• Pentax's Optio W60 loves water and dust, also takes pretty pictures

    Now here is a point-and-shoot I might actually want to have around. My Rebel XT has served me fine for a couple years now, but I’d be wary of taking it whitewater rafting. This Pentax, however, will go 13 feet under the waves for a couple hours and be none the wetter inside. It’s sealed against dust and dirt as well as water, and will operate down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a… Read More

  • Tag Galaxy: great way to explore Flickr

    Click the pic for the high-res version.
    This is a great little toy, though it’s a bit slow at the moment. It requires a little RAM and a good connection, so don’t try this on your Powerbook on that coffee shop wi-fi. You pick a tag, then navigate into planets covered in Flickr photos with that tag. They remind me of Katamari Damacy’s stellar objects or Super Mario… Read More

  • UrTurn Pays You To Use Facebook

    Keeping up with your friends on social networks is hard work (enough so that many of us spend hours at it every week). Wouldn’t you like to make a few bucks for your trouble? Meet UrTurn, a new startup that hopes to create a unified virtual currency across all major social networks. The site has just launched in a public beta, and is currently available as a Facebook app (with… Read More

  • Review: Myvu Crystal video eyewear for iPod

    You know what? If I were to buy a television for the sole purpose of playing video games and I didn’t expect any friends to ever drop by (no two-player action), I might just consider picking up a pair of video glasses like these instead. Read More

  • Chinese gamer girl detained over YouTubed remarks regarding earthquake victims

    So let’s say your country has a huge natural disaster, like an earthquake, that kills thousands and thousands of your citizens. Your fairly repressive government mandates a three-day mourning period, which includes a few hours of your favorite games being offline. Do you: A) Contemplate life and realize you’re lucky to be alive? B) Quietly find something else to do during the… Read More

  • After the 3G iPhone, what's next from Apple?

    No more 3G iPhone rumors for The Wall Street Journal, please. The Murdoch-owned Big Paper is already looking beyond the phone’s suspected June 9 launch to what Apple may release in the next five years, as predicted by Forrester Research (and everyone on the Internet). They include: • Digital photo frames, possibly with a touchscreen and built-in speakers • A networkable… Read More

  • Official: Castlevania movie in the works

    So there’s a movie coming up in the next few years based on the video games of Castlevania, one of the most successful lines of games ever. And we don’t mean the awesome-sounding one by my friend Warren Ellis, this is a live-action Simon Belmont pic by the guys who did Resident Evil and Stomp the Yard. Wait, what? Yes. Who knows, maybe it won’t 100% suck as bad as it sounds… Read More

  • FriendFeed Launches Rooms

    Activity stream aggregator FriendFeed launched a new feature called FriendFeed Rooms this afternoon, which are effectively topic-based accounts that anyone can create or join (depending on privacy settings). Users can then add links and messages to relevant content. The main difference between Rooms and a normal FriendFeed account is the fact that multiple users can author it, and that… Read More

  • DNCHRD: Everyone wins when technology and dance combine

    Dancing, shall we say, isn’t something I do. Oh sure, after a tremendous amount of booze, I may rock the generic Ibiza one-two step while at one of New York’s “clubs” (such as Mansion, where I’ll be this Saturday supporting up-and-coming DJ and producer Vincent Voltaire), but generally, no bailo. So imagine my trepidation upon being invited to an event, DNCHRD… Read More

  • Rumor: FCC working with carriers to reduce cellphone contract penalties

    So you want an iPhone. Or you just hate your carrier and want to switch to someone else. You should be able to just do that, right? But you cannot, as there are all kinds of fees and penalties that they hit you with, it’s horrible. Luckily for you the FCC has your back, as word is it’s been quietly been working with carriers to put together a standard plan on how to handle those… Read More

  • The Naked Pico-ITX challenge has begun

    They were still taking bets when I heard about this about a week ago, but now the challenge has begun. For those of you not in the know, Technovoyance and VIA doing a stunt right now where they’re running this super-efficient little Pico-ITX chipset with no fans, no heatsink or anything until it croaks. They took bets from people on how long it would go with the prize being a build kit… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct launch date confirmed

    We just got official word that Samsung’s Instinct will hit the shelves at Sprint’s retail stores on June 20th. Itching for more about the device Samsungs pitching as a deadly iPhone competitor? Be sure to check all of our Instinct coverage.. Read More

  • Indiana Jones and the Rad Dork of Kirkland

    Look, I’m as excited to see the new Indiana Jones film as you are, maybe more so, as it’s my favorite series after the original Star Wars trilogy. And while it’s cool to have a hobby, sometimes you just take things too far.

    This local man, who works on Pokemon for a living, might have done just that with his Indiana Jones obsession. His wife wouldn’t let him name their… Read More

  • Virgin America rubbing salt in my wounds

    Heh. Not really. But I am bummed out because I missed Virgin America’s first “Superfly Wednesdays” from NYC to LA because I’m sick. As most of you know already, VA’s in-flight entertainment system, RED, allows seat-to-seat messaging and this would have been the perfect opportunity for me to send a little message to Jaslene Gonzalez, a previous winner of… Read More

  • Biomimetic sharktail wave-action harvester

    Now there are a few words you probably weren’t expecting to read today. I have to say I’m a little skeptical of this system; after all, sharks’ tails are part of a supremely aquadynamic design and are powered by enormous muscles, not the waves, though I’m sure the researchers are aware of that. The system is designed to oscillate in the current, driving against a… Read More

  • Alienware brings back Area-51 ALX desktops: Very powerful indeed

    Gabo, Gabo, Gabo! Friends! Alienware is bringing back the Area-51 ALX desktop, the top-of-the-line model that had many PC enthusiasts reaching for their credit cards not too long ago. This time, the Dell-owned brand has overclocked the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770—”the big one”—from 3.2GHz to 4.0Ghz. What on God’s Green Earth you need that many hertz for I… Read More

  • No squad control for Gears of War 2

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I never used the squad controls in the first GoW. Does anyone else care or not care that this feature is being axed for GoW2? Read More

  • Apple looking for WiMax, UWB engineer

    After the banners were unfurled at January’s Macworld with their “There’s something in the air” teaser, many hoped Apple would be announcing the addition of WiMax to their laptop line up. When it turned out that the “air” bit was referring to Apple’s Macbook Air, the Apple/WiMax rumor mill grinded to a halt, presumably because everyone was busy… Read More

  • James Cameron bets big on 3D, says you'll love it everywhere

    Director James Cameron, maker of such amazing films as Terminator and The Abyss, has spent years and millions developing 3D cinema technology, rumored to be a driving force behind the film Avatar he’s been working on since the beginning of time. But he wants you to know that it’s not just about movies, the technology could be used in many other ways. He points out that by using… Read More

  • Acer's 'Predator' gaming PCs get preliminary prices

    Yesterday was “Hey, look at the new Acer gaming PCs” day. Today is “Hey, we’ve got some early pricing and specs for you” day. TrustedReviews.com has some interesting information in that the Predator line of PCs won’t be customizable — the machines will just be sold off-the-shelf in stores. That’s good for people who don’t want to wait, but… Read More

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