• Sprint gets dirty with two new rugged handsets: Moto V950, i365

    Sprint has just announced that they’ll be adding two more Motorola handsets to their rugged lineup: the Renegade V950 (on right), and the i365 (on left). Both are iDen/Direct Connect compatible, and meet mil-spec requirements for durability against blowing rain, dust, shock, and vibration. For military folk and construction workers, that means it’ll come out unscathed after a day… Read More

  • IFA 2008 Overload: Home Appliances

    IFA 2008 offers the curious spectator an awful lot to look at.  There are hundreds of televisions, computers, projectors, stereos, navigation systems, MP3 players, and all other manner of gadget covered by CrunchGear, from all the brand names you know and love.  But this year’s IFA introduced a new set of products to the show: so-called “white goods”.  Things like… Read More

  • Philips reveals new Digital Voice Tracer recorders, we swoon

    Ooooh Heaven is a place on Earth! You know the day is off to a good start when Philips releases some digital voice recorders! Their Digital Tracer line has been updated with the 660, 860 and 880 models with up to 2GB of memory with speed control for transcription and USB recording support. It also records directly to MP3 and can do direct FM radio recording. Wait! There’s more… oh. Read More

  • We7 adds EMI Music tracks

    We7 – the ad-supported music download service based in the UK backed by Eden Ventures and Spark Ventures – has signed a deal to add 400,000 tracks from EMI Music’s repertoire of artists, including, appropriately, We7 founder investor Peter Gabriel. The tracks will be available through both on-demand, ad-funded audio streaming and paid-for MP3 downloads. We7’s… Read More

  • What will Chrome mean for us?

    Obviously the media is full of news about Google’s Chrome browser today. But do you think it will have an impact in the UK/European market? Will users take up the Chrome browser to the point where it will impact the mainstream? Or will it remain a browser for early adopters? With Firefox still relegated to the minority (though significant minority), does Chrome have a real chance? What… Read More

  • Sony Sountina: A Vibrating Organic Cylinder

    The Sony Sountina is another 360° single speaker system.  This one uses a vibrating organic cylinder.  Insert obligatory double-entendre here.  The Sountina also has colorful LEDs to breathe “blue, amber and purple light into the space.” Read More

  • Giving Google Chrome A Spin. This Thing Moves Fast.

    Google announced Chrome yesterday and the company has already offered Windows XP and Vista owners the opportunity to try it out. And although I’ve only been able to use it for just a little while, Google Chrome is not only one of the fastest browsers I’ve ever used, it’s easily one of the best. The Google Chrome install was quick and easy. In a matter of seconds (literally)… Read More

  • And… new iPods = official

    This just hit my inbox. I guess all of our hard-won speculation on the iPod Nano will soon pay off. Read More

  • New MSI Wind models to be sold in the UK

    Our friends across the pond will soon have some options as far as the MSI Wind netbook is concerned. Three new versions will be available soon, although there’s no definite time frame apart from “contact a local official MSI distributor,” per MSI. So here’s what’s coming. First, the U90X-007UK (pictured far left) will have an 8.9-inch screen instead of the… Read More

  • New 4G Nano all but official

    iPod accessory maker Hama – for some strange reason – put out a bunch of iPod Nano 4G cases at IFA 2008, essentially outing the new Nano to within an inch of its life. As folks are pointing out, Hama is the real deal when it comes to accessories and isn’t just some small-fry OEM attempting to drum up interest… or is it? Check out more 4G Nano coverage. Read More

  • Zune 120GB priced at $250?

    There’s a pre-order page over on B&H Photo Video that lists the upcoming 120GB Zune at $250. That’s some aggressive pricing, to say the least. It’s not set in stone, of course, but this does look rather legit. There’s also a blue version of the 8GB Zune up for pre-order as well. I was able to add both items to my cart, so that’s a good sign. [via Zunerama] Read More

  • IFA 2008 Booze Cruise

    2008 is the first year that the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin has included so-called “white goods” in addition to the traditional media and entertainment products on display.  Particularly interesting to me were a collection of high-end wine coolers like those pictured above, and the Philips Perfect Draft beer fridge.  Stick a pony keg inside the Perfect Draft and you… Read More

  • Logitech goes thin with new Illuminated keyboard

    You heard it here, folks. I’m going back to Windows! Well, not entirely, but my office rig will soon be a Windows-based PC. Thanks to my brother for donating his old machine to me. So now I’m in the market for some new goodies. I already have the Logitech MX Revolution mouse, which is hands down the best mouse I’ve ever owned and now I’m in the market for a keyboard. Read More

  • Unsolvable subwoofer inspired by Rubik’s cube

    Like the Rubik’s Cube, do you? Also like booty-thumping bass in your face? Then you, my friend, are the ideal marketing segment for Elac, maker of the Rubik’s Cube-inspired MicroSub 2010 BT subwoofer. It’s not as huge as it looks in the above photo, unless the lady in the photo on the right has serious issues with her pituitary gland. She’s holding the standard… Read More

  • IFA 2008 Missing The Point Award

    http://www.viddler.com/player/adffa1f0/ In the Home Appliances section of IFA 2008 are dozens of brands of coffee makers, most doling out freshly brewed joe to bleary-eyed conventioneers.  The video above demonstrates one of the larger of such displays.  A small pad on the bottom of the coffee cup contains an icon, which a camera under the table identifies and tracks as it slides around… Read More

  • IFA 2008 Overload: Televisions

    I used to think that my local Best Buy had a lot of televisions on display.  Then I attended IFA.  Each vendor’s stand has dozens — sometimes hundreds — of TVs up and running.  It’s enough to make the eyes glaze over.  Samsung had the largest display of TVs, pictured above.  More Samsung and others after the jump. Read More

  • Live From Google Chrome Press Event

    Yesterday it leaked that Google was working on a browser called Chrome. Today Google is holding a press conference at its headquarters in Mountain View to demo the new browser and discuss the reasons behind its development. Below are our notes from the conference, which started at 11:00 am PT. Read More

  • ‘Everun Note’ AMD Turion-based UMPC to cost $879

    Raon Digital’s “Everun Note” has gotten an MSRP of $879. That’s a pretty hefty price tag for a notebook with a 7-inch screen. But while this device may resemble a netbook on the outside, what’s on the inside puts it into the UMPC or subnotebook categories. As previously reported, the Everun Note will weigh just over a pound and a half, feature a 7-inch… Read More

  • Epson EC-01 is a recyclable printer

    Epson’s EC-01 inkjet printer is the flagship product in their new Environmental Vision 2050 initiative: it’s shipped in an unpainted recycled cardboard box, the manual is printed on recycled paper, and the included driver CD is stored within an envelope made of recycled paper.  But what really sets this printer apart is that you don’t replace the ink: when the cartridge… Read More

  • Loewe Packs Features into Minimalist Design

    The Loewe stand at IFA caught my eye for two reasons.  The image above struck my funny bone, and the image below filled me with deep techno-lust.  At a show filled with televisions that all looked very much alike, Loewe had on display a number of sleek, stylish televisions that really stood out from the crowd. Like many other companies at IFA, Loewe was touting their own whole-house… Read More

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