• Time to celebrate, Canon!

    Canon has quite a bit to celebrate this year. Not only is it Canon’s 70th birthday and 20th anniversary of the launch of the EOS line of SLR cameras, but they’ve reached a rather remarkable milestone. The whole of the EOS line (film and DSLR) has passed the 30-million mark in terms of production. That’s a pretty big deal if you ask me. Keep it up, Canon. You’ve got… Read More

  • It's the Nokia N96!

    It certainly looks real. The photos are a little grainy, but the N96 badging seems legit. The hardware also doesn’t look like anything else Nokia has produced. Check em out. Read More

  • Asus Eee Pc gets a touchy-feely makeover

    Apparently adding a touchscreen feature to your Eee is as easy as adding a panel between the screen and housing and then soldering some stuff to some other stuff. You wanna know what I like about this mod? You can’t even tell that it’s there.  Asus Eee Pc with touch screen [jkkmobile] Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Halo 3 Collector Edition for $39.99

    Looking to see what all the hubbub’s about? You can pick up Halo 3 from Newegg.com for $39.99, which includes free 3-day shipping. Not bad. Not bad at all. It’s the "Collector Edition", too, so you’ll get a bonus video disc, a metal disc case, and a little book with some more nerdly information about the game. It’s normally going for around $60 elsewhere… Read More

  • The $299 Asus Eee is available at Newegg.com

      Newegg.com has the 2GB Asus Eee PC available in black, blue, or pink for $299. Three-day shipping is available for around $10. This model is pretty similar to the 4GB version that’s been on the market for a couple months except that it’s got half the storage and no built-in webcam. ASUS Eee PC 2G Surf [Newegg.com] Read More

  • Sony to take rear projection division out behind the wood shed

    Sony wants out of the rear projection TV game and what Sony wants, Sony gets. Well, except for record-breaking sales of PS3 consoles — hay-oh! Still got it. Anyway, the move isn’t all that surprising as other TV manufacturers have made or likely will make the same decision. Sony actually has about 28 percent of the rear-projection market here in the US but it’ll trade it all… Read More

  • Exploring an old Sun Microsystems building

    In the heyday of “microcomputing” Sun was living giant. Their terminals were everywhere and their graphics machines were state of the art. Look how far the mighty have fallen. This travelog of pictures from inside an old Sun headquarters where the ghosts of Solaris prompts come and gone still haunt the halls. Bonus: It looks like someone was killed in the building. Photo Tour via BB Read More

  • Holy gargantuan monkey goats!

    Gah! Gah! Gah! Man’s Skin Turns Dark Blue [Spluch] Read More

  • "Tekken" to become movie, world remembers "Street Fighter: The Movie"

    Variety reports that “Tekken” will soon become a major motion picture. No actors are yet attached to the film, but Dwight Little is slated to direct. You might remember Little from such major flops as “Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid,” “Marked for Death” and “Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home.” According to IMDB, the plot involves: The… Read More

  • Rumor: GTA IV release date revealed

    If rumors are to be believed then April 25th is the day most of us have been waiting for. I was never really into the GTA series until San Andreas, but IV has me chomping at the bit. It was believed that the long awaited title from Rockstar would be released in March, but that is apparently untrue according to sources close to Rockstar. The April launch date falls in line with Take 2’s… Read More

  • Fair Use Vs. Free Speech in the Internet Age: The Lane Hartwell Problem

    The furor surrounding the now infamous Bubble video (embedded above) is not over. To recap: the parody video was watched more than one million times on YouTube, then taken down because photographer Lane Hartwell objected to the unauthorized use of one of her photos in the video, then put up again with the offending photo replaced and a list of credits at the end for all the images used. Now… Read More

  • Samsung u940 passes through FCC

    Look who showed up on the FCC. If it isn’t the CDMA version of the F700, the u940. You remember this little guy, right? We were the first to tell you it was coming and now it’s one step closer to being realized. Could there be an official announcement at CES? Maybe. FCC Read More

  • Paramount, MTV forego theaters stream "Jackass 2.5"

    This is starting to get interesting. First Radiohead released “In Rainbows” Online, then Saul Williams released the Trent Reznor produced “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust.” Now it seems that movie studios are, at least to some degree, following suit. While filming “Jackass 2,” the crew apparently created enough content for two entire films. Read More

  • Don’t Drive and use Mobile Phone in Britain

    Motorists caught talking or text messaging in Britain face hefty fines and jail time under guidelines due to be published today. In the most serious cases drivers caught using a cell phone can be charged with dangerous driving which carries a maximum punishment of two years in prison and an unlimited fine to be determined by a court. Using a hand-held mobile phone while driving was banned in… Read More

  • Jango Introduces a Slick Jukebox Widget

    It’s been a little over a month since we reported on Jango and a lot of exciting things have been happening. Their stable of music has expanded, though it still needs a bit of work, but we’re willing to bear with it as their catalog improves. Since their public launch in November they’ve enlisted 180,000 registered users and 750,000 listeners who have created over 1.5… Read More

  • Yahoo Partners with America Movil

    Yahoo has cemented a deal with Latin America’s top mobile phone company America Movil today to provide mobile Web services to 16 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Yahoo’s oneSearch service will be the default on America Movil’s wireless carriers’ portals. Localized versions of oneSearch will be created for each region. This is the largest of 21 search… Read More

  • Twitter Downtime On the Upswing

    Even after moving to a new data center, Twitter has been undergoing some growing pains. Royal Pingdom reports that the service has been down almost a total of six days since it began monitoring the service last February. Downtime so far in December has exceeded almost any preceding month, with nearly 11 hours of downtime, compared to 9 hours in November. I guess everyone is trying to get… Read More

  • Ho Ho Ho: 5,000 Hulu Invites for Our Readers

    Update: As of 10:54am PT, Hulu has given us 2,500 more invites, so try again if you were denied earlier. Also, as some have reminded us in the comments, Hulu will not work for those outside of the United States. We’re hearing reports that Hulu has been letting lots of people off the private beta waiting list and into the site. But in case you haven’t gotten access yourself… Read More

  • Oh My God! Apple Killed Think Secret! Those Bastards!

    Apple and Apple blog Think Secret have settled their long running legal dispute over leaked Apple secrets, and under the deal Think Secret will cease operation. According to a statement from ThinkSecret (via CrunchGear) Apple and Think Secret have settled their lawsuit, reaching an agreement that results in a positive solution for both sides. As part of the confidential settlement, no sources… Read More

  • Think Secret Settles Apple Lawsuit, Shuts Down

    It’s been nearly three years since Think Secret editor Nick Ciarelli caught the wrath of Apple for leaking info on the Mac Mini and iWork prior to MacWorld. The result was a long, drawn out legal battle that has finally come to a rather lame conclusion. A press release posted this morning on Think Secret reads: Apple and Think Secret have settled their lawsuit, reaching an agreement… Read More

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