• Hands on with the Samsung M520 for Sprint

    So we’ve got the M520 on hand at the office and our first impressions are positive for this slider from Samsung. Compared with the Helio Mysto from Samsung, the M520 is slightly wider and maybe a smidgen thicker, but overall it ‘feels good in my hands.’ For an ordinary looking slider, the M520 has a few things under the hood that may surprise you. It obviously has the… Read More

  • Free free free: Wired predicts business will move to gratis model

    [photopress:freeeeeee.jpg,full,center] In the future, everything will be free. Free, though, means different things to different people. Grab a cup of coffee, this one’s gonna take a while. Wired’s editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, famous for his “Long Tail” theory, has a new one up his sleeve this month, and it’s one that we should have seen coming. Simply… Read More

  • DivX Shuts Down Popular Piracy Site Stage6

    We covered Stage6, a DivX-owned site, in October 2006 as part of a roundup of up and coming video sites. The site, which allowed users to upload video in the high quality Divx format, streams video that makes YouTube look shabby in comparison. The site won’t be around long, though, Uploads have already been shut down, and the site itself will go offline on February 28. The official… Read More

  • Rumors heating up: 3GHz MacBook Pros tomorrow

    Reports are coming in that there will be three new MBPs tomorrow, all running 2.6GHz (some say 3GHz) Penryn processors with a multi-touch trackpad. Sucks that I just bought a MBP a month ago. The part numbers, listed for future MacBook Pros models, were included alongside pricing that matches Apple’s current offerings at $1999.00, $2499.00 and $2799.00, respectively, for those part… Read More

  • Facebook Poser Gets Three Year Sentence

    On February 7 we reported that a Moroccan man named Fouad Mourtada had been arrested for pretending to be the Moroccan king’s younger brother, Prince Moulay Rachid, on Facebook. The specific charge was “Villainous practices.” Well, justice is swift in Morocco. Mourtada was convicted, and sentenced to three years in prison and a $1,000 fine. Moroccan bloggers expressed outrage… Read More

  • PC towers and CRTs in Starbucks

    They have WiFi, so why not bring your old Packard Bell in? ImprovEverywhere via via BB Read More

  • Botanicalls: Hello, I'm dying

    Want to talk to your plants in a way that doesn’t make you look like a New Age dope? Build the Botanicalls plant-to-Twitter connection kit and your plant can ping you every time its thirsty. You basically need a few breadboards, an Arduino, and a Twitter account. The system tests for plant water levels and reports back when it gets dry. What a nice way to use technology — until… Read More

  • Badoo breaks 13m users, relaunch soon

    Badoo, the UK-based social network where you literally vote yourself to the front page via text message, plans a site relaunch this week. Last week it hit 13 million users. Recently I sat down with Lucy George, global communications director, to tease out the background to this sleeping giant. In 2006 the site started with seven languages but never intended to launch in the UK. The business… Read More

  • Lego iPod docks, speakers, MP3 players: Daily WTF

    I’m not that into Lego to really get charged up about these odd little Lego-alike accessories, but if you have $39.99 for this dock or $16.99 for a Lego iPod speaker and/or $46 for a
    mini Lego MP3 player, feel free to head over to homeloo.com and spread the wealth. Products Read More

  • What's the best startup model for Europe?

    I recently met with Yoav Andrew Leitersdorf, managing partner with YL Ventures. YL is a VC with offices in the Netherlands, Israel and Silicon Valley. Leitersdorf thinks his business model of ‘flipping’ tech companies faster is better applied in Europe than trying to create a massive startup in the way US firms do. Here’s how the idea goes: YL looks for tech companies with… Read More

  • Sony's DSC-H50: DSLR looks, point-and-shoot personality

    If you’re not ready to take the plunge into DSLR territory, but want to fool your friends into thinking you have done so, these quasi-SLR cameras are the way to go. Of course, it helps that the thing has a 15x optical zoom Zeiss lens, so your pictures will probably look pretty decent too. Its 9.1 megapixels are more than I’ve got on my Canon, and while I’ve got RAW, this… Read More

  • Seedcamp sets out its stall

    It was a fascinating experience watching startups at Seedcamp last year (not least because we re-launched TechCrunch UK there). I note from their site that Seedcamp Week 2008 will take place from September 8-12 this year, and if you have an early stage startup then it might be interesting for you to apply. The one drawback with Seedcamp is that while the winners do get investment, it’s… Read More

  • Oakley JK15 Split Thump: Please, just stop

    I like the Oakley Thump MP3 line of sunglasses. I really do. Call me a dork, but the second edition worked very well and were really good for working out. Unfortunately, I think this ship has sailed in terms of usefulnacity vs. price and $569 for these Thumps with removable MP3 earpieces and 1GB is just wrong. Incidentally, the ones you see here are for Jamiroquai fans and only 500 will be… Read More

  • Qwest Promises to Offer Better Services

    Qwest Communications International announced today that it plans to deepen partnerships to offer better video, Internet and wireless services. The company plans on spending around $1.8 billion for capital improvements. Qwest forecast that revenue for 2008 will be flat or down slightly as improvements are made. Recent quarterly profits have been up, thanks to a tax benefit and an increase… Read More

  • Greatest spam-blog post I've seen in a while

    This is hilarious. I was checking out blog trackbacks and found this odd one. It’s basically a rewritten Gizmodo story that links to us but look at what the algorithm did to the original text: Original:
    We’ve written our share of words on Star Wars, Star Wars LEGO, Star Wars lightsabers, Star Wars lightsaber clubs, and Star Wars iPhones…but even still, we’re not as… Read More

  • Microsoft Tells Advertisers "Engagement" Is More Important Than Clicks, But Is Vague on Details

    Online advertising executives love talking about “engagement”: It is not the impressions or clicks that count, it is how many people who saw your ad and actually ended up doing something about it. In a speech today Brian McAndrews, Microsoft’s senior vice president of Advertiser & Publisher Solutions, announced the beta of a new way to measure the effectiveness of ad… Read More

  • Sony's Phil Harrison heading to Atari?

    We know that Phil Harrison, head of Sony Worldwide Studios, is leaving the company but GamesIndustry is reporting that Phil is headed over to Atari to work on casual gaming for multiple outlets. It seems Harrison loves him some casual gaming and was very disappointed with Sony’s failure to grab that part of the market. He hasn’t officially confirmed the move but expect more… Read More

  • Quad RAMage! Metaram's chips quadruple your server's RAM capacity

    I’m a little suspicious of this technology, but if it works then it’s certainly cool. Metaram’s new MetaSDRAM chipset sits between the RAM and the controller and acts as a go-between for additional RAM (as far as I can tell). I get the feeling this is a great idea for big servers like company databases but not necessarily for high-performance ones, since memory bandwidth is… Read More

  • TalkShoe Now Available on iPhone

    The community chat service that brings together phone callers and online chatters is now available on the iPhone. TalkShoe is designed for talk shows, podcasts or corporate events. Users are able to join events via a phone or computer, where they can listen or talk depending on how the host sets up the event. Participants can also join in using Skype or Voice over IP (VoIP) services as well. Read More

  • Why are Dopplr profiles so sparse?

    Dopplr is often cited as one of the hottest startups in the UK. It’s ability to allow you to see what city the people your social network are going to be in the future is very clever. It also spans both the consumer web and the enterprise. But it remains a little quirky round the edges (perhaps part of its appeal). Today their new Community Design Manager is asking users for feedback on… Read More

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