• CrunchDeals: Athlon 64 3500+ Vista Desktop for $260

    Feeling skittish on the whole $200 Linux desktop thing? Well for a limited time, $60 more will nab you a much more powerful processor, double the hard drive, a dual-layer DVD burner, and a mouse, keyboard, and speakers. It also has Vista Home Basic. You’ll need to use the code ASPIRE35 to get the deal. It includes free shipping and the offer ends the last day of the month. It’s… Read More

  • Midomi: Better than TrackID

    I’m incapable of reciting song lyrics or quote movies. If my life depended on it then I’d no longer be here. I can’t even quote a single line from a movie that I’ve seen over a hundred times like Karate Kid or Harold & Kumar. I’m even worse with songs. I’m the guy that hums along and pipes in sporadically with a line or two. But I can hum the shit out of… Read More

  • Hello Europe

    One of the things that really hit home to me when I went to the Berlin Web 2 Expo last week (as soon as I have sorted out the ton of business cards I got there, I’ll do an overview!) was the increasingly pan-European nature of the tech startup scene. And it’s something I would like UK-based startups to start thinking more deeply about. The signs are that this is beginning. Read More

  • ZenZui changes name to Zumobi, beta coming soon

    Way back in March there was a little murmur about the ZenZui GUI hooey. It’s a tile-based interface for Windows Mobile phones that lets you zoom in and out on web pages running off of a backend server. See the above video for a demo. Anyway, ZenZui changed its name to Zumobi and the beta is coming on December 14th. It’ll be available only on Windows Mobile devices, but there are… Read More

  • Apartment dweller: 'The letter forcing me to switch to Comcast is tantamount to an eviction notice'

    Wow. This guy really doesn’t like Comcast. I’m certainly not going to be asking Comcast to the Prom anytime soon but this guy is planning on moving out of his apartment thanks to a notice sent to the tenants in his building saying that Comcast will be the only ISP available starting January 1st. Read More

  • Barack Obama's Google-Friendly Technology Platform

    Barack Obama is courting Silicon Valley today, and paying a visit to Google. So what better time to release his technology platform? Some highlights: Supports Net Neutrality (Google will like this plank. But Obama also argues for it on the grounds of protecting free speech. Interesting.) A key reason the Internet has been such a success is because it is the most open network in history. … Read More

  • Nokia officializes N82

    Yes, I know, the N82 was leaked yesterday, but in case you’re wondering, here are some details. The latest Finnish handset features A-GPS, 5-megapixel camera with Xenon flash, Carl Zeiss optics and Wi-Fi. It seems like it’s a pretty good camera phone and Nokia certainly wants you snap pics and take video with the inclusion of a 2GB microSD card. Press Release Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Samsung Q1 UMPC for $579.99

    Hey, that’s cheap. Hurry! This is the original Samsung Q1 UMPC with 7-inch touchscreen, XP Tablet Edition 2005, 1.7-pound weight, 1-inch thickness, 900MHz Intel Celeron Mobile ULV processor, 512MB RAM, 40GB hard drive, Bluetooth, 2 USB ports, VGA out, and cumbersome virtual keyboard. Yahoo! Shopping Deal of the Day via Mobility Site Read More

  • GroundSurf: Bluetooth surfboard?

    I’d like to think that I’m the expert on surf-related gadgets, at least around CG, and I know when certain gadgets are good, but I find myself scratching my head over this one. Here’s the GroundSurf. You’ll notice it has three wheels with the front wheel having an electrical motor. That’s cool, let’s try and make people even more lazy than they already are. Read More

  • Obama plans to really geek things up around here

    First, a disclaimer that I neither support nor oppose any particular candidate blah, blah, blah, here’s something interesting. Barack Obama’s technology plan includes the creation of a Chief Technology Officer position that "would ensure government officials holds open meetings, broadcast live webcasts of those meetings, and use blogging software, wikis and open comments… Read More

  • Zune firmware hacked for USB drive goodness

    I was unaware that you couldn’t use the first-gen Zune as an external drive via USB without hacking it and now, apparently, the new firmware has locked down that hack. I wouldn’t know, I hardly used my Zune since I didn’t have enough hard drive space on my MacBook to install Windows, which I’ve done since my upgrade to Leopard and I finally got myself an external. Oh… Read More

  • Microsoft, I totally get your Xbox 360 ads

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=27798 The Parking Lot. I totally get this. Sony, you should probably take some notes because Microsoft clearly knows how to produce commercials that the general public can understand. Yeah, the balloon dropping of components is weird, but at least I know what’s going on. This is a clear indication that the Xbox 360 still owns the streets. Read More

  • Papa John's now offering TXT 4 UR PIZZA

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a sucker for food-related convenience and, as such, I’ve been using Papa John’s excellent online ordering system since it was first introduced back in 2001. The pizza chain has just introduced an order-by-text-message feature similar to the  Domino’s text messaging system we told you about a few months ago. Same basic… Read More

  • New Zune firmware scrolls more than twice as fast

    It’s all here; Chariots of Fire and cheering baby Zunes. What more could you ask for? Not to spoil the suspense for you but the Zune 2.2 firmware annihilates version 1.4, scrolling through 2,700 songs in less than half the time.  Speed test: old Zune 30 vs. new Zune 30 [Zunerama] Read More

  • Google-DoubleClick Deal Delayed in Europe

    Google’s big move into display advertising is going to be delayed, maybe until April, if it gets approved at all. The European Commission is holding up Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick on antitrust concerns, fearing that Google’s current dominance of search advertising, combined with DoubleClick’s leading position in display advertising will create an… Read More

  • Google pitches Android to European mobile developers

    Dave Burke, an engineering manager within Google’s mobile team, stood up today at the Future of Mobile conference in London to talk about Android and the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), the new open mobile platform initiative from Google. This is the the first conference presentation in Europe on the subject since Google’s announcement on November 5th, and was live blogged by… Read More

  • China Interested in Real iPhone

    China Mobile, the world’s largest wireless operator, announced earlier this week that it is in talks with Apple to sell the iPhone. MobileCrunch reported in August of this year that Chinese Pirates Copy (the) iPhone. Now it seems the population of China may be able to buy the real thing, not just cheap knockoffs. The iPhone has moved from its European launch this month and is going to… Read More

  • TvTrip Brings a Fresh New Look at Video Guides for Hotels

    TvTrip is offering a multimedia hotel guide with videos professionnally produced helping users choose better the hotels and even the rooms they will be staying at (read our initial review here). This startup hearquartered in Belgium with offices in Paris London and Singapour launched in June and is backed by 2 european VCs, Partech and Balderton. They are now out of beta (check out the… Read More

  • Yahoo! Adds Nine New Mobile Operators in Asia Pacific

    Yahoo! has added nine new mobile operators to its list of service providers who carry the company’s mobile search engine, oneSearch. Yahoo! now has distribution partnerships with twenty mobile operators around the world and is available in nineteen countries. Yahoo!’s oneSearch has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of mobile customers. The new partnership agreements… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Freestyle Audio 512MB MP3 Player [Update]

    You remember the Freestyle Audio MP3 player, right? Yeah, of course you do. I reviewed it a few months back and now you can pick one up for only $49.99. That’s an awesome deal for a pretty sweet MP3 player. Do it. Do it now. Update: I guess it doesn’t pay to sleep. These suckers sold out in a couple hours.
    Whiskey Militia Read More

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