• Preview: HTC TouchFLO in Action

    Move over Apple, HTC is on the prowl and the Touch wants to eat your iPhone. Vince will be getting his hands on the latest HTC device later tonight, but I thought you folks would want to see what the hoopla was all about. Is it a direct threat to the iPhone? We’ll find out later today. Our friends at The Unwired have a couple videos of TouchFLO in action. Try to contain yourselves. Read More

  • Acer Adds Dolby Home Theater To Aspire Laptops

    Acer Adds Dolby Home Theater To Aspire Laptops

    Laptop speakers generally need all the sound-quality help they can get. Thankfully Dolby Laboratories is lending some audio technologies to Acer’s Aspire notebooks, which will now feature the Dolby Home Theater suite offering “advanced home theater audio features and premium surround sound experiences.” Acer Aspire notebooks featuring Dolby Home Theater will be available… Read More

  • New Fan-Created iPhone Ad

    I told you so: the hype is just getting started. Read More

  • Major in Mac, Get a Free iPod nano

    Major in Mac, Get a Free iPod nano

    Like it does every year, Apple just launched the Major in Mac promotion. Eligible students, faulty, staff, etc. who buy a Mac will get a $200 rebate toward the purchase of a 4GB or 8GB iPod nano. You have to buy the Mac from Apple directly or from one of its retail stores as BestBuy and the like-purchased Mac don’t qualify for the promotion. Major in Mac ends on September 16. Hmm… Read More

  • Tangent's Newest Rugged Mini PC Gets Flash Storage

    Tangent's Newest Rugged Mini PC Gets Flash Storage

    If I had a car and it had a computer, I would want that computer to be the Rugged Mini Fanless PC from Tangent. Designed for use on “factory floors, in the field, mounted to carts or vehicles, or in other harsh environments” the little ‘puter can withstand shock, dust, vibration, extreme temperatures and electro-magnetic interference. And in this latest version, the… Read More

  • Meet The iTop

    Meet The iTop

    Crafty DIYer Owen was the owner of a shiny new iPod before the screen started breaking. It broke and voided his iPod’s warranty, so he went and took the iPod’s case and cut it apart. He added a case to the hard drive sticking out and then tilted the screen upward. The result is an iPod that looks like a miniaturized-version of a Macbook. With Linux installed, his iPod is… Read More

  • Verizon To Turn Down the Amp’d

    Verizon To Turn Down the Amp’d

    Could things get worse for Amp’d Mobile? Well things can always get worse. But today, the word is that Verizon could make things very bad indeed. Over at sister site Crunchgear they’re saying that Verizon might be about to turn off the service to Amp’d Mobile. Verizon asked Amp’d to come up with $4.5 million within 10 days or face a shut down. This could leave the… Read More

  • TomTom Go 720 Has User-Editable Maps

    TomTom Go 720 Has User-Editable Maps

    TomTom’s got another portable GPS device in the woodworks. It’s the TomTom Go 720, made especially for the U.S. and Canadian markets. It’s a typical GPS device with all the features that are becoming more standard by the day, including a 4.3-inch touch screen and basic multimedia playback options. But the Go 720 does do one thing a little differently: it allows users to… Read More

  • RSS Problems?

    It has just come to our attention that users may be experiencing problems with our RSS. If you’re having problems with Google Reader or other aggregators, please let us know what’s going on so we can work on resolving the issue. Read More

  • Asustek, Intel Team Up For $199 Laptop

    Asustek, Intel Team Up For $199 Laptop

    Though the OLPC initiative currently going on is a very noble effort, its target is mostly developing and third-world countries where little to no technology exists. Intel and Asustek however, are looking to bring an inexpensive laptop to schools, emerging markets, and people who are broke as a joke. Asustek will manufacture and sell the laptops under the Classmate PC line of notebooks… Read More

  • Warner Inks Deal With Lala.com, Offers Free Streaming of Most of Its Songs

    Warner Inks Deal With Lala.com, Offers Free Streaming of Most of Its Songs

    Lala.com’s going through a transformation in the coming days. Right now the site specializes in letting users trade used CDs online. Next on its agenda is to become an iTunes Store competitor and it has penned a deal with Warner music to stream nearly every one of its songs online. For users, this streaming is totally free, but lala.com will pay through to nose to offer the service. Its… Read More

  • Alienware Launches Hangar18 HTPC

    Alienware Launches Hangar18 HTPC

    If you’ve got some cash to spend and AppleTV doesn’t really fancy you well, it may be worth a minute to check out the new Hangar18 HTPC from Alienware. Equipped with radical features such as a Gyration remote, this box will kick new life into your home theater setup. Dual tuners, a 5.1-channel amp, HDMI, and 1080p output are all included. You’ll also find 2TB of storage… Read More

  • HTC Touch Officially Unveiled

    HTC Touch Officially Unveiled

    Today, HTC unveiled its competitor with the iPhone: the Touch. Known formerly as the Elf, the Touch features Windows Mobile 6 with a finger-touch display that uses HTC’s TouchFlo technology. Like the iPhone, you can use your fingers to navigate the phone’s menus and such or you can use a stylus if that’s to your liking. You can interact with a 3D-interface via your fingers… Read More

  • A Ghetto Blaster for the 21st Century

    A Ghetto Blaster for the 21st Century

    Thank you, Dirk Winkel. For you have created, conceptually, a ghetto blaster for the 21st century. This curvy looking blaster either wraps over the user’s shoulder or around the hip and provides enough ordinance-violating bass to disturb even the hardest New York neighborhoods. The long neck is said to help provide high quality sound (like a horn instrument), but being a ghetto… Read More

  • MacBook Pro Redux

    MacBook Pro Redux

    The Apple Store is back up and we have on our hands something that I wish was available three months ago. As we speculated yesterday, a new MacBook Pro has joined the ranks of Apple’s high performance machines. The systems are now available in speeds up to 2.4GHz. Additionally, the 15-inch rig can now be equipped with a 7,200rpm 160GB hard drive. You may recall that the slower 5,400rpm… Read More

  • Apple Store Is Down

    Apple Store Is Down

    Tuesday morning arrives and as of right now, the Apple online store is officially down for maintenance. The big rumors lately have been attributed to two items: the iMac and the Macbook Pro. We could see a completely redesigned iMac out later today featuring a brushed aluminum look. Or, we could witness the power that is Santa Rosa crammed inside a Macbook Pro. Who knows. No matter what… Read More

  • EA Mobile is Just Wild About Harry

    EA Mobile is Just Wild About Harry

    Move over Spidey, look out you Pirates, Harry Potter is coming your way. With the upcoming release Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the big screen EA Mobile, a division of Electronic Arts, has announced a game for the third screen. Mobile consumers will be able to download the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix mobile game, along with personalization content, including… Read More

  • Games Bigger than Ringtones in the U.K.

    Games Bigger than Ringtones in the U.K.

    Mobile gaming is big business in the U.K. according to market researchers at GfK M² GameDaily is reporting today. According to GfK’s data consumers in the British Isles are spending more to download games to their mobile phones than on ringtones, music or video content. The mobile gaming market is almost four times the size of the market for full music tracks, and eight times the… Read More

  • VIA NanoBook UMD: Big PDA or Tiny Laptop?

    VIA NanoBook UMD: Big PDA or Tiny Laptop?

    At first I thought this lady just had a big ol’ pair of man hands, but turns out the VIA NanoBook UMD only measures 1.2×6.7×9 inches. The 1.87-pound notebook is a reference design manufactured in collaboration with First International Computer, Inc (FIC) and has been adopted by Packard Bell to appear in European markets as the EasyNote XS. It’s currently being shown off… Read More

  • Space Shuttle Launch on Mobile, Like Watching Paint Dry?

    Space Shuttle Launch on Mobile, Like Watching Paint Dry?

    On July 20, 1969, the country paused to watch the first man walk on the moon. Just under 40 years later, and the space shuttle launch raises little more attention than a regularly scheduled flight on a commercial airline. Can mobile change all that? German mobile software company Dynetic plans to stream the next NASA launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis on Friday, June 8, at 7:38 p.m. Read More