• REVShare Raises $20 Million For Cost-Per-Action TV Ad Business

    The idea that advertisers should only pay for actual responses to their ads is gaining acceptance beyond the Web, where cost-per-action (CPA) ads are becoming more common. A SoCal company called REVShare has been doing the same thing on TV since 1989, with ads that urge viewers to call a 1-800 number or go to a Website. The company has relationships with 1,500 TV stations (most of these tend… Read More

  • Dell tablet is officially announced, officially expensive

    Dell has officially announced its tablet PC, the Latitude XT.  You’ll have your option of two screens, one that’s highly readable outdoors or a bright LED-backlit one. There’s also an optional 9-hour battery that’ll allow you to show up early and work through lunch without skipping a beat. The 12.1-inch tablet PC will weigh around 3.5 pounds so carrying it… Read More

  • Plaxo Offers Pulse Plugin For Outlook

    Plaxo has announced a new plugin that brings Plaxo Pulse to Microsoft Outlook. Plaxo is claiming the new service is “historic;” its an extremely long stretch but this isn’t to say that the functionality isn’t interesting. With the new Outlook plugin, users can now see recent activity on a person’s Pulse stream in the Plaxo “Click to Connect” box and… Read More

  • Vudu set top box adds TV shows, high-def Bourne Ultimatum to its lineup

    When new home owner Josh Goldman reviewed Vudu in September, it could only be used to watch movies. That’s no longer the case, with the set top box now able to pull in a dozen TV shows, including “Family Guy,” “Arrested Development” [ed. yes~!~!~!] and “The Shield.” It’s $2 per episode, so it’s right in line with iTunes pricing, but… Read More

  • Amazon Invests in Bill Me Later

    Buying stuff on Amazon is about to get even easier. The online retailer took an equity stake in a Maryland-based company called Bill Me Later that lets people shop now and pay later at more than 700 Websites, including the Apple Store, Overstock, Walmart.com, and ToysRus.com. Amazon will be offering the payment option as well. (It competes with PayPal’s Pay Later service). Terms of… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Free DivX Pro

    If you’ve been patiently waiting for the DivX Pro codec and converter but you constantly find yourself without the $19.99 necessary to purchase said tools, now’s your chance to download DivX Pro for the low, low price of free. No rebates, no hassles. Just download it and enter the serial number that’ll be sent to your e-mail address. Free DivX Pro [DivX.com] via FatWallet Read More

  • The Pencil Bench office furniture: 1,600 pencils, 1 bench

    Who, growing up, didn’t want a bench made entirely out of 1,600 pink pencils? Thankfully, Boex 3D Creative Solutions went ahead and developed exactly that. Its name isn’t too imaginative—Pencil Bench—but it was borne out of a silly, “wouldn’t it be, like, great to make a piece of furniture out of everyday objects?” It would, and it is. For $2,450… Read More

  • Ringtones from Dave Matthews Band and Van Halen Finally Available

    <img id="image2284" height=96 alt="van halen.jpg" src="http://old.mobilecrunch.com/wp-content/van%20halen.jpg"class="right&quot;
    Dave Matthews Band and Van Halen have been holding out from releasing their music as ringtones. But pressure from fans and promoters has caused these high-profile acts to release ringtones available on AT&T… Read More

  • Ask.com plays to people's privacy concerns with AskEraser: Erases your search history from its servers

    The last time I used ask.com to search for anything, the New England Patriots had a losing record. That was before Google came into its own, storing each and every one of my searches on its servers for all eternity. Now ask.com, seeing the heightened attention paid to privacy, has rolled out a new feature that will erase your searches from its servers—feel free to search… Read More

  • Mobile Ads for MSN in U.S.

    U.S. users of Microsoft’s MSN Mobile began to see advertisements on the service for the first time yesterday. Users in Belgium, France, Japan, Spain and the U.K. have been viewing ads for a while now. The technology for mobile advertisements comes from a recent acquisition by Microsoft of ScreenTonic. Paramount Pictures and Jaguar Cars are among the first companies to advertise on MSN… Read More

  • Coghead Pursues Platform Strategy With Launch Of Affiliates Program

    Every company in Silicon Valley wants to become a platform for other companies to build cool stuff on top of. It is the easiest way to attract customers. Coghead—the DIY, Web-based, business-app builder—is no different. Today it is publicly launching its charter affiliates program, whereby software developers can create their own enterprise apps using Coghead and then resell them… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Mouse Chase Edition

    Stupid anorexic USB toy tells you how slowly you type, loser
    Tokyoflash 1259Q watch: Remember, Chavistas, set your unreadable watches backward 30 minutes!
    Don King invading your 360, Wii, DS in ‘08
    Electric car prototype can sell power back to utilities
    AC Gears open up shop in NYC
    Holiday Contest: Tell us your holiday travel horror stories, win a Blackberry Curve with Telenav Read More

  • FolderShare AutoDeletes Files. Whoops

    One of the favorite things I like to hear from developers when some horrible and embarrassing bug manifests itself is “It’s a feature not a bug.” It’s a joke of course, but it’s unlikely Microsoft developers will be doing any joking around as they try to control the damage from a recent bug that autodeletes users’ most important files. Microsoft… Read More

  • Shareapic Pays You To Host Pictures

    Picture and file hosting has established credentials as a business idea. As the cost of storage has rapidly decreased as social networking has boomed picture hosting has been a hot vertical. There’s no shortage of sites in this space, and easy money to be had. At the very top Photobucket was acquired by MySpace for $250 million. To date free file hosting sites have been just that: free… Read More

  • Everex takes on Eee for cheapskates everywhere

    The OLPC XO isn’t the only tiny, small, dwarven laptop making news this month. the Eee PC is the most wanted laptop under trees this year, and other manufacturers have taken notes, if not exception, with the popularity. Everex, makers of all Peecees super-cheap, has what it thinks is a competitor on its blueprints. They’re calling it the Cloudbook, and it’s pretty hot, in… Read More

  • MSN Gets Mobile Advertising

    Microsoft has announced the introduction of mobile display advertising on MSN Mobile, starting today. MSN Mobile customers in the United States will see banner and text ad placements that “conform to the U.S. mobile advertising guidelines provided by the Mobile Marketing Association to deliver a more consistent and engaging experience for consumers.” Launch partners include… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Insignia 26-inch 720p LCD HDTV for $399

    After somehow destroying my 20-inch LCD TV in a cross-country move, I needed to face down the task of replacing it. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money and I didn’t need a huge TV but I did want something a little bigger than 20 inches. This TV has been a great replacement. There’s a built-in HD tuner, two HDMI connections, two component inputs, two composite inputs… Read More

  • Linux group: What Android?

    Google is making waves with its Android OS, the Linux-based operating system that is aimed at unifying mobile phone usage independent of carriers or brands. We like the idea quite a bit, but the Linux group itself doesn’t, and is making a competitor. As if we don’t have enough flavors of Linux as is. We don’t see the new yet-unnamed version of Linux really hurting Android… Read More

  • More rumors of Mac ultra-portables at Macworld make us feel funny where our bathing suits cover

    So we’re getting close to the end of year, which is followed by the beginning of a new year, and that means a Macworld Expo. Earlier this year, Macworld was the launching pad for what is perhaps Apple’s most anticipated device ever, the iPhone. This year, there’s now way they could match the hype, but it’s still the premiere arena to launch new lust-worthy hardware. Read More

  • YouTube Shares the Wealth With Everyone. Apply Now

    Tired of not making a dime off your human beatbox video on YouTube that’s been watched five million times? Well, YouTube wants to give you some of that crazy Google money. If you make the cut, that is. After half a year of testing out its Partners program with 100 lucky YouTube contributors, YouTube is now accepting applications from all comers. Tell them why they should give you… Read More

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