• As Tonight's Deadline For Scrabulous Shutdown (Or Sale) Looms, Zynga Might Be Next.

    The saga of Scrabulous is nearing an end. The Facebook version of Scrabble raised the ire of Hasbro and Mattel, which jointly own the rights to the game abroad and in the U.S., respectively. They have already asked Facebook to pull Scrabulous, one of the most popular apps on the social networking site. So why is Scrabulous still up on Facebook? A flurry of behind the scenes deal-making has… Read More

  • HTC’s Touch Handset Family Reaches 2 Million Mark

    HTC’s Smart handset family of products, which is billed as a rival to Apple’s iPhone, sold 2 million units last year. The company sold nearly 12 million handsets overall last year, roughly a 12% increase over 2006 sales. Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced last week that his company sold more than 4 million iPhones since its launch. The HTC Touch uses Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 software… Read More

  • Travel Organizer Tripit Goes Social

    Travel organization service Tripit, a TechCrunch 40 finalist that was recently named by Michael as one of the companies he couldn’t live with out, is getting more social with new location-based social ”Closeness” alerts. “Who’s Close To Me?” automatically notifies users if their travel plans overlap with fellow travelers while on the road, and… Read More

  • Translucent menu bar optional in next Leopard update; Stacks fixed, too

    [photopress:newstacks.jpg,full,center] That awful translucent menu bar in Leopard is now optional. Leaked screenshots of 10.5.2 show the option to turn on/off that menu bar “feature,” which, along with Stacks’ erratic behavior, annoyed me more than anything else in Leopard. Speaking of Stacks, Apple made it so that the feature works like pre-Leopard folder-in-the-dock… Read More

  • Japan to offer Government Sanctioned Mobile Phone Guides

    The Japanese government is planning to offer exams for people who want to be mobile phone guides. The guides will help customers learn how to use all the functions that their phones offer and explain the complicated billing system used to charge for various services like text messaging and data downloads. In Japan, talking on the phone while commuting in a bus or train is frowned upon so… Read More

  • 500 Invites for Netvibes Ginger Beta

    Netvibes is opening up the beta for its Ginger release, and 500 invites have been reserved for the first TechCrunch readers to sign up here (enter code: “TCGINGER500″). Ginger will become the default interface for all Netvibes members in mid-February, but if you click fast you can get a peak now. Netvibes is a customizable start page that lets you add any RSS feed, as well as… Read More

  • ATG Buys CleverSet For $10 Million

    Last October, at the Web 2.0 Launch Pad, the startup voted “Most Likely to Exit First” was CleverSet. Now three months later, CleverSet has sold itself to e-commerce software company Art Technology Group (ATG) for $10 million. It turns out to be a nice exit for CEO Todd Humphrey and founder Bruce D’Ambrosio, who built the company with about $3 million in capital and a… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: The DJ from Outer Space Edition

    A democratic solution to the neverending party DJ problem
    TokyoFlash Tibida: White LEDs!
    Time-killing list: Top 25 tech flops
    Spaceships to be made out of paper if Japan Folded Paper Plane Society has anything to say about it
    Time Warner’s overage caps could be as low as 5GB per month Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. AT&T will sell you just a SIM card – five American dollars, my friend! yoshi Walk into an AT&T store and ask for a SIM card. The teenager behind the counter will open up a case of a few thousand and hand you one. He will… Read More

  • Ebay's Meg Whitman to Step Down After a Decade as CEO

    It is not just Yahoo that is going through some rough times. After a decade at the helm, eBay CEO Meg Whitman is preparing to retire, reports the WSJ (subscr. req.). John Donahue, the president of eBay Marketplace, who was trotted out on a press tour about a month ago, is said to be the front-runner to be the next CEO. During most of Whitman’s tenure, eBay seemed unstoppable. But… Read More

  • Index Ventures Raises $577 Million For Late-Stage Growth Fund

    Bringing home the point that the venture cycle is maturing with later-stage deals sucking up more and more capital, London- and Geneva-based Index Ventures is launching a $577 million (400 million Euro) growth fund. It will invest in later-stage deals requiring $30 to $70 million each, and will focus mostly on European companies, including biotech. This is a departure for Index, whose… Read More

  • Widget Provider MixerCast Takes $6 Million Series B

    San Mateo based embeddable widget provider MixerCast has taken $6 million Series B in a round led by Intel Capital that included ONSET Ventures and Velocity Interactive Group. MixerCast allows users to mix together personal and licensed media into a slide show via one of their 18 customizable templates. Content for shows can be uploaded from a computer, recorded on a web cam, pulled in via url… Read More

  • Yahoo Layoffs For Real—But What's the Real Number?

    Last Friday, when I reported that a small team of about 30 people at Yahoo had lost their jobs, I hinted that “more substantial layoffs are around the corner.” In fact, we had it on good information that the board was set to meet two days before the next earnings announcement on Jan. 29 to decide whether or not to lay off 10 to 20 percent of the workforce (i.e., at least 1,400… Read More

  • Greenplum Takes $27 Million Series C

    Database software provider Greenplum has taken $27 million Series C is a round led by Meritech Capital Partners that included Sun Microsystems and SAP Ventures. Greenplum leverages open source database software and incorporates a “shared-nothing architecture that employs parallel processing on commodity hardware.” Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz said that the investment… Read More

  • Some New Startups Direct To Video

    We’ve been looking at different ways of using video in relation to startup reviews. I’ve always told people pitching us that they should absolutely have an embeddable demo video because a demonstration speaks louder than any words…and they cant be edited and spun by us either. Another way of using video is for a direct to camera elevator pitch. Here’s a few new… Read More

  • Star Trek trailer in HD, just for you

    [photopress:kirkspockbath.jpg,full,center] That Star Trek trailer that’s been thrown around the Web all weekend in lo-rez camphone quality? The one you really want to see? Here you’ve got it in HD from Yahoo! Movies. (Sorry, no embeddable version as of yet.) Click to view the thing already! [Yahoo! Movies] Read More

  • MobileCrunch's Mobile Gaming This Week

    It seems some mobile phone gurus were talking about mobile games at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. One of the biggest problems that the game industry has is the pace at which new handsets are developed and released to the public. When someone upgrades to a new handset with all its neat features, old game software doesn’t compute. earth.jpgGame… Read More

  • CrunchLaw: HTC taken to task over disabled hardware?

    HTC makes your smartphone. OK, maybe not all of yours, but chances are if your phone is a smarty, it came from HTCs factory. They make handsets for Palm and Motorola as well as carrier-branded handsets like the AT&T Tilt or the T-Mobile Wing. It can probably be said that nobody has made more quality smartphones in North America than HTC, and all their new stuff is getting sexier and… Read More

  • JJ Abrams does some very good work with a very terminal geek

    [photopress:kirk.jpg,full,center] I know that some of you didn’t like Cloverfield. I haven’t seen it yet being as I’m stranded in Mexico, but I want to like it. I like JJ Abrams a lot and he seems to know exactly what he’s doing, a rarity in Hollywood directors lately. I also love LOST and many other things he’s done. And the fact that he’s directing the… Read More

  • 9 Reasons Why The Digg Story Sells

    This guest post was written by Muhammad Saleem, a social media consultant and a top-ranked community member on multiple social news sites.
    Most of us know the Digg story. All it took was a scrappy-looking kid with an idea, and lo and behold, online news discovery and aggregation were changed forever. Digg wasn’t the first social bookmarking (now social news) site, nor was it the first… Read More

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