• Gazelle: Sell Stuff Without Doing the Craigslist/eBay Dance

    CG’s Devin writes:
    I doubt you guys have quite the amount of gadget clutter as those of use who accrue them for a living, but if you’ve even got half our volume of old cameras, phones, and devices in general laying around you may find Gazelle’s service helpful. Not everyone has a used computer recycler like RePC in the Northwest. And while GameStop might buy your DS and… Read More

  • Gazelle.com makes it super easy to sell your old electronics

    I doubt you guys have quite the amount of gadget clutter as those of use who accrue them for a living, but if you’ve even got half our volume of old cameras, phones, and devices in general laying around you may find Gazelle’s service helpful. Not everyone has a used computer recycler like RePC in the Northwest. And while GameStop might buy your DS and there’s always… Read More

  • True North is an extraordinary what?

    This commercial aired last night in the middle of a “Holy crap, Karate Kid II is on AMC” gathering at my house. It required at least three rewinds to hear it properly over the laughter. Mature? Probably not. Extraordinary nutsnack? Indubitably. Read More

  • Greatest Hits hit PS3 today

    Greatest Hits, the popular budget line of PlayStation titles have started to go on sale here in the US. Nine titles are available now, with a price tag of $30 each. PS3 Fanboy offers up some concise reviews for the initiated, giving only one title, Need For Speed Carbon, a flat out “don’t buy” rating, citing dated graphics. Two other titles, Call of Duty 3, and MotorStorm… Read More

  • What Are HP, Intel, and Yahoo Announcing Tomorrow?

    We just got word that HP, Intel, and Yahoo will be announcing a joint research initiative tomorrow morning. We don’t have any details at the moment, but we’re guessing it will probably have to do with large-scale processing. Leave your own speculation in the comments – the first person with the right guess will get a TechCrunch T-shirt. Employees from HP, Intel and Yahoo… Read More

  • Apprise: An Air RSS Reader with AIM/Twitter Integration

    Christian Cantrell, an Adobe employee and editor of WatchReport just sent me a link to his latest project. It’s called Apprise Reader and it’s basically a feed reader with two very compelling features: direct forwarding of stories to Twitter or AIM. On the surface, Apprise Reader hits all the right buttons: Adobe Air, Twitter, AIM, RSS. It is, at its core, a feed reader with a… Read More

  • Vonage launches a new Pro package that includes VoIP calling

    Vonage has launched a new package called Vonage Pro, which enables users to place VoIP calls anywhere they have a broadband connection. Jamie Haenggo, Vonage’s chief marketing officer had this to say about the service: “Vonage Pro is the VoIP offering that prosumers have been asking for to help them stay connected while on the go.” Strong words from a strong man (or lady… Read More

  • Sweemo's bloggers like to experience anything – but their own site

    Sweemo bills itself as a “experience sharing community website” where users bid auction style for “a unique range of user generated life experiences” like skydiving, cooking lessons from a Michelin starred chef or backstage passes at Paris fashion week. Think crowd-sourced Red Letter days. It was launched in a blaze of D-list celebrity stardust at London’s… Read More

  • Del and his nutty device

    This odd beast is made entirely of wood and without screws or nails. The creator, Del, is quite proud of his little creation and gives us a full tour of the device, proving that gadget loves come in all ages and that some of the best ideas come from folks we’d initially discount as hopelessly outdated or, worse, crazy. I just hope I’m this cool when I’m Del’s age. via BB Read More

  • Enormous eyeball lamps modeled after your very own peepers

    Jeepers! Creepers!
    Where’d you get those gigantic, luminescent glass peepers! Why, from French studio 5.5 Designers, of course! One simply submits a photo of one’s eyeballs and fills out a little sheet, and boom: head-sized, blown-glass eyeballs “cloned” from your own. Pretty freaky, but also pretty awesome. It’d be kind of egotistical to get your own, and kind… Read More

  • GarageGames' Torque engine ported to iPhone

    If 100 independent games go into development , 95 of them fizzle out once the coders realize how terribly boring the first chunk of the game development cycle can be. Between physics engines, sound engines, lighting engines, and all of the other groundwork elements that have to be done before the fun stuff starts, it’s a tough hill to climb. Fortunately, there’s a short cut… Read More

  • RSOL Jive PC could potentially run OS X if you want it to

    Hey, friend! Want to make perhaps about $10,000? Why not try selling bare-bones Intel PCs and claim that they can run OS X or even, dare we say it, Ubuntu. Following in the footsteps of Psystar and iOpenTech, RSOL is offering an OSless PC, called the Jive, for $628 that you can then install OS X onto. How? They won’t say. They will say: Due to the complex configuration of the RSOL… Read More

  • Flip video recorder #1 according to NPD

    According to NPD research, the Flip is the #1 selling camcorder in the US, beating out such stalwarts as Sony and JVC. The Flip is the YouTube compatible video camera that is so simple even a retarded monkey could use it. The Flip—so popular because of the cam’s ease-of-use, low cost and instant publication capabilities—leapfrogged into the digital marketplace, creating a… Read More

  • China says space is the place

    With sights set on a 2015 target completion date, the state-owned Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASTC) announced their goal of expanding their aerospace industry. Currently the agency has four scientific research and production bases, and the new goal is to double that number by building bases in Tianjin, Inner Mongolia and Hainan. (We’ll just have to wait for Google Earth… Read More

  • AOL Realizes Bloggers Will Work For Free; Stops Paying Them

    Plenty of people blog for free, but when you are blogging for a multi-billion-dollar media conglomerate like AOL (a unit of Time Warner) at least you can expect a steady paycheck. Or not. Recent belt-tightening at AOL is hitting its network of bloggers, many of whom are being asked to curtail their posts or stop altogether. Others are being asked to post for free, and are actually doing so… Read More

  • Tiny, simple, very portable 320GB hard drive from Freecom

    This is a nice little drive that Freecom is launching. Tasteful, simple, even covered in a non-slip rubber finish. And it tips the scales at just over 155g or 5.5oz, which makes it light enough to carry in a purse (or murse). It’s USB2 so it’s fast enough for most tasks and it costs around $90 for the 160GB or probably $140 or so for the 320GB. I want one! Read More

  • Automatic door for dogs, training not provided

    Your RFID-enabled pooch now has the ability to take control of their own ”inside or out” fate with this automatic doggie door. As the dog approaches, the door slides open. Assuming this thing works as it should, as the dog walks by, the door will open. As the dog runs into the kitchen for dinner, the door will open. All this magical door sliding is bound to confuse the dog, right? Read More

  • Digital signage system emits aromas to attract customers

    Japanese Tech powerhouses NTT Communications and Recruit developed a digital signage system capable of simultaneously emitting scents and showing compatible commercials. A prototype is currently being tested in an underground shopping mall in Tokyo. The idea is to get passery-by to walk into a cafe or buy a certain product by not only showing them video ads but also by by appealing to… Read More

  • Samsung Haiku contest ends tomorrow

    To recap: Every week we’ve been giving away a cool Samsung phone culminating in the Samsung Instinct this week!
    To win, you need to write a haiku. The haiku should focus on touch and must be tweeted to UseYourInstinct. We will close entries for this week at noon on Tuesday, July 29. If you entered the previous contest and didn’t win, feel free to re-enter. Here are the rules. Read More

  • New thermal compound for hardcore tweakers

    I know “hardcore tweakers” sounds like I’m talking about meth addicts, but I mean people who get involved with every aspect of their computer and care about every component. If you’re not familiar with the term, a thermal compound is a sort of heat-conducting paste, often metallic in composition. It’s used as a middle layer between a component that generates heat… Read More

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