• Look out Eee, a $399 tiny laptop from Everex is afoot

    I found the VIA table last night, tucked way back in a corner and found out that Everex will begin selling an ultraportable Linux-based notebook similar to the one shown here. This one is from Packard Bell and runs XP — currently being sold in Europe — but the one we’ll be getting in the US within the next week or so will be manufactured by Everex and will run Linux. Read More

  • Yahoo Releases Browser Based MP3 Player

    This is clearly just a first step in whatever Yahoo’s grand plans are around the future of their music service, but today they released some code to embed a very simple Javascript based MP3 player on any website. The player finds MP3s on a given web page, creates a playlist and a very simple overlay to play the songs. A small play icon is placed next to every MP3 link, and the player… Read More

  • Slacker Player: It's here at CES, lighter than I thought

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf So I groped the Slacker Portable last night. I’ve been hard on Slacker about how delayed its portable player has been. First it was supposed to be here by the end of the summer, then it was supposed to be here in December, then it got delayed again until the end of January. I hope it launches in the end… Read More

  • Machine-washable heated jacket, very warm gloves

    We’ve all seen heated clothing before but there are a couple of somewhat unique about this line of jackets and gloves. First, the gloves have heating circuits that go all the way to the fingertips. Most other heated gloves center on the palm of the hand but these ones keep the part of your hands most susceptible to cold — your digits. Read More

  • CES 2008: Kevin Costner's a total rocker!

    You read blogs like CrunchGear because you value our opinions on the gear that we review, we’re experts and break things down into easy to swallow pieces. But you don’t come to CrunchGear to read our music reviews, that would just be silly. So just let it be enough to know that we saw a bit of Kevin Costner’s band. I hope their songs are in Guitar Hero VII. Read More

  • MFG.com Raises $26 Million From Fidelity Ventures, Goes After Alibaba

    Mitch Free has a knack for attracting high-profile investors to his manufacturing marketplace, MFG.com. First, Jeff Bezos convinced Free to back out of a previous agreement to sell the company and personally invested $14 million in September, 2005. Then Bezos put in some more money along with the German Samwer brothers (who founded Alando, Jamba, and invested in Studivz) in a $4 million round… Read More

  • CG's CES Highlights: Belkin's PodCast Studio and a possible Asus eee competitor

    We’ve be scouring the floor for cool gadgets and came up with Belkin’s PodCast studio and a potential eee Linux PC competitor from Everex. Remember: we’re holding a very informal, very quick meet-up at the Monte Carlo tonight at 9pm. Drop in and say “Howdy.” Read More

  • TrustedPaces signs deal with TopTable

    In evidence that a year on from launch it is not standing still, UK ‘social reviews’ startup TrustedPlaces has signed a deal with TopTable, Europe’s largest online restaurant booking service, allowing users to book restaurants online via the site. TopTable has access to 3,000 restaurants across Europe. TrustedPlaces members can review restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes and… Read More

  • Kaon Mobile straddles UMPC and PDA

    Here’s a little device set to hit the Korean market in about a month and possibly the rest of the world this summer, pending a distribution deal. It’s manufactured by Kaon Mobile and is about the size of a smaller UMPC, featuring a sliding screen similar to the Sidekick Slide. It’s a slick looking little machine that caught my eye quicker than a booth babe holding a box… Read More

  • CES 2008: Sungale's new take on the digital photo frame

    Digital photo frames are a dime a dozen, especially at CES, but Sungale out of China, who’s here at CES looking for distributors, has one that I’d actually consider. It’s a regular 4, 4×6-inch frame, with the lower-right hand photo being a digital screen. The rep said they’re also working on a version where all four photos frames within the larger frame are… Read More

  • Optimus Maximus touched at CES

    It’s out there, and it’s just as glossy and beautiful as you think. The keys are somewhat bigger than a normal keyboard, probably by 15% or so; they had a regular size one there for comparison. The screens were crisp, bright, responsive, and very high contrast. It really does look like a $500 object, and if you can afford it, I’d say go for it. Their booth girls were nice… Read More

  • CES 2008: Pega Hong Kong's Wii Zappers look like the real deal

    Since the Wii was released, we’ve wanted Zappers. And some have come, some have left, but they’ve all been pretty basic. Pega from Honk Kong has taken the Zapper to its logical conclusion, and I’m thinking I should get a Wii just for these guys. Word. Pega Read More

  • CES 2008: Razer Destructor, the 'gaming-grade' mouse surface

    [photopress:Rzr_Destructor_MainPic.jpg,full,center] Razer distinguishes itself from every other PC peripheral maker by focusing on making higher-end products…like this one! It’s the Destructor, a “gaming-grade” mouse surface. (I don’t play twitchy PC games, so I’ve no idea what the difference is between “gaming-grade” and the everyday kind.)… Read More

  • CES 2008: Microsoft, Toshiba: We are sorry for your loss

    Is there a doctor in the house? Can we declare HD-DVD officially dead now? I just walked by both the HD-DVD booth and the Blu-Ray booth on my way up to the Blounge (Blogger’s Lounge), and snapped these two shots. [photopress:hddvd.jpg,full,center]
    [photopress:bluray.jpg,full,center] In short, the HD-DVD booth felt like I was at my grandparents’ funeral, while the Blu-Ray camp felt… Read More

  • SoundTech Ediface: Like Guitar Hero with real guitars

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf The SoundTech Ediface is an interesting device. It’s basically a pickup that attaches to any guitar and then converts what you play to digital format. It comes with a game called Guitar Wizard that “allows users to jam along to popular songs while learning to play a real guitar.” The Ediface… Read More

  • The Street Fighter IV producer won't screw the game up

    [photopress:edg184.f_street.mov30_prev.jpg,full,center] Edge has the most in-depth, best written article on Street Fighter IV you’ll ever read (unless Vanity Fair decides to write about it). Longtime fans of the series—it’s my favorite series, followed by Silent Hill—will be pleased to know that the game’s producer wants to bring it back to its Street Fighter… Read More

  • BitLet Web BitTorrent client streams music as it downloads

    [photopress:bitlet.jpg,full,center] Music pirates have a new tool to put artists in the poor house. The Web site BitLet.org lets users upload torrent files that contain MP3 or OGG files, which begin streaming right after. So if you’re browsing the many popular trackers out there like Pirate Bay or Mininova, you can preview all the songs included in the torrent. The Web site is essentially… Read More

  • Take a Break(.com) on VCAST

    Break.com, following in the footsteps of YouTube, is coming to Verizon’s V-Cast. Break.com is social video site targeted at men who like funny videos, games, and apparently inane banter in long comment threads. Although web standards are making a push onto your mobile phone (i.e. Safari, Android), V Cast, MobiTV, and SlingBox remain the few reliable ways to get video on your mobile phone. Read More

  • $13.3 Million For Startup That Wants To Kill Snail Mail

    We first covered Earth Class Mail in September 2005 (then called Remote Control Mail), and then again when they launched in late 2006. Today they are announcing a $13.3 million round of financing ($7.4 million of the round was closed last September and $2.84 million was previously raised convertible debt). The round was led by Ignition Partners and included angels from Keiretsu Forum. Users… Read More

  • German Geni Clone Verwandt Raises Second Funding Round

    Genealogy social network Verwandt has raised an undisclosed series B from Hasso Plattner Ventures (HPV), said to be in the “multi-million-dollars” but otherwise undisclosed. They closed their first round in July 2007 from Hamburg-based Neuhaus Partners. Verwandt was originally a clone of Geni.com (although Geni has evolved significantly since then and now has photos, a family… Read More

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