• Hands on with the Samsung Armani

    The Armani phone from Samsung was revealed weeks ago, but today we had a chance for some hands on and I’m very impressed. It’s small form factor, 3.44×2.14×0.41-inch, and touch screen UI are quite intuitive and easy to use. The 2.6-inch QVGA touch screen has haptic feedback for everything, but it shuts off when you’re dialing a number, which is something I found… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Home Entertainment Edition

    Mr. Clock Radio: Why not wake up next to an absolute creep?
    Myvu Universal Edition review
    Light-y punch-y bag-y deal-y concept-y
    Sky Spies: Advanced bugs invading politics?
    Glowing Mountain Dew
    Some posts write themselves: Tape Tape Dispenser Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Will Facebook’s older users drive away all the young kids? Charlie Big modern dilemma: what to do when your parents try to add you as a friend. Read More

  • TokBox Gets Some NYTimes Love

    TokBox, a cool new startup we covered in August that lets you set up video chat on the fly with no software downloads at all, gets a nice writeup by Brad Stone in the New York Times this evening. Note the comments in our original post – it got rave reviews from readers, which is rare. Not a lot of new information in the article, except for the fact that Sequoia Capital has apparently put… Read More

  • Discovery Acquires How Stuff Works For $250 Million

    Discovery Networks have acquired How Stuff Works for $250 million. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Discovery plans to use the site “as the cornerstone of an effort to bring its vast library of video content to the Web.” Discovery previously acquired environmentally focused blog TreeHugger.com for $10 million in August. How Stuff Works is a long standing provider of… Read More

  • The Declining US Dollar: Winners And Losers

    Many within the United States might not have noticed the trend yet, but the rest of the world has: the US dollar is in serious decline. Americans have long made fun of their friends North of the border, but today the Canadian dollar buys $1.02 US dollars making it worth more than the Greenback. It wasn’t that long ago that the US Dollar was at parity with the Euro (December 02), but today… Read More

  • Introducing Digg-Like Voting To Celebrity Gossip Aficionados

    While Digg seems hard pressed to break out of its geek-infested niche, other sites are using Digg-like voting mechanisms to attack a much larger and much less tech savvy crowd: celebrity gossip aficionados. This evening the newest, Showhype, launches, joining a number of existing sites. More on each below: Lipstick: A Conde Naste site powered by Reddit, which Conde Naste acquired in late… Read More

  • Greetings from Seoul

    Hello from Seoul, South Korea. Well, I landed in Seoul’s Incheon airport last night and throughout this week I’ll be bringing you some exclusive Samsung news as well as everything else the motherland has to offer. Bet you didn’t know Samsung made cars. If you’re in or around Seoul then feel free to shoot me an e-mail, peterha at crunch gear dot com. Stay tuned for… Read More

  • Bubble Activity? Dot.mobi Names Sold For 6 Figures

    The latest Moniker domain auction was held last week, and along with the usual multi-million dollar domain buys that we’ve come to expect from these domain auctions (computer.com went for $2.2 million), another domain many people might not have heard of, let alone used saw six figure sales. Dot.mobi domains we released for sale in September 2006 and are aimed at providing mobile… Read More

  • Greenpeace: iPhone Not Good For The Environment

    International environmental group Greenpeace has launched an attack on Steve Jobs’ claims that Apple is a company with green credentials by releasing an analysis of the iPhone that finds toxic chemicals that have or are in the process of being eliminated by other mobile phone manufacturers. According to Greenpeace, the iPhone contains toxic brominated compounds (indicating the prescence… Read More

  • Will Facebook's older users drive away all the young kids?

    Now that old people have discovered Facebook, will The Kids still like it? An important question to be sure, especially now that companies like Microsoft are prepared to throw $lots Zuckerberg’s way for that hoard of information. What was once the exclusive domain of college kids poking each other back and forth has seen an uptick in… how shall I put this… old and… Read More

  • Woz goes D-List!

    Damn son! Who knew Woz was such a player? Girlfriend and celebrity Kathy Griffin took him to the opening of Diablo’s Cantina in Las Vegas on Saturday and showed off the goods. He looks pretty good in that all black ensemble! She Needs To Marry This One! [Perez Hilton] Read More

  • Top Blogs On Google Reader

    So Google recently made it fairly easy to determine the number of Google Reader subscribers around a particular blog. Gabe Rivera at Techmeme did a little work on excel and came up with an unofficial list of the top blogs and the number of subscribers each blog has on Google Reader. He sent the list around to people for comments – with his permission we’ve published it… Read More

  • Black Palm Centro on Sprint.com, red one coming soon

    Just a heads up that Palm’s new Centro phone is now available for purchase on Sprint’s website for $99 with a new contract, $399 without. The black version is the only one available for now, but the red version will be available on November 4th. Sprint.com via Brighthand Read More

  • Zelda Phantom Hourglass review video is mesmerizing

    I can’t tell where in the galaxy this person is from, his age, or what the hell he’s talking about half the time but one thing’s for sure; I can’t look away. Zelda Phantom Hourglass review [YouTube] Read More

  • Websites May Require Visually Impaired Access In California

    California may require websites to provide access to visually impaired users under ruling made in the long running case of the National Federation of the Blind vs Target. The case centers on Target not providing basic accessibility to vision impaired users via the use of alt tags for images, keyboard options for navigation and missing navigation headers. US District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel in… Read More

  • New Sidekicks will include unlimited MMS messages

    The new Sidekick Slide and Sidekick LX will be capable of sending MMS (images, audio, video, etc.) messages and doing so will be included with your plan, according to Joshua Karp over on BGR. These new models will be the first Sidekicks capable of sending MMS messages and any new customers will automatically get put on the new plan, but existing customers upgrading to the new phone will need… Read More

  • 'Sneaker Pimps' pimped out NES sneaker

    Oh wow. We’re looking at what appears to be a working Nintendo Entertainment System built into the bottom of a shoe. This photo was apparently taken last night in New York City at the end of the Sneaker Pimps’ nationwide tour. Flyguy’s goldfish platform shoes from I’m Gonna Git You Sucka were pretty awesome but, come on, full blown NES in a shoe here. Sneaker Pimps… Read More

  • Facebook Has LinkedIn In Their Crosshairs

    Facebook may be used for professional networking (particularly in Silicon Valley), but it sure isn’t set up to be. People’s profiles are all about their dating status, pictures, videos and other very personal information. It’s perfect for college dorm networking, but not so much for job or business development hunting. LinkedIn, by contrast, is set up perfectly to network. Read More

  • TiVo + Comcast partnership is long overdue

    In the New England area (where I live) Comcast just started rolling out set-top DVRs equipped with TiVo software. It’s sure gonna be hard for me to say goodbye to Comcast’s awesome user interface. Pretty soon, I’ll have to use TiVo’s crappy, stupid interface instead. Read More

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