• Nine-inch Asus Eee on its way

    [photopress:eee.jpg,full,center] Asus keeps bringing the Eee, and we thank them for it. Word around the Web today is that at a press event tomorrow, Asus will be debuting a new Eee PC ultraportable with a (relatively) huge 9-inch screen. Suh-wheat. Other stats of the so-called Eee PC 900 are 1GB RAM, up to 12GB storage, and a 1024×600 resolution screen. No word on the processor or… Read More

  • Ballmer goes green at CeBIT

    Peter and I got in too late to go to any of the first day stuff — we were stuck in a goddamn airplane the size of a raisin box — but it seems Steve “The Animal” Ballmer got up and whispered sweet nothings into Angela Merkel’s ear. He began by describing the next wave in computing involving wireless broadband everyway and natural user interfaces AKA not Windows. Read More

  • Video: Traveling to Germany for CeBIT

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=airport.flv We’re tired and a little drunk. We love Germany. I told John he could sing that way so chill out. Read More

  • Harmonix may receive $208 million windfall from Viacom

    [photopress:rock_band_street_date.jpg,full,center] It’s no secret and no surprise that Rock Band is selling quite well. The game is one of the most fun multiplayers around and is on both major gaming platforms and will hit the Wii soon. The talk of the Web today, though, is the $208.7 million payout Viacom has ready for Harmonix, the Rock Band developer. This is a performance-based… Read More

  • Wikipedia bossman Jimmy Wales splits with lady-friend on her bio page?

    I don’t think it’s actually as salacious as it sounds — it’s not as if he just vandalized her Wikipedia page with “ITZ OVER” or something. It’s more like, in response to some allegations of conflict of interest, he declined to help edit her bio page on the grounds that they “had” a “brief relationship.” His statement is now… Read More

  • Woz agrees with me about the MacBook Air

    Not that it means much, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one, even if my support is a total unknown like this Mr. Wozniak. I still feel my initial assessment of the Air as a sexy lemon is on the mark. He also shares his disappointment about the iPhone’s 2.5G-ness. This “Woz” is spreading his lukewarm enthusiasm for Apple’s latest products all over… Read More

  • Microsoft rolls out GTA IV contest: Win a trip to NYC for game's launch

    [photopress:gta4sweep.jpg,full,center] Grand Theft Auto IV is supposedly coming out for the PS3 (and maybe exclusively thereafter?), but you wouldn’t know it listening to Microsoft. Redmond is having itself a little contest to celebrate the cultural phenomenon that is GTA. The grand prize is a trip to New York for the game’s launch (I imagine there’ll be some sort of party). Read More

  • Deadpool: AllPeers shuts down browser-based file-sharing

    All Peers, the UK-based open-source application for sharing large files inside a browser, shuts down today. When it launched in August 2006 it was named by Skype founder Niklas Zennström as among Europe’s most innovative tech start-ups. AllPeers had raised a single round of financing from Mangrove Capital Partners and Index Ventures. In a post on their blog today the founders said: It… Read More

  • Blogging Is Good For Your Social Life: Study

    A new study has found Bloggers are better adjusted and live healthier, happier social lives. The research, from Swinburne University of Technology found that “people felt they had better social support and friendship networks than those who did not blog” after a two month blogging period when compared to people who do not blog. The good news also extends to users of social… Read More

  • PC game piracy around 80% in the US?

    Yee-ouch. According to GamePro.com, when it comes to PC games, “piracy rates for the U.S. market alone are hovering around 80%!” These figures come courtesy of Michael Fitch, Director of Creative Management at game company THQ. His original post on the subject can be found here in the Quarter to Three forums. Read More

  • FastCompany.TV Launches: More Scoble, Now On A Beach

    viewNode(“4b7771ec503d4”, {“width”: “450”, “height”: “267”}); Nearly missed this one. The Robert Scoble run FastCompany.TV has launched with more Scoble, more often. In the intro video above Scoble explains what he has planned for the site, complete with a beach scene that is straight out of a daytime soap opera. The site has… Read More

  • Joining the dots on a Google MVNO

    Today T-Mobile Ventures, the investment arm of the European mobile network, has made a ‘strategic investment’ (read, ‘not that big’) in British start-up Ubiquisys[press release]. The firm makes femtocells, a kind of wireless router which turns a broadband Internet connection into a mini-3G base station (but without the cancer-inducing irradiation). Ubiquisys raised… Read More

  • iPhone now fourth most popular Web platform

    [photopress:feb08web.jpg,full,center] Newly released Net Applications numbers show the iPhone at the fourth most used Web browsing platform out there. Windows leads the pack with more than 91 percent of the pie, followed by Mac with 7.46 and Linux with 0.65 percent. Following the iPhone is PlayStation and SunOS. Or, you know, you can just look at the graph up there. These numbers are for February. Read More

  • Rumormill: 3G iPhone June 24 or July 1 for Independence Day?

    Everything that Fox News says is true, everybody knows that, so when Fox says that June will see a 3G upgrade for the iPhone, we know that it’s the honest truth. Fox points out that analysts mention German chipmaker Infineon Technologies has been contracted by Apple to make parts for a June launch. Since the first iPhone came out in June of last year, a June launch this year actually… Read More

  • Marc Andreessen For Obama

    Is Silicon Valley going gaga over Presidential candidate Barack Obama? Netscape (and Loudcloud and Ning) founder Marc Andreessen shares his impressions from an hour-and-a-half private meeting he had with the Senator back in early 2007 and declares him to be “normal,” “smart”, “not a radical,” and incredibly “credible.” We here at TechCrunch… Read More

  • Futuremark attempts to pwn trademark law

    I don’t know if this is more or less ridiculous than Marvel claiming sole ownership of “super hero.” At least they had a hand in, if not creating from scratch, at least popularizing the term. But Futuremark, while an established company in an area where pwnage is rampant, has neither pwned anybody (ever) or even been in a situation where pwning was an option. And let’s… Read More

  • Facebook's German version may not impress the locals after all

    EUROPE: Facebook launches in German this week thanks to 2,000 users who helped translate it for freee using a Facebook application which also now covers Spanish and French. User can set their language to German, and anyone who visits the site from a German speaking country will automatically see the site in German. Facebook applications will also be translated with similar tools. Facebook… Read More

  • TomTom's new GPS units estimate trip time with the de facto speed limit

    This seemed like a no-brainer, I’m not sure why it hasn’t been implemented before. TomTom’s new models, the 730 and 930, estimate trip time using collected data on how fast people actually go on the streets it suggests, rather than the posted speed limits. I guess the question is, where did they get this data? Is there a “send anonymous usage stats to TomTom”… Read More

  • MTV UK and MySpace create chart show

    MTV UK and MySpace are to create a weekly chart show called The MySpace Chart for the MTV2 channel featuring the music videos as voted for by viewers watching the channel and MySpace users. The show launches on March 16 at 7pm. Philip O’Ferrall, the vice-president of digital media at MTV Networks UK & Ireland says the audience for MTV2 and MySpace “are incredibly… Read More

  • Last.fm to power Bild newspaper's radio service

    Last.fm, the CBS-owned London-based social music platform, has partnered with Europe’s biggest-selling daily newspaper Bild to power its radio service on the paper’s website. The move is part fo Last.FM’s bid to consolidate its position as an online radio partner for Europe’s news websites. The Bild integration follows a partnership with Germany’s popular… Read More

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