• Pleo destroyed by a Combot

    This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Since getting a Pleo a few months ago, we’ve basically given the bugger a name and gotten to know its personality. To watch this Combot tear Pleo up at Maker Faire is like watching a wolf eat a mouse — it’s no contest
    Basically Ugobe donated Pleo for this contest and they put it in with Vicious Verdict, a combat robot used… Read More

  • Update: Countersuit to the RIAA not dismissed, the fight goes on

    More news in Atlantic vs. Boyer, a case of the RIAA coming down hard on an innocent user and the user fighting back. Yesterday we brought news that the defendant’s attorneys filed a countersuit yesterday and that the judge has dismissed it. Turns out the RIAA filed for a dismissal, but today the judge put aside the RIAA’s dismissal request and will allow the countersuit to… Read More

  • Free content from NBC on the iPhone

    NBC is giving away free episodes of hit shows on the iPhone (and Touch). All you have to do is go to NBC.com on an iPhone and you will get the invite to watch full episodes. This doesn’t make sense to me. Yesterday, we find out that they will sell their shows on the Zune for the same price as Apple.  Then, they turn around and give it away for free to iPhone users. If NBC was trying… Read More

  • Sony's Home for PS3 should be here by fall

    We’re still not able to experience Home on our PS3s, but Sony Computer Entertainment’s David Reeves says it will definitely be out by Autumn. He goes on to say that SCEE may have been too ambitious in its plans for the application, which is a Sims-like social networking tool, much like Second Life. To make it more attractive, SCEE will be adding games to the application… Read More

  • Get you a free eee PC

    PowerupMobile in the UK is offering an Asus eee PC with their T-Mobile broadband package, an extremely interesting move from an industry that usually focused on subsidizing cellphones. Sadly, the models they’re offering don’t have WWAN — you use the T-Mobile USB dongle, though, so it’s basically the same thing — but it’s definitely something to consider… Read More

  • THQ and Marvel embrace tenderly over game deal

    THQ is clearly pumped about this. The uber-developer and publisher, which works with such industry leaders as Gas Powered Games and Relic, calls Marvel “one of the true crown jewels in the entertainment industry.” How flattering! Marvel is not quoted; they probably couldn’t get anyone on the phone since everyone in the company is too busy counting their money. Now, Sega is… Read More

  • Flashback: Kodak's first digicam

    It was Kodak that made the first digital camera in the year before I was born. It was cobbled together out of spare parts in the Kodak labs and was less than .01 megapixels in resolution. It was the size of a toaster and it took 23 seconds to record a black and white image to a cassette tape. That’s all so retro cool. It was “portable”, but nobody at Kodak likely thought it as… Read More

  • Magic Wheel is like a broken bike skateboard thing

    I…don’t get it. That doesn’t matter, though, because I bet we’ll start seeing these things all over the place. It’s called the “Magic Wheel” and it appears to basically be a bike wheel with a smaller rotating caster wheel attached to it. The top of the bike wheel features a seat of some type that looks like it wedges right into your ass. Now… Read More

  • Microsoft Tells Its Alternate Yahoo Board Members It Won't Be Needing Them

    Microsoft is taking one of its options off the table in its on-again, off-again pursuit of Yahoo. It has told members of the alternate board of directors it had lined up for a possible hostile proxy battle over Yahoo that it won’t be needing their services. The news was delivered to each alternate in a short e-mail this morning from Microsoft’s law firm, Sullivan &… Read More

  • Best Buy increases stake in Carphone Warehouse

    Looks like Best Buy’s got a pretty massive boner for Carphone Warehouse, as it’s just increased its ownership share from 2.9% to 50%, according to IDG News Service. Best Buy has agreed to invest an additional $2.1 billion in the European retailer, likely by the end of August. Carphone Warehouse will be opening stores here in the states this year and Best Buy is planning to open… Read More

  • Rumor that won't die: Virgin Mobile to bid for Helio to make best MVNO ever?

    We’ve heard weirder rumors about the future of Helio, our favorite MVNO, but this one’s got some interesting aspects to it. The buzz is that Virgin Mobile is looking to pick up Helio and merge the services, and in some ways the idea makes sense. Virgin is the leading MVNO for low-end handsets. They sell utilitarian phones and services to people who just make calls. You can buy… Read More

  • Feel free to rock the boat if you have this waterproof Coolpix case

    That’s right, with the Fantasea Line FS-51 Housing for the new Nikon Coolpix S52 and S52c cameras, you could toss it in the ocean without any worries. Even if it happened to leak it’s still protected by its one year flood Insurance policy (your photos are probably hosed though). Another great thing about this is that while it’s in the case you still have access to all the… Read More

  • Meet Jason Mosley, intern-at-large

    I am the new intern. I was told that I should write a little introduction about myself. My name’s Jason Mosley, but most people just call me “Mosley”. I live in the ghettos of Pittsburgh. It’s not really that bad, but saying I live in a ghetto make me feel like a badass. I am a freelance designer and write about bacon on my blog, MrBaconpants.com. That’s right, bacon. Read More

  • Shawn Fanning Finally Gets A Real Payday: Electronic Arts Buys Rupture For $30 Million

    [Update 8/4/08: The acquisition price subsequently reported by EA is $15 million, not $30 million. But that amount does not include any additional earnout for the founders]. Shawn Fanning, best known for founding Napster, has a new job. He will be working at Electronic Arts, which is about to buy his social-network-gaming startup Rupture for $30 million, according to sources with knowledge… Read More

  • BlackBerry 9000 video overview, looks nice

    Following up on CrackBerry.com’s covereage of the upcoming BlackBerry 9000 from a few days ago, we now have some video footage of the 9000 in action. Looks pretty slick, no? The 480×320 screen seems nice and the OS looks like it’s responsive. via Gizmodo Read More

  • Early Adopters Still Spend More Time With Microsoft Than Google, Facebook, or Skype. But For How Long?

    When early adopters sit at their computers, what applications and websites do they use the most? The answer: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, and MSN Messenger—just like most everyone else. At least according to data from RescueTime, the productivity app that monitors the amount of time a user spends on every application on his desktop. The Y Combinator-funded startup has given us… Read More

  • Prague CrunchNetwork Meet-up Shaping Up Nicely: Watch This Space

    We’re fast approaching our super fun CrunchNetwork Prague Meet-up and we’re prepping the pivo and knedliky for the big night. We’re going to have some surprises coming up so watch this space but until then feel free to RSVP by email or on Facebook. Remember the event is on Friday, May 23, 2008 from 7pm until 1AM. That’s right. 1AM. Special thanks to Jack DeNeut who… Read More

  • Tokyoflash contest is over, read on for consolation prize

    Our joint contest with TokyoFlash has concluded. Thanks to everyone who entered! The winners should be receiving emails soon, or may have already gotten them. If you didn’t win a watch, well, you’re still a winner for reading the site, and that’s why we want to give you a special discount at TokyoFlash. Click below for “the deets.” Read More

  • Bendable shelf handles RSS feeds and text messages

    In what’s sure to be recognized as one of the greatest inventions of 2008 (by me, at least), here’s a shelf that can be bent every which way, thanks to the miracle of “elastomer” AND displays your favorite RSS feeds and any incoming text messages. Read More

  • TechCrunch/Crunchgear meetup, Berlin, June 11

    I’m delighted to announce that TechCrunch / CrunchGear are holding a Berlin meetup with our partner and co-organiser twidox. The “TechCrunch / twidox German Web 2.0 Meet-up” will be in Berlin, on the 11th of June. Imedo.de has kindly offered to throw the networking event at their offices here from 7:30 pm onwards (pictured above, nice huh). Peter Ha will be there from the US… Read More

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