• First piece of Apple software ever sold finally playable in iTunes

    An unearthed piece of computer history has been reconstructed by some long-time die heard preservationists. No other than the first software ever sold by Apple, it is a reconstruction of BASIC, then available on audiotape. So if you have a need to revisit old programming languages, read on. Read More

  • ‘Starpex’ full-size wood guitar controller for PS2/PS3

    If you find yourself feeling like half a man while using the sorta-cheap standard-issue Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars BUT you don’t think you’re quite ready for the responsibility of owning and learning to play a real guitar, here’s a nice little baby-step along your path to self-realization. It’s a real-feeling, full-size guitar for Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band… Read More

  • Unpatched PCs put in compromising situation in under four minutes

    According to researchers at the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC), an unpatched PC will last in the wilds of the Web less than four minutes before being attacked and compromised. That’s faster than most people can run a mile, and as ISC’s Survival Time sitepoints out, faster than it takes to download most patches. The ISC has an interactive graph showing the rise and recent plummet… Read More

  • First winner in the Samsung Use Your Instinct Contest

    We have a first winner! Congratulations Kevin C Marvin for his winning entry:

    I can almost hear
    the sound of packaging tape
    as I win your phone You win the Samsung the M520. To recap: Every week we’ll be giving away a cool Samsung phone culminating in the Samsung Instinct! We begin our contest this week gunning for the Samsung Ace. The haiku should focus on sight and must be tweeted to… Read More

  • Video: Official ‘Fallout 3’ trailer

    Here’s the official version of the Fallout 3 trailer that was shown during Microsoft’s press conference at E3 yesterday. Please enjoy with our compliments. Read More

  • See what’s hot in the iTunes app store with Medialets

    Looking for the perfect site for tracking the stats of all the apps in your Fantasy iPhone League? Do such leagues even exist?? Who knows?! At any rate, a site called Medialets.com has up to date stats on which free and for-pay iTunes apps are being downloaded with reckless abandon. You’ll see by the above image that “Super Monkey Ball” is WHITE HOT in the for-pay category. Read More

  • Android still missing, hides SDK updates

    Developers for Google’s Android platform are losing patience waiting for a SDK update. Since Android was announced nine months ago, Google has been stingy with updates for the developers kit, but perhaps more of an issue is Google’s secrecy. Read More

  • Live: 2K briefing

    This isn’t a press conference, but I’m hearing about a whole new slew of games from 2K. I missed the beginning of the Bioshock demo, but it looks like there will be DLC very soon. Challenge rooms are the hot new item where you can solve a series of puzzles to unlock trophies. The demo I saw required the player to help a little sister get off of a ferris wheel using… Read More

  • JaJah Introduces All VoIP Mobile Handset

    Jajah, a popular VoIP service provider, has teamed with eMobile to release a new mobile telephony service on a handheld device that operates purely over a cellular data network. While the service is only available in Japan (don’t cancel those voice plans yet), it may well serve as an preview of things to come. The service is available to users of the Sharp EM·ONE Ultra Mobile Device… Read More

  • Interview With Evan Williams: Summize Acquisition, API Issues And Their Revenue Model

    I had a chance to sit down with Twitter cofounder Evan Williams at Foo Camp last weekend and talk about the overall state of the company. The first part of the conversation focused on their acquisition of Summize, which we wrote about earlier today (for more on the acquisition, see the Twitter blog, Twitter investor Fred Wilson and Summize investor John Borthwick). Summize, by the way, now… Read More

  • HP announces two inexpensive 5×7 photo printers

    Hewlett-Packard has two new inexpensive photo printers in the $149 Photosmart A630 (seen above) and the $99 Photosmart A530. Both printers are capable of printing out photos up to 5×7 inches in size, which should please those of you who find 4×6 photos to be pedestrian and boring now. The A630 also features a 4.8-inch touchscreen, which is pretty large for a compact printer. Read More

  • German company develops green laser for use in mini projectors

    Berlin-based eagleyard Photonics is currently working on the development of a green laser to be used in mobile projectors, i.e. in cell phones. The laser features optical output power of 20mW, supposedly leading to brigher images. Whereas it is relatively easy to integrate blue and red laser sources into mobile projectors, green laser diodes cause massive difficulties. eagleyard managed to… Read More

  • Free Apps No Longer Dominating iPhone App Store.

    When the iPhone App Store launched last Friday along with the new 3G iPhone, free apps made up 24 percent of the 552 apps available. In other words, the most popular price point was free. The rest of the apps ranged in price from 99 cents to $9.99 and even more. Instead of dictating a uniform price, as he did with music, Steve Jobs let the market decide what price apps should go for. The… Read More

  • Alex Albrecht Tanks and Spanks Bosses in Project Lore

    Alex Albrecht, co-host of DiggNation and The Totally Rad Show, has launched his new project Project Lore. The core of the project is a web series, featuring Albrecht and his friends playing World of Warcraft. In typical Albrecht fashion, they will be sitting around drinking beer, while playing and World of Warcraft and simultaneously trash talking their digital counterparts. The show will… Read More

  • Nyko announces cooling systems for PS3, Xbox 360

    Console running a little hot? Come September, you’ll be able to pick up Nyko’s Intercooler TS for the Xbox 360 ($24.99) or PlayStation 3 ($34.99). The PS3 version offers variable fan-speed control and both models feature TempSmart, which provides automatic cooling levels based on the ambient room temperature around your console. Both snap right on to the back of the console and can… Read More

  • Push email (contacts and calendar too) on iPhone for free

    Lifehacker has a new step-by-step guide up for setting up push email using the new iPhone 2.0 software for free. Using a workaround for MobileMe, you can now avoid manually synching up your devices or pulling updates. Pushing updates and emails directly to your phone allows for the synching of contacts and calendars without the phone having to check in with your server. By using the free… Read More

  • Pandora Usage Stats Prove It's iPhone's Killer App

    Pandora’s internet radio has always been one of those sites that was really cool in concept, but too inconvenient to ever go mainstream. The service was long tied to computers only, and while it eventually expanded to special internet radios and some mobile phones, it still has yet to become a household name. But with the launch of Pandora’s new iPhone app last Friday, it… Read More

  • Apple Sues Clone-Maker Psystar

    ZDNet broke the story this morning that Apple has filed suit against Mac clone maker Psystar. The Florida-based manufacturer of PC’s is famous for its ‘OpenMac’ line of Mac clones, which were released earlier this year. The devices are standard PC hardware running a hacked copy of Mac OS X – so the legality of their sale was always questionable. Regardless, Psystar… Read More

  • Intel to release quad-core mobile chips in August

    Quad-core mobile chips are coming from Intel next month. Still no word on when we’ll actually see enough applications that take advantage of all four cores at once, but that’s a different story for a different time. The chips will fall into the Core 2 Extreme family and are expected to fetch a pretty penny. IDG News Service reports that one Australian notebook manufacturer is… Read More

  • Sony sells 10 million PSPs in Nippon, Japanese video game market explodes

    Today Sony announced they were able to sell 10 million PSPs (PSP-1000 and 2000 series combined) in Japan since the system launched in this country in December 2004. According to Sony, the PSP was the best-selling video game console in Japan for the first half of this year. These results are pretty impressive but Sony’s number is dwarfed by the 23 million DS consoles Nintendo sold in… Read More

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