• 'Camera Day' is only two short months away

    Looking to buy a new camera? Keep your wallet separated from your ass cheek by a thin layer of whatever material your pants are made out of until President’s Day, says a guy who wrote two photography books. That’s the part of the camera season (yes, there’s a camera season) when the new wave of digital imaging gadgets that everyone got a whiff of at CES start to kick it into… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Onkyo HT-SR800 all-in-one home theater

    It may be a little late to be recommending things for Christmas, but if you find yourself with a couple of extra dollars come tomorrow and have been in the market for a decent sound system and you live in an apartment, then I’d recommend you check out the Onkyo HT-SR800. It’s one of those all-in-one home theater deals, only it doesn’t suck (according to some of the folks over… Read More

  • Can open source work for medicine?

    India’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research is taking a cue from open source initiatives that you and I know so well and applying those same ideals to third world drug research in the hopes of developing cures for diseases "at a fraction of the costs incurred by multinationals to develop a new drug." Read More

  • Vaporware 2007: The tech that should have been

    It’s the usual suspects; if you read last year’s list, you won’t be surprised by many of the contenders. And although it’s said every year, I really think we’ll see a lot of these things in 2008. I’m guessing the Optimus Keyboard will see a limited release, XP SP3 will be released now that the Vista rush (such as it was) is over, and even Spore and the… Read More

  • Toshiba and Sharp to join forces on LCD panels

    Toshiba and Sharp were recently pressed their magic rings together proclaiming, "Wonder Twin powers, activate! Form of…a strategic LCD alliance wherein Toshiba buys LCD panels from Sharp and Sharp buys semiconductors from Toshiba!" The actual meeting may very well have gone differently than that, but you get the idea. The partnership will allow the two companies to produce… Read More

  • Ultimate Ears Super.fi 4vi Winner

    As promised on Friday, today is the day to announce the winner of those Ultimate Ears Super.fi 4vi iPhone headphones. The contest was a reader response deal where the comment that tickled us the most over the weekend would win the earbuds. After much deliberation, the CG staff has decided upon one comment for its humor and ballsyness. The winner is JJ, for this response to a woman looking… Read More

  • This Christmas, don't forget the writers who brought you your favorite shows: stay away from Hulu

    Let’s say Santa tomorrow brings you Lost on Blu-ray or maybe a Simpsons or Seinfeld boxset or two. By all means, enjoy your new gifts, but don’t forget that the men and women who wrote the stories for those shows—”writers”—are royally screwed over and see very little money as a result of their sale. Yes, the writers strike is still unresolved and even… Read More

  • FBI crime database info to be shared with your boss?

    The FBI of the USA is busy building the world’s largest photo database of people’s faces, fingerprints, and palm prints. It’ll be used for crime fighting and terrorist wrangling but it can also be used as part of a plan "under which employers could ask the FBI to keep employees’ fingerprints in the database, subject to state privacy laws, so that if that employees… Read More

  • Dave Winer wants to be treated special by Apple, as do we all

    Dave Winer goes into into an Apple store and asked them to replace his hard drive out of warranty. They sold him 80 GB for $160 and then told you that he couldn’t have his old drive back. And he’s upset. Let it be said that while I don’t agree that Apple stores should “treat you different,” it is a pretty shitty policy. When you go to a mechanic they give you… Read More

  • Loreo 3D lans cap creates, yes, 3D images

    Perhaps you woke up this morning and said to yourself, “You know what? I’d love to waste $100 on something I don’t need.” Lucky! This 3D lens cap from Loreo is said to “create” “3D” “images” when used in conjunction with a 3D viewer. A gimmick, in other words. In its defense, it does work with pretty much every SLR on the market… Read More

  • LG releases new Blu-ray disc types

    This movie had better not make it to Blu-ray. Want something that will warm the cockles of your heart like a class of benzene spiked egg nog? How about new Blu-ray disk types! LG released BD-RE and BD-R types for you and your’n this holiday season, just in time for the entire next-gen format war to implode under the weight of its own hype. LG unveils new Blu-Ray discs Read More

  • All I want for Christmas are my two front glands

    Apparently this little lady found two Wiis and Guitar Hero III and is willing to part with these gems to get a new set of cans. Let’s let her tell you her story: So I set out 3 weeks ago to find 20 Wii’s and sell them for $500-ish a piece like everyone else is doing to buy myself a Christmas gift, a new set of boobs. You see mine are used, as in milk factory used. We-I am… Read More

  • Antisocial networks for the Grinch in your life

    Spread some Christmas cheer today and tomorrow to all your online “friends.” Or, you can be a real, go-it-alone American and sign up for one of several new anti-social networks. It’s all the fun of real social networks like Facebook and MySpace, only with the faux, forced amity. Choose from the likes of Hatebookand Snubster and make things like “friend… Read More

  • 2007 In Numbers: The Ask Mouse Squeaked A Little Louder This Year

    IAC got serious about its Ask property this year, investing $100 million in the United States alone on a bizarre “Ask the Algorithm” campaign that even sunk to the depths of using the Unabomber as a marketing tool. Unfortunately for good taste there’s nothing like a bit controversy to draw attention to a service and Ask’s traffic was up this year, proving once again… Read More

  • Vonage Finalizes Settlement with AT&T

    Internet phone company Vonage settled a patent lawsuit brought against it by AT&T. AT&T claimed that Vonage infringed with its patents by using packet-based telephony products, which allow voice conversations to be carried over the Internet. Since going public in 2006, Vonage was hit by multiple lawsuits by telephone service providers. It settled a suit with Sprint Nextel and another… Read More

  • Digital Fear-Mongering And Hollywood Accounting

    As movies go digital, they are presenting new archival challenges for the film industry. Film cannisters stored in a salt mine last a lot longer than a hard disk drive or a DVD. The issues of preserving film footage for the ages in a digital form are real and vexing, but a recent report by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences titled “The Digital Dilemma” throw out… Read More

  • Handset Production Soars in Taiwan

    Taiwan’s production of handsets is up nearly 82% over last year’s numbers. Many of the 6.2 million devices manufactured in Taiwan are made for Apple and its iPhone brand. It is believed that similar numbers will be achieved in next year’s first quarter. This will be a jump of 150% over this year’s first quarter numbers, Market Intelligence Centre said in a… Read More

  • Yahoo Launches BravoNation. I'm Not Loving It.

    BravoNation, a site that allows users to send electronic awards to others, is the most recent product launch from Yahoo Brickhouse. Brickhouse head Salim Ismail sent me an invitation to try out the service this evening. I dove in – and this is one screwball product. The point of Brickhouse (I think) is to come up with half baked ideas, throw them against the wall, and see what sticks. Read More

  • Google Helps NORAD Track Santa

    Russian ICBM’s aren’t the only thing the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) will be tracking this Christmas, and Google (which is everywhere, and knows everything) is giving them a hand. The annual NORAD Tracks Santa page is back, and this year it comes with some extra Google goodies. For good boys there’s a YouTube Channel, that doesn’t care if… Read More

  • Digg, The Song

    Really? Yes, Really: The song, which is pretty damned good, is performed by Kina Grannis. Here are the lyrics (and hear Kina’s other songs here): When I’m feeling lazy, at school or when I work
    I sneak to my computer, and then I like to shirk
    I don’t go online shopping, I don’t email with my mom
    I open up my browser, and go to digg-dot-com Chorus: Gotta digg, gotta… Read More

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