• TechCrunch50 Isn't About The Parties.

    TechCrunch50 is all about the startups. But 50 startups (its actually 52) launching over three days is a lot to digest. That’s why we’ve got a different party planned each night, hosted by MySpace, Symantec and Seesmic. Your TechCrunch50 attendee badge is all that’s required to get into these parties. We are encouraging everyone to arrive early, as space is limited. When… Read More

  • Toshiba launches the TLP-XE30U 3LCD projector

    Business types take notice. Toshiba is launching a new, mobile projector aimed right at you suits. The TLP-XE30U might not have a great name but the 3,000 ANSI lumen brightness, along with a nice three-year warranty should make up for it. It’s got a blackboard mode along with a one-touch auto screen setup for quick pre-meeting prep time. Overall though, this is just… Read More

  • Another LEGO Batman character revealed!

    We have been following LEGO Batman closely and Warner just revealed to us the latest character. Alfred Pennyworth is joining Batman as a skilled sidekick. Kind of looks like Oddjob though… Screenshots after the break Read More

  • Flight attendants on in-flight porn usage

    Now that in-flight internet is becoming a normal option, a certain taboo activity is popping up more and more during those long, lonely flights. A few airlines have taken the issue upon themselves to lock down certain themed sites but that doesn’t rule out already downloaded material. Then other airlines, such as American Airlines, are offering unfiltered service and thus leaving… Read More

  • Tapulous Cofounder Mike Lee Ejected From Company

    In the startup world, it isn’t uncommon to see a cofounder fall out of love with their company and leave after only a few months. But when a cofounder is forced out of an apparently red-hot startup, it can lead to further employee departures and instability. Mike Lee, co-founder of Tapulous and Chief Architect of client software, has been ejected from the company. Read More

  • Newest PwnageTool brings iPhone 2.0.2 jailbreaking to OS X

    While Windows users got a few days of exclusivity on the firmware 2.0.2 jailbreaking front with the release of QuickPwn, Mac users are now free to get in on the fun. The iPhone Dev Team released PwnageTool 2.0.3 this morning, which should be able to crack iPhones/iPod Touches running firmware 2.0.2. It comes pre-loaded with the most recent version of the Installer beta (b6) and German… Read More

  • Guitar Praise: Rocking with your God out

    For those who are about to rock, let us pray! Is the threat of Satanic destruction of your immortal soul a real and pressing issue? Are you afraid to let the darkness of AC/DC and Metallica into your home? Well have we got a plastic guitar for you. The Guitar Praise: Solid Rock kit ships on September 25 and will work on Windows and Mac – no console compatibility planned. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Dual 19-inch monitor setup for $359.99

    Give yourself 2560×1024 pixels of desktop real estate with this Soyo GoVideo dual-monitor setup. Sure, widescreen displays are all the rage and sure, you could get a 24-inch widescreen LCD for under $300 if you looked hard enough, but some people want two 4:3 19-inch monitors on a fancy swivel stand, am I right? Contrast ratio is 700:1, brightness is 300 nits, and inputs are VGA or DVI-D… Read More

  • MediaFLO adds three new all-news-all-the-time channels

    Qualcomm’s mobile TV arm, MediaFLO has expanded its news coverage, just in time for the U.S. presidential race. The mobile TV service will now include three new 24/7 news channels: CNBC and MSNBC from NBC Universal and FOX News. MediaFLO said the news services were timed to launch for the political party convention season. MediaFLO USA’s mobile TV service is available to… Read More

  • Google Will Now Manage Your Website's Ads

    Last March, Google began inviting a select number of publishers within its AdSense network to test a new hosted advertisement management tool called Google Ad Manager. The search company has now announced that the tool is out of beta and available to all publishers with AdSense accounts. Read More

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