• XBox Media Center project being developed for OS X

      Waaaaay back in 2002, a little project known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC) was developed by a group of open source coders. XBMC ran unsigned on the original Xbox via either a hardware modchip or as a software exploit and replaced the traditional Xbox Dashboard with a media-focused interface. There’s been a Linux version in development since early last year and there’s now… Read More

  • Heroku Lifts Ruby on Rails Development into the Cloud

    Y Combinator startup Heroku, which has been in private beta since October, is coming out today with more details about how it’s out to ease the development and deployment of Ruby on Rails (RoR) applications. There are two sides to Heroku’s offering. The first is a completely in-browser development environment where RoR programmers can build their apps instead of doing so with… Read More

  • Penryn invades Dell XPS M1330

    Looks as if those Penryn chips have made their way into Dell’s lineup a tad faster than we first thought. Not that it’s a bad thing. In fact, it’s a glorious thing and I’m so happy to tell you all about it. So far the XPS M1330 has been outfitted, as expected, with the 45-nanometer chips. The M1330 starts out at $999 but to get the Penryn chip you’ll have to add… Read More

  • Android Prototype may land in Barcelona Next Week

    ARM, a British chip designer, may reveal a prototype of a mobile phone based on Google’s open-source Android next week at the Mobile World Congress wireless show in Barcelona. The showing could come as early as Monday. Google and ARM have declined to comment on this, so don’t book a flight to Spain unless you’re willing to gamble on this rumor. Taiwan’s High Tech… Read More

  • NAVISURFER II in-dash computer with moving screen

      The other day, I got stuck behind a little Honda Civic hatchback that was swerving back and forth, crossing over into the lane on its left and then the lane on its right a few times before finally slamming on its brakes in deference to the red light and, in turn, the various non-moving cars in front of it. My initial assumption was that the driver was at least moderately, if not… Read More

  • Modu Revealed

    Last month, I posted a teaser video that Israeli startup Modu had put out to get people guessing about what its product might be. The company pulled back the curtains further in advance of the World Mobile Congress in Spain. It turns out that it is a tiny modular phone that can be slipped into different device “jackets”—like an MP3 player, a GPS device, a bigger cell phone… Read More

  • Kindo wins seed funding to map your living family tree

    The area of family tree social networks is growing as people move from seeing the benefits of social networking for business and friends through to using it to map their family social graph as well. Ancestry.com is about ancestors and Geni.com is, in the main, genealogy, but few have tackled the issue of mapping and communicating with your living family. Yes, you could do its through Facebook… Read More

  • Pantech Duo now in red, just in time for Valentine's Day (barf)

    AT&T is all about red devices lately and, of course, they’re pushing them hard for Valentine’s day. Already in the red line-up is Samsung’s Blackjack II, LG’s Shine and BlackBerry’s Curve. Enter Pantech’s Duo. Yeah, it’s still the so-so Windows Mobile device we reviewed a short time ago. A $99 smartphone isn’t too shabby. Product Page Read More

  • Street Fighter: The Later Years – Part 8

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1800749&fullscreen=1 The epic mini-series based on Capcom’s Street Fighter series made by the folks at College Humor is almost over. Here’s part one of a two-part conclusion. The previous seven installments can be found here. Read More

  • Moroccan Man Jailed For Fake Facebook Profile

    According to CNN, 26 year old Fouad Mourtada of Morocco has been arrested for pretending to be the Moroccan king’s younger brother, Prince Moulay Rachid, on Facebook. The specific charge? “Villainous practices” (I like the sound of that). In a photo caption (copied to right), CNN says the prince has allegedly been the victim of “identity fraud,” which seems like… Read More

  • SE G-series leaked

    Hot on the heels of yesterday’s purported leaks of SE handsets is another one that’s a bit livelier. The G-series aka Compact Touch Series consists of two devices code-named Tyra and Josephine. Tyra or as SE will brand it the G900i is said to have a 2.6-inch screen, WLAN and a 5-megapixel camera. Josephine aka G700i also has the same screen size, but is sans WLAN and is equipped… Read More

  • Microsoft Buys Caligari To Pimp Up Virtual Earth

    Microsoft’s Virtual Earth just added some serious 3-D modeling and animation chops. It bought Caligari, a small company that makes 3-D modeling and animation software. Terms were not disclosed. Caligari’s trueSpace software renders lifelike environments with a consumer-friendly user-interface. Presumably, this software will be integrated into Virtual Earth, and will allow users… Read More

  • Modu to launch in three different countries in October

    Modu, the mysterious modular cell phone doohickey that we told you about a couple weeks ago, “is set to announce Thursday that it will launch the phone, also called Modu, on Oct. 1 with Telecom Italia SpA in Italy, OAA Vimpel Communications in Russia and Cellcom Israel Ltd,” according to the Associated Press. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: All Nintendo DS games at Circuit City 20% off

    Getting all whipped up to buy the cobalt blue Nintendo DS that comes out on Sunday? Why not load up on some games too? Circuit City is currently offering a 20% price reduction on all Nintendo DS games. Enjoy! Nintendo DS games [Circuit City] Read More

  • Tiny Phone Module from Modu

    Modu, an Israeli startup company, has contracted with three mobile phone carriers to sell the tiny mobile module called Modu. The Modu is a micro cell phone that pops into interchangeable jackets or into other devices that want to connect to the Internet. The Modu will be launched on October 1 of this year with the help of Telecom Italia Spa in Italy, OAA Vimpel Communications in Russia… Read More

  • The new crop of digital photo frames

    [photopress:kodakex1011.jpg,full,center] Mr. Pogue at the Times today has a little roundup of digital photo picture frames. He tries out the eMotion, Parrot DF7220, Kodak EasyShare EX1011, eStarling Digital Wireless, Momento 100, PanDigital WiFi Picture Frame and SmartParts SP8PRT. The main thesis here is that all of those frames are much improved over previous years’ incarnations. For… Read More

  • Crooks and Liars: No Duke Nukem Forever this year says 3D Realms president

    [photopress:nodnf.jpg,full,right] Forget whatever you heard about Duke Nukem Forever original story titlecoming out this year. 3D Realms president Scott Miller called the claim bogus and called the claim’s creators “lying bastards.” That’s refreshingly frank from a company president and fairly sloppy of the Dallas Morning News. The release date is still “when… Read More

  • OpenID Welcomes Microsoft, Google, Verisign and IBM

    As anticipated by TechCrunch UK in early January, OpenID is welcoming some big new partners to the club – Microsoft, Google, Verisign and IBM (TechCrunch UK anticipated all but Microsoft). Google has been dabbling with OpenID for some time with its Blogger platform (and Brad Fitzpatrick, the creator of OpenID, is now a Google employee). Yahoo also announced support for OpenID earlier… Read More

  • Look Out Topix – Google Launches Localized News Service

    Topix has made a name by aggregating tens of thousands of local news sources and aggregating them online (they also like citizen journalists). It was only a matter of time before Google expanded their news product to compete more directly with Topix. That time has come – today Google added an option for customized local news to its Google News service. The localization option is now… Read More

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