• Bunny lovin' board shorts

    I know it’s winter, but I can still think about 80 degree water and peeling left point breaks. I’m pretty picky about board shorts because the cheap-o kind from Wal Mart or uber expensive POS from Abercrombie will make you chafe or give you a crazy rash. Why? Because they don’t know diddly about making proper board shorts. You want a pair that stretches a bit and moves with… Read More

  • Ibiza Rhapsody quick look

    I have a Haier washing machine. It works really well and it used to fit exactly into a small closet in our previous apartment so we could hide it from the landlords. What I never expected to see, however, is a Haier wireless MP3 player. See, Haier is a Chinese company that is something of a success story. They took an Asian brand and made good-quality home appliances for the US market and did… Read More

  • You want to see a video of the Bug Labs hardware in action, don't you?

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf This is the first real demo of Bug Labs’ open source hardware thing. It’s a skeleton that you add components onto. If you want an MP3 playing camcorder and flashlight, you get those parts and put them together. And this is it working right now. Read More

  • Front company and OEM for Amazon Kindle is…

    In case anyone cares to know who the OEM and front for Kindle are then listen (look closely, read closely…er… whatever) closely. Thanks to tipster John H. for doing a bit of snooping on the FCC because he’s uncovered a few secrets about Amazon’s e-book. The front is Payne LLC. based out of Delaware who requested a confidentiality agreement on October 31. The test… Read More

  • Kindle Images And Video

    http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/digital/fiona/preview/DPPlayer._V5099157_.swf I just bought the new Amazon Kindle and it should be here by Thanksgiving. I figure if I’m going to continue to mock its appearance I should at least get an actual device in my hands. Amazon has the above overview video and images on the main product page. Much better than the original images that surfaced… Read More

  • 300 rounds per minute of pure shot-gun fun!

    Hey, Blackwater mercenaries! Sidearms and M16s not fast enough for you during those inopportune moments when you mistake a woman and baby with a gun toting Islamo-fascist? Why not pick up the AA-12, the one way to send your quarry to his or her maker with no messy clean-up afterwords. An advanced lead delivery system, the Auto Assault-12 is perfect for close combat and those moments when you… Read More

  • Vodafone Germany sues T-Mobile over iPhone "monopoly"

    So that’s how they do business over in Germany. Vodafone has issue a “restraining order” against T-Mobile for offering exclusive phones that other carriers cannot have. Vodafone isn’t generally opposed to T-Mobile’s exclusivity contract with Apple, but wants to have these new sales practices examined, the spokesman said. The restraining order doesn’t aim at… Read More

  • RCA Jet Stream with Kleer: The Review

    The RCA Jet Stream is a basic DAP intended for use while exercising. To that merit, it includes a pedometer and a BMI measurement utility of debatable accuracy (I’m just big-boned). As a standalone unit it is, rather vanilla. Perhaps sensing this conundrum, RCA opted to include Kleer wireless headphones, the same technology that I gushed about at CES this year, proclaiming it my… Read More

  • OpenSocial Has Been Good To Plaxo

    Update (Nick): We contacted John about the traffic spike. Essentially he says that the OpenSocial announcement helped publicize Plaxo Pulse. He believes the platform was more mature this time around and convinced a lot more users to sign on and invite their friends who invited more friends, causing the hockey stick. Ever since Plaxo joined Google’s OpenSocial platform a couple weeks ago… Read More

  • Bowers & Wilkins 685 Speaker Review

    After checking out B&W’s 685 stereo speakers for more than a month, I’m truly impressed. These mid-size speakers are perfect for a roomy bookshelf or on speaker stands, and they handled all the music I could throw at them with precision and superb richness. Movies still benefit from a decent subwoofer, but most acoustic music lovers can do without one in a small living room. Read More

  • Video: Bug Labs Begins to Crawl

    Attention open-source hardware aficionados. Bug Labs, the startup developing a Lego-like device that lets engineers mix-and-match different modules to create any digital device they can dream up, has its first working prototype. CrunchGear has a very cool video: http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf CrunchGear also has more pics (like the one… Read More

  • ZML is Allofmp3.com for movies

    Say hello to the source of the MPAA’s next ulcer. It’s ZML.com, a site with similar ultra-simplicity and low, low pricing to former heavyweight music champ Allofmp3.com. The site offers movies in varying levels of quality, with the lower resolution movies starting at $1.99 and the highest resolution movies (DVD-quality) topping out at $4.99. If it sounds too good to be true, it… Read More

  • Area-51 m17x and m15x: Mmmm… tasty

    These laptops are still in the pre-release stage but it looks like we’ll soon be able to rock out with Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme and dual 8800M NVIDIA graphics cards (m17x only) as well as a keyboard that looks like it came from outer space. Our own Peter Ha is heading down to take a look at these beasties as we speak so we’ll have some more photos in a bit. Read More

  • Exclusive: First hands on with working Bug Labs open source hardware

    We told you about Bug Labs last week so you should have all the pertinent info, but now we have pics and video of a working model. Videos will be up as soon they’re done loading so please bear with us and check back soon. Read More

  • Kindle: First Impressions

    Everyone at Amazon’s Kindle press conference (which I liveblogged earlier today) received one of the electronic book readers. I played around with mine while I was waiting to interview Jeff Bezos. My initial impressions: It is not as clunky as the FCC picture made it out to be, but it still has an odd retro feel. A mod, over-sized, calculator from the 1970s comes to mind. It is… Read More

  • Q&A With Bezos About the Kindle

    After liveblogging Amazon’s Kindle announcement earliertoday, I was able to sit down with Jeff Bezos for a quick one-on-one. Here is the Q&A: Q: Who do you see buying this device? Bezos: Heavy readers. Anyone who keeps three or four books open at the same time. It is heavy to carry all of those books around. People who are really busy. The traveler is another constituency. it… Read More

  • Rondee Launches "Evite" For Conference Calls

    Conference calls can be a pain, and getting charged by the minute doesn’t help. But these days, there’s really no reason to pay for them. There’s FreeConfereceCall.com, FreeConference.com, Lypp, and a bunch of other small startups giving away the service. But while there’s no difference in the cost, Rondee’s Evite-like web interface makes it the simplest… Read More

  • Viddler's New Tag-Based Advertising System

    This past Thursday, Viddler launched an advertising system that lets companies and individuals overlay advertisements at variously tagged points within the videos it hosts. The system is very similar to Google Adwords, except advertisements are within videos instead of search results, and advertisers sponsor tags instead of search terms. Viddler’s embeddable player has always been unique… Read More

  • Microsoft's homosexual agenda will not be tolerated, pastel icons and nice desktop wallpaper featuring cast of London Cats an abomination

    Improve the community! Firestorms of shareholder angst! Steve Ballmer calls former football player a liar! Microsoft loves them some gays! What will Microsoft do? An advocate of a “biblical stance” against divorce and homosexuality, Mr Hutcherson, 55, is asking millions of evangelical activists, as well as Orthodox Jewish and other allies, to buy up Microsoft shares and demand… Read More

  • Mini review of the Amazon Kindle [Update 2]

    Why the name Kindle? Well, according to the definition on the Kindle box, “2. inspire, stir up.” Amazon is certainly making a buzz today. The form factor of the Kindle is nice. The textured backing is quite nice and the graphics are pretty neat. So far I like the Kindle. It’s very easy to use and the UI is clean. It’s sort of sluggish when jumping from screen to screen… Read More

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