• Get Ready For Wikia Search; First Screen Shots Shown In South Africa

    It was eleven months ago that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales first mentioned his vision for a people-powered search engine that would eventually launch under his for profit startup, Wikia. Not much has happened since then, other than a lot of chatter on an email discussion list, and the small acquisition of Grub, a distributed web crawling company, from Looksmart. The official site for Wikia… Read More

  • Amazon To Rekindle Interest In Ebook Readers Monday

    Amazon will launch its ebook reader, called “The Kindle” Monday, according to News.com. As we wrote in September, The Kindle will be black and white ebook reader that includes WiFi and EVDO. List price is expected to be around $399. The Kindle won’t support open standards, with Amazon using their own proprietary format from Mobipocket, a company they acquired in 2005. The… Read More

  • Bribery Scandal in the Republic of Samsung

    Samsung, the huge corporation known around the world for high-tech mobile phones,
    flat-screen-TVs and huge merchant ships, is being rocked by another scandal that has renewed concerns about the power and influence of the “Republic of Samsung.” In South Korea many call Samsung this in deference to its size and worldwide exposure, and take great pride in the… Read More

  • Funny Voicemail Greetings for YouMail from Salient Media

    YouMail, a free cell phone voicemail service provider, has partnered with Salient Media to provide users with comedic voicemail greetings. Some of the greetings from Salient entertainers are free, while other greetings are sold on a subscription basis. Subscriptions range between $1.99 a month to $9.99 a month, based on the number of different greetings a user uses at one time. … Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Green Screen Edition

    Again, Chumby really is the bees knees
    Nixon watch has Tetris, Pong built in
    Marvel goes digital
    Yet another claim that e-mail is dead
    Video: People Tetris, other video games should bring tears to your eyes Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Bomb scare at eBay; or Bomb it Now! Kent Pribbernow The only suspicious package I see is a guy with a pair of socks stuffed in his trousers. Hardly reason to evacuate a building.
    Read More

  • Norg Media Wants To Community Enable News

    Perth based startup Norg Media wants to bring community back to news with a service that’s hard to pigeon hole. At a basic level Norg (short for news organization) is social media that encourages “citizen journalism.” Each Norg Media site focuses on a city and gives users the ability to submit news stories. Stories are then voted on by other readers, but not Digg style. Read More

  • PhoTrade Offers Ad Supported Photo Syndication

    New service Photrade offers an ad supported photo syndication service that brings photo monetization to a broader audience. The concept is simple enough and we’ve seen parts of Photrade in other services. Users upload their photos Flickr style then are presented with a variety of options. Like CafePress they can offer T-Shirts and similar items with the photo printed on the said item at… Read More

  • Ballmer gets immortalized with a Zune Original design

    This is how you know you’ve made it. That tattoo of Clippy is pretty awesome, too. Zune Originals ‘Ballmer’ Frigtard [iPhone Savior] Thanks Rymon! Read More

  • Blowtorch Raises $50 Million to Launch a New Hollywood Studio

    Kelly Rodriques and Paul Schiff are creating a new Hollywood studio from scratch called Blowtorch Entertainment. The company is just launching with a $50 million investment from Ignition Partners, Hollywood individuals, and at least one (unnamed) hedge fund. Rodriques was a partner at Ignition, and before that a digital ad executive. Schiff is the Hollywood producer behind Rushmore, My… Read More

  • Man sues Comcast over traffic shaping, seeks class action status

    Yes! Take that, Comcast! A San Francisco man has filed sued against Comcast because of the alleged bandwidth shaping implemented by the company. If you recall, the AP carried out a whole investigation and discovered that Comcast indeed blocks certain traffic (mainly of the BitTorrent variety), upsetting end users left and right. Not only does they guy, one Jon Hart, want Comcast to stop… Read More

  • The New Focus Group: Mzinga Launches at TechCrunch Boston

    At our TechCrunch Boston MeetUp, a company is launching called Mzinga that brings white-label social networks to consumer research. Mzinga, which means “beehive” in Swahili, is actually the combination and rebranding of two existing companies: Knowledge Planet (Web-based corporate learning) and Shared Insights (Web communities). Right out of the gate, the company already has… Read More

  • The Funded Founder(s) To Unveil Themselves Tonight (Updated)

    Mark this one down as a major PR stunt, but they certainly have our attention: The founder (or more likely, founders) of venture capital gossip site TheFunded, who have been keeping their names anonymous since March when the site launched, will spill the beans tonight and announce themselves. Staying anonymous was probably smart, since more than a few VC’s have been miffed at all the… Read More

  • Nixon watch has Tetris, Pong built in

    It’s part watch, part Tetris and *all entertainment*. It’s a Nixon-inspired watch with a built-in version of Tetris and Pong. (Funny, that’s the second Tetris post today… there must be some sort of conspiracy. Or maybe I’m just a tool. It could well be that.) It’s designed by this lass and I wish I had one right now. Tetris & Pong Forever [Yanko Design] Read More

  • iLike Publishes Unreleased U2 Song

    http://s.ilike.com/swfs/rssPlayer.swfThis is a huge win for music site iLike – U2’s Bono recorded an interview with the iLike founders talking about the history of a new song called Wave of Sorrow. The song, which is being released on Tuesday next week as part of the remastered Joshua Tree album and DVD, was written in the 80’s but never recorded. It’s available in… Read More

  • Brits bring Colossus back on-line

    I’ve seen a Colossus up close at the Smithsonian, and I loved the thing. It was huge, bigger than a bus, and was built specifically to decode encrypted Nazi transmissions towards the end of WWII, and it was very good at its task. So good, in fact, that some insanely fun-minded people are rebuilding one specifically to repeat the task. To up the ante, they’re pitting it against a… Read More

  • Nintendo Speaks: New, Slimmer Nintendo DS for Xmas?

    Nintendo sez: probably not. If you’re waiting for that redesigned, slimmer, non-GBA-emulating Nintendo DS, don’t expect it under your tree this Xmas. Nintendo has responded to analysts who’ve said this new DS is coming by basically saying, “not really, at least not right now.” While the rumored upgrade is the natural progression for the handheld, the analysts are… Read More

  • Amazon 'Customers Vote' deals are outstanding

    How’d you like a Wii for $79? Unbelievable. See this is why you can’t get a Wii anywhere. Amazon’s been hoarding them all for this very event. Up for grabs is your choice of 1000 Wii consoles at $79 each, 1000 40GB PS3 consoles at $139 each, or 1000 Xbox 360 Arcade consoles at $99 each. More scantily clad deals after the jump. Read More

  • Android running on iPod Touch*

    * Note: this is actually just a bunch of screenshots of Android “cutted” from Engadget and shown on the Touch by some Belgian guy. This does not mean we can’t excite the heck out of you and then pull the rug out from under you, just like this post did to us when we first saw it and almost made wee wee from excitement. Share and share alike, I always say. Anyway, this… Read More

  • OS X on an Asus eeeeeeeeeePC

    Here’s a project for a rainy day. If you don’t want to wait for the Mac Ultraportable that probably won’t come out this month, go ahead and pick up an eeePC and follow these easy instructions to get OS X running on that little beast. Load OSX 10.5 Leopard on the eeePC [UneasySilence] Read More

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