• The G1: Almost perfect

    The G1 event has come and gone and it looks like we’re seeing an epic paradigm shift in the mobile space. iPhone started the ball rolling and Android is about the finish the job. The change? Phones are now officially computers and the expectation for most users is that they behave in the same way a powerful laptop or desktop PC would perform, albeit in a considerably more compact… Read More

  • Canon 40D hacked to record movies

      Feeling a little out of the DSLR movie-shooting crowd? Understandable since almost every DSLR announced within the last few weeks have had the new capability, but one chap hacked his Canon 40D so he wouldn’t feel so left out. The clip embedded above shows that in fact, he is recording live off the camera, not via the TV-out; here is a clip from the camera. Granted, you… Read More

  • A Sneak Peak At The Android App Market

    When I was man-handling the Android phone at the T-Mobile press conference earlier today, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the icons was for the App Market—Android’s answer to the App Store on iTunes. The app market launches on October 22, when the T-Mobile G1 goes on sale, so I was curious to see what apps are already loaded on it. I took the fuzzy picture at left with… Read More

  • Google's G1 Android handset to be free in UK. Look out iPhone.

    TechCrunch has been “double-live blogging” (oh yes) the T-Mobile / Google Android handset press launch, and here’s a handy summary of what was said. If you’re pressed for time, here’s the skinny: It launches in the UK in early November and the rest of Europe 2009. The handset will be free on price plans from £40 a month (no news on pays as you go), which will make… Read More

  • Esquire magazine e-ink cover splayed on video

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1783461&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1 Right around 2 weeks ago, MAKE Magazine posted pictures documenting the tear down of Esquire magazine’s fully functional e-ink cover. If you haven’t managed to track down one of these increasingly tough to find rags (or if you… Read More

  • Super special edition Starship Troopers Blu-ray on November 26: All three films included

    Once upon a time, Starship Troopers was popular for some unknown reason. Ha, kidding! Starship Troopers was never popular, but a big budget Hollywood movie was made, as were two sequels. And now there’s a super-de-dooper special edition Blu-ray release that’s scheduled in for November 26. The package includes all three films, with plenty of extras to please, um, fans, I guess. Read More

  • That must be Nikon D90 video, 'cuz jam don't shake like that

    http://i477.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid477.photobucket.com/albums/rr134/jamesmel9/DSC_0012.flv I was certainly impressed by the D90’s videos a few weeks ago, but it seems that the rolling shutter issues created by the way data is pulled from the sensor make much of the video completely ridiculous — as some have noticed. Jelly motion! RED ONE’s (the forums for… Read More

  • GE-branded TVs to return in 2009: One model with built-in Blu-ray?

    GE-branded TVs are back, thanks to a partnership with Tatung, a Taiwanese company. The next joint venture will produce LCD HDTVs that are slated for a spring, 2009 release. The last GE-branded TVs to see the light of day came out in 1987. The TVs will come in sizes between 19 and 65 inches, so it looks like they’ve got a nice little spread there. There’s also reports that at least… Read More

  • TechStars Demo Day: Acquisitions Galore As Twelve Companies Strut Their Stuff

    Today TechStars held its third Demo Day, offering a dozen of its startups the chance to display their wares in front of a throng of investors and the media. TechStars is a seed stage investment fund similar to Y Combinator and DreamIt Ventures that gives startups a modest amount of cash (around $5,000 for each founder) and a three month mentorship in exchange for a 5% equity stake in the company. Read More

  • Gilded Age: Stockinger, Bentley team up, create a safe specifically for watches

    I’m gonna hazard a guess here and say that if you’re *so* into watches that you need a specific safe for them, you’re probably in a different tax bracket than all of us here. That is, unless your name is John Biggs and you collect watches in order to fill some weird void in your soul. Fair enough. Be that as it may, perhaps you’re so drained from all the G1 coverage… Read More

  • Touching The Android: It's No iPhone, But It's Close

    So today I finally got to touch an Android phone. T-Mobile, Google, and HTC put on a big media circus in New York City (see our live notes), complete with Google co-founders Sergey and Larry coming out on rollerblades to tell us how cool the phone is because you can hack it just like a computer. (Sergey wrote an app that uses the built-in accelerometer to measure how long it takes for the… Read More

  • Bentley updates Ego laptop line – still extremely overpriced, dated technology

    Twenty thousand U.S. dollars should buy you one hell of a laptop, right? Not so with the Bentley Ego laptop though, where 20k buys you standard Best Buy special-type specs (64-bit processor & 160GB HDD) within a Bentley handcrafted case. These laptops have been around since ’03, but maybe you got yourself a new Bently and so you might want laptop constructed with the same… Read More

  • Qype boosts team – competitors start to worry

    After just announcing new funding, Qype, the pan-European local reviews site, is not wasting any time. It has just poached LastMinutes’ Sophie MacLaren and Emily van Lierop to be UK Marketing Director and Marketing Manager respectvely. Sophie has also been at Ticketmaster, the New York City Opera, Brazen and Spin Media PR agencies. Emily joins directly from koodos, a UK fashion website. Read More

  • Google Android 1.0 SDK unleashed

    If there’s anyone out there dying to delve into Android development who couldn’t bring themselves to start crackin’ away on the v.9 beta release, your moment of coding splendor has arrived. Alongside today’s T-Mobile G1 announcement, Google has released v1.0 of the Android SDK to the masses. With this release, developers can trust that the applications they write… Read More

  • The TomTom ONE XL II gets poked and prodded by the FCC

    The TomTom ONE XL II (that’s a mouthful) launch is one step closer with the FCC stamp of approval. Details are still up in the air, but it seems this guy simply updates the previous model with Bluetooth hands-free calling. Even the available users guide doesn’t reveal any juicy details as it seems as if the guide is just repurposed from the current generation. All the docs are… Read More

  • ShareThis To Acquire Fellow Widget Maker madKast

    More acquisition news from the TechStars Demo Day: madKast will soon be acquired by ShareThis, a widget company that allows users to share a blog post or news article across multiple services like Digg and MySpace. madKast, which we covered last October, is also a widgetmaker, allowing users to share posts through web services as well as through other routes like SMS messages and… Read More

  • Flirtomatic picks up a million users, with most on mobile

    Flirtomatic is one of the oldest social networks in the UK you probably haven’t heard of. Why? Because it’s largely on the mobile, aimed at young people and it’s taken a less subtle approach than some sites: full on flirting. But that strategy appears to be paying off. It’s just announced a million registered users, mostly based in the UK and more than half of them… Read More

  • The must-see Android video demo from Google

    Google just made available an in-depth look at Android that you’re going to wanna watch. Shows off the Google syncing, phone lock, and much more. It should answer most of those questions swirling ’round your head about the just-launched G1’s operating system. Update: Just added the not nearly as informative but still official HTC T-Mobile G1 tour after the break.  Read More

  • Xing launches UK push for its business network

    It’s interesting that Xing, the business social network which competes with LinkedIn has chosen now to launch a marketing campaign in the UK this week – probably something to do with the Adtech trade show on in London right now. There’ll be advertising on some 400 Xing billboards by major London Underground stations, ads in the Metro freesheet and online on at The Guardian… Read More

  • Wireless USB coming to Samsung digital cameras

    Samsung has been working with Alereon on a wireless USB solution for Samsung cameras and it seems they have something dubbed NaBee. From the sounds of the press release, it’s simply a small dongle that plugs into both the camera and computer’s USB port. That’s it. Read More

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