• Citizen Review: Steel Series Ikari Laser Mouse

    KG writes his Citizen Review of the Steel Series Ikari Laser Mouse, making us very proud and happy. Well it’s been about a month now since I received the SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse from the guys at CrunchGear. Between work, night classes for a masters degree, and various other things life has thrown at me I really hadn’t had much time to give the Ikari a thorough look until a… Read More

  • Cloud computing could be dangerous warns Richard Stallman

    Good old crazy Richard Stallman states the obvious when he warns that “cloud services” like Gmail are dangerous because “cloud services” like Gmail could be shut down. This bit of obvious piggy-backs on Larry Ellison’s opinion that cloud computing is “fashion-driven.” Read More

  • What if Team Fortress 2 were an old-school 8-bit game? [Awesome alert]

    Over at TIGSource they’ve been running a “Bootleg Demakes” competition that I’ve been following, in which developers are to take a modern game and “demake” it into something old-school and awesome, kind of the opposite of what developers tend to do today. Here’s one standout (and complete) entry, Gang Garrison 2 — obviously based on TF2, but… Read More

  • Rumor: Nikon MX, anyone?

    Whoever runs Nikon Rumors thinks the above image (on the left) is that of the mysterious Nikon MX, but it’s kind of hard to tell by the image size. He/she/it goes on to say that it came from a reliable source. Read More

  • Vudu outs a travel kit

    Just in case you have the need to travel with your movie-streaming Vudu box, there is a travel kit now available. It includes everything you need including an extra antenna, power supply, HDMI cable, and composite cable. That way all you need to do is throw your box and remote into this $69 kit and hit the road, Jack. Read More

  • Microsoft focusing on the fringe of digital photography

    By “fringe” I don’t mean like photos of ghosts and strange matter, but on the non-traditional aspects of it — everything but the basic photographic image, basically. Microsoft is conspicuous for its absence in the field of photo editing and organization; it has no presence in the Aperture/Lightroom pro RAW management field. But if you ask them, they’re not… Read More

  • Pics of new, raw DS screens?

    Another report from a Japanese source shows, well, a pair of screens. What matters is that these screens seem to be about DS-sized, and after this weekend’s “new DS” rumor and Nintendo’s non-refutation, there’s a good chance that these may actually be the real thing. Notice that the bottom screen has a different type of ribbon coming out of it. So, to… Read More

  • Howard Stern slotted to make XM debut tomorrow: Still on channel 100

    If we’re to believe the latest XM Signal Guide (a weekly newsletter it uses to promote all sorts of XM-related fun), XM listeners may well be able to hear Howard Stern as early as tomorrow. The recently merged company, actually known now as XM Sirius Radio, has The Howard Stern Shows listed on its Channel 100 Web site, as this pic shows. Now, whether or not that’s merely the work… Read More

  • Sony drops the price of the BDP-350 Blu-ray player to $299

    The title says it all. The now-BD Live capable BDP-350 Blu-ray player is finally cheaper than a PS3 at $299. So with Panasonic’s latest generation going for $299 and this one with the same price, it should make for a gloriously high definition Christmas for some this year.  Sony via Giz Read More

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