• iMac Gets Stripped Naked, Apple Fanboys Weep Worldwide

    Oh no he didn’t! Yes he did. Some jerkoff disassembled his brand new iMac, so that everyone can see what’s under the “hood.” It causes me real physical pain looking at these pictures. Read More

  • Internet Radio: Hot Or Not?

    Another technology roundup today by Mr. Pogue. Today’s looks at stand-alone Internet radio devices, devices that tap into your home network and let you listen to Internet radio, podcasts, MP3s, etc. without having to remain tethered to your computer like the guy in that Pearl Jam video (3:01 in). The biggest thing to take away from the roundup is that these devices haven’t hit… Read More

  • Powerset Releases Growth Models To Public

    New natural language search engine Powerset, still in pre-launch stealth mode, has had a ridiculous amount of press this year. And while some have said there is too much hype around this company (even me), you have to give them some credit. They are certainly open with their plans, and willing to experiment with new ideas. An example: they announced Powerlabs, a sandbox for users to suggest… Read More

  • Polar Rose Debuts At Gnomedex

    Polar Rose, a European startup that has a unique approach to recognizing faces in photos (remember Riya?), is having a bit of a pre-launch coming out party at the Gnomedex conference in Seattle today. We first wrote about the company last December, way before they were ready to take beta testers. But even then it was clear that they were on to something. They use a browser plugin to allow users… Read More

  • Blockbuster Buys Movielink

    With competition heating up between rivals Netflix and Blockbuster, the next move isn’t even about DVD rentals anymore, it’s now about the downloads. Netflix has offered VOD for awhile now and really has out-shined Blockbuster quite a bit. Now with the purchase of Movielink, Blockbuster has more customers, more ground to work on, and the ability to offer more than 3300 titles… Read More

  • Video: Steampunk Gadgets Romanticize Victorian Era Technology

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/452319854 A video to start the day. It’s a quick look at the life of a steampunk designer who mods laptops and other consumer electronics to look like they came from an earlier era. The star of the video is a Victorian-esque laptop, which is nothing more than an off-the-shelf HP. After some time in his basement… Read More

  • Wow – Clown Co. Got That $1 billion Valuation (still nameless though)

    Is ANYONE at NBC or News Corp. embarrassed that they can’t agree on a name, even a working name (or a website), for their new Not-A-YouTube-Killer video joint venture? It was announced in March to fanfare, and a steady stream of news has been written about it ever since. But no one has a name for it, not even the New York Times which reported today that the joint venture managed to… Read More

  • Visto and PTS Consulting to Push E-mail To Japanese Enterprises

    Visto Corporation and PTS Consulting have announced a partnership to deliver Visto Mobile to help Japanese mobile professionals stay connected. This follows the announcement by Visto’s announcement that it would offer similar services in China. “We are pleased to be partnering with Visto to offer a corporate wireless email solution that meets the unique needs of the Japanese… Read More

  • Vivee Adds Dimension to Talking E-mail

    As we reported earlier this week, texting while driving is almost as bad as drunk driving. And we’ve also been hearing about a lot of solutions to the problem. Maybe waiting until get to where you going to send or read an e-mail is the best option, but who are we to tell people to be a little more patient! Besides, no one would listen to us anyway. They’re too busy talking on the… Read More

  • Vodafone Goes to the MAX

    Today Vodafone announced that it has become a principal member of the WiMAX Forum, a non-profit organization committed to promoting and certifying interoperable WiMAX products. This technology is et to allow high-speed Internet access from mobile devices over greater distances than previous technologies, such as Wi-Fi. “Our membership of the WiMAX Forum will complement our existing… Read More

  • Hey, Maybe Vonage Isn't Dead Yet

    Vonage released its second quarter financial results today (I’ve embedded the release below with the new Zoho Viewer that launched last night). And while the stock continues to slide, revenues are way up and losses are slowing. Perhaps they can avoid the fate of competitor SunRocket, which shut down last month. The company also says that they have “substantially completed”… Read More

  • NME Brings World of Music to Handsets

    Chances are if you remember the “shoe gazer” bands of the 1990s, followed the rise and fall of the Happy Mondays or just like to read what’s happening with “dead-man walking rock star” Pete Doherty, you know these three little letters: N – M – E. The British music magazine has been making and breaking news on the U.K. music scene for decades, and now… Read More

  • Pop Goes the Mobile Ad

    Remember the early days of pop-up ads on the Internet. They were interesting at first, and then become downright annoying about… oh, five seconds later. Well, get ready for round two. Pop-up ads are headed to a third screen near you. Some startups are already on starting to push technology that will deliver pop-ups to mobile phones. Worse the ads won’t necessarily pop when using a… Read More

  • CellTrust Announces Relief for Hazard Fliers

    Those of use who frequently fly well know the hazards of flight delay. The psychological stress incurred by crowded airports and uncertain departure times can put unwanted miles on an overtaxed body.The good people at CellTrust have created a new piece of technology that may help lower those taxes. As of today, FlightAssist 1.0 is available free of cost for a limited period. FlightAssist… Read More

  • Motorola Betting On Linux

    Will Motorola go open source? The company wouldn’t be at LinuxWorld just to take in the sights. In fact, Motorola will be betting on Linux by installing the operating system on 60 percent of its mobile handsets over the next two years. Already a Razr phone for GSM networks is on sale in Asia using Linux, and this model could arrive stateside as the Razr2 V8 within the next two… Read More

  • Age Verification Problem for Content on the Go

    Porn is extremely powerful. Some hate it; others can’t get enough of it. It is also one of the factors that made DVD the success story that it is today. Porn is among one of the reasons why VHS beat out BetaMax. But pornography is also something many people don’t want to see in their neighborhoods or around their kids. On TV it is easy enough to “lock out” those… Read More

  • Age of Heros IV Mobile Gameplay Demo Available

    There are still a few weeks until the release of Age of Heroes IV: Blood and Twilight, but to build interest Qplaze has posted video demo of the game. From here you can see the changes to the gameplay engine, and this includes improved graphics along with new heroes to command. This fantasy action game will let you raise the dead, so you can build an army of zombies, shadows, cadavers, liches… Read More

  • Street Fighter II Goes Mobile for 20th Anniversary of Series

    Twenty years ago I was beset by two hardcore muggers. Just coming from the arcade, I had learned some new martial arts moves from Street Fighter. I Kunged one thug and Fued the other. Taking their wallets, I went back into the arcade for even more fist-foot furry. Now I’m older, wiser and soon I can play Street Fighter on my mobile handset. Capcom’s classic, Street Fighter II… Read More

  • Ooma Goes On Sale A Month Early

    New VOIP startup Ooma, which is proving a free phone service to U.S. residents who purchase the basic hardware, started taking pre-orders about five minutes ago (6 AM PST). Orders are being taken by phone only, with delivery guaranteed before September 10. The phone number to call is 866-452-6662. The basic unit, called a “hub,” is $399. Additional “scouts” which you… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Road Combatant Edition

    Sonace Speakers Are Nearly Invisible Sorta, Kinda
    CrunchArcade: BBC Getting in the Game, Doctor Who Title in Development
    DOA Trailer, Annie Hall it Wasn’t
    Street Fighter II Heads To Select Cellphones: AT&T, T-Mobile And Sprint Only
    SMS M500 Goes Into Production Read More

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