• "Taterf" worm steals your WoW password, epic l00tz

    The MMORPG world is too big a target to resist, I guess. Worm-wranglers in China created a worm falled Frethog, which this new one Taterf is based on. It copies itself around, executes whenever you look at it, and by means of keylogging, packet sniffing, or other methods, determines your online game login info. It’s targeting the big ones, like WoW, Lineage, and even Steam. Once… Read More

  • ‘Time’ profiles interesting device called ‘iPhone G3’

    Wow!!! Apple apparently has another trick up its sleeve with a device that’s very similar to the iPhone 3G set to hit stores on July 11th. The new device is called the “iPhone G3” and appears to sport the exact same features as the iPhone 3G. I bet it costs the same, too. What’s interesting is that there was no formal announcement for the iPhone G3, so it appears that… Read More

  • Spyware company Gator sheds its skin yet again

    So there’s this new startup called NebuAd. I know, sounds promising already, right? Well, NebuAd does packet inspection, tracking users, the sites they go to, the ads they click, and so on. Not such a big deal, I’d say, but of course that’s just their side of the story. It seems that NebuAd is really the latest incarnation of Gator/Gain/Claria, the well-known but… Read More

  • Anti-sleepyhead sun warrior kit from Japan

    Japanese toymaker People [JP] recently released a bizarre invention that is supposedly able to turn all sleepyheads into early risers. The so-called Okiro! Asa Ichiban Taiyou Senshi – Charenjaa Kitto (Wake up! First Sun Warrior of the Morning – challenger kit) is Nippon only and made to support the “early to bed early to rise” program of the Japanese Ministry of… Read More

  • House renews FISA, approves telecom immunity

    Y’all have probably heard of FISA, the part of the U.S. Code that deals with electronic surveillance and the like. We care here because good ol’ AT&T more or less bent over backwards for the federal government, letting the NSA eavesdrop on certain telephone calls. (Wikipedia has a tremendous amount of information on the subject.) Well guess what—the House of… Read More

  • ISPs tout new methods of P2P traffic control

    Good news for P2P fans! It seems ISPs were touting their new bandwidth control methods at a recent Las Vegas convention! Most seemed to have distanced themselves from Comcast’s scorched earth policy of traffic management, though. For example, several companies discussed “Smart” routing technology, which works by routing your requests to the closest physical location. So… Read More

  • NASA confirms ice found on Mars

    NASA has confirmed the existence of ice on Mars, the first time water has been found on another planet confirming years of speculation as to the possiblity of water on the Red Planet. As the awful movie Semi-Pro says every four seconds, “Get excited!” And, as Bloomberg so kindly reminds us, “Water in liquid form is an essential ingredient for life.” Thanks, Bloomberg. Read More

  • What the web is for: A great interview with Bill Gates

    We always forget that the real promise of the Internet was multimedia content. This interview with Bill Gates simply talking over a few pictures from Microsoft’s history is so simple and direct that it’s almost charming. Say what you want about MS, but Microsoft and Apple are two sides of the same coin (maybe say Linux is the infinitesimal space between them) and one… Read More

  • Where In The World Is Jerry Yang?

    People have been wondering about Jerry Yang all week. He’s been quiet since the NYTimes article calling for his head was published last weekend. This isn’t an issue of him simply being out of town. He was in Washington D.C. on Wednesday meeting with Congressional members (Sen. Herb Kohl (D., Wis.), Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin (D., Ill.) and Rep. Edward Markey (D., Mass)) who… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Junkyard Dog Edition

    High-end keyboard round-up: the round-up
    This USB necktie will make you stay cool at all times
    LEGO-like calendar can be reshaped any which way
    Japanese company offers ringtones for dogs
    OpenStomp, an open source guitar processor Read More

  • Most popular posts for June 20, 2008

    Todays Top Posts: Informed Prediciton: iPhone Jailbreaking apps will go the way of Dodo Sweater Friends Episode 7: Travel-related illness Meet the new iPhone accessories, same as the old iPhone accessories OpenStomp, an open source guitar processor This USB necktie will make you stay cool at all times Daily Crunch: Planet Island Edition Come home to roost: Apple’s reputation may stymie… Read More

  • Today's a good day to upgrade your video card

    Or maybe over the next week or so. With the release of the ATI HD 4850 and NVIDIA’s new 55nm-based 9800GTX+, the price/performance ratio is really nice right now. Of course, as with all components, the longer you wait, the better the deal is, but if you’re looking for an upgrade right now, these new releases will drop quite a few prices across the board. The 4850 is available for… Read More

  • Regular Joe Review: Iomega Screenplay HD

    As many of you are no doubt aware, I do my fair share of downloading. Movies, music, terrible TV shows, and so on. Usenet, BitTorrent, plain ol’ HTTP, whatever. So be it. Those of you who read the site closely—God bless you—also know that I have a rather ghetto entertainment setup: an iMac connected to a TV via HDMI, and good-enough surround sound system via toslink. It does… Read More

  • CherryPal: Tiny, low-powered, Linux-based PC

    This particular news item slipped through the cracks at CrunchGear’s world news headquarters earlier this week, but here it is nonetheless. This little box is called the CherryPal PC and it’ll be here in the third quarter of this year, according to a recent press release. The company won’t say when it’ll be here, exactly, but judging from the above graphic, I’m… Read More

  • A Few Thoughts on How to Improve Google Friend Connect

    This guest post was written by Orli Yakuel, an analyst of Web 2.0 and co-founder of Go2web20, a directory of Web 2.0 applications. Previously, she was an analyst at AOL, where she was charged with finding promising startups from the United States and Israel. You can read the Go2web20 blog, which she edits, here.
    Last week, I was lucky enough to be one of the first to embed… Read More

  • Heated mouse, for those gamers in remote Siberian outposts

    I have seen some weird ideas before but this one takes the cake. ChengDaLi (CDL), a China tech company, is selling a heated mouse. When I read this I had just one question, “What purpose does this serve?” I guess there must be a lot of people out there that get a cold hand when using a mouse. I know some people get sweaty palms but that’s another issue — and one… Read More

  • Delta now accepting cell-phone boarding passes

    Delta passengers at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (if you haven’t been stuck there for four or five hours yet, you simply MUST try it) will now be able to pull up their boarding passes on their favorite mobile devices. Phones can be used to check in for flights and also at security checkpoints and gates. Security agents and Delta employees presumably scan an image of a barcode… Read More

  • Lending Club Files For SEC Registration, Hopes To Resume Service

    Lending Club, the P2P money lending site, has filed registration forms with the SEC. Pending their approval, the site should be able to relaunch its lending service, which has been on hiatus since April (while the company didn’t provide an explanation for the shutdown at the time, we speculated that they lacked the proper licenses). From the release: The registration statement seeks… Read More

  • High-end keyboard round-up: the round-up

    Well, it’s the end of our little keyboard extravaganza. I thought I should summarize and link to the various reviews in case you missed one and are in the market for a nice, shiny new keyboard. Click the pictures to check ’em out, or click “more” to get the capsule version of each review.
    Read More

  • ViewSonic releases its brightest projector made for large venues

    At 5,000 lumens, the new ViewSonic PJ1173 could function as a bat signal. This high performance projector supports 1080p with a native resolution of 1024×768 (wait, what? Ask them.) and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. They say it produces large crisp visuals, even in well lit rooms. With its picture quality and added features, the PJ1173 was developed to create an ‘experience’ for… Read More

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