• Daily Crunch: Road Combatant Edition

    Sonace Speakers Are Nearly Invisible Sorta, Kinda
    CrunchArcade: BBC Getting in the Game, Doctor Who Title in Development
    DOA Trailer, Annie Hall it Wasn’t
    Street Fighter II Heads To Select Cellphones: AT&T, T-Mobile And Sprint Only
    SMS M500 Goes Into Production Read More

  • Blockbuster Desperate To Do Something, Buys A Loser

    Blockbuster announced the acquisition of movie download site Movielink this evening. The price is not being disclosed (meaning it isn’t “material” to Blockbuster’s shareholders), although the Wall Street Journal says it was less than $20 million. Movielink was created in 2002 as a joint venture of most of the big studios – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios… Read More

  • Email Attachments Are So Uncool

    Online office suite Zoho released another product tonight, called Zoho Viewer. It is similar to Scribd (and the upcoming Docstoc) – upload an office or PDF document for easy viewing on Zoho’s website or embedded into other web pages. Zoho Viewer is different than Scribd, though. With Scribd, documents are public by default (there is a private option). Zoho isn’t looking to… Read More

  • Virgin America: Best…Airline…EVER

    Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin flew on Virgin’s inaugural flight and has posted a great writeup. Oh please, please, please let this be the final blow to Northwest Airlines. I’ve been waiting for those backwards, greedy bastards to go under for years now. Virgin America has low prices (SF to NY for $278), WiFi access, super comfortable seats, touchscreen infotainment systems built… Read More

  • GigaOm Gets A COO

    Om Malik’s one-year-old media empire continues to grow: it now includes five blogs, a weekly video show and a job listing site. I imagine things are getting a little crazy around the office. Which is why I’m not at all surprised that he’s brought on a seasoned executive, Paul Walborsky, to help him manage and grow the company as its Chief Operating Officer. Walborsky, who… Read More

  • TiVo Desktop 2.5 Arrives Today

    TiVo 2.5.275381has been confirmed for launch today. Vista is now compatible, though I still doubt it will work as smooth as you’d like. TivoToGo still isn’t supported on the Series3 or TiVo HD, but I’m sure it’ll pop up at some point soon. Keep going for the rest of deets. Read More

  • HTC Kaiser = AT&T Tilt; Coming Soon

    The Kaiser is coming, and maybe sooner than we thought. An avid CrunchGear reader and commenter was in his local AT&T store and asked about the AT&T 8925 smartphone. The phone monkeys said that yes, the 8925 would be replacing the 8525 soon, either at the end of August or the beginning of September. If you’ve been waiting to take the plunge on a Windows Mobile high-end… Read More

  • Olympus Announces Two Ultimate Hybrid Voice Recorders

    Do people still use voice recorders? Oh, yeah, Josh still uses one, but he’s a real journalist. In case anyone in our audience still uses them then take heed for Olympus has released not one, but two ‘ultimate’ hybrid voice recorders. Let’s be honest, a voice recorder is boring unless you mash in an MP3 player and extra storage, right? Well, that’s exactly… Read More

  • Google Phone Prototypes to Manufacturers; To Offer Free Service?

    Google apparently has an issue with charging consumers money. Let’s face it, the world’s largest search giant isn’t a search engine, it’s an ad machine. A perfectly targeted one, at that: you tell it what you’re looking for, it offers up commercial options for your perusal. It’s a great idea. Read More

  • DOA Trailer, Annie Hall it Wasn't

    I can’t stop giggling over this trailer. I know it’s a year old, but it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen today and who doesn’t want to see scantily clad babes jumping around? Jaime Pressley makes one fine Tina Armstong doesn’t she? Did anyone see this movie? Read More

  • Game Trailers On Your TV—Impossible? (No)

    Ever since G4’s slow decent into whatever the hell it has become, Voom’s GamePlay HD has been the only place to get your 24/7 gaming fix. Well, save for actually playing games, but who has time for that these days? Exactly. They’ve got a new show in the vein of HDNet’s “Nothing But Trailers” called “Trailer Park” that shows, yes!, high-def… Read More

  • Google News Hypocrisy: Walled Off Content

    TechMeme founder Gabe Rivera makes an interesting observation on the Google News story all over the blogosphere today. One thing that bugs me: they’re now hosting original news content, yet they prohibit other aggregators from crawling it (per robots.txt restrictions and TOS). Of course Google News relies on the openness of other organizations with original news content. Google crawls… Read More

  • Hands On With The Samung (Blasty) Blast

    The Samsung Blast is available on T-Mobile as of today, but in case you’re stuck at work or you don’t feel like going to the T-Mo store here’s a little photo gallery we’ve made just for you. Look for a review of the Blast in the coming days. Enjoy. Read More

  • NBC's Second Answer To YouTube: More Ads (But At Least It Has A Name)

    As Variety is reporting, NBC is gearing up to launch it’s first (well, second) “major assault” against YouTube, Didja.com (currently a parked page). The site will “celebrate advertising as entertainment” and feature “a free online archive of current and classic television commercials, movie trailers and other brand-related content”. The name, Didja… Read More

  • SMS M500 Goes Into Production

    The SMS M500 is a watch. But not just any watch. It’s a quad band GSM/GPRS, touchscreen, Java and WAP enabled watch. It’s what Q would give Bond if MI:6 were really cheap instead of an Omega Seamaster. It’s basically a smartphone for your wrist. Instead of being the guy who’s constantly checking his phone for messages you can just look at your wrist, which is a little… Read More

  • CrunchImage: World's Tallest Man Dwarves Tiny Cellphone

    You think typing on your cellphone’s keypad is hard? Try making a call as Leonid Stadnyk. The world’s tallest man is 8-feet 5.5-inches. That is tall. That is very, very tall. He lives in the Ukraine and works as an animal surgeon. Cool. But just look at how hard it is for him to use a cellphone. Poor guy. Someone get him, like, 12 iPhone’s networked together, with each one… Read More

  • Street Fighter II Heads To Select Cellphones: AT&T, T-Mobile And Sprint Only

    It’s no secret that when it comes to video games, the fighting genre is my favorite. Of those games, I’m afraid Street Fighter is still my favorite, with Soul Calibur just behind it. Being that Capcom is celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary this year, it’s releasing umpteen different versions on every device imaginable to squeeze more money out of us. (It’s… Read More

  • Google News Announces Limited Comments. Everyone Needs To Calm Down.

    Google made an announcement of an “experimental new feature – they will soon be allowing comments on Google News stories. Comments will only be accepted from a “special subset of readers,” which includes people and organizations who are part of the story. The blogosphere, which is of course all about conversation, seems to think the second coming of Jesus Christ himself… Read More

  • Hallmark Movie Channel Goes HD Next Year

    Have an HDTV but bemoan the lack of high-def content for it? Hallmark hears your cries for help and will launch an HD movie network early next year. The network, to be called the Hallmark Movie Channel HD (what, was the name guy on vacation?), will showcase the company’s “family friendly” programming (read: incredibly boring and always with a moral told at the end), headlined… Read More

  • The Future Of Copyright Protection Is Here And It Costs $11 An Hour

    It’s no secret that video sites like YouTube benefited from added traffic generated by hosting copyrighted content. But as these sites get acquired, integrate advertising, or just want to avoid a billion dollar lawsuit, they seek to shed their seedy past to stay kosher with the big media giants they hope will feed them content and advertising dollars. There are a lot of startups… Read More

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