• iCar Wishlist According To Laptop

    I’m not really sure how I feel about the impending rumored iCar, but chances are it’s real and it’s coming since reports are coming out that Jobs met with VW head honcho, Martin Winterkorn, last week. So what sorts of things should we expect/want from it? Laptop seems to be on the ball with their wishlist. Some of it sounds outrageous, but nothing that isn’t feasible. Read More

  • Ummm… Some Weird Comic-like Thing Explaining That NBC Screwed Up By Snubbing iTunes

    Maybe you can help us here. Take a minute and read the linked story. OK? Now, I’m pretty sure that this is supposed to be a dig at NBC for telling Apple and iTunes to go jump in a lake. (I hope my harsh language didn’t trip any WebSense filters.) But it’s like, hard to grasp. It’s not funny, per se. It’s not really poignant in any traditional sense of the word. Read More

  • Casio Quietly Launches Exilim EX-Z8

    With all the IFA fun going around it seems as though Casio forgot to tell everyone about the Exilim Z8. I guess that’s alright since it’s nothing special. Sure it’s got an 8-megapixel sensor, face detection, some anti shake deal, a motion analysis technology that supposedly sets the correct ISO, 3x optical zoom, a 2.6-inch LCD, and some feature called YouTuve Capture Mode… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless Offers New $30 Senior Citizen Plan

    Up until now, if you needed a basic Verizon Wireless plan, you’d still have to shell out $40 per month for 450 minutes, 400 of which you may never use. Starting today, you’ll be able to get 200 anytime minutes and 500 weekend minutes for $30. Oh, one catch. You have to be at least 65 years old and Verizon actually does verify your age.  Read More

  • Olympus E-3, New Top Of The Line dSLR, On October 17?

    Hold onto your hats, camera fans, for rumors point to a October 17 reveal of Olympus’ top of the line digital SLR. The cam used to be known as the E-P1, but now it’ll go by the much cooler E-3. That’s what the rumors say, at least. No real specs are known—October 17 says hi—but rumblings suggest a 10-megapixel sensor (CCD? CMOS? Who knows?), Liveview, which lets… Read More

  • JBL Announces On Stage 3 iPod/iPhone Dock

    Today JBL announced the On Stage 3 comes with all sort of dock adapters to meet your iPod needs and a 3.5mm jack allows you to hook up your CD player, laptop or what have you. The OS3 is powered by six AA batteries, which sort of sucks ass because who really wants to transport an iPod dock around? Anyhoo, JBL’s latest iPod dock features four Odyssey loudspeakers that pump out 6-watts… Read More

  • Desperation Time? Synthasite Gives Stock Away To Users

    Is this a brilliant PR move, or a sign of desperation? Web site builder Synthasite, which we took an early look at in November 2006, is giving 1 million shares of stock away to users. Users earn shares by creating templates. Each template accepted by the company earns 1,000 shares for the creator. “We’re only selecting the best templates,” the company says. The company… Read More

  • MyStrands Launches Music Video Discovery Service, MyStrands.tv

    MyStrands, provider of a music recommendation service, has launched a slick new website at MyStrands.tv for finding music videos hosted on YouTube. Users can browse music videos by artist or genre and play them in a large player. The system also recommends videos based on your viewing habits and input. A social network of sorts is integrated into the service. You can view friends’… Read More

  • Cool Concept Alert: Wearable iRing Ring (uh?) Controls iPod, iPhone

    Oh my heavens, with new iPods due tomorrow, we’re gonna need a second Web site to cover all the related gadgetry LOL. All kidding aside, here’s another concept-design-dealie that gets a thumbs-up from me. (I’ve been all over these concepts lately.) Designed by a certain Victor Soto, iRing is a ring that you wear on your finger (where else would you wear a ring, silly?)… Read More

  • AT&T To Let Parents Control Kids' Texting, Calls

    After getting sick of mothers across the nation calling them about expensive bills and outrageous amounts of text messages being sent, AT&T has decided to give parents the ultimate amount of control over their kids. Teenagers, get ready to be royally screwed by your parents, ’cause they can now limit your texting and calling abilities as much they want. Slacking off in school? Bloop! Read More

  • Paris-to-London Speed Train To Break Record Today

    Certain European commuters will soon be able to shave about 20 minutes off their morning travel times thanks to speeds of almost 200 miles per hour aboard  Eurostar’s Paris-London train. Read More

  • Wikia's ArmchairGM: Wiki Meets Social Network

    Wikia, a for profit wiki site created by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, acquired ArmchairGM for $2 million last year and got into the sports fan business. The site has been slowly rolling out new features. Wikia CEO Gil Penchina described it to me as “Wiki 2.0″ – because it combines the best features of open source wiki software with social networking features like… Read More

  • Dopplr, Social Network for World Travelers, Gets A-List Seed Funding

    Dopplr, an invite-only social network for sharing travel plans with friends, has announced early-stage financing of an undisclosed amount from Martin Varsavsky, Joichi Ito, Reid Hoffman and The Accelerator Group led by Saul Klein. The social network bills itself as useful for people who travel at more than five times per year and want to inform friends of where they plan to go. The… Read More

  • Miley Cyrus on CrunchGear!

    For those of you not in the know, Miley Cyrus plays Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel is apparently posting comments on our Disney MySpace story. After a bit of forensics, I’ve discovered that it is not in fact Miley but is probably some 32-year-old from Virginia who likes little kids. To that end, I ask that Miley please find some Facebook users to stalk and to leave us alone. Read More

  • Lost Odyssey Screenshots Galore

    Haven’t played a good RPG in years? All that could change this holiday season when Lost Odyssey from Mistwalker drops for the 360. Strategy Informer got its hands on some great new screenshots for the game and boy are they mouthwatering. Looks like it will actually be a true action-adventure style game. Combined with the Unreal 3 engine, this could be the killer RPG-title for Q4. Or… Read More

  • Google Rumors: GPay and GPhone

    The publication of a recent Google patent has industry insiders speculating that Google is working on a mobile phone-based payment service. The service is being called GPay until Google announces or denounces this rumor. In tandem with GPay, there is growing speculation that Google will sell a low-cost internet enabled handset dubbed the GPhone. The GPay system differs from other payment… Read More

  • IWI Watches: Better Because It's British

    I see lots of watches, and have even had one stolen, so it’s hard to really perk up when I see a new, standard issue automatic piece. Luckily, IWI, a resurrected UK brand, has made something a little out of the ordinary. Based on aviator watches of yore, their line has a crown at 12 o’clock and a big, bold face that comes in multiple colors — their Mod is shown here. The… Read More

  • iToner Rhymes With Something You'd Say In 3rd Grade

    One of everyone’s biggest pet peeves with the iPhone is the inability to use your own custom ringtones. Lucky for you iPhone junkies, there’s iToner for OS X. Made by Ambrosia Software, who has brought us lifesaving utilities such as Snapz Pro X; the best screenshot utility ever. Now with iToner 1.0.0, you can just drag and drop an MP3 file into the program to add it on to your iPhone. Read More

  • Palm Centro Coming To Europe September 12

    Hey Europe, I just wanted to let you know that on September 12th you will be getting Palm’s latest handset, the Centro. You should be very excited about WinMo 6 and a device that’s reminiscent of the HTC Dash. It’s totally going to rock your world. NOT! I think you should wait around for the iPhone. It sucks, but it’s way better than any WinMo… Read More

  • Microsoft's OOXML 'Open' File Format Rejected: Try Again Next Year

    Thank you, Penny Arcade Arguments about Microsoft’s OOXML format date back to my days when I read Slashdot for fun. Yeah, those days are long gone. Anyway, the International Organization for Standardization rejected Microsoft’s so-called open format; Microsoft hopes to pass the vote early next year. And this means…? Should Microsoft fail to gain approval for its file format… Read More

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