• iPhone 1.1.3 firmware downgrade complete, still unbricks you, SDK docs leaked

    Just a quick note to all those with bricked iPhones — you can upgrade to 1.1.3, unbrick it, and then downgrade to 1.1.2. This is all pie-in-the-sky stuff right now but it seems to be working for some folks in Vietnam of all places and it’s a hardware hack, so if you’re squeamish around a screwdriver it’s probably not for you. Fear not, though, a software hack will… Read More

  • 2007 Crunchies: Winners, video and pictures

    Paris and London-based Netvibes has won the Best International startup at the first annual Crunchies Awards, a joint production between Read/Write Web, VentureBeat, GigaOm and TechCrunch. Tariq Karim and Freddy Mini’s Netvibes has made waves in the U.S. and globally as a top personalised web portal. The ceremony went (mostly) smoothly with a couple of surprises amongst the results. For… Read More

  • Weekly Gaming News Roundup Week 3

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. It seems some mobile phone gurus were talking about mobile games at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. One of the biggest problems that the game industry has is the pace at which new handsets are developed and released to the public. When someone upgrades to a new handset with… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Meet Your Maker Edition

    Lego gumball sorting machine
    FPS-Brain energy pill gives pro-gamers all the concentration they could ever need
    A wearable tentacle arm shows just how much you care
    Dell laptop (almost) electrocutes young boy, his dog, potentially grandma
    Rick Sammon’s affordable all-purpose lighting kit for you DSLR types Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Bricked iPhones come alive with 1.1.3 Marc M. This could be a stupid question but where is that picture from? I’m pretty infatuated with zombies, I own a huge collection of video games and movies, also one of my life goal is to build… Read More

  • iPhone sales just miss UK target

    Apple may have just missed its sales target of 200,000 handsets sold in the first two months. Instead it looks like the figure was closer to 190,000 according to the FT’s sources. Gartner, the research firm, said in November that between 350,000 and 400,000 iPhones could be sold in the first eight weeks. Price appears to be proving a bigger barrier to sales than anticipated as handsets… Read More

  • 2007 Crunchies Party Report: Brotherly Love And A Guy Who Wears Sunglasses At Night

    Our last Crunchies report for the night until we get the various recorded segments from the official Crunchies archivists Revision 3 (you can see the archived live stream when its available from Mogulus here). Brevity was the soul of wit tonight with the awards ceremony staying at around 2 hours, exactly as planned, and a decent effort considering there was 20 awards given out tonight. Read… Read More

  • Mobile users want email more than social networking

    Email, not social networking, is the most desired service for UK mobile phone users according to a survey of 1,010 mobile phone users by . Some 33% stated that email would be their number one priority followed by 25% of the votes for social networking. And 20% highlighted a preference for using their phone to access local information about their surroundings while 13% said that they would… Read More

  • moblogUK project with Channel 4

    Mobile community startup moblogUK is having some success with the white label version of its service for UK broadcaster Channel 4. With relatively little promotion the Big Art Mob site, which allows viewers to MMS in pictures of public art, has notched up around 500 users, three months before its corresponding TV show goes on-air in April and as attracted “a couple of thousand”… Read More

  • Star Trek XI teaser

    Winona Ryder? At least Spock is back. Read More

  • (Fake) Steve Jobs Accepts The Best Gadget Award At The Crunchies

    Apple was unable to attend the Crunchies tonight to pick up their Crunchie, however a special guest accepted the award on Apple’s behalf. Please note the language in the following video may offend some viewers. Read More

  • 2007 Crunchies: The Winners

    A great evening was had by all tonight as some of the leading startups gathered for the first annual Crunchies, a joint production between Read/Write Web, VentureBeat, GigaOm and TechCrunch. The ceremony went (mostly) smoothly with a couple of surprises amongst the results. For a full list of nominees, visit the Crunchies 2007 portal here. Best Overall: Facebook Facebook revolutionized the idea… Read More

  • Facebook to meet with UK's 'privacy police'

    The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office is to enter into discussions with Facebook how users can maintain their privacy and control their data. The news from the BBC relates to a story broken by Channel 4 News last November detailing how Facebook was being investigated by the ICO after a complaint that he could not remove his account or any of the data – photos, wall… Read More

  • Google Offers OpenID Logins Via Blogger

    After testing OpenID’s as logins to Google’s Blogger in Draft program in November, Google has become an OpenID provider itself. The news confirms TechCrunch UK’s story of January 9, which also predicted that IBM and VeriSign would soon be joining the OpenID train. Effective immediately, Blogger users are able to use their blogs URL as an OpenID login, after toggling the… Read More

  • Slide to unlock! iPhone panties, among other geeky girl garments

    The games don’t stop when you turn the power off. Have your hot geek lady-friend, better known as “chupacabra,” try these on come Valentine’s Day, and maybe you can do a little port inspection, you know, deep in root access. I can’t decide whether the iPhone ones or the Nintendo controller ones are hotter. Probably the iPhone ones go on a high-maintenance girl… Read More

  • Bug Labs going live on Monday

    Here are the first shots of the BUGBase Hiro P model that goes on sale this Monday when the store opens up. This is the final production model, but is, sadly, sans Wi-Fi. Yeah, seems that open source Wi-Fi drivers were causing some issues and Bug Labs decided to ship out the base stations without Wi-Fi modules rather than delaying shipment. To make up for this indiscretion, early adopters will… Read More

  • 2007 Crunchies: Live From Herbst Theatre

    The Crunchies Awards kick off at 7:30 pm PST at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. The event is over sold at this point, but if you want to attend virtually, you can. Event sponsor Mogulus is live streaming it. It’s should be live from around 6:30pm PST – you can watch the prep occur on stage by clicking above. For a full live streaming player with chat outside the player window… Read More

  • The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

    A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week. I LOVE LIFE Hi,
    I am Sally 19yrs old from Freetown and i live in Senegal,i deceided having you as a friend knowing that it is an act of expressing one’s self and feeling,i feel that before we can have a… Read More

  • It's time for The Crunchies

    TechCrunch is preparing for the Crunchies at 7:30 pm Pacific Time, or 3.30am GMT tomorrow morning. Check out TechCrunch for some light news coverage and a couple of updates throughout the day around the ceremony and party afterwards. There is almost certainly going to be able to live stream of the event on the participating blogs (VentureBeat, ReadWriteWeb and GigaOm), assuming you’re up… Read More

  • Point-and-shoot or DSLR?

    Why do you have what you have and what sorts of goodies are in your camera bag? Are you excited for PMA? Read More

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