• Newspaper Box Casemod is Cool, Useful

    Casemods come and casemods go, and I can’t usually give a damn about them. Sure, they’re neat, your computer is really made of Legos. Awesome. But sometimes I come across one that’s neat and functional, and that gets my attention. Check out this flickr set by user stwalker, who took a discarded newspaper box, a 17-inch LCD, a Mac Mini, and a little AppleScript, put it all… Read More

  • SCO Doesn't Own Linux Or "What Happens To Patent Trolls"

    Since 2003, SCO has been fighting bigger and bigger enemies in hopes of enforcing its UNIX patents. Well, a judge has just decided the SCO has no hold on UNIX patents and that Novell owns all of them. The graph you see here is what happened to their stock price when the news hit. SCO makes and sells nothing of any interest. Their M.O. thus far has been simple — enforce dubious patents… Read More

  • Kids Review The OLPC: They Like It

    Real life kids have been getting their hands on the highly anticipated (?) OLPC. And you know what? For all the nay-sayers out there, the kids like it. According to one twelve-year-old who writes better than pretty much all of us here It was cleverly designed, imaginative, straightforward, easy to understand (I was given no instructions on how to use it. It was just, “Here. Figure it… Read More

  • Zonbu PC Review

    The nifty little Zonbu is definitely a new and interesting concept in the world of computing. The $99 hunk of plastic is a non-upgradeable PC built around Gentoo Linux that runs on a 1.2-GHz Via main board with a skimpy 512 MB of RAM, integrated graphics and a 4 GB flash card (included). The Zonbu is the “greenest” desktop computer yet, and has met the highest “gold”… Read More

  • Madden NFL '08 New York Launch: Times Square Transformed

    Microsoft and EA spent a whole lotta money last night to promote Madden NFL ’08 to all of Times Square. The game—you may have heard of it—enjoyed a midnight release at the Times Square Toys R Us and should be in your local store right now. While I personally won’t be celebrating “Maddenoliday” (I prefer the other kind of football, which you may have noticed)… Read More

  • YouTube Wants To Question Stewart and Colbert

    With the debate over copyright between YouTube and Viacom heating up, the online video site is hoping that some of its biggest stars will help them out in the debate over fair use of TV clips. YouTube intends to question Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on what they think about Viacom’s decision to sue YouTube. The company needs 30 depositions from people to keep the legal battle… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: A Few of the Best Games You’ve Never Heard of

    With fall only a few weeks away (sadly), we’ll start to get towards the holiday rush for video games. There is no major hardware release this year, so it will be all about the games. In the next 16 weeks or so many of the year’s biggest titles will be released, with titles such as Madden NFL 08 and Halo III arriving. We have to take Grand Theft Auto IV off that list since it has… Read More

  • New iMacs Include 1.3-Megapixel iSight

    Sure, the new iMacs have a sweet new keyboard and an updated look. Yeah, there’s a few improvements in price, parts, speed, etc. Did you know that Apple quietly upgraded the iSight as well? New iMacs and Macbook Pros have a 1.3-megapixel iSight camera inside, which can capture video in 1280×1024 resolution. Why aren’t apps like iChat and Photo Booth taking advantage? Too much… Read More

  • John Lennon Solo Catalog Hits iTMS

    Steve Jobs is thisclose to getting the Beatles’ full catalog on his iTunes Music Store. For now though, fans can hit up the entire library of John Lennon’s music. Everything from “Working Class Hero” to “Sometime in New York” will be available in both regular iTunes format and iTunes Plus for $1.29 a track with 256kbps AAC quality (mediocre at best, but… Read More

  • iPod v. The Insulin Pump: Adaptive Path Rises To The Challenge

    When I wrote about Amy Tenderich’s call for someone to design a better Insulin pump, perhaps by taking inspiration from the iPod, I didn’t really think anyone would actually do it. This certainly wouldn’t be an attractive market for Apple, and there are only so many design firms out there who would be willing and able to dedicate time to the project without being paid. But I… Read More

  • Why the Leopard Dock Eats It and How to Fix It

    Folks have been complaining about the visual clutter of the upcoming Leopard dock and one man has decided to do something about it. The dock, as it stands now, offers two odd reflections and some perspective issues, knocking the elegance of OS X icons into the gutter and confusing art nerds everywhere. ThinkMac is proposing the dock above, which is resizable, separates document short-cuts… Read More

  • Paradigm's Speakers On a Stick

    Yeah, never mind the missing second “n” in Millenia, because Paradigm’s forte is speakers, not spelling. The Millenia 20 Trio ($999) is an odd beast that combines left, right, and center-channel speakers into a single bar-shaped cabinet. Trying to fool your ears into thinking you’ve got separate speakers instead of a one-piece job is usually an exercise in futility… Read More

  • Robots Plague Mobility City

    If thumb pounding action and clever robots appeal to you, OrangePixel’s new game, Captain Comet – Attack of the Robots, maybe just what your mobile phone is lacking. Captain Comet is a platform action game that requires skill, intelligence, and patience; all video game virtues. “With Captain Comet we introduce a new mobile hero in a genre more aimed at the real… Read More

  • Nokia’s BL-5C Battery May Add to More Than Just Global Warming

    If drowning polar bears and beached whales concern you, check your Nokia phone battery. The Nokia-branded BL-5C battery has been found to malfunction on rare occasions, and overheat while being charged. This short circuit can cause the batter to dislodge. All BL-5C batteries manufactured by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd. Of Japan manufactured between December 2005 and November 2006… Read More

  • Facebook Opens Up Their Data Feeds

    Dave Winer is tracking some new features being released by Facebook that debunk the theories that the company is focused on building a completely closed silo of user data and news. Facebook’s news feeds, launched last year to a lot of controversy, has proven to be a brilliant move. It gives users a constant stream of data on what their friends are up to, and help spread new memes… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaways: Today's Winners

    Four lucky winners today. The contest is still rolling, our Facebook group is still winning goodies, and you guys just might get lucky. Motorola Red RAZR from Sprint – Clyde H
    Nokia BH-800 Headsets – Jason K
    Andrew H
    Hangtimer – P Raja
    Read More

  • Boston Acoustics For The Rich, Outdoorsy, Couch Potatoes

    Boston Acoustics has announced three speaker systems to spice up your TV viewing, outdoor patio party, and snobbish needs. The TVee Model Two is a TV entertainment enhancement system that consists of a soundbar that features four 2.5-inch mid bass drivers and two 0.5-inch dome tweeters. The TVee soundbar can sit above or below your TV or you can mount it on the wall. Hopefully your TV is… Read More

  • Netflix Quietly Rolls Out Social Networking Features

    We caught wind this morning of some new social features on the Netflix website. Members can now navigate to a “Community” section, which replaces an older “Friends” page. According to the Netflix Community Blog, the company unveiled the new community section on July 30th and has been tweaking it significantly over the last couple of weeks. There are a number of… Read More

  • Logitech V470: Bluetooth Mouse With Lasers

    Who doesn’t need a mouse with Bluetooth? Seriously? I sure as heck could use one. I’ve acclimated myself to touchpads and all, but a mouse would be so much easier to use. The V470 mouse features Bluetooth 1.2 and has a side-to-side scrolling plus zoom (allows you to scroll horizontally or vertically and zoom in and out), battery life up to four months and it comes in high-gloss blue… Read More

  • Numark Finalizes Release Date For iDJ2

    Plagued by delays, it finally seems Numark’s latest iPod DJ mixer, the iDJ2, is set to be released. Come September, you’ll be able to plunk down a whopping $600 on an iPod mixer that’s supposed to revolutionize DJing. the iDJ2 features dual iPod docks, scratch pads, pitch control, beat-matching, key-lock, and the ability to play two songs from the same iPod at once, which… Read More

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