• CrunchGear Week in Review: You! Me! Dancing! Edition

    This is the Kaossilator
    PMA 2008: Gorillapod Go-Go! Suction Cups
    Shirts that give you health when you’re close to your other
    Keepon the dancing robot and Diane the dirty call management system
    Building the Lego Millennium Falcon Read More

  • mydeco launches assault on the home front

    After selling the UK’s first, quintessential Web startup, Lastminute.com, to Travelocity in May 2005 for £577m ($1.1bn dollars), some might have forgiven co-founder Brent Hoberman for kicking back and enjoying his rumoured £26m payday. But Hoberman has done anything but that, remaining an active seed investor in the UK startup scene (most recently MoveMe). But the real question was… Read More

  • Obama Sets Record With January Donations; Online Donations 88% Of Total

    Last Thursday the Barack Obama (who we have endorsed as the Democratic candidate for president) campaign announced a record-setting month in terms of donations – $32 million in January alone. That’s the most ever raised by a candidate who’s still in a Primary race. And, his campaign told me today, $28 million of that was raised online. That means Obama raised more money… Read More

  • The Industry Standard 2.0: Their Analysis, Your Predictions

    The Industry Standard—the once high-flying, and then hardest-falling, magazine of the dotcom era—is relaunching today in a public beta, nearly seven years after the original media outlet went bankrupt. It would be all too easy to write this off as a counter-indicator signaling that the current Web 2.0 mania has peaked. And perhaps that is exactly what it is. The brand carries … Read More

  • Amid Yahoo Turmoil, AOL Makes An Acquisition

    On Monday AOL will announce the acquisition of San Diego-based Goowy, a startup founded in late 2004 and which launched, incidentally, in my living room in late 2006 (we had a TechCrunch party where Goowy, Meebo, Sphere and other startups launched). The size of the deal is not being disclosed. Their first product was a Flash-based webtop or alternative operating system. But later they went… Read More

  • Yahoo To Shut Premium Music Service, Redirect Users To Rhapsody…For Now

    Yahoo will shut its premium music service tomorrow, a move away from premium music sales we first reported on in September 2007, and instead redirect users to Real Networks’ Rhapsody service. Terms of the deal are not yet available. According to an AP report, subscribers to Yahoo Music Unlimited will be shifted to the Rhapsody service in the first half of this year with Yahoo… Read More

  • 10 small good things you need for the big game

    Like most nerds, I don’t follow football. However, I do follow football-shaped slow cookers and boy, is this a doozy. It has three settings — warm, cook, and off — and it only costs $39.99. Don’t let the kids at it or they’ll be throwing a metal ball full of chicken wings across the room faster than you can say Bret Farve. Hit fosfor.com for 9 more gadgets. Read More

  • No Super Bowl For Yahoo: Top Brass Weigh Their Limited Options

    So apparently the Yahoo brass didn’t take Microsoft’s public offer to buy them as well as could be expected (hey, at least their shareholders finally got a break – the stock jumped nearly 1/3 on Friday). They’ve been working all weekend (I suspect they canceled their Super Bowl tickets last minute) to find someone, anyone, to make a competing offer. Barring that, they… Read More

  • PMA 2008: Leica M8 Upgrade Program

    Leica announced at PMA 2008 that it will be offering a new "perpetual upgrade program" to owners of its M8 digital camera. The program, as it stands now, will offer two handling upgrades to M8 owners — a new scratch resistant sapphire glass LCD screen cover; and a retuned, quieter shutter. "The shutter will be softer and feel more like an M6 with less lens vibration and… Read More

  • PMOG: It's what the kids like

    I reread this story about five times and I still don’t understand it. I’m sure Mike knows what’s up — he’s a level 50 dwarf tank in WoW — but I sure as heck don’t get it. PMOG, which is currently in private beta with 150 or so users, is a Firefox add-on that lets you interact with other users asynchronously on websites you visit. In some ways it is… Read More

  • UK's mydeco makes home decor a social affair, sets sights on US

    mydeco.com, a new UK-based home decor intermediary with some innovative interior decorating tools, launches today with backing from a who’s who of European investors, reports TechCrunch UK. Mydeco is the latest startup for UK founder and executive chairman Brent Hoberman since he exited from Lastminute.com via a sale to Travelocity in May 2005 for $1.1bn dollars. Around 500 retailers… Read More

  • U2 thinking of dropping Universal Music, searching for other ways to distribute music

    [photopress:u2u2u2u2.jpg,full,center] Remember the music industry? College kids killed it a few years ago and the top acts are now starting to notice. U2, covered brilliantly by New York area band 2U, is reportedly thinking about severing its relationship with Universal Music Group. Either 2004’s “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” (which wasn’t too bad at all) or… Read More

  • Microsoft Responds To Google Missive (That Was Quick)

    Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith has responded to today’s missive from Google on the Microsoft-Yahoo acquisition by highlighting Google’s dominance in search and advertising: The combination of Microsoft and Yahoo! will create a more competitive marketplace by establishing a compelling number two competitor for Internet search and online advertising. The alternative scenarios… Read More

  • PMOG – Get Your Invitation On InviteShare and Start Playing

    If you read our review of the Firefox based Multiplayer Online Game PMOG last night and want to start playing right away, now you can. The company is allowing every user to invite two other users to the service, which makes it perfect for our InviteShare service. If you want an invitation, go here, sign up and leave your email address. Someone will soon send you an invitation. All we ask is… Read More

  • EA predicts PS3 to sell more than Xbox 360 this year

    [photopress:ps3easays.jpg,full,center] The hot news from this leaked EA document (PDF!) is that the company expects the PS3 to outsell the Xbox 360 in Europe this year. That would be the fist time the PS3 has outsold a rival console over the course of a year. Here in North America, the company expects sales between the two console to be the same, around five to six million consoles sold… Read More

  • Can Google Still Claim To Be David To Microsoft's Goliath? No.

    Google finally went on the record today regarding the proposed Microsoft/Yahoo deal. In short, they don’t like the idea of Microsoft and Yahoo being one company. They think it raises “troubling questions” and threatens “the underlying principles of the Internet: openness and innovation.” Microsoft is also vilified as engaging in “inappropriate and… Read More

  • Yahoo! won't rush into Microsoft deal

    [photopress:yayayayahoooo.jpg,full,center] Speaking of the Microsoft-Yahoo! deal, Yahoo! just said that it’s gonna take its sweet time deciding whether or not to accept the unsolicited offer—”quite a bit of time,” being the exact phrasing. How independent the company would remain post-acsuisition is also a matter of contention. Yahoo! also said it’d consider… Read More

  • Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Raises "Troubling Questions" Says Google

    Google has posted a missive on Microsoft’s attempted takeover of Yahoo where it cries wolf against the deal based on (I’m serious here) competition grounds. David Drummond, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer at Google writes: …Microsoft’s hostile bid for Yahoo! raises troubling questions. This is about more than simply a financial… Read More

  • OQO's massive QC failure and apology

    Fortunately and unfortunately us tech journos get pretty good technical support. We make a call to someone in company PR, they come and help us, and we rarely go through the hoops normal consumers face when they have a bum PC or printer (incidentally, I’m happy to escalate problems with products to the proper folks for CG readers. I’ve done it before on WWR for people who had… Read More

  • From the "solving problems that don't exist" files: the hanging printer

    Don’t push me, ’cause I’m close to the edge Some Korean designers designed this hanging printer with a full paper carriage that hangs over your desk and only the print head and roller sit on the desk. It’s not real and no one will ever ship it, but it sure is pretty. Hang on for dear life [Yanko] Read More

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