• Crime-fighting dog found dead in Malaysia

    Sad news, folks. Manny, a dog trained to sniff out pirated DVDs, has died in Malaysia. The AP is reporting that the dog “died of an unknown cause” and that Malaysian authorities don’t suspect foul play, but then added that two other dogs that helped uncover 1.6 million pirated DVDs last year “reportedly caused movie pirates to place a bounty on their heads.”… Read More

  • IP3G to stop us unlocking firmware like it's our job – or perhaps that was the point?

    http://www1.funnyordie.com/public/flash/fodplayer.swf?36e2ccefHuman Giant – Corn Chowder w/ Rob Riggle on FunnyOrDie.com With O2 and AT&T reporting contract signings at their respective sales points, I think the idea of an unlocked iPhone 3G will soon become moot. If you can’t get one without signing on the dotted line, what’s the value in pulling it off your local network? Read More

  • Nokia N85, N79, 5800, 6260 all snapped in the wild

    One leak is nice, but not all that uncommon. Getting two or three leaks at once from the same company is, by all means, a rare treat. But four? Thats like finding a pot of gold while flying through space in your cold fusion powered hover car. Some in-the-know Nokian pushed a big photoset of unreleased devices to Flickr. Whether it was an intentional leak or someone just forgot to make the… Read More

  • Pioneer releases new high-end plasma TV in Japan

    Today Pioneer unveiled its new flagship TV [JP], which will go on sale in Japan at the end of this month. The KRP-600M marks the 9th generation of Kuro plasma TVs. The 60-inch display features full HD in 1920×1080. It comes with the following inputs: 1x video, 1xS-VHS, 1xcomponent, 1xDVI-D and 1xPC. An Ethernet connection is also available. Pioneer claims that compared to previous… Read More

  • World's new fastest supercomputer runs on AMD and Cell hardware

    Yesterday we noted a test where a stripped-down Cell processor beat the pants off an Intel Core2 Quadro at an h264 transcoding task. Well, now that doesn’t seem so surprising, as the Roadrunner supercomputer built by IBM primarily with Cell processors is now calculating at the rate of one petaflop. That’s a quadrillion operations per second. I never thought I’d see the… Read More

  • I find this Fathers Day commercial to be ‘very funny’

    This commercial apparently came out around this time last year, but I just saw it for the first time this morning. I wouldn’t mind watching this every year around this time. Apologies if you’ve seen it before, but it’s quite hilarious – the last second, especially. Read More

  • Your Mobile Phone to become Mobile Wallet

    Report Buyer published a study today that finds mobile commerce is quickly catching on worldwide. By 2011, 25 million Americans are expected to use their mobile phones as mobile wallets. Many countries are finding the ease and convenience of mobile phone commerce is hard to resist. The report, “2008 Global Mobile – Data and Content Markets” finds that mobile commerce is… Read More

  • Google App Engine "Accidentally" Blocks PayPal

    Here’s one for the conspiracy theorists: It turns out that Google App Engine, their new platform for building and hosting third party web applications, is blocking applications from integrating with PayPal for payments. Developers who are building apps that use PayPal to handle payments usually require the application to send a request to the PayPal service. The URL’s used in… Read More

  • New LCD widescreen tablet screen to be released in Japan

    At the end of this month, Princeton Technologies will roll out a new 19-inch LCD tablet on the Japanese market. It will only be available in black. Sized at 433×24×356mm, the PTB-TMW19B comes with the following features: – WXGA+(1,440×900 resolution)
    – 850: 1 contrast ratio
    – 300 cd/m brightness
    – 5ms response time
    – 170 degrees viewing angle
    – stylus… Read More

  • SanDisk buys MusicGremlin

    Remember MusicGremlin? The WiFi based music player? No? Well, SanDisk bought them for an undisclosed sum. Full release follows. Read More

  • Alarm clock responds to your hungover outbursts

    Picture this; after a long night out full of white wine spritzers and Apple Pucker, the last thing you want to do is lift up your arm to hit the snooze button. It’d be much easier to yell “STOP!” while face-down in a puddle of your own drool, am I right? Luckily, this “voice interactive” alarm clock from Hammacher Schlemmer oughta do the trick. It responds to 10… Read More

  • Judge orders YouTube apology for YouTube prank

    I mean any one of us could have done this, provided we were jacked up on enough Red Bull In a Seinfeldian act of justice (“You’re sentenced to be the defendant’s butler!”), a judge in Viera, Florida made two boys create a YouTube apology after filming themselves dropping a huge drink into a drive-through window and then speeding off. While this sort of charming behavior… Read More

  • New iPhone free for certain O2 customers in the UK

    Aw, lucky!!! New O2 customers in the United Kingdom will be able to grab an 8GB iPhone 3G for free with monthly plans of £45 and up. The required contract is only 18 months, too. Mike Butcher of our TechCrunch UK site says… The news is pretty astounding. From going from a device which costs over £300 to virtually free at POS will supercharge iPhone sales in the UK and make it a real… Read More

  • Wait a sec, the background from the iTunes Coldplay commerical looks just like Leopard

    We’ve already had one Coldplay post today, and countless Apple posts. Let’s combine the two now, shall we? You know that Apple commercial with Coldplay singing “Viva la Vida”? Yeah, that one up there. Doesn’t the background look suspiciously like the default desktop in Leopard? What does this mean? How does this affect The Island? Will there ever be a rainbow? Read More

  • Weebly Adds AdSense Support For Drag And Drop Cash

    Weebly, the WYSIWYG website designer, has introduced integration with Google’s AdSense API that will allow its users to easily monetize their pages. The site is also introducing new ‘Pro’ accounts, which will give paying members access to increased privacy and other features. After selecting a desired ad size, users can place their AdSense widget by simply dragging onto… Read More

  • Yap Gets $6.5 Million To Give Your Thumbs A Rest

    Yap, a company that translates voice into SMS text messages, has raised $6.5 million in a Series A funding round led by SunBridge Partners. Also participating in the round were Harbert Management Corportaion and Pittco Management. The site, which was a member of TechCrunch40, makes texting easier by using voice recognition software to transcribe spoken messages to text. The service runs on… Read More

  • Microsoft says it doesn't fear iPhone 3G, won't release Zune phone

    First person to understand and explain why I’m using this pic gets an invite to What.cd or Waffles.fm Don’t laugh, but Microsoft says that, as far as 3G phones are concerned, it’s got the iPhone 3G (and BlackBerry) beat. I said don’t laugh, silly! Yup, in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, the head of Microsoft’s entertainment and devices… Read More

  • Washing machine uses one cup of water, plastic chips

    Get right the hell out of here. What would you say if I told you that there’s a company in the UK that’s trying to get a washing machine to market in 2009 that uses only one cup of water per load and doesn’t need a dryer? The washing machine is called the Xeros and it “uses thousands of reusable plastic chips to remove and absorb dirt,” according to MetaEfficient. Read More

  • AOL Radio Relaunches, Now Powered By CBS: Going After Local Ads

    Even on the Web, radio is local. People still tune into their favorite college or hometown radio station from hundreds of miles away. Today’s relaunch of AOL Radio (in beta) embraces that aspect of radio in many ways. First and foremost is its partnership with CBS Radio, which is replacing XM Satellite as the provider of music for 150 radio stations on AOL Radio (AOL itself continues… Read More

  • Are airline passengers a market for disposable DVDs?

    Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny! recently took a disposable Flexplay DVD for a spin and, although he’s “publicly poo-pooed the idea of disposable DVDs,” Zatz found that disposable DVDs might be able to gain favor with frequent travelers. He grabbed a copy of Disturbia for $6 before boarding a recent flight and was actually able to use the DVD past its 48-hour expiration limit… Read More

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