• Free Steam Games For ATI Card Holders

    Nothing beats free stuff. Whether it’s a free ice cream cone or a free iPod, both are just so, so sweet. Those of you who still shell out $1000 a year to upgrade your PC for games will be happy to know that Valve and ATI have struck a bit of a deal that runs in your favor. Owners of ATI RadeonT graphics cards will be able to download free games from Valve’s Steam service. So you have… Read More

  • BSA: Azerbaijan Tops in Piracy, Cotton, Rice, Grapes

    The Business Software Alliance — the Ladies Against Women of the IT set — found out that the average Azerbaijani has over $250 worth of pirated software on his or her computer. Second in the list is Iceland with about $225 and America and China eat it big time because we steal $7.2 billion and $5.4 billion from Bill Gates’ mewling mouth every time we hit the Pirate Bay. Cry us… Read More

  • The New Portals: It's the Bread, Not the Peanut Butter

    This guest post is written by David Sacks, the founder and CEO of new startup Geni. Previously, he was COO of PayPal. He also produced the movie “Thank You For Smoking.” For the last several years, Yahoo, MSN and AOL have all suffered a declining share of pageviews, but that does not mean the portal is going out of style. Rather it has been redefined, first by Google, and now… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Sorry for the delay, folks, but I wanted to make sure I gave you all a chance to come up with something to really make us LOL. A few of you made me chuckle and I give you props for that. Keep it up everyone. There won’t be a prize today, but there will be tomorrow! The commenter who really, really makes us LOL will win a set of Rhino Skin iPod Shuffle Accents. I know the prize is… Read More

  • Google Sort of Enables Face Recognition When Searching Images

    The things that Google comes up with are pretty scary. The Street View on Google Maps is pretty cool, but it’s starting to feel a lot like Big Brother around here. It appears that when searching for images you now have the ability to get pictures of just faces by adding this tid-bit to your search, “&imgtype=face”. Voila, stalking on the internet has gotten that much easier. Read More

  • Ezra Chatterton Gets A Phoenix

    Last week, we discussed Ezra Chatterton and his World of Warcraft wishes. The boy got all he could ever ask for and the dudes in Blizzard really hooked him up with some cool gear. Now Blzzard is going one step further and is giving Ezra his very own Phoenix flying mount. Yeah, this kid went and got a friggin’ phoenix to fly around on without having to run some instance 600 times. So… Read More

  • All Things D's Sideshow: Foleo

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/452319854 I really have to see Palm’s Foleo before I begin ragging on it, but this new not-a-laptop just wasn’t doing it for me. The video above gives us a better idea of what’s up here, but come on, Palm. Amaze us this year. Read More

  • PSP Firmware Updated to 3.5, Can Now Remotely View PS3 Content

    Sony’s released PSP firmware 3.5 in Japan, which lets users remotely access their PS3 content. As long as it’s connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, the PSP will be able to view all the videos, music and pictures found on the PS3. Last week‘s PS3 firmware update made this all possible. Read More

  • Warner Music Throws Up Archive Of Videos

    Big fan of music videos? Of course you are. So you’ll be extremely pleased to know that Warner Music will be offering its entire catalog of music videos online for free. The label is working with digital services provider Premium TV to create online media hubs where viewers can watch clips and videos of their favorite artist. Warner is using video advertising as well so that they can cash… Read More

  • Steve and Bill: FIGHT!

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/452319854 Actually, they kind of like each other. Just listen to the gentle lilt of Steve’s voice and observe the shy smile on Bill’s face. Imagine being a fly on the wall back in the green room *wavy TV picture and music* “Well, this is it, Bill?” Steve smooths out his turtleneck and rubs off some lint with… Read More

  • Read the Web

    FreeRange Communications has just released FreeRanger WebReader; a new downloadable app that provides news, blogs, stock prices and other information for mobile consumption, and runs in the background, pulling down quick bites of information or full stories. Internet information is tracked and downloaded automatically for reading at a later time, so the content can be browsed even when there is… Read More

  • Gizmoz Launches – Create Your Talking 3D Avatar

    I first wrote about Israeli widget site Gizmoz in December 2006. At the time, the company hadn’t launched its product to create personalized widgets using users’ pictures and voice, but they had a working demo. Today, the product launches for everyone to use. Gizmoz is also announcing a $6.3 million Series A funding round from Benchmark Capital and Columbia Capital and… Read More

  • Earn Bucks With Your Buddies

    Remember those “save a buck or two” commercials? With MOBIVOX you won’t just save a dollar, you can actually earn bucks too. The Mobile VoIP service, which works from just about any cellular phone, is running a viral promotion where users get $1 of MOBIVOX credit for each friend they get to sign up. OK, this might not be the same thing as a dollar in your pocket, but it will… Read More

  • Ad-Funded Mobile the Future?

    Are ads going to pay for mobile content? That’s the analysis coming from Red Orbit, which reports that the UK mobile network market has taken its first fully-fledged steps towards the ad-funded model. And other European carriers, such as Blyk, a pan-European network, will soon offer free mobile phone calls and text messaging services for free in return for accepting advertising on handsets. Read More

  • Legacy Mobile Switching Vendors Will Remain Vibrant

    A new report from Visant Strategies finds that the market for legacy mobile switching vendors will remain strong, even as there is a move to I/P-based switching. The report suggests the continued deployment of CDMA EV-DO, WCDMA/HSDPA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE base stations will lead to a market for all mobile network components at an ever-increasing rate. Global softswitch sales could reach more than… Read More

  • Verizon Best With Game Downloads

    Who has the best mobile game load process? According to Strategy Analytics Wireless Media Lab the honor goes to Verizon Wireless, beating rivals AT&T/Cingular, Helio and Sprint. This new study found that Cingular — we mean AT&T – received the lowest rating in four categories including: ease of task completion, process logic, time take, and ease of task duplication. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Washer Edition

    LG Patents MP3-playing Washing Machine
    WiFi Slurpr: The Ultimate WiFi Tool
    QiGO Internet Content Keys
    Top Ten Cool Potential Surface Gadgets
    Google Maps Intros Street View Read More

  • From the Vaults of Excess: Kohler WaterHaven

    What’s cooler than lolcats? That’s actually a trick question since nothing is cooler than lolcats. But this will, at least, get you wetter than lolcats (presumably). The Kohler WaterHaven is a $3,300 showering monstrosity. It features seven water outlets. Yes, seven holes from which it can blow its watery load all over you. The WaterHaven holds two shower heads, four body sprays… Read More

  • iPhone Drought Imminent

    Due to iPhone shortages, one unit will be shared amongst three users in rotating weekly blocks
    According to a survey conducted by WR Hambrecht & Co, many AT&T stores have no firm idea as to when the retardedly anticipated iPhone will arrive in stores. Some locations place it on June 15, others on June 22 and many haven’t the foggiest notion. In addition to the vague release… Read More

  • Google Gears Discovered

    This evening, I came home and loaded up Drudge Report. I found an interesting article on Google and how they’re about to challenge Microsoft even farther with offline web applications. Upon discovering the name Google Gears, I promptly typed “gears.google.com” into Firefox. Sure enough, a Mac OS X beta of Google Gears is available and of course, I downloaded it. So what is… Read More