• Is ThinkFree ReThinking Its Business?

    Web-based productivity apps may be where software is going, but the budding market will also see its share of casualties. One early casualty could be ThinkFree, which looks to be in turmoil. The company’s Web-based versions of Office never really gained much traction—they trail well behind Google Docs, Zoho, and others. Founder and CEO TJ Kang is on the outs with Haansoft, the… Read More

  • No love lost between the OLPC project and Intel

      A week ago, Intel announced that it was leaving the OLPC project due to various disagreements between the two groups. OLPC software and content president Walter Bender doesn’t seem too misty-eyed about it. When asked by ABC News what effect Intel’s departure would have on the program, Bender replied, “Zero. Intel had contributed nothing. They contributed nothing to… Read More

  • Inside the making of Portal

    [photopress:portallll.jpg,full,center] Lots of behind-the-scenes articles written recently. Lots meaning two. This is the second; that was the first. Part of the genuinely terrific Orange Box collection, Portal made me feel like a complete idiot when I first played though it. The vile curse words I strung together while trying to figure out the latter levels bordered on the poetic. This… Read More

  • MP3sparks.com linked to Russian cybercrime outfit

      When Allofmp3.com got shut down in July, it took little time for its replacement MP3sparks.com to fill the void. Well, MP3sparks has recently been blocked from many major ISPs in the United Kingdom thanks to its alleged links to the Russian Business Network, “a notorious group known for pumping the internet with child pornography and denial of service attacks” according to… Read More

  • El Rumor: SlingMedia working on iPhone/iPod Touch version of Sling software

    [photopress:SlingPlayer_BlackBerry_Pearl8120_Favorites.jpg,full,right] A blog I’ve never heard of, Electric pig, claims that an “extremely senior source” (they’ve fans of All the Presidents Men) at SlingMedia has promised an iPhone and iPod Touch version of the SlingBox software. If true, that would mean you’d be able to watch your at-home TV channels… Read More

  • Last Batch of Tickets On Sale For Crunchies—Get 'Em While You Can

    The Crunchies are only a week away. Voting is closed. But the last batch of 150 tickets just went on sale. The startup awards ceremony and party will be held on January 18 in San Francisco, at the Herbst Theatre at 7:30 p.m. and will be followed by a party. This event is being produced by Read/WriteWeb, Venture Beat, GigaOm and TechCrunch. In addition to the Richter Scales singing their… Read More

  • Ubuntu 'Hardy Heron' Alpha 3 released

    The next iteration of the wildly popular Ubuntu Linux operating system, Hardy Heron, has just hit Alpha 3 status if you’re keen on tinkering around with it. Has anybody tried this out yet? I’m running Gutsy Gibbon on my laptop and it’s been nothing but smooth, like rice wine and/or Swedish radio. Hardy Heron includes Xorg 7.3, the 2.6.24-3.5 (2.6.24-rc6-based) Linux… Read More

  • Facebook disables UK entrepreneur's account

    UK entrepreneur Raj Anand, founded of kwiqq, has had his Facebook account disabled after he individually emailed all his friends and members of a Facebook group he runs. Anand recently launched an independent social network for Salsa dancers in Brighton and set up a Facebook group to support it. It was this group he was contacting. As he blogs today: I have spent god knows how many hours… Read More

  • Game characters in real life

    Well this is pretty funny. Gamerhelp as built a top-ten list of game characters and their real-life counterparts. While the picture of Blanka/Carrottop is hilarious, I think this image says it all. GamerHelp Read More

  • Iona Cube: Dead simple Internet radio for under $50

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Conventional Internet radio hardware devices are about to get a kick in the expensive, cumbersome pants if Cambridge Consultants has anything to say on the matter. I got a quick peek at the pretty-much-ready-to-go Iona Cube concept at CES and I was mightily impressed. If and when this doodad finds a distributor… Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #289

    Our trip to CES lasted fewer than 24 hours. We were there to attend an electronics retailer awards ceremony produced by Monster Cable. During the ceremony, we saw Andru Edwards from GearLive.com and iPhone 1.1.3 fame. I got him to show it working in person. Unfortunately, the lighting was bad, the camera work is bad, and so our verification of what he has still leaves room for suspicion. I saw… Read More

  • On Gizmodo's douchery and blogging

    I didn’t want to weigh in on this because I know all the parties involved, I used to run Gizmodo, and I understand the impetus behind this prank. This is a nasty hack performed by punchy, hungover kids that, as we see, got the CE world’s attention. Will Gizmodo be banned? Nope. Nothing will happen, this tempest will die down, and next year someone will buy some electrical… Read More

  • Hasbro Tries To Shut Down Scrabulous

    “Is Hasbro just a stupid Potato Head? Or is this a brilliant game of Stratego?” That’s the big question Fortune’s Josh Quittner (my former boss) asks as he reports that Hasbro, the toy company that owns Scrabble, is trying to shut down Scrabulous,
    one of the most popular Facebook apps. Scrabulous lets you play an online version of Scrabble with your Facebook friends. … Read More

  • Wouldn't a single video game system be better for everyone?

    [photopress:onevideogamesystem.jpg,full,center] Should there be only one video game system? It’d make financial sense for developers and would make it easier for the consumer—”Should I get Game for the PS3 or 360?” God of War and Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe addressed this issue with a simple question: “Can anyone anyone explain to me how having one… Read More

  • 'Starry Night' bed is great for everything but sleeping

      Sleep experts say that the bedroom should be devoid of distractions like bright lights, television sets, and four 8-inch subwoofers. The Starry Night bed has all of these things. So if you’re like me and you enjoy setting aside a good 2-3 hours of TV time before you fall asleep, this bed might just be a dream come true for you. There’s a 1080p projector built into the… Read More

  • New Data Confirms Growing Influence of Internet on Politics, But Not Quite Yet the Deciding Factor

    Some new data from the Pew Research Center puts some numbers around the growing influence of the Internet on political campaigns. None of this is too surprising, but it quantifies what we already know: that the Internet is becoming more important in political campaigns, especially among younger people. Each election, teh Internet grows stronger and stronger. This data suggests that in 2008… Read More

  • Start-Up Company SoonR Receives Cisco Money

    SoonR, a 2-year-old company that provides mobile computer files access and management services, received $9.5 million in series B funding led by Cisco. Total SoonR investment has reached $15.5 million. This new infusion of money is intended to help SoonR expand its mobile platform and advance its partner-driven distribution strategy. Intel Capital and Clearstone Venture Partners also… Read More

  • Universal, Paramount prepared to drop HD DVD support

    [photopress:vhddvd.jpg,full,center] HD DVD? What’s that? Universal has ended its HD DVD exclusivity arrangement and Paramount’s HD DVD contract has an escape clause. Should Paramount exercise that clause, and there’s no reason not to at this point, Blu-ray would have thoroughly won this silly “format war.” Now we can get back to the important business of arguing… Read More

  • Color Document Scanning from scanR

    If you have used the scanR application to turn your mobile phone camera into a digital scanner, now you can do so in color. In the past all document pages sent to scanR were converted into black and white. Now if you send photos of magazines, newspapers, books or other color pages to scanR, it will convert the images into digital full-color copies. You can try the new scanR feature for free… Read More

  • Sony BMG to sell DRM-free MP3s on AmazonMP3

    [photopress:sonybmgamazon.jpg,full,center] Sony BMG will sell its music DRM-free on the AmazonMP3 store by the end of the month. This is the second move for Sony BMG in the DRM-free MP3 business. Last week, it announced that it would be selling DRM-free MP3s at retail stores (for largely the same price as CDs). More validation for that rumor, then. There’s two winners here. The first… Read More

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