• Greenplum Takes $27 Million Series C

    Database software provider Greenplum has taken $27 million Series C is a round led by Meritech Capital Partners that included Sun Microsystems and SAP Ventures. Greenplum leverages open source database software and incorporates a “shared-nothing architecture that employs parallel processing on commodity hardware.” Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz said that the investment… Read More

  • Some New Startups Direct To Video

    We’ve been looking at different ways of using video in relation to startup reviews. I’ve always told people pitching us that they should absolutely have an embeddable demo video because a demonstration speaks louder than any words…and they cant be edited and spun by us either. Another way of using video is for a direct to camera elevator pitch. Here’s a few new… Read More

  • Star Trek trailer in HD, just for you

    [photopress:kirkspockbath.jpg,full,center] That Star Trek trailer that’s been thrown around the Web all weekend in lo-rez camphone quality? The one you really want to see? Here you’ve got it in HD from Yahoo! Movies. (Sorry, no embeddable version as of yet.) Click to view the thing already! [Yahoo! Movies] Read More

  • MobileCrunch's Mobile Gaming This Week

    It seems some mobile phone gurus were talking about mobile games at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. One of the biggest problems that the game industry has is the pace at which new handsets are developed and released to the public. When someone upgrades to a new handset with all its neat features, old game software doesn’t compute. earth.jpgGame… Read More

  • CrunchLaw: HTC taken to task over disabled hardware?

    HTC makes your smartphone. OK, maybe not all of yours, but chances are if your phone is a smarty, it came from HTCs factory. They make handsets for Palm and Motorola as well as carrier-branded handsets like the AT&T Tilt or the T-Mobile Wing. It can probably be said that nobody has made more quality smartphones in North America than HTC, and all their new stuff is getting sexier and… Read More

  • JJ Abrams does some very good work with a very terminal geek

    [photopress:kirk.jpg,full,center] I know that some of you didn’t like Cloverfield. I haven’t seen it yet being as I’m stranded in Mexico, but I want to like it. I like JJ Abrams a lot and he seems to know exactly what he’s doing, a rarity in Hollywood directors lately. I also love LOST and many other things he’s done. And the fact that he’s directing the… Read More

  • 9 Reasons Why The Digg Story Sells

    This guest post was written by Muhammad Saleem, a social media consultant and a top-ranked community member on multiple social news sites.
    Most of us know the Digg story. All it took was a scrappy-looking kid with an idea, and lo and behold, online news discovery and aggregation were changed forever. Digg wasn’t the first social bookmarking (now social news) site, nor was it the first… Read More

  • Cal's marching band's tribute to the NES of yore

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1789288&fullscreen=1 We love all things Nintendo, it’s true. Well, except that VirtualBoy thing, what’s up with that? It was a cool idea, but 3D-VR based on red LEDs? That means all of us Colorblind Americans can’t take part. Thanks for that, Nintendo. We also love marching bands. So behold the above video that… Read More

  • iPhone coming to Thailand

    In the endless march towards world domination, Apple is talking to Thailands Advanced Info Service to sell the iPhone in the land of great skewered meat and kickboxing. “We are negotiating on details, including a revenue sharing standard. Apple needs a local operator to promote iPhone,” Prattana Leelapanang, assistant vice president for AIS’s wireless business marketing… Read More

  • Pownce Opens To Public Tonight At Midnight; Early Screen Shots Of New Features

    Pownce, a service that lets users send messages, files, links, and events to friends, first launched into private beta over six months ago. It was founded by Leah Culver, Kevin Rose and Daniel Burka (Rose and Burka of Digg fame). Tonight at midnight PST Pownce leaves private beta and anyone can join. There are 150,000 or so users in the service now – users have been waitlisted so that… Read More

  • A sweet lens for the hardcore wide-spectrum photographer in your life

    I personally haven’t had any trouble with chromatic aberration in the non-visible wavelengths of light, but then again I’m not shooting in infrared. You should though, it’s cool, but there is the question of whether your camera is up to it. If your sensor will detect the non-visible light, there’s still another problem: that type of light acts differently and both… Read More

  • Lenovo outsourcing its manufacturing to Taiwan

    The article is a little vague (an ambiguous summary of some second-hand information from a Chinese newspaper) but apparently Lenovo is going to be hiring Taiwanese manufacturers for its notebooks rather than keep it all in the family. The laptops we saw were pretty nice, so let’s hope this is a sign that they’re getting lots of orders and can’t keep up with demand. Lenovo… Read More

  • Time Warner's overage caps could be as low as 5GB per month

    We all knew this time would come, and last week’s disturbing news that Time Warner would be testing bandwidth caps in Texas came as no surprise. But we never thought the limits would be so low. Granted, 5GB is the bottom of their estimates as to where they might place caps, but they shouldn’t even be thinking at that level. That amount of data would be gone in a snap for any… Read More

  • Video Of Mahalo v. Wikia Search At DLD; Google's Marissa Mayer Weighs In

    The organizers of the DLD conference in Munich put on a great show today. One of the more lively sessions was called “Humans Disrupting Algorithms” and featured Wikipedia/Wikia Search’s Jimmy Wales and Mahalo’s Jason Calacanis, moderated by Fortune’s David Kirkpatrick. Jimmy and Jason each gave a brief overview of their human powered search engines. Jason railed… Read More

  • iPartee Releases Event Widget

    Event and venue-centric social network IPartee, which we have compared to a crowd of other online event services, has released a widget that allows users to share event details through their blogs, social networking profiles, and websites. We have embedded a widget below for the Crunchies ceremony that took place on Friday. Were we to have used iPartee for our invitations, you could have used… Read More

  • Quantcast Closes $20 million Series B

    Web metrics service Quantcast has closed $20 million Series B in a round that included Founders Fund and Polaris Venture Partners. Quantcast offers a “new media measurement service” that competes with companies such as comScore, HitWise and Alexa. Quantcast combines directly measured audience data with panel-based estimates to deliver third-party metrics on websites for advertisers… Read More

  • We7 Takes $6 Million Series A

    Ad supported music download service We7 has taken $6 million Series A is a round led by musician Peter Gabriel and Spark Ventures, with Eden Ventures also participating. Oxford, UK based We7 offers free music and video for download that is ad supported. The company notes that their model is “artist friendly at all times,” by making sure that rights owners get paid and artists… Read More

  • Modu: Vaporware bull or viral jackanapes? You decide!

    Feel free to call me cynical but I’ve seen this video a thousand times — remember Origami? — and the concept of a take-it-with you ID built-in to various CE devices like phones and apparently GPS receivers is compelling but almost impossible in reality. Look for more info at DEMO next week but I’m calling bullshit. via TC Read More

  • MacHeads: A movie about Apple fanbois

    These people are nuts. What have I willingly done to myself? MacHeads Read More

  • WordPress Boosts Free Storage to 3GB. Leaves Blogger, TypePad in the Dust.

    In a move that will no doubt put pressure on competing blog platforms TypePad (from Six Apart) and Blogger (from Google), WordPress (from Automattic) is boosting free storage for all the blogs it hosts from 50 MB to 3 GB. Founder Matt Mullenweg notes that is three times as much free space as Blogger currently offers, and that you’d have to pay $300 a year to get as much storage on TypePad. Read More

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