• TechCrunchTalk Live Video Stream

    Here’s the live stream from TechCrunchTalk, a series of four panel discussions focusing on start-ups and the investment climate in the UK and Europe, live from London between 3pm and 6pm GMT: Live streaming video by Ustream FYI you can interact with the chairman/moderator, Mike Butcher (Editor, TCUK), by sending an @mbites to Twitter. Read More

  • Lazertag looks like I wanted it to look when I was a kid

    This shot of the Lazertag Multiplayer Battle System, $80 from Amazon, looks so cool that I might need to get me some. The new guns have recoil and rumble as well as a shot blast system for simulating a shotgun. As John Brownlee points out, a lot of us 80s kids never got to play Lazertag because a police officer shot a kit who was playing it in the dark. I suspect that the story was urban… Read More

  • Exclusive Peek At Meebo's Upcoming Community Chat

    Instant messaging service Meebo has given us a demo of its upcoming “Community IM” platform, which allows websites to seamlessly integrate a browser-based chat window very similar to Facebook Chat. Meebo announced the upcoming community chat feature last July, with initial partners including DanceJam, myYearbook, AddictingGames, Sugar Publishing and Tagged. Flixster will be the… Read More

  • End of the world delayed while Large Hadron Collider cooling problem fixed, smashing to resume next week

    When it comes to running a gigantic machine capable of ripping a hole in the space-time continuum that could suck the entire earth (and more) into oblivion, it’s probably safe to assume that you can never be too careful. This week was supposed to be the week that the Large Hadron Collider sent two proton beams careening at almost the speed of light in opposite directions on a literal… Read More

  • Scammer breaks cover in San Fran – I need your help

    I’ve been working on a Craigslist scammer for a few weeks – transcripts to come – and I wanted to see if any of you guys knew of this area in San Fran. The address is 179 W Anderson Street. Is this a house or a business? Read More

  • Wordia is out to get Dictionary.com with… a video dictionary?

    Brit/US entrepreneur Michael Birch has not been resting since exiting from Bebo recently. He’s invested in a new startup which launched today, founded by former TV-producer Edward Baker, an ex-TV producer. But this is not your obvious startup – dictionaries are not exactly hot right now. So why do another one? Read More

  • Asus recovery DVDs contain software pirating tools?

    According to PC Pro, there are some Asus recovery DVDs floating around containing some pretty weird files. A reader reported that the DVD that came with his notebook contains a directory named “Crack” that’s full of serial numbers for various software, a directory full of confidential Microsoft files containing information about certain PC manufacturers as well as more… Read More

  • Who Are the Richest People In Tech?

    Forbes has once again released its list of America’s richest people and, not surprisingly, Bill Gates topped the list with an estimated wealth of about $57 billion. But Gates isn’t alone as the only technology titan on the country’s list of the richest people. On the list again this year is Gates’ old partner Paul Allen, Sergey and Larry from Google, and Steve Jobs. … Read More

  • New Motorola Bluetooth headsets beat Jawbone?

    Peter Ha is reporting live from a Motorola conference where they’ve just unveiled two new Bluetooth headsets. Their latest, the Motopure H15, was found to have the best overall audio quality from independent tester Metrico. It has next gen Crystaltalk noise reduction for a more natural sounding voice and it is wind-resistant. There are dynamically adjusting speakers built-in and a… Read More

  • Line 6 BackTrack records your music in a tiny package

    This tiny little device has 1/4-inch guitar inputs as well as a built-in microphone, allowing you to plug in a guitar and sing along with your favorite Jack Johnson tunes and then keep those selfsame recordings for the police when they discover you’ve been stalking the adult-pop singer for months and that the notes you’ve been sending him have been laced with PCP. Line 6 offers… Read More

  • Samsung brings the Beat with two new music phones

    Samsung pushed out two new music phones this morning. Continuing the name-followed-by-superscript branding idea that began with the Soulb, they’ve dubbed the new handsets Beatb and Beats. Much of the spec sheet is shared between the two models, with both rockin’ tri-band GSM, 3.5 mm jacks, microSD support, stereo bluetooth, and FM radio. Read the rest of this entry at… Read More

  • LG Prada II sort of confirmed for Christmas

    At this week’s LG Dealership show in the Netherlands, GSMHelpdesk.nl poked and prodded at LG’s Benelux Sales Director for information on the Prada II, the rumored QWERTY-loaded follow up to the original LG Prada handset. While he wasn’t willing to outright spill the beans, he was willing to share this little morsel: “A good turkey is eaten with Christmas. When white… Read More

  • Technology progression chronicled by GM's vehicle battery packs

    Battery pack on the left belongs to the Chevy Volt and the one on the right, to the ’97 Chevy EV1. The Volt’s battery utilized lithium-ion cells to produce the same 16kWhrs as the older, and 800 lbs heavy, EV1 lead acid unit. Next up: glovebox-sized units that you can swap out like a power drill pack. Okay, I just made that up, but that be sweet. Flickr via OhGizmo Read More

  • Would you pay $50 for an 8GB flash drive in 2008?

    Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a garish, Swarovski crystal-encrusted anything, much less a USB thumb drive, the Transcend JetFlash V85C. Our cup runneth over! But seriously, there’s really no reason for a self-resecting gadget hound to spend $50 on an 8GB, Swarovski or not. Read More

  • Sprint's Xohm WiMax could still launch in September

    After missing breezing right past the original April target, Sprint set September as the launch window for the Baltimore debut of its WiMax service, Xohm. As September draws to an end without word from Sprint, folks are starting to get worried that it might slip back again. Fortunately, Gearlog went and asked. The Response? “Launch still on for September.” That leaves just under… Read More

  • Canon PowerShot G10 now available for pre-order

    The Canon PowerShot G10 was just announced yesterday and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. No word on when the cam will ship, but if you can’t wait to fork over $499, head on over right now. Personally, I would wait for some reviews first as I returned my Canon G9 promptly after discovering the low-light shooting was horrendous. For only a few bucks more, you forego the… Read More

  • Leave Canary Wharf – Join a Startup!

    You’ve packed up your desk at Lehman Brothers, rolled up that AIG umbrella and headed to the pub. But wait, there is still hope! For years, one of the biggest challenges facing UK Internet startups (and startups in Europe generally) startups has been the competition for technical talent, especially the attraction of the City and financial services. It was very difficult for a… Read More

  • Speaking Of Competition, Google's Search Market Share Just Went Up Again In August To 63%

    Just as Google is trying to deflect growing antitrust concerns (see previous post), its core search market share also keeps on growing. ComScore’s August search engine market share numbers came out today—via Citi analyst Mark Mahaney—and are reproduced above. Its share of U.S. search queries rose in August to 63 percent, from 61.9 percent in July. Looks like its march… Read More

  • Shuttle D10 with 7-inch LCD touchscreen

    My personal jury is still out when it comes to computers with built-in touchscreens. On laptops, sure, go for it. On desktops, eh, I don’t know. Take the Shuttle D10, for instance. It’s got a 7-inch LCD screen built into it. Okay, I guess, but the screen’s only got an 800×480 resolution according to Akihabara. You’re gonna need to hook a monitor up to it no… Read More

  • What's the deal with those Seinfeld, Microsoft ads? We know the truth

    Yesterday, we told you that the Seinfeld ads were being axed and we were 80 percent right. Microsoft will roll out the next phase of their marketing campaign sans Seinfeld. However, this doesn’t mean that Seinfeld is out for good. In fact, there are multiple spots remaining, but it’s unknown at the moment when they will roll. There’s obvious confusion going around with… Read More

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