• Daily Crunch: One Ring Circus Edition

    Back to School with CrunchArcade
    Interview With An Angry Apple Fanboy, Not iPhone Related
    Flip Video Ultra Camcorder Makes Love To YouTube
    Collector’s Edition Slinky Still Sucks Without Steps
    Student CrunchDeal: Get Office Ultimate 2007 For $60 Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Apparently Old People Aren't Dying To Use Eons

    The take up of social networking services among over 50’s would appear to be not booming at nearly the same level as the birthrate of the United States in the 50’s and 60’s, with news that Eons has shed 24 staff members. Another twelve employees have left “voluntarily,” bringing the total headcount reduction to around 50%. According to a report on Xconomy… Read More

  • Second Life 2.0: The Metanomics Conference

    Things are changing in Second Life. The period of glee abandon in which companies joined Second Life, built giant edifices to their offline brands which no one visited, then ran away has passed. We are now seeing those who survived and new players in Linden Lab’s online world build something new, something perhaps more sustainable and in tune to user needs. On the surface it appears… Read More

  • Review: Southwing Bluetooth Car Kit And Headset

    Recently, a package arrived at my house from WirelessGround.com containing two expensive-looking Bluetooth accessories to review. Much to my surprise, I came to learn that each costs a measly $50. So the price is right, but how do they perform? Read More

  • Live cricket scores on Google

    Google is extending its intelligent searching with cricket scores for the Twenty20 world championship. All fans need to do is type “cricket” into a Google search box and they’ll get a brief score of all the current cricket matches. A single click will also give you access to a detailed cricket score card. “Cricket india” or “cricket score India… Read More

  • Revver: $1 Million In User Payouts In First 12 Months

    Social video site Revver has paid $1 million to video producers and their affiliates over the past year, the company says (pdf). Today also marks the service’s one-year anniversary. Revver generates revenue from pre and post roll advertisements that play in video content in their embeddable player. Revver splits revenue 50/50 with video creators after paying 20% off the top for video… Read More

  • Hacks Make Their Way Into Yahoo Products

    Yahoo Hack days are a lot of fun, and some pretty interesting stuff comes out of them. But a persistent question is whether or not they are much more than fun – and if any of these hacks ever make their way into actual products. The answer, apparently, is yes. Tonight Yahoo is announcing two product feature launches that were originally created at Yahoo Hack Days. – Shop By Color… Read More

  • Satisfaction Gets $1.3 Million To Crowdsource Your Help Desk

    Customers are a hidden source of product specialists that corporations have been slow to tap. They usually become very knowledgeable about products they love and can often solve problems an understaffed support department doesn’t have the resources or will to solve (e.g. how to unlock an iPhone). It’s no wonder crowdsourcing your customers has become a popular and lucrative… Read More

  • Google Funds Available for Alternative Transportation

    Hey, Smartie! Got an idea for sustainable, responsible transportation? Give it to Google and you could get up to $10 million. The Goog is looking for proposals in the transportation area. If yours is viable, you can get the money you need to develop it. I guess they’re back to that “do no evil” thing. A New Google.org RFP [Google Blog] Read More

  • TechCrunch40 Tickets To Sell Out; More News

    Just five days until TechCrunch40 next week in San Francisco. As of right now we have 27 tickets remaining, which means it should sell out sometime tomorrow afternoon and registrations will be cut off. There will be approximately 900 people at the conference, which is about double what we had originally planned (and hoped for). Forty companies are preparing to launch products (actually, 39… Read More

  • Microsoft LifeCams: One For Your Desktop, One…

    Oh, wow. Sorry. I fell asleep there. What was I saying? Oh, yeah. One for your notebook. The LifeCam VX-7000 and NX-3000 don’t seem to do all that much more than most webcams available today, but you figure since it’s a MS product it’ll work nice with MSN Messenger and Photo Swap. Making a video call is a breeze thanks to the Windows Live Call button located at the top of… Read More

  • SMS 2.0? Wha? Huh? Noooooo!

    I’ll preface this by saying that SMS in its current state is perfectly fine. Nothing needs to be changed. Well, UK’s Affle and India’s Airtel are thinking differently and someone over yonder needs to smack some sense into them. If you have a Series 60 phone then I feel incredibly sorry for you. Read More

  • Coming To You Live From Bourbon, Slugger Country

    Howdy, folks. I’m here in sunny Louisville, Kentucky to cover the Geek Squad sponsored IdeaFestival where problems effecting our planet will be discussed like e-waste, power conservation and untapped resources. I’m not sure what to expect, but the festivities begin tomorrow. Steve Wozniak and Ray Bradbury will be on hand to discuss their ideas on sustainability and greener solutions. Read More

  • Does Social Media Make You Dumb?

    The “Mainstream Media” has had somewhat of an antagonistic relationship with “New Media”. Journalists have bemoaned blogging on several occasions, stating simply that “Journalism requires journalists”. Once again journalists are gracing us with another study linking the success of the social news sites to the downfall of society. The study, conducted by… Read More

  • Will 802.11n Kill Off Wired Ethernet?

    Will 802.11n replace wired [Gigabit] Ethernet connections in the business world? What about in the regular world of consumer electronics? Who knows, but it’s worth a couple of column inches trying to figure out. A certain John Cox went to and fro trying to gauge businesses’ responsiveness to replacing their precious—and inherently more secure—wired Ethernet connections. Read More

  • Debatewise treats decision as data

    Debatewise is a three-month old UK site which is deceptively simple at first but which could have a future in data gathering for market research. The underlying principle is this: Who has the time to read hundreds of random blog or forum posts or an issue they are interested in? A better idea is to pose a question and have opposing sides put their case temperately. But how often do you see… Read More

  • Content Syndicate's words don't add up

    Content Syndicate‘s tagline is “words on demand” (I am dying to insert some sarcastic quip about blogging here but I’ll restrain myself). The pitch from the entrant in last week’s Seedcamp contest is to help content providers and buyers to commission, distribute buy and sell content that’s exclusive, customised and personalised. To do this they’ve built… Read More

  • Tom Tom, Garmin Getting Into Mobile Phones?

    Insiders in Taiwan have revealed that GPS big wigs, Tom Tom and Garmin will be getting into the PDA smart phone business and that said PDA smart phones will launch this year. That’s some crazy talk. Both are highly reputable for their GPS devices, but WTF? The last thing we need are more douchey phones. I’ll stick to the BlackBerries or Helio devices for GPS. Taiwan makers to… Read More

  • Mobile Video Company Vantrix Takes $12 Million Series B

    Online platform delivery specialists Vantrix Corporation have secured $12 million in Series B financing, in a round led by JK&B Capital. Existing investors SummerHill Venture Partners, Entrepia Ventures, BDC Venture Capital, and Innovacom have also participated. Ali Shadman from JK&B Capital joins the Vantrix board as part of the deal. Vantrix will use the proceeds from the round to… Read More

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