• PikiWiki: Drag 'n Drop Files onto Collaborative Pages

    PikiWiki, which opened to the public yesterday, is no ordinary wiki. Instead of collaborating with others to edit text-dominated pages, people can use PikiWiki to easily share media with one another in a scrapbook-like environment. The coolest thing about PikiWiki is how well the company has pulled off its drag and drop interface. After you sign up for a free account and create a blank page… Read More

  • The Holy Grail For Mobile Social Networks

    We’ve been tracking emerging mobile-only social networks such as ZYB and Mocospace and Mig33. All have unique selling points (Mocospace is dead simple to use, ZYB has a rich set of potential users from their address book backup service, and Mig33 has a VOIP tool that has attracted over seven million users), but there’s one solid gold feature that none yet have: physical… Read More

  • Apple to iPhone Devs: Go Ahead, But We're Not Helping

    Apple isn’t going to help you hack your iPhone or iPod Touch. That being said, it’s not going to stop you either. In an interview with PC Mag, Greg Joswiak, Apple’s smart head of marketing, basically said that while Apple won’t block development of the handhelds as a platform, it won’t actively break native apps made by third parties. That’s not to say that… Read More

  • Social networks to merge with Bluetooth apps?

    Dating – especially handing over contact details – is a tortuous business at times, so how much easier would it be to network if the point of contact was made easier to control? Social networks have this opportunity right now, but how do you take it into the physical world? UK based First Move is a dating site where you create a private profile then buy black or pink credit-card… Read More

  • Trio Of 'phones From Acoustic Research

    Announced at CEDIA, Acoustic Research unveiled a trio of ‘phones for your listening pleasure. The AWD510 and 210 models deliver high definition sound over a 2.4Ghz advanced digital RF. There’s also a light weight in-ear noise isolating set of buds, ARE05, to tickle your fancy. Read More

  • Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock Coming To A Mac, PC Near You

    I tried playing Guitar Hero once and I embarrassed myself in front of half a dozen or so people at Best Buy. In real life, I can actually play the guitar. Not well, mind you, but I can keep a tune. We all know Macs have been lacking in gaming for quite some time and I’m not much of a fan of Harry Potter, but I’m without a doubt anticipating the release of Guitar Hero III for the… Read More

  • Exclusive Shots of the New Vonage VDV21 Router

    You like to make phone calls? This little black box will let you make phone calls. Our tipster writes: just received one of the new Vonage VDV21 boxes. The package was pretty nice and it is about a 2 min process to get setup. I will let you know how this thing works – only downside so far is you need to get a new Vonage number to do the beta, you can’t use your existing #. This… Read More

  • Unlock Your iPhone with WirelessImports.com and CG

    Welcome to a new day, folks. I’m talking to WirelessImports.com right now and we’re going to get 5 unlock codes for five separate iPhones. You have to have an iPhone to enter and presumably not like/not have Cingular service or be ready to buy one when we pick your name. Want to find out what you have to do? Read More

  • Back to School 2007: Gadgets for Grade-schoolers

    Hey kids! You’re old enough to want but not old enough to procure. What should you do? Ask your parents for some of these ultra-fine items. What if they say no, you ask? Keep whining! Cellphones Let’s start out with cellphones. Sure mom and dad can get you some old phone from Verizoningularmobile. But who wants that? Take a look at Kajeet or, if you’re a little less tech… Read More

  • Back to School 2007: Real College Student™ Advice from "Jaike"

    Jaike recommends a water pipe, shown here. Hey guys, Im a Decision Information Sciences Major at the University Of Florida finishing my masters this semester. Some good (not all tech) stuff for college, seeing as i’ve been here a good minute now. Tech: I have a Toshiba Satellite A-205, this laptop is great and does everything I need. The battery life is about 3 hours on powersave mode… Read More

  • iPhoneSimFree Software Hack Leaked

    I’ve been feverishly searching torrent sites for the iPhoneSimFree software hack just to see if it’s been leaked. I don’t have an iPhone nor do I wish to purchase one, but everything else gets leaked onto the Web so I figured this would be no different. Low and behold, what do I find? Oh yeah, the software hack. Oddly enough it came from the Hackint0sh forums, but whatever. Read More

  • T-Mobile To Drop 'Total Internet' Data Plan To $19.99

    BGR is reporting that, starting tomorrow, the add-on price of T-Mobile’s “Total Internet” plan will drop to $19.99 per month, down from $29.99. T-Mobile is also announcing a new e-mail-only BlackBerry plan for $9.99 per month. That seems like an odd offering seeing that web browsing is blocked along with any other types of data transfer, but kudos to T-Mo for offering its… Read More

  • Tron Sequel Officialized!

    If you’re even remotely alive and over the age of 25, you’ve probably seen and loved Tron. The film has a crappy plot on the surface: a nerdy computer programmer gets sucked into the computer system he’s coding for. The thing is, it’s not science fiction, it’s fantasy. The story is an old one: a god-like being (a “User”) finds himself living among… Read More

  • Stop Playing Brick Breaker On Your BlackBerry

    Often times I notice BB addicts on the train and they’re not exactly what you would call a power user. Most of them are just checking e-mail and maybe playing Brick Breaker. There’s a whole lot more available to you on your BB, but chances are you just don’t know where to go to find apps, right? Well, RIM has launched Built for Blackberry where you can go to find all sorts… Read More

  • SIM Unlocking the iPhone for Windows Using iPhoneSIMFree

    I’m no hacking ninja, so when I tried to crack my iPhone in OS X and Windows, I ran into a bit of trouble. I performed these steps using Windows Vista on a standard PC and the worked after two restores. I cannot vouch for the value or accuracy of these steps but worse comes to worse you restore to factory settings using iTunes and start over. You could brick your iPhone — be warned. Read More

  • Wristwatch Remote Starts Aston Martin

    Remote start for a horseless carriage is old news these days, but when said remote start is strapped to your wrist then I start to pay attention. And when said remote start on wrist fires up and unlocks an Aston Martin it makes me drool. For those of you with the bankroll to purchase an Aston Martin DBS you’ll want to throw down a little extra for the limited edition Jaeger LeCoultre… Read More

  • Fujitsu's PalmSecure Mouse Identifies You By The Veins In Your Palm

    Another edition of man meeting machine. Fujitsu’s PalmSecure mouse reads the veins inside your palms, identifying you in the process. It’s supposed to be more secure than fingerprint readers and the like. It looks a little silly, but this is more for enterprise-level organizations and not your basement office. When it ships, it’ll come with all the necessary software… Read More

  • Do Brains Like Mobile Phones?

    A recently published study exploring the effects of frequent mobile phone use on the brain claims long-term exposure slows brain functions. But at the same time, frequent mobile phone users showed better focused attention. No conclusions can be drawn as to whether these effects are adverse to health or not, but data has been collected from more that 20,000 people to replicate this study… Read More

  • UK Wants To Ban Energy-Thirsty Plasma TVs

    I remember when the United Kingdom used to run this stupid planet, now it’s all about banning anything that might offend anyone or, in this case, draws “too much” electricity. Yeah, OK. Apparently, if we want to trust the UK Sun, government leaders in the UK will propose a ban on electronic devices that suck up too much electricity, draining the lifestream from the planet or… Read More

  • Back To School 2007: The Best Cheap Laptops

    There is no more archetypal a small living space than a college dorm. Sure, us New Yorkers have to deal with closet-sized apartments, but next to the squalor of a freshman quad, crashing in the Lowest East Side is living in luxury. Such cramped conditions call for thin and light gadgets. When I was in college, I made the mistake of lugging a mini-tower to my dorm. Big mistake. A laptop not… Read More

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