• Detroit Pistons MP3 Player

    Detroit Pistons MP3 Player

    Looks like the Detroit Pistons are readying to become the next Chinese knock-off company. But don’t get on their cases just yet. Despite looking a lot like a first-generation iPod Shuffle, this $25 MP3 player is only 128MB and plays WMA and MP3 formats and comes with a beautiful Pistons logo on the front of the device. It could be the best thing to come out of Detroit since Ford and Eminem. Read More

  • HTC Love Is Lookin’ Cute

    HTC Love Is Lookin’ Cute

    HTC is about to show us some love with the release of the Love. The HTC Love is focused primarily on media and really is a multimedia device more than a phone. This quad-band GSM device comes with EDGE, WiFi, FM radio, a 2-megapixel camera, a 2.8-inch 64k color LCD at 340×240 resolution, 256MB of ROM/64MB of RAM, microSD with a plentiful 512MB card packaged with the device, USB, and… Read More

  • Question: Where Are You?

    Quick question: where are most of you located? I’m trying to plan our coverage and wanted to post the coolest stuff at the right time. [poll=8] Read More

  • Amanda Congdon on ABC: Travesty or Horror?

    Amanda Congdon on ABC: Travesty or Horror?

    Everyone in this crazy post-Web 2.0 world deserves a break, but please, people, explain to me Amanda Congdon’s draw and/or why this snippet of WTF is being hosted by ABC? I know my video reviews suck the donkey wang, but there’s an ABC News bug down in the corner there. I thought she’d have a budget. ABC++VIDEOCASTPAGEDOTCOML33T! Amanda Congdon’s Webcasts Are Real, And… Read More

  • Yahoo Begins Panama Roll-Out In The U.S.

    Yahoo Begins Panama Roll-Out In The U.S.

    Panama, Yahoo’s long awaited upgrade to their search marketing program, is now open to any U.S. business. Previously, the program was only available to Yahoo’s existing search marketing customers that wanted to upgrade to the new platform. Panama will bring much needed updates to help Yahoo compete more effectively with Google’s contextual advertising platform. Under Panama, ads… Read More

  • The Eight Ways The Tech Industry Tries To Screw Us — And How To Avoid Them

    The Eight Ways The Tech Industry Tries To Screw Us — And How To Avoid Them

    It may come as a shock to some people that tech companies are corporations–charged first and foremost with making money. Still, it sometimes seems like it wouldn’t hurt Big Tech to treat us just a little bit better. Here are some of the ways companies try to screw you… and how a savvy customer can avoid them. Read More

  • Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock i For iPod Announced

    Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock i For iPod Announced

    Cambridge SoundWorks announced today that it’ll be releasing their new iPod Dock in January. The PlayDock i (gotta have that lowercase “i”, right?) looks and probably sounds a lot like Bose’s SoundDock for the iPod. It holds the iPod Nano, iPod Mini, 4G and 5G iPods and has a line-in connector in case you bought some other kind of portable music player. The PlayDock i also… Read More

  • Flickr Gets Into The Holidays

    Flickr Gets Into The Holidays

    Just a heads up peeps. One of the best photo-sharing services on the web, Flickr, is offering some nice gifts for the holidays. Flickr Pro users now get unlimited uploads instead of the usual 2GB monthly limit. That’s pretty slick! And if you’re a total cheapskate on a budget and just sign up for a free account, you now get to upload 100MB a month instead of 20MB. Pretty sweet, eh? Read More

  • Verbatim Color LightScribe Discs

    Until HP or some other company finds a way to make optical drives burn color images, these color LightScribe CD-Rs is as close as you’re going to get to adding color to your laser-etched labels. If you’re unfamiliar with LightScribe drives, it’s a technology built into optical drives that allows you to burn labels into the top of specially coated CDs and DVDs. Unfortunately they… Read More

  • Skype Unveils 3.0

    Skype Unveils 3.0

    In addition to the new rate plan, Skype also released Skype 3.0 today, with several new social elements that enable things like virtual game playing and music recommendation through Last.fm. The new features in Skype 3.0 for Windows are called Extras and Public Chats. Extras enables game playing and music recommendation through Last.fm. There will also be something called “mood… Read More

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  • FTC May Regulate PayPerPost

    The Washington Post is reporting that the Federal Trade Commission issued a staff opinion yesterday saying that companies engaging in word-of-mouth marketing, in which people are compensated to promote products to their peers, must disclose those relationships. We are working to obtain the opinion to see how this might affect the PayPerPost business. This might force their hand and require their… Read More

  • Happy Birthday Yahoo Answers

    Happy Birthday Yahoo Answers

    Yahoo Answers turns one today. The company will hold a celebration at its campus in Sunnyvale to celebrate how far they’ve come. In one year, Yahoo Answers has had 60 million users and 160 million answers. Along with the party, Yahoo is publishing data from a Harris Interactive survey, showing how people are using online Q&A sites like Answers. The survey shows that one in three online… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Afternoon Nap Edition

    Daily Crunch: Afternoon Nap Edition

    Brando Eye Warmer: USB Device or Harbinger of the Apocalypse? Squirrel-proof Rollerfeeder BarterBee: Silly Name, Good Site Laaaaazer Laptop Etchin’ Admit You Have a Zune, Win A Vaja Zune Case Read More

  • Time For Skype To Start Charging In The U.S.

    Time For Skype To Start Charging In The U.S.

    Beginning in 2007, SkypeOut calls will no longer be free within the US and Canada. The company announced on Wednesday that they would start to charge a yearly fee to call from Skype to any mobile or land-line phone. Calls from PC to PC will remain free. Unlimited yearly calling will cost $29.95. If you purchase the plan before January 31, 2007, it will only cost $14.95. Without an unlimited plan… Read More

  • Google's New Employee Stock Option Program

    Google's New Employee Stock Option Program

    Reuters is reporting that Google will instate a program to allow employees to sell vested stock options early, beginning in April. The program will be called the Transferable Stock Options (TSO) program. The stock went public in 2004 and employees were given stock options. Those that were hired since, were given options upon hire date. Up until now, employees had to wait until the stocks vested… Read More

  • Wingmap flies new approach to flight search

    Wingmap is the beta site for a stunning new flight search tool based around a point-and-click map interface. Co-founder Tom Wood exlained to TCUKI that the site allows users to search for flights leaving the area surrounding a city – not just the city or a single airport itself. Trying the site it becomes totally obvious what this means and I found it actually makes the process of finding a… Read More

  • Panthius.com demos Salesforce model

    Irish software startup Panthius.com has gone live with a demo site. The hosted eBusiness suite offers a pretty wide collection of integrated tools to help people run their business, not dissimilar to the Salesforce.com ASP model of offering things like accounting packages online. Right now the system is live and showing demo companies for users to trial the site and kick the tyres before a full… Read More

  • Web 2.0 and VOIP threatens telcos. Fact.

    Most telecoms professionals are not confident that their industry is set up to cope with the threat from new internet and IP-based services. According to research from STL, a telecoms analyst firm which surveyed over 550 people, over 75% now believe that telcos need to “dramatically alter their business models” if they are to prosper in the Web 2.0 world. The suggestions from these… Read More

  • Zubka in promo and partnership

    Zubka – which allows people to tangibly benefit form their network of contacts and suggest them for jobs – has embarked on some pre-Christmas marketing. It’s promotion offers users a case of Champagne if their candidate’s details are accepted by a hirer between now and December 28th. How does it work? You send the job details to a candidate, provide a hirer with key facts… Read More

  • Mini Cube Holds 12GB

    Mini Cube Holds 12GB

    OK, so it’s not really a cube at all, but it is square and it does manage to contain 12GB. It measures about 1.7 x 1.9-inches wide and less than half an inch thick and it features a USB jack that pivots 180-degrees. Another pertinent feature is its one touch synchronization. Simply plug the drive in, push the button on the drive and it’ll perform its automatic backup function. The 12GB… Read More