• No PS3 Price Drop In Sight; Firmware Updated To 1.70

    No PS3 Price Drop In Sight; Firmware Updated To 1.70

    Despite being more than 2 million machines behind schedule in sales, Sony says it has no “specific plan to cut the PlayStation 3′s price.” The company has apparently pegged the system’s future to the success of Blu-ray: if Blu-ray fails to gain a foothold, the PS3 will be in a tough spot. While that may be what Sony is publicly saying, financial analysts say that… Read More

  • International, Jet-setting Playboy? Use Flyclear

    International, Jet-setting Playboy? Use Flyclear

    For those of us who fly frequently, we know that going through the security checkpoints over and over is a pain in the ass and a huge hassle for geeks due to our abundance of electronics on hand. Well if you’ve got $100 a year to shell out and are ready to pay a $28 one-time fee, try Flyclear for a change. This clear, credit-cardesque device allows you to speed through airport… Read More

  • Gateway Announces E-155C Tablet

    Gateway Announces E-155C Tablet

    How Gateway is still around and turning a profit in 2007 is beyond me, but apparently they’re pulling it off somehow. The latest from the Gate’ is the E-155C convertible tablet PC. Some of the features include a 12.1-inch XGA rotating touchscreen, Intel Core 2 Duo ULV CPUs, 802.11a/b/g WiFi (what, no pre-N?), card reader, fingerprint reader, Firewire, and a DVD Burner. Nothing… Read More

  • Steampunk Goes RSS

    Steampunk Goes RSS

    Forget traditional newsreaders like NetNewsWire and FeedBurner. Real men go for the gusto when it comes to tech and this Steampunk-inspired RSS telegraph machine is no exception. This beautifully designed machine will actually click out your RSS feeds Samuel Morse style. That’s right, it’s not just for show and tell, this damn thing will actually grab your RSS feeds via a… Read More

  • Diablo PC: Ugly and Powerful, but Mostly Ugly

    Diablo PC: Ugly and Powerful, but Mostly Ugly

    Not to be outdone by the garish showboating of Alienware, Smooth Creations (so smooth!) has debuted its Diablo PC line of gaming PCs. We’re not sure if there’s an actual name for the color of this thing, but ColorPicker’s closest match was “vomited banana and tequilla shooter”. The beast does have the goods under the hood, it’s a full-fledged gaming machine… Read More

  • CrunchGear This Week

    CrunchGear This Week

    Just popping in to talk a little trash and mention that CG has all kinds of exciting Sidekick ID coverage along with Fitness Week featuring all sorts of goodies including Marathon Training for Nerds, a review of the Bowflex Revolution, and a piece on Women’s Fitness Gear. Read More

  • Bowflex Revolution

    Bowflex Revolution

    Nautilus has been making Bowflex systems for about 20 years now — we’ve all seen the infomercials. Get the body you want in 60 days! Just 135 easy payments of $99.95 plus your soul and kidney. They’ve been on TV for as long as I can remember and if you’re like me, you’ve occasionally wondered whether or not there was any merit to the system. Read More

  • Goodbye Froogle

    Froogle has been renamed “Google Product Search” says Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP of Search & User Experience. It also sports a redesign, and product results are now returned at the top of normal Google search results at appropriate times. Thus ends the name Froogle as a Google brand. It was launched in 2002, never really went anywhere, and was unceremoniously dumped from… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Pac vs Cap Edition

    Daily Crunch: Pac vs Cap Edition

    Pac-Man World Tournament Announced
    SEGA and Marvel Bring out the Super B Team
    Apple Fined Over Air Quality Violation
    Free* Reality Bedding for CG Readers
    Why Video Games Don’t Cause Violence Read More

  • Exclusive: MySpace News Launches Thursday

    Exclusive: MySpace News Launches Thursday

    On Thursday morning MySpace will launch its much rumored news property at news.myspace.com. Expect the site to go live and a press release to be issued around 7 am EST. The news property is built on Newroo technology, a company they acquired in early 2006 for a rumored $7 million. Newroo had interesting technology, but were acquired prior to launch. I spoke to Newroo founders (and current… Read More

  • Zude: Mix and Rip Your Personal Page

    Zude: Mix and Rip Your Personal Page

    Zude is a new social webpage network. I say “social webpage network” because Zude isn’t so much about making friends and commenting on on profiles as it is about creating your own personalized webpage. You create a personalized webpage from modules that hold your own content or clips grabbed from the web (even embed whole webpages). Each module can be placed anywhere on… Read More

  • NIN Tells RIAA To F*ck Off?

    This, dear readers, is why I would actually pay for a CD. Whether or not you’re a fan of Nine Inch Nails is not in question, but whether or not you’re a fan of CDs is. Apparently, the new CD is shiny and black before it’s been played, but after a while it changes. Pretty cool stuff don’t you think? Tech Amok took the time to translate the binary on the back and it… Read More

  • Micro Entertainment System For Your Micro Living Habitat

    The Yamada HTV-200XU is the perfect entertainment system for anyone living in a closet, shoebox or NYC (the lines are very blurred here). This, here, micro-system brings a lot of decent features in a small package like a DVB-T tuner and analog TV tuner. You can watch your DVDs, DivX and MPEG-4 videos on the whopping 7-inch color screen. This really is a sweet deal for someone looking for a… Read More

  • Meizu Hua Long IP2000: Yet Another iPhone Clone, But Only $140

    Meizu Hua Long IP2000: Yet Another iPhone Clone, But Only $140

    Meizu is now infamous for its many iPhone clones, and its Hua Long IP2000 has just gone on sale in Chin.a. It’s a GSM cellphone that not only shares the iPhone’s general look and feel, right down to the UI, but has a big apple on the back. Hey, at least Meizu’s modest about totally ripping off Apple. What’s kinda surprising it that its specs aren’t all that bad. Read More

  • Hey Geek! Get Back In Shape the Nerdy Way

    Hey Geek! Get Back In Shape the Nerdy Way

    I can tell you about what it’s like to be a guy who was once in shape and is not. When I was in my 20s, I was a slim yet hunky piece of man flesh. I had a defined jaw, broad chest, and a single chin. Now, however, at the beginning of my 30s, I find a second chin resting firmly between my face and neck. I do not like this chin, as it makes me look older than my real age. I also do not… Read More

  • Alpine's iDA-x001 iPod Deck Available Early!

    Just thought you’d like to know, I just got a note from Alpine saying that as of today, the iDA-x001 mega-iPod friendly car stereo is available at all Alpine-aothorized retailers. That means you can get your hoopty over to Best Buy and get the closest thing to iTunes in your car as is possible right now. Some retailers, Alpine couldn’t list who, are offering free installation and… Read More

  • The Browser Wars Are (sort of) Over

    Besides the gaming console and DVD format wars we’ve seemed to have forgotten the browser wars, but it seems as though that has come to an end, or at very least an amicable ceasefire. At the Web 2.0 Expo this week Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera and Google took center stage to discuss what’s really going on. The main topic of discussion was security and I’d like to think that’s… Read More

  • Qantas OKs In-Flight Texting

    Qantas, the official airline of Australia, has announced they will begin a three month public trial on one of Boeing 767s in the fleet for domestic flights. Emirates and Ryanair have also announced intentions to have such trials. Unfortunately, the US won’t be experiencing such trials anytime soon. I, for one, am happy about that. I hate people who talk very LOUD on the bus, and… Read More

  • Sling And Apple Teaming Up?

    It’s been a while since I posted anything about the iPhone, but it was only a matter of time before that trend would end. It seems as though Apple could be contemplating Sling’s bid to stream iTunes content to the iPhone. Sling CEO, Blake Krikorian, announced at NAB the company’s intentions to support the upcoming iPhone. I think the question for them is going to be, how are… Read More

  • Pedophile Blames Open WiFi Network For Kiddie Porn

    Pedophile Blames Open WiFi Network For Kiddie Porn

    Sure you can pin the blame on your unsecured router when the RIAA or MPAA comes knocking at your door, but when it’s the FBI and you’re accused of having tons of child pornography, don’t think you’re getting out of this one so easily. A guy in Texas had his home raided and the police found lots of child porn on his computer. When confronted, he blamed his… Read More