• Averatec releases new $1100 'ultraportable' notebook

    Ever the purveyor of affordable notebooks, Averatec has just released a 12.1-inch, 3.9-pound “ultraportable” notebook. I don’t know if I’d stretch this into the ultraportable realm — maybe thin and light, although “thin” is kind of stretching it too. Anyway, it’s a pretty good price for what you get; an AMD Turion 64 X2 dual-core processor… Read More

  • Myrl launches Web-based virtual world

    Virtual worlds are all very well but they are usually closed systems which don’t integrate well with the Web, and since the Web won the platform wars a while back it makes sense to integrate the two a little better. Despite this, virtual worlds are still adding users. There are now more than 200 virtual worlds and Gartner Research estimates that 50 to 60 million people will participate… Read More

  • Firefox 3: So easy a caveman could do it

    Firefox 3 won’t be out of beta until the end of June but Mozilla told Reuters yesterday that anyone can go ahead and download the most recent version and run it without worrying too much. It’s now stable enough for everyone, not just developers. Read More

  • Bids In: Verizon and AT&T Big Winners

    The FCC ended bidding for the 700 megahertz spectrum yesterday. Verizon Communications and AT&T won the largest shares of the spectrum after 260 rounds of bidding. The FCC raised $19.12 billion from bidders. Verizon and AT&T won more than $16 billion worth of licenses, airwaves they plan to use to for voice, data services and new wireless technologies. Frontier Wireless, a partner of… Read More

  • NBA games coming to theaters in 3D

    Smart guy, that Mark Cuban. He knew that people with high definition TVs would rather watch a show about dolphins in HD over anything else being broadcast in standard definition so he invested a bunch of money into HD programming. Now he’s betting that people will actually want to watch professional basketball if it’s broadcast at a public theater in 3D. Hell, I’d… Read More

  • CBS Sports Facing March Madness Backlash on Facebook. "This App Blows."

    Don’t mess with March Madness. CBS Sports is learning that lesson the hard way on Facebook, where a major backlash is happening over its NCAA basketball bracket application. Yes, this is the same application that was allowed to spam users’ friends with more invites than other Facebook apps. The app—which lets you pick which basketball teams you think will win March… Read More

  • CrunchWord Puzzle!

    Here’s the latest CrunchGear-themed crossword puzzle. You can find the answers to the clues spread throughout this week’s posts. Enjoy! CrunchWord Puzzle for Friday, March 21st Read More

  • MoConDi to Offer Free Greystripe Mobile Games

    MoConDi announced today that it will make over 800 free games available to community members of the MoConDi-run MeYou Community. The games will come from Greystripe, a company that distributes ad-supported mobile games. MeYou users can download games, recommend games to other community members, or learn about a hot new game from others. “Mobile social networks are an ideal place for users… Read More

  • Federated Media's Battelle Slams Rival, Hints At Investing In Publishers

    Two thing jumped out at me when I read a CNET interview with John Battelle of Federated Media this morning – his direct criticism of competitor Glam Media as a “flavor of the month,” and his suggestion that he may take equity stakes in his publishers. Full disclosure – Federated Media is our ad selling partner. Sometimes we love them. Sometimes, not so much. Glam Media… Read More

  • Australian Startup Carnival Highlights Antipodean StartUps

    The results of the Australian Startup Carnival were announced Sunday, and as a judge I had the opportunity to review every entry. The carnival was entry based, so not every Australian startup was featured, and yet there were some great entries. The winner was Perth, Western Australia based Scouta, a media recommendations service we’ve featured a couple of times on TechCrunch. The judges… Read More

  • Euro startups plugged at Plugg

    This week there was a new conference on the Web 2.0 block in Europe. Plugg saw investors and startups from across Europe come together to discuss the market and some 20 startups pitched their companies at the event, attended by about 300 people. Although much smaller than Le Web 3 in Paris (which gets about 1,500 attendees), Plugg had the makings of a more intimate atmosphere amongst… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Cars in the Balance Edition

    Shelf swivels in response to lopsided weight
    360 Vodka: World’s first eco-friendly spirit
    Remember Micro Machines?
    Break It Down Elmo dances for our sins
    Contest: Win this Geeks.com 2GB hunk of garbage Read More

  • Crunch Network


    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. J Rob on Verizon Wireless claims big chunk of 700MHz spectrum, AT&T grabs a small bite Finally, the winner of the 700 MHz spectrum auction will free us from the shackles of oppression wrought by the current wireless corporate . . . . . Read More

  • Creating the Social Media Broadcast (Sonecast)

    In the age of social media—when everybody is busy creating personal broadcasts on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, blogs, Justin.tv, you name it—what happens to the notion of the broadcast? I am not talking about TV or radio, where traditional broadcasts still work the way they always have. I am talking about broadcasting an event or a message on the Web. Does the… Read More

  • God 2.0 Online This Easter

    Its Good Friday and while millions will be enjoying the day off, others will be attending church and praying for salvation. According to a Pew survey in 2004, 64% of American Internet users perform spiritual and religious activities online, so here’s a few sites appropriate for the day. GodTube We covered GodTube in April 2007 and the site is still spreading the word. GodTube is a… Read More

  • Exclusive first look: Snake-Eyes from the forthcoming G.I. Joe movie!

    [photopress:joemovsnake_eyes.jpg,full,center] I’ve been dreading this movie since I first heard of it, but something about this leaked image of Snake-Eyes makes me think it’ll be alright. I mean, look at him. That’s Snake-Eyes. When I got this in my inbox, I knew who it was before I read the email. This is Snake-Eyes. This is awesome, please don’t let them muck it… Read More

  • LinkedIn, Now For Companies

    LinkedIn, the boring social network that won’t find you a date but may land you a job, is expanding beyond people profiles. On Friday morning they will launch company profile pages that partly serve as fact sheets for about 160,000 companies and partly serve to reveal the connections that members have with them. These private pages (you have to be signed in to see them) pull in some… Read More

  • BlogCatalog.com Adds Cross-Network Search

    BlogCatalog, one of the oldest operating blog directories is expanding with a with the beta launch of Social Search, a cross-network aggregation search engine that searches multiple social networks. The Social Search feature is built on top on BlogCatalog’s Social Dashboard, which (like many services lately) aggregates member activity across other popular networks. The search feature… Read More

  • eBay Terminates 125, But Will Hire More Long Term

    eBay has fired 125 workers as part of a restructure of its US and European Operations. The 125 were located in the U.S, Belgium, Spain and Austria and “were part of an effort to centralize some customer support, finance and legal functions and were not aimed at cutting costs” reports CNN, quoting the company saying that it is actually looking to expand on its 15,000 strong… Read More

  • Is Apple's 3-D technology patent a sign of its video game console initiative?

    [photopress:patent_080320_2.jpg,full,center] The US patent office is responsible for much rumormongering. It’s the nature of the beast to publicize half-legible drawings that make us bloggers try to make sense of what’s going on. Usually the images and descriptions are vague enough that we can’t figure out what we’re looking at, but sometimes, when coupled with other… Read More

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