• Personalize Your Ownskin

    It seems like everyone wants to be an individual, or at least and individual that goes along with the crowd. To this end OwnSkin is a new user-generated mobile theme community that lets people personalize their mobile handsets. In additional the usual stuff, there are plenty of wall papers, themes and other goodies that you can download and install. From the look of it a lot of the content… Read More

  • Yeigo Goes Mobile 6.0

    We’re getting word that Yeigo, the VoIP and IM service for mobile handsets, is now supported on Windows Mobile 6.0. The software app has been available for Windows 5.0 since February, and now the mobile VoIP solution is up and ready to go for Windows Mobile 6.0. The team offers some insight on the Yeigo Blog. Read More

  • VeohTV Promises a Different TV Experience Online

    Joost may be getting a lot of attention lately, but it’s surely not the only new player in the TV-on-the-web game. Veoh claims that, while Joost embraces the old-school channel style of cable TV, their VeohTV service takes it a step further with DVR-like capabilities. VeohTV lets you watch any video on the web, not just channels of pre-selected content, and allows you to record what… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Kong Edition

    The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
    When Godzilla Needs A Margarita…
    Blackberry: Fin!
    All The Super Mario 64 Death You Can Handle
    Pimp My Guitar Case Read More

  • German Twitter Clone Dukudu For Sale On eBay

    German Twitter clone Dukudu is listed for sale on eBay. The project is said to have cost its developers €25000. Despite a relatively low Alexa score, Dukudu ranks at a respectable 2,608 in Germany. At the time of writing the auction has 28 bids with a top bid of €9000 (it was about 1/3 less yesterday). The developers claim in the auction listing that Dukudu is more than a simple Twitter… Read More

  • Skitch Image Editing/Sharing Tool: A Perfect Blend Of Desktop and Online Application

    Most bloggers, and lots of others, spend a lot of time manipulating images for posts, sharing, etc. Personally, I use Photoshop, which is way more horsepower than I need since I generally just grab, mashup and resize images. But it still works far better, and far faster, than any of the online image editing tools we’ve reviewed. Today I tested a new desktop application, called Skitch… Read More

  • Simple Spark: A Catalog Of Web Applications

    New York based Simple Spark aims to make finding web applications easy through an extensive catalog of online application sites. Over 3000 web applications are tracked and categorized with screenshots, icons, feeds, reviews and concise summaries. Applications are indexed in over 70 categories including Spreadsheets, Workspace & Wikis, Education, Fashion, Green Living and Family &… Read More

  • Uncensored Free Image Hosting From The Pirate Bay

    Well known and often controversial BitTorrent tracking site The Pirate Bay has launched BayImg, an uncensored free image hosting service. The Pirate Bay has previously been private beta testing a video hosting site which is yet to launch. BayImg is available now and offers hosting up to 100mb with a promise that as long as the image is legal, they won’t censor it, although… Read More

  • Blue Raven MediaMate 7000 (7-inch PMP) Review

    Portable digital video recorders are becoming an essential item in any traveling video geek’s arsenal. But Archos and Cowon aren’t the only companies pimping PMPs that help you pirate time- and place-shift your favorite TV shows and movies. The Blue Raven MediaMate 7000 sports a 7-inch widescreen LCD and up to 80GB of storage, as well as a $429.95 price ($379 for the 40GB model)… Read More

  • iPhone Dock Still Has Headset Charging Port

    Sources in possession of preproduction iPhones have confirmed a feature rumored earlier this year – the iPhone’s dock will include a port to charge Apple’s upcoming Bluetooth headset. This will ensure that those using the iPhone with the headset will only need one charger for both. Apple’s headset received FCC approval last week. Read More

  • Judge Stops RIAA in its Tracks, Denies Discovery to Get Subpoenas

    It looks like one judge, New Mexico’s Lorenzo F. Garcia, has finally stood up to some of the RIAA’s shady law practices. The judge denied the RIAA’s request to engage in discovery, which would have allowed the organization to subpoena the ISP of suspected file sharers for information. Without that information, the RIAA cannot determine the identity of the “John… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommeter.Evar

    Time again for your daily injection of reader antics. It won’t hurt. We promise. Ok it will. And the infamous CrunchDunce returns once more however, todays events really made us think of renaming CrunchDunce to something a little more Crunchy and offensive. Ian‘s critique of another reader regarding the iPhone hullabaloo got him the first spot. I beg to differ. Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Will the iPhone be used as Apple TV Remote?

    So genesis of the iPhone was sometime back in 2005, right? Interestingly, Apple happened to file a continuation on a patent application around that time covering a Universal Remote for controlling a number of home entertainment devices. A touch screen, hand held controller with a dynamic display that interacts with your entertainment appliances for information and can control a growing array… Read More

  • Yahoo Acquires Rivals for $100 million

    Yahoo has acquired college sports site Rivals.com, says the Associated Press in a story that may have been accidentally published early. The price is not being disclosed, although the rumor is that the deal was closed for around $100 million. Rumors of talks first surfaced in April. We previously reported on Terry’s involvement in securities fraud and were subsequently threatened with… Read More

  • Lending Club Passes $100,000 Mark In Loans To Facebook Users

    Lending Club, the Facebook exclusive person-to-person lending service has passed the $100,000 mark in loans to Facebook users. Lending Club was an original Facebook Platform/ F8 partner having launched with F8 on May 24. The company closed its first loan on June 6, and has since closed 27 more loans for a total of $101,250. An additional $212,650 in loans will close in the next 12 days. More… Read More

  • M-Audio's Torq Xponent: The Complete Computer-Based DJ System

    Vince and I love everything Torq-releated because we’re budding DJs. The latest Torq DJ system, the Xponenet from M-Audio, looks pretty amazing just based on the number of buttons and dials it has. Its price—$750—does preclude me from partaking, however. Like its smaller X Session Pro cousin, the Xponent is a computer-based DJ system that uses some pretty impressive software… Read More

  • Wiffiti's Messaging Widget Is Fun

    http://wiffiti.com/e/tUNvuC We’ve been playing around with Wiffiti all afternoon. The service has been around for a while, but if you haven’t heard of it you may want to give it a look. Anyone can post a message – just text “@crunch [message]” to 25622 and it will appear on the screen. The real use for something like this is projecting the widget up on a big screen… Read More

  • Pistols at Dawn: Ryan Block Now on TechCrunch20 Panel of Experts

    Engadget’s Ryan Block will represent the gadget and gizmo folks at the TechCrunch20, a supercool symposium of all things Web 2.0 hosted by our own Michael Arrington and the illustrious Jason “The Animal” Calacanis. Michael told me that I couldn’t be on the panel in the interest of preserving impartiality, but we all know it’s because Ryan and Pete Rojas… Read More

  • Engadget Editor In Chief Ryan Block Joins TechCrunch20 Panel Of Experts

    More good news about the upcoming TechCrunch20 Conference in September: Ryan Block, the Editor in Chief of Engadget, has joined our advisory board and will help us review the many gadget startups that have applied to launch at the event. See Ryan’s post about joining the panel on Engadget, here. The current list of experts is here. We will continue to announce new experts in the… Read More

  • Sidekick Zante, LX and LE Release Date Revealed

    The crew at Hiptop3 has the scoop on a leaked document that reveals the release dates for the Zante aka Slide aka Motorola Q700 as well as the LE and LX editions. We’re still unsure what the LX and LE models are, but the focus is on the RAZResque device, which is slated for a Q3 launch. Upon closer inspection of the document I’d go out on a limb and say that it’s fake. Read More

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