• Make Your Own iPhone (does not actually function)

    Make Your Own iPhone (does not actually function)

    A reader sent in the image below to “make your own iPhone.” Just print, cut & fold. Note, however: this does not actually function (heh). If anyone has attribution for this, please let me know because I do not know who created it. Similar product is here. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Soft Drink Pirate Edition

    Daily Crunch: Soft Drink Pirate Edition

    Programming Rocks! Release Your Inner Johnny Quest With The Hover Scooter We’re All Pirates Soda Club Home Carbonator You’re My Fave! Contest Read More

  • Do The Smug Thing

    Do The Smug Thing

    I took a look at new startup DoTheRightThing this evening. This is a Digg-like site where people submit stories about companies acting in ways that can be considered “good” or “bad.” Other users then vote on the goodness or badness of those actions, add comments, etc. An overall “goodness” score, ranging from “severe” on the negative end to… Read More

  • Athena Gets Priced And Grows A Cup Size

    T-Mo has confirmed shipment of the Athena or Ameo as it’s being dubbed to the UK and Germany. The Deutschland can get theirs for 500 Euro in March. No word on price or release date in the UK but expect price and shipment to be around the same for the Brits. Where does that leave us? Rumor has it we’ll be seeing it stateside with Cingular and not T-mo! WTF?! According to some sources in… Read More

  • Soda Club Home Carbonator

    Soda Club Home Carbonator

    I have to admit I’ve never really seen anything like this home soda maker. Rather than simply buying soft drinks at the grocery, the machine carbonates water that you then add flavoring to to create your own soda. To use the device, you just fill a 2-liter bottle with water, attach it to the the carbonator and then press the button repeatedly until the system makes a weird noise to alert you… Read More

  • Movoxx Launches Mobile Print Coupons

    Movoxx Launches Mobile Print Coupons

    Founders Alec Andronikov and Derek Merrill of Free411 competitor InFreeDA have launched a new mobile coupon startup MoVoxx after selling off their free 411 service to AT&T. The service lets you move print coupons on to your mobile phone by dialing into an 800 number listed with the print version, or subscribe to weekly SMS updates of coupons that interest you for free. Coupons are just text… Read More

  • Shuttle Releases SDXi Barebones-style

    specially designed for the case. I saw the case up close and personal-like at CES and it’s really quite nice. Very realistic looking flames. Anyway, at the time I asked if they’d considered selling it as a barebones unit along with all the other models they sell. They said no, which means either they didn’t know at the time they would be selling it, they were lying to me or I… Read More

  • You’re My Fave! Contest

    You’re My Fave! Contest

    Nice showing so far kids. We’ve had quite a few entries since we launched the “You’re My Fave!” contest yesterday morning. So I wanted to take a minute to give an update and reminder about the contest. To enter, all you have to do is head over to Technorati, log in or create an account (make a fake one for all we care), favorite us and take a screenshot. Send the screenshot… Read More

  • Midomi Names That Tune, But Not For Me

    New startup Midomi, a voice-based music search engine with a social network bolted on, launched earlier today. If you have a microphone connected to your computer, just sing or hum a few seconds of any song. In theory, Midomi will return a link to the original song for partial playback or purchase, and will also return results from other users who’ve recorded themselves singing that song. Read More

  • The PlayStation 3 Is The Best Console Ever

    The PlayStation 3 Is The Best Console Ever

    Let’s face it. You know Sony kicks ass. You totally had a wet dream back in the 1990s when you saw the PlayStation and when PS2 fever hit, you bum-rushed Target hoping to get one. So why so much hatred for the PS3? Because you’ve been spoiled. To be quite frank, you need a time out. The previous PlayStation models fit well within your budget and had great launch titles to boot. Now the… Read More

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  • Google Tops Global Branding List

    To the left, you’ll see Google’s logo. You’ve seen it before a kajillion times, and know what it is without actually having to read the word “google”. That’s because it’s the number one brand in the world, according to Brand Channel, who interviewed thousands of branding students and professionals and published its report today. Second place goes to Apple… Read More

  • Pedal Power To The People, Mobiles

    I’m far to lazy to ever get any use out of such equipment, but some of you might not be. Motorola’s pedal charger is exactly what it sounds like: a phone charger powered by your bike. As you careen and galavant around town on your Schwinn your mobile gets juiced. A great idea for bike messengers, bike cops, or Critical Mass hippies. No pricing yet, but we’re not totally convinced… Read More

  • RadioShack Schools You In HDTV

    Tired of explaining to your friends and family about how they can watch “the big game” in high definition on their new HDTV? My advice is to ignore their questions and send them a link to this video HDTV explainer from Terry Schussler, a RadioShack store manager in California. It’s also a bit of an advertisement for Monster Cables (which you can find at your local RadioShack! Read More

  • Proporta Releases Splash Proof Sports Kit For The iPod Nano

    Proporta Releases Splash Proof Sports Kit For The iPod Nano

    If you’re a total klutz like yours truly, then you know the importance of a good case for your personal electronics. Proporta has just released its new Splash Proof Sports Kit for the iPod Nano 2G. Ready to take a beating, it comes equipped with dual skin silicone casing, a protective clear screen, adjustable armband, a lanyard, and a belt clip in case you need to look like you’re 43. Read More

  • Starbucks Aims At iPods

    If a cup of coffee costs $4 at a Starbucks, how much do you suppose they’re going to charge for MP3s? We’ll find out in the next 12 to 18 months if, as Howard Schultz has hinted, the pricey coffee chain does indeed start testing in-store MP3 downloads. “Within 12 months, probably, you’re going to be able to walk into a Starbucks and digitally be able to fill up your MP3… Read More

  • Time Warner Is Fresh Outta HD DVRs

    Time Warner Is Fresh Outta HD DVRs

    As Biggs mentioned in his Wii rant/post, TiVo is sucking because there’s a high demand for DVRs that come directly from the cable provider. In fact, demand has been so high, that Time Warner Cable can’t keep up with the demand and are fresh out of HD DVR boxes. Those of you bugging out about the Super Bowl can breathe a sigh of relief though. Time Warner says it has plenty of regular… Read More

  • Motorola Q Poses with Q Pro

    We’re learning that the forthcoming Q Pro from Motorola is much like Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, a little thick, and a lot sexy. The standard Q, on the other hand, is like Lohan, slender and enticing at first, but then you learn it has no real substance, and find that pawn shops won’t buy her DVDs, and then you’re stuck with them. Here we see the Pro next to the Q for the… Read More

  • We're All Pirates

    We're All Pirates

    A study of 2,600 Americans — not a representative sample, I suspect — discovered that a full 18 percent of them pirate movies. What does this mean? It means, by extrapolation, that there are 25 million filthy, horrible downloaders out there. Of that grouping, only a miniscule number used download services like CinemaNow or Amazon Unbox while 80 percent used peer-to-peer piracy tools… Read More

  • Release Your Inner Johnny Quest With The Hover Scooter

    Release Your Inner Johnny Quest With The Hover Scooter

    If your parents died and left you their business or you got set up with a fat trust fund and you’re still in your teens, take note! This is a post for something you might be able to afford! The Levitating Hover Scooter is a personal hovercraft vehicle that comes with a big metal bar to hang onto. You’ll need it too – the Hover Scooter can reach speeds up to 15mph thanks a… Read More

  • Programming Rocks!

    Feeling nostalgic for the simpler days of programming? Well apparently Kim Moser is. Moser has amassed a large collection of Commodore PET and Commodore 64 programs, which he’s dutifully transferring into video clips for YouTube-ians everywhere to take a gander. This, for example, was a program created to scare small children into thinking pumpkins can sing. No, I kid. It’s actually… Read More