• Review: Palm Treo 755p

    The Treo Verizon is the latest CDMA carrier to land the Palm Treo 755p, a high-end smartphone for the business user who’s tired of Windows Mobile but still wants all the connectivity and email options a smartphone provides. While pricey, it’s a pretty impressive device worth considering. Read More

  • Fake: MTV news reports Harmonix to follow Rock Band with new game: Record Label

    Very funny, MTV News. You thought you’d wait a full 8 days after April Fools to try to pull one over on us, but I’m onto you. According to the site, Harmonix is set to follow up the hit Rock Band with a larger-scope game called Record Label, where you use payola, pre-fab producers, and scantily clad teen pop stars to get as far ahead in the music biz as you can. The game uses… Read More

  • Microsoft Responds To Yahoo/ Google Advertising Deal

    Microsoft has responded to news earlier today that Yahoo was testing Google Adsense ads on their search results. From Brad Smith, Microsoft’s General Counsel: “Any definitive agreement between Yahoo! and Google would consolidate over 90% of the search advertising market in Google’s hands. This would make the market far less competitive, in sharp contrast to our own proposal… Read More

  • Booze Deal: Buy one bottle, get second for five cents

    Howsabout a good deal on booze and wine, courtesy of the fine folks at the BevMo! website? Depending upon whether or not it’s legal to deliver alcoholic bevarines to your state, you might be able to get in on the five-cent liquor and wine sales that are going on right now. One’s for Rum and Vodka, with the first bottle starting at $12.99 on up to $29.99 and the other’s for… Read More

  • Dude, you're getting a Dell with pubes stuck in the keyboard!

    I’ve never had good luck with Dell’s customer service, it’s one reason why I just don’t recommend their products. One great example of this is a letter a young man named K sent to the Consumerist, detailing how Dell Support destroyed his old laptop while trying to troubleshoot his new one, and finally sent out a replacement. Good on them, you say, for making good on that. Read More

  • Star Wars prop designer sued by Lucas over copyright

    A prop designer from the original Star Wars films is in court battling the empire of Lucasfilm in the UK. Andrew Ainsworth was one of the original costume designers for Star Wars and was responsible for the final look of Stormtroopers, Sand People, and other characters, especially the masks or helmets. Since the movie, Ainsworth’s been selling replicas, notably of Stormtrooper armor, out… Read More

  • Imagine A Writer For The Onion Doing Greeting Cards. Now Read Below.

    Warning: some people may find some of the content in this post offensive. If you are a fan of The Onion and can never seem to find just the right ecard to send to friends and family, you’re going to love Someecards. The company is announcing a seed round financing today – more details below. The company was founded by former Onion writer Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell, and… Read More

  • 'G108' phone-watch could almost pass as just a watch

    Slashphone.com has found a watch-phone doodad that you could almost wear without setting off the nearest Nerd Alert. Almost. It’s called the G108 (from China) and it’s got an impressive list of features crammed into its tiny body. Read More

  • Zero Punk on No More Heroes

    http://update.videoegg.com/flash/proxy.swf?jsver=1.4 Finally, a game Zero likes and I’m happy to report I kind of enjoyed it as well, making me not as lame as you all think. I personally prefer to masturbate with my own Wiimote, however, but if you’re into the things Zero mentions, feel free to pick it up. Read More

  • AT&T exec moves to Motorola

    A former AT&T exec is headed over to Motorola to replace the out-going Ed Zander. David Dorman was once chairman of AT&T and will head up Motorola’s floundering, chopped up mobile devices division. Good luck, David. We might have an internship open this season if things don’t pan out. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Harmonix hates Nintendo for not including a hard drive in the Wii, hence no DLC

    Flickr’d Rock Band‘s creators say Nintendo goofed by not including a hard drive in the Wii. Without the drive, Harmonix argues, there’s no way it can offer downloadable content, or DLC in the vernacular. DLC for Rock Band usually chimes in at around 30MB per song; the Wii only has 512MB of internal storage. What hath God wrought? Not much, apparetly. Read More

  • Video: Gentleman explains how to defeat piracy to big business

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-6483543718966313073&hl=en On your lunch break? Not on your lunch break? Don’t have a lunch break? Good! Then block off 40 minutes for this absolutely riveting discussion on piracy, and what media companies can do to combat it. (Hint: Compete against it. Smart!) Some guy named Matt Mason gave a Speech (I meant to capitalize that, Doug)… Read More

  • Yahoo Provokes Microsoft With Google AdSense For Search Trial

    In what can only be interpreted as a move in its extended chess match with Microsoft, Yahoo has decided to run a two-week-long trial of Google’s AdSense for Search. The limited test will see Google placing ads alongside no more than 3% of Yahoo’s search result pages in the US. While Yahoo claims to be simply “exploring strategic alternatives to maximize stockholder… Read More

  • Kensington's new keyboard is actually slick and different

    I don’t know what the feeling is that I get from this keyboard. I feel like it’s a bad guys keyboard. Like how in the first season of 24 all the bad guys used PCs? I feel like they should also have been using these keyboards. Functional and attractive, yet stark and somehow menacing, this is the keyboard which which an arch-villain might stock his evil HQ. I want one. Read More

  • Redemption rate of TV converter box vouchers just OK, not great

    Have you switched over to digital TV yet? Well, you probably did, since you read tech blogs, but the average American? Not so much. Since the government started offering vouchers for analog-to-digital TV signals, about 5.3 million households have received at least one. The main bottleneck seems to be that manufacturers and retailers like Best But have been slow to roll out the actual… Read More

  • Billshrink Launches to Save You Money On Your Phone Bill

    Billshrink, the new startup that aspires to simplify the often painful process of choosing and comparing mobile plans (and eventually other services), has launched in beta. While promising, it still needs a lot of work. The site offers an ostensibly impressive feature-set. Upon entering a cell number and the password associated with a mobile account, the user is presented with a… Read More

  • Why Vista beats OSX according to some guy

    Hey, Preston Gralla fans! His latest missive has just hit the webwaves and he’s mad as hell and shan’t take it anymore. His thesis? Vista beats OS X. Let’s go through his suppositions and take umbrage with his arguments. Reason #1: Vista runs more software Mac OS X is a very pretty operating system, but beauty runs only skin deep. An operating system by itself is a poor… Read More

  • Amazon is $50 worth of sorry for your HD-DVD player purchase

    Those sports at Amazon understand “new technologies don’t always work out as planned.” Or rather, they don’t work out as Toshiba planned. I have a feeling this is how Sony planned it all along. In any case, if you bought one of those bargain HD-DVD players after February 23rd, help yourself to $50 worth of stuff from Amazon. Personally, I’d be buying the Planet… Read More

  • Hand-held lie detector Afghanistan-bound

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22425001/vp/24020044#24020044 In order to save American lives, which I’m all for, the Pentagon will employ a hand-held lie detector in Afghanistan. The device, which was developed by a team at Johns Hopkins (the algorithm, at least) and sold by Lafayette Instrument, Co., costs $7,500 a pop and goes by the name Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System. Read More

  • MySupermarket: Price Comparison Shopping By the Cartload

    The ease of comparing prices on the Internet has done a lot to do away with major price differences between individual items at retailers, whether online or off. But where they still get you is when you buy many items from the same store and you throw in the high-margin coffee with the cut-rate shampoo. Higher-priced single items, such as a digital camera or an MP3 player, lend themselves… Read More

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