• Happy One Year Anniversary, Jerry

    Tomorrow marks Jerry Yang’s one year anniversary of his first day as CEO of Yahoo. What a year it’s been. Yahoo failed to sell itself to Microsoft, handed its search marketing business to Google, and lost nearly all of its key executives. It’s shareholders are in open revolt, and the board appears to be ignoring the situation. In a blog post on his first day on the job… Read More

  • USB "tube clock" looks cool, sadly not the real thing

    I’ve seen handmade versions of clocks similar to this, and I’ve liked them. Thus I like this one as well, though it’s a little cheap looking. Powered by USB, the clock is a replica of the famous vacuum tube clocks tinkerers have been making for a couple of years now. Of course it’s a modern fake, but it still looks cool on your desk. And of course it’s Brando… Read More

  • Review: Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard

    I’ve been using the same keyboard for the last, well, many many years, so it’s fitting that all of a sudden I should have several dropped in my lap. I’m currently juggling offerings from Microsoft, Razer, and SteelSeries. I can tell you right now that none of them sucks, but if you want more you’ll have to read the reviews. Today we’ve got Razer’s… Read More

  • Flickr Co-founders Join Mass Exodus From Yahoo

    Photo sharing site Flickr is one of the leading lights of Yahoo – but cofounders (and husband/wife team) Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield won’t be around to keep driving the product forward. They are both joining the mass exodus of executives from the company. Fake officially left last Friday. Butterfield (who still officially runs Flickr) will leave on July 12. Kakul… Read More

  • United to iPodify its flights with video

    Looking to one-up Virgin America and the Linux-based RED in-flight entertainment systems, United said yesterday it’s rolling out iPod-connected video and audio systems into the seat backs of its airplanes. Using a standard dock connector, passengers will be able to watch their iPod’s content on a 15-inch screen right in front of their eyes. The iPods will charge at the same… Read More

  • Waste Management Launches a Social Network

    Frankly this should just be an application on Facebook and MySpace, it would get better traction. But that’s not what the consultants told Waste Management (a $20 billion company that, well, manages waste), I’m guessing, since today they’ve launched Greenopolis, a social network for greenies. They’re committed, they say, to connecting people and businesses on green… Read More

  • High-end keyboard roundup! Get excited!

    What is your hand on right now? No, other hand. That’s right, it’s sitting on the home row of a cheap, dirty keyboard. Probably the one that came with your computer. For shame. There is a world of keyboards out there — wireless, media-controlling, programmable, waterproof, there are keyboards that are all of these things and right now I’ve got a baker’s pair… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson announces a trio of bluetooth headsets

    Joining the list of other products announced by Sony Ericsson at their press event in Singapore are three Bluetooth headsets: the HBH-PV715, 720, and 740. No pricing announced, hittin’ the shelves in Q4 08. From left to right, below: HBH-PV715: “No-Fuss” headset 10 hours of talk time, 700 hours of standby Available in black or white. HBH-PV720: 3 “Style-up”… Read More

  • Spy shots: Bumblebee on the ground in Philly

    Yes, that’s Bumblebee, and no it’s not from last summer’s Transformers, it’s from a shoot in Philly where they’re shooting the sequel, the questionably-named Transformers: Rise of the Fallen. And he’s never looked better. Autoblog has a nice spy shot gallery up of everyone’s favorite 2008 Camaro SS, so why not have a look? It’ll help get you… Read More

  • World's smallest (and portable) Karaoke box unveiled

    Yesterday Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy announced [JP, PDF] the development of the world’s smallest Karaoke box, dubbed Hi-Kara. It will go on sale in Japan on October 18th and will be available in white or pink. The Hi-Kara is a complete portable Karaoke system that Takara Tomy managed to squeeze into a tiny cube (7 cm, 150 grams). It comes with a 2.4-inch LED, which can display… Read More

  • Google App Engine Goes Down and Stays Down

    Google App Engine, which launched in April to compete with Amazon’s web services unit, has been having major problems over the last day. Currently, the application directory and, more importantly, all third party applications (here’s our test application), are offline. Developers cannot even log in to the management console. Google hasn’t responded yet to a request for… Read More

  • CBS Relaunches Dotspotter As TheInsider.com

    After paying a reported $10 million for celebrity gossip blog and news site DotSpotter in October 2007, CBS has relaunched it as TheInsider.com. The new site is tied into CBS celebrity gossip show of the same name, The Insider. Dotspotter was like a Digg for celebrity news, and that aspect is retained in the new site where stories can be voted up or down. They can also comment on stories… Read More

  • Mozilla’s Firefox 3 is now available

    Firefox 3 [Mozilla.com] Read More

  • Rock Band on Facebook just might be a fail

    I love Facebook, and I love Rock Band, but I’m not sure about Rock Band on Facebook. The app lives in a Flash player and is a series of games that don’t seem to have anything to do with the real game Rock Band. To play drums, for example, you quickly click on drum set icons, whack-a-mole style. You invite your friends to join your band and try to rack up better scores than the… Read More

  • New ‘Pepper Pad’ coming with Atom and Vista?

    The Pepper Pad 3, apparently not to be confused with the already-available Pepper Pad 3, has been spotted by AVING. This new version of the…um…board-like, lap-based, net surfing apparatus will feature Intel’s Atom processor and, according to AVING, “a 7-inch wide VGA touchscreen” and a Linux-based operating system. Read More

  • CrunchNetwork Singapore Meet-up

    Greg from MobileCrunch here. I’m in Singapore for CommunicAsia and would love to sit down with some CrunchGear/TechCrunch readers for a meet-and-greet. Drop me a line at greg@crunchgear.com or call +1 201-951-6516. Update: We are meeting at Zouk at 8 pm, contact me for further details Read More

  • Wii: Tiger Woods ‘09 finally gets online play, plus better swing mechanics and five new courses

    http://videomedia.ign.com/ev/ev.swf This year’s version of Tiger Woods for the Nintendo Wii should finally address some of the shortcomings of the first two titles. Most notably, you’ll finally be able to play online against three other players. What’s really cool about the online mode is that all four of you will take your shots independently of each other. So you’ll… Read More

  • Sony's new LCD TV features the world's highest level of energy efficiency

    Today Sony Japan presented their new 32-inch Bravia LCD TV [JP], claiming it’s the world’s most energy-efficient LCD screen of that size. The KDL-32JE1 consumes just 89W of electricity per year (momentary power consumption), which translates to a 232% efficiency rating the TV got from the Energy Conservation Center of Japan (ECCJ). Usually, a figure of 164% is enough to earn… Read More

  • CrunchNetwork Singapore Meet-up

    I’m in Singapore for CommunicAsia, and would love to do a meet-and-greet with any MobileCrunch/TechCrunch/CrunchGear readers while I’m here. If you’re in the area, drop me a line at greg@crunchgear.com or call +1 201-951-6516. Update: We are meeting at Zouk at 8 pm, contact me for further details Read More

  • YMax’s MagicJack Catches Sales Tailwind

    YMax Corp. isn’t a well known name when it comes to telecommunications in the United States. And MagicJack sounds like the product in an infomercial that helps you change a tire. But the two names may become synonymous with cheap broadband calling. MagicJack is a device about the size of a matchbox that plugs into a PC. A regular phone can then be plugged into MagicJack so the user can… Read More

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