• Man carves wood into geek art

    Like art? Like wood? Oh, boy, are you in for a treat. Michael Rae, sculptor, bases his art in geek culture, which is why you see this gigantic gun that could well be out of Doom. It’s called the Lysistrata, which is Greek for “big wooden gun made by Michael Rae.” Wired has more pictures of this guy’s work, all of which look pretty cool. It’s safe to say… Read More

  • MPAA trying to eliminate analog hole

    If the MPAA had its way, your DVR would be nothing more than a hunk of useless metal and plastic, unable to record and pause live television. Steps are being taken to ensure that it gets its way. The fun-loving association is pushing hard for a technology called selectable output control, or SOC, which allows content providers—movie studios and the like—to prevent material from… Read More

  • What's the quicker texting method: T9 or QWERTY?

    Some people, like Peter Ha, text like it’s their job. It’s those people that The Symbian Blog are targeting with this interesting text messaging shootout, which pits the Nokia E71 and E90, both QWERTY-based, against the Nokia N95, which is T9-based. This is edge-of-your-seat stuff, to be sure. Since the edge of my seat isn’t exactly comfortable, I’ll just cut right to… Read More

  • Time Warner Ready To Unload AOL In Pieces. But At What Price?

    Time Warner is moving forward with its plans to sell off AOL in pieces, and is finally ready to formally separate the AOL portal and advertising business from its legacy dial-up access business. But how much can it hope to get for these parts? When Google invested $1 billion in AOL a few years ago for a 5 percent stake, that valued AOL at $20 billion (which some people thought was an… Read More

  • Social.FM in the Deadpool

    Social.FM, the three year old startup which helped users discover music through their social network in a similar manner to Last.fm, has confirmed it is shutting down. GigaOm carried a tip-off to that effect, now the site is carrying the following message: To our Valued Customers, We regret to inform you and apologize for this inconvenience, but Social.FM will be shutting down the system on… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Residents Edition

    Enormous eyeball lamps modeled after your very own peepers
    Automatic door for dogs, training not provided
    Cut air-conditioning costs with this heat-blocking paint
    Haw haw: Static-charged balloon foils security camera
    Video: Water-based touch interface for soothing bubble display Read More

  • Foxconn Building 800,000 iPhones A Week

    Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics giant that produces the iPhone 3G for Apple, has ramped up production to 800,000 units per week, says a source close to Apple with direct knowledge of the numbers. This is “above current full capacity” and there may be some concerns with quality control. Apple sold just 6 million of its first generation iPhones. Foxconn factories will be able to… Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve Sunset launching today

    Rumor had it that the Blackberry Curve Sunset would be hitting the shelves on August 4th – sure enough, the official confirmation just came down the pipes. Besides the paint job and fancy new sub-name, it’s still the same old Curve we know and love. Same 2 megapixel shooter, stereo bluetooth, with support for T-Mobile Hotspot Calling and up to 4 gigs of microSD. If you’ve… Read More

  • T-Mo drops the Curve in "Sunset"

    To you and me, this is red. To T-Mobile this is “sunset.” Regardless, everyone’s favorite BlackBerry and the one I recommend the most when folks ask me which BB to get is now in bright, shiny red. Standard goodies: HotSpot@Home, Wi-Fi, 2 megapixel camera, redness. $149 with two year contract. Read More

  • Review: IPEVO ST4RT VoIP handset

    The promise of VoIP has a tendency to sometimes fall short when it comes to simplicity. After all, a VoIP solution is supposed to replace the standard landline telephone — one of the simplest communication devices of all time. Ever seen an old person work a landline? They rock those things, no sweat. IPEVO’s ST4RT (pronounced “Start”) attempts to blend the simplicity of… Read More

  • Dreamworks' Monsters Vs. Aliens trailer sneaks online, stars CrunchGear mascot

    http://www.traileraddict.com/emb/5821 Almost a week after ComicCon, trailers revealed during the panels continue to leak online. The above is the trailer for Dreamworks’ upcoming flick, Monsters Vs. Aliens. Contrary to what the last part of the title implies, the movie appears to lack Sigourney Weaver and/or chest-bursting creatures. That aside, consider me impressed – the… Read More

  • Third SpaceX attempt fails; Scotty just can’t get beamed up

    Last night the Falcon 1 two stage rocket by private company SpaceX failed 2 minutes after launch. The “picture perfect” stage 1 launch was followed by an anomaly that kept the two stages from separating. The rocket fell into the Pacific Ocean. Three satellites were on board, NASA had two: a small automated laboratory, and a solar sail experiment. The third was from Celestis, Inc. Read More

  • WANT: Portable SNES

    That’s a SNES you’re looking at up there. The portablized version is detailed over at benheck.com forums. Lots of photos from every angle show the creation in all its glory. Nicely done. Power is provided by internal lithium batteries, (two 3.7v 4250 mAh tied in series) which take 2.5 hours to charge. Shoulder buttons got mapped to the back as triggers. AV and headphone jacks… Read More

  • CellSpin adds iPhone support

    Constantly jacked in, but drowning under the weight of a million social sites? CellSpin can help. Whether it’s text, photos, or video, CellSpin lets you simultaneously post multimedia content to a chunk of the internet’s favorite websites. CellSpin’s gone and added the iPhone to their hefty list of supported handsets, giving iPhone/iPod Touch users yet another way to get… Read More

  • Rid your iPhone/speaker set-up of the GSM buzz blues

    Nothing kills a freeway Pandora jam session faster than the freaky-deaky alien speak that is GSM interference washing out your tunes. Once the pulsing of a GSM phone’s RF transmitter finds its way to a poorly shielded speaker, all hope of actually enjoying the music is lost. If you’re only using the iPod functionality of your iPhone, switching the phone into airplane mode is… Read More

  • SoundPad speakers sound like… well, anything

    Since I just wrote up a post about some insanely expensive speakers, I thought it only fair to visit the other end of the sound (and wallet) spectrum.

    SonicImpact SoundPads turn any (well, most) surfaces into a speaker itself. The little 4.2” speaker (parts) turn any “thin-walled high-transmission surface into permanent stereo speakers”. Just stick ‘em, plug ‘em… Read More

  • Klipsch Palladium speakers sound expensive

    Have a need for the best, and only the best? Need to upgrade your stereo speakers? Got $20,000? Of course you do, and Klipsch has the speakers for you. Klipsch has come up with a whole bunch of reasons why you should buy the Palladium P-39F floorstanding speakers. For your money you get a horn-loaded tweeter assembly, a sophisticated inverted dome midrange and three high-output woofers. Read More

  • Microsoft concerned with Apple's recent success: How to counter?

    Apple’s success with the iPod, iPhone and Mac is finally starting to worry Microsoft, according to the company’s recently filed 10-K form with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. (10-K forms summarize a publicly traded corporation’s performance, as required by the SEC.) In the filing, Microsoft says the following about a certain vertically integrated rival: A… Read More

  • Aluminum skateboards from Corbusboards

    Corbusboards has created some unique skateboards fabricated out of aluminum. Corbus is calling them prototypes, but the Fishbone and Seahorse models are available to purchase. The company isn’t kidding themselves; they know these aren’t trick boards. Made for cruising, the design is a cross between a long-board and a short-board. Corbus does have plans to produce upcoming models… Read More

  • This week on MobileCrunch

    The most popular MobileCrunch stories from 7/27/08 – 8/2/08: US lawmakers permaban cell phones in flight iPhone 3G has a crack problem T-Mobile launching 3G in 27 markets on October 1st Carmack on iPhone: “More powerful than Nintendo DS, PSP combined T-mobile lets your parents control your phone Read More

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