• Segway Finally Aids Law Enforcement

    Segway Finally Aids Law Enforcement

    Love it or hate it, the Segway does allow you to move a bit quicker than the average human. So it makes perfect sense why law enforcement and college campuses across the nation have chosen the Segway as the security personnel carrier of choice. Last Thursday however, the Segway received instant respect from the Long Beach Police Force. Officer Jose Miguez was patrolling the streets on his… Read More

  • Xbox Skillz Good in Warzones

    Xbox Skillz Good in Warzones

    Johnny 5 isn’t autonomous yet, so he needs help navigating the battlefield. US troops in Iraq are trained to use SUGVs (Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles) to be their eyes, ears, and even triggerfingers in highly hostile situations. These robots are cheap enough to almost be considered disposable, and allow the ground troops to explore intense areas with little or no risk to life. The… Read More

  • Sling Media Partners With NHL

    Sling Media Partners With NHL

    Those of you with a thirst for blood and a Slingbox will be extremely pleased to know that the NHL has signed onto a content deal with Sling Media. Users will now be able to Clip+Sling a segment of a hockey game and send it to their friends and family. Wondering what Clip+Sling is? It’s an upcoming service Sling Media will offer to customers who want to share clips of video. You’ll… Read More

  • Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair: Exactly What It Sounds Like

    Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair: Exactly What It Sounds Like

    Don’t forget that this coming Saturday, June 10, is “Take the Infirm to the Beach Day,” and is, as always, sponsored by Bed Protect, makers of the All-Day-Long brand of adult diapers. And while others are getting their grampas bogged down in the sun-warmed sand, collecting more skin cancers, you’ll be cruising along with the Landeez Beach Chair. It’s half… Read More

  • Nielsen Wireless Launches Mobile Vector

    Nielsen Wireless Launches Mobile Vector

    Nielsen Media Research may soon be measuring what types of content people are using on their mobile handsets. mocoNews is reporting that the Nielsen Wireless unit has launched its first product, called Mobile Vector, and this service is designed to track mobile content such as mobile Internet and mobile video, while also quantifying the impact that this has on a consumer’s overall… Read More

  • Wii Outsells PS3 5 to 1 in Japan: Its Momentum is Palpable

    Wii Outsells PS3 5 to 1 in Japan: Its Momentum is Palpable

    As if you needed any more confirmation on just how great the Nintendo Wii is, the latest Japanese sales numbers show a 5 to 1 advantage in terms in consoles sold compared to the PS3. Again, this doesn’t mean that the Wii is any better than the PS3, but it does show that Nintendo’s gamble of tapping into the non-gamer market is paying off. (Compare that to the PS3 where you need to… Read More

  • Apple TV: It's Cheaper Than You Think

    Apple TV: It's Cheaper Than You Think

    iSuppli’s dissection of the device revealed the $237 manufacturing price which would create a per-sale profit of $64 before marketing costs. Unusual? Absolutely, considering that products like the Nano exceeded 50% in profits. Based on these numbers, analysts seem to think the Apple TV will make little to no impact on revenue. Apple’s surprising financial plan for the Apple TV… Read More

  • eBay To Broker Radio Ads

    eBay To Broker Radio Ads

    Watch out Google. Just when you thought you were the only big company out there to start offering radio ads, you thought wrong. eBay is stepping into the game now and will start offering a radio ad brokerage service as of today. The service will offer air time for ads to go on more than 2,300 radio stations. Part of the reason eBay is offering these new type of ads is due to the… Read More

  • Global Mobile Advertising to Reach $14.4 billion by 2011

    Global Mobile Advertising to Reach $14.4 billion by 2011

    Advertisers are going to spend a lot of money mobile media this year, but it pales to the amount of cash they’ll be spending in just a few years. According to a new Strategy Analytics report, “Global Mobile Advertising Update: Outlook Bright as Inventory Expands,” advertisers may spend $1.4 billion on mobile media this year, and the firm predicts that mobile media… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: War Simulations on the Front Line

    CrunchArcade: War Simulations on the Front Line

    War is hell; there is no denying it. Yet conflict makes for a good backdrop for gaming. While upcoming titles such as the newly announced Call of Duty 4 and the next Brothers in Arms are still months away, you can get in on the action now. Several games have slipped under the radar this spring, and these offer salvos of action. And war games not need be limited to first-person shooters. Read More

  • TheGadgetLocker Announces iPod Recycling Program

    TheGadgetLocker Announces iPod Recycling Program

    Guess what kids. TheGadgetLocker.com is now offering an iPod Recycling Program where you can dispose of your broken or aging iPod. TheGadgetLocker provides all the shipping labels, so you don’t pay a cent. Plus, you’ll receive $20 in reward points for sending in your iPod. The goal of the program is for consumers to become aware of TheGadgetLocker.com’s merchandise, while… Read More

  • Pac-Man Debuts on Xbox Live Arcade: Now in High Definiton

    Pac-Man Debuts on Xbox Live Arcade: Now in High Definiton

    The lovable Pac-Man makes his Xbox Live Arcade debut today, reborn as Pac-Man Championship Edition. The game follows the same premise that everyone on planet Earth is familiar with, but adds a bunch of new mazes and several 21st century improvements like high def graphics and widescreen support. Microsoft teamed up with the game’s creator and had a blowout launch in New York yesterday… Read More

  • Sony Odo Concepts

    Sony Odo Concepts

    Recently, Sony showcased a range of concept products it’s been working on that don’t require batteries or AC power. For instance, the Spin ‘N’ Snap camera is powered by hand. You pop in your fingers, spin it, and it generates enough juice to power the camera. Seems like it could be pretty handy for people who enjoy camping, love the outdoors, or hate batteries. Read More

  • NBC Wants You To Embed Videos

    http://www.nbc.com/Video/export/swf/nbcsyndpl.swf?id=snlbackstage With YouTube still growing every day, online video is in extremely high-demand. Don’t offer video? Keep movin’. It’s a Web 2.0 world and people want content. NBC has caught onto this notion and will now offer video that users can post on their website or blog. Clips of shows like “Meet the Press”… Read More

  • Digital Coupons Have Arrived

    Digital Coupons Have Arrived

    Coupons aren’t what they use to be. And while it is hard to think about coupons as part of direct advertising and marketing, that’s exactly what they’ve always been. The coupon industry is actually an $8 billion a year sector that distributes more than 342 billion coupons a year, and processes more than 3.3 billion coupons. These instant saving “devices” have… Read More

  • JobVent Takes Dirt Dishing To a Broader Audience

    JobVent Takes Dirt Dishing To a Broader Audience

    Dishing dirt is in. We’ve previously covered The Funded and Overhear.us, sites that facilitate reviews for and against companies. JobVent takes the same concept to a broader level. Where as The Funded and Overhear.us are fairly selective and limited in use, Jobvent by comparison is the wild west. JobVent.com is a free resource for job seekers and current employees who either want to… Read More

  • Point and More

    Point and More

    Science fiction movies for years what we’ll get to do in the future. Imagine pointing your mobile phone at a restaurant to get a review or a movie poster to buy tickets? Well, the future is closer than you think. GeoVector has partnered with Cybermap Japan to make pointing the chic thing to do with your handset. The Mapion Pointing Application Release 2.0, powered by GeoVetor offers… Read More

  • And the Buildy Goes To…

    And the Buildy Goes To…

    What was the buzz at the BuilConn event last month? It was that Ember’s ZigBee technology platform was named “Best New Wireless Product” by the events attendees. The company won the coveted Buildy Award for the ZigBee platform, which users lower power, wireless technology to help make living and working environments smarter and more energy efficient. “We are honored… Read More

  • Orange to Cap “Unlimited”

    Orange to Cap “Unlimited”

    We’re hearing some interesting things about what Orange might consider “unlimited.” MSMobileNews is even running a poll to get opinions on the new flat rate Internet package, which is being unveiled in Europe as a potential rival to T-Mobile’s web’n’walk service. According to some rumors, this “unlimited” plan might be capped at just 30MB. So it is… Read More

  • 09 Mobile Partners with TynTec for SMS Operations

    09 Mobile Partners with TynTec for SMS Operations

    Icelandic mobile operator 09 Mobile has announced a deal to outsource its global SMS capability to mobile messaging service provider TynTec. Currently 09 Mobile may the mobile carrier that seems to be everywhere but you may have never heard of them. The international roaming specialist operator actually provides reduced mobile calls across 190 countries, with no charges for receiving calls in… Read More