• Ultimate Ears metro.fi 2 Review

    Ultimate Ears metro.fi 2 Review

    Ultimate Ears continues to make a very strong push into the consumer headphone market. The company’s most aggressively priced and most compact in-ear headphones yet, the UE metro.fi 2, are a very good buy at just $79.99. If you’re looking to save a few bucks over pricier models like the UE super.fi 3 Studio or Creative Zen Aurvana, these are highly recommended, with great comfort… Read More

  • WoW Visa Credit Card Offers Gamers Free Game Time

    WoW Visa Credit Card Offers Gamers Free Game Time

    Oh boy, credit card debt and World of Warcraft, a powerful combination to be sure. Now thanks to Visa, you can get your very own WoW credit card in one of 13 designs. The game-related rewards for using the card include one free month upon first use and 1 percent of every dollar you spend will be converted to free game time that’s credited to your account. (What isn’t specified is… Read More

  • Pilot Program Launched for French Transit System

    Pilot Program Launched for French Transit System

    Global wireless commerce solutions provider Scanbuy, Inc. and consulting firm faberNovel have created a pilot program with Regie Autonome Transports Parisiens (RATP), the major transit operator in Paris and its environs, to offer commuters and travelers easy access to information using their mobile phones and other handheld devices. The first program of its kind to be launched outside of Japan… Read More

  • Scientists Figure Out How to Wire Quantum Computers

    Scientists Figure Out How to Wire Quantum Computers

    D-Wave’s Orion may be a step in the right direction in the field of quantum computing, but many of its detractors are still waiting for something a little more credible to appear on the scene. Enter RIKEN, a team of Japanese researchers who now are able to “controllably couple qubits.” Thought not the first to accomplish this (a team at UC Berkley did so last year), the… Read More

  • OQO Model 2 Gets HSDPA'd

    OQO Model 2 Gets HSDPA'd

    Over on Flickr, user tnkgrl got fed-up with the EVDO card her OQO Model 2 came with. So what’s a girlfriend to do when she wants a little HSDPA in her life? Mod the hell out of her computer, that’s what. Tnkgrl went ahead and ripped out that EVDO like a loose hangnail and replaced it with a brand spankin’ new HSDPA card. Doesn’t look like it took too much work, but… Read More

  • Gran Turismo: HD – One Of These Cars Isn't Real

    Gran Turismo: HD – One Of These Cars Isn't Real

    Over at the VGChartz (with a Z!) forums, someone posted some fantastic screenshots of Grand Turismo: HD compared with real-life action shots from a race. Needless to say, guessing which photos are real is tricky, but no one expected it to be this hard. Though some are labeled wrong, it’s still fun to compare two shots. You really get a chance to see how far video games have come in the… Read More

  • Black iMac To Drop At WWDC?

    Now that it’s Monday, we can bring you the latest Mac rumor that someone conjured up over the weekend. Today’s Mac rumor is an updated iMac that will feature a slimmer design and will come in both Apple black and white. Word is that this new version of the all-in-one godsend will be announced during WWDC 2007. Apple will most likely charge a premium for that black paint-job… Read More

  • 10 Reasons Why Microsoft Won't Buy Yahoo!

    Joe Wilcox over at Microsoft Watch compiled a great list of 10 reasons why Microsoft and Yahoo! won’t get hitched. Some are legitimate reasons while others are for laughs, but what do you, fine readers, have to say about this? Read More

  • HubPages Debuts New Look, Ad Yield Technology

    HubPages Debuts New Look, Ad Yield Technology

    San Francisco based HubPages, a revenue sharing community content destination, debuts a new look and ad yield technology today, building on a portal that is now attracting 2.4 million unique visitors a month. We’ve previously covered HubPages here and here: the company took $2 million in funding from Hummer Winblad in August 2006 and on its initial launch in February 06 Michael… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Mixed MMORPGs

    CrunchGear Week in Review: Mixed MMORPGs

    The Coolest Halo 3 Figurines Ever
    Help Key: Burning Discs, Not Coasters
    But I Never Have a Second Cup at Home
    Tampon Taser
    CrunchArcade: Get a Life… Online Read More

  • Windows Live Hotmail Debuts

    Windows Live Hotmail Debuts

    Hotmail, perhaps the first major success of Web 1.0, has evolved. Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows Live Hotmail globally in 36 languages, complete with AJAX goodness. The new service has been built to be a vast improvement over the previous Hotmail offering, incorporating input from more than 20 million beta testers. However todays offering is only the move from beta to roll… Read More

  • Helio Ocean Drops May 21st

    This could be my next phone unless the Blackberry 8320 comes out first or I’ll just get both. Anyways, the BGR has insider info on the Helio Ocean, which I think could be the company’s saving grace. All fingers point to a May 21st launch date with the lucky few getting their hands on one up to a week earlier. Start drooling, folks, this don’t call it a phone will rock your… Read More

  • Attack of the Advertising Widgets

    Attack of the Advertising Widgets

    Widgets are being turned into advertising delivery systems. Their nature – rich media applicatons that are easy to build, customize and add to a site – also make them an attractive way to add advertising to small sites. Google is now testing gadget ads, and we’ve written about services like boobox and AuctionAds (a sponsor) that easily ad affiliate advertising to a site… Read More

  • Mother's Day Gift Idea From Best Buy

    If you don’t want to put any time or effort into your Mom’s present or you missed a chance to win the Pink Zune we gave away then Best Buy has exactly what you’re looking for. As an in-store special you can get a gift wrapped pink or silver 4GB iPod Nano with chocolate for $214.99. This should be a last resort since I’m telling you well ahead of time that… Read More

  • Nintendo Hates Korea, US Could Be Next

    Nintendo officially hates Korea. The Japanese game maker made it official by threatening Korean websites who allow illegal downloading of copyrighted materials. Tougher legal action will be taken against the piracy of consoles and games because of the massive losses the company seems to be taking. Yeah, whatever. This should be a stern warning to all countries because we could be… Read More

  • Twelve Million New Customers For Zimbra – Partnership With Comcast

    Twelve Million New Customers For Zimbra – Partnership With Comcast

    Comcast is ditching its antiquidated webmail software and replacing it with Zimbra’s Ajax office suite, the companies will announce this evening. That’s good news for Comcast’s twelve million broadband customers, and even better news for Zimbra – this deal will significantly grow the number of Zimbra users from the current six million or so customers. The deal also… Read More

  • HP Enters Gaming Notebook Market

    HP will soon be entering the gaming notebook market and things are looking up with the Pavilion HDX. The 20-inch laptop is more of a portable desktop and at 12 lbs you’ll thank HP for implementing a handle. What makes the Pavilion HDX even better is the Windows Media Center remote dock that sits unabashed to the left of the keyboard. Read More

  • America: The Growing Digital Divide

    America: The Growing Digital Divide

    A new study (pdf) published by the Pew Internet & American Life Project has found that there is a growing digital divide across America. John B. Horrigan’s analysis of America’s use of Web 2.0 and information and communications technology in the broader sense shows that whilst a reasonable number of Americans are embracing new technology and Web 2.0, a disturbing number are… Read More

  • SlideAware to Add New Features to Presentation Management Platform

    SlideAware to Add New Features to Presentation Management Platform

    Presentation management platform provider SlideAware will be launching new features Monday that build on what is already a useful tool. SlideAware launched in March with a feature set that included the ability to create a flash version of a PowerPoint presentation, host it on SlideAware and then share a link to the presentation. Whilst far from being alone in offering this functionality… Read More

  • Twitter Goes Mobile

    Twitter Goes Mobile

    While there hasn’t been as much buzz about Twitter lately, we’re starting to see things pick up, as the “blog of consciousness” has finally launched with an official mobile interface that will make twittering even easier. Twitter Mobile [via Laughing Squid] Read More