• The Dream Of A 10-Gram Camera

    The Dream Of A 10-Gram Camera

    DARPA is known for doing some pretty interesting stuff. Their latest endeavor is to get a shortwave infrared camera that weighs only 10-grams. A camera this small could fit on goggles, helmets, or even weapons so that US forces could have an advantage at nighttime or relay information back to their headquarters for recon. Apparently making a camera this good isn’t easy though. There are only… Read More

  • Wireless Power Coming Soon? Perhaps

    Wireless Power Coming Soon? Perhaps

    I think everyone would love wireless power at this point. The fire hazard known as my “work area” is just dying to go wireless and free up some electrical sockets. Luckily, that may happen sooner than I thought. US researchers have started developing and working on a method for delivering power wirelessly. They draw on both new technologies and old ones from the likes of Nikola Tesla… Read More

  • Aven iLoupe Lets You Check Out Dorito Crumbs Up Close

    Aven iLoupe Lets You Check Out Dorito Crumbs Up Close

    Admit it. You know you’ve always wanted a microscope with a camera so you could take pictures of absolutely disgusting stuff like bacteria swimming around in bong water. Your wait is now over because the iLoupe from Aven is going to let you do just that. This digital camera blows away other zoom features on the market with its interchangeable lenses that let you magnify from 60x up to 150x. Read More

  • Next Gen Console Review:  The Good, Bad, and the Ug-Wii

    Next Gen Console Review: The Good, Bad, and the Ug-Wii

    Peter Suciu, a New York-based gaming writer, got his hands on both the Wii and the PS3 and will be posting live from the launch events for CrunchGear this week. Here is his take on the next gen consoles that you crave. Last May at E3, Sony Computer Entertainment executive Kaz Hirai said that the next round of the console wars wouldn’t start until Sony says so. And that time has arrived, as… Read More

  • Sony F23: One For The Pros

    Sony F23: One For The Pros

    Sony is no stranger to both amateur and professional film producers. Its Betacam is a smash hit with those demanding high-quality footage and ease of use. Today Sony raised the bar with the announcement of the F23, a professional camcorder designed for serious filmmaking. The camera can shoot at 24fps in HD1080 to give ultimate clarity with that “movie” feel to the picture. Want the… Read More

  • It's Not TiVo Unless It's A TiVo

    So last night TiVo had a little coming-out party for the new features it announced yesterday. The main themes were “it’s not TiVo unless it’s a TiVo,” (basically pleading with you people to stop calling your cable-box DVR a TiVo) and “it’s not TV unless it’s on a TV.” That second part is meant to get across to you that watching video on your computer… Read More

  • My Favorite PlayStation 3 Ad

    Finally, a Sony PlayStation 3 commercial that actually makes you want to own a PlayStation 3. The new ad talks about what the PS3 is capable of, making it my favorite PS3 ad so far. From 1080p HD picture to 50GB of data on each Blu-Ray disc, the PS3 is (hopefully) going to bring us a type of gaming experience we’ve never had before. Seeing as how the console releases in 3 days, I better get… Read More

  • CrunchGear This Week

    CrunchGear This Week

    Big Zune doings over at CG this week. We invited two Seattle readers to hang out with Matt Hickey as well as Bill Gates and his army of winged Zune Monkeys where they ate breakfast, saw a show, and got free Zunes. One CG reader got their own Zune to play with and then we got OUR Zune and proceeded to wait for ten hours while the Marketplace appeared on screen — we still haven’t been… Read More

  • LG's Chocolate Platinum for GSM Clears FCC

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/EDGE successor to the Chocolate, sometimes known as the Chocolate Platinum, just cleared the dreaded and danger-fraught FCC approval process. While we think Platinum Chocolate sounds like an ingredient in Cadbury's FabergĂ© Creme Eggs, this is one dope slider. Looking like a slightly wider, yet cleaner, version of… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Disc Shredding Edition

    Daily Crunch: Disc Shredding Edition

    Ferrari Does That GPS Thang Novint Gets VTech To Build Falcon Game Controller Elecom SCR-CD0001 Disc Destroyer ActionDVR: PVR for Your Day-to-Day Apple In Talks to Intro iPod Dock Connectors to Airlines Read More

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  • Huh? YouTube Sends TechCrunch A Cease & Desist

    Huh? YouTube Sends TechCrunch A Cease & Desist

    Buried in my email this evening I found a cease and desist letter from an attorney at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, representing their client YouTube. We’ve been accused of a number of things: violating YouTube’s Terms of Use, of “tortious interference of a business relationship, and in fact, many business relationships,” of committing an “unfair business… Read More

  • AIM 6.0 Goes State of the Art

    AIM 6.0 Goes State of the Art

    AOL’s wildly popular IM program, AIM, has released version 6.0 of its software tonight. When you’re a global giant, you don’t have to lead the state of the art (unless you’re Google) – you can just follow the lead of the best startups that haven’t near the market share you have. That’s especially true of AIM, who has perhaps the ultimate bragging rights… Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Has Problems Playing PS2 Games

    PlayStation 3 Has Problems Playing PS2 Games

    Sony has admitted that the PlayStation 3 has problems with PlayStation 2 games. The problem is with both old and new PS2 games, including the Final Fantasy series. So far, the PS3 is having problems displaying menus and displaying graphics without freezing. There is a software update coming for users who planned on playing newly released PS2 games like Final Fantasy XII on their PS3s. I know more… Read More

  • Bella DV Keyboard 3.0

    Bella DV Keyboard 3.0

    The Bella DV Keyboard 3.0 is a full-featured keyboard that has an integrated jog wheel in place of the arrow keys. The keyboard is aimed towards users who use video editing programs. The keyboard is PC and Mac compatible, and also features mappable buttons. Bella also says you can take advantage the keyboard’s jog wheel and programmable buttons in every day programs such as Microsoft Word… Read More

  • Official PlayStation Magazine Canceled

    Official PlayStation Magazine Canceled

    It’s time to say goodbye to Official PlayStation Magazine, though you can’t exactly say you didn’t see this coming. OPM focused on issues most gaming sites tackle (for free), and gave users a little extra with a demo disc. With the launch of the PlayStation Network (which offers game demos and videos) coming soon, there’s little to no use for the demo disc that OPM, offered… Read More

  • Nintendo Wii Debuts On TV Tonight

    Nintendo Wii Debuts On TV Tonight

    If you want to watch the Nintendo Wii’s TV debut tonight, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done before: Watch the Dancing With The Stars finale on ABC. All part of Nintendo’s $200 million marketing plan, the Wii commercial will air during prime time. The commercial is actually part one in a series of four commercials, all of which have already surfaced on youtube… Read More

  • StumbleUpon (may be) For Sale: $50 million

    Two sources have confirmed that the rapidly growing StumbleUpon recently approached at least one large Internet company to be acquired. The asking price was $50 million. The deal doesn’t appear to have been widely shopped – one potential acquiror said that they met with the company recently, but only to explore possible business development deals, and that an acquisition was not… Read More

  • DVD-Enabled Wii Coming Next Year

    DVD-Enabled Wii Coming Next Year

    Although Nintendo first announced that a DVD-enabled version of the Wii would only be coming to Japan, it has now confirmed that the premium version of the Wii will soon be available in North America. Apparently, Nintendo feels DVD compatibility isn’t a big deal for gamers: If DVD movie playback is so important, people can wait for the later model next year. For most consumers it’ll be… Read More

  • AboutUs: A Wiki About Every Website

    AboutUs: A Wiki About Every Website

    Portland, Oregon based AboutUs announced this week that it has closed a Series A round of funding and raised $1 million. The site is a wiki directory of web sites, mostly populated automatically but with a healthy amount of traffic and a growing number of edits being made daily. If you look up your website on AboutUs, you’ll probably find an entry there. I expect most people who aren’t… Read More

  • Apple In Talks to Intro iPod Dock Connectors to Airlines

    . Sure, there are last-resort portable chargers, but they’re bulky and a pain to carry around. Apple apparently feels your pain. Instead of increasing the capacity of the iPods pedestrian battery, its struck a deal with many airlines to include iPod chargers on the seatbacks of many of their flights. Not only will the chargers provide power to your iPod when they launch in 2007, but… Read More