• Consumating To Join The Deadpool

    Tag based dating site for geeks Consumating is to shut March 15, according to a notice posted to the Consumating forums. Consumating was acquired by CNet in December 2005 and was later relaunched in June 2006. The sites traffic remained strong in 2006 then fell away in 2007 according to Alexa (the site was too small to register on comScore). The site currently ranks at 149,238. The code… Read More

  • Major Newspaper Groups Form Joint Local Online Advertising Group

    Four leading US newspaper companies are to announce a new joint company today to sell targeted local online advertising on their respective sites. The Tribune Company, the Gannett Company, the Hearst Corporation and The New York Times Company will jointly own quadrantONE, with a base in Chicago that will employ 17 people. According to the NY Times, advertising space will be sold in papers… Read More

  • Yahoo Relaunches Yahoo Video

    Amid the turmoil of staff layoffs, takeover offers and merger discussions, Yahoo has relaunched Yahoo Video. The biggest change to the service is the addition of a 16:9 viewer, along with support for files up to 150mb, embedable playlists and improved user profiles. The content focus has changed from simply offering content uploaded by users, to including video material from other Yahoo… Read More

  • 8aweek To Help You Kick That Internet Time Wasting Addiction

    New Y Combinator startup 8aweek aims to help you stop wasting all that time on random Internet sites. They offer a Firefox plugin that monitors the web sites you visit and how long you spend on each site. If you are on a user-defined “restricted site,” the plugin will tell you when you’ve spent too much time there. Or alternatively, it will block sites if you tell it to be… Read More

  • What's Microsoft Offering Open Source On February 27?

    First Scoble writes about something so amazing from Microsoft it makes him cry and will be world changing. Then Long Zheng spots the above page via an email pitch linking to opensourcehero that redirects here. What open source something will Microsoft forge on February 27 that will be world changing and make Scoble cry? I read Scoble’s post again (either I didn’t read it all the… Read More

  • Women's Online Video Preferences Are Tamer Than Men's

    New figures from Nielsen’s new VideoCensus product reveal that women prefer mainstream media video content online, where as men prefer user generated content. According to Ars Technica, the figures show women aged 18 to 34 were twice as likely as men of the same age group to watch network TV shows streamed from sites such as CBS.com or Hulu, where as men aged 18 to 34 were over twice… Read More

  • YouTube gets a nifty Google-like holiday logo

    [photopress:shat.jpg,full,center] YouTube is borrowing a page from parent Google with today’s Valentine’s Day inspired logo. Just thought you’d all want to know. Also: There are close to 2,200 clips that are returned when you search “Shatner” on YouTube. Some are better than others. Read More

  • Happy Valentine's day, CrunchGear readers!

    [photopress:tetrisval.jpg,full,center] Just wanted to say thanks for reading us today when you should be scrambling around, trying to find a way to impress your certain someone, which you won’t do, because his or her friend bought their signif a ride in a horse drawn carriage, and while your homemade dinner and expensive wine and diamond necklace seemed perfect, it just doesn’t… Read More

  • Apple users, meet The Continental

    [photopress:tk_201g.jpg,full,center] Travelers who are MacBook users, rejoice. Or even those who like to charge their iPods on the go. Or other Apple products that use the block-style adapter, for Incipio has a kit that allows you to adapt your adapter to the odd power outlets of the rest of the world. And it’s $40, way cheaper than picking up a native power brick, no? Oh, and… Read More

  • NFC comes to Taiwan via BenQ

    [photopress:benq_t80_nfc1.jpg,full,center] Okay, friends, it’s time for a new geek-flavored acronym! I used it earlier today when discussing the future of SIM cards, and now a housing project in Taiwan will be testing it out with new mobile phones from BenQ. It’s NFC, or Near Field Communications. In essence, you use your phone like a debit card. BenQ is building the technology… Read More

  • LG VX9100, VX8610 en route to Verizon Wireless: VX8610 has built-in Bluetooth headset

    [photopress:somevzwphone.jpg,full,center] Heads up for those of you on a Verizon Wireless contract. Two new LG cellphones are heading your way in the next few months, ones that will be comparable to the enV and the Chocolate. The VX9100 sorta resembles the enV, but is thinner and has a simpler two-button directional pad. Other than that, it’s not breaking any new ground&mdsh;two… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Orientation: Touchscreens

    This week we’re going to take a closer look at what Devin thinks is just a fad. Touchscreens seem to be invading all sorts of devices from cell phones to TVs more so now than ever before. They’re meant to improve our lives, or, at the very least, make things more convenient. But do they? How do they even work? Will one form or another of the technology last? Surely, Devin is wrong. Read More

  • The Air Poo: greatest invention of all time

    When John Biggs sees this his head is going to explode. It beats the crap out of that toilet seat he reviewed a few months back. A docking station for your MBA and iPod with a seated heat, multi-touch flusher, and built-in surround sound. Taking a poo has just been taken to the next level. No word on price just yet, but we’ll follow this one very closely. Product Page Read More

  • NCAA Football 09 coming to the Wii, but who is on the cover?

    Attention Nintendo Wii owners and lovers of college football. EA announced NCAA Football 09 for the hot selling Japanese console today and in honor of the momentous occasion they want to involve you directly. You, the voters, will get a say on which team will be on the cover. Actually, you’ll be picking the mascot from your favorite team or alma mater to grace the cover of the first… Read More

  • Microsoft Will Launch Something That Made Scoble Cry. I Want (To See Scoble Cry)

    Proving perhaps you can break an embargo without breaking an embargo, uberblogger Robert Scoble writes about an amazing Microsoft product that makes him cry. Scoble gives no hints as to what it is, but writes this about the product: It’s even rarer that I see software that I know will change the world my sons live in…While watching the demo I realized the way I look at the world… Read More

  • HSUPA PC/Express cards from Option loosed on AT&T

    Today, Option announced the GT Ultra and GT Ultra Express for AT&T’s 3G BroadbandConnect and EDGE networks. The GTU works with any laptop with a PC Card Type II slot while the GTUE is, you guessed it, Express card slots. Both cards are tri-band UMTS/HSPA and GPRS/EDGE compatible. The GTUE has a flip-up antenna and automagically installs A&T’s Communication Manager when… Read More

  • $20 Indian cellphone to bring telephony to developing world

    [photopress:spicephone.jpg,full,left] An Indian telecom corp will release a $20 cellphone that’s aimed at the developing world/celphone market. The phone, nicknamed the people’s phone (much like the people’s elbow) has absolutely zero features other than being able to make and receive calls—no screen, no Web browser, no nothing. Frankly, that’s all I want in a… Read More

  • Apple TV's "Take Two" upgrade rocks; Causing problems with Leopard for anyone else?

    [photopress:SG100264.jpg,full,center] So I had to wait an extra day for some reason, but last night I got my Take Two upgrade for my Apple TV up and running. I rented an HD movie (The Simpsons, for those who’re curious) and it looked and sounded great. The 5.1 Dolby Surround was flawless and the video looked just amazing, far better than what I get with Comcast HD. The update itself… Read More

  • Game On: Zynga and SGN Battle For Social Gaming Developers

    The social networking game is all about scale. There are so many apps now on Facebook alone, nearly 16,000, that it is nearly impossible to get noticed unless you are already part of one of the bigger app companies. Cross promotion between apps is the key. Some of the largest app companies like Slide or RockYou, for instance, typically charge 50 cents per install to distribute apps from… Read More

  • Military plans to shoot rogue satellite out of the sky

    [photopress:satshoot.jpg,full,center] We’re gonna shoot that rogue satellite out of the sky. How clutch is that? Yup, the president just gave the go-ahead to knock that now-broken satellite right out of the sky. The satellite, which the military hasn’t had control of since its launch in December 2006, is predicted to fall back to Earth the first week of March. Rather than risk… Read More

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