• More photos of HTC Touch HD, size comparison

    CNET Asia has some photos of the HTC Touch HD as compared to the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro handsets. While the Touch HD may look monstrous, keep in mind that the Diamond is almost deceptively small. Same for the Pro, except that its slide-out keyboard gives it a fair amount of extra thickness. Read More

  • Vincent Laforet spends a weekend with a pre-production Canon 5D Mark II; shoots a commercial and loves it

    Professional photographer Vincent Laforet happened to be at the NY Canon HQ when a shipment of pre-production Canon EOS 5D Mark II arrived and before he knew it, he had shot an high-def commercial with the 21.1 MP DSLR. PDNgearguide posted a great weekend read ’bout the whole experience, but from the sounds of it, this camera might be a game changer with great HD video, relatively… Read More

  • The NotCot Network: A Study in Structured User Generated Content

    User generated content is great. It has not only democratized content creation and distribution, giving your next store neighbor the ability to become the next Hollywood A-lister, but also let everyone’s home videos be as accessible to that neighbor as they are to someone half a world away. This often turns platforms for user generated content into unstructured and uncontrollable… Read More

  • Why the Google-Yahoo Ad Deal Is Something to Fear

    Randall Stross at The New York Times goes to bat for the Google/Yahoo search marketing deal, saying there’s “nothing to fear” from the two companies linking their search products. I believe most of his analysis is wrong, and he also skips the publisher side of the market entirely. In short, I feel that he is exactly wrong in both his approach and his conclusions. He begins… Read More

  • Little Red Sony Reader spotted in the wild

    Some Sony Reader fanboy might, just might get excited to see a red Sony Reader pics in the vast spans that is the Internet. They say the red looks great thanks to its metallic, matte finish, but it’s kind of hard to tell thanks to amazingly bad photos. So until clear photos come from someone that actually knows how to use a digital camera appear, I’m pull the “pics or… Read More

  • LHC shut down for two months

    The world-destroying LHC has been shutdown after a large helium leak on Friday. The two-month hiatus isn’t just to fix the leak, but rather raise the selections temperature from near absolute zero to human survivable temps. Doesn’t this call into question the safety and reliability of the multi-billion dollar project though. The LHC fired up on September 10 for its… Read More

  • Mega Man 9 release dates announced

    Over the next 2 weeks, console gamers around the country will be throwing their controllers at the floor in frustration after being repeatedly owned by Mega Man 9’s nostalgic greatness. Capcom has announced the North American release dates as follows: Wii: September 22nd for 1000 Wii points via Wii Shop channel PS3: September 25th for $9.99 via PSN Xbox 360: October 1st for 800 points… Read More

  • The 4Moms' Origami self-folding stroller

    To put this simply, the Origami stroller is the coolest gadget I have seen since the original TiVo. Seriously, and it’s just a damn stroller. The baby carrier folds then unfolds itself in a matter of seconds and coming from a parent, that’s f’n cool. The best part is that the mechanism’s power comes from a small generator that recharges with every 300 feet instead… Read More

  • Hurricane Ike seen from the ISS

    The forces of nature can be awesome. The sheer size and power of Hurricane Ike was witnessed by millions here on Terra Firma, but a select few had a dry view high up in the sky. These Astronauts aboard the International Space Station saw massive Ike from 220 miles up and took some amazing pictures of the storm from this vantage point. The kind folks at Nasa were nice ‘nough to make… Read More

  • Is MySpace Music An Antitrust Lawsuit Waiting To Happen?

    The billboards are up, the CEO search continues, and MySpace Music is set to launch sometime next week. It would have launched last week, but protracted negotiations with EMI to bring it aboard along with the other three music labels is believed to be the cause of the delay. If MySpace Music can launch with EMI it will overnight become a major new force for music distribution on the Web. … Read More

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II sample pictures

    The Canon EOS 5D Mark II broke cover earlier in the week and while pics of the camera are available, pics from the camera were absent; that is until the camera aficionados at Digital Photography Review released the first set. There are 40 images available in their full resolution for you camera nerds to drool over.  Read More

  • Dual-core Atom chips now shipping from Intel

    These little netbooks that we hear about day in and day out are about to get a little zippier, thanks to Intel’s dual-core Atom chip – the 330 – shipping out to vendors. The September launch seems to coincide with what we’d heard earlier, so that’s good. The 45-nanometer Atom 330 chip will feature the same 1.6GHz bus speed as the single core model, will have 1MB… Read More

  • MIT-developed smart wheelchair does auto navigation

    I live right pretty close to MIT and sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t even walk by any of the buildings for fear that my average brain might pollute some or all of the strange and wonderful things they’ve got cooking. Like this wheelchair, for instance. It can learn a given building’s layout and then take its occupant to a particular room or location via voice command. So… Read More

  • It's like Marble Madness, except it's a desk.

    You could drop a few grand on a desk, and it’d still be just that: a desk. Plain and simple, little more than an extravagant dinner tray. Tineke Beunder wanted more than that. Tineke Beunder wanted a desk that wowed all that dared rest their eyes on it. So Tineke Beunder built “Marbelous”, the awesome work of woodcarving you see above. Drop the marbles through the top… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Garmin nuvi 205 for $149, free shipping

    Crutchfield has a pretty good deal going on the Garmin nuvi 205 GPS device. It’s normally $199 but there’s currently a $30 price break, which brings the price down to $169. You can then use coupon code 3A825 to get another $20 off. So that’s $149 when the dust clears, plus free shipping. Not bad, eh? The device itself has a 3.5-inch touchscreen, preloaded maps of the US… Read More

  • PlanetEye Applies Pack Rat Mentality to Travel Planning

    PlanetEye is a Microsoft-backed travel planning site that launched earlier this year and received its first major upgrade a couple days ago. Like other travel sites, Planeteye helps you discover activities, restaurants, and accommodations in unfamiliar destinations. And it helps to organize your favorite places and activities so you’ll know where to go and what to do on your… Read More

  • New ‘TT’ series of Sony VAIO ultraportables soon?

    There are some average to above-average tremors going around concerning a new series of Sony VAIO ultraportables to be announced on Monday. The buzz began over on the NotebookReview forums when someone spotted the above ads and was further researched by SonyInsider. These are still rumors at the moment, but the evidence looks pretty legit, especially in light of FCC filings that have been found. Read More

  • RED ALERT! STOP THE INTERNET! John Hodgman of Apple’s Mac vs. PC ads uses an iPhone! But he’s a PC!

    John Hodgman, the PC from Apple’s Mac vs. PC advertisements was recently caught in the act on the New York subway — “the act” meaning “using an iPhone”. This should actually come as no surprise since A) he’s part of the Apple ad machine and probably got the iPhone for free and B) he was on The Tonight Show one time and joked about the irony of playing… Read More

  • Daft Punk + Nintendo DS + More = Musical magic

    If you’re a fan of the Nintendo DS, Daft Punk, synthesizers, papier mache, Adobe After Effects, and the theremin, then boy oh boy do I have a video for you. Here’s a guy doing a cover of Daft Punk’s Something About Us using a Nintendo DS and a bunch of that other stuff I just mentioned. The helmet he’s wearing, interestingly enough, weighs about a pound and is made… Read More

  • Japanese Girl Sensation: Virtual Boyfriends (Webkare)

    In Japan, girls are crazy over virtual boyfriends. Webkare (Web Boyfriend in Japanese), a mix between a social network and dating simulation site, is Nippon’s newest web sensation. Geared exclusively towards girls, the site attracted over 10,000 members just 5 days after its release on September 10, racking up 3.5 million page views in the same time frame. The site is a huge hit over here. Read More

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