people around you off. Any woman who’d wear this would undoubtedly… Read More

  • Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-One Printer Review

    Some — myself included — would say that printer evolution is spent. The ink-jet was essentially the end of the line for printer makers. By sticking some tiny holes in an ink bottle and hooking those selfsame holes up to electricity, you got a pretty passable imitation of most other high-resolution printing technologies at a price that is quite acceptable. So we were OK with… Read More