• LG's new KF700 is sexy, Korean

    LG’s got a new phone in South Korea that we’d like to see here. The LG-KF700 has a 3-inch touchscreen, T9/text keypad, and a jog dial for input. It’s supposed to make things easier, but it sounds more confusing to us, but it’s good to have options. Besides the copious input methods, the phone has a 3-megapixel camera, Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube support built-in. Read More

  • Nokia's 5320 and 5220 are some hot-looking media candybars

    Nokia has dropped some phones. The pictures above are the 5220 – the 5320 isn’t as cool-looking, but sports 3G and "Web 2.0 access," of which I am inexpressibly skeptical. It’s expandable to 8GB of room for music, and also can be used in landscape mode for games, though I fail to see how that works, as there are no buttons by the screen. Both are of the… Read More

  • Liveblogging Yahoo Q1 Do-Or-Die Earnings Call

    http://static.slideshare.net/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=1q08earningspresentationfinal-1208897035829834-9 | View | Upload your own Yahoo’s first-quarter earnings are out. The conference call is about to start. 5:03 ET: Boiler plate risks, blah, blah, blah 5:05 ET: Jerry Yang. We are very proud fop our Q1 results. Q1 revenue and cash flow in the upper half of our guidance, and… Read More

  • Real examples of Iron Man-like power suits

    Iron Man comes to us next week, and we are stoked bloggers. Sure, this isn’t a movie site, but we’ve moved beyond just gear into the CrunchLifestyle, and that includes all things awesome like Iron Man himself. Live Science has put together a neat little gallery and run-down of real-life Iron Man-type power suits that actually exist, including the HAL and Sarcos XOS… Read More

  • Shady 360 controller mod enables programmable actions

    Macros and scripts have been a part of gaming since Doom, at the very latest Quake (probably waaay earlier, I’m pretty ignorant), when the console and "bind" commands made their debut. For the best examples of scripts, see the insane game wizards at Quake Done Quick. Now imagine those types of lightning-quick actions applied to a game of Halo or Gears. This mod allows for that… Read More

  • Yahoo Q1 Earnings Released, Revenues and Earnings Above Expectations

    Update: Erick is live blogging the earnings call. Yahoo released Q1 financials moments ago, and blew through expectations. Total revenue for the quarter was $1.8 billion, net revenues were $1.35 billion. Net Income was $542 million, or $0.37 per share. That includes a one time non-cash gain related to Alibaba’s IPO. Net of that, EPS are $0.11. Analysts were expecting Q1 net revenues… Read More

  • Widgetbox Unveils New iPhone Widget Gallery

    Widgetbox is jumping on the iPhone bandwagon by releasing a special gallery of widgets tailored to the popular device’s screen. There are 16 widgets available to start, including an RSS output of The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs and a BART QuickPlanner tool for finding mass transport rides around the Bay Area. A tutorial is being provided for developers to create their own… Read More

  • New Service Will Monitor Your Site For Typos

    Automatic spell check has been built into many browsers for years, but typos continue to plague even the most reputable websites (and print media, for that matter). Recognizing this fact, a number of services have emerged that will continuously monitor your site for spelling errors. Spellr.us, currently in a registration-required beta, plans to offer hourly, daily, and weekly sweeps of your… Read More

  • New Western Digital premium hard drive line: VelociRaptor

    The original 10,000RPM Raptors have an excellent track record, though they are understandably pretty pricey (~$10/gig as opposed to ~$2/gig in other drives). Western Digital has upgraded them, doubling the cache to 16MB and the max transfer rate to 3GB/second. They also upgraded the looks, and it has a bit of a Mordor theme now. Black spikes and all that — great heatsinks I’m sure… Read More

  • New Treo 800w for Sprint details emerge; WiFi likely

    New details are emerging about a new Treo on deck for Sprint, the 800w. The full-sized, Windows Mobile-powered smartphone is said to be in the beta stage, with Sprint rumored to have sent an email to select business customers who use WiFi and Bluetooth in a pitch for testers. This means that this device would be the first Treo with WiFi built-in. So far, Palm’s kept WiFi at… Read More

  • $10,000 MacBook hack was a known, year-old exploit

    A gentleman recently won $10,000 for hacking a MacBook Air using an exploit in the Safari Web browser. This was during a laptop hacking contest and it made news all over the Internet. As it turns out, the exploit he used had been known for a year, it was part of the Perl Compatibility Regular Expressions library, a piece of open-source software included with OSX that many Apple applications… Read More

  • NES mod puts NES into NES cartridge

    This is one of the most fun casemods I’ve ever seen. Someone — apparently a Frenchman — was able to cram all the guts of an NES clone into a Super Mario Brothers cartridge shell. It’s got a slot on the top for actual game cartridges, two NES controller ports, and external power button and LED. It even has standard AV outs so you don’t need to use that pesky cable… Read More

  • DigitalJournal Rev Shares With Their Citizen Journalists

    Digital Journal has relaunched their citizen journalism site with a range of new features. Digital Journal offers a Citizen Journalism site in a similar fashion to Instablogs, OhMyNews, Newsvine, Norg Media and others. Members contribute news items for the site, and in theory the wisdom of the crowd combines to create a Google friendly news resource. Where Digital Journal perhaps is a… Read More

  • Vending machine vends shoes to shoeless Londoners

    If the thought of sticking your dirty-ass feet into a new pair of shoes that you bought from a vending machine because you somehow lost your regular pair of shoes doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe this machine’s not for you. Shoppers, hobos, and late-night footwear forgetters near Carnaby Street in London will be able to pick up a pair of emergency shoes at the new Onitsuka… Read More

  • PayPal won't be blocking access with Safari after all; 15 users cheer

    A couple of days ago we brought you scandalous — scandalous — news that PayPal was planning on blocking Apple’s Safari, as well as many other browsers that don’t offer anti-phishing technology. That’s not entirely so, says PayPal, stating to 9 to 5 Mac that while it is preparing to implement such technology, Safari should be fine. It’s more about the… Read More

  • Walter Bender leaves OLPC

    Former President of Software and Content for the OLPC project, Walter Bender, has stepped down after differences with Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the project. He disagreed with Negroponte’s move to put Windows XP on the laptops to increase their marketability. Read More

  • Photo to digital picture converter looks pretty easy

    Anybody who’s had to scan a big fat pile of old photos into their computer knows that it suh-huuucks. So along comes the ingeniously named “Photograph to Digital Picture Converter” from Hammacher Schlemmer for $150. It’s got a 5MP CMOS sensor with an 1,800 dpi resolution that basically takes a digital photo of whatever regular photo you slide down into the tray. The… Read More

  • Review: Olympus SP-570UZ

    Reviewing point-and-shoot cameras for you guys, no matter how complex, is like writing about light beer for a wine magazine. What can you say but that it goes down smooth and tastes great? Can you talk about the vat-grown malty flavor? Can you talk about the bottle and clever spelling of “lite?” Absolutely, but you and I both know we’re doing each other a disservice. Me… Read More

  • Big, cheap OLED displays mainstream by 2009-2010

    It’s just a matter of time before you’ll be able to point at friends, family, and co-workers and laugh at them about how stupid their LCD monitors look compared to your sweet active-matrix OLED monitor. According to DigiTimes, Samsung’s betting that its active-matrix OLED (AMOLED) production should reach economies of scale by the end of next year, with 3 million panels… Read More

  • U.S. bionic eye recently tested successfully in Europe

    I bet we’ll start to see more and more of these types of stories in the next two to three years. Apparently two British men have received successful eye operations that have restored their sight. I saw another story on a 60 Minutes-type show (might have actually been 60 Minutes) about a guy in Colorado (maybe it was California) that got a similar operation and then wondered if he was… Read More

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