• Samsung Blu-ray + HD DVD Player to Support Both Formats' Special Features

    As we approach the release of Samsung’s BDP-UP5000 combination Blu-ray/HD DVD player, more and more details are finding their way to the Intertubes, or whatever funny word we’re using to describe the Internet these days. Reports out of Germany (where else?) suggest that the combo player will support all the features of both the Blu-ray and HD DVD camps. I know Toshiba just announced… Read More

  • A History Of The Compact Disc

    SiliconUser has a great piece on the history of the Compact Disc. The most popular music medium to date, the CD actually has quite a complex history that makes for a great read. Turns out the idea for the Compact Disc was born in the 1960s and eventually evolved into a combination of emerging technologies. By 1979, a working prototype was shown off in both Europe and Japan with Sony and… Read More

  • Ridiculous Amount Of Cash Paid For iPhone Bag

    Just because the iPhone is officially out does not mean that the excitement that comes with it will ever come to a grinding halt. With a bulky gadget like the iPhone though, I don’t think people are getting excited over having their tight jeans’ pockets overflowing with phoney goodness. If only there were a bag or something to keep your iPhone in… Aha! The magic of eBay… Read More

  • Edge's Top 100 Games: The Top 10 Was More Believable

    I tried to find this month’s Edge magazine in my local Barnes & Noble, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Of course, I was looking for it to read the rest of its top 100 games of all time list, but at least the Guardian did all the heavy lifting for me. We already know the top 10, so here are the other 90. Yes, these lists are useless and are designed just to draw eyeballs… Read More

  • Skype To Use Jingle's 411 Service

    Skype and Jingle Networks, operator of a free 411 service, are working together – U.S. Skype users will have access to Jingle for 411 calls. Users can also add “Free411USA” to their Skype friends list. Users must be on Skype 3.5 for Window. This news comes very quickly after Jingle announced a patent on ad-supported 411 calls. Founder Scott Kliger said the company would be… Read More

  • Corega Portable iPod Shuffle Speakers

    The iPod Shuffle is among my favorite DAPs, mainly because I listen to the same ~100 songs over and over again and have no need for higher-capacity DAPs. But if I ever wanted to share my favorite songs with someone else, I’d need something like these tiny speakers from Corega Japan. Clearly they’re not intended to “raise the roof” or anything, what with they’re… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Elite Hitting Japan In October

    I’m supposed to be visiting Japan in October, so if there’s some kind of freak bumrush for a 360 with HDMI-connectivity, I’ll be there to capture the moment. Microsoft announced today that it would officially be bringing the black, pricey Xbox 360 Elite to Japan. Come October 11th, the Japanese will be able to walk by not just two, but three versions of the Xbox 360 in hopes… Read More

  • First Rock Band Footage Appears

    Last time I talked to you about Rock Band, I believe some badass Fender Strat controller was in the works. Now I’ve got some actual gameplay/video footage of four kids playing Rock Band in all its glory. A group of four hooligans probably took some DMT or mescaline and “rocked out” on fake instruments for this video, which showcases how all four players must work together… Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Geeky Golf Gadgets

    Ah, Golf — the fickle mistress. She takes without asking. If you’re frustrated that you don’t get outside enough, why not get outside and frustrate yourself even further with a nice, aggravating round of golf? As one of the most gimmick-heavy sports around, golf offers plenty of opportunities for a fool and his money to part ways. Here are a few golf gadgets that might help… Read More

  • Console Failure Rates: Sony And Nintendo For The Win

    Based on the word of some folks at EB Games and Best Buy, about one out of every three Xbox 360’s is returned due to hardware failure or about 33%. Whereas the Wii and PS3 have had little to no problems with an impressive 1% of systems messing up. The results are obviously a little sketchy since the market penetration and availability of both systems is low, but the numbers are going… Read More

  • New Gadgets Drain Even More Power than Old Gadgets, Bears Defecate In Woods

    The Energy Saving Trust, the UK’s answer to NAMBLA, published a report entitled “The Ampere Strikes Back” which states that modern gadgets are sucking down massive amounts of electricity and by 2020 TVs will use 1.4% of domestic electricity. Clearly, this isn’t big news, but it does remind us that electricity is essentially a scarce resource — until we… Read More

  • iPhone vs. Treo: Bum-fight!

    Palm’s Multi-touch Interface: Place Hand On Keyboard, Press
    PalmInfoCenter (new motto: “Hey, Guys, Over Here, Treos. Who Wants a Treo? Guys?”) ran a detailed review comparing the Treo to the iPhone. As we all expected, the Treo came out ahead in almost all categories except “Ability to get you laid.” Essentially, the reviewer pointed out that the Treo is a… Read More

  • The Futurist: In The End, Everything Is A Commodity

    Awhile back, I read a story in The New Yorker about luxury ketchup. If the idea of “luxury ketchup” makes you guffaw, you aren’t alone. While customers have been knife-fed high-end mustard products for years, even the fanciest restaurants still stock Heinz. The fact is, while some products are increasingly being defined by their high-end premium offerings, there are still a… Read More

  • NBBC Joins The Deadpool

    NBBC, a video aggregation service launched by NBC last September has joined the TechCrunch Deadpool. The remains of NBBC will be merged into the NBC/ News Corp joint venture first announced in March. The new service, dubbed Clown Co by some has long been discussed but to date is yet to appear. Strangely, News Corp recently launched MySpace TV, a YouTube competitor in its own right that… Read More

  • New DS Camera, Face Training Software, You Like to Train Your Face! Okay! Mario!

    Clearly the world has run out of game ideas. Why? Because Nintendo is launching a new game and camera for the DS that lets you… train your face. The game, called Otona No DS Kao Training, offers “facening” exercises to keep your lips and cheeks tight and limber. Dude. Don’t ask me. I just report on this stuff. Rumor has it that Nintendo will also come out with a… Read More

  • Central European Meet-up?

    Howdy, Central Europeaners. I’m currently in Warsaw, Poland and I wanted to see if any of our readers in nearby cities — Krakow, Gdansk, Vienna, Lodz, Wroclaw, Budapest, or Prague — would like to meet up and talk tech in the next few weeks. If you live in or around these cities, drop me a line at john at crunchgear dot com or enter the poll below and I’ll tally the… Read More

  • Best Commenter Accounts Evar

    We have a great number of really cool folks commenting fairly regularly so I’d like to invite you to email us requesting a commenter account. These accounts will eventually let you do cool stuff. Promise. Send an email to commenter @ crunchgear dot com with your requested commenter name, password, and email address in the subject line (“joesmith, pookie, joe@joesmith.com”). Read More

  • iPhone Coming To The UK, Exclusive To O2

    UK phone operator O2 is said to be close to securing the rights to sell the iPhone in the United Kingdom. A BBC report states that O2 is set to sign an exclusive contract shortly and should have the iPhone on sale in the UK in time for Christmas. The iPhone is expected to retail in the UK for around £300. There was no indication as to whether the iPhone sold in the UK would be the same model… Read More

  • MPAA Caught Red-Handed in Sting: Durn Them Duke Boys!

    I know this spread like wildfire last night, but it’s pretty funny. The MPAA hired a company, MediaDefender, to stop piracy. How did they do it? Through a fake video download site called MiiVi, a red hot download site full of red hot videos. The catch? It makes you download spyware that reports back on stolen video found on your computer. What a treat! How did the world find out about… Read More

  • Mozilla And eBay Launch Firefox eBay Edition And Addon

    Mozilla and eBay have launched Firefox eBay Edition, an eBay focused version of the popular Firefox browser, along with an official eBay addon for existing Firefox users. Firefox eBay Edition and the alternative addon works for European eBay sites including the UK, France and Germany. Functions include
    – An eBay sidebar that provides quick access and real-time updates on items users have… Read More

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