• Porn Destroys Amp'd Mobile

    Amp’d Mobile is most likely shutting down today, July 31, and a list of assets for sale shows where the $360 million in VC went that caused the MVNO to file for Chapter 11. Of course, there’s the additional $100 million Amp’d owes Verizon, but that’s beside the point. It seems a big chunk of change went towards the production of porn, which is prevalent when zooming… Read More

  • Rumor: Best Buy To Axe Xbox 360 Core?

    More news on the rumored Xbox 360 price drop due to happen on or around August 8th. According to a source at Best Buy, the $50 cut doesn’t include the Core model because it’s apparently being phased out altogether. Word out of Redmond is that nothing’s set in stone regarding the Xbox 360 Core’s fate. So Microsoft’s either waiting to make an announcement, Best Buy… Read More

  • StreetAdvisor Launches New Services

    StreetAdvisor will today launch a range of new upgrades that will give homeowners, renters, and buyers a more complete picture of where they could live. The new StreetAdvisor provides a real-life “insider” view that provides users the ability to learn and share vital details about where they live, including noise levels, traffic, neighbors, entertainment, and public services in… Read More

  • Nokia N800 Gets iPhone-like Keyboard

    iPhone envy is still abound throughout the US, but more so outside of the country and it’s quite evident by the video showcasing a virtual touch-keyboard on the Nokia N800. Coded in Python, the keyboard lacks predictive text, but chicks won’t know the difference if your pawing your N800 uncontrollably in public. You know you want it! Read More

  • Microsoft Offers Works For Free

    Microsoft has released the new version of Microsoft Works as a free, ad supported office package that will compete directly with Open Office and Google Docs & Spreadsheets. The Works package offers word processing, spreadsheet and slide (powerpoint) functionality partially based on code from older versions of Microsoft Office. The move by Microsoft to offer a free office suite comes as… Read More

  • Samba Exploit Leaves Mac Users Vulnerable To Hackers

    Symantec has put out a warning to Mac users that an unpatched exploit found in Samba, an open-source file-and print-sharing software included with OS X, could leave your Apple open to hackers via the Metasploit hacking framework. The Samba community released a fix the day after the exploit was found, which was May 14, but Apple hasn’t released any fixes to Samba since March 2005. A… Read More

  • Panasonic Announces 8GB Pro High Speed SD Memory Card

    In conjunction with the launch of two HD camcorders earlier today, Panasonic announced the launch of a 8GB Pro High Speed SD memory card today that features both high speed and high capacity. The RP-SDV08GU1K has a Class 6 Speed spec that equates to data transfer speeds of 6MB/s and it’s compatible with the SD memory card v2.0 standard. You can expect to store about two hours of HD… Read More

  • MojoPac Goes Enterprise, Puts Your Desktop On A USB Drive

    RingCube Technologies has announced the release of the MojoPac Enterprise Edition software that allows telecommuters, contract workers and road warriors the ability to store a virtual desktop onto a USB drive. I’m sure you’re thinking that this isn’t special in anyway and that Citrix does the same thing, but this is where you’re wrong. MojoPac is distinctly different… Read More

  • Retrevo's "Snapshot" Graphs Products By Price And Features

    Retrevo, one of a number of automated, aggregate review sites we previously covered, is releasing an alpha version of a new product comparison feature called “Product Snapshot”. The feature helps find the greatest “bang for your buck” by visually displaying how a product’s price and features stack up against others in its category. CEO Vipin Jain will demo the… Read More

  • Help-Key: How To Travel Less Douchey, More Geeky

    This fall will see many conventions around the country as companies gear up for the holidays and other fun times. This means a lot of travel for a lot of people, and you could be one of them. And that sucks. Not that you have to take a trip — indeed, visiting new places should be a pleasant experience — but rather that air travel in America sucks. I was going to try to write… Read More

  • Sony PS3 Goes Rockstar

    I believe I’m on the verge of taking back every bad thing I said about the PS3 with news that Sony has signed an exclusive deal with Rockstar Games for the ‘next great franchise’. This is very exciting news, but let’s face facts for a moment. Any game that is developed for the PS3 from the ground up is going to be amazing. It will utilize all the amazing capabilities… Read More

  • Vista Service Packs Leaked

    Beta testers are an unruly bunch that rarely adheres to the rules. MS beta testers are the worst and it’s quite evident with the premature release of the Vista Performance and Reliability Pack and Vista Compatibility and Reliability Pack that officially launch August 14. The quasi service packs are said to fix a handful of bugs reported through the Error Reporting Service and product… Read More

  • Are Terrorists Using Second Life To Plan Attacks?

    OK, so sensationalistic headlines targeted at Second Life are so last week; from FBI related gambling bans to animal sex, we’ve seen a lot. Now there are allegations being printed by News Corp in Australia that suggest that the next major terrorist attack on a Western country could be being planned in Second Life, and yes, as can be seen in the picture to the right, 9/11 is being used as… Read More

  • Inter Milan Launches New Home Kit On Second Life

    I hate Second Life yet I enjoy soccer, so this next story puts me in a weird spot. Inter Milan launched its new home kit (its uniform) today in the online world full of losers and zeros. I visited the area to see what the Inter faithful were up to. It turns out, not much. It’s Inter, though. Nobody likes them. Read More

  • Renchi Wii Airplane Controller Stand

    Did anyone seriously believe the Wii was going to be a hit? I certainly should have known and maybe I could have used my brainpower to start up a Wii business selling some crap accessory that everyone will want to buy rather than whatever it was I was doing last year. Renchi now has an airplane stand for your Wiimote and nunchuck for the Wii Sports game, Airplane. It’s not exactly… Read More

  • Limited-edition Transformers Rings: Somewhere Matt Hickey's Head Just Exploded

    I love Transformers just as much as the other guy, but I’m not spending $185 on a Decepticon/Autobot ring. I bought a cupcake from Crumbs opening weekend for $4 and I got a free Autobot ring that I’m more than happy with. But I will admit that I spent $80 on the official Chinese print of the G1 series and movie on DVD. These rings are ultra exclusive with only 50 rings per size… Read More

  • Samsung, Adidas Mashup On New Mobile Phone

    Just the other day I was going for a short jog and wondering whether or not someone would fill the void in the mobile phone industry for a pedometer, heart rate monitor and MP3 player all-in-one. Be still my heart. Rumors are floating about that Samsung and Adidas have teamed up to release the SGH-F110. If the rumors are true then we will soon see a mobile phone that does everything I… Read More

  • Dude Rants About AT&T's Shoddy Service: What If It Ran Our Highwayszomg?

    LOL! That’s the only thing I can type, let alone say, after reading this delightful little piece envisioning a world in which AT&T ran the highways. You know, the real highways for cars, not the information super++ one. It’s really, really funny. Gems include: • AT&T would make horn tones available for $3.99. No transfer of music from the car’s jukebox to its… Read More

  • iPhone Firmware Unleashes Widgets And FM Tuner

    Tyler from iPhoneology has uncovered a few interesting things whilst perusing through his iPhone’s firmware. He’s under the impression that an FM tuner is a strong candidate to be unleashed for the future as well as a few widgets like a world clock and translator. Want some salt with that? Keep reading to see what all the commotion is about. Read More

  • While Rome Burned, Amp'd Used Venture Capital On Porn

    You just know that this is going to end in a Hollywood movie. Matt Marshall at Venture Beat has the scoop on what the Amp’d team were spending part of their $360 million in venture capital on: porn. According to the asset list from the Apm’d fire sale, the company acquired at least 100 porn DVDs; least that’s the number listed for the auction (we’d presume… Read More

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