• WeHeartPlaces tries to be a delicious for places

    We Heart Places describes itself as a “delicious for places”. Users drag a bookmarklet to their browser, then click the link anytime they’re on a webpage with a place they’d like to visit, and the place gets saved to their account. The site also works on the iphone / mobile. Adding places from a site is ok, but how do you enter the street address of a place in the middle… Read More

  • Summertime sport helped boost HDTV in Europe

    Sky Sports HD, anyone? The Western economies may be slowing, but the past summer’s sporting events, including Euro 2008 and the Beijing Olympics, have boosted HDTV’s profile in Europe. Both events generated a “surge in the penetration of of High Definition technologies throughout Europe.” So says DEG Europe, which is a sort of HD lobby there that tries to convince… Read More

  • Gun o' Clock: Bandai's new alarm clock has a death wish

    Japan seems to have a soft spot for weird alarm clocks. First the fly-away alarm clock, now this: At the end of October, Bandai will start offering an awesome alarm clock that can only be silenced with a special gun that will be sold along with it. The so-called Gun o’ Clock has two modes: In the time mode, the clock will wake users up with a normal alarm sound but also a voice… Read More

  • Is Playfish the 'million dollar a month' facebook developer?

    Recently the Facebook watching blog AllFacebook claimed: There’s a pretty well known secret among top Facebook application developers: one developer is generating over $1 million a month. Who is that developer exactly? Well, most people won’t talk about it and after some prodding around we’ve narrowed down the suspects. We aren’t going to post them though because… Read More

  • Completely unnecessary at IFA 2008: Sharp's inflatable swag-thing

    Oh man, who thought this was a good idea? Pretty much all the big companies were handing out goodie bags, so to speak, at IFA. Inside is the usual assortment of swag you’d find at any trade show: pens, buttons, maybe an extraordinarily cheap pair of headphones, etc. Not Sharp, though. They went above and beyond the call of duty. They were handing out these giant inflatable, I… Read More

  • Video: T-Mobile has a really big touchscreen at IFA 2008

    T-Mobile has a rather large booth at IFA this year, and it’s no surprise that the iPhone is front-and-center. It goes even further, though, as the German carrier has a huge touchscreen installed, there for everyone to screw around with. At one point—that video up there—T-Mo turned down the lights, and Mac OS X-esque intro music started playing. Read More

  • Here's that Samsung YouTube camcorder

    In addition to having TVs as far as they eye can see, Samsung has that YouTube camcorder, the SC-MX20, on display at IFA 2008. I understand that PR folks are there to tell you how great everything is, but if Robet Scoble’s producer can come away with the impression that it’s a useful little camera—we all walked the show floor a bit together, yay—, then I’m… Read More

  • The Vaynerchucks Launch T-Shirt Search Engine PleaseDressMe

    Gary Vaynerchuck doesn’t just love a good glass of wine. He also loves a good T-Shirt. The video blogger behind Wine Library TV has just launched a T-Shirt search engine called PleaseDressMe with his brother AJ and Digg lead architect Joe Stump. The site is simple. It lets you search for T-shirts by keyword, tags, color, or price, and returns results from places like Threadless and… Read More

  • KDDI's cell phone prototypes look great on the web but rather dull in reality

    KDDI, Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier, showcased a number of cell phone prototypes in their five-floor Design Studio [JP] in central Tokyo. The phones were designed by award-winning design wunderkind Hideo Kanbara [JP]. I went to the so-called Ply Exhibition [JP] (which ended yesterday), made some pictures but actually left mildly disappointed. The phones (featuring… Read More

  • Is There A Recipe For Success In Mobile App Stores?

    Now that Apple has enjoyed some success with its App Store, smartphone manufacturers are starting to realize that having such a service is a worthwhile endeavor. An App Store with the right ingredients for success not only makes people want to buy the smartphone more than others, but it offers a new revenue-sharing opportunity that could become extremely lucrative. Read More

  • Announcing A Grassroots Roundtable And 100 Tickets Available For TechCrunch MeetUp in Austin

    Today, we are releasing 100 additional tickets for the TechCrunch Meet-Up in Austin, Texas with the team from Austin Ventures. As previously reported, we are in town on Thursday, September 25 just in time for the Austin City Limits music festival. Get your tickets now, as we only expect to release one additional round of tickets prior to the event. We do have a handful of three day ACL… Read More

  • A Photosynth: Samsung's TV Wall @ IFA 2008

    First off, Photosynth only works on Windows machines. That includes creating them and merely viewing them. I made this one using Boot Camp on my MacBook. That out of that way, this is a quick little Photosynth of Samsung’s booth at IFA 2008. Theirs was probably the most visually impressive at the show. More stuff on the way, as I just found out that the video I took with my cellphone… Read More

  • Now official: Microsoft to cut Xbox 360 price in Japan, will be cheaper than Nintendo Wii [Update]

    Photo via Wired, bless their hearts</small As we sit here in the U.S. waiting for a rumored Xbox 360 price cut, gamers in Japan already have their good news. Microsoft is expected to announce a ~$75 price cut for the Xbox 360 there, bringing its price to around $182 (¥19,000). That’s even less than what it costs to buy a Nintendo Wii in Japan. Clearly Microsoft is thinking about… Read More

  • PAX 2008: Video of Omegathon final round, plus Gabe vs. Tycho

    Time to geek out. I believe if you click “play” above, you’ll be the first people other than those present at PAX to witness this momentous event. A truly epic Excitebike battle. Not only that, but after the victor was celebrated and ushered away to what passes for a green room at PAX, Gabe and Tycho themselves settled down for a Penny Arcade-style duel. And we got that on… Read More

  • Commodore jumps into the tiny laptop melee – hell yes

    It seems that tucked away in the folds of IFA, there is a tiny laptop taking the ancient Commodore family name. Some enterprising Norwegians wrote it up, and included in the post what appears to be the hottest girl I have ever seen. I don’t know if you can tell (I’m really good at photoshopping) but she’s not actually holding the Commodore — I just craftily made it… Read More

  • PAX 2008: Final pic post – Omegathon!

    PAX is over and done, and every picture that could have been taken, done got took. Click through for the last batch of photos from this gamestravaganza, including the final round of the Omegathon, and a grudge match between Gabe and Tycho in Vs. Excitebike. Read More

  • Can Hulu Be A Bigger Business Than YouTube?

    Google’s foray into the online video market has been criticized by many. In fact, some believe that Google’s decision to acquire YouTube was one of the worst it has ever made, thanks to the confluence of massive copyright violations and Google’s financial backing, which gave copyright holders the impetus they needed to sue the popular site. Others believe that… Read More

  • Adam Savage of Mythbusters on Discover's shut-down of RFID segment

    Adam Savage of Mythbusters basically busted the myth of RFID security – and the Discovery Channel wouldn’t air the segment. Here he talks at the HOPE conference about the experience. Read More

  • First Modular Multi-Touch LCD Screen Takes Aim At Microsoft

    MultiTouch, a company specializing in, you guessed it, multi-touch technology, today launched the world’s first modular multi-touch LCD screen, which will allow owners to create screen tables and walls to their desired size. Dubbed The MultiTouch Cell, each LCD screen unit is available in both 32- and 46-inch sizes and offers Full HD capability. The Cells can be positioned in portrait… Read More

  • PAX 08: The Omegathon final round is "VS. Excitebike"

    Another year, another PAX Omegathon. After a year of theories and a whole lot “ZOMG Do you know what the final round is?” murmur, the final round game iiiiiis: VS Excitebike! We’ll have tons of pics and happenings as soon it’s all wrapped up.
    Update: Uploading. Joey Geko, the underdog whose name they drew randomly at the door at the beginning of PAX, has triumphed. He… Read More

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