• Of Montreal's new T-Mobile ad

    We don’t share commercials often, but since we like T-Mobile and really like Of Montreal, we couldn’t resist posting about it when they got together. Enjoy it, friends. Read More

  • Web Memes for Net Neutrality

    There has never been a better way to get your political point across than with a group music video. We Are The World can suck it though, this is the greatest thing I’ve seen in awhile. And we totally agree with them. Read More

  • 100 Seesmic Accounts, And A Disclosure

    One of the hardest to get beta accounts right now is Seesmic, Loic Le Meur’s new startup that went into private beta in early October. The service, which can most easily be described as a video Twitter, is popular with the 300 people who are beta testing it so far. Le Meur says that more than half of them are extremely active, and 200 videos are being posted daily. There are over… Read More

  • Secret FCC documents reveal Blackberry 8120 to support 802.11b/g

    Some savvy document-jockeys have uncovered evidence that the Blackberry 8120 (GSM/EDGE cousin to the shiny new 8130) will be sharing many of the updates its 3G relative enjoys. Among those are GPS, stereo bluetooth, and most interestingly, Wi-Fi support. Not only that, but the manual hints at integration with T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi-based Hotspot@Home service. The feature list for this… Read More

  • The Truth: Recycling computers kills asians

    You know that warm, altruistic feeling you get when you attempt to “go green” by recycling your old electronics? Turns out you’re killing people in Hong Kong and other Asian cities. That old monitor you’re recycling has poison inside of it. That doesn’t sound so bad, unless you’re the very impoverished and very unlucky guy who’s job it is to mine… Read More

  • Video CrunchDeal: Insignia 26" LCD HDTV for $379.99

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf I own this TV. When I bought it I thought it was a steal at $399. It’s now $379. Regular price is $549. The deal ends Wednesday so if you’re in the market for a good TV, this is it. Best Buy’s Insignia brand TVs are made by LG, from what I’ve heard. Enjoy! Insignia 26" 720p… Read More

  • Brightspot.tv = DeadPool

    Duncan Riley said “BrightSpot.tv on the other hand comes with some interesting backers that might just make it a breakout in the space.” He was wrong. It’s now in the TechCrunch DeadPool. CrunchBase Information BrightSpot.tv Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • The Blogosphere Needs A Vacation

    What’s the top news story on TechMeme this fine Tuesday afternoon? It’s a story about the sudden disappearance of the word “is” from Facebook’s status message yesterday. Then, today, it reappeared. For a brief period of time, users could create a status message that did not include the word “is” in it. Wired Magazine saw fit to write on it, as did most… Read More

  • Vudu snubs discs as new format war is Bourne

    Video-on-demand hustlers VUDU are taking the high road in the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray battle. Opting to skip discs altogether, they’ve pre-loaded the first two Bourne movies in HD onto every new VUDU being bought, and they’re beaming it out, if you want it and already own their contraption. And they’re offering the final installment of the uber-spy’s thrillogy for the low… Read More

  • Charging an iPod with an onion and Gatorade

    How do you do, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and teachers? My name is some guy with an iPod and an onion and physics is my business and our very special business for today is electrolytes and onions. Man, Julius Sumner Miller was the bomb. [Thanks, James!] Read More

  • Firefox 3: the good, the bad, and the memory usage

    Mozilla’s Firefox 3 Beta 1 is now available for download if you hadn’t already heard. I took it for a quick spin and found that, on the surface, it’s not a whole lot different than Firefox 2. There are some nice little improvements under the hood here and there but it’s probably not going to be worth using as your everyday browser until it’s been officially released. Read More

  • Wi-Fi causing autism?

    According to a study by Dr. George Carlo in Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine, the signals emitted by Wi-Fi routers cause metals to be trapped in brain cells, thereby accelerating the onset of autism. I’m not quite sure how Wi-Fi singnals are the significant culprits here — unless they have 50 kids in faraday cages with 802.11G routers strapped to their… Read More

  • Phuser fuses web apps for work

    Only a few days after Huddle, a UK enterprise 2.0 startup, announced it had raised $4m in a Series A funding round from VCs Eden Ventures, another UK startup is gunning for the ‘team collaboration’ space. Phuser has turned its formerly consumer focused site 180 degrees around to face towards the working world, promising to bring together presentations, conference calls, videos… Read More

  • BFF Call for Help: 720p VS. 1080p The Rumble in the Television Jungle

    Over the past couple months I’ve been shopping the Sunday paper and internet ads for a new LCD TV. Currently I have a 25″ Magnavox TV that I bought with paper route money in 1993. It has a single coax input. It’s time to get something new, I don’t watch a lot of TV, I haven’t had cable in 8 years, and I don’t play a lot of games (I have a PS1 and will school any… Read More

  • Samsung SLM is the first with Napster Mobile

    Sorry for the delay, folks. I was busy fondling my Kindle yesterday and seemed to have left this one slip through the cracks. AT&T and Samsung announced the SLM yesterday, which is the first phone to feature Napster Mobile. On top of that it also has video share (3G!), stereo Bluetooth, and a 2-megapixel camera. Internal memory is a bit skimpy at only 50MB split between media and photos. Read More

  • Exmocare Watch spies on the elderly and mentally deficient, reports on their state of mind

    [Hippy dippy la la la BS about some sort of galvanic watch that watches your vital signs and that will never be released] he U.S. Company Exmocare has developed a novel wristwatch, which is capable of monitoring many physiological signals. The watch can send a report regarding the wearer’s emotional and physiological state to a loved one or caretaker, via email, SMS, or instant messaging. Read More

  • Will Boot Camp be the end of OS X apps?

    Looks like Apple might be mulling over the inclusion of Boot Camp in Leopard according to a statement released to investors last week. may deter developers from creating software applications for Mac OS X if such applications are already available for the Windows platform. Duh. Apple Warns ‘Boot Camp’ Could Lead To Fewer Mac Apps [Info Week] Read More

  • Canon 5D Mark II immenent, prepare laser cannons

    Ho ho ho! All of you folks looking for the 5D Mark II might be pleasantly surprised to find out that Capture One added the camera to their website’s error reporting page, suggesting that someone had lunch with someone at Canon maybe like last week and that someone heard that other someone say “Yeah, don’t put the 5D Mark II on your site yet, dude. God. The waitress is… Read More

  • Wire tap your kids

    I guarantee that my mom would have used one of these kits had she been more tech savvy and if this had actually been around when I was growing up. Parents do crazy things these days because the technology is there. It’s way too Big Brother for me and I don’t like it. The teddy bears with video cameras is enough, but tapping your kid’s phones is down right insane. Of course… Read More

  • Google launches video ad network in UK, Ireland

    Google is now offering its video ad-network to its Adsense partners in the UK, Ireland (and Canada), thus enabling them to display ad-supported video clips on their sites. Google is trying to further monetise content from YouTube using the new formats. The video units were launched in the US in October and publishers are offered a share of CPC or CPM deals. Partners can choose those videos… Read More

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