• ASUS taking on the Omnia with a 5-MP WinMo handset of their own?

    Wuh-oh. Looks like the Samsung Omnia might soon have a heavy-handed challenger in the 5 MP Windows Mobile 6.1 handset arena. The specs are in no way official until ASUS gets around to makin’em so, but heres what can be gleaned from the shots: it has got a trackball in place of the Omnia’s optical sensor, a front facing camera, 3g, WiFi, Bluetooth, a solid resolution touch… Read More

  • Congrats to our Newber beta key winners!

    If you entered our drawing for a spot in the Newber beta, check your inbox! All winners have been informed by the e-mail addresses that they provided when filling out the comment form. Didn’t win? Don’t sweat it. We’ll have more opportunities for our readers to get into closed betas in the future, so you’ll have another shot at it before too long. Read More

  • HTC Touch Diamond shows up for sale on Sprint.com

    No word yet on when you’ll be able to get an HTC Touch Diamond straight off of Sprint’s retail shelves, but BGR has noticed that you can now grab’em off Sprint’s online store. While there’s a good chance they’ll hit the meatspace outlets as early as Monday, you can have yours dropped off at your front door for $249.99 after a 2-year contract, regularly $549.99. Read More

  • SNL tears into the T-Mobile Fav 5 commercial

    http://www.hulu.com/embed/0Jj6zSP684dbae0cMGbvPw Just a bit of fun for anyone checking in on an otherwise slow Sunday, straight from last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. The show itself was hit-or-miss from sketch to sketch, but this one had us rolling. Read More

  • Microsoft's Vista armor starting to fade

    HP denies that they are making an OS to rival Vista, but, they do acknowledge that they are developing software that would bypass some of its functions altogether. HP formed the “customer experience” group nine months ago in an effort to give customers a quick and easy alternative to certain applications. The team is focusing on touchscreen technology where users can watch movies… Read More

  • iPhone App Downloads to Hit 1 Billion Mark Faster Than Songs Did

    There may only be over 12 million iPhones in the wild, but that hasn’t stopped iTunes users from downloading more than twice as many apps as songs during the store’s first two months of availability, according to a report. Steve Jobs said at Apple’s press event last week that users have now downloaded over 100 million apps. Assuming it maintains the same rate of 70 million… Read More

  • Verizon BlackBerry Storm announcement coming on Sept. 15?

      Word is circling that a Verizon internal email foreshadows some “exciting news” tomorrow, September 15. Forums are abuzz that the news really is the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm announcement derived from the emailed image showing clouds and a fingerprint. We already knew that the Storm’s launch was pushed back to November-ish so a possible announcement timing does fit… Read More

  • MySpace Music Already Has Revenue Locked, May Raise Outside Capital At $2 Billion Valuation

    Get ready for MySpace Music, because you are going to be hearing a lot about it over the next couple of weeks as it prepares for launch. The new joint venture, which tosses music rights from the big labels together with the existing MySpace Music property and users, is announcing a number of launch advertising partners this afternoon, including McDonalds, Sony Pictures, State Farm and Toyota. Read More

  • LinkedIn To Launch Its Own Ad Network

    At a time when most social networks are still trying to figure out how to make money from advertising, one social network is bucking the trend. LinkedIn, the social network for business professionals, has so much demand from advertisers that it will be launching its own ad network on Monday. In conjunction with ad network Collective Media (which targets high-end media sites), LinkedIn will… Read More

  • Spore And The Great DRM Backlash

    If we can learn anything from the troubled launch of Spore, a videogame many people have been looking forward to for years, it is that binding products with digital rights management (DRM) restrictions hurts more than it helps. Spore, designed by Sims creator Will Wright, went on sale a week ago. It is expected to sell 2 million copies in September alone, and is currently the No. 3… Read More

  • Of Course You'll Keep Developing For The iPhone

    Developers like Frasier Speirs and Dave Winer are protesting Apple’s rejection of some iPhone applications, and saying they will no longer develop on the platform (let’s leave aside the fact that as far as I know Winer never developed for the iPhone in the first place). The problem is that Apple rejects the applications only after they’re built and ready to roll into the… Read More

  • Dots Gloves for using touchscreens in the cold

    It’s not cold yet, but winter is just around the corner. Plan ahead this season with Dots Gloves. Tiny little metal dots stud the fingertips of each digit, allowing finger-less contact for touchscreen devices. It’s simple. It’s smart, and they promise it won’t scratch up your iPod or iPhone. You might want to wear these in any season, if just to keep fingerprints off… Read More

  • DARPA looks to coal for energy solution

    The energy debate isn’t going away anytime soon… if ever. Two of the big topics are of course, foreign oil and global warming. We want it here, we want it cheap and we want it clean. The Air Force (as a large fuel consumer) is trying to paint coal as a solution. Read More

  • Google knows where you at

    This week Google announced Mobile Search with My Location, for devices running on Windows Mobile. By either using GPS or cell-ID, Google can tap into your location and deliver location-specific information. Previously, the system returned results based on the last location entered. The new Search with My Location feature will be able to give much more precise results. You have to specifically… Read More

  • Fujitsu Lifebook U2010 gets spec'd out – GPS comes standard

    Even though we first spied the Fujitsu UMPC back in May, it seems like just yesterday that the U2010 busted out on the sub-laptop scene. Most were impressed with the little lappie until the $1300 projected price appeared. The official release just dropped from Fujitsu and scanning over the spec sheet didn’t reveal any surprises except for the GPS integration and a FM… Read More

  • NIN latest tour a spectacle of LEDs and lasers

    from Neil Kohler on Vimeo. Wired takes on the NIN “Lights in the Sky” tour and gives us a glimpse at the systems involved. The group has always integrated special effects into their performances, but after you read this… Read More

  • Spam for breakfast

    Yesterday, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled the state’s anti-spam law unconstitutional. Good news to the ears of Jeremy Jaynes who gets a free pass. The spammer was previously convicted as the first felony spammer in the country in a 2004 trial. He had been sentenced to nine years. Ugh. It’s still morning here on the West Coast. Read More

  • 1 Million RSS Readers: Thank You, TechCrunch Readers

    Sometime last week, in the middle of the TechCrunch50 conference, we reached an awesome milestone – over 1 million average daily readers to our RSS feed. It took us just under 39 months to get to this point, a little over three years. The number of subscribers tends to bounce around a lot because it represents the number of people each day who view our feed in a RSS reader like… Read More

  • DIY: 1080p projector

    The Systm guys take on an oldie but goodie do-it-yourself project this week and complete a Lumenlab DIY Projector Kit. Workshop geeks have been making their own projectors for years, but with 1080p LCDs prices so damn low, you might want to recall those woodshop skills and build a one. While these kits do save you some scratch, the project isn’t exactly something you can build without a proper workshop&hellip… Read More

  • Microsoft's Real Problem: Facebook is the New Outlook, and Other ways that Redmond is not Listening to Generation Y

    Microsoft, for all its problems, is a great software company. Its core products, the Windows operating system and the Office productivity suite, still dominate their respective markets and, while they are continually facing more capable competition and hence have declining market share, Windows and Office remain strong product offerings. Yet, it is clear that something is rotten in the State… Read More

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