• New Nanos in the Wild

    9to5Mac has some hot pictures of the new widescreen Nano that Apple may or may not be launching ever. Real? Fake? Who knows. We trade in rumor, here, and exchange rate is our sanity. Nano Spy Pics [9to5mac] Read More

  • Sharp Unveils Lightest, Thinnest LCD TV

    Unveiled earlier today in Japan was the world’s thinnest and lightest LCD TV from Sharp. That’s all well and good, but the prototype 20mm thick 52-inch LCD won’t go into production until 2010. The specs are rather impressive, though. The prototype boasts a contrast ratio of 100,000 to 1 and weighs just over 55-pounds. Me thinks I’ll be waiting for those fancy OLED… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel Raises Messaging Rate, Does Not Allow Customers to Fly Free, Free As the Wind Blows

    Sprint Nextel just raised their messaging rates to 20 cents per casual SMS and, in a particularly sneaky move, modified their terms of service to ensure that customers couldn’t slip out of their contracts after the change. Read More

  • Jhannet Sejas Pleads Guilty To Unlawful Recording Charges

    Does everyone remember Jhannet Sejas? She was the teen who was arrested for ‘pirating’ 20 seconds of Transformers last month with her Canon PowerShot digital camera in a Virginia theater on her birthday. I think that most of you will agree that this is a ridiculous case altogether, but the MPAA had to make an example out of someone, so why not Jhannet? If she tried to fight the… Read More

  • Dell Failing in Consumer Satisfaction Sez WSJ

    I’d love to give you more information on this story, but the Wall Street Journal is still rocking the “walled garden” approach to newsgathering so we’ll paraphrase and link to a blog that deserves linkage. Read More

  • iPhone Firmware Update Released: Your Hacks are Safe

    Apparently all of the iPhone hackers can now rejoice because the current update didn’t brick their hardware. Release 1.02 includes only “bug fixes” which is code for “embedding tracking bits into every piece of software so Steve and his robot army and destroy those who know how to work the iPhone tool chain.” Look for mass death and destruction by the time update… Read More

  • Oh Noes! Apple Keyboards Malfunctioning

    If Vince wasn’t in Orlando defiling a Magic Kingdom Princess then I could ask him if he’s been experiencing any problems with his new Apple keyboard, but alas he is not, so we’ll look elsewhere for answers. It seems as though a fair amount of folks are experiencing issues with the F3 and F4 function keys. The Expose and Dashboard functions don’t seem to work although a… Read More

  • Former Dark Continent Brightens with Mobile Internet

    Many people who live in Africa don’t have personal computers but do have mobile phones. Mobile phone providers are fulfilling the thirst for knowledge and connectivity the internet provides. The company Celtel-Sierra Leone has unveiled plans to offer internet access and downloads to an inquisitive nation. In case you’ve forgotten, Sierra Leone is a small country on… Read More

  • DIY Ring Flash Diffuser: The Cheap Creative Rascal Way

    I’ve been going batshit crazy with my DSLR the last few months and I’m one of those weird dudes who likes to take macro shots. I don’t know why, but I like taking close up pictures of things because I think it looks cool. I especially like bugs and just about anything in the great outdoors. The only problem is I don’t have a fancy flash, so every shot that needs a bit… Read More

  • Nicholas Deleon, Live From Japan For Some Reason

    The last RAZR in Japan. Act now! Buenos días, readers. For reasons I can’t get into just quite yet, I’m currently in Tokyo which, it turns out, is unmercifully far from New York. While I’m here, I’ll be on the lookout for all the high-tech gems that I’ve read and written about over the years. The funny thing about Japan is that the people here love fish. Read More

  • Verizon's Motorola Q 9m: First Look

    They’re doing it again. After years of disappointing phones, I can honestly say that I’m excited about the Moto Q 9m. This phone, aimed at the youth market, is primarily a music phone and takes advantage of Verizon’s V Cast music service (*cough $1.99 for tracks cough* WTF? *ahem*) in a package that is far removed from the original Q. Read More

  • LG Viewty, Ain't She A Beauty?

    I know you’re sick of us telling you about stuff that may not make it to the US, but we, at the Gear, are keeping our fingers crossed on this one. The KU990 first emerged on the Net a couple months ago and the specs haven’t changed much at all, but a few other details have emerged and the Viewty will include 170MB of internal storage and a microSD slot. The 5.1-megapixel camera… Read More

  • Logitech Announces G51 Gaming Surround Speakers, More Lifelike Frags

    Another day, another very decent 5.1 gaming-centric PC surround system. I had a chance to play a FPS with these suckers at a Logitech briefing a few months back, and for a minute I thought the back of my skull had been pierced. Full specs and press release after the jump. And they ship in October for about $200. Read More

  • Playstation Eye Shipping With Eye Of Judgement

    I have no idea wtf Eye Of Judgement is because I never played Dungeons and Dragons or Pokemon. In fact, I made fun of those kids in HS. I still think the game is bit too dorky for me, but the fact that you get a Playstation Eye when you a purchase a copy is rather exciting and tempting. There isn’t much use for the Eye at this point, but you can geek out with the rest of the trench… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA Goes Social

    If you’re the sort of mobile user who has Virgin Mobile service then you’re probably the type who likes to show off your individuality. You run with a different pack, and you can’t even be bothered with the whole iPhone thing. At least that’s what the Virgin Mobile ad campaign had to say earlier this summer. Virgin Mobile USA users can now share their feelings with… Read More

  • Mobile Shop with mShopper

    Shopping from your mobile phone now got a little easier with mShopper’s release of a new platform for mobile phones. All aspects of shopping online are now available to bargain hunters with a mobile phone. Users can make secure purchases in seconds. But as every good shopper knows, there is more to shopping than just buying. Research into price and quality has to be utilized before… Read More

  • How Grey Is Your Valley: Making Money From Open Source

    Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg has spoken out against a number of open source projects for profiteering from their code. The two examples Mullenweg cites are the open source forum platform Vanilla, which recently started including links in their code as a means to cover server and administration costs, and Pligg, which is currently on the market. The post from Mullenweg follows an… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Senior Center Edition

    Poppet: Not A Small Child From the Victorian Era, Is Actually Useful
    Smile Or Your Sony Camera Won’t Work
    Happy Neuron Keeps The Noggin Free Of Cobwebs
    Probo: ‘The Intelligent, Autonomous Huggy Robot’
    CrunchGear One Year Bash Recap Read More

  • Microsoft Announces New Hardcore Gaming Mouse

    Microsoft’s new SideWinder gaming mouse is not for the faint of heart. It’s got on-the-fly DPI switching, its own LCD display (on the mouse itself), a cable anchor, quick launch Vista gaming button plus 5 other programmable buttons, 2000 dpi resolution, 7080 frames per second image processing, three different sets of mouse feet to suit your preference, a metal scroll… Read More

  • Google Earth Heads For The Stars

    Google has launched Sky for Google Earth, new functionality that adds imagery of the stars to Google Earth’s already extensive imagery of our planet. According to Google, the new functionality allows users to “explore the universe from the comfort of your chair.” Users can zoom in on galaxies hundreds of millions of light years away, explore the constellations and even witness… Read More

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