• Motorola's fake batch of phones

    Remember these leaked phones from Motorola? Yeah, they’re all fake. Figures, considering they’re all equally as blurry. The only one of the phones that’s real, rather, some what real is the mashup with Kodak, but when I contacted Kodak they said they’d get back to me. Looks like Moto was just trying to hype up their new line of phones for next year, whatever they… Read More

  • Sorry, no Wii price cuts anytime soon

    I hope you weren’t looking forward to a Wii price cut in time for the holidays because it looks like it ain’t gonna happen. Nintendo big wig George Harrison said that the company is still selling “everything [it] can make,” so there’s no reason for a price cut. Apparently $250 is the sweet spot for enough people (or maybe the people who are buying the… Read More

  • Researcher says human-robot marriage will be acceptable one day

    Get ready for sweet man-on-robot love, folks. A Dutch university has awarded a British researcher a doctorate for his paper on the possibility of human-robot marriage. The researcher argued that, in time, with increasing robot sophistication and evolving attitudes toward marriage, we’ll one day live in a world where it’s perfectly acceptable to marry a robot. I have a few questions. Read More

  • The Clock is Ticking for Joost

    There’s a time bomb out there with Joost’s name on it. Full-screen, broadcast-quality video streams—the main selling point of Joost’s peer-to-peer Internet TV client software—is quickly coming to the Web. Brightcove will soon be offering such streams to its video publishers using BitTorrent DNA. But the real threat to Joost will be coming from Adobe and its… Read More

  • Mobile Gaming News Roundup

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. This week saw the first ever national mobile gaming championship that took place at the AT&T Plaza in Dallas, Texas. 48 thumb calloused competitors pounded their mobile keys while they played The Fast & The Furious: Fugitive. Ian Estes sped seamlessly through each level to take first place and… Read More

  • Windows Live SkyDrive Doubles Storage to 1GB, Still Can't Keep Up With Gmail

    Microsoft doubled the online storage consumers can get for free in Windows Live SkyDrive. It’s hard to get excited about that when Gmail is already giving me 2.9 GB of storage, with more on the way—4GB by the end of the month, and 6GB by early January, according to one estimate. Keep that free storage coming. We’ll use it. Update: Since there’s been such a curiously… Read More

  • Attend Mobile Ad Degree Educational Series

    It was announced today that Ad Infuse and M:Metrics will be hosting an educational series called Mobile Ad Degree. The purpose of the series is to explain how the rapidly growing mobile advertising ecosystem operates. The first event in the series will be held October 18, from 11 a.m. to 2p.m., in New York City at the W Union Square.
    Scheduled panelists, including Maria Mandel, partner and… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Electro Karaoke Edition

    Star Wars + Legos + Watches = Awesome
    Mr. Clock Radio: Why not wake up next to an absolute creep?
    Goodmans XB5CDG karaoke machine has a camera so you can watch yourself act a fool
    Is that your leg buzzing or are you just going into isolational shock?
    Exclusive B’phone news: Special edition Beyonce Upstage launched on Sprint [Upstage] Read More

  • The Man In The Arena

    Yossi Vardi is one of the people I’ve had the pleasure to get to know since starting TechCrunch. You can find him at technology events worldwide – just look for the smiling, wild-haired guy surrounded by a pack of people. To understand what he has accomplished, see his wikipedia entry. He is most famous for being the original investor in ICQ, but he’s also invested in over… Read More

  • DivShare Upgrades its One-stop shop Free File Hosting Service

    When it comes to decide where and how to host your files on the web you ask yourself two main questions: Are you ready to pay for it? What is the best service for a the type of file you need. File hosting/sharing is a totally crowded space with both vertical solutions (think Flickr or PhotoBucket for pictures, Scribd or SlideShare for documents, YouTube for videos) and horizontal… Read More

  • Snocap Drops 60% Of Staff And On The Market: Looking Good For The Deadpool

    B2B digital music distributor company Snocap, the spawn of Napster founder Shawn Fanning, looks like its warming up for a Deadpool entry with confirmation by CNet that the company has let go of 60% of its staff and is on the market. Snocap has apparently “received interest from several companies” as is pursing these for an asset sale. Snocap was founded in 2002 and has amongst… Read More

  • DRM-free music for 29 cents per track, 12 hours only

    Hot damn. Grooveshark, the up-and-coming digital music service reported on CrunchGear here, TechCrunch here, and done up as a screencast here, is going to be selling DRM-free music tracks for 29 cents a pop today from 12PM to 12AM, EST. That’s insanity. Virtual insanity. Hey, I bet you could download that song for 29 cents! You’ll need a beta invite to get an account so if you… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. G8 T-Shirt/Credit Winners Jon I didn’t even know there was a contest going on… maybe next time put a bigger graphic or something would help… I don’t always wear my reading glasses and anything under 3 inches… Read More

  • Wikipedia Hits Mid Life Slow Down

    We posted yesterday on the move by the Wikimedia Foundation to relocate from Florida to San Francisco, but aside from the obvious conclusions that the move would allow Wikimedia to tap into the superior developer community out West, there may be another reason as well: a mid life slow down. It’s tempting to call it a mid-life crisis, but it’s far too bland for that label. Robert… Read More

  • Netscape Was Better As A Digg Clone: Viewers

    Traffic on AOL’s Netscape portal has plummeted since the site dumped its social news voting model and reverted to a new portal, at least according to Alexa. Unfortunately the comScore figures for Netscape aren’t yet available for September so we can’t confirm the traffic crash, but despite Alexa’s argued issues the crash in traffic as shown by Alexa is unlikely to be… Read More

  • Does Google's Equality Drive Extend To Old People?

    Google posted earlier today on its efforts towards building a workplace that provides equal treatment to all staff. Google noted that it has ranked highly on the U.S. Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index during a “time of rapid growth for our population of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees (whose group name is, naturally, Gayglers) around the… Read More

  • Google Math: Buy $1,000 in Radio Ads, And We'll Give You $2,000 Back

    Here’s a good brain teaser for those famous Google job interviews: If you pay me $1,000, and I give you $2,000 back, how much profit does that leave me? Unfortunately, this is not a hypothetical question. It’s an actual promotion for Google’s radio ad network, known as Google Audio. That’s right, Google is offering $2,000 to any advertiser who spends $1,000 on a… Read More

  • Latest Sprint cellphone rumor is a Rumor cellphone

    The Rumor is the latest “social networking” phone, or SNP*, to hit the market. It joins the Sidekick series from T-Mobile, the enV from Verizon, and the Ocean from Helio. These phones aren’t full-on smartphones; they tend to lack Office integration and installable apps, but they’re more than standard phones and feature enhanced connectivity, with browsing and email… Read More

  • AT&T LG Prada-ish phone leaked

    Woosah. You have no idea how much this leak pisses me off, but that’s neither here nor there. The Gizza has the scoop on the US AT&T version of the LG Prada, which is the CU920 and not the KE850. This, however, seems to be much better with supposed 3G and it’s pretty lightweight. It has iPhone-like zooming when browsing, but a few more steps required. Who knows when this sucker… Read More

  • Beyond Beyond TV

    I’ll be the first to admit I’m cheap. In fact, very soon you’ll see a series of features by Yours Truly on how to put together a seriously kick-ass home theater system for less than most people pay for just the TV. But I do pay the extra $10 to Comcast for my DVR. And I love my DVR. But it only holds so much data, then I must choose what to lose and what to keep. So I devised… Read More

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