• Daily Crunch: It's Time for the Percolator Edition

    Claim: Percolators make better coffee than drip machines, should be celebrated
    Ativa Burrito: Best product pitch, ever
    Razer/THX Mako 2.1 review
    The Hip Office: Hip isn’t an adjective here, people
    Crunchdeals: Photoshop CS 3 for ~$300, no shadiness necessary Read More

  • You've stalked your friends, now get a newsfeed from your family

    London-based Kindo, a social network aimed at your living family-tree, has won undisclosed seed funding from Estonia-based Ambient Sound Investments, reports TechCrunch UK. (Why are they Estonian based? Because they are formed from Skype’s founding engineers). Also in the seed round is Saul and Robin Klein of The Accelerator Group (TAG), and Stefan Glanzer, first investor in last.fm… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Brandon on The Unreasonable Stance: HD DVD will be triumphant Man . . . had to put my waders on to get through this one . . . Tom on An Interview with Neil Strauss of The Game: Foolproof pick-up gadgets Look at the advice this guy is… Read More

  • Dizzywood Takes $1 Million Series A

    Virtual world for kids 8-12 Dizzywood has taken $1 million Series A in a round led by Shelby Bonnie with Charles River Ventures and other individual investors also participating. Tiburon, CA based Dizzywood aims to “inspire young people to use their imagination and have fun, while learning real-life values and skills.” Their online virtual world/ gaming platform offers creative… Read More

  • Medio gets all up in T-Mobile's T-Zone, T-Pain nods in approval

    [photopress:medio.jpg,full,left]T-Mobile’s T-Zones is getting something of an upgrade in Medio’s On-Device Portal, a one-click for everything solution for the non-smartphone set. The MOD Portal, as we’re calling it, is a stripped down, but feature-rich launchpad for finding mobile content on handsets, for finding sports scores, weather, news, and other content easily… Read More

  • CloudBook to be upgraded in short order: SSD, touchscreens, colors!

    [photopress:girlycloudbook.jpg,full,center] I knew it. I told you people, and nobody wanted to listen. I said that the next great tech battleground would be in tiny, ultra-portable PCs and everyone laughed. Well chuckle no more, hombres, because the upgrades coming to the Everex CloudBooks could just start things off with a bang. The director of marketing for Everex says that the next rendition… Read More

  • Record Companies Try Suing Baidu Again

    The major record labels have gone in for a second round of listing pirated songs is bad legal action against leading Chinese search engine Baidu and smaller player Sohu. Universal Music, Sony BMG, Warner Music and Hong Kong-based Gold Label Entertainment lodged the new suit Monday, asking a Beijing court to order Baidu and Sohu to remove links to thousands of sites that carry pirated… Read More

  • Threats to schools: Gangs, Drugs, PSPs

    [photopress:psp_battery_burn.jpg,full,left]Another week, another story of a gadget exploding and harming a child. Well, at least burning one. The gadget in question is a PSP, and a boy’s leg in Michigan was burned when it overheated and exploded. He’ll be okay, they were just minor burns, but I’ll bet you’ll all be eyeing your portables a little sideways now… Read More

  • Tech Republic: Giant robots are stupid. CrunchGear: STFU

    [photopress:optimus_prime_close_up_transformers_the_movie.jpg,full,center] Nerds, we have a new enemy. He’s a blogger for the Tech Republic who claims that giant robots are stupid. Read that again: he claims that giant robots are stupid. It is time for a mechanical jihad, readers. His reasoning is that bipedal robots are stupid because other means of motivation are superior, which might… Read More

  • Google Apps Team Edition Released

    Google has released a new version of Google Apps called “Team Edition” that, on first blush, doesn’t offer much that’s new. The same document, spreadsheet, instant messaging, calendaring, and start page functionality that we’ve come to expect from Google Apps is here. But now it’s easier for groups within established organizations (businesses… Read More

  • Google Docs Gets Forms, More Access Like Little By Little

    Google has announced support for forms that link into Google Doc’s spreadsheets, providing elementary Access/ DB style form support for its online office suite. The new service allows users to add data to a spreadsheet without having to enter it directly into the spreadsheet itself, or having to log in to add the data. A form can be set up to include the specific fields, then a link… Read More

  • iPhone Now In 2nd Place In The US Smartphone Race, 3rd Globally

    Figures released from research firm Canalys show that Apple’s iPhone in now second only to RIM (Blackberry) in the US smartphone market. In the 4th quarter of 2007, the iPhone surged to a 28% share of the US converged device market behind RIM’s 41%, but ahead of 3rd third placed Palm on 9%. The iPhone was ahead of all Windows Mobile device vendors combined with a market share… Read More

  • A Look At Outsourcing Through oDesk's Eyes

    oDesk has just released a new part of their site called the oConomy where anyone can view statistics about the outsourcing activity on oDesk. As you can see above, features include the ability to view average working rates, among other data about providers, from around the world on a Google map. You can also view an up-to-the-second metric of how much money has been spent on outsourced… Read More

  • More info, screens on free-to-play Battlefield Heroes

    [photopress:bfh1.jpg,full,center] I just got the issue of Games for Windows in the mail with Battlefield Heroes on the cover. In it is a long feature explaining the ins and outs of the game. It sounds pretty great, very easy to pick up and play for the person who doesn’t have dozens of hours a week to devote to a video game. That should be anyone over the age of 16. Some neat things… Read More

  • Crunchdeals: Photoshop CS 3 for ~$300, no shadiness necessary

    If you feel like getting a legal copy of Photoshop CS3, it’ll run you North of $650 normally. But those miserly geniuses over at Photography Bay have figured that you can get it for half that if you’re careful. It seems you can upgrade Photoshop Elements to CS3 for $300 directly from Adobe, and if you don’t have Elements, you can get it for $37 at Amazon. Total cost: $337… Read More

  • AT&T expanding 3G services to more metro areas, and less-metro areas

    [photopress:3GWirelessServices_clip_image002.jpg,full,center] We talk a lot about 3G networks here on CrunchGear, but for a good percentage of the country, it’s moot. 3G is still hard to find oudside of high-capacity metro areas. AT&T, though, is changing that, as its plan for 2008 is to cover the top 350 leading US markets. What’s more, it says that its 3G layout will also… Read More

  • Review: Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Edition

    About six months ago, I made a pretty big decision to buy a souped-up laptop to use as my primary computer. In the past, I’d been using desktop systems supplemented with an inexpensive laptop for traveling but having various files spread out between different systems finally got the best of me and, being too lazy to set up some sort of synchronization scheme, I finally said to hell with… Read More

  • Duke Nukem Forever "sometime this year," plus original on XBLA

    We have a date! Well, not a date, but at least a release year. 3D Realms President Scott Miller said they were “talking to Microsoft about getting a release slot sometime this year.” Let’s hope DNF doesn’t pull a Daikatana. If you can’t wait for the next generation, maybe you’ll settle for the last. It’s popping onto XBLA with a co-op mode (score). I… Read More

  • The Hip Office: Hip isn't an adjective here, people

    [photopress:stretch.jpg,full,center] Monotonous sitting in front of computer provokes serious health damages! Yes it does! Or so says, er, somebody at HK-Ergonomics, the pastel-colored manufacturer of this innovative belt-like laptop stand thing. It doesn’t look very stable, but we like the overall idea. I’m going to try to get one of these for NAB, so I can walk and blog at the… Read More

  • T-Mobile Shadow gets updated today

    Today, the T-mo Shadow is getting an update that unlocks a couple new features that include an audio postcard function, free music/ringtones from various movies and wallpaper downloads. The myFaves menu is also said to be enhanced with improved text entry. Said ringtones are from Top Gun, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and School of Rock. You can get two full length tracks, ringtones and… Read More

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