• OLPC to become OLPXPC as program switches from Linux to Windows

    The XO laptop from the One Laptop Per Child project was originally supposed to make inroads into the developing world and low-income areas for the free and open source community. But OLPC’s founder thinks that the Sugar OS is scaring off investors and buyers alike. He says: "One can be an open-source advocate without being an open-source fundamentalist." Which is true, but… Read More

  • Going Green: How to get rid of your gadgety crap

    I’d be willing to bet that there are very few people out there who don’t have an old Motorola StarTac in a kitchen drawer or a pale, yellowish 14-inch CRT monitor in the basement or a sticky, dusty keyboard under the bed. I’m just like you — probably worse. I have gadgets from the Reagan administration that are serving no good purpose other than to take up space in… Read More

  • Exclusive: Helio first carrier to get push gMail

    This is a nice little Wednesday treat for all of you Helio members out there. If you use an Ocean, Mysto, or Fin, then you have access to the “ultimate inbox” feature, which includes IMAP access to your gMail. IMAP is good, but on the go users want push email, and starting today Helio devices have just that for gMail accounts. Just check your gMail like you normally would and… Read More

  • Apple Steams Ahead On Strong Q2 Financials

    Apple’s Q2 2008 financial results were very strong and above expectations. The bottom line: they are selling a lot of stuff at very good margins. Total revenue for the quarter was $7.51 billion; profit was $1.05 billion, or $1.16 per diluted share (up from $.87/share a year ago). Profit estimates were in the $1.10/share range. 2.3 million Macs, 10.6 million iPods, 1.7 million iPhones. Read More

  • Yahoo "Refunds" Disappointed Search Advertiser $9 Billion. Now, That's Customer Service!

    Despite the decent first quarter earnings it announced yesterday and all the progress it claims to be making in closing the search marketing gap with Google, Yahoo still has plenty of advertisers unsatisfied with the return Yahoo gives them on their search marketing dollars. One of them (name redacted) sent us the correspondence below from Yahoo Search Marketing, which he received after… Read More

  • Microsoft vs. Alcatel-Lucent goes to round three

    It’s going to get messy between Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent before it’s over. French-based Alcatel-Lucent is claiming that Microsoft is violating certain patents it holds for video frame coding with the Xbox 360. Microsoft is saying that the claims are invalid because the specific technology Alcatel-Lucent is citing was missing from its patent application. Oops! The actual patent… Read More

  • GTA IV media bonanza: box pics, review scans, gameplay video

    http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/x56kbp Video switched. Real gameplay in this one after about a minute. Don’t ask me where it came from, but here is a little splash of GTA action. Box shots, intro/gameplay video, and the last page of a review scanned from the Xbox 360 World review. Excellent. I figured the sources probably did not want credit (given the circumstances), but if you… Read More

  • DARPA asks aerospace industry to design enormous, infinite-flight "Vulture" craft

    When I say enormous, I mean enormous. We’re talking 500-ft wingspan here. The idea is it would be a permanent sub-orbital (60,000-90,000ft) base, powered by the sun and capable of carrying 1,000lb of gear. It could cruise around, taking high-res photos for map applications or meteorologists, or maybe a few of them could carry transceivers for bouncing signals around. Or, considering… Read More

  • Craigslist to eBay: What's your problem, jerk?

    Things are getting messy in the used items category of the Internet, a place where many of us get our gear. Auction site eBay is suing Craigslist, of which it has a minority interest, for trying to dilute its stake in the classifieds company. The stake is 28%, but eBay claims the Craigslist leaders tried to maneuver it down to around 18%. The suit came as a shock to Craig Newmark and the rest… Read More

  • Track your mail with this GPS Mail Logger. Why? Good question.

    I guess this is for those people for whom UPS and FedEx’s tracking functions are inadequate. I think it’s fun checking where my new RAM or mouse or whatever is, even if it’s only updated every five or six hours. Therefore, it might be even funner to be able to see exactly where it is at all times. Actually, I get the feeling this is more for tracking incredibly important… Read More

  • IBM readies new smaller, water-cooled server series

    IBM may be out of the personal computer business it helped start, but it’s still making computers, mostly business servers. It plans this summer to launch a new data center server line called iDataPlex, which is aimed to compete with traditional rack servers. It’s aimed at Web 2.0 companies that need lots of processing power but don’t have a lot of space. They’re meant… Read More

  • Apple buys firm that makes tiny, powerful chips

    If you’re going to be building super popular phones and digital media players, why not use all your own parts, right? That’s Apple’s thinking, apparently, as Forbes has uncovered a recent deal to purchase a fabless semiconductor company called P.A. Semi to the tune of some $278 million, according to sources inside Apple. The decision to center the iPhone design around a… Read More

  • I'm downloading GTA IV right now

    Does that make me bad? Sadly it’s only in PAL but I’m going to give a shot regardless. You’ll be able to find this yourself without much trouble, but Kotaku has calls in to R* to figure out how the heck this leaked. Read More

  • Alert Thingy 1.3 Released: Single User Interface For Twitter And FriendFeed

    Note: Unless you are a Twitter and/or FriendFeed addict, this post isn’t for you. Twitter/FriendFeed desktop client Alert Thingy just released version 1.3 of the software. It is now a fully functioning client for both services (reading and writing). They’ve also added an easy Flickr uploader – just drag a photo into the application and upload it to Flickr. The thing I like… Read More

  • Interview with Rockstar founder Sam Houser

    1UP.com got a chance to interview Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar — the company behind a little series called “Grand Theft Auto,” which is apparently quite popular with the kids these days. Houser talks about living in New York (he’s British) and the places he finds unique and interesting, like Brighton Beach, which inspired Hove Beach in GTA. He also talks about… Read More

  • Five Million Users And Nearly Five Billion Stumbles Later

    Sometime today, StumbleUpon will register its five millionth user. (At the time of this writing, it is at 4,994,826 registered users). That number is kind of meaningless, though, because it counts anyone who has ever registered for the Website-rating and discovery service, and who may no longer use it. StumbleUpon, which is part of eBay, does not disclose how many active users it has. But… Read More

  • Asustek to launch bamboo products

    Asustek computer has announced that in June it plans to ship a line of notebooks, which will feature casings made out of bamboo instead of the usually plastic or metal. The 11-inch S6 and the 12-inch (these are small notebooks, eh?), are part of an effort to promote the use of environmentally friendly materials. The notebooks will ship in June of this year for around $1651.80, they will… Read More

  • Funny because it's true

    (via you know what) Read More

  • Going Green at CrunchGear

    Geeks are a selfish lot. Our obsessions are resource intensive and damaging to the environment. Every gadget we buy, ever minute we spend charging our iPhones, every laptop we send into oblivion in the IT shop is a testament to the unbeatable juggernaut of technological advancement and resource use. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can rethink our strategies, be more careful… Read More

  • NDrive G800 includes aerial imagery

    The NDrive G800 is currently only in the UK and Ireland, but users there will get something that few GPS systems offer. The G800 is one of the first systems to include aerial imagery, it looks great on it’s 4.3″ screen. The NDrive can also operate in other parts of Europe, if the user chooses to buy maps for their area that is. The G800 also supports videos, photos, e-books, music… Read More

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