• Sony assures us PSP 3rd-party support will improve next year

    According to SCEA’s Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller (an objective source if I ever heard of one), the recent slump in PSP releases is a sort of ripple effect from poor hardware sales “20-22 months ago,” which is one of those over-specific assessments that reeks of specious market research. Kind of like how they are now counting on young mothers as the latest… Read More

  • Tied Down By Legal Issues, Muxtape Returns In Name Only

    Today the story of Muxtape, the popular but shortlived music service that let users create virtual mixtapes, has finally come to light. In a lengthy blog post on the site’s homepage, founder Justin Ouellette details his legal wranglings with the four major record labels and the RIAA, which led him to shut the site down in August. Ouellette says that he is relaunching Muxtape as a… Read More

  • Put your bedroom behind an iron (well, steel) curtain

    This hardcore room separator is one step away from being really, really geeky. As it is, a stainless steel curtain is already a little weird, but it’s still missing that certain je nerd sais quois. I know: what would you say to a curtain of PCBs? With Pac-Man and the ghosts carved out of it! How fun does that sound? And these days they come in many colors as well. Mine is a lovely… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 9-inch Eee PC 900 for $329 (Linux)

    Gather ‘round, kids. Gather ‘round. Amazon’s got the 9-inch Asus Eee PC 900 for $329.99. Get it while it’s hot. This is the 16GB solid-state drive version, which has an 8.9-inch display, Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, 4-cell battery, and Linux. The price reflects a $20 instant discount, which is good until the end of October. Also, that price is only good for the Pearl… Read More

  • Teach your fish tricks, make friends

    If you’ve got a dog, showing off any tricks they might know is an easy way to break that “Er, so, this is my house.” awkwardness that tends to bubble up the first time new guests come over. Now, imagine that instead of a dog, it’s a fish. Your new friends would smile and clap and, chances are, give you $20 dollars. Unfortunately, training fish to do crazy tricks is… Read More

  • Motorola Q9h Silver packs more punch than previously expected

    As it turns out, that shiny new chrome and silver Q9h we wrote about back in August brings more to the table than just a new paint job. At AT&T’s request, the Q9h Global Silver has gained support for push over-the-air firmware updates, allowing deeply rooted system elements to be patched with very little effort from the end-user. Motorola has also added a handful of other features… Read More

  • Draganflyer: your personal six-rotor UAV

    While I personally am a fan of micro-dirigibles as opposed to the (IMHO) wasteful helicopter-type UAVs, this is certainly an awesome version of the latter. Its multi-rotor setup enables some serious agility, as you can see in the videos. If you’re filming, you might need some serious image stabilization, although it’s easily good enough for recon or aerial photography. There… Read More

  • *Rumor Alert* Live MacBook Pro pic *Rumor Alert*

    All right, another day and another MacBook Pro rumor. This one comes via a French website and from what we can tell, the alleged MacBook Pro is getting some styling tips from the Air with curved corners along with Apples newer front lock. The key feature, at least according to this pic and translated text, is a touchscreen with a live, direct access to the Dock. From a design aspect, it… Read More

  • Review: Scott Jordan Signature System

    I’m a big fan of ScotteVest stuff. Maybe that makes me a nerd, but it’s nice to have hundreds and hundreds of pockets – actually about 24 in each part of the “Signature System” – where I can stash all my phones and cameras. The system consists of the Fleece 5.0 and the Quantum jacket. While you can put them on together, to do so would cause a shift in… Read More

  • SanDisk announces 16GB microSDHC and M2 memory cards

    You hear that rumble? That’s the purring of hundreds of thousands of handsets around the country, aching to gobble up one of the 16GB microSDHC and M2 cards just announced by SanDisk this morning. This announcement lifts the bar from the previous 8GB limit, allowing handsets which rely on microSDHC/M2 as their primary user memory to go gig-for-gig with handsets carrying 16GB internally… Read More

  • Eco Media Player Revolution hand-cranked MP3 player

    Sick of batteries and the burden that batteries carry? Me too, man. Me too. Here’s a hand-cranked MP3 player called the Eco Media Player Revolution. It’s the successor to the original hand-cranked Eco Media Player. This new one handles music and movie files in AAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, MP4, and WMV formats and features 4GB of storage. There’s also an FM radio, photo album… Read More

  • Dish Network upgrades the DTVPal DTV tuner with a Plus

    The acclaimed DTVPal has gotten a slight upgrade with a stronger digital tuner – a $10 higher price. So for $69, or $29.99 after your DTV coupon, you can tune in crystal clear digital stations with just an antenna with the DTVPal Plus. You see what they did there? They add a ‘Plus’ on the end so you know that it’s upgraded.  DTVPal via Twice Read More

  • Amazon showing new Panasonic Blu-ray players $100 under MSRP

    Panasonic finally came clean and announced the MSRP of its upcoming Blu-ray players, the DMP-BD35 ($399) and DMP-BD55 ($499), and now Amazon is accepting pre-orders for $100 under the MSRP. No telling if this is just one of those wacky Amazon typos, ’cause if this price sticks ’round, the BD35K will be one of the cheapest Profile 2.0 Blu-ray players on the market, with the BD55… Read More

  • Review: WickedLasers Elite series lasers plus a giveaway

    Giving a man of any age a powerful laser is like giving a bear an AK-47: it’s in his very nature to point it at things and look menacing. Thankfully, the bear is rarely able to do any damage – no trigger finger – but the man, be he 16 or 65 or 33, will definitely aim it at something that will inevitably reflect the laser back into his own eyes, rendering him temporarily blind… Read More

  • Rockbox open-source MP3 player firmware hits 3.0

    For those of you who don’t care for the stock interface or firmware on your digital music player, there’s the Rockbox firmware, which works on many Archos, iRiver, iPod, iAudio, Gigabeat, and Sansa devices. The firmware features extended codec support (OGG, Flac, etc.) plus enhanced audio magic, MPEG video support, tagging, plug-ins, playlist creation, games, and more (see the… Read More

  • Ponoko's Photomake Brings Your Doodled Designs To Life

    Ponoko, the site that lets you build (and sell) products from homegrown design schematics, is about to make its service even more accessible. Under a new program called Photomake, you’ll now be able to produce tangible objects from doodles on a piece of paper – just snap a photo of your masterpiece, choose a material, and Ponoko’s laser cutters will do the rest. It’s… Read More

  • Party Rats, the ultimate accessory for dancing poorly

    Every time I go to a wild and crazy rave, someone always points out the lack of rodents. They’re always like, “Man, this party is bumpin’. If only someone had thought to bring a bunch of rodents, my night would be truly remarkable.” Now, thanks to Party Rats, you can be that someone. You can make the night remarkable. At first glance, Party Rats seem simple. Read More

  • Google's End Run Around the Wireless Carriers

    In a recently published patent, Google describes a vision for an open wireless world, one in which mobile devices (and smartphones in particular) are no longer married to particular cellular service providers. When you buy a phone in the United States today, you typical have to sign a contract that prevents you from using that phone with more than one provider for a predetermined amount of time. Read More

  • RIAA wins one single trial, then it’s declared a mistrial

    Most people who get threatened by the RIAA with a lawsuit opt to settle out of court. Maybe they should go to trial instead. Jammie Thomas of Minnesota did just that. She was found guilty of sharing 24 music files over the Kazaa network and ordered to pay $222,000 – that’s $9,250 per track. The decision came from a federal jury last year and marked the one and only trial win for… Read More

  • DIY: Hardwire your iPod or MP3 player to your car's head unit

    Peeps have been rigging up iPods to their cars for ages now. Just in case you’re just coming of driving age though, here is a nice walk-through on hard-wiring your iPod, or any PMP, to your car’s OEM head-unit. Granted, there are better ways of getting you MP3’s bump’n through your 6×9’s, but you might not have the coin for those options. This one is cheap… Read More

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