• As 3i leave early stage VC, where next for startups?

    Confirming my story last month, 3i is indeed leaving early stage venture capital. The UK-based VC and buyouts house is merging its VC unit with its growth capital unit, confirms PEHub. The new focus for 3i’s venture chief Jo Taylor will be later stage technology, media and telecommunications and healthcare. The loss of 3i is a blow to European venture capital, though not unexpected… Read More

  • zzzPhone real but not running WinMo

    I did a piece for the NYT on the zzzPhone, an a la carte manufacturer that lets you pick and choose your functionality online and then makes your cellphone to order. I talked to the folks for the story and discovered that the phone doesn’t run Win Mo or Windows CE but a “windows-compatible” operating system that some are calling Symbian… Read More

  • Walt Mossberg reviews Lenovo ThinkPad X300

    Walt Mossberg took an early look at the Lenovo ThinkPad X300 about a week ago and promised a full review later. Later is now. He likes the MacBook Air competitor despite its limited storage options and high price tag, saying…
    “I can recommend the X300 for road warriors without hesitation, provided they can live with its two biggest downsides: a relatively paltry file-storage… Read More

  • Is Blyk on the blink for subscribers?

    European ad-funded startup MVNO Blyk may not be hitting the numbers. Media buyers – who were lined-up to buy the text and MMS ads sent to teens who were supposed to subscribe in return for Blyk’s (almost) free network – are worried the subscriber base is not looking so good. NMA reports that fewer than 30,000 people have signed up in the first five months. Given that most… Read More

  • Lost satellite phones aren't real, all of the castaways are really dead, go read a book

    Hate to spoil it for the battered fans of Lost, but those cool GPS satellite phones that the whoevers from the whatever on the good ship Howsyerfather are using to track each other on the island are not real. “No satellite phone handset that I am aware of has any form of touch screen available to the user,” said a spokesman for Globalstar Inc., a satellite phone network. Does any… Read More

  • GTA IV drunkenness to use dynamic physics engine

    So Grand Theft Auto IV is going to have a drinking mini-game wherein your character will stumble around more and more based on how much alcohol he consumers. Gee, I wonder if this is going to make it onto cable news channels in segments where some uptight lady from some civic organization who’s never played the game talks about how video games are bad for kids. Can’t wait. Read More

  • I Wanna Be The Guy speed run

    A great speed run of some kind of crazy 8-bit mash-up with few save points and even less overarching logic. My favorite is when the little guy ends up in Tetris. Game Page via Waxy via BB Read More

  • Dvorak: HD DVD was just Microsoft messing with Sony

    Oh John C. Dvorak, I could read your stuff all day long. And your weekly web show, Cranky Geeks, keeps me looking forward to Wednesdays now, if only to catch a fleeting glimpse of the crankiness that’ll undoubtedly ensue. Now the crankiness has spilled over into the HD DVD versus Blu-ray thing. The very thing that I, believe you me, am sick of writing about, hearing about, and reading… Read More

  • Microsoft making a big announcement at 11:30

    Today at 11:30 AM EST, Microsoft will make a “significant” company announcement via conference call with Ballmer, chief software architect Ray Ozzie, senior vice president of server and tools Bob Muglia and general counsel Brad Smith in tow. It’s not related to the Yahoo deal so we’ll have to wait and see what the big deal is. Microsoft to hold press call, not related… Read More

  • Akiiiiiiiirrrrrraaaaa live-action movie coming in 2009

    All I remember about Akiiiiiiiirrrrrraaaaa is some kid who kept on screaming “Akiiiiiiiirrrrrraaaaa” over and over again. Now, however, it will become a live-action movie set in New Manattan where people will yell “Akiiiiiiiirrrrrraaaaa” in new studio apartments while shopping at Dean and Deluuuuuuuucaaaaa. Ruairi Robinson directs with a script from Gary Whitta. It… Read More

  • Don't stifle leaks, kids

    Just a little cautionary tale for those who attempt to stifle leaks: it just isn’t worth it. A high-end bank, Bank Julius Baer (they’re next to the WaMu in downtown Brooklyn, across from the Chinese-Mexican food place) is a company that hides the assets of the ultra-rich in the Cayman Islands. No harm in that, right? Fun for everybody. Well, some documents were leaked to… Read More

  • Microsoft Sings a New Tune—Wants to Play Nice With Open-Source

    Wow, Ray Ozzie is really changing the culture at Microsoft. Or maybe it’s just been beaten down by anti-trust regulators in the EU. After years in denial, Redmond has finally decided to stop trying to fight open-source software. In a series of moves announced today aimed at making its products more interoperable with other software and the Web in general, Microsoft is releasing… Read More

  • Video: Spy satellite gets blasted

    http://www.liveleak.com/player.swf?autostart=false&token=71c_1203596547 Written word is not necessary here. Watch and listen, dear friends. General Cartwright does a bang up job explaining what happened and why it happened. Thanks for the tip, Dan. Read More

  • Linkin Park played the Apple Store last night: The set for 200 radio contest winners

    Customer number forty to the Genius Bar. Customer number forty? Forty-one? They didn’t announce anything. They played some hard rock. It apparently wasn’t very secret — we all just don’t listen to the right FM stations. End of story. Linkin Park played the Apple Soho store [DailySwarm] Read More

  • AdSense For Video Comes Out of Private Beta. Can We Kill the Pre-Roll Now?

    Nine months after launching its closed beta of AdSense for video, Google is finally opening up the advertising program to any publisher in the U.S. that serves one million or more video streams per month. (Perhaps the volume requirement is a concession to advertisers who want their ads shown only on mainstream sites—and porn sites need not apply, no matter how many videos they… Read More

  • XNA-developed Community Games head to Xbox Live

    Little Gamers is one such game Also mentioned in Microsoft’s Game Developers Conference keynote was that it will let independent developers release their XNA-created games on Xbox Live. The XNA toolkit came out in 2006 but there previously hadn’t been a way for devs to release their work for mass consumption. Seven such games, dubbed… Read More

  • Release it here: Limited edition Nintendo DS with matte finish, improved color scheme

    [photopress:honeyee.jpg,full,center] Want to look at pictures of something you’ll likely never own? This Nintendo DS was designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara, a Japanese streetwear designer (or so says Wikipedia) and jack of all trades, sorta like Diddy. As you can see with your eyes, the DS has a matte finish, which looks a lot better than the glossy finish Nintendo uses for stock DSs. Read More

  • T-Mobile Experiments with Landline Service

    The mobile phone company T-Mobile will experiment with providing landline services to customers. Starting today, it will offer wired service for $10 a month to its wireless subscribers in the Seattle and Dallas-Fort Worth areas. Unlimited local and long distance calls can be made with the service which is called, Talk Forever Home Phone. The service will be carried on customer’s… Read More

  • Retailer warns Sony not to abuse its newfound Blu-ray position: Consumers like regular DVD just fine

    [photopress:sonybrrrrr.jpg,full,center] Hold your horses, sports fans. Don’t go declaring Blu-ray the winner of anything just yet, despite the fact that Toshiba original story titlethrew in the towel this week. Sony and the rest of the Blu-ray camp still has one more foe they need to tackle—perception. The perception that regular DVD is “good enough” and that Blu-ray is… Read More

  • BlackBerry Subscriptions Underestimated in Fourth-Quarter

    Research in Motion, the BlackBerry manufacturer, announced today that it underestimated last year’s fourth-quarter subscription additions by 15 to 20 percent. Last December the company said net subscriber account additions would total 1.82 million, but a more accurate count shows 2.09 million to 2.18 million new subscriptions. Research in Motion credits the increase to the popularity… Read More

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