• Pitch invasion: the battle for the mobile social space

    Pitch invasion: the battle for the mobile social space

    What’s happening with mobile social networking? It suddenly seems to be the new frontier for Web 2.0, in particular now that moves by Three on flat-rate Internet access and T-Mobile’s Web and Walk are starting to gain traction. Pitch is – supposedly – new mobile social networking tool which – their PR at least – seems to think is a ‘MySpace killer’. Read More

  • Xbox 360 Core For $100? Find Out Today

    So the first week/round of Amazon’s cool Customers Vote promotion ended yesterday, or at least the voting closed. The winner will be announced today at 2pm ET/11am PT and then you have a whole freaking day to sit in front of your computers until the Xbox 360 winner goes on sale. Amazon has a page of tips set up to tell you how best to attempt to lockdown a unit. PS~ To all those people that… Read More

  • Turkey Stuffing Time

    Turkey Stuffing Time

    We here at CrunchGear are taking tomorrow off and are closing up shop early today and Friday. We’re still running our Giving Thanks Giveaway, so keep those entries coming, otherwise, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday. Don’t eat to much. We also want to thank you all, our loyal readers, for your loyal readership. Seriously: We started this thing almost four months ago and… Read More

  • Flickr Camera Finder

    Flickr Camera Finder

    If you’ve lately found yourself lying awake in the hard hours of the night, wondering what cameras are used by most Flickr users, then rejoice: Flickr has released camera statistics. Nothing too surprising here, though. Canon is by far the most represented manufacturer on the list, taking three of five spots among the prosumer models and entirely dominating the point-and-shoot category. Read More

  • Another PS3 Black Friday Tip

    Mark writes: I hear that JellyFish.com’s Black Friday sale dubbed “Smack Friday” will have some PS3′s for sale. Their Smack Friday will begin at 6am EST and run for 24hrs. I’m not sure what time they will be selling them, but I best they will go fast. Sale Page More coverage… Read More

  • Remote Control Mail: Check Your Postal Mail on the Web

    Remote Control Mail: Check Your Postal Mail on the Web

    Kirkland, Washington based company Document Command Inc. has launched its consumer facing web interface for postal mail called Remote Control Mail. The service provides an alternative to PO Boxes, mail forwarding or waiting until you get home from the road to deal with your mail. The company receives your postal mail, scans the outside of what’s sent to you and provides a web interface to… Read More

  • Dash Detox Contest Vote-Off 2.0 Update

    Dash Detox Contest Vote-Off 2.0 Update

    We’re closing the polls in an hour, so vote away! The Dash Detox Contest is officially over and here are our six entries made by five entrants. Here’s how we’ll do this. You will vote on each entrant, not their specific entries. Judge on humor, creativity, and usefulness. Who, in this case, is your favorite director. Gaming the system is prohibited, but if you want to get your… Read More

  • Mac Talk Pretty One Day: How to Make Speech Recognition Useful

    Lifehacker has an excellent how-to on creating custom voice commands for OS X. I’ve always wanted to use my Mac’s voice recognition but saying “open Word” wasn’t my idea of a red-hot time. In this article, we learn how to make cute little Applescripts to do tiny little things like change brushes in Photoshop. I should make a bunch to write blog posts: tell application… Read More

  • Arriva Headphones Have Arriva'ed

    I love it when companies I’ve never heard of say they have the “world’s best” whatever. It just takes me that much less time to prove them wrong. In this case it’s the Arriva headphone “system,” which the company claims is the “world’s best headphone platform on which to build the wireless headphone communications system.” Bad sentence… Read More

  • Xbox Marketplace Video Rentals Go Live

    Xbox Marketplace Video Rentals Go Live

    Are you ready for “some of the most intense fights from Ultimate Fighting Championship?” I certainly am. Today you can start renting and buying movies on your Xbox 360. Let the era of on-demand digital content finally begin. Bring out the drums, the fifes, and the dancing ladies. HD TV shows will cost 240 MS points, a currency pegged to the Euro, while SD shows will cost 160. New… Read More

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  • O2's Awe-Inspiring Smartphone is King of the Hill

    Occasionally, a phone hits the networks across the sea that’s so badass that none of our pop-culture references or childish hyperbole can do it justice of any kind. One such device is the Flame from Germany’s O2 network. We like the BlackJack, we like the Treos, we like smartphones, but this sucker belongs in its own category. Geniusphone, perhaps, as there is nothing this monster… Read More

  • Get A PlayStation 3 On Black Friday

    Get A PlayStation 3 On Black Friday

    The PlayStation 3 has been getting pummeled this week. Personally, I really don’t feel it’s that bad of a console. When Xbox 360 first launched, it really only had one good game: Perfect Dark Zero. PlayStation 3 faces the same predicament with Resistance: Fall of Man. Sure, there are problems with the interface and with Buy-Ray playback, but the console hasn’t even been out for a… Read More

  • Make Your Own Netvibes Modules With Dapper

    Mashup creation tool Dapper announced today that its users can now easily create new modules from any data source for placement in the popular start page Netvibes. Dapper is a company that’s either glorifying screen scraping or leading the charge towards data portability, depending on your perspective. I like it a lot. Working with Dapper to enable fast user creation of new modules is a nice… Read More

  • Zelda Peripherals For Wii?

    Zelda Peripherals For Wii?

    We’re not quite sure how legitimate these accessories for Nintendo Wii’s Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are, but we’re trying real hard to find out. You’ll find more the a few discrepancies indicating that Link’s sword and shield add-on might be fake. The first is where the Wiimote says “Nintendo” at the bottom, the actual Wiimote says… Read More

  • UnZoone Removes Flawed Zune Software

    UnZoone Removes Flawed Zune Software

    We came across a cute little website today. This website has a piece of software called UnZoone on it. UnZoone is a piece of software designed for removing Zune software and all the bugs that come with it. Though a small tool (128kb in size), UnZoone is powerful. It deletes everything from registry entries to those pesky DLL files that get leftover even when you use an uninstall tool (one that… Read More

  • Giving Thanks Giveaway Update

    Giving Thanks Giveaway Update

    Happy pre-Turkey Day! Proporta makes cases and accessories for portable devices. They’ve been kind enough to offer a nice accessory package for one of our lucky readers. Here’s how to enter: send an email with the subject “THANKS PROPORTA” describing the portable device you’re most thankful for and why. It can be a camera, an iPod, a Zune, a pocket jet pack…… Read More

  • Palm Treo 680 Video Unboxing

    A cavalcade of video reviews of the Treo 680, available now on Cingular for $199. If I were blowhard, I’d name this phone the must have smartphone of the year. It’s inexpensive, runs a great OS, and appeals to the fashionistas as well as the business types. Palm Dropped the Treo 680 for Cingular and Unlocked Version [SlashGear] Read More

  • BT Contact enters public beta

    BT Contact enters public beta

    BT Contact “your personal communication hub”  has officially entered its public beta phase. We previously wrote about BT contacts when it was still in alpha.  The goal for this product is to provide a one stop website for all of our “federated communication” needs -i.e combining in one place various IM + Email + Address Books + SMS + Directory Enquiries etc. … Read More

  • CrunchGear This Week

    CrunchGear This Week

    Gobble gobble — we at CrunchGear are taking a bit of a breather this holiday, but we’re giving away a full Proporta portable gear accessories kit to one lucky reader. All you have to do is send an email to contest @ crunchgear dot com with the subject “THANKS PROPORTA.” Just talk about the gadget you’re most thankful for and we’ll pick one winner at random. Read More

  • MySpace seeks mobile partners

    MySpace seeks mobile partners

    MySpace is on the hunt for mobile tie-ups to launch and promote MySpace mobile services across Europe. Jean-Paul Sanchez, vice-president of mobile, Europe, at MySpace – who recently joined from Vodafone – is negotiating the distribution deals, which are likely to incorporate marketing partnerships. According to Sanchez, MySpace is focusing on three key business areas: mobile, video and… Read More