• Adobe Apollo Launches Beta, Now Called Adobe AIR

    Adobe moved its new Apollo Platform forward this evening by releasing the beta version (the previous Apollo release was a developer preview). They’ve also renamed the platform to Adobe Integrated Runtime. They’re referring to it as “Adobe AIR” (meaning Adobe is in the name twice, but who’s counting). The new version fully supports HTML and Ajax, meaning Apollo… Read More

  • Zoho Boat Party In Boston – 40 Invitations

    Zoho Boat Party In Boston – 40 Invitations

    For any Zoho fans living in Boston: the company is hosting a yacht party on June 18 at 6:30 pm. There will be food, drinks, music and (I assume) Zoho announcements to be made. This is invite only, but they’ve given us the last forty spots to give away to TechCrunch readers. The event is free. More details here. Please only register if you intend to go. The signup page is here. Use… Read More

  • Team and Concepts Raises $1.25million Series A

    Team and Concepts Raises $1.25million Series A

    Team and Concepts Limited, the Hong Kong based company behind online spreadsheet service EditGrid, has announced a $1.25million Series A investment from the WI Harper Group. WI Harper’s previous investments include Laszlo Systems and Maxthon. The company recently signed a deal with ThinkFree that sees EditGrid now offered as the primary spreadsheet tool within ThinkFree Office. Other… Read More

  • Active Athlete Media: Advertising For Sport Related Sites

    Active Athlete Media: Advertising For Sport Related Sites

    Active Athlete Media is an online advertising firm focused on bringing what they call “Active Athletes” en masse to advertisers. The company brings brands and advertisers to sport related websites through an advertising network and a set of publisher tools that includes sport specific search engines, social book-marking, and weather widgets. Sport is said to be a highly… Read More

  • Google Rated Bottom For Privacy

    Google Rated Bottom For Privacy

    A study from Privacy International has ranked Google at the bottom of a list of major internet destinations for privacy. The study found that while a number of other Internet companies have issues with data protection, none comes as close to Google in “achieving the status of being an endemic threat to privacy.” Issue with Google included: Failure to provide an expungement option… Read More

  • Hrm… Sony Goodness Tomorrow?

    Hrm… Sony Goodness Tomorrow?

    We just spotted this teaser on the Interwebs. Some sort of Sony goodies tomorrow? Maybe an anti-Apple ray? Read More

  • Mystery Vodafone-branded Palm Device Appears

    Mystery Vodafone-branded Palm Device Appears

    A crazy looking Palm device has showed up on the interwebs. Absolutely nothing is known about it, other than the obvious logos and interface. We can make out a Vodafone and Palm logo, as well as Windows Mobile on the display. What makes this device interesting is the all-white paint-job it features and its brushed aluminum buttons. It’s pretty fugly looking, so let’s hope this is… Read More

  • In-A-Bin Brings News First

    In-A-Bin Brings News First

    The beta version of InaBin.com has launched, and this is one of the first sites that promotes citizen journalism from mobile users. “It’s News, Again, Before It’s News” is the idea (and motto) behind “In-A-Bin,” whcih was designed to be a portal where anyone with a mobile phone can publish news instantly with a mere push of the button. This can include… Read More

  • Wyzo: BitTorrent Focused Browser And Firefox Extension

    Wyzo: BitTorrent Focused Browser And Firefox Extension

    Wyzo is a new company with two products. The Wyzo browser is built on the Firefox core and comes with a BitTorrent plug-in called FireTorrent built in. For those not interested in a separate browser, a standalone version of FireTorrent is available for Firefox. The primary target audience for Wyzo is people who don’t already use BitTorrent. The Wyzo team don’t anticipate that… Read More

  • Chores Meet Web 2.0: PAYjr

    Chores Meet Web 2.0: PAYjr

    PAYjr teaches kids how to earn money responsibly while helping parents manage the allocation of household chores. PAYjr offers an allowance and chore system that allows parents to assign household chores online, designate a money value for those chores, and provide a financial reward when chores are successfully completed. PAYjr supports instant messaging, e-mail and text messaging to… Read More

  • iPhone Details Leaked From Sales Training Manual

    iPhone Details Leaked From Sales Training Manual

    A leaked sales training manual for the iPhone has the interwebs in a tizzy as new details have emerged. I, for one, am appalled at a few of the things that have been excluded, while a handful of other details make me want to cash in some bonds to afford this new wonder phone. Enough of the chitter-chatter, let’s get on with the show. Read More

  • Abstractor TV Art-gasm

    Abstractor TV Art-gasm

    Click To Play It’s Saturday, the sun is shining, and it’s time to make some art. Watch as some guy turns a TV playing perfectly good reality television into some kind of fancy-pants, beret-wearing modern art piece. Dig the music, as well. It’s like Nicholas’ bedroom just before lights out. Abstractor.tv Read More

  • Yourminis Delivering Triple Widget Play

    Yourminis Delivering Triple Widget Play

    Personalized desktops are a crowded space. Startups compete for attention against the big three of myYahoo, iGoogle and Live. TechCrunch last covered Yourminis in November 2006 with Michael describing it as a solid product, however it’s not a name many would recall in the space. Since then Yourminis, a service from Goowy media has taken a different approach to most of its competitors. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Lego Swinger Edition

    Daily Crunch: Lego Swinger Edition

    LED Swing Full Of Cheap Thrills
    Lego MMO In The Works?
    Camouflage Hummer HT1 Cellphone: Let’s Be Reckless
    HDMI and You: So Confused Together
    Drobo Review: Frickin’ Awesome Read More

  • Joost v. Babelgum

    Joost v. Babelgum

    Babelgum has pushed itself public yesterday. On the surface it looks very similar to its more famous competitor, Joost. Both are P2P IPTV applications that let you flip through channels and shows streamed to your computer. Both are backed by deep pockets and big names. In Joost’s corner, Skype and Kazaa veterans Niklas Zenstrom and Janus Friis with $45 million in financing. Babelgum… Read More

  • Desktop Tower Defense Creates Startup

    Desktop Tower Defense Creates Startup

    Paul Preece, the designer of the wildly addictive Desktop Tower Defense has quit his day job and is teaming up with David Litsky; the designer of FlashElementTD to develop online games full time. Desktop Tower Defense currently ranks at just over 6,000 on Alexa. According to a report at Gigaom the game had 4 million unique visitors on 20 million page views in April. Michael Arrington has… Read More

  • Xing May Be In Talks To Acquire Plaxo

    Xing May Be In Talks To Acquire Plaxo

    Update: I spoke with Plaxo CEO Ben Golub and a spokesperson from Xing this weekend. Both deny the deal, although Xing has other news later this week, they say. We are hearing a LOT of chatter about a possible Xing-Plaxo merger in the $250 million range. The deal makes some sense – newly public Xing is headquartered in Germany and hasn’t gotten much traction in the U.S. where it… Read More

  • First Full Length Film on YouTube

    First Full Length Film on YouTube

    Four Eyed Monsters, a movie developed out of a video blog, has debuted on YouTube in what is believed to be the first full length feature film on the Google owned mega-site. According to Marshall Kirkpatrick at Splashcast, the film is a “model of new media in action” and will be available on YouTube for one week. I haven’t had the chance to sit through all 71:54 minutes of… Read More

  • Record Skype Calls With CallBurner

    Record Skype Calls With CallBurner

    CallBurner is a new standalone Skype recording add-on from the Australian team behind Skylook. CallBurner uses the technology behind Skylook to deliver the same functionality as Skylook without the need to have Microsoft Outlook installed. The CallBurner client delivers professional recording in a simple interface, recording Skype calls direct to MP3 or to the WAV format for higher quality… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Microsoft to Take on Joost?

    PatentMonkey: Microsoft to Take on Joost?

    Two things show a company is getting ramped up to enter a business – filing for patents and lining up a trademark. Microsoft has done both in the online video arena and could be in a position to take on Joost. A recently filed trademark image and a look at Joost matched up to Microsoft’s video + chat patent after the jump. Read More