• Metallica thinking about jumping on the online distribution bandwagon

    They used to be good. Metallica gave hints in an interview with Rolling Stone that it will follow the Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead model of Internet-based music distribution. (You can already download live show MP3s and FLACs, for the record.) Says Lars Ulrich: We’ve been observing Radiohead and Trent Reznor and in twenty-seven years or however long it takes for the next record… Read More

  • Phantom Lapboard reviewed

    http://www.slideflickr.com/slide/5X9M4z5M Some men spend their lives tending to the lame and halt. Some men run businesses that span the globe. Other men, namely me, follow Phantom Labs with the intensity of a twelve-year-old girl following the Jonas Brothers. For those of you too young to remember, Infinium Labs promised an Internet enabled console in the days of the PS2 and XBox. People… Read More

  • High-end GPS sales hitting the end of the road

    GPS sales have been booming. Last January’s CES saw just about every manufacturer under the sun dumping out unit after unit, some with millions of points-of-interest and whatever else they can dream up to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Alas, the party is over and everyone who wanted a GPS now has one, resulting in a slowdown in sales. GPS devices are like 20-inch rims… Read More

  • Review: VYE S41

    It’s either feast or famine when it comes to laptops. If you need something small and light, you’re stuck without an optical drive and poor performance. If you need something for gaming or high end apps, you’re stuck with something that you need a truck to lift. That’s why I’m pleased with the VYE S41 from Kohjinsha, a Japan-only — but available at… Read More

  • That glossy iPhone photo? Yeah, that's just a case, thanks.

    Just a clarification on that photo that shows a glossy black iPhone. While the original rumor suggested that the new iPhone will indeed have a glossy black finish, the photo in question more than likely is just a case. So while the next iPhone may well have a glossy black finish, that particular image ain’t it. Happy trails. via MacRumors Read More

  • Should RIM bother to target BlackBerry at consumers?

    RIM may have a bit of a problem on its hands, says today’s New York Times. The BlackBerry manufacturer, it seems, doesn’t know which segment of the smartphone market to cater to: the Wall Street crowd or the everyday consumer, both of which have very different demands from each other. While the typical business executive couldn’t give a damn if his or her BlackBerry comes… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: 11 ways to tell you're no longer a hardcore gamer

    Flickr’d What happens when former hardcore gamers stop being so hardcore? They make lists explaining the demise of their hardcore-ness, of course! So, how do you tell that you’re no longer a hardcore gamer? • You prefer playing against the computer.
    • You only play when your girlfriend is out
    • You believe that winning isn’t everything
    • It’s… Read More

  • The X Factor, now in USB flash drive form

    England gave the world two very important things: the English language and the hit television show The X Factor. Knowing this, peripheral maker Kingston has developed a 2GB USB flash drive that includes clips of show, a screensaver and an MP3 of the show’s theme song right onboard. For those of you who don’t follow British pop culture, The X Factor is the UK version of American Idol. Read More

  • Source: Benchmark Invests In TuneWiki To Bring Song Lyrics To iPhone

    Israeli startup TuneWiki delivers user generated song lyrics to music playing on a PC or mobile device. The service, which was launched in December 2007, became a hit with “hundreds of thousands” of downloads to jailbroken iPhones alone (says our source), despite the very sketchy nature of the main website and the fact that only hacked iPhones can use the app. Why is TuneWiki… Read More

  • RevResponse Pays You On Free Magazine Subscriptions

    http://img.tradepub.com/images/bimages/210x240catstatic_scroll.swf?ptnr=duncanriley&color1=0CB204&color2=80F342&textcolor=FFFFFF&lcolor1=0CB204&cat=Comp&category=COMPUTERS RevResponse offers payment for free subscription offers delivered by widget, allowing website owners to custom selected free content that is relevant to their readers. RevResponse pitches itself… Read More

  • Scott Steinberg's look at online gaming

    Scott Steinberg, one of the better gaming journos out there, is producing a bunch of videos about online gaming for DigtialTrends called “Players Only.” The coverage is fairly basic but there are lots of cool interviews and ideas presented. Wake up and quit playing with yourself: Today’s hottest games can be found online! This week on Players Only, we discover why… Read More

  • Meesa gonna surv you kaffee, Ani!

    Is it a single serving pod espresso brewer or Jar Jar Binks in effigy? You decide. Jay Brewer runs SingleServeEspresso.com — the #1 resource for all things single, serving, and espresso — and he forwarded this along. Cute, right? Right? Read More

  • Retailers confirm new iMacs next week

    GeekSugar predicted there’d be new iMacs next week, and several retailers have confirmed the existence of new model numbers in their inventory. That’s what MacRumors claims, at least. What should you expect with these new iMacs? Penryn-based processors, for one, and maybe an expanded hard drive or newer video card. A minor update, in other words, not a total re-design. Read More

  • Brando's A-Theme Series Disney Flash Drive

    Hey, guys, look what I passed through my urethra! Read More

  • Hackers hack Windows Web servers like it's also their job

    A flaw in MS’s IIS is allowing hackers to install malicious code on website visitor’s machines. The exploit, VML MS07-004, allows for SEO poisoning and can serve up data via Javascript and send browsers to other websites. Interestingly enough they’ve used the exploit to infect the United Nations main page, dumping SEO noise into the HTML and potentially sending users to a… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Pirates downloading GTA IV like it's their job

    Yes, as we all know, Grand Theft Auto IV was leaked onto the Internet earlier this week. But just how many people have grabbed the game, roughly, from some of the bigger sites out there? Blackcats-Games, one of the biggest private, games-only BitTorrent trackers, has 45,747 users, of which a total of 4,207 users have snatched either the PAL or NTSC version. So, about 9 percent of those guys… Read More

  • American companies selling hi-tech police equipment to China?

    Did American companies violate U.S. law by selling hi-tech police equipment to the Chinese? The Old Gray Lady asks this today, examining a recent Chinese police equipment trade show held in Beijing where several American companies, including Motorola and DuPont, were notably present. (An old law going back to Tiananmen Square prevents American companies from selling police equipment to China.)… Read More

  • Update: Rackspace Files IPO, Will Set Price Via Auction

    Web hosting provider Rackspace filed for an initial public offering with the SEC last night, as we predicted it would. The company will try to raise $400 million, and it intends to set the IPO price through an auction, much like Google did. The underwriters are Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and WR Hambrecht & Co. (the leading proponent of such IPO pricing). Pricing through… Read More

  • Profiles in Courage: Woman fights back against the RIAA's dirty tactics

    As if you needed any more reason to distrust and dislike the RIAA, BusinessWeek has an article this week detailing one woman’s fight against the cartel and its tactics. Tanya Andersen, a 45-year-old single mother, was sued by the RIAA several years for illegally downloading a couple of songs. Only, you know, she didn’t download a damn thing (she claims). She hired a Seattle lawyer… Read More

  • Red Zune 80 trickling into retail stores

    Something called the Microsoft Zune 80 (wasn’t that an ABA team, the New Orleans Zune?) was released in the color red a few months ago, but you had to purchase it from the Zune Originals online store, which added tacky artwork to the backside. Seems now, however, you’ll be able to find it in normal retail stores. Still $250. via Zune Insider Read More

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