• Streamy First Look: This Has Nothing To Do With Digg

    Streamy, which we wrote about last week, is sending out early beta invitations and I had a chance to be one of the first people to poke around on the site. The video we included in that post still shows a very current user interface, and the feel of the product is very close to what is shown there. Or click on the image to the right for a very large screen shot of the home page. Streamy… Read More

  • How To Raise Money From VCs

    The following video “How To Raise Money From VC’s” comes from 5min.com, an instructional video site we covered in May, and is currently getting a lot of attention in Israel. The video (in Hebrew with English subtitles) provides some fun advice for anyone looking at raising money from VC’s. Content aside I was just impressed at not only the quality of the video playback… Read More

  • Xinu: More Stats For Any Site

    Xinu is a service that provides a comprehensive overview of page statistics and data that leaves cookie-cutter sites such as Popuri for dead. Xinu isn’t the prettiest service you’ll use in this space, but it’s the data that counts. The usual statistics are included, such as Technorati links, Google and Yahoo details etc. however Xinu provides even more stats, from a range… Read More

  • Will The Last Corporation Leaving Second Life Please Turn Off The Light

    The LA Times has an interesting article up on the failure of real life businesses in Second Life. The crux of the piece is that despite the hype, real life businesses are closing down their Second Life outposts due to little to no interest in them. The reasons for the failures are open to debate; from firms not engaging Second Life citizens, through to simply a lack of actual people using… Read More

  • Loomia Partners With Wall Street Journal

    Loomia, a recommendation engine that is used by ecommerce and content websites to suggest new stuff to users, locked up a marquee business development deal with the Wall Street Journal. The module, which appears next to stories, suggests other Wall Street Journal content based on what the user has read previously on the site, and compared to what other users have read, too. The module is… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bike Trap Edition

    Di Blasi Folding Trike: Slap It Up, Flip It, Rub It Down, Oh Nooo!
    Online Radio is Safeā€¦For Now
    Q-Bean: Go to the Website, Trust Me
    Motorola PEBL: Can We Try This Again?
    Helicor StressEraser Biofeedback Device Review Read More

  • Live P2P Television: Streaming Now

    The demonstration of Microsoft’s LiveStation last week shone the spotlight back on the live P2P television market. Whilst P2P on-demand video participants such as Joost and Bablegum gain the most attention in the broader market, the live television streaming market (ie: not on demand like Joost, not user generated cam sites such as Ustream) has continued to thrive in relative obscurity. Read More

  • LinkedIn Traffic Up, But Is It Enough?

    The latest figures released by Hitwise indicate that traffic to LinkedIn is up 323% in the last year and 17% in the last week alone. It’s a healthy rise, and something LinkedIn should be pleased with, however the real question becomes: is this growth high enough given the rising popularity of Facebook as the social networking destination of choice? The comScore figures speak for… Read More

  • White Cane Label: Trendy Clothing for Blind People

    Two Rochester Institute of Technology students, Jaimen Brill and Asmah Abushagur, are launching an online clothing site for the blind and visually impaired. The site, White Cane Label, is a non-profit effort to help blind people shop online and easily keep track of their wardrobe without the help of a sighted friend. The site’s interface will be driven by sound and text instead of images. Read More

  • Di Blasi Folding Trike: Slap It Up, Flip It, Rub It Down, Oh Nooo!

    Having spent much of the past 10 years living in tiny apartments, I’ve often considered getting a folding bike, but most of them require way too much origami-like folding, don’t fold enough, or are impractically sized for regular use, especially for a large, human adult. The Di Blasi Folding Tricycle—the R32—however, is none of these things. Billed as the… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Radioactive Music Discovery

    Satellite radio is in the toilet, and the government and the recording industry are trying to squeeze Internet radio for more dough — unsuccessfully for now, according to today’s news. Meanwhile, social networking sites like Imeem and Last.fm (and MySpace, of course) are continuing to blow everyone away in the digital music scene, thanks in no small part to their focus on… Read More

  • 3G BlackBerry Heading to Australia

    Traveling in a fried-out combie On a hippie trail, head full of zombie I met a strange lady, she made me nervous She took me in and gave me a 3.6Mbps mobile e-mail device running on Australia’s Telstra network. That’s what’s coming to the Land Down Under, according to ZDNet Australia. Not a whole lot of other details except that it might have built-in GPS and Wi-Fi and should… Read More

  • AirDrives $100 Sound-(un)Isolating Headphones

    This is gonna be interesting to watch. AirDrives is releasing a pair of $100 headphones that you can wear while watching TV, talking on the phone, and/or whispering sweet nothings to neighbors or loved ones. So while many people might pay $100 for headphones that block out all of life’s distracting noises, these ones cost $100 to let them back in. If the audio quality is up to snuff… Read More

  • Aviary's Incredibly Ambitious Art Project

    The guys behind Worth1000 and Plime have been tooling away at a new venture called Aviary (although it’s confusingly hosted at CreationOnTheFly.com). With Aviary, the New York based team is aiming at the rather ambitious goal of not only creating a marketplace for multimedia artwork, but a suite of robust collaborative online applications with which to create the works. The obvious… Read More

  • Online Radio is Safe…For Now

    At a Congressional hearing yesterday, SoundExchange announced that it would not enforce the new $500 per stream royalty rates originally scheduled to take effect on Monday, July 16th. This decision may have been in part due to pressure from listeners. Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora, said that “this is a direct result of lobbying pressure, so if anyone thinks their call… Read More

  • Banged in the Olufsen: New $862 4GB Music Player

    What does $862 get you nowadays? Premium headphones and a 4GB digital music player. Bang & Olufsen’s new Beosound 6 is perfect for people who wear pleated khakis and loafers with no socks, enjoy 24 hours of battery life, and don’t have time to comparison shop. If that’s you, great. If that’s not you, maybe you could just pick up Samsung’s YP-Z5 — the… Read More

  • iPhone Field Test Mode Explored

    Want to be just like that cool guy in the truck who gets to walk around testing cellular reception? Just enter “*3001#12345#*” into your iPhone — you can even do it during a call. This key combination opens the iPhone’s field test mode which is basically a little set or readouts that report on current cellular conditions, firmware information, and all the good stuff… Read More

  • Q-Bean: Go to the Website, Trust Me

    The Q-Bean is some sort of wireless audio transmiting device that consists of a Windows/Linux/Mac compatible dongle and a little bean-shaped thing. How does it work? You plug in the dongle, it starts to transmit to the bean, and you can even use it as a microphone. You listen to the audio through a headset attached to the bean. According to the website, the Q-Bean is cool and you can clip it… Read More

  • The iPhone Made People Switch To AT&T

    One of the biggest concerns from other carriers regarding the iPhone was that customers would be jumping ship to go with AT&T. Sure, maybe a handful of iPhone buyers would switch, but how big of an impact could it possible make? Try a huge one. Turns out that 25 percent of iPhone buyers switched to AT&T from another carrier according to reports from American Technology Research. Even… Read More

  • New SIXAXIS Design Leaked?

    If you mosey on over to the Official Star Wars: Force Unleashed website, you’ll see a tidbit about info and a picture of the gamebox for the PS3 and Xbox 360. You can make out two things from this image: 1. It will be Xbox Live compatible
    2. Is that a re-designed SIXAXIS controller? The one with rumble features? It could be. The biggest giveaway is the swap the d-pad had with the… Read More

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