• Recent E-mail Outage Affects BlackBerry Users

    Owners of RIM’s BlackBerry devices still making up for lost “Sent from my BlackBerry” time since the Great BlackBerry Outage of April, 2007 suffered another setback Friday as an unknown glitch prevented some users from receiving messages. The problem was allegedly fixed in about six hours but undelivered e-mails trickled out slowly throughout the course of the day, long… Read More

  • Newly Found Mineral In Russia Absorbs Radiation Like I Absorb Old 'The King Of Queens' Episodes (Really Well)

    Is this a gadget? No. Will people who like gadgets find it interesting? I hope so. I did. Scientists in Middle-of-Nyet, Russia have discovered a mineral that’s capable of absorbing radioactivity present in liquid nuclear waste. It’s called 27-4 for lack of an official name. Read More

  • Shot Of Wii Wheel For Sale In The Wild

    The official line from Nintendo is that the Wii Wheel steering wheel accessory will be available in the beginning of 2008, along with the Wii version of Mario Kart. However, I just got back from Europe, where I happened to spot that very product for sale in an electronics store within the Amsterdam airport for 20 Euros, or about $26. Check it out. And if your first thought is “Oh… Read More

  • Video: Proof That iPhoneSIMFree Unlocks The iPhone

    See the upper left hand corner of this photo, folks? It says T-Mobile. Cool, no? I like T-Mobile more than I like AT&T. That’s just me, though. Gizmodo has video of iPhoneSIMFree’s software at work. It looks real easy, too. Like a baby could do it if you pushed the aforementioned baby’s little hand down on a couple of buttons every now and again. The whole process takes… Read More

  • 400 Million Downloads For Firefox In Less Than Three Years

    Firefox has been downloaded 400 million times in the three years since v 1.0 launched. It’s been roughly doubling every year. After six months they had 50 million downloads. 100 million after a year, and 200 million after two years. There are 120 million or so regular Firefox users. About 50% of TechCrunch readers use Firefox, according to our Google Analytics account, and it is the… Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Backwards Compatibility Web Page

    Admittedly, I’m a Wii man. I’m in my late twenties so I no longer have the dexterity required to operate a controller with dozens of buttons like you whippersnappers do. The few times I’ve seen the PS3 in action, though, I’ve been prone to experiencing a little drool buildup in the area of the bottom of my mouth between where my tongue ends and my teeth begin. It looks… Read More

  • Upcoming 4th Quarter Sprint Phones Leaked

    Phonenews.com has some new(ish) information concerning Sprint’s Q4 selection of telecommunication devices, thanks to some recent internal document leakage. Read More

  • iPhoneSimFree Gets Bought Out!

    I know I said no more Apple stories, but this just came in and I couldn’t pass it up. iPhoneSimFree was supposed to ship their product this last Monday, but it never did because of who knows what. Now they’ve been bought out by an unknown company in the US. Will they ever ship the software? Was it Apple? Check out the letter sent to purchasers. Thanks for the tip, SS! Read More

  • Free iPhone Ringtones via iTunes

    There isn’t much in the way of news today thanks to Apple. I’ll do my best to stop reporting on Apple news after this. Cleverboy over at macrumors has found a way to get free ringtones by changing the file extension. Oh joy! Update: If you’ve recently updated iTunes then you won’t be able to use the methodology shown here unless you add the following instructions into… Read More

  • iPod Nano UI Tour

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Want to see what the iPod Fat Nano is all about? Of course you do. The UI is much improved over previous versions and it really is a visual treat. It’s very slick and refined. I still want the Touch, but whatevs. Sorry about the blurry video. You can’t expect miracles from an iSight. Check out… Read More

  • New JVC Air Cushion Headphones Use Memory Foam

    Anybody who sleeps on a memory foam mattress knows that it’s comfortable beyond your wildest imagination. I don’t have a full memory foam mattress yet but I do have a 4-inch foam topper and it feels as though I’m sleeping atop God’s tubby, visco-elastic belly. That’s the feeling JVC’s going for with its new Air Cushion headphones. The main part of the… Read More

  • Grooveshark Music Service Pays You To Upload Music

    Here’s an interesting idea. Offer DRM-free downloads at 99 cents per track and pay regular users to upload the files in their music collection. Sell those tracks and split the profits with the record label, the user who uploaded the tracks, and keep a little for yourself. Such is Grooveshark, a mostly browser-based music service built by a group of college students in Florida. At… Read More

  • Europe's Seedcamp winners announced

    The winners of Seedcamp, the new incubator-style event for European startups, have been announced. In an extraordinary decision the 36 judges (made up of Seedcamp investors including nine of Europe’s top VCs, mentors and Seedcamp board) have decided to fund not five but six of the companies out of the original 20. They are (in no particular order): “Project Playfair /… Read More

  • Scoble's Open Letter to Steve Jobs

    Oh, Scoble! You and your “talking back to power” jive. See, ever since Steve Jobs broke cover and told iPhone early adopters they could have $100, those selfsame early adopters have been pissed. I see the move as simple economics — the cellphone industry does this all the time. Take a look at the RAZR. When it first came out, you paid $500 for it and now they give them away… Read More

  • Apple Mulls Price Cuts On TV Shows

    In the wake of NBC canceling its contract with Apple, rumors are flying high about Apple informing networks and studios that they’ll be cutting the price of TV shows on iTunes Read More

  • MicroNet's G-Force MegaDisk NAS

    If you’re like me, your music library is over 100GB and remote storage becomes a more crucial option. That’s why you should take a minute and learn about the latest NAS from MicroNet. At $340 for 1TB, you really can’t beat the new G-Force MegaDisk NAS. It has some primo features like an integrated print server, one-touch backup, a dual-core CPU, and best of all, an iTunes… Read More

  • Fug City: Toshiba Enters Gaming Keyboard Market

    Anyone want to take a stab at what kind of drugs Toshiba was doing at the R&D lab when they thought up this product? Anyone? This “gaming keyboard” from Toshiba is the company’s first and hopefully its last. Sporting 55-keys and a circular design, the keyboard is supposedly called “Wolverine” even though it doesn’t look a thing like the X-Man. Designed… Read More

  • EU Trains to Get Broadband

    Lucky dirty hippies! Now all those with a EURail pass, courtesy of mom and dad in Connecticut, and raging herpes, courtesy of Paulo in Madrid, can hop on the train in Paris and surf, surf, surf all the way to Amsterdam on Thalys rail. The system uses GPRS and UMTS along with Wi-Fi to offer standard Internet connectivity, even at 300km/h (5,000,000 mph, in U.S. units.) Read More

  • The AudioFile: iPod Touch-Up

    Now you can surf the Web, watch YouTube videos, and get over-the-air downloads on your iPod. Other portable media players out there do similar things, but are they catching on? Not even close, at least in the US. But a few from the likes of Microsoft, Archos, and SanDisk offer up some interesting tricks that are just screaming for inclusion in the iPod touch. Read More

  • Sony Gives 9-year-old Hero A PS3

    Matty Lovo is the coolest kid out there. When his father passed out behind the wheel of his big rig (gotta use that NO-DOZE!) and death was rapidly approaching, Matty took both their lives into his hands, single-handedly calling for help over a C.B. radio and driving at the same time. The boy was all over news channels and he told his father publicly that he wanted a PS3. Not too much to ask… Read More

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