• V-Bot transforming robot review

    Give me your virgins! Back in the olden days, when toy engineers had little to work with, transforming robots were pretty stationary. You always wanted them to transform automatically. In fact, you even added your own sound effects. Now, however, you can have your own freaky transforming robot that actually transforms — and does the Hustle — by itself. Read More

  • Zune update next week

    I know we’ve covered this multiple times in the past, but I was just filtering through some e-mails and came across this from the Zune team. Maybe you’re just joining us and haven’t been bombarded with all the Zune 2 coverage so take note that November 13th is the day your 1st gen Zune will be updated to unleash new features and all that jazz. You make it you or something… Read More

  • WhatsOpen produces first gPhone app

    This is what all the fuss is about? Whether or not it’s true remains to be seen, but if this is the first app for Android then I’m going to laugh my ass off. WhatsOpen tells you what’s open. The Android OS is so awesome. Wow. Screenshots of first Googlephone app [Valley Wag] Read More

  • XM launches Led Zeppelin channel called XM LED

    These are interesting times to be a satellite radio fan. Yeah, there’s that merger hanging over the industry’s head (let them merge, I say), but Sirius and XM are now experimenting with artist-specific channels. XM LED, which launches today and lasts through next May, is a Led Zeppelin-only channel that will features every damn thing the band has ever released. OK, maybe not all… Read More

  • The Stripping Weather Girl Weather Station brings us one step closer to God

    When a man becomes preeminent he’s expected to have enthusiasms. What are mine? What draws my admiration? What is that which gives me joy? Weather stations featuring LCD clip art of sexy women in states of undress. Why? They are beautiful, charming, and refuse to comply with the color/grayscale world in which we live. They strip down to bikinis when its warm and dress up &mdash… Read More

  • Steve Ballmer says something absolutely horrible about Android! Read on to see what it is!

    Man. Google can’t get a break. First Nokia and Symbian are all like “POOOP!” and then Steven F is like “Weener!” and then the WSJ is like “WOMP STUPID WOMP” and Peter Ha is all like “I need to go to the bathroom” and I’m all like “Post!” Anyway, Steve Ballmer says: “Well of course their efforts are just some words… Read More

  • gPhone Madness: The creepiest entry to date

    The gPhone madness contest is still going strong. Remember to vote early and often for your favorite entrants and that we also count comments in the judging. Rich sends us his entry, a really freaking creepy idea involving social data mining and facial recognition. The Playa’s Bible web service is linked to Open Social for data mining, The guy takes a picture of a young lady in a local… Read More

  • Interview with the guy who got the Zune tattoo

    Tiago at Gadgetizer decided, for some reason, to interview Steven Smith, the guy who got the Zune tattoo and wants to change his name to Microsoft Zune. I’d probably get an iPod tattoo if someone paid me enough, but Mr. Zune nee Smith seems to be working at a whole other Piggly Wiggly. Why does he love the Zune so much? Then I read about Microsoft hatching up a new PMP and I read… Read More

  • Target Black Friday ad leaked

    Here’s Target’s Black Friday ad. I’ll spare you the boring details about sponges and cat litter and get straight to the good stuff. – Audiovox 10″ Portable DVD Player: $84
    – Western Digital 500GB External Hard Drive: $87
    – Westinghouse 22″ LCD Monitor: $167
    – Audiovox CD Player w/ iPod Dock: $49
    – Magellan Maestro 3100 GPS System: $149
    Read More

  • "Set the Data Free"

    Is OpenSocial open enough? The problem with OpenSocial, Google’s new platform for social-networking apps, notes Tim O’Reilly, is that it doesn’t go quite far enough. It lets applications out from the confines of any one Website, but it does not let the data out. Apparently, you cannot mix and match data from more than one app to create a new social app. This is… Read More

  • Iomega MiniMax and UltraMax work with Leopard's Time Machine right out of the box

    Iomega’s newest MiniMax and UltraMax hard drives were designed with Leopard in mind. Both drives come preformated with HFS+, the file system used by Leopard (and previous version of OS X). So if you ever wanted to use the Time Machine system backup feature, literally all you’d have to do is plug the drive in and click “use drive for Time Machine,” no converting from… Read More

  • Zune ad team, I don't get it

    Video: Zune TV Spot Between the new Zune ads and Sony’s PS3 gibberish, I’m beginning to lose faith that I’ll ever see a good advert ever, again. This new ad is very arsty fartsy, but I don’t understand what’s going on in it. He’s watching a video of animated ice cream, which makes him daydream about climbing… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 32-inch LCD HDTV for $499.98 shipped

    Staples.com has the MAG 32″ Widescreen LCD HDTV for $499.98, which includes shipping. If you’re near a Staples store, “shipping” actually means next business day delivery. Not bad. As for the TV itself, it does 720p/1080i and has a 800:1 contrast ratio with an 8ms response time. Brightness is 500 cd/m2 and your input options include S-Video, 2 composites, VGA, and HDCP. Read More

  • TiVo discounting monthly fees until February

    Thinking of buying a TiVo soon? You’ll enjoy discounted service rates if you make your purchase between now and February 2nd. Monthly dues have gone from $16.95 to $12.95, 1 year prepay has gone from $179 to $129, 2 year prepay has gone from $279 to $249, and 3 year prepay is staying the same at $299. Unfortunately, this offer only applies to new TiVo customers. Existing customers… Read More

  • iPhone firmware 1.1.2 coming at you tomorrow: Beware, unlockers

    Tomorrow could mark yet another showdown between Apple and the iPhone unlockers. Firmware 1.1.2 “drops” (look, I’m using words that young people use!) tomorrow on iTunes and brings only the slightest of changes, including better special character support. Yes, boring, I know. The real fun is that it’ll probably re-lock, if not brick, jailbroken iPhones. That will lead… Read More

  • Programmable thought bubble: Hey, I'm not thinking that

    It’s like you’re living in a comic book. This user-programmable thought bubble hangs on walls and has what looks to be a built-in LCD. Input your phrase and stand next to it, or get your subject to stand next to it and you’re in for a good seven, eight seconds of mild laughter. The fun here obviously depends on your sense of humor. Get one of your friends who is trying to… Read More

  • After Losing Market Share, HP Decides to Stop Making Digital Cameras

    Hewlett-Packard is retreating from the digital camera business. It will stop manufacturing its own cameras, and take a $30 million charge to refocus investments on its Print 2.0 strategy, which involves making Web content easier to print and encouraging more printouts. (Remember, HP makes a huge chunk of its money selling ink cartridges). The writing was on the wall on this one. … Read More

  • Opera Mini 4 Browser now Available

    Opera announced the release of its new mobile web browser Opera Mini 4, yesterday. This new version of the company’s browser allows users to view web pages exactly as they appear on desktop computers. All your favorite Web sites and services can be cradled in your gentle hands with loving care. Opera Mini 4 automatically reduces the size of the transferred pages, so Web sites load… Read More

  • Sliding-Scale Termination Fees for T-Mobile in 2008

    Signing a contract with a mobile phone provider can be a tricky thing and requires the smart consumer to take the time to read and ask questions about the contract before signing. Early termination fees (ETFs), fees paid to end the contract before it is fulfilled, is one aspect that a conscientious buyer is aware of. There are a myriad of reasons why a buyer may want early termination of a… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Evidentially Edition

    Da-Lite intros 184-inch HDTV screen
    Australia’s $4.4 million kinetic energy vest
    Gamedar: The ability to spot gamers
    Kane & Lynch: When swag almost causes a heart attack
    Gamedar: The ability to spot gamers
    Skiboot flask: Because there’s no better place to get trashed than on an icy mountain Read More

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