• Duke Nukem Forever footage! I felt the earth move!

    What are you doing reading this sentence? Link is down there! Skip to about 4:15 in the video in this link and watch about 30 seconds of footage. [via Shacknews] Read More

  • One Prediction We Got Right: The Presidential Nominees

    Six months ago, we went out on a limb and endorsed Barack Obama and John McCain as the most tech-friendly candidates of each political party. McCain clinched the Republican nomination long ago, and now with Obama as the presumptive nominee for the Democrats, those endorsements are getting some renewed attention. Today, the LA Times wrote a lengthy article on Michael and his efforts to… Read More

  • Snapped: Old-school Game Boy spotted in non-ironic action

    If Indiana Jones can come back, why not the first real handheld console? It’s a Game Boy, on a train to Philly, but it’s not one of the Game Boy Advances or even one of the ones that came after that, it’s just a Game Boy. Green screen, janky volume knob, and two hour, AA-battery-eating life. You can have your Guitar Hero for DS, or even your iPhone as a game platform. In… Read More

  • Rock Band 2 cover art revealed?

    The blokes over at Joystiq just received two potential cover art samples for Rock Band 2. A survey conducted by Listen Research appears to be the venue from which these scans were obtained. Participants in the survey were asked the following questions. * Indicate which of the two covers below would attract you more if you were shopping for a new game in a store.
    * Indicate which game… Read More

  • Asus' Xonar HDAV 1.3 sound card looks pretty serious

    It’s a dark day for Creative. If you’re budget-minded, you can get an excellent Razer sound card for $50 today from Woot, and if you’re an A/V snob, Asus’ top-shelf media card, the Xonar, will probably beat the pants off any X-Fi — for a price. Judging by the amount of this post that I do not understand, this sound card is in some deep media-handling territory. Read More

  • Great Moments in Non-Greatness: No Dell netbook until 'later this summer' because of the keyboard

    Some reporters (not me) met in Austin, Texas at Dell’s headquarters to hear about a bunch of stuff that’s going to be happening over the coming months. Most notably were some scant details about Dell’s netbook that’s supposed to be released this year. APC is reporting that members of Dell’s staff “refused to elaborate on the hardware specs, target price or… Read More

  • Broadcom Billionaire Henry Nicholas Indicted on Cocaine and Stock Back-Dating Charges

    Practically everybody partied too hard during the 1990s. But Broadcom founder, and billionaire, Henry Nicholas, partied harder than most. Two indictments came down today on Nicholas. One for back-dating stock options that cost the company $2.2 billion in accounting charges last year, and the other for, well, partying too hard (the indictment mentions cocaine, Ecstacy, and prostitutes). The… Read More

  • Gmail Labs: A Public Stage for Googlers' 20% Time

    Google invited members of the press to its main campus in Mountain View today to unveil Gmail Labs. Gmail Labs is essentially a stage for Google employees to develop new features for Gmail under the public eye. Starting at 6pm PT tonight, all Gmail users in the US and UK will see a new tab in the settings area called “Labs”. The tab will show a selection of beta features, such… Read More

  • Interview with Product Manager Todd Jackson on Gmail Labs

    Steve Gillmor and I spoke with Gmail product manager Todd Jackson for a few minutes today following their announcement of Gmail Labs. See our real time notes here for more details. http://qik.com/player.swf?streamname=72f9814b9e9d4c7b8b9aa9c181794ee7&vid=94936&playback=false&polling=false&user=techcrunch&userlock=true&islive=&username=anonymous Read More

  • FIFA 09 promises '50,000 combinations' of tactics'. Sure it does.

    Like sands in the hourglass, EA will release FIFA ’09, presumably, this fall, with all sorts of pretend new features. Today there’s word that EA will pack “50,000 different combinations of tactics.” If there’s ever been a less meaningful phrase in the history of the English speaking peoples, I haven’t heard it. Put another way, EA, in talking to PSM3… Read More

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