• iPod Accessories 2.0

    iPod Accessories 2.0

    It may sound soooo last year to talk about “iPod accessories,” but there’s a new wave on the horizon. Or at least there should be. So far, add-ons to the world’s top-selling MP3 player have mostly been limited to relatively basic functions that (as iPod haters love to point out) aren’t included in the player itself, like an FM tuner and transmitter, Bluetooth, voice… Read More

  • Why Doesn't CafePress Use Flash?

    Why Doesn't CafePress Use Flash?

    There are many sites that sell customized casino chips (just do a search), but we haven’t found any that have an online design tool to allow you to create the chip itself. TheChipLab has take the extra step and has created a very nice Flash tool for designing your own casino-grade chip. The creation tool is very flexible and layer based. It’s not as powerful as new online image editor… Read More

  • AllPeers Adds Chat: Becomes Relevant Again

    AllPeers Adds Chat: Becomes Relevant Again

    AllPeers, a Firefox P2P file sharing plugin, had incredible hype when it launched in August (the rumors had been around for nearly a year at that point). People were calling it the “killer app” for Firefox, and the company is backed by early investors in Skype, Mangrove Capital Partners and Index Ventures. And since AllPeers is a Firefox extension, it works across all platforms. But… Read More

  • ipicit's Terrible Landing Page

    We see a lot of landing pages for startups not yet ready to launch, but today I saw what may be the worst one yet. The loud sound effects that start without warning combined with the yellow background alarmed me and sent my blood pressure up. Then I see that the company describes itself using 20 or so tags (see image below), but nothing else to put these in context. Descriptive words include… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Heist Edition

    Daily Crunch: Heist Edition

    Inside the Wiimote Part Deux Snakes On A Phone: Vertu Cobra Cingular Goes For The Jawbone NBC.com Bulks Up Its Streams For The Holidays Nerdy Felons Steal $190k in Microchips Read More

  • Wengo Video Chat for Bloggers

    Wengo Video Chat for Bloggers

    Wengo, a subsidiary of 9 Telecom, France’s second largest telecom, has a well designed chat widget for bloggers. It’s called Wengo Visio and is like MeeboMe but with video chat. Visio runs in Flash through a bit of embedded JavaScript and CSS, with SIP as the communications protocol. Check here for some bloggers that have it implemented. When you have your widget installed, you can… Read More

  • Reader Response: Festivus Week – Day 4

    Reader Response: Festivus Week – Day 4

    The sky is falling! Or at least is seems like it. There is some apocalyptic raining goin’ on down here in NOLA. Katrina Deux perhaps. Flooding everywhere. I saw kids paddling canoes down the street through several feet of water. Yea. It was messy. I spent most of the day cowering from rain and thunder—a solid excuse to make some headway in the new Pynchon novel Against the Day. But… Read More

  • Nerdy Felons Steal $190k in Microchips

    While most of us are at the height of the giving feeling this holiday season, some crooks out of Silicon Valley are more interested in taking. In a clever heist straight out of CHiPs ’07, a gang of thieves made off with $190,000 in microchips and a Mazda using a modified crash-and-dash scheme to not only collect the loot, but make a getaway as well. The Mazda MPV was trasporting 100,000… Read More

  • Venice Project Details And Screen Shots

    Venice Project Details And Screen Shots

    More information on TheVeniceProject from beta testers is starting to come in. We’ve covered the rumors of the new online tv, or IPTV, project since the rumors surfaced in October. Last week, CenterNetworks (great up and coming blog) posted a review but didn’t include screen shots due to the nondisclosure agreement. Today, though GigaOm got access to a beta account for The Venice… Read More

  • Schlongs and Shvantzes Attack Anshe Chung in Second Life

    This is a lot NSFW and a whole lot of WTF. Apparently Anshe Chung, some sort of vitual millionaire, got griefed in an interview with CNET’s Second Life reporter, Daniel Terdiman. I’m not into Second Life at all, but this was hilarious. Second Life griefers assault real estate millionaire Anshe Chung [BoingBoing] Read More

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  • Cingular's 3G Network Roll-Out Exceeds Expectations

    Many of you are currently taking advantage of Cingular’s 3G data network, ejoying DSL-like speeds from pretty much anywhere you care to. That’s good for you. But some of you aren’t impressed, seeing as how the coverage is only in certain metro areas, and as the service is still in the roll-out stages, you can never be sure if you’re in a coverage area or not. The good news… Read More

  • Buying A Car In 2007? Chances Are It’ll Love Your iPod

    Buying A Car In 2007? Chances Are It’ll Love Your iPod

    Over the years, the iPod has become such a popular music device for consumers, that auto manufacturers have started integrating iPod connectors in vehicles. Now Telemantics Research Group is saying that almost half the cars produced in 2007 will be equipped with iPod integration. The firm says that the iPod is “the most sought after feature in cars,” which is a pretty bold statement. Read More

  • Is This the Apple iPhone? Called the iPhone?

    We’re pretty sure you want to know what the iChat Mobile (iPhone from Apple) will look like. So do we. So does everyone. The folks at aMobileME, however, think they do know, and this is the photo. While we tack this up as bullcrap fake #5543, it does follow some of Apple’s key iPhone patents and share a look that probably isn’t too far off what we should eventually see. In… Read More

  • Merry Christmas/Happy Chanukah/Go Drink and Play Gears of War

    Merry Christmas/Happy Chanukah/Go Drink and Play Gears of War

    Well, we’re just about ready to switch over to our CG skeleton crew here – remember, we’re announcing the winner of our Reader Response Contest at Noon EST tomorrow, so keep refreshing us until then. Otherwise, the CG guys will be popping in and out over the next week and we’ll have another contest next week for you poor buggers stuck in the data center for the week. Read More

  • Shuttle Introduces SDXi, Questions My 1337ness

    Shuttle’s been catering to the commuting gamer for some time now. Its latest however, not only packs in some high-end components, but tackles two of the biggest problems with small form factor PCs: cooling and the noise created by said cooling. The compact-case builder managed to sneak in a liquid-cooling system from CoolIT to bring down the operating temps on the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700… Read More

  • Snakes On A Phone: Vertu Cobra

    Snakes On A Phone: Vertu Cobra

    Here’s a riddle for you kiddies. What costs more than a Lamborghini, has a bejeweled snake on it, and is designed for those who need compensation in their nether regions? Give up? It’s the Vertu Cobra! I totally fooled you. The Cobra costs a whopping $310,000 and comes with tons of diamonds, emeralds and an load of rubies. Don’t forget though, this is a Vertu. Which means… Read More

  • Samsung Digimax D103 Packed With Features

    Samsung Digimax D103 Packed With Features

    Samsung is launching a feature-rich camera soon and those of you looking for an upgrade may want to take interest. Though no exact launch date or set price are available, the Digimax D103 is worth holding out for. This 10.1-megapixel behemoth comes with 3x optical/10x digital zoom, a 2.5-inch LCD, PictBridge, 4cm macro (great for those close ups), nice looking movie recording capabilities in… Read More

  • TomTom Releases New MapMaps

    Just in case you were planning to hit the open road with your TomTom in hand this holiday season, do yourself a favor and get the updated maps for US and Canadian customers the navigation company dropped today. The new maps feature 410,000 miles of new roads more than six million new household and business addresses, 500,000 new Points Of Interest, and improved road detailing for better visual… Read More

  • Cingular Goes For The Jawbone

    Cingular Goes For The Jawbone

    Cingular customers looking for a decent Bluetooth headset can now rejoice. Cingular announced today that it’ll be carrying Aliph’s Jawbone Bluetooth headset. It comes in a jet black, modern design and packs military-spec noise cancellation. Basically, they jacked some secrets from the US military to offer noise cancellation that adapts to your surroundings. So if you’re in a… Read More

  • Arrington Hates the Netflix, Om Loves the Akimbo, What Do You Like?

    Looks like slow news day at the world of Web 2.0 blogs. Yesterday Mike broke up with Netflix — it was calling me last night asking me what to do and I was all like “Dude, move on. He’s just not into you.”— and Om is now in love with Akimbo, the video-on-demand service. Which ones do you guys use/like? [poll=9] Read More