• Tascam DAP Is A Godsend For Musicians

    Apparently the brand Tascam is “big” in the music community, as Vince just went off in our chat room on how great it is. Tascam designed this DAP, the MP-VT1, with musicians in mind, which is while you’ll find a line out and a microphone jack there. It has other features only musicians could appreciate, like Variable Speed Audition, which slows songs down without changing… Read More

  • Circuit City Ad Confirms Price Cuts For All Xbox 360 Systems

    The fate of the Xbox 360 core system is still up in the air, but this Circuit City ad all but confirms the price cuts across all 360 systems. Beginning August 12, the Elite gets a $30 drop to a more affordable $449.99 price point, the Premium edition drops to $349.99 and the Core system now competes with the Wii at $279.99. If the price cuts weren’t enough to get you in the store then… Read More

  • Honestech Software Roundup

    Honestech has an entire suite of software programs that are cheap, do what they’re advertised and easy to use. I’ve spent the last few weeks dabbling with VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe, DVD Player 3.0, Claymation Studio, and Rapid Video Blogger. I wouldn’t normally use any of it, but given the chance to test them out, I just couldn’t resist. Read More

  • FCC Fails To Mark Its Place In History

    The FCC released the auction rules on the 700 MHz spectrum today. Google formally requested (and we supported) that the new bandwidth have four requirements: open applications, open devices, open services and open networks. Together these rules could quickly make the U.S. wireless space competitive with European and Asian markets that we have long trailed. The auction rules include much of… Read More

  • CrunchExclusive: Nokia BH-604 Bluetooth Headphone Review

    Nokia’s BH-604 Bluetooth stereo ‘phones are two months from hitting the market, but CrunchGear was lucky enough to receive a pair of sample models. I’m a firm believer that Bluetooth headsets/earbuds are the most ridiculous looking gadget anyone can wear around, but Nokia’s DJ-like headphones have me painting a different picture after the week I’ve spent with them. Read More

  • CrunchGear Spy Edition: GPS Jammer For Your Car

    The Anti-Tracker GPS jamming gadget from China is perfect for spies or paranoid individuals who think they’re significant other is tracking all their movements. It’s powered by your car’s lighter socket and claims to knock out GPS logging or tracking devices on your car. The Anti-Tracker puts out 200mW of jamming power! There’s no price yet, but check back often. Read More

  • RIM BlackBerry Curve 8310 Equipped With GPS, Not Available Here

    The BlackBerry Curve is a hot piece of Canadian machinery, but the 8320 we have here in the States lacks the GPS that everyone and their mother seems to crave. You could opt for the 8800 series if you really want GPS, but it’s slightly bigger and doesn’t have a camera. What’s a geek to do? RIM announced today the 8310 Curve in Germany. How could you, RIM? How could you release… Read More

  • Motorola, BlackBerry and AT&T Device Launch Dates Revealed

    BGR strikes again with hot news regarding the launch dates for the Moto RAZR 2, Q9, BlackBerry 8820, Pantech C810 and the AT&T SMT5700. Having seen both the RAZR 2 and Q9 in person, I can say they’re well worth the wait. The duo from Motorola will launch August 24. The Pantech C810 won’t be out till September 9th and BlackBerry 8820 is slated for mid-August, around the 13th… Read More

  • Piracy = Terrorism, In Video

    We try, however implausible as it may seem, to say we’re anti-piracy here, step-by-step how-to articles notwithstanding. That will not stop me from, once again, pretending to be anti-piracy. These collection of ads tell us, in so many words, that supporting piracy in its myriad forms will bring about the Death of the West and the collapse of representative democracy. Read More

  • Purity Protoype Laptop: Walks Like A MacBook, Talks Like A MacBook

    Right off the bat, what does this prototype laptop—the Purity Notebook—remind you of? To me, it looks like any number of PCs trying, really trying, to emulate the MacBook. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Being a PC, it runs Windows Vista, insofar as prototypes runs anything, I suppose. Read More

  • FCC Approves E-Ten Glofiish X800

    The FCC approved the E-ten Glofiish X800 and with that approval came more details that might make you forget about dropping $700 on an iPhone or becoming a crackberry addict. The spec sheet is quite impressive with GPS, Wi-Fi, 2.8-inch LCD touchscreen, but it runs on WinMo 6 and lacks a QWERTY keyboard that allows users to be a tad more efficient than poking around with a stylus. Full specs… Read More

  • IAC Up, Ask Down In Second Quarter

    A strong second quarter by IAC saw a 78% increase in profits, mostly driven by assets sales and reduced costs. The positive headline results did not flow through to the struggling 4th ranked search engine Ask.com, which saw a decline in revenues. The second quarter decline comes despite a $100 million Crispin, Porter + Bogusky advertising campaign that should be resulting in increased traffic… Read More

  • Bejeweled Is Now Free For Your iPhone

    I think it’s safe to say that iPhone owners are cutting edge individuals and in order to keep up that façade you must know about everything iPhone. Keeping with that trend, don’t be the oddball not playing Bejeweled while waiting in line at Starbucks. Popcap Games has developed a free iPhone-only version that’s playable via Safari. Actually, anyone can play it for free… Read More

  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G1 Review

    The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G1 is a behemoth of a point-and-shoot, due in part to its beautiful 3.5-inch LCD. And with 2GB of internal storage and a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar f/3.5-4.3 38mm-114mm 3x zoom lens and quality 6-megapixel sensor, you’d be hard pressed not to give the G1 a fighting chance in a crowded market. However, its steep $600 price and sucky built-in Wi-Fi feature nearly… Read More

  • DIY Guitar Hero Controller Looks Decent (Sorta)

    Sometimes we’re broke and you know what: that’s OK. We all know that it’s worth eating ramen noodles for three weeks so that we can enjoy playing Playstation 3 games for hours on end between bong rips. So when some crafty gentleman needed an extra controller for rocking out in Guitar Hero, he reached out to household crap and a PS1 controller. The result is the above… Read More

  • UK's O2 CEO Lets It Slip That The iPhone Is On Its Way

    So, when is the UK getting the Apple iPhone? British mobile provider O2 continues to flirt with the iPhone, dropping little hints here and there that it will be the UK home for Apple’s cellphone++. Apparently, the company’s CEO mentioned, you know, just casually, that the iPhone will help the company “maintain momentum” as it heads into the remainder of the year. … Read More

  • Tomatoflash USB Rock Powerhaus

    Tomatoflash! Tomatoflash!
    It’s a USB key that kicks ass! Uses microSD!
    Can’t you see?
    It’s really easy as 1-2-3! Throw your card in the back
    Just like that
    Now you’re ready to ROCK
    Yeah you’re ready to ROCK Read More

  • China Propagates War Via Mobile Phone Content

    To celebrate the founding of the People’s Liberation Army, China Unicom is offereing its subscriber base film clips of the Korean War and pictures of weapons and/or military figures. So why is China Unicom offering such a strange variety of content to celebrate? According to company official Yu Peng, “I believe it will be popular since we have so many military fans in China.” Read More

  • Tangler's Embedded Discussions

    Australian startup Tangler has created a next generation forum product that allows real-time discussions to occur without page refreshes. Their forum product is both synchronous and asynchronous – meaning it competes as much with Meebo (web based chat) as it does with existing forum applications. Users can also easily embed rich media into the discussion. We first wrote about Tangler… Read More

  • $20 iPhone Battery Replacement Kit

    Apple doesn’t want you messing with the iPhone’s battery. Really, it doesn’t. When your iPhone’s warranty runs out, you’ll have to send it back to Apple to get the battery replaced for an exhorbitant fee ($79 + shipping). Yes it sucks, but there’s no other alternatives. Or are there? In comes Asia, full of OEM batteries and plastic. For only $20, you can get… Read More

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