• Help-Key: How to make a book into a sexy, nerdy gift box for Valentine's Day

    http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/1080629/sexy_secret_book.swf I am a single blogger. I have no girlfriend or even anyone I’m actively dating, so this Valentine’s Day I’m going to be drinking whiskey at a rock show here in Seattle with a couple cute girls I know as we commiserate about being in that unenviable position. But you, you’re a stud. You’ve got a wife… Read More

  • HotOrNot Apparently Very Hot: Acquired For $20 Million

    San Francisco based HotOrNot, founded by James Hong and Jim Young in October 2000, has been acquired, we’ve heard from multiple sources. The buyers are investors connected with Avid Life Media, and paid somewhere around $20 million for the site. Hong and and Young have been taking money out of the very profitable business all along the way – which we reported was another $20 million… Read More

  • VentureBeat Takes $320,000 First Round

    Venture focused blog VentureBeat has taken a seed round of $320,000. Investors include Georges Harik and Aydin Senkut (both ex-Google); Mike Brown, Philippe Cases, MHS Capital, Amidzad and White Sand Group among others. VentureBeat joins GigaOm, who’ve raised two rounds, in the “funded blog network” category. VentureBeat was founded in 2006 by ex-San Jose Mercury News writer… Read More

  • 3GSM news roundup

    Here are some tidbits from 3GSM or the Mobile World Congress being held in Barcelona, 11-14 February: • Google “is expected to produce a prototype mobile handset” at the show, according to The Times. But even if a physical phone doesn’t appear Google’s ‘Android’ open source Mobile Operating System platform will be floating around. Indeed, Korea’s… Read More

  • Up close and personal with the Millenium Falcon

    It’s hard photographing subjects in crowded museums and such, but it’s even harder when there’s tons of glare and the object you’re trying to shoot is encased in glass. I did my best and hope you guys like it. All of the models and props at the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia were used in at least one of the… Read More

  • Alphabasic BitTorrent music experiment a qualified success

    [photopress:bjordan.jpg,full,right] Benn Jordan, the man behind the Alphabasic record label and its recent experiment with uploading an album to BitTorrent sites, is complaining with the results. Nearest he can tell, 1.83 percent of downloaders later donated to him an average of $11.02. That totals $2,490.97. Of all downloaders, 2.38 percent either donated or bought a digital version from the… Read More

  • GyPSii signs deal to try and crack India's vast mobile market. It won't.

    Europe: Netherlands-based mobile startup GyPSii, a geo-location and social networking service provider for mobile phones, has signed an agreement with Broadway Pvt. Ltd, to offer GyPSii in India. This is a market with 233 million mobile subscribers which grows at a monthly rate of over 8 million. Broadway provides direct access to the content and advertising reach of ISP India Online Netcom… Read More

  • IDC: Google's Ad Market Share Slipped In Fourth Quarter

    A forthcoming report by IDC estimates that online advertising in the U.S. reached $25.5 billion in 2007, and $7.3 billion in the fourth quarter. It also puts Google’s market share of Internet advertising in the U.S. during the fourth quarter of 2007 at 23.7 percent, down half a percentage point from the third quarter. That is Google’s first slip in market share in two years. … Read More

  • Seatwave wins $25m Series C funding to expand

    Ticket reseller Seatwave has taken $25 million Series C in a round led by Fidelity Ventures that included Atlas Venture, Mangrove Capital Partners and Adinvest. Total funding for Seatwave to date is $36 million. The London based Seatwave, like StubHub (acquired by eBay for $310 million) and TicketsNow (acquired by Ticketmaster for $265 million) resells tickets to major events. The company… Read More

  • DLO lays an egg with new iPhone, iPod Touch speakers

    [photopress:portspeakers_horizontal_lrg.jpg,full,center] I travel a lot, it’s part of being a famous blogger, and I usually watch video on my iPod when I’m flying, because I can’t watch that one episode of Friends again without wanting to kill Matt Perry. I usually find a way to prop up my iPod so I can watch Beerfest without my arm going numb. In my hotel, I usually arrange… Read More

  • Speculation: What if Apple doesn't release a 3G iPhone?

    [photopress:no3gip.jpg,full,right] Interesting bit of speculation over at Macenstein. That is, what if Apple doesn’t release a 3G iPhonethis year, if ever? That would annoy people who said “non!” to the current iPhone in hopes of buying one that’s not stupid slow. At the same time, it may play right into both Apple and AT&T’s hands. Take AT&T. The corp… Read More

  • Rumormongering: Is Apple dumping Final Cut Pro, other pro apps?

    [photopress:finalcutexpress.jpg,full,center] Who loves Apple rumors? You love Apple rumors! And this one’s a big-un. There’s some speculation around certain unnamed video pro forums that Apple is dumping its pro apps, like Final Cut Pro and Aperture, to focus more on the consumer market. This is hardly surprising. But now the rumors saying that the deal is done, and that Apple has… Read More

  • Microsoft Responds

    There are two very different battles going on between Microsoft and Yahoo. The more interesting side is the behind the scenes attempts to influence press and key shareholders. But this is also playing out publicly. Yahoo leaked this weekend that they were going to turn down the Microsoft offer, and today they came through with the formal rejection. Microsoft responded quickly via a press… Read More

  • Another 'one console is better for everyone' editorial

    [photopress:peaceoneconsole.gif,full,center] Add one more vote to the “we’d be better off with a single video game console than with multiple ones.” Colin Campbell over at Next-Gen.biz (and who also hosts a video game podcast that treats its audience like adults… that’s rare) used up several column inches to defend the idea that a single, open video game… Read More

  • Call of Duty 4 may have triggered missing Marine's PTSD?

    [photopress:21008missingmarine.jpg,full,left]If you’re an Iraq war vet who was injured in a bombing, and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, maybe you should put playing Call of Duty 4 on hold. Eric Hall from Florida did not, and is now missing. More accurately, he’s hiding. He took off after playing the game and now nobody can find him, and his family thinks the game… Read More

  • Taptu: new search engine, new partner

    News out of Barcelona’s 3GSM conference today includes some from Taptu, the mobile search engine startup launched in the UK in October last year. It’s unveiling an improved version of its search engine and the ability for results to be shared with friends via email, mobile-to-mobile and Twitter. The formerly music and trivia-focused search engine also now adds news and travel to… Read More

  • Clean Energy Startup Infinia Raises $50 Million To Crank up Manufacturing

    If you thought clean energy financings were hot last year, 2008 promises to be scorching. Case in point: Infinia today raised a $50 million series B, led by British hedge fund GLG partners. Existing investors Equus, Khosla Ventures, Bill Gross’ Idealab, and Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital also participated in the round (after putting in $9.5 million just last June). Infinia has… Read More

  • Version 2 Of CrunchBase Released

    Over the weekend we relaunched CrunchBase, our online database of startup, investor and entrepreneur information. We first launched the site last year as a simple place to dump all the structured data about startups that we get our hands on. Our interns work to add all the data that flows into our inboxes every day to keep it updated, and the site now tracks 1,515 companies, 4,499 people and… Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone, iPod Touch to get price drop

    There comes a time when I just want to vomit and never ever look at certain topics in the tech/gadget world. That day has come for Apple. Frankly, I’m just sick and tired of the rumors about this and that that seem to pop up every single day. Last week there was a rumor that Apple would hold an event at the end of this month. And now rumors say the iPhone and iPod Touch will see a $100… Read More

  • VisualCV Thinks It's Time to Update That Resume

    Phillip Merrick thinks it is time to update your resume. The co-founder of webMethods has a new startup that just launched today, VisualCV, that wants to replace the paper or e-mailed resume with a profile page that lives on the Web. He’s raised $5 million from headunting firm Heidrick & Struggles and Valhalla Partners. You can think of VisualCV as the serious profile page you want… Read More

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