• Otaku Fitness

    Otaku Fitness

    We’re geeks. We do things a little differently. And working out is no exception. Already we’ve learned a little bit about ways to get back into shape that are compatible with our nerd lifestyle, but what about making our lifestyle compatible with fitness? When we wear our shirts with wolves howling at the moon, it’s not to be hipster ironic, it’s because six years ago… Read More

  • Cricket Communications Gets Samsung SCH-A870

    Cricket Communications Gets Samsung SCH-A870

    Cricket Communications has announced that the Samsung Siren (SCH-A870) will soon be available to its customers. The handset features a VGA camera with flash, advanced voice recognition, VibeTonz, and Bluetooth. More interesting the handset, is the Cricket service —one that I think many of you might be unfamiliar with. A subsidiary of Leap Wireless, Cricket offers its customers… Read More

  • Helio to Discontinue EV-DO/WiFi Access

    Helio to Discontinue EV-DO/WiFi Access

    All seven of Helio’s EV-DO/WiFi hybrid PCMCIA card users are SOL. That’s a lot of acronyms that mean users of the wireless data cards that seamlessly switch from Helio’s high-speed data network to WiFi hotspots will have their service discontinued on May 8. We’re sad to see this go, as it was one of the more innovative plans Helio, our favorite MVNO, has come up with. Read More

  • Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Shows Its Chops

    Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Shows Its Chops

    If you’ve been waiting for the official release of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, today is the day. The Ubuntu crew have released its follow-up to its Edgy Eft Linus build. In addition to all of the standard Ubuntu features, Feisty Fawn also promises a migration assistant, KVM, easy codec installation, simplified restricted drivers installation, and a Gnome Control Center. There are a few builds… Read More

  • SimpleWeather Skips The Clutter, Delivers The Goods

    SimpleWeather Skips The Clutter, Delivers The Goods

    Most weather sites out there are usually packed with tons of ads, useless information like when the next local Golf tournament is being held, and always make you type in your zip code constantly. For those of us who want just the weather and nothing more, check out SimpleWeather. The site is minimalist and easy to use. Just enter your zip code once and SimpleWeather will remember your… Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs

    Latest jobs from the CrunchBoard job board: Software Engineer
        Comcast, Philadelphia, PA 19102
    Senior Software Engineer
        Piczo Inc., San Francisco, CA 94111
    Director of Marketing
        Piczo Inc., San Francisco, CA 94111
    Web UI Developer
        Piczo Inc., San Francisco, CA
    Chief Technology Officer
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  • MySpace Poised to Launch News Service, Includes Mobile Updates

    MySpace Poised to Launch News Service, Includes Mobile Updates

    MySpace is launching a news service, using a very Digg-like voting format. While it works for sites like Digg, we have a feeling that the front page of news.myspace.com will be nothing more than reports of how “OMG Staci is SUCH a b1tch!!!1!” It’s beta for now (like the rest of the Internets), but reports are saying it should launch sometime today. The real question is… Read More

  • Microsoft Calls iPhone "Irrelevant" For Business Use

    Microsoft Calls iPhone "Irrelevant" For Business Use

    The story goes like this: A Microsoft smartphone strategist said the iPhone will be “irrelevant” to business users because there’s no support for Office and it’s a closed device. Chris Sorenson, who heads Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific smartphone strategy, said business users would be better sticking with Windows Mobile 6-based smartphones because they were developed… Read More

  • Mozilla Launches Thunderbird 2.0: Please Stop Ignoring It

    Mozilla Launches Thunderbird 2.0: Please Stop Ignoring It

    Plenty of us use Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser, but how many of you use Thunderbird, the company’s e-mail application? If you don’t, now would be a good time to give her a test drive since today Mozilla released version 2.0. Improvements include better, faster search, tagging and internal message alerts (kinda like Growl). Mozilla is the victim of its own success. Its… Read More

  • HD DVD Player For Less Than $200: Yes, Kinda, Maybe, Well Not So Much

    HD DVD Player For Less Than $200: Yes, Kinda, Maybe, Well Not So Much

    It all depends on how you do the math and whether you see getting $100 worth of HD DVDs for free is actually “saving” $100. Here’s how the deal works: Buy a Toshiba HD DVD player before the end of July 2007 (the first-gen HD-D1 sells for $290.41 on Amazon) and you get to pick five HD DVD titles (a $100 value!) to be sent to you for free (allow 8-10 weeks for processing).
    Read More

  • SimpleWeather Skips The Clutter

    SimpleWeather Skips The Clutter

    One of CrunchGear’s writers, Vince Veneziani, got together with a few friends to create SimpleWeather.com. It’s almost a web widget — go to the site and see the weather, no fuss, muss, or AJAXian fluff. It’s free, and apparently ad-free, and is currently up and running for the US with European and Canadian versions upcoming. Check it out. SimpleWeather.com Read More

  • Valve's Steam Servers Possibly Hacked

    Valve's Steam Servers Possibly Hacked

    Russian hackers may have broken into Valve’s Steam servers, obtaining credit card numbers and other sensitive information. While Valve, the developer of Half-Life, has yet to confirm such shenanigans, the Russian hackers are already patting themselves on the back. Next-Gen contacted the black hats, who go by the names of “MaddoxX” and “cintX” (does every hacker… Read More

  • ImageKind Scores Partnership With Flickr

    ImageKind Scores Partnership With Flickr

    When we wrote about Photo printing site ImageKind in February, the company said they were close to announcing a large portal distribution partnership. Earlier this month a reader suggested to us that the partnership might be with Flickr based on some code that appeared on the ImageKind site that accessed the Flickr API. Today, that reader turned out to be right – Flickr launched… Read More

  • SimpleTech Drops Two Ginormously Tiny 3.5-inch SSD Drives

    SimpleTech announced a couple of 3.5-inch ginormous NAND storage drives and I think my heart skipped a beat. Do you really need a 3.5-inch 512GB or 256GB SSD drive? Probably not, but you could make a case for it. SimpleTech claims the Zeus-IOPS drives are 200 times faster at random transactional performance than a 15,000rpm enterprise HDD. Like Whoa! The 256GB drive is currently available and… Read More

  • Tassimo Premium Hands On

    Tassimo Premium Hands On

    What is a coffee maker doing in our Fitness by CrunchGear coverage? Well, as “information workers” we probably drink more coffee than water. As a result, our health — and mood — can be adversely effected by the dark sludge that everyone makes in the break room. In fact, one office I worked at had some sort of “mad coffee maker” who added cinnamon to every pot. Read More

  • AwkwardTV Brings 3rd-Party Apps To Apple TV

    The Apple TV has gone up one more notch in my book thanks to the AwkwardTV Loader. This simple plug-in displays any and all available third-party plug-ins on your Apple TV and it even lets you download them from the net! A lucky few have been chosen for this closed beta testing. Unfortunately, I was not one of them, but I’m keeping my eyes on AwkwardTV for more chances to get in on the fun. Read More

  • Is This The Zune Phone UI?

    Is this thing on? OK, does everyone remember the Zune Phone CG told you about? You do? Very good. Other than the fact that it was coming out and we didn’t know anything else about it, but it seems the patent monkeys have found the patent for the Zune Phone’s UI. The UI appears to be tiled and whatever it is you wish to see will be brought to the forefront whilst everything else… Read More

  • Mac Sales On A Roll For Q1

    Mac Sales On A Roll For Q1

    According to research firm Gartner, Apple is doing better than anyone could have imagined. Thanks to the rusty launch of Windows Vista, Mac Sales have shot up almost 30% in the first quarter of 2007. Does this mean that Apple is finally swooping in and conquering 50% of the PC market? No, but it means Apple is not the same company it was 10, even 5 years ago. This new boost in Mac sales… Read More

  • Hey, You Three! Disney Mobile Is Rolling Out New Features!

    Hey, You Three! Disney Mobile Is Rolling Out New Features!

    Good news for the few Disney Mobile subscribers out there. Looks like you’ll be getting some new features later this year. Some sound pretty useful actually, like a unique calendaring service that will allow parents to keep a web-based calendar that can push event alerts to family phones via SMS. Another service called Scout will also be debuting this year on Disney Mobile. Scout will… Read More

  • The Hardest Mario Level Ever As Played By Mel Brooks

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=6204903272262158881&hl=en Apparently this came from a Chinese site and shows one of the hardest custom Mario levels ever. However, the best part is the voice-over by RubixsQube, who considers his work “performance art.” Turn down your speakers — NSFW. via BoingBoing Read More