• DIY TVBGone hoodie

    I had a TVBGone for a few days but it kept going off and the battery died and then I lost it. As a result, I was sad. This seems like a better solution than the keychain model, however. You simply slide your zipper down to a certain spot on your hoodie, closing a hidden circuit, and LEDs inelegantly embedded in the hoodie will turn off the TVs surrounding your vicinity. MAKE has the full… Read More

  • Hands on with the Cy-fi. Looks nice. Sounds…

    …OK. Not the greatest sounding speaker of course, but you can use it outside. Or rather, you can keep it outside. It’s being marketed as a Bluetooth sports speaker, and with a compact water resistant form factor, I won’t argue. Besides look at it, all aerodynamic and shiny. I bet this thing can bike faster than I can. Comes is two versions, $179 for Cy-fi for Bluetooth and $199… Read More

  • Review: StarTech USB to VGA 4-in-1 Docking Station

    Notebook docking stations pose a conundrum for anyone who likes to frequently upgrade their computers. You buy a $200-$300 docking station tailored to your specific make and model of notebook and when you decide to upgrade again, there goes more money for a new docking station. So there’s been a trend towards universal-type docking stations with built-in monitor, USB, audio, and… Read More

  • Everybody needs an 8080

    Old-school computers like this homebrew IMSAI 8080 remind us how far we’ve come. Originally built in 1975, this greenscreen monster runs Zork like a champ using homebrew boards that cost about $1 each. It’s absolutely amazing that this sort of processing power now comes in something the size of a wristwatch and photorealistic graphics are possible on devices the size of this… Read More

  • SearchMe Is Coming To The iPhone (Naturally)

    We once asked if Apple’s CoverFlow is a better interface for image search than the typical thumbnail grid approach. But what about for mobile search? SearchMe thinks it is good for both. The visual search engine that launched last March is working on a natural extension: a visual search app for the iPhone. The app is ready, but the company is still waiting for it to be approved by… Read More

  • er, it’s the Flashlight-er, a 12 volt USB charger

    Still in need of a device charger for your car? For $24.95 you can get The Flashlighter. It plugs into the standard cigarette lighter socket and when removed, serves as a 3 LED flashlight. The small device comes in two flavors, the USB Pass-through Flashlight-er and the USB Flashlight-er. The Pass-through is slightly larger, as hidden behind the removable USB charger is another socket… Read More

  • Still trying to get into the Skyfire Beta? Heres the way.

    Even with Skyfire opening the floodgates for about a week back in August and sites around the tubes having given away bags and bags of beta keys, I’m still getting e-mails asking if there are any quick and easy ways to sneak into the beta for this remarkably cool browser. Though we’re not sure how long it’ll work, we’ve got a way. At a mid-CTIA press event, Skyfire… Read More

  • MySpace Music CEO Hunt Continues: Facebook's Owen Van Natta Top Contender

    Former Amazon and Facebook executive Owen Van Natta is said to be a top contender for the CEO job of the new MySpace Music joint venture, multiple sources confirmed to us this morning. There are also a number of other candidates still being interviewed. Last month we posted a shortlist with a handful of them. MySpace Music, an ambitious joint venture between MySpace and top music labels, is set… Read More

  • TC50(DemoPit): SnapPages, A Basic Webpage Designer That Apple Should Envy (Or Buy)

    In the last decade, we’ve seen dozens of internet portals, software companies, and startups develop solutions solving the same problem: Everyone wants a webpage, but few people know how to actually make one. In the early days sites like Angelfire offered templates, but users were guaranteed a generic design that was ugly even by 1999’s standards. Since then we’ve made… Read More

  • Games industry still doing well but growth slowing

    It’s not exactly cause for investors to throw themselves out of windows, but it seems that the rapid and sustained growth the games industry has enjoyed for the last few years is slowing down just a little. Such a small drop in overall growth is easily dismissible as a minor blip, but growth has been so strong for so long that to see it dip below its usual >10% month-over-month gain… Read More

  • A trio of freshly repainted BlackBerry 8120s on the way for T-Mobile

    If you’ve been just dying to get a BlackBerry 8120 and your favorite color is “Frost”, “Black Emerald”, or “Indigo”, you’re in luck. Come October 15th, T-Mobile will be offering the Pearl 8120 in your hue of choice. Nice to see some color choice added to the line beyond just “Boring Gray”, though two of the three colors are still… Read More

  • Activision reveals complete Guitar Hero World Tour Set List

    The latest Guitar Hero installment hits shelves in just a few weeks, but Activision has released the complete set list to get you pumped. A few spot checks of the supposed leaked list from a while back reveals some differences. For instance, the leak indicated that there were three Tool songs, Stinkfist, Lateralus, and Schism, in the game. While there is in fact three Tool songs in the… Read More

  • Google's Anonymizer Not So Hot

    Privacy concerns have dogged the world’s most popular search engine for years, and Google’s responses have been less than the shining example of “Don’t be evil” we expect them to make. They only recently halved the retention period for personal information to nine months, but even then their anonymizing process is simply changing the last digit in the logged IP. Read More

  • Update: Digital Entertainment Industry Announces One DRM To Rule Them All

    A consortium of digital entertainment companies including movie studios, digital device manufacturers, and electronics retailers are trying to take on Apple by standardizing their DRM practices. Originally dubbed “Open Market,” the official name of the initiative is now the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE). As we first reported a few weeks ago: Open Market is a set… Read More

  • Interesting: Apple just a "niche player" in worldwide touchphone business

    I started this article expecting to laugh and laugh about how some big analyst thinks the iPhone is a minor player, but in fact he makes a few points. Because of Apple’s reticence (or inability) to release the phone to the clamoring masses in Korea, Malaysia, and so on, other players have jumped at the opportunity, and are reaping the benefits. It’s easy to forget that the US is… Read More

  • An LCD in a gear shifter: useful or just eye candy?

    When I first heard about AC Schnitzer’s new LCD-equipped gear shifter, I thought, wow, this would be useful as the LCD takes the guessing out of what gear the transmission is in. Then I realized, most people that drive a manual don’t think about what they’re doing. They just know what gear they’re in and what gear they’re planning to shift into. Are there… Read More

  • iPod Touch 2.1 firmware jailbroken

    Instructions for Use: iPod Touch firmware comes out. It is jailbroken immediately. Rinse. Repeat. via Eng Read More

  • Activision scoops up FreeStyleGames

    Activision reaffirmed its rock’n in the music gaming genre with the companies latest acquisition of FreeStyleGames. The UK based game maker specializes in the same field with their first release back in 2006 of B-Boy, a competitive break-dancing game. (LOL What?!?) Currently, FreeStyleGames is making downloadable Guitar Hero content and even working on expanding the games… Read More

  • Lieberman Saves YouTube From Terrorists

    After breaking ranks with Democrats and endorsing John McCain for the presidency at the Republic National Convention, it seemed Senator Joseph Lieberman would be out of the news for a while. But now that he has hit the terrorists hard by making sure YouTube won’t host any terrorist training videos, Lieberman is back in the spotlight. YouTube updated its “Community… Read More

  • How to crack open the three new iPods

    This is kind of a tradition now: new iPods launch and some chump has to tear ’em apart. RapidRepair happened to chronicle the whole thing and provides instructions for us common folk for when we need to repair our new iPods. 4G Nano, 2G Classic, 2G Touch. Read More

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