• Vodafone's missed opportunity, and the iPhone's gain

    Vodafone appears to be in, what is technically termed, a bit of tizz. It has signed up fewer than 10,000 UK residential broadband customers, despite launching its service a year ago, as against Orange’s 326,000 and O2’s disappointing ‘tens of thousands’. “Converged” fixed and mobile services do not seem to be taking off as planned. At the same time, the news… Read More

  • Rumor: Slimmed down PS3 on track for autumn release

    [photopress:psthree.jpg,full,center] Maybe, just maybe, a slimmed down PS3 is in the works. A PSThree, if you will. There’s little in the way of “information” in this report, by speculation points to a slimmer PS3, possibly with a 160GB hard drive. An autumn release has been bandied about, so we’ll see. As you know, the PS3 is the best Blu-ray player . I’ll still… Read More

  • Why Does the Wall Street Journal Hate the Web?

    Ever since the rear-guard at the Wall Street Journal won the battle to keep its news pages behind its subscription wall (although, its opinion pages are now free), they have been cracking down especially hard on anyone trying to breach that wall—even if those people happen to be paying subscribers. In what appears to be an attempt to discourage freeloaders, the WSJ.com is locking out… Read More

  • As Ericsson cuts 4,000 jobs, is a tech recession biting?

    Ericsson is cutting 4,000 jobs this year. Yahoo! is cutting around 1,400 jobs globally, about a 20% of its workforce. Is it time to get your pith helmet on and knuckle down for a tech recession? Well, as the estate agents like to say, there are hot spots – and then there are cold spots. The cold spots are in traditional telecoms, like Ericsson, which is a sector gradually being… Read More

  • MAXRoam updates service

    Irish ‘disruptive mobile telecoms’ startup MAXroam (previous stories) has just completed a large update to its service. To its roaming clientele who want to save money on mobile calls while overseas, it now offers live billing, the ability to add local fixed line numbers to a MAXroam sim from 52 countries, free call forwarding and SMS for 5 cents anywhere in the world. They… Read More

  • Eye-Fi to get 'Smart Boost', inks deal with Ritz Camera

      Eye-Fi has announced that its Wi-Fi SD cards will get a “Smart Boost” update on February 12th. With Smart Boost, your card will be able to tell whether or not your computer is on and in range of your camera and, if it is, photos will be offloaded from your camera to your computer over your home network and then your computer will handle the heavy lifting of uploading the… Read More

  • Private shopping clubs miss a few Web 2.0 tricks

    News International appears to be hopping onto a new trend in online shopping: members clubs. Today the parent company of newspapers such as The Times and News of the World, is investing in online fashion company Brand Alley UK, which offers private sales and bargains designer fashion brands. The joint venture with French online boutique BrandAlley will be a luxury “private… Read More

  • AT&T's EDGE network still down? [Update]

    Just a quick perusal of the forums tells me that AT&T’s EDGE service is still down affecting BlackBerry and iPhone users. Can anyone in the crowd confirm or deny? [Update]: According to our AT&T rep, it appears that things are back up and running. We’ll keep you posted if anything else happens. Read More

  • CrunchBirthdays: Doug

    Today is Nordic Doug’s birthday, everybody. Wish him a happy day and an even happier evening of drinking, lutefisk, and hot Greenlandic action. Read More

  • "LOST" and many others joining Xbox LIVE

    So, who saw “LOST” last night? It sucked, right? Welcome to another season of agony and blue balls. If you’re just joining the craze then gawd help you because you just might become as bitter about the show as me. If you need to catch up then do so on your Xbox. Infiltrating LIVE is ABC, Disney Channel and MGM. So, yeah, you can download HD episodes of “LOST”… Read More

  • Google Gathers Social Graph Information From The Web, Launches API

    Tens of millions of people have been busy the last few years building Facebook’s most valuable asset – their social graph. As people add friends, and those people add friends, Facebook gets to understand exactly how its users know each other. And as we saw with their “social ads platform,” where users essentially (and sometimes unwittingly) pimp services to each… Read More

  • Polish DIY tractors

    Lookin’ for adventure/or a nice zapiekanka Ah, the industrious Pole. Like the paper wasp and the silkworm, Poles can create something out of nothing just by applying their hard won traditions of alcoholism and extreme privation. Here we have a selection of farm vehicles made from motorcycles and old Jeeps. I’ve never actually seen this in my Polar travels, but I’m sure… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 8GB Zune for $180

    Excellent work, Joel Over at Toys R Us, where a kid can be a kid, you can buy an 8GB Zune for $180, a full $20 off the regular price. Yesss! Toys R Us via Boing Boing Gadgets Read More

  • We made pR0n better

    I never thought about it this way, but it seems we — us bunch of nerds — have slowly changed the porn landscape. Regina Lynn at Wired points out sites like AbbyWinters.com and Kink.com [feel free to cut and paste but rest assured NSFW] feature models who are a far cry from the pneumo-bots of yore or even the charming ladies of mainstream lad mags. The industry of image has… Read More

  • Alphamusic record label gives away music, says iTunes Store doesn't play fair

    [photopress:alphabasic.jpg,full,center] Wow, a record label that gets it. I’m stunned. The Flashbulb, an electronic music artist and CEO of the Alphabasic record label, has released his latest album for free. I grabbed it off What.cd a few minutes ago. Releasing an album for free isn’t exactly a new thing (see “In Rainbows,” essentially), but it’s the mentality… Read More

  • TiVo pulling plug on original Series3 hardware

    When the TiVo HD box was announced, there was a pretty substantial price gap between it ($299) and the original Series3 box ($799) but the differences between the two didn’t seem enough to justify the purchase of the more expensive unit. After a $200 holiday rebate on the original Series3, TiVo has just about run out of stock and will not be replenishing its supply. Read More

  • So Long, Nick. We'll Miss You.

    The list of former TechCrunch writers who’ve gone off to greener pastures grows longer today. Yesterday was Nick Gonzalez’s last day at TechCrunch – today he starts a new job at the San Francisco startup Social Media. Nick started at TechCrunch in June 2006 and has worked along side of me, day and night, since then. For many months in early 2007 he was the only person other… Read More

  • Hey, guess what? You still suck at Photoshop!

    I know many of you have grown fond of Donnie and his shenanigans. So, today we have the fifth installment of “You Suck at Photoshop.” Don’t you dare use that magic wand tool or I’ll gank that juice box and fruit roll up. Read More

  • Inside the MacBook Air

    My favoritest site in the world, iFixIt, just tore up the MacBook Air to assess its unique innards. What did they find? Well, it’s pretty hard to open the case but thankfully most of the parts that will probably break are sequestered under the back panel rather than under/over/around keyboard and speaker parts the way the PowerBooks were. This will definitely come in handy when… Read More

  • Ballmer's Internal E-Mail to The Troops Explaining the Yahoo Acquisition

    Here is the internal e-mail from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Microsoft employees explaining the Yahoo acquisition offer:   From: Steve Ballmer
    Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008
    To: Microsoft – All Employees (QBDG)
    Subject: Proposed Acquisition of Yahoo! Today, I am very excited to announce that Microsoft has made a proposal to acquire Yahoo!. This announcement represents a… Read More

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