• 8coupons.com For The Win

    Web 2.0 is in full-throttle and it’s becoming increasingly harder to start a great website. Luckily for 8coupons.com, they offer a service that any working class person will love. Coupons and discounts from local business are offered up for you. You can send them to your cellphone and sign up for alerts when new coupons are being offered. However, the site is currently invite only and… Read More

  • Scrybe Closes Series A

    Scrybe, the online/offline calendar and organizer, has closed their series A round of financing from Adobe Systems Incorporated and LMKR. In what is becoming an annoying trend, the company is not disclosing the size of the round. You’ll probably recognize the company from the somewhat viral product demo that swept the blogosphere last October. Since then they’ve been through a… Read More

  • Magellan Triton GPS Series Kicks It Up A Notch

    I’ve always been good with direction and I’ve never seen the point of owning a GPS. As tedious as it is to jump on the computer and check out GooMaps for directions before taking off on my adventures, it is cheap and relatively free. I don’t even bother printing out directions, I just write them down. But the Magellan Triton series is certainly changing my mind. I’m… Read More

  • Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 Drops In September

    There’s been quite a bit of Xbox 360 and Halo 3 news in the last couple days and we somehow overlooked the biggest news of all. Our sincerest apologies, CG faithful. Just in time for the holidays (maybe a little early) and the upcoming launch of Halo 3, a Special Edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 will arrive in stores this September. The 20GB version is given the royal Spartan treatment with a… Read More

  • Media Temple Now Allows Web Control From iPhone

    Just a heads up to anyone who uses Media Temple or is thinking about choosing them as a web host. You can now use your iPhone to login to the all new iPhone Web Control panel on (mt). With your fingers you can now buy a domain, reboot your server, get support, pay a bill, and lots more. This is the first hosting company I’ve heard that’s doing something with the iPhone and I… Read More

  • iCool Phone Is Two Phones In One

    World traveler, are ya? You, my friend, need the new iCool G700. It looks like a Vertu candybar phone on the outside, but flip it open and hoo boy, there’s another phone that looks like a Motorola RAZR clamshell phone (except much fatter). You’ll be able to use two different international GSM SIM cards. The phones share the same battery and can both be on simultaneously because… Read More

  • Sony Drops Three Next-gen Dual-format DVD/CD Recordable Drives

    Despite the Apple hoopla from earlier today, Sony managed to unveil three ultra fast DVD/CD drives. The DRU-840A, DRX-840U and DRX-S70U certainly won’t make you the talk of the town, but they do boast the industry’s fastest recording speeds. Read More

  • Microsoft Laughs In Lucent's Face

    Microsoft has come away unscathed from the $1.52 billion lawsuit won by Alcatel-Lucent who claimed MS had infringed on two MP3 digital-music patents. But U.S. District Judge Rudi Brewster ruled that the jury’s award could not be fulfilled because MS had a valid license for one of the two patents. Brewster stated that “supplemental damages, prejudgment and post judgment interest, and… Read More

  • Nokia Officially Unveils The Prism Collection

    The much anticipated Prism Collection has finally arrived from Espoo and the stylish duo is sure to make a splash. The 7900 is a sleek handset with an OLED display, anodized aluminum in the back with a black geometric patterned front façade. A super neat feature is the living wallpaper that changes throughout the day according to the time, battery and signal strength. The 7900 Prism runs on… Read More

  • Verwandt.de: German Geni Clone

    Germany is starting to build a name for itself as the startup cloning capital of the world. German clones of popular U.S. services keep popping up. Twitter (Frazr, Dukudu). and Facebook (Studi.vz) are two recent examples. TechCrunch contributor Gregor Hochmuth termed these German clones Copy/Paste innovation. The latest German clone, Verwandt, means “related” in English. Its… Read More

  • Acquisition for Clipmarks

    New York based Clipmarks, a del.icio.us-like social bookmarking service, may have been acquired by Forbes. We have no information on the size of the transaction, but my guess is that it was on the very low side. The service allows users to bookmark all or a portion of a web page and annotate it. It is then shared with the community and popular new bookmarks are “popped” to the top… Read More

  • Real Life Power Glove Senses Shape, Heat

    The University of Tokyo has developed a robotic hand capable of transmitting feeling back to its human controller, in effect taking cybersex virtual reality and remote scientific exploration to a whole new level. Users wearing the glove will be able to sense the shape, temperature, and stiffness of objects. It’ll eventually be used to shop online and even shake people’s hands remotely. Read More

  • Awesome Pair Of Night Lights

    Hey, your kid needs gadget advice too! Check out these awesome nightlights from Fred Flare. For $12 you get a pair of lights that will make any kid more excited than Pixi Stix. One bulb glows purple and has plasma rays like those balls you see at Spencer’s Gifts. Very exciting. The other bulb resembles a wacky hairdo and is made from a blue light and fiber-optic cables. It also looks… Read More

  • TeleNav Now On HTC Advantage

    My family recently caught the GPS bug, probably because they’re tired of hopping onto MapQuest every time they go farther than the local mall. They ask me which models/software I’d recommend and I throw out all the big names, including TeleNav, which can now be found on the HTC Advantage (TeleNav v5.1, to be exact). All the standard TeleNav rules apply here, including the $9.99… Read More

  • Sole Mio, No Recharge-O

    The Sole Mio is a solar-powered wireless mouse currently being developed by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. I can’t tell if it’s Bluetooth or RF (maybe they haven’t gotten that far yet) but it uses about 20mA of electricity while you’re using it and it holds 300mAh when fully charged. I like the idea of a solar-powered mouse, but it’s… Read More

  • KDDI au Triple LCD Concept Phone Makes You Say Wha?!

    The Actface from KDDI au in Japan has one of the craziest interfaces known to man. The three LCD screens alone would make anyone giddy, but it does the strangest thing when you press the keys. Details are pretty slim on the Actface. Plus, it’s a concept phone and it remains to be seen if this will make it into consumers’ hands. Au Triple Screen Phone Still Lacks Something [Oh Gizmo] Read More

  • Unroll Your Own Portable Lighting System

    If you’re one of the tens of people who need portable lighting solutions, you’re going to love the Lampada Metro Roll-Up Lighting system. The lights start out looking sort of like a roll of duct tape and are unraveled into a Pringles-like translucent tube that emits weak light. If you would use this, please let us know how or why. I’m not ragging on them, I’m… Read More

  • Thug Life: The Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy

    Waiting for the American justice system to run its course can be boring and tedious. If you’re looking for a little something to do while you wait, why not buy your dog a Michael Vick chew toy? It runs for $12.99 (shipped) and the proceeds will apparently be donated to local animal shelters. Unfortunately, it’s claimed to be very durable. Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy [VickDogChewToy.com] Read More

  • Intense Debate Soups Up Your Blog Comments

    Colorado-based startup incubator TechStars has launched their second company today, Intense Debate. We covered TechStar’s first company, MadKast, earlier this week. Intense Debate is a souped-up blog commenting system that adds a lot of features for publishers and commenters alike. Installing the plug-in on your blog (WordPress, Blogger, and TypePad) adds threading, comment analytics… Read More