• Safari 3 For Windows First Look

    Safari 3 For Windows First Look

    Now that WWDC is over, it’s time to check out the aftermath. We grabbed Safari and were hit, quite unsurprisingly, with some initial errors. Considering Safari for Windows is still in its beta release, most of these problems will eventually be ironed out. Read More

  • PayPerPost Raises $7 million More

    Controversial pay-per-post startup PayPerPost has raised $7 million in a second round of financing, bringing their total raised capital to just over $10 million. Like their previous round from last October the financing was led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, with participation from Inflexion Partners and Village Ventures. New investor DFJ Gotham, a fund affiliated with Draper Fisher Jurvetson… Read More

  • TeleNav Adds A Bit O' Social Networking To Its Service

    TeleNav Adds A Bit O' Social Networking To Its Service

    With all the Apple happenings, or lack thereof, it’s probably not the best day to launch a new version of a mobile-device app, but not everyone’s world revolves around Apple. TeleNav today launched its latest version of TeleNav GPS Navigator (v. 5.2), which adds some cool social-networking tools that take advantage of both the platform (your cell phone) and TeleNav’s… Read More

  • Data Loss At Google Reader

    It looks like Google has a major problem with their Google Reader product today. Reports are flying on blogs, twitter and elsewhere that feeds have been deleted from people’s accounts. We have an email in to Google PR for comment – Google representatives are responding on this Google Groups thread discussing the problem. Some users are now reporting that their feed subscriptions… Read More

  • Apple Store Updated With Nothing

    Apple Store Updated With Nothing

    Ummm…WTF?!? Looks like the Apple site was tweaked with a nice new design, but nothing new in the Apple Store. Is anyone else left with a sense of nothingness from the keynote? We’ll have to take solace in the Safari 3 Public Beta. Woohoo…more like boohoo. *Cries in the corner* Read More

  • All You Need to Know About Leopard

    Our monkeys at WWDC have just reported back a series of cool features in Apples OSX Leopard, which is slated for release in October. Without further ado, here’s the list in no specific order: Read More

  • Apple WWDC 2007 Liveblog

    Apple WWDC 2007 Liveblog

    Note: During Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2007 Keynote, this post will act as a static front page for CrunchGear. The rest of the site is accessible via direct link. Once the keynote is over, we will revert to to standard format. Matt is in place and ready to rock and roll. 9:53: Hey Sportsfans. I’m here at Moscone Center in lovely and chilly San Francisco. Things are about to get started. Read More

  • Sony and Nintendo React to Layoff Numbers

    Sony and Nintendo React to Layoff Numbers

    Last week we reported that both Sony Computer Entertainment America and Nintendo of America were saying GAME OVER to a few employees. In the case of Sony the staff reductions are part of a global restructuring, and over at Nintendo it seemed that a portion of the staff wasn’t so interested in being relocated from their Seattle digs. Today we’re hearing word that the numbers were a… Read More

  • Fifty Percent Off Mophie Gear for WWDC

    Fifty Percent Off Mophie Gear for WWDC

    From 1 to 5 PM EST, Mophie will take 50% off of everything on their online store. What does Mophie sell? They have the Bevy, for one, that odd little Shuffle case with the bottle opener on it. It’s pretty good of them to honor us Mac geeks like that. Check them out. Product Page Read More

  • Rome Reborn: Ancient Rome Recreated In 3D, You Can't Have It

    Rome Reborn: Ancient Rome Recreated In 3D, You Can't Have It

    I don’t know how many of you watched the HBO series “Rome,” but if you’re anything like me, you watched and loved it. Why not take a virtual tour of the city that entertained us for weeks on end? Well, you can’t, really, but you can read about. Scholars from Italy and the U.S. have created Rome Reborn, a 3D model of the ancient city that’s rivals… Read More

  • Phillips' Answer To The Apple TV

    Phillips' Answer To The Apple TV

    Of all places for an Apple TV competitor to come from, Phillips was not at the top of my list or, rather, even in the top five. Apparently, this brushed aluminum squareish object from Phillips will be a direct competitor so you don’t have to go hacking and possibly bricking your precious Apple hardware. Details are very limited at this time and an actual UI was not up for demo at… Read More

  • Do you ooVoo?

    Do you ooVoo?

    There are plenty of ways to video conference on the Internets, but the new service ooVoo lets you do just a little bit more than the other options. You can have one-on-one chats or talk with up to six people at once, with everyone on screen simultaneously. Like IM, you can send text messages and files. If you try to call someone and there’s no answer, you can leave a text, voice or… Read More

  • WWDC 2007 Hype Update: How to Read Our Coverage

    WWDC 2007 Hype Update: How to Read Our Coverage

    Jack… there’s another island. Our own Matt Hickey is now entering the building with the rest of the Macinworld at the Moscone Center. As his reports stream in, we will turn off the main page and show only our WWDC 2007 page during the conference. Once the conference is over, we’ll switch back to the regular format and post the coverage to another dynamic page. If this… Read More

  • Hitachi DZHS300A Hybrid Camcorder Review

    Hitachi DZHS300A Hybrid Camcorder Review

    Debuting back at CES 2007, the DZHS300A Hybrid Camcorder was the first of its kind for Hitachi and the world. The DZHS300A gives you the option of recording video either directly to an internal 8GB hard disk drive (the DZHS500A ups storage to 30GB) or to DVD-R, -RW or +RW discs or DVD-RAM discs. Also, some built-in editing tools and a one-touch dub button lets you clean up and send video from… Read More

  • Apple: Safari 3 Windows Version Launches (and here's your API into the iPhone)

    Apple: Safari 3 Windows Version Launches (and here's your API into the iPhone)

    Nothing earth shattering coming out of the Apple WWDC conference today in San Francisco. One interesting tidbit, though: Apple is releasing a version of their Safari browser for Windows machines. Safari 3 is available now as a free download for Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista. This is a big move for Apple, which now provides iTunes and Safari for the Windows platform. Microsoft… Read More

  • Pegasus Concept Wheelchair Adds Vertical Movement

    Pegasus Concept Wheelchair Adds Vertical Movement

    By now you should know I’m a whiny brat like that kid on the “The Sopranos,” and that I always look favorably upon gadgets that try to help the needy. Hence, Pegasus, yet another design concept that tries to improve the lives of the wheelchair-bound. In addition to functioning as an everyday wheelchair, the Pegasus allows for some degree of vertical movement, giving the… Read More

  • Rumor: Touchscreens Gone for All But High-end Palms

    , we receive another tid-bit from the Palm rumor bin. It seems that the company is phasing out touchscreens for all but their highest-end Treos. This means the Gandolf and a whole set of new Treos, launching this and next year, will be without touchscreens. How this will work is anyone’s guess, but we suspect it’s a cost-cutting measure and also suggests the Palm OS will become… Read More

  • Resistance Not So Futile To the Church of England

    Resistance Not So Futile To the Church of England

    In the game Resistance: Fall of Man for the PlayStation 3 you get to battle an insidious alien threat that has invaded the British Isles in an alternate 1950s timeline. But now a greater threat has arrived, namely the Church of England, which says that Sony didn’t seek permission to use the Manchester Cathedral in the game. One of the PS3 launch titles in the U.K. this spring, the game… Read More

  • Janky Japanese MP3 Player Cleans Your Face With The Power of Negative Ions

    Janky Japanese MP3 Player Cleans Your Face With The Power of Negative Ions

    Japan is great. Well, for the purposes of this post it is. Where else on Earth can you find an MP3 player with an incredible 128MB of memory that features a built-in negative ion dissipator? Yes, yes, dear friends, not only will this player, the mpion, play 12 of your favorite songs, but its negative ion blaster will clean your face, clear your pores and make you a happier person. Read More

  • Oral B Takes Umbrage at Suggestion that Toothbrushes Can Make You Happy

    Oral B Takes Umbrage at Suggestion that Toothbrushes Can Make You Happy

    LoveHoney is a UK company that sells odd little self-pleasuring devices. For example, they sell something called the Brush Bunny that can fit on top of an electric toothbrush and turns said toothbrush into a masturbation device. Fair enough. No harm, no foul. But LoveHoney suggested that the cap fits on Oral B electric toothbrushes and, as a result, makes Proctor & Gamble lawyers think… Read More