• Zune 2 Is Coming?

    It’s time to throw some Microsoft rumors around now that Apple has released the new iPod. According to the above photo sent to Zunearama by a GameCrazy employee, M$ could possibly be prepping the Zune 2 for launch. The accessories found on this price sheet have “V2″ marked on them and now the speculation can begin over whether or not this means the Zune 2 is coming. I, for… Read More

  • BidSL: eBay Style Auctions In A Virtual World

    Ohio based BidSL launched Friday with a product that offers eBay style auctions in Second Life BidSL allows any Second Life resident to put an item up for auction by renting an available auction device. The user can choose the number of days that the auction will run, and set a minimum bid as well. Items offered can be both virtual items (Second Life goods) or real world items. The cost of… Read More

  • Bose SoundDock Portable Review

    It’s just about universally agreed that the original Bose SoundDock was and still is one of the best iPod speakers on the market. My big gripe with it was always that it just isn’t truly portable because you have to plug it in. But no longer. The SoundDock Portable is surprisingly similar to the AC-only version in both sound and power; it’s the loudest and best-sounding thing… Read More

  • Motorola To Spread Self Thin, Promises New Products Next Month

    Over at the Times, they’re reporting that, in a rare admission of defeat, Motorola is acknowledging a deep slump stemming from their oft-reported inability to follow-up on the ridiculous success of a certain ubiquitous handset. Their response: “introducing a series of innovative new cellphones rather than a ‘one-hit wonder’ like the RAZR.” Read More

  • HotSwap Launches – Video Classifieds

    We covered Berkeley-based Hotswap last month during its pre-launch stage. Next week they launch officially and open up the site with full functionality. Hotswap is targeting the $370 billion/year U.S. used car market with a free, video-focused classifieds site. Listings are optimized to allow users to quickly upload video of the car with a camera phone or other low end video equipment. Both… Read More

  • Blue Raven Maestro 1070 Review

    Apple’s ill-received iPod Hi-Fi has been discontinued just in time for the folks at Blue Raven to copy it. The Maestro 1070 iPod speaker/dock is less expensive than the Hi-Fi was, and it’s not as well crafted, but it still sounds pretty good for a $199 iPod speaker. And at least they had the good taste to give you the option of a glossy black finish instead of the played out… Read More

  • Internet People

    The Meth Minute 39 reminds us of the fickle nature of internet celebrities. I’m still trying to find out what happened to Ze Frank, he doesn’t reply to emails. Rocketboom gets a mention as well. Read More

  • Skype Phishing Scam

    Like most people, I thought I’d seen everything in terms of phishing scams. Paypal and bank phishing emails are a regular occurrence in most people’s inboxes. Then I received this: Why in the world would a scammer want my Skype details? I have about $12 AUD in credit, which I suppose could be used to make calls, but it hardly seems worth the effort. Notably, Gmail did not pick… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Nuclear Winter Edition

    The USB Penguin Mouse Makes You Hollaback
    Fug City: Toshiba Enters Gaming Keyboard Market
    Bang & Olufsen Beo5 Remote Control: Far More Than Volume, Channel +-
    Newly Found Mineral In Russia Absorbs Radiation Like I Absorb Old ‘The King Of Queens’ Episodes (Really Well) Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Mars Rovers Come Alive Two Months After Dust Storms

    NASA’s Opportunity rover sits atop Mars’ Victoria Crater, ready to descend.  NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity rovers landed on Mars back in 2004 and were built to last all of three months. Three years and a handful of dust storms later, they’re back online and ready to keep exploring the surface of the Red Planet. Read More

  • Recent E-mail Outage Affects BlackBerry Users

    Owners of RIM’s BlackBerry devices still making up for lost “Sent from my BlackBerry” time since the Great BlackBerry Outage of April, 2007 suffered another setback Friday as an unknown glitch prevented some users from receiving messages. The problem was allegedly fixed in about six hours but undelivered e-mails trickled out slowly throughout the course of the day, long… Read More

  • Newly Found Mineral In Russia Absorbs Radiation Like I Absorb Old 'The King Of Queens' Episodes (Really Well)

    Is this a gadget? No. Will people who like gadgets find it interesting? I hope so. I did. Scientists in Middle-of-Nyet, Russia have discovered a mineral that’s capable of absorbing radioactivity present in liquid nuclear waste. It’s called 27-4 for lack of an official name. Read More

  • Shot Of Wii Wheel For Sale In The Wild

    The official line from Nintendo is that the Wii Wheel steering wheel accessory will be available in the beginning of 2008, along with the Wii version of Mario Kart. However, I just got back from Europe, where I happened to spot that very product for sale in an electronics store within the Amsterdam airport for 20 Euros, or about $26. Check it out. And if your first thought is “Oh… Read More

  • Video: Proof That iPhoneSIMFree Unlocks The iPhone

    See the upper left hand corner of this photo, folks? It says T-Mobile. Cool, no? I like T-Mobile more than I like AT&T. That’s just me, though. Gizmodo has video of iPhoneSIMFree’s software at work. It looks real easy, too. Like a baby could do it if you pushed the aforementioned baby’s little hand down on a couple of buttons every now and again. The whole process takes… Read More

  • 400 Million Downloads For Firefox In Less Than Three Years

    Firefox has been downloaded 400 million times in the three years since v 1.0 launched. It’s been roughly doubling every year. After six months they had 50 million downloads. 100 million after a year, and 200 million after two years. There are 120 million or so regular Firefox users. About 50% of TechCrunch readers use Firefox, according to our Google Analytics account, and it is the… Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Backwards Compatibility Web Page

    Admittedly, I’m a Wii man. I’m in my late twenties so I no longer have the dexterity required to operate a controller with dozens of buttons like you whippersnappers do. The few times I’ve seen the PS3 in action, though, I’ve been prone to experiencing a little drool buildup in the area of the bottom of my mouth between where my tongue ends and my teeth begin. It looks… Read More

  • Upcoming 4th Quarter Sprint Phones Leaked

    Phonenews.com has some new(ish) information concerning Sprint’s Q4 selection of telecommunication devices, thanks to some recent internal document leakage. Read More

  • iPhoneSimFree Gets Bought Out!

    I know I said no more Apple stories, but this just came in and I couldn’t pass it up. iPhoneSimFree was supposed to ship their product this last Monday, but it never did because of who knows what. Now they’ve been bought out by an unknown company in the US. Will they ever ship the software? Was it Apple? Check out the letter sent to purchasers. Thanks for the tip, SS! Read More

  • Free iPhone Ringtones via iTunes

    There isn’t much in the way of news today thanks to Apple. I’ll do my best to stop reporting on Apple news after this. Cleverboy over at macrumors has found a way to get free ringtones by changing the file extension. Oh joy! Update: If you’ve recently updated iTunes then you won’t be able to use the methodology shown here unless you add the following instructions into… Read More

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