• Detroit condos to be built from shipping containers

    Home, sweet home. Replace the second “home” with “discarded shipping container with holes cut into it,” though. That’s what the occupants of a new 17-unit condo development will be saying some time next year if architect Steven Flum and company can convince the city of Detroit to let them build the “Exceptional Green Living on Rosa Parks” project on top… Read More

  • AT&T has best 3G network in tri-state area

    Computer World decided to trial the three major 3G networks to see who was king. Dongles from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint were used with a Lenovo X300 across 500 data points in eight different locations throughout NY, NJ and CT within 50 miles of midtown Manhattan. AT&T averaged 755kbps download and 484kbps upload speeds with a peak of 1.6Mbps using a Sierra Wireless’ USBConnect… Read More

  • Sony announces two new Xplod in-dash CD receivers

    If I owned a car anymore I’d probably take one of Sony’s two new Xplod decks for a ride in my whip. Both the GT920U and GT620U feature support for USB flash media and pump out 52Wx4 output. The 920 has a fold-out face plate, rear USB input and it can be customized in three different colors depending on your preference. Unless you’re Matt Hickey, of course, because he… Read More

  • Uh Oh, Icahn May Jump Into The Battle For Yahoo

    Add billionaire and activist shareholder Carl Icahn to the list of investors who want to pressure Yahoo to go back to the negotiating table with Microsoft. According to CNBC, he is considering a proxy fight and may be buying up as many as 50 million shares. (That would be about 3.6 percent of the total). He would find good company in Yahoo’s two biggest outside institutional… Read More

  • 10 Signed Copies of Sarah Lacy's "Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good"

    Love her or hate her, BusinessWeek journalist and Tech Ticker co-host Sarah Lacy has written a new book called “Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good”. It’s about the rise of Web 2.0 in Silicon Valley post dot-com crash. The book will be officially released on Thursday but we already have 10 signed copies to give away to our readers for free. They will go to those… Read More

  • Han Solo ice cube tray and R2D2 ice bucket

    Oh great. Only, like, forever and a day until Christmas. That’s when I’m gonna ask everyone I know for this R2D2 ice bucket and Han Solo ice cube tray set. I’d be a damn fool to ask for anything else. It seems to only be available in the UK at the moment and the fact that Amazon.com’s UK site calls Han Solo “Hans” makes me a little nervous, but you gotta… Read More

  • Mozes Raises $11.5 Million for SMS-Based Communities. Wants to Move Beyond Bands To Brands.

    Palo Alto-based mobile startup Mozes has secured an additional $11.5 million in Series B funding from lead investor Maveron, as well as existing investors North Bridge Venture Partners and Norwest Venture Partners. Mozes powers online communities for musicians that fans can join by texting special keywords to designated phone numbers. Once fans have opted into, say, the Death Cab for Cutie… Read More

  • 13-year-old would rather play Halo with hooker than get laid, will be next 40-year-old virgin

    What is with America’s youth these days? 13-year-old Ralph Hardy from Newark, Texas, decided that he was going to spend $30,000 on junk food, gadgets, an Xbox and two hookers with a stolen CC, which is fine and dandy, but who asks call girls to play Halo instead of doing the deed? This kid sounds super weird, but he’s pretty clever. When the escorts came and realized he was under… Read More

  • Google Maps Adds More: Wikipedia Entries and Geo-Coded Photos

    If you go to Google Maps, you’ll notice there is now a “”More” button right next to “Street View”” and “Traffic.” If you click on it after getting a map, you will be given the options to tick “Photos” or “Wikipedia.” Ticking the first option populates teh map with geo-tagged photos provided by Panoramio. Ticking… Read More

  • Video: sneak peek of upcoming Xbox 360 titles

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&feedurl=http%3A%2F%2Fgamerscoreblog%2Eblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash&file=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash%2F908072%3Freferrer%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fgamerscoreblog%2Ecom%2Fteam%2Fdefault%2Easpxsource%3D3&brandlink=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2F%3Futm%5Fsource%3Dbrandlink&brandname=blip%2Etv&showplayerpath=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Fscripts%2Fflash%2Fshowplayer%2Eswf Is Viva Pinata really that popular&hellip… Read More

  • Creative goes official with Flip clone, Vado

    Here’s the Vado from Creative. It’s basically a clone of the Flip but it looks less chintzy. Creative even goes as far as saying that the Vado is “dramatically thinner and lighter than competing video cameras.” I actually wouldn’t mind trying one of these. It records up to two hours of video and has 2GB of built-in memory. It’s only $99 so I wouldn’t… Read More

  • Omnisio Syncs Slides with Video Presentations

    Omnisio has launched a tool that presenters will find very useful for conveying their messages to online audiences. The new presentation tool takes slideshows uploaded in PDF format or to SlideShare and synchronizes them with videos uploaded to YouTube, Google Video or Blip.tv. The synchronization allows viewers to jump around within presentations by clicking on particular slides, which show up… Read More

  • ACCESS' NetFront browser now embedded on Blackfin processors

    ACCESS announced today that their NetFront mobile browser has been ported over for embedded use on Analog Device’s Blackfin processor, allowing for on-the-go internet meandering without as much strain on the battery. The NetFin browser has already made its way onto over 500 million devices, including Samsung’s recently launched Glyde. The browser can be pretty featured pack… Read More

  • Canon's Selphy CP770 printer is, for some reason, shaped like a bucket

    In the interest of making printing even easier, Canon will release or has released the Selphy CP770, a bucket-shaped printer. The printer, says the presser, should make printing fun for the “whole family.” Read More

  • Swisscom: 32GB 3G iPhone will come in silver, black, or white

    Swisscom inadvertantly posted prices for 3G iphones including a 16GB model for 659 Swiss francs ($637) and a $772 32GB model in silver, black, or white. There is also some information about the Swiss tariffs, but those are not for us to understand or care about. Interestingly enough, I’ll be in Europe this summer so maybe I’ll go and get me a Swiss iPhone. Read More

  • HBO confirms iTunes sales

    HBO will sell “The Sopranos,” “Sex and the City,” “Deadwood” and “Rome,” “Flight of the Conchords” and “The Wire,” among others, on the iTunes store. All 94 episodes of “Sex in the City” will be available (a mere $187 for the whole run!) at $1.99 each while more popular shows like the “Sopranos”… Read More

  • Otterbox rugged case for Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC

    Otterbox of Fort Collins, Colorado now has tough-as-nails cases for the Samsung Q1 Ultra line of UMPCs. It costs $80 and comes in your choice of yellow or black. What’s nice about the case is that “all I/O ports, navigation keys and the camera/webcam are fully accessible,” a common problem with rugged cases. The case itself consists of three layers (silicone skin… Read More

  • Uwe Boll would love to direct a GTA movie!

    A Grand Theft Auto movie would be “super interesting” for Mr. Uwe Boll, the German director of great movies such as House of the Dead and Postal. You may remember Mr. Boll for being a giant douche in every interview he gives, up to and including this latest one with New York magazine, where he extols his love for the GTA franchise, He admits, rather caustically, that, if the game… Read More

  • Microsoft's 'Worldwide Telescope' now available

    Joining Google Sky and Stellarium is Microsoft’s entrant to the stars, Worldwide Telescope. I’ve been dinking around with it for about a half hour and it’s pretty cool. Check it out (Windows only) if you’re an outer space dork — it includes a bunch of guided tours from astronomers. I liked the “many worlds” tour, which started with some west coast… Read More

  • Kodak to sell pre-loaded picture frames

    I got my mom a digital picture frame and I don’t think she turned it on. Even though it’s one of those fancy ones with Wi-Fi and web sharking, she just can’t fathom its manifold complexities. Kodak’s new frames, on the other hand, hold up to 100 snapshots, pre-loaded by the factory. You can also add new images with a Kodak flash card, also pre-loaded. Minutes to… Read More

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