• Western Digital DRMs your data so you don't have to!

    You don’t need me to get all snarky about the DRM scheme Western Digital has added to its new My Book NAS-enabled external hard drives, not when Austin at the Register is doing such a good job of it. Austin points out that the new drive won’t let you copy another user’s media files (wma, mp3, etc.) across the network, because it can’t verify your licenses for said… Read More

  • Wii shortage might force Nintendo to pull ads in UK

    Nintendo has a problem. It’s a good problem, but a problem nonetheless. See there’s this video game system called the Wii that Nintendo makes and the company can’t seem to keep it in stock. It’s gotten so out of hand that company execs are talking about pulling TV ads for the Wii in the UK. The ads are mostly holiday-themed ads that would instead be run next year. Read More

  • Microsoft's Santa to get a restraining order for Christmas

    From the “It sounded like a good idea at the time” Dept.
    Microsoft set up a holiday chatbot (northpole@live.com) on MSN Messenger for kiddies to talk to, play games with, and make holiday requests to. Sounds good, right? Except when you tell the bot to “eat it” one too many times, it replies, “It’s fun to talk about oral sex.” Way to go, Microsoft. And… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for the Wii

    Looking for the best FPS game on the Wii? This is it. Is it perfect? No. Is it even close to something you could find on Xbox 360, PS3, or your PC? Probably not. But for the Wii, it’s a big step in the right direction. For starters, you can play online. Cool, no? The controls are also pretty intuitive and add to the gameplay experience. They’re not overdone or gimmicky, which is… Read More

  • PS3 to get Blu-Ray update for picture-in-picture

    Sony’s console will be getting its Blu-ray firmware updated to version 1.1 later this month, allowing for picture-in-picture functionality and support for discs which require it. I don’t think anyone was clamoring for this just yet, seeing as there is only one disc, the German Neues vom Wixxer, which takes advantage of the 1.1 features. It’s intended to allow for a video… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: db clay is gonna get you some play

    I was born and raised in the 503 and I make sure everyone knows about it. So it’s pretty obvious that I’m a treehugger because, well, Mother Nature never gets old like video games or stupid ass TV shows. But it seems the path we’ve chosen may lead to the deterioration of Mother Earth, which is a shame considering all she’s done for us. But I digress as I usually do… Read More

  • Is that an MP3 player in your pocket or are you just happy to bust me for lying on the witness stand?

    A teen being investigated in connection with a murder secretly used the MP3 player in his pocket to record an interrogation that the detective working the case swore under oath never took place. I’ve always wondered whether or not detectives searched suspects before locking themselves in an interrogation room. You’d think they’d at least check for weapons but who knows… Read More

  • 3i puts €2.6m into shopping engine Twenga

    3i has invested €2.6 million in European shopping search engine Twenga, which launched in the UK in early November. The service has been fairly successful by focusing all its resources on Europe and comes translated in six different languages (French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and English). The network reached 7 million visitors in November 2007 and indexed over 40 million offers… Read More

  • Blognation May Rise From The Ashes

    When Oliver Starr (former MobileCrunch writer) attacked employer Sam Sethi (former TechCrunch UK writer), the person who currently controls Blognation, in a 3,000 word diatribe, a lot of people came to the conclusion that Blognation was dead in the water. The chain of screw ups was just too long. Sethi had an emotional explosion and threatened to kill his cofounder over a legal dispute. He… Read More

  • What is the iPhone of personal media players?

    It struck me kind of funny that the web site Physorg.com ponders aloud whether or not the Cowon Q5W is "the iPhone of Personal Media Players" because of its "long list of features that far surpasses other gadgets of its kind." I can kinda see where they’re coming from but it just sounds a little odd to call a media playing device what basically amounts to a… Read More

  • Dell making its way to Best Buy

    In a move that isn’t very surprising, Dell will begin selling computers in Best Buy stores next month. It certainly makes sense considering the general public has become very hands-on. Look at the Apple stores, for example. You can go in at just about any hour (if you live in NYC) and fondle everything Mac. Sure, prices on the Web are cheap, but do you want hardware that reflects the… Read More

  • Wiimote, Nunchuck connection severed

    If I were forced to pick one thing I didn’t like about the Wii, other than it being a glorified GameCube, would have to be the wired Nunchuck. Let’s face it, we live in a wireless world and why shouldn’t that apply to everything else in life? I flail around when I box and many time have I lost control of the damn thing because it’s tethered to the Wiimote. Thank the… Read More

  • Vista SP1 to dramatically increase network speed?

    Okay, thankfully it seems as though Vista SP1 actually will noticeably increase speeds, particularly in the networking department. According to Ed Bott at ZDNet, the tests I told you about last Tuesday were "based on a silly artificial benchmark involving scripting of Office applications." So be it. And yes, those test had nothing to do with networking. I’ll reserve judgment… Read More

  • Rub a dub dub, TV in the tub

    Who doesn’t like a little TV in the tub? I mean these days, being without TV for more than five minutes is considered a sign of weakness, am I right? Well show all those mouth-breathing idiots in your life that you expect to be taken seriously with this $340 waterproof bathtub television. It’s got a 3-hour battery life, so you can hide in the tub for a long time when you have… Read More

  • What does Matt Hickey want for Xmas? Something outlandish, to be sure

    Xmas is a special time of year where I get so stressed out from gift guides, deadlines, family members, parole officers, bribed city officials, girls and bartenders that I go a little crazy. No, I go a lot crazy, the whole season. And giving me things I want makes it better, but I only want things I can’t have. Here, then, is a list. Some things you can’t un-see, but I wish there a… Read More

  • Google Spreadsheets Edges Out Google Docs in Usage

    Google Docs and Spreadsheets has hit a bit of a growth curve since June. About 1.6 million people used the Web-based service in October, compared to 635,000 in June, according to Compete. That is a nice jump, but 1.6 million is still a marginal number compared to the desktop productivity apps (on just about every PC) that it is trying to replace. But, hey, it is still early days. Notice in… Read More

  • Symantec's Anti-Viral Norton Fighter: Finally, the Japanese don't scare us, instead make us laugh

    Maid cafe maidens. Fat nerds. Skinny nerds. Justin Timberlake’s choreographer as a viral commander. What could be better on a snowy Friday morning? via Giz Read More

  • EchoStar to Split in Two: Satellite TV and Sling-Top Boxes

    As expected, EchoStar has filed with the SEC to split its business in two, reports GigaOm. The two businesses will be the Dish Network satellite TV service and its set-top box business. That set-top box business includes place-shifting Slingboxes, which Echostar acquired with its $380 million purchase of Sling Media in September. The satellite TV business will change its name to DISH… Read More

  • How Do You Build an Airline? Offer Free Wi-Fi.

    The Web is coming to your airplane seat, real soon. And not just e-mail and IM on one JetBlue plane. Starting in March, I am told, American Airlines will start offering Web access on-board, followed shortly by Virgin America. Both will use an air-to-ground system from Aircell. (Boeing’s failed Connexion broadband in the air service, in contrast, was an unwieldy satellite system). … Read More

  • Will it Blend, Halo 3 edition

    The only way to improve these “Will it Blend?” videos would be if John were the host and he blended his stupid iPhone. Today, though, our regular host blends a copy of Halo 3 because grandchildren beat him every time they played. The only way to solve that problem, obviously, is to blend it. via Kotaku Read More

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