• More Cloverfield for Cloverfield lovers

    [photopress:slushoRar_T.jpg,full,center] I have yet to see Cloverfield. I’m a huge JJ fan, I’m watching LOST tonight, but I was out of the country when the stuff went down, so I’m not clicking the link below. But if you want the backstory, and are really into being a geek, be my guest. Cloverfield’s Secret Japanese Origin [io9] Read More

  • This Week's Plaxo Merger Rumor: Google

    In the words of one Silicon Valley insider that I spoke with today, “Plaxo has been desperately, desperately, desperately trying to sell” for quite some time. Late last year they got serious and hired an investment bank, Revolution Partners, to help move things along. The rumor mill really got going when Revolution Partners started making their calls and sending out the… Read More

  • Shock: BestBuy will sell DTV converter boxes this month

    Flickr’d Y’all probably already know about the switch to all-digital TV next year, but for every one of you who do, how many don’t? 1? 2? 3?! Only God knows. But BestBuy knows something, too. Plenty of folks will be freaking out over the next few months trying to “fix” their TVs in time. The electronics chain is all too pleased… Read More

  • What is Buzz My Goat?

    [photopress:goatbuzz.jpg,full,center] I’m holding off judgement on Buzz My Goat. Sure it’s a silly name, but you’ll remember it. The site’s basic premise is that it’s a way to send your friends video greeting cards. And it’s not free: most cost between $2 and $3 to send. Why anyone would pay for this when YouTube and many others are free, I do not… Read More

  • Reed Hundt Invests in Facebook Ad-Platform Lookery

    It’s not a lot of money, but Lookery’s $900,000 seed round includes Reed Hundt, Charles River Ventures, and HT Ventures. That’s right, Reed Hundt. The former chairman of the FCC. He thinks there’s gold in Facebook ads, apparently, even though Lookery is a distant fourth compared to other social ad startups Slide, RockYou, and SocialMedia. Maybe even fifth, if… Read More

  • Gigabeat V81 gets upgrades; Why can't we have 1Seg here?

    [photopress:Toshiba_gigabeat_V81_1.jpg,full,center] Toshiba’s Gigabeat was the foundation of the first Zune. Microsoft picked Toshiba’s offering because they’re solid PMPs, and in Japan they’re quite popular. Our Japanese readers will be happy to hear that the V series is getting upgraded hotness, the V81. Gone is the paltry 4GB storage, doubled to 8GB. It will also… Read More

  • New Iron Man trailer

    In case you weren’t watching the Super Bowl. Read More

  • DOJ Launches Anti-Trust Probe Over Total Music

    The US Department of Justice has launched an anti-trust probe into Total Music, the proposed music service from Universal and Sony BMG. As we wrote in October 2007, Total Music would offer free music to end users by charging device manufactures or ISPs. The earlier figures mentioned $90 per device for access to Total Music, based on $5 per month over 18 months. According to The Register… Read More

  • Amazon Quietly Launches Product Ads; Secretly Wants to Become a Shopping Search Engine.

    Sometimes I think that Amazon secretly wants to get out of the physical retailing business. It gets much higher margins from selling digital goods, or from collecting an affiliate fee from any sales it directs to an third-party Amazon Merchant. Any time it can avoid shipping something, it makes more money (proportionately) than if it sold you the item itself. Now Amazon is making a move in… Read More

  • Assassin's Creed Nintendo DS gameplay demo

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=30335 I like AC as much as the next guy, but I’m not so sure I’d want to play it on my DS. It looks better than I expected, but it’s not really doing it for me. Yay or nay? Read More

  • Seamour Sheep: Um, a USB sheep lamp. Right.

    [photopress:seamours.jpg,full,center] As far as hardware goes, I enjoy writing about light-hearted nonsense perhaps more than anything else. Look at Seamour Sheep. Firstly, its name is the type of name you’d give a horse racing for the Triple Crown—great, in other words. It’s just a USB-powered lamp so don’t expect any miracles, but do expect to gain instant street cred… Read More

  • Guitar Rising: Like Guitar Hero but for real guitars

    http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/x3sdgg Guitar Rising will do for your real guitar playing skills what Guitar Hero and Rock Band did for your fake guitar playing skills. It’s a game/lesson teacher (“lesson teacher” sounds vaguely sadomasochistic) that uses electric guitars—everything from MyFirstElectricGuitar to the double necked Gibson Jimmy Page used—instead of… Read More

  • Google, Microsoft, Verisign and IBM join OpenID

    Confirming my TechCrunch UK story in early January, Microsoft, Verisign, Google and IBM (I just missed out Microsoft) have all now formally announced they will be joining the OpenID foundation, taking seats as the organisation’s first corporate board members. The Foundation, formed 18 months ago, says it “will not dictate the technical direction of OpenID; instead it will help… Read More

  • Record yourself rear-ending someone

    Pull your head out of the gutter, perv. I don’t know how necessary this is, but if you have $450 lying around and you want to record everything that goes in front of your car while you’re driving then I have the perfect thing for you. No. Wait. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see why anyone would want this. A rear view mirror with a 2.5-inch LCD that records what’s… Read More

  • Apple Patent Suggests A Way to Bring Widgets and Chat to TV

    An Apple TV patent filing lays out how widgets could play a role in the way we watch TV. The filing is an update to an older one from 2006. In it, Apple describes how widgets could appear on-screen while people are watching an Apple TV. the widgets could provide live sport scores, news feeds, or chat functionality to talk to other viewers or friends elsewhere. Really, any widget you have… Read More

  • Rainbow Six Vegas PS3 Casemod: Tactical Pandora Diorama Theory

    If you’re really into miniatures, and want your PS3 to double as a board for your figure-based strategy game (I know Warhammer 40,000: Vegas is coming out soon), this sort of thing is plainly for you. A lot of work has gone into this completely impractical conversion, which was made for an Ubisoft promotion. I’m more a fan of modding your case into a something, well, awesome… Read More

  • Wi-Fi detector for serious Wi-Fi detection enthusiasts

    If your budget for wireless network detection tools is up to and including $60, then I think I can safely say that Wi-Fi Networking News would recommend you buy the Canary Wireless Digital Hotspotter Model HS-20. It’ll be available in about a week and includes 802.11n network detection, the speeds of various available networks, network names, types of encryption, network channels, and more. Read More

  • Verizon's Q1 handsets get outed

    Verizon is looking to refresh the line up sometime this month or next month. Of the possible candidates we can be sure to see the white Touch from HTC and the U940 from Samsung. You remember that one, right? We told you it’d be coming. Motorola will also be offering a couple new handsets with the W755, and V750. Verizon’s rumored 2008 phone introductions [Gadgetell] Read More

  • Samsung bringing 3D plasmas to market next month

    As usual, Samsung will be the first to bring a 3D plasma HDTV to the US market next month in 42- and 50-inch versions. Most of us at CG have seen a demo of this within the last six months and it’s safe to say how darn cool it is. If and when you decide to purchase one you get the appropriate software and 3D glasses. Don’t fret because you can still watch your 2D moving pictures… Read More

  • BlackBerry 8820 coming to T-Mobile?

    BGR is at it again with reports that T-Mobile will be getting the BlackBerry 8820 on the 5th of March. Looks like I’ll be upgrading from the Curve since I have to have Wi-Fi and GPS. I can do without the camera and I like the keyboard a little better. Keep your fingers crossed, crackberry addicts. BlackBerry 8820 headed to T-Mobile on March 5th? [BGR] Read More

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