• Apple is the most successful brand, says international marketers

    A recent poll of 2,000 international online marketers has revealed that Apple is the most successful brand in the world. Virgin, Google, Coca-Cola and Nike were right behind Apple in the polling that asked marketers which brands they wanted to sit next to at a dinner party and which would be the most successful in the future, among others. Apple took home six of the 10 categories while… Read More

  • Do you suffer from nomophobia?

    Great. Super. Fantastic! As if I’m not neurotic enough, Scienticians or some dudes have postulated that we’re suffering from a new type of mental disorder known as nomophobia — the fear of being without your mobile phone. No,they’re serious, and I’m afraid I suffer from the affliction. If I leave my house for an important meeting and I’ve forgotten my phone… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Capcom secures rights to MotoGP

    High res Any MotoGP fans in the crowd? Well, whatever. I’m a fan. Today, Capcom announced that they’ve acquired the exclusive platform rights to MotoGP through 2012. That means, you might see a MotoGP title on all platforms sans the Nintendo DS. The picture above should not be misconstrued, as I am not a Valentino Rossi supporter or Yamaha fan. I used to root for Sete Gibernau until… Read More

  • New propaganda-style Battlestar posters look fracking sweet

    These posters at ThinkGeek look pretty excellent. They got the palette right (if they were going for a Soviet look) and the show fits the concept exactly. The WWII-submarine-esque world of Galactica seems a natural fit for the “ENLIST!” look of these posters. It’s just in time for the season premiere this Friday, though you’ll have to order fast if you want to… Read More

  • Facebook Gets Aggressive On Translations, Adding 22 More Languages

    Facebook isn’t just messing around with a few European language translations any more. They’re using their new user-powered translation engine to get Facebook into 22 more languages, on top of English, French, German and Spanish. It will take some time for users to translate the sites, and Facebook likes to stagger launches to maximize PR. If you want to help out with the project… Read More

  • ScribbleSheet writes its own obituary

    It seems to be a day for shutting down. ScribbleSheet, a citizen journalism portal which only launched in September last year, is no more. It turns out there are a lot of other places on the Internet where people could write about politics, technology, business and culture. The London-based self-funded startup from co-founders John Ndege (22, formerly with Accenture), and Brian Oula (22… Read More

  • MoGo launches Cell Ranger: Portable cellular repeater

    The first news is trickling out of CTIA and we’re actually quite impressed with this little bugger. It’s called the Cell Ranger and it’s a USB-powered cellular repeater that improves cell reception almost anywhere. The Cell Ranger line includes two products: the Cell Ranger STIX is powered by a standard automotive 12 volt power supply; the Cell Ranger PORT is powered by a… Read More

  • Sony brings movies to AT&T Wireless via MediaFLO

    Sony is partnering with AT&T to bring its back catalog of movies to wireless phones. Using the newly announced MediaFLO network AT&T is rolling out this month, customers will be able to browse, rent, and watch the films on their mobiles. No word yet on pricing or why anyone would want to watch a movie on a 1.5×2.5-inch screen, but we’re guessing they’re targeting… Read More

  • WetPaint Preparing Embeddable Wiki Product Called Balco

    Seattle based wiki-startup Wetpaint has been talking to a number of big content sites about a new product they’ll be releasing soon, we’ve heard. The screen shot above is a mock-up that Wetpaint is using to pitch potential partners. The product is an embeddable wysiwyg wiki. That alone is interesting, just because there aren’t any easy ways to embed a wiki into third party… Read More

  • First impressions of the BlackBerry 9000

    BlackBerry fans take heed for the BGR has learned a few things about the upcoming BlackBerry 9000. Everything we reported was true. 624MHz processor, 480×320 screen, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, etc.
    The web browser flies. “Loads web pages in 3-4 seconds.”
    The BlackBerry 9000 in its current state runs OS 4.5
    Early launch date was slated for a consumer AT&T launch on June 18th. Remember… Read More

  • Blancier "Crazy Planet" adds gears to watch face

    Blancier is a custom watchmaker. You can go to the site, pick out all the components, and get a handmade watch delivered to your door in a few weeks. I personally reviewed one and I loved it — they used Molnia movements and huge cases and have a neo-classical look that is just amazing. Well, they now have a few other “limited edition” pieces including this model, the… Read More

  • Alltel customers to get lime green MOTO Q9c

    The very-businesslike MOTO Q9c will be available this summer to Alltel subscribers in lime green or “licorice” colors. I certainly don’t mean for anyone to take this personally, but it’s my opinion that lime green is a ridiculous color for a business-oriented cell phone (or any type of gadget, for that matter). That’s just me, though. That’s just… Read More

  • Another Fun Tool From Aviary: A Photo Time Machine

    When we hear from Aviary it’s bound to be something entertaining and fun. The New York based company remains in private beta but adds to its suite of image manipulation products regularly. The newest tool is called Dodo, a web-based time machine. A video demo is below. You upload an image to the service and it will “age” it based on user input. An example: upload a picture… Read More

  • Blu-Ray to PSP transfer coming soon (??)

    Rumors abound about a potential method for transferring Blu-Ray content to PSPs using, presumably, some sort of Sony software called Portable Copy. Expected launch is later this year but nothing is confirmed but this is definitely something the B-R format was supposed to promote over time. Sadly, this will probably destroy the market for UMD movies. Oh, wait… Read More

  • Here's A ScreenShot Of Publish2

    Publish2, the stealth Digg-Clone-For-Journalists that announced a fundraising this morning, is being very quiet about exactly what their product is and how it works. In an interview last week they told me only friends and family were testing it. Well, it turns out “friends and family” is fairly expansive term in their book, and includes a lot of people who are quite willing to… Read More

  • S-E launches HSDPA Z750a on AT&T

    Sony Ericsson’s HSDPA Z750a just dropped on AT&T. It will cost $50 after rebate and comes in purple, grey, and pink. It has a 2.0-megapixel camera and runs on AT&T’s 3G network. Sure it’s no X1 or even one their latest UIQ phones, but it’s nice that Sony Ericsson is launching phones in the U.S., right? I’m actually quite upset. S-E used to be a giant… Read More

  • Xoopit Makes Your Inbox More Social. Raises $5 Million and Launches Private Beta (Invites)

    We are moving closer and closer to the social inbox—email that talks to your social networks. Today, Xoopit launches in private beta. Not to be confused with Xobni (another email 2.0 app), Xoopit is a plug-in for FireFox that lets you easily view all the photos, videos, and files buried in your e-mail as attachments and sent to you as links from across the Web. The first 700… Read More

  • Prepare yourself and your loved ones for CTIA Wireless 2008

    It’s only been a few months since MWC 2008 but that doesn’t mean US carriers can’t get in on the new cellphone act. Peter and Doug are winging their way to Las Vegas for CTIA Wireless 2008 as we speak, promising to cover a number of new “cellular telephones” including R.I.M’s new “Blueberry” electronic mail phones and Motorola’s hot RAZR… Read More

  • Amsterdam-Bound: TechCrunch At The Next Web

    If you are going to be anywhere near Amsterdam this Thursday or Friday, you should go to the Next Web conference. It is one of the best gatherings of European Web 2.0 startups and entrepreneurs. Nine days ago, I had no plans to travel to Amsterdam. But tomorrow I will be flying over there to moderate the two-day event. (Don’t ask how this happened, but it involved a late-night… Read More

  • Vivitar HD cam: Sanyo Xacti, you can go home now

    The DVR565HD from Vivitar should give Sanyo a run for its money. This 1080i video camera has HDMI out and records at 720p at 30 frams a second. No price or availability and I actually forgot that Vivitar still existed. Read More

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