• Black Friday round-up: This way in

    We’ve featured a few great Black Friday deals in the last couple of days, and here’s a brief round up so your mid-day shopping madness levels may rise. Circuit City: $7 2GB SD cards? Word. This is at least half as much as the nearest competitor’s advertised price. What’s great is the circular said nothing about limits, so buy a handful. They always come in… Read More

  • The Whoa Show: An Exquisite Corpse for Video

    Back in the 1920s, the Dadaists came up with a parlor game of sorts called the exquisite corpse. One would start a drawing (or a poem), then pass it along to a friend, who would add the next segment, and so on, until it was completed. Now, a young entrepreneur named David Hissami wants to bring a similar concept to Web video (although, he is not calling it that). On December 1, he plans to… Read More

  • French law would ban pirates from accessing Internet

    French pirates—not the Spanish Main kind, but the ones using BitTorrent to download movies and such—may see their Internet connection terminated if The Man finds them downloading illegally. A proposal that’s fully endorsed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy (and drawn up by the head of French entertainment executive) would see pirates cut off from the Internet after… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: SeV Jacket and Fleece for $250 — $80 off

    CrunchGear faves SeV is running a secret sale until Sunday, November 25, on the Tactical 4.0 Jacket and Fleece 4.0 Jacket combination. With the code SAVE80, you can get both — I have both and they work great together — for $80 off. Seriously. I’ve been wearing SeV when I travel and it’s great gear. If you like outdoor gear for the pockets and comfort but don’t want… Read More

  • London Startup Weekend looks, well, kosher so far

    Maybe I was wrong to be sceptical about the whole StartupWeekend thing and its US founder Andrew Hyde? The back-story – which I wrote on at length – is that he has been flying to several US cities working with volunteers to co-create internet companies in one weekend, where everyone has an equal share in the resulting web site. The movement has spread to copy-cat events, such as… Read More

  • LinkedIn on News Corp rumour: No comment

    LinkedIn chairman Reid Hoffman has responded to my story of yesterday. He confirms that there are rumours that LinkedIn is in buyout talks with News Corporation – but does not confirm them. He reserves the right not to comment now, on the basis that there “may be some truth to them” at some point in the future. He also says he is “entertained” by them. Hoffman… Read More

  • How do you gently withdraw your support from a good cause on Facebook?

    In discussing several things with my brother this Thanksgiving weekend, including what happens to human beings once the sun runs out of hydrogen and what presidential candidate is best prepared to deal with a Texas-sized asteroid hurtling toward Earth (what are we gonna do, blow it up and have several little asteroids hurtling toward us?), he brought up something Facebook-releated. See, he… Read More

  • Manage Those Holiday Gift Cards With Leverage

    Holiday shopping season starts today, but chances are that you are going to end up with a bunch of gift cards this year that you may never end up using. Gift cards are expected to be the most widely-given gift this year, with 69 percent of consumers planning to buy them according to one survey. The annual value of gift cards in the U.S. is estimated to reach $100 billion next year, and about… Read More

  • Divshare To DeadPool

    Divshare, a startup we lightly praised, has apparently put its domain name and service up for sale. Generally putting your service up for sale on a random domain name forum is one step above just shutting it down. It means you see no real hope for growth, can’t raise any money and don’t want to keep paying the hosting bills out of your own pocket. The company won’t comment on… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Madden '07 on PS3 for $9.99, shipped

    Sure, it’s last year’s version and sure, Madden ’08 for PS3 and Xbox 360 is widely thought to contain significant improvements but grabbing the PS3 version of Madden ’07 for under $10 is a downright steal. I remember coverboy Shaun Alexander being asked if he was worried about the Madden Curse. He said he didn’t believe in it. The curse is real, folks. He broke a… Read More

  • Update On The AdultFriendFinder Deal

    The rumors keep flying with the AdultFriendFinder deal we’ve been writing about (see update here). No sale has yet been closed, but not due to a lack of a willing seller. We’ve gotten confirmation, from a new source, that their annual revenues are “over $300 million.” And we’re now hearing EBITDA numbers in the $100 million/year range. Penthouse seems to be the… Read More

  • Sony misquoted about possible PlayStation phone

    Sony’s chief operating officer Jim Ryan told the Economic Times of India that a PlayStation phone was "definitely plausible" but later claimed that he was misquoted. A Sony UK spokesperson told ComputerAndVideoGames.com, ""We do have talks with other arms of the Sony family about various topics but I can confirm we are not currently working together on the creation of… Read More

  • IAC To Spend $100 Million In China, Ask.com China Coming As Well

    IAC is planning on spending $100 million on new ventures in China and is also looking to launch a Chinese version of Ask.com According to the Wall Street Journal, IAC CEO Barry Diller said the new push into China would involve something that is “unique” and does not compete directly with existing players. The IAC owned travel site eLong has not be doing well in China, with… Read More

  • Is Facebook Really Censoring Search When It Suits Them?

    Earlier this month I wrote a blog post showing that a search for presidential candidate “Ron Paul” in Facebook Groups yields zero results. Facebook blamed the problem on a bug (unofficially, via comments by employees to that post), which was later corrected. But a new issue may be harder to explain. On Tuesday, scores of mainstream press organizations (see WSJ, NYT, LATimes, CNET… Read More

  • Google Maps Street View Heads Overseas

    Google’s occasionally controversial Street View product is heading outside of the United States. Google Street View cars have been spotted in the United Kingdom in September and in Canada, where the privacy aspects of Google capturing street images resulted in a lot of talk as to whether it was legal or not to walk down the a street in Toronto, take a picture and post it on the… Read More

  • Black Friday shopping guide

    Check out CrunchGear’s Black Friday listing here. We’ll have more for you tomorrow. Gobble gobble. Read More

  • Social Actions Aggregates P2P Fundraising Efforts

    Online P2P fundraising services have continued to grow in popularity this year as giving has gone Web 2.0. A sure sign of maturity in any market is an aggregation site that pulls data from many of these sites: Social Actions does just that. Powered by Drupal, Social Actions indexes the following sites: BringLight, Change.org, ChangingthePresent, DemocracyInAction, Firstgiving, Fundable… Read More

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    From all of us at CrunchGear, we’d like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Feel free to click through and check out a few other Thanksgiving themed cartoons I found. Gobble Gobble! Read More

  • EB Games, GameStop reveal slightly enticing deals

    Well, shoppers won’t be knocking down the doors at GameStop come Friday over any bank-breaking mega-deals, but at least you can get bit of cash off almost anything. Some standouts include World of Warcraft for 10 bucks, some good DS deals, and of course the ever-popular UMD Movies for your PSP, which are $4, about as much as it would cost to rent ‘em. My advice? Buy a Super Nintendo. Read More

  • The Secret Strategies Behind Many "Viral" Videos

    Update: Dan has a follow up to this post, here. This guest post was written by Dan Ackerman Greenberg, co-founder of viral video marketing company The Comotion Group and lead TA for the Stanford Facebook Class. Dan will graduate from the Stanford Management Science & Engineering Masters program in June. Have you ever watched a video with 100,000 views on YouTube and thought to… Read More

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