• Little hope for victims of Olympic ticket scam

    The International Olympic Committee has filed a lawsuit in California accusing at least six websites of selling illegitimate or nonexistent tickets. Reuters has reported that the ticket scam is international with victims in multiple countries. While the IOC is taking action, it appears unlikely that replacement seats will become available. Tickets for events in the host city of Beijing… Read More

  • New colors for Creative’s speakers and headphones

    Fans of Dell’s new Studio notebooks and desktops that offer crazy colors may find it difficult to find sound accessories that match. Creative must also be a fan since they are releasing speakers and headphones that match the color choices. As of Monday, T10 speakers and EP610 headphones now come in Jet Black, Plum Purple, Tangerine Orange, Flamingo Pink, Midnight Blue, Ruby Red and… Read More

  • AT&T to Extend iPhone Exclusivity Contract in U.S.

    USA Today is reporting that AT&T has reached an agreement with Apple to extend AT&T’s exclusive rights to carry the iPhone in the United States. AT&T will remain the exclusive retailer of the iPhone through 2010. AT&T subsidizes the price of the iPhone to the tune of about $300, which keeps the handset’s retail price at $199. AT&T hopes to make up for the subsidy… Read More

  • Video: Behind the scenes of Bionic Commando Rearmed Part 2

    You’ve already seen the first one, so you might as well keep on going and watch the second part. Read More

  • WePlay Scores $8.6 Million In Series B

    Youth-oriented sports social network WePlay raised $8.6 million in a series B financing led by Deep Fork Capital. Existing investors also participated in the round, including FirstMark Capital and athletes Derek Jeter, LeBron James and Peyton Manning. That brings the total capital raised to $13 million. WePlay launched in March, and is designed as a social utility where parents, coaches… Read More

  • Most popular posts for Monday, August 4th

    Today’s Top Posts: Apple pulls BoxOffice app for S and G ‘Heavily’ into Diablo III development, Blizzard refuses to ‘fix’ new art direction Nokia working with Microsoft on secret Zune phone? German policewomen to be issued bullet-proof bras The Beijing Olympics are a trap 7 new LiMo handsets, yeah! Pigeon plays Tap Tap Revenge on iPhone T-Mo drops the Curve… Read More

  • Jobvite Cherry Picks Yahoo AMP Director of Engineering

    Adam Hyder, Yahoo’s Senior Director of Engineering for its Advertising Management Platform (AMP), has joined the flood of recent departures from the search giant in hopes of greener pastures. Hyder has joined Jobvite, an online recruiting service, as the company’s CTO. Last month, Jobvite hired Yahoo HotJobs boss Dan Finnigan as its CEO. It’s likely that Finnigan had… Read More

  • Adaptive Path Releases Aurora To "Inspire And Engage" Community

    Aurora (Part 1) from Adaptive Path on Vimeo. Adaptive Path, a product development and consulting service in San Francisco, is releasing a new web interface concept called Aurora this evening. The project, which was developed in collaboration with Mozilla, is being released to the community via the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license and is available on the… Read More

  • EA's CEO: bad licensed games are bad, bad, bad

    Here’s something we all knew but probably never expected to hear from the lips of John Ricitiello. He says in an interview with MTV Games that games that rely solely on the game of their licensed counterparts are bad for business and damaging to the the industry’s credibility. I agree with that part, but I think EA is certainly guilty of squeezing every IP it has until it… Read More

  • Electronic cap keeps winemakers honest

    Researchers at the Argonne National Laboratory’s Vulnerability Assessment Team (VAT) at the Department of Energy have created a special cap for wine bottles that “breaks” when it is tampered with, essentially confirming that a wine is fake or adulterated if it is forcefully removed and replaced. The cap contains a circuit and a special tie-dye style identifier and a… Read More

  • The XP login: The new BSOD

    Former CGer and current PopMecher took this photo of a huge public display sporting a big fat XP login. It’s escpecially grand that this is in the United Red Carpet lounge. Nothing’s too good for frequent fliers, even failing to implement Windows in Kiosk mode. Read More

  • 3com Sues Bain Capital for 66million, CFIUS is to Blame

    3com is suing the private equity firm Bain Capital Partners for a $66 million termination fee when the 3com-Huawei deal fell apart. Apparently the US government thought that Tipping Point, a 3com acquisition in early 2005, which supplies highly secure network solutions for the military; and Huawei, founded by a former officer in the Chinese army, were not a good fit. Bain decided that… Read More

  • DISH Network losing customers

    DISH announced today a net loss of 25,000 customers. The company blamed the loss of subscribers on a combination of economic factors and stiffening competition. Wall Street reacted unfavorably, sending the shares down in early trading. The stock price made up lost ground as the day went on. Craig Moffett, analyst at Bernstein Research, said: This is not pretty. It’s the first ever loss… Read More

  • Bic and Orange team up to make Bic Phone, fill landfills

    After so many years with them glued to our ears, being stuck without your cell phone sucks. Pay phones are getting harder to find (plus, you’ll catch the herp), and pre-paid cell phones require a night of charging before they’re ready to go. Looking out for forgetful travelers and those of us who just lose crap a lot, Orange France and Bic have partnered to create the Bic phone… Read More

  • Fluid filled eyeglass lenses for the optometrist-impaired

    Yeah… I see syringes and eyeballs and I just cringe. I don’t care what it’s for. I don’t care that it’s a good idea. I don’t care that this process will save money, time and get proper eyewear to those that need it. I see syringes and eyeballs. I don’t even wear contacts. The thought of sticking a finger in my eye on purpose sounds like the most… Read More

  • Intel's many-core pseudo-GPU CPU: Larrabee

    I can be a chip-head sometimes when it suits me, but most of this discussion is way over my level of expertise. You can read the 16-page writeup over at Anandtech if you want, but you better be ready to deal with terms like “16-wide Vector ALU” and “cache coherency.”

    See what I mean? From what I understand, Intel is looking into creating a sort of chameleon CPU with a… Read More

  • The Success and Future of Microblogging

    Nowadays over 85% of adults between the ages of 18 and 34 are using Web 2.0 platforms as a primary method of communication and self-expression, and according to MediaPost, who recently conducted an extensive study on the influence of social media in the lives of adults, this number is significantly higher than it was just one year ago. The number of adults using instant messaging and blogs… Read More

  • This Week on CrunchBoard

    Here are some of the jobs listed on CrunchBoard over the last week: Senior Java Web Engineer
    TinyPictures.us – San Francisco, CA Backend Web Developer
    SlideShare – San Francisco, CA Developer
    SNAP Interactive – New York, NY Product Marketing Manager
    Mimeo – New York, NY Front End Ninja
    Uptake – San Francisco, CA Directing Engineer
    ZOOSE – San Francisco… Read More

  • Video: Worst promo video ever

    Here’s the thing about making videos for your products, CE folk, make sure people are aware of whatever it is that you’re selling. The Fins-Up is probably a decent accessory, but you wouldn’t know it by watching the video. Am I right? You’re eyes are being pulled in by the cleavage on the woman who seriously needs a new hair stylist anyway. Is it 1987? Read More

  • Electronic tongue takes all the fun out of wine tasting

    Designed for in the field use, the handheld device can distinguish substances characteristic of a certain wine variety. Devised of six sensors, the tongue can measure levels of acid, sugar and alcohol – without getting drunk. These factors are of no small importance to the world’s vintners, and the promise of a cheap alternative to timely and expensive lab processing will surely… Read More

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