• Time Capsule upgrade kit increases wireless range by 50 percent

    [photopress:quickertektc.jpg,full,center] For $130 you can extend the wireless range of your Apple Time Capsule by up to 50 percent. QuickerTek, which specializes in aftermarket Wi-Fi devices, has just released an upgrade kit with three 3dBi antennae that supposedly increases the signal strength of Time Capsule “like whoa.” Conveniently enough, the upgrade kit works with any… Read More

  • Hey, Apple! Leave those kids not alone in Hungary in terms of Hungarian Apple support!

    For $400 a day, the price of an iPhone, you can make Hungarian nerds happy. Show your support of our Magyar brothers in their effort to get Apple to sell Hungarian language products and offer a legal iTunes store in the land of paprika and mustaches. Their official site is down right now, but feel free to Digg them into infamy and let’s hope Steve is listening. Full disclosure: Biggs… Read More

  • Vista SP1 available tomorrow

    Apparently tomorrow’s the big day. The first service pack for Windows Vista will be available for manual download on the Windows Update and Microsoft Downloads sites. It’ll also be pushed out as an automatic update on April 18th for those users who can stand another month of random crashes, slow system performance, and the inability to reliably connect to secure networks. Read More

  • Review: Keychain Breathalyzer + Flashlight

      Behold the Chinavasion.com Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget with built-in flashlight and stopwatch. It costs a meager $4.43 — far less than other breathalyzer gadgets — and it seems to work although it tops out at a 0.05 blood alcohol content (BAC) reading, so you’ll never really be quite sure if you’re over the 0.08 limit in most states. Read More

  • Microsoft Adopts Flash Lite For Windows Mobile As a Stopgap Measure

    Flash Lite for mobile phones might not be good enough for Steve Jobs, but Microsoft is less picky. It is licensing Flash Lite for Windows Mobile. This is an acknowledgment of two things: there are a lot of developers and existing Websites out there that work with Flash, and the mobile version of Microsoft’s own competing Silverlight software is nowhere near ready to be deployed. On the… Read More

  • Microsoft to license Flash Lite for Windows Mobile

    Coming soon to a Windows Mobile handset near you; Flash Lite. Adobe’s latest mobile Flash runtime supports just about anything developed for Flash 8, so sites like YouTube will work with Flash Lite-enabled devices. This is a good move on Microsoft’s part. It’s got its own Flash-like technology in Silverlight but it’ll be a while before it’s ready for deployment… Read More

  • The Censors Take Down YouTube and Google News in China. How Will Google Respond?

    Amid the recent protests and violent crackdown in Tibet, the Chinese government is closing off all media access to the region and censoring reports about Tibet inside China. That includes not just CNN, but YouTube and Google News. Both Google sites have been blocked from the Internet in China. News reports about the protests and images that appear to come from inside Tibet are available… Read More

  • New Adobe License for Mobile Phones

    Microsoft announced today that it has licensed Adobe’s software for viewing online videos and other files on cell phones. Microsoft will distribute Flash Lite and Reader programs from Adobe Systems to cell phone makers who use its Windows Mobile software. Flash allows users to interact with more Web sites. Many shopping sites use flash so users can view an item in different colors or try… Read More

  • $18 Million Raised by Thumbplay

    Thumbplay, a mobile entertainment company, announced today that it has raised $18 million in new capital. Thumbplay will use the seed money to expand its direct-to- consumer product offerings, in addition to further developing the tools it provides content owners, creators, publishers and brand marketers. The company plans to accelerate its strategic growth plans and to expand internationally… Read More

  • McCain Embraces Tech Executives For White House Push – TechCrunch Interviews Carly Fiorina

    Senator McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, has twice this month embraced technology leaders in his push to become president. On March 7 Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard, joined the Republican National Committee as Victory Chairman. And this last weekend Meg Whitman, the outgoing CEO of Ebay, became McCain’s campaign co-chair. Frankly, he’ll need the help. Read More

  • Why Is Natali Del Conte Speaking Spanish?

    I’m pretty sure that’s former TechCrunch writer Natali Del Conte speaking Spanish. Yep, that’s definitely Spanish all right. Natali, who recently launched a new show on CNET TV called Loaded, is now creating Spanish versions of the show, covering product reviews in five popular categories including cell phones, MP3 players, televisions, computers, and digital cameras. The… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Milk Inspector Edition

    Smart Goggles ‘remember’ where you left your keys
    Video: Etch-A-Sketch powered clock
    MIT powers up in celebration of Smash Bros. release
    System alerts you when the milk has gone bad
    Colossal MP3 player: Coming soon to a hipster near you
    Are you CG’s sexiest reader? Win one of 20 Proporta Echoes Read More

  • Surprise! The Bux.to Pyramid Scheme Is A Fraud

    If anyone needs yet more evidence that schemes that pay users cash to watch ads, and then pay more for any other users that you get to sign up (AKA Pyramid Schemes) are nonsense, just see Chris Pirillo’s twitter message, which I have helpfully posted above. The service in question is called Bux.to. They pay users $0.01 to watch an advertisement for thirty seconds. They also pay $0.01… Read More

  • Blogger & Podcaster Magazine To Launch Blog Advertising Network, Provide Health Care To Solo Bloggers

    Trade magazine Blogger & Podcaster Magazine is expanding into advertising with their own blog advertising network. The Blogger & Podcaster Network (BPN) will target “the B,C,D & E listers who have smaller and often more niche audiences.” Blogger & Podcaster have retained investment bank The Riderwood Group to obtain expansion funding for the network. Those signing… Read More

  • Streamed Gameshow PlayCafe Takes Funding

    Streamed live over the internet game show PlayCafe has taken funding from First Round Capital, although the figure has not been disclosed. PlayCafe offers a live daily streamed gameshow where viewers can call in and win prizes. According to NewTeeVee, PlayCafe is expanding from two to four hours next week, running 5 to 9 p.m. PT. The company boasts an average playing session of 86 minutes… Read More

  • GTA IV online multiplayer details leaked

    According to Spain’s official PlayStation magazine, PlayStation.RevistaOficial, GTA IV will support up to 16 players online and will include 15 different game modes. There will be team and solo game types within the single player game mode maps. The ability to tweak in-game options was also revealed that include weapons selection and traffic density. Known game types include the following: Read More

  • Gizmoz Raises $6.5M from Japan's DoCoMo; Integrates with AIM

    GizMoz, provider of fun technology that can turn your 2D image and recorded voice into a talking 3D character, is growing up and moving into the Asian market. The Israeli company, which we first covered in December 2006, has raised $6.5M in Series B financing from a round led by DoCoMo Capital, a subsidiary of the largest cell phone operator in Japan. The money and its budding relationship… Read More

  • Open source robots in homes by, like, next week

    Willow Garage makes “open source” robots and is hoping their work, in conjunction with some Cali universities, will soon appear in homes around the world. Their robots, called the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Robot Project (STAIR), have a standard operating system and all of the mechanics and software is open source, meaning you can modify your STAIR robot as you see fit. Now… Read More

  • RetailMeNot Adds Social Network

    Community coupon site RetailMeNot has today launched a social network on top of their coupon portal. RetailMeNot comes from Melbourne, Australia based Stateless Systems, who would be best known to TechCrunch readers as being the company behind bypass registrations page BugMeNot. I sat down with Guy King from Stateless Systems on Friday for a demo, video above. RetailMeNot is pushing through… Read More

  • 'Batman Begins' out on Blu-ray this summer

    Two versions of WB’s hit ‘Batman Begins’ will be rereleased this July on Blu-ray. The HD DVD version was released in October of 2006 and Warner held back a Blu-ray version because the format was unable to support the “In-Movie Experience” PIP feature. HD DVD never had that problem. Along with a standard Blu-ray version there will be a “Limited Edition… Read More

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