• Amp'd Still Going Strong

    Welcome to July 24, everyone. I guess Amp’d didn’t get the memo and forgot to shut off services. I fired up my Moto Q this morning and everything still worked. So I started downloading some more Club Jenna Mobile content. It was awesome. July 31 looks to be the new shut off date, but CS was still kiboshed yesterday. Q&A Read More

  • The Fujitsu Hard Drive That Runs For 24 Hours

    What could be more exciting than a Fujitsu hard disk drive? Oh, I don’t know, how about one that’s designed to run for 24 continuous hours? Oh, yes. The MHY2 BS line goes all the way up to 200GB and is mainly aimed at enterprise operations. That’s not to say that your nifty RAID array running Azureus all day long won’t benefit from the drive, but it may be a case of… Read More

  • Faraday Media Launches Particls Sidebar, Engagd

    Faraday Media will today launch a new sidebar based version of attention management tool Particls, as well as a new attention platform Engagd. The Particls Sidebar provides a same attention feed based information as the Particls ticker; a personalized, streaming view of everything that matters to the user online in real-time, but in a sidebar. The Particls sidebar is a welcome alternative to… Read More

  • WikiYou Beats Spock to Launch

    A new people-focused content site called WikiYou launches this morning out of beta. Generally speaking it is a “wikipedia for people” with a social network bolted on. The focus is is on biographies and stories about individuals. Much of the content is wiki-like, allowing anyone to edit it. The company, which was started by Bolt.com founders Jay Gould and Aaron Cohen, is very much… Read More

  • Verizon Exceeds 10 Billion Text Messages in June

    OK, someone’s thumbs have got to hurt! Verizon Wireless has announced that its customers sent and received more than 10 billion text messages (or SMS messages) last month, a new company record and the highest reported total of any mobile carrier in the United States. In June Verizon Wireless customers also sent and received more than 200 million multimedia messages (MMS), which… Read More

  • FIA World Rally Championship Races to Mobile for First Time

    Mobile entertainment publisher I-play announced today that it has signed a deal with FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) to bring the license to mobile games for the first times. The game is set to launch in the fourth quarter of this year in North American, Europe and Asia Pacific. The World Rally Championship is the only mobile game to carry the official WRC Liense, and it will include… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Patent Reform More than Just in the Air

    “May you live in interesting times”, or so they say. The USPTO and IP attorneys have been handed very interesting times indeed with recent Supreme Court decisions and Congressional alignment in pushing ahead the Patent Reform Act of 2007. History may show the turning point of frustration to be NTP’s infringement case against RIM that almost shut down the Blackberry network. … Read More

  • Destroy Your Landline Contest Winners: Craig and Niels

    “Phone Burn!” by Craig and Niels I originally thought about extending the entry period, but since we got only one entry — and it was such a cool one — Craig and Niels are the winners. Congratulations and special thanks to T-Mobile for sponsoring the contest. Read More

  • iPhone Good as a Mobile Reader

    Like our colleagues over at our sister site CrunchGear, we don’t like to get our fingers all covered in ink from newspapers, which is why NewspaperDirect’s PressDisplay.com service sounds so interesting. The site offers 500 newspapers from 70 countries in 37 languages, and better still is now available free for a month for the iPhone. “The iPhone is the perfect mobile… Read More

  • Trilibis Mobile Unveils Peepsnation 4.0, Mobile Social Network

    Today Trilibis Mobile announced the availability of Peepsnation 4.0, the newest version of its mobile social network, which launches on Virgin Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and Boost Mobile. This new network allows social consumers to connect with one another where they can rate, rank, tag and even meet-up. “For today’s hyper-connected youth, making new friends or finding dates has… Read More

  • Gothic 3 Begins on Mobile

    The popular role playing game Gothic will have its origins revealed on mobile handsets in early 2008 announced publisher JoWooD productions. The international publisher will bring the HandyGames release of Gothic 3 – The Beginning out for mobile next year. This game will allow players to visit the various locations of the fantasy world including Khorinis and Tirith, and will have the… Read More

  • mobileAct Unsigned Contest Launches in the U.K.

    Are we facing another British musical invasion? Not quite, but the upcoming “mobileAct Unsigned” local music marketing campaign was officially unveiled today in London, and there has been buzz by the organizers that this could introduce a new crop of thus undiscovered talent. But before you expect to hear the next Oasis or Manic Street Preachers, let’s take a second to… Read More

  • Mobile Viewers Open to Ads

    While many people go out of their way to avoid advertising on TV, either by using DVRs to fast forward through the commercials, or by using that time to hit the bathroom and/or kitchen, many mobile TV viewers are actually willing to watch the ads on their phones. According to a new study by Telephia nearly half of the mobile video subscribers polled said that they were willing to view ads… Read More

  • Crown Castle Pulls Mobile TV Plug

    Mobile TV in America is facing another setback. Crown Castle International has posted on its Web site yesterday that the spectrum used for Modeo will be leased to two private equity firms for $13 million a year. The tower operator has pulled the plug on Modeo, the mobile TV service based on the DVB-H standard. Crown Castle will lease the U.S. nationwide 1670-1675 MHz spectrum it used for Modeo… Read More

  • Nokia Buys Twango

    Nokia looks to be branching out beyond mobile handsets, reported the Wall Street Journal. Nokia Corp. announced yesterday that it had bought online photo- and video-sharing start-up Twango. The exact size of the deal wasn’t disclosed, but the Journal reported that it was likely less than $100 million. Five former Microsoft senior managers founded Twango in 2004, and the company currently… Read More

  • NewsGator Comes to the iPhone

    Buying an iPhone has started becoming the ticket to an exclusive club for a private web of specially crafted applications. iPhones are getting their own chat, chess, and dating applications. Now iPhone owners can sit back, sip their latte, and enjoy yet another delicious iPhone app from NewsGator. RSS reader NewsGator has released an iPhone version of their product today. Now when iPhone users… Read More

  • AOL Gets Its Ad Network, Too

    We hear that AOL will announce the acquisition of New York-based Tacoda this morning, a behavior targeting advertising company that was founded in 2001. The deal size, which we haven’t had confirmed, is likely far smaller than Microsoft’s $6 billion for aQuantive, Yahoo’s $680 million for RightMedia, or Google’s $3.1 billion for DoubleClick. The price might be low… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Drive of the Navigator Edition

    Sprint, Trimble Outdoors Bundle Up Some GPS Goodness
    TomTom To Purchase Tele Atlas
    XM and Sirius To Offer Cheap A La Carte Offerings
    Nokia N75 Review
    Help-Key: How to Take Non-Sucky Digital Photos Read More

  • UGO Acquired By Hearst, Should Be Announced Today

    We got a tip earlier this evening that Hearst acquired New-York based UGO and will announce the deal tomorrow. It sounds like Forbes got a tip as well, and a better one: they’re saying the price should be around $100 million. UGO is a popular new media site that was founded in 1997 and, according to Forbes, is generating around $30 million/year in revenue. They spring up in rumors often as… Read More

  • Snimmer – Test It If You Dare

    Newly-launched Snimmer has a glimmer of a great idea, but don’t test it unless you are very careful and/or prepared to apologize to your instant messaging contacts all evening. I wasn’t. Like Meebo and eBuddy, Snimmer is a web-based instant messaging service. Unlike those services, however, Snimmer is also a social network, allowing users to upload bio information, photos, and… Read More

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