• Gracenote Mobile Music 2.0 Tries To Make Music-Playing Cellphones Not Suck

    Music-playing cellphones were supposed to have “arrived” by now, but few companies have actually gotten them right so far. (That could be the wireless providers’ fault, though.) So Gracenote, the company that runs the CDDB database that iTunes checks every time you insert an audio CD, has come up with the Mobile Music 2.0 Platform. I know, the name could use some work. MM2… Read More

  • Next-gen Sidekick Revealed

    This is not the actual next-gen Sidekick Sick of the iPhone coverage currently clogging the blogosphere? Yeah, me too. Like the Sidekick? I do on most days, so here’s some fun stuff for you, folks, to ponder. The jive turkeys at Hiptop3 have uncovered a couple websites that T-Mobile has registered and…wait for it. Wait for it. They reveal absolutely nothing other than possible names… Read More

  • Veoh Takes $26 million Round C

    P2P and web video sharing service Veoh has taken $26million in Round C funding. The new money takes total investment in Veoh to $41.25million. The pre money valuation is rumored to be between $60 million and $70 million. The company has Michael Eisner on its Board, content deals with companies like Us Magazine and United Talent Agency and as Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote in February, some very… Read More

  • Safari For Windows Updated To 3.0.1, Fixes Exploits

    Apple just released Safari 3.0.1 for Windows, which fixes a few of those exploits we mentioned the other day. The update doesn’t apply to the Mac version of the public beta since Macs are inherently immune from viruses and other malware. You can get it via the Software Update app that came with the latest version of iTunes or via Apple’s download site. Safari [Apple] Read More

  • T-MobileSignal: Unauthorized T-Mobile Forum Just Begging for a C&D

    More power to the cats over at T-MobileSignal, but they better get that TMo pink off of their forum or the Germans are going to blitz their inbox. Essentially, this is a fairly lively T-Mobile forum that answered some burning questions for some of our readers, so let’s all go over and wish them the best of luck. However, as Vincent at MyiPhone found out, trademark lawyers don’t… Read More

  • FBI Protects America By Fighting Zombies

    As part of Operation Bot Roast (good god, guys, really?), the FBI has contacted more than one million people, telling them their PCs have been zombified. Someone at the Bureau is wise to the intricate networks of botnets that routinely send massive numbers of spam e-mails and has now invoked the “national security” clause to help stop them. Our tips e-mail account regularly… Read More

  • iRiver M10 GPS Receiver and D5 Electronic Dictionary: Guess Which One Wouldn't Sell Here?

    iRiver has recently been branching out from the DAP and PMP business and into other, far stranger territory. Two new devices, the M10 GPS navigator and the D5 electronic dictionary, are scheduled to make their debut at a Korean trade show later this month. We can tell from the leaked pictures that the M10 will have built-in DMB (and what gadget doesn’t in Korea?) and multimedia… Read More

  • Leopard First Impressions Published, Quashed

    The lucky devils who got a dev version of OS X Leopard posted some tidbits and were quickly DESTROYED by legions of Apple lawyers. They are now circling the planet in a Kryptonian Phantom Zone but their words remain: • Mail is really great, seems super fast
    • Spotlight much more responsive, no pauses as you type
    • Safari seems faster and now has that styled text editor as in FireFox… Read More

  • Oots Oots Oots: You Gotta Believe the Equalizer BPM Helps You Raise The Roof

    Hey, funboys! Get a room! And while you’re at it, get an Equalizer BPM watch from Tokyoflash. This watch measures the audible BPM of any sound source — they’re saying it works as a heart rate monitor as well, but I doubt it — but for $65 you really can’t go wrong. It even has a little flashlight for picking out your next track. Hmmm… Dancing Queen or… Read More

  • For British Eyes Only: The O2 Cocoon

    For our readers on the other side of the pond, we have some lovely news for you. Seems O2 has unveiled its latest music phone, the Cocoon. It’s a white clamshell with a “sleek and stylish” design, dedicated music buttons on the side, quad-band GSM with 3G, and 2GB of on-board memory. Sounds pretty luxurious so far. But it gets better. O2 has included a microSD slot so you… Read More

  • EA Says Nintendo Wii Is Only As Powerful As The Original Xbox: Does Anyone Care Anymore?

    The “in” thing to do seems to be ragging on the Nintendo Wii because it’s not as powerful as either the Xbox 360 or the PS3. (Sales numbers show that end-users really don’t care, though.) One of EA’s developers said that the Wii is only as powerful as the original Xbox. It’s about as powerful as the original Xbox. The video hardware unfortunately is not… Read More

  • 14K Gold Slinky For The Rich

    Executives on Wall Street, take note. If you need a good source of entertainment but won’t be caught with any metal that isn’t gold, well then you’re in luck. Slinky has just released a 14-karat gold-plated Slinky toy for spoiled little kids everywhere. Not only is it a fun toy which will eventually become tangled into a complete mess, it’s a $69 toy that will… Read More

  • Whole Lotta HD Channels For Comcast

    Comcast has treated me pretty decently to be honest. I can’t complain that much about its service and the programming lineup on TV has been enjoyable. I was hoping Comcast would add some more channels to its HD lineup and apparently my wish is coming true. The company is promising up to a total of 400 HD channels by the end of this year, with more to come. By 2008, Comcast says it will… Read More

  • Samsung Supersizes HDTV to 70 inches

    I really don’t know why companies in SK attempt to compete with Samsung. They have the world’s slimmest phones and they seem to be the king of ‘world’s firsts,’ so the latest product to grace the world with its presence shouldn’t come as a real surprise. Samsung has introduced a beauty of an HDTV in Korea, a 70–inch LCD packed full of LEDs, bitches. Read More

  • RoboGames This Weekend: Where Robots and Their Human Masters Engage in Sport

    Heads up if you’ll be in the San Francisco area this weekend: the RoboGames, the world’s largest robot competition, are in town! From Friday to Sunday you’ll see robots competing in manly sports designed to ween out the weak among us. Actually, it’s kinda hard to harsh on the games since some of the people involved seem to have a sense of humor about it: “The… Read More

  • The Toy Polaris Sub Revealed

    As a child of the early seventies, I grew up in a time between the scams on the Interwebs and scams on the backs of comic books. My parents were fairly savvy when it came to this kind of stuff, but on this one point they were dead wrong: the Polaris Sub, once available for a mere $6.98, kicked major ass. Look at this kid. Happy, submarining, just waiting for dirty commies to roll up on him. Read More

  • Kodak Camera Sensor May Eliminate Flash

    Kodak today unveiled its biggest load of crap by announcing that it has developed a way to eliminate flash use on a camera. Thanks to new imaging technology in its new camera sensors, you may not even need a flash the next time you go to take that award-losing night-shot. Only problem is, no matter how good your imaging sensor is, if it’s dark out, it’s dark out. Your pictures… Read More

  • Graphics Comparison: Xbox 360 vs. PS3

    Which system has the better graphics, the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3? Clearly it’s an important topic that needs to be addressed and GameSpot did just that. This is the second graphics comparison it has done, coming six months after the first. The idea is that, six months ago, the PS3 was still shiny and new and relatively unknown to developers in comparison to the already year-old… Read More

  • The Duke Arrives on Verizon Wireless

    While the still in development Duke Nukem Forever for the PC remains solidly vaporware at this point (enough that many have labeled the game “Duke Nukem Whatever”), the Duke has made his debut on the third screen. SkyZone Entertainment and MachineWorks Northwest have announced that Duke Nukem Arena 3D is live on select Verizon Wireless Get It Now enabled phones. The game, which… Read More

  • Pater Obsoletis: VOTE TIME

    We didn’t get very many entries, but the entries we did get were great. Hit the jump for the videos and to vote for the best and technologically dullest Pater in existence. We’ll close voting on Friday at 12pm EST so the winner can tell Pops the good news. Read More