• Apple Expands DRM-free Music Offerings

    Apple Expands DRM-free Music Offerings

    EMI won’t be the only record label to offer higher quality, DRM-free music on iTunes. Apple sent out a little note yesterday to its music partners saying that they, too, would be able to offer DRM-free music and videos on its iTunes store. If the deal is anything like the EMI one, music fans can expect to pay slightly more for the DRM-free music. Read More

  • When Robots Attack: What Does the Future Hold?

    When Robots Attack: What Does the Future Hold?

    Truth be told, robots have never really revved my engine so to speak, but the Daily Mail (where else am I going to get my EPL news?) has a fine piece on just what the human-robot relationship might end up becoming. It touches on recent proposed legislation that would grant robots “human rights” (which is insane), nursing home robots and whether or not they’ll go… Read More

  • Sharp AQUOS 3-in-1 Goes Old School

    Sharp’s latest edition to the AQUOS line of products brings back some old school that might not have a place in the home anymore, but some people still live in the past. The DC-ACV52 is a 3-in-1 media recorder that includes VHS, DVD and a 250GB HDD for video recording. Just like other AQUOS media recorders the DC-ACV52 records HD programming and works perfectly with other AQUOS products. Read More

  • Akamai Releases FoxTorrent 1.0 – Firefox BitTorrent Add-on

    Red Swoosh (acquired by Akamai for $15 million earlier this month) released v1.0 of FoxTorrent today. This is a fully functional BitTorrent client for Firefox that works cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and has a very cool additional feature – the ability to stream files as they are downloading. This is no Azureus (my BitTorrent client of choice), but it does the job and saves time… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Cookout Edition

    Daily Crunch: Cookout Edition

    Take The Grill on the Road
    My Lap! My Lap! My Lap Is On Fire!
    Sony Unveils PS3 Eye, World Keeps Spinning
    These Gamer Babes Will Curb Stomp You
    Samsung and US Army Team Up For Mobile WiMAX Tomfoolery Read More

  • ScratchYourself: Viral Sweepstakes That Brands Could Love

    A new service called ScratchYourself came to our attention today. It’s a fairly simple Flash application that lets users upload an image and build a lottery-style scratch card from it. During the beta period people have a chance to win some very limited cash prizes that total $90 or so per day across all winners. Once a scratch card has been created, users can email it to friends or embed… Read More

  • My Twitter Account Deleted, Restored

    My Twitter Account Deleted, Restored

    I’ve become a bit of a twitterholic over the last month or so, and update my twitter page frequently with updates that don’t belong here or on Crunchnotes. I’ve suffered through a slow and sometimes down site without complaint – they’re growing like a weed and need some time to stabilize. But then my account was deleted. My last post before the deletion was… Read More

  • Steve Jobs: "People want to own their music"

    Steve Jobs: "People want to own their music"

    Apple’s Steve Jobs, perhaps the most important person in the music industry today, says again that Apple is not planning on selling music via a subscription model like many of his competitors. The strategy certainly makes sense as long as as Jobs continues to win territory in his war against DRM, and the subscription music services fail to lure a critical mass of consumers. More than… Read More

  • Samsung and US Army Team Up For Mobile WiMAX Tomfoolery

    Samsung and the US Army Communications Electronics Research & Development Engineering Center have announced their joint venture to test some Mobile WiMAX technology over the next few months. The experimentation will take place at Ft. Dix in New Jersey by the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance On-The-Move team (seriously, that’s… Read More

  • Sprint Drops Upstage's Price to $100

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/Nextel has discounted the phone by 33% to $100 (with a 2-year deal), meaning you get one of the most lusted-after music phones on the market for a song (see what we did there?). Read More

  • TechSelector: Select Your Tech

    TechSelector: Select Your Tech

    TechSelector is a new service for gadget newbies. You basically answer a few questions, run down a list of suggestions, and check out through any number of retail websites. For example, when you look for an MP3 player, it asks you what type you’re looking for — hard drive, flash, or CD (!!) — and then run downs the list of options until it brings up a few possibilities. When… Read More

  • Mother's Day Zune Contest: Day 2

    Mother's Day Zune Contest: Day 2

    For those who’ve sent in pics and stories, keep it up. You’re all horrible human beings who deserve to win. For the rest of you, you should know that we’re having another one of our contests. What you see to the left is a limited edition pink Zune. We’re giving a brand new one away to one of your mother’s. Mom’s like things, and since Mother’s day… Read More

  • How's Our Driving?

    It’s been almost a year since CrunchGear opened floodgates of snark and treachery onto the masses and thus far we’ve been called fanboys, shills, and morons. We can take it. However, we want to know what you really think. Give us a few pithy comments or send an email to john at crunchgear dot com if you have something private to say. What are we missing? What are you looking for? Read More

  • Did Sony Send You a Playstation Home Beta Email?

    I told you last month that Sony would be opening up a closed Beta trial of Playstation Home this month and it’s finally here! 15,000+ lucky users started getting emails last night that read, “Home is ramping up for its debut, and we’re inviting you to sign up for a very special beta test. Space is extremely limited.” Did any CG readers get one? The only downside is that… Read More

  • These Gamer Babes Will Curb Stomp You

    I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. There’s no way these girls play video games! Someone pinch me… on second thought… let me dream for another 15 minutes. In all seriousness, one of the girls placed 5th at the Miss Video Game Competition and I’m pretty sure she’d kick my butt along with the other ones. So enjoy a nice sampling I’ve picked out for you. Read More

  • Keyport Slide Eliminates The Janitor Keyring

    All-in-one anything usually piques my interest because I really don’t like to tote around a lot of things. It gets tiresome and annoying. I’m sure you all can agree on that. The Keyport Slide allows you to get rid of all your keys (as long as it’s fewer than six) and just have one fancy looking futuristic device. Do you fumble around in the dark trying to figure out which… Read More

  • AOL One Step Behind Again: New Home Page Identical To Yahoo

    AOL One Step Behind Again: New Home Page Identical To Yahoo

    AOL has started beta testing a new home page (the main AOL.com portal). AOL Senior Product Manager (and occasional TechCrunch contributor) Frank Gruber introduced it on his personal blog earlier today, although he is not the product manager for the product. Nice portal…but it is nearly identical to Yahoo home page, which was redesigned last year. Click on the image above for a larger view. Read More

  • Ken Kutaragi Resigns, Weeping Heard in Solid Snake's Condo

    Ken Kutaragi Resigns, Weeping Heard in Solid Snake's Condo

    Ken Kutaragi, chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment, will step down in June and will be replaced by Kazuo Hirai, former SCEA head. Reasons include the slow uptake of the PS3 and problems with PSP and UMD format popularity in the face of rivals Nintendo and Microsoft. This is a sad day for video gaming simply because Kutaragi essentially rebuilt high-end video gaming after the tumble in the… Read More

  • Cozmo Wants to Kill Your TV

    Cozmo Wants to Kill Your TV

    TiVo came along and is helping kill the idea of a TV time slot. The growth of on demand online video has been helping finish the job. Cozmo.Tv wants to create a TV 2.0 by changing the way you consume online video from a random walk to personalized content. Next week at Always On, they will officially announce the new embeddable video widget they’ve been working on for the past couple… Read More

  • OWC Solves Your USB2+eSATA Portable Drive Problems

    OWC announced the Mercury On-The-Go USB2+eSATA Portable Drive today, so you better line up and grab one. The 2.5-inch drive easily connects to your Mac/PC via USB and USB 2.0 or through the eSATA port connection, which is way faster, but you know that. The drive is ensconced in an impact resistant acrylic enclosure that also incorporates a shock-isolation technology that keeps it… Read More