• Pretty Much The Greatest Application Ever

    I really don’t care how long this program has been around for, I just know it’s jawsome. Mr. T1 is a cross-platform application (yes, that means OS X, Windows, and ‘Nix) that is constantly monitoring your Internet connection. If and when you hit T1 speeds (1.5mbps), a random sound byte of Mr. T is triggered. Those of you with slower speeds will find that Mr. T1 also… Read More

  • Vodafone Denies Verizon Takeover Rumors

    Early this morning, news of Vodafone’s interest in Verizon Communications started to percolate. Now Vodafone is denying that it’s interested in a $160 billion takeover of the company, which would give it a market cap of near $300 billion. FYI, Vodafone is a partner with Verizon Communications. They formed this little company you may have heard of mdash; Verizon Wireless, in… Read More

  • Signal Software Allows iTunes Control From iPhone

    A new piece of software from Alloysoft now allows you to control iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player via the iPhone. It’s called Signal and it works using WiFi to send, well, signals to your computer over the ‘net to control playback of your music and movies. Live updating is included so you know which song or video is currently playing if you’re not near your computer. Read More

  • Navigon Adds Reality View to its 5100 and 7100 Portable GPS Units

    The Digital Life trade show won’t hit New York till October, but the boys and girls at Ziff Davis had a small (but very crowded, might I add) preview on Thursday, which I’m just getting around to writing about today. While it seemed like every other company there was tacking GPS onto its products, Navigon wants to distinguish itself. Its two new portable GPS units, the $499 5100… Read More

  • Vista Still Sucks, Pirillo Pissed

    It’s been six months since Chris Pirillo installed Windows Vista. Six months of hell. Chris is like a lot of us who got initially excited about Vista, only to find that half of our software and hardware didn’t work with it. In Pirillo’s case, it was a fax/printer combo machine that he used for everyday work. After months of struggle and even using VMWare at one point, he… Read More

  • GigaOm Goes Green

    Google, Yahoo and others are going “green” and trying to minimize energy use and pollution. Startups like ZeroFootprint are popping up to help the cause. So its no wonder that we are starting to see more green-tech focused blogs. This morning, GigaOm is launching Earth2Tech, a new blog to follow the news in this space. It will be written by Katie Fehrenbacher and newcomer Adena… Read More

  • Trikke – Three Wheels of Fury

    Now that you’re well into your 30s and feeling like an old fart, it’s time to reinvigorate yourself with something new. If you enjoyed rollerblading, cycling, or straight up tom foolery as a teenager, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Trikke. It’s a device with three wheels that works by leaning side-to-side and driving in an “S-style” motion. Like rollerblading on… Read More

  • Analyst Says iPhone Not Yet Competing with RIM

    Scott Karp from Publishing 2.0 and Seeking Alpha recently spoke at a conference where no one had an iPhone. That’s right, businessmen in their 40-somethings still don’t have an iPhone and probably don’t give a damn. You see, in the business world, RIM still reigns king. If you sit down and take a look at both the latest Blackberry and the iPhone, you’ll see that… Read More

  • Blizzard Working On New Title

    You can love World of Warcraft all you want, but when it boils down to the facts, everyone loves a new Blizzard title. In an interview with Gamasutra, Blizzard’s Frank Pearce noted that there are three teams working on projects. One is stuck to WoW, the other is on top of Starcraft 2 and a third is working on “a really awesome” project that’s top secret. Hmm, this is… Read More

  • Bell & Ross BR 01 Phantom

    Bell & Ross makes big honking aviator watches that look like jet plane read-outs. Their latest, the Phantom, has a low visibility face that lights up with lume in the darkness, ensuring your dark ops position will be given away by a watch face that glows like a flashlight. No price or availability but expect it to be in the $4,000-$6,000 range. Bell & Ross BR 01 Phantom [WristWatchReview] Read More

  • Indonesian Mobile TV Based on DMB Technology

    Handset users in Indonesia will get their mobile TV on the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) technology. This same broadcast technology is used for transmitting digital TV to mobile handset users in Japan and Korea, and today Indonesia’s PT Agis announced that it has formed a partnership with IPTV systems integrator Broadband Network Systems (BNS) and Toshiba. Together the… Read More

  • Koreans Make the Best Entertainment Phones

    A new report on mobile entertainment devices suggests that LG and Samsung make the best entertainment phones in the United States. This report by Parks Associates has the Korean powerhouses out on top, with 12 percent of LG owners and 11 percent of Samsung owners reported to having mobile TV features, while Motorola came out at eight percent and Nokia zero percent. To date Nokia… Read More

  • Vodafone to Buy Verizon?

    Is there going to be a merger of the big V’s? That is the rumor circulating the Web. As our sister site CrunchGear posted, Vodafone has expressed interested in Verizon Communications. The two companies are already partners, but a merger could be a truly massive mobile phone giant. And as Vodafone’s 3G network is dominant in the U.K. and Verizon has their own “Most… Read More

  • Open C Challenge to Mobile App Developers

    Today Nokia announced the first “Open C Challenge,” a global contest for mobile app development for the S60 on Symbian OS smartphones. This contest was started to encourage open source and freeware developers to use the Open C environment from Nokia. Cash prices for the contest total more than $20,000. “Nokia’s global invitation to millions of developers to take the Open… Read More

  • Geek Trends: iPod Pockets

    I’m a certified bag nut. I seem to acquire them everywhere and frequently have to purge my collection to make space for actual possessions — otherwise I’d just be carrying around bags in larger bags (it’s happened before). That said, I’m distinctly aware of pack-efficiency. The more they can carry, the better, as long as the size doesn’t expand. There… Read More

  • Crunchgear Budapest Meet-Up Update

    OK. No iPhone yet so I can’t book my flight. HOPEFULLY I’ll have some news today, but I’m not holding my breath. Those of you who were planning on getting plastered with me tomorrow or Wednesday, please save your livers for later this week or early next week. Read More

  • The Ghost Of Zuckerberg's Past May Haunt Facebook IPO

    A long-standing dispute over the origin of Facebook looks set to haunt the growingly popular social networking service as it heads towards an IPO. A lawsuit due to come before the US Federal Court later this month alleges that Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg stole the original code for Facebook Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra, accuse Zuckerberg of stealing the… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel $1million Prize

    Race fans start your engines, and your mobile phones. Yesterday Sprint Nextel launched the SprintSpeed Million presented by Motorola. But you don’t need to be in the race to win the $1million price. This promotion will give on fan a million dollars! “We are always looking for ways to get fans closer to the sport,” said Dean Kessel, director of NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series… Read More

  • War over Airwaves: AT&T Vs. FCC and Google

    Today the San Jose Mercury News is reporting that an all-out war could break out between some of the largest telecommunications companies and biggest technology brands over the mobile Internet. And the battleground could become the airwaves that are currently used to broadcast UHF television channels. So why is this suddenly happening? Well, if you’ve been following what’s… Read More

  • Soylent Green is People, iPod OS is OS X!

    UPDATE – The story is also totally fake. If it’s early in the morning for you right now and you haven’t had your coffee, feel free to skip this story. Basically, it says that OS X, in the form of the Mach kernel, has been inside the iPod all along — except for a brief period when it was the Pixo OS — and that… ZZZZZZ… huh? Read More

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